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O.P. « 2016-Jun-07, 09:57 PM »
Will be posting tables of different class Ratings so you can see the difference and strength between different races.
They will be in table format and easy to read. 8-)

As with everything, a rating based system built using your own ratings is only as good as your last winner and it is very easy to still miss the winner/placegetters even when the ratings are correct.

Such is modern racing.

Therefore ratings can only be used as a guide in assessing race form and contribute perhaps one fifth of the total picture. One of the major strengths of ratings is that the figures when done well can be considered to be part of the "facts" for a race, similar to other facts like weight carried, barrier draw and so on.
The ratings in the new ratings based system are based from the top down, that is the horse rating 68 in a 68 event will carry the top weight and weights will decrease by half a kilogram for each rating point decrease. Don Scott style ratings used by most are based on a base rating with the weight added to the base rating, bottom up, if you like.

As a result, the ratings can act as a strong pointer to the likely winner.
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« 2016-Jun-07, 10:03 PM Reply #1 »
Bench Mark Ratings

Saturday, Metro BM96 $80k62Group 1 WFA Cox Plate80Groups 1 WFA Mares70
Saturday, Metro BM 90 $8056Group 1 WFA & Group 1 Cau78Group 1 Mares68
Mid Week, Metro BM 90 $4052Group 1 Hcp & Group 2 WFA76Group 2 Mares66
Saturday, Metro BM84 $80k50Group 2 Hcp & Group 3 WFA74Group 3 Mares64
Mid Week, Metro BM84 $40k46Group 3 Hcp72Listed Mares62
Saturday, Metro BM78 $80k44Listed Hcp70Saturday, Metro Open Mare58
Mid Week, Metro BM78 $40k40Saturday, Metro Open Hcp66Mid Week, Metro Open Mare54
Country Premier, BM78 $3036Mid Week, Metro Open Hcp62
Saturday, Metro BM70 $80k36Country Premier Open Hcp58
Country, BM78 $20k32Country Open Hcp $20k54
Mid Week, Metro BM70 $40k32
Saturday, Metro BM64 $80k30
Country Premier, BM70 $3028
Mid Week, Metro BM64 $40k26
Country, BM70 $20k24
Country Premier, BM64 $2322
Country, BM64 $20k18
Mid Week Metro, Maiden $218
Country Premier, BM58 $2316
Country Premier Maiden $216
Country, BM58 $16k12
Country Maiden $20k12
Class 124
Class 226
Class 328
Class 430
Class 533
Class 635
3 Year Old3yoBMRF&MDF&MBMR
Group 168Group 164
Group 270Group 266
Group 368Group 364
Saturday, Open 3yo $80k62Saturday, Open 3yo $80k58
Mid Week, Metro Open 3yo58Mid Week, Metro Open 3yo54
Country Premier, Open 3yo54Country Premier, Open 3yo50
Country Open 3yo $20k50Country Open 3yo $20k46
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« 2016-Jun-07, 10:08 PM Reply #2 »
Feature And Quality Handicaps

Canterbury Cup63Ampol Stakes62Ansett Cup61
Chairmans Hcp63Australian Cup63Brisbane Cup60
Diners Club Cup63Bagot Hcp63Castlemain Stakes (2yo )51
Doncaster Hcp62Blamey Stakes64Crest International Cup59
Epsom Hcp62Caulfield Cup59E.E.D White Lightning Hcp59
Galaxy Hcp62Coogny Hcp63Elders Hcp60
Kingston Town Stakes64Dalgety63Fourex Cup62
Liverpool City Cup63Easter Cup62Prime Minister Cup59
The Metropolitan62Elders Mile65Rothmans 100,00060
N.E Manion Cup63Frances Tressady Stakes63Tourist Ministers Cup62
Newcastle Cup62Gadsden Stakes64
Queen Of Turf Stakes (F & M)58G.J Coles Stakes63
Rosemount Wines Classic (F&M)60Herbert Power Hcp63
Summer Cup63Marlboro Cup64
Sydney Cup62Melbourne Cup59
Theo Marks Quality Hcp64Moonee Valley Cup63
Tramway Hcp63New Market Hcp63
Villiers Stakes63Oakleigh Plate63
Queen Elizabeth Stakes63
Sandown Cup63
Schweppes Cup (3yo C&G)56
Standish Hcp63
St George Stakes62
T.S. Carlyon Cup63
Victoria Hcp62
Adelaide Cup61Astra Quality Stakes60Hobart Cup53
Birthday Cup60Belmont Stakes58Launceston Cup53
Christmas Cup61Bunbury Cup59
D.C.Mckay Stakes60Easter Cup60
Escort Cup60Perth Cup58
Goodwood Hcp61Railway Stakes60
Port Adelaide Cup60Winter Cup57
Rain Lover Plate62
Westend Stakes60

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« 2016-Jun-07, 10:15 PM Reply #3 »
New South Wales Metro A Class Ratings

ClassStandard RAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJuneJuly
2yo Open394042444546464747484950
2yo C&G394042444546464747484950
2yo Fillies383941434445454646474849
2yo Quality414244464748484949505152
2yo Q Fillies404143454647474848495051
3yo Restricted Stakes (1)49 - 50505050505050515151515151
3yo Restricted Stakes (1) F48 -49
3yo Open505051515253545555555656
3yo Colts and Geldings505051515253545555555656
3yo Fillies494950505152535454545555
3yo Quality525253535455565757575858
3yo Quality (F)515152525354555656565757
Restricted HCP 254
Restricted HCP 2 (F) (M)53
Fillies and Mares Hcp56
Welter High Weight59
Open Distance Hcp61
Open Sprint Hcp63
Quality and Feature HCP65
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« 2016-Jun-07, 10:20 PM Reply #4 »
New South Wales Metro B Class Ratings

ClassStandard RAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJuneJuly
2yo Restricted Hcp (0)363738394041414243444546
2yo Restricted Hcp (0)(F)353637383940404142434445
3yo Restricted Hcp (0)47
3yo Restricted Hcp (0)(F)46
3yo Restricted Hcp (1)48 - 49
3yo Restricted Hcp (1)(F)47 - 48
3yo Restricted Stakes (1)48 - 49
3yo Restricted Stakes (1)(F)47 - 48
Restricted Hcp (1)50
Restricted Hcp (1)(F&M)49
Restricted Hcp (2)52
Restricted Hcp (2)(F&M)51
Welter and High Weight57

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« 2016-Jun-07, 10:25 PM Reply #5 »
Weight For Age Class Ratings

NswNsw CRVictoriaVicCRSAusSACR
All Aged Stakes63A.J.Moir Stakes61Lightning Stakes57
Apollo Stakes61Alister Clark Stakes61R.N. Irwin Stakes60
Canterbury Stakes61Caulfield Stakes63Spring Stakes59
Challenge Stakes61C.F.Orr Stakes61Tobin Bronze Stakes58
Chelmsford Stakes61Chester Manifold Stakes59
Chipping Norton Stakes63Chirnside Stakes61
Expressway Stakes61Craiglee Stakes61
George Main Stakes63Futurity Stakes63
George Ryder Stakes63J.F.Feehan Stakes61
Hill Stakes61J.J.Liston Stakes61
Missile Stakes59Lightening Stakes61
Premiere Stakes59Linlithgow Stakes61
Queen Elizabeth Randwick Stakes63L.K.S MacKinnon Stakes63
Rawson Stakes63Manikato Stakes61
Tancred Stakes63Rupert Steele Stakes59
Warwick Stakes61Underwood Stakes63
William Reid Stakes61
W.S.Cox Plate63
A.J.Scahill Stakes57Cinema Stakes52P.J.O'shea Stakes60
C.B.Cox Stakes59Elwick Stakes54
Helena Vale Cup56Mowbray Stakes54
Hyperion Stakes56Tasmainian Stakes52
Lee Steere Stakes59
Millionaire Sires Stakes54
Prince Of Wales Stakes57
Roma Cup56
Strictland Stakes57
Winter Bottom Stakes59

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« 2016-Jun-09, 07:50 PM Reply #6 »
Set Weight Ratings

Black Opal Stakes51Blood Horse Breeders Plate51A.B.C.O.S National Stakes47
Breeder's Plate46Blue Diamond Prelude ( C&G)48Balcrest Stakes45
Canonbury Stakes45Blue Diamond Prelude (F)46Cheltenham Stakes50
Champange Stakes55Blue Diamond Stakes54Cinderella Stakes40
Gimcrack Stakes44Byron Moore Stakes44Da Costa Plate41
Gimcrack Stakes44Debutante Stakes (C&G)46Dequettville Stakes39
Golden Slipper Stakes55Debutante Stakes (F)44Fulham Park Plate42
Magic Night Stakes49Great Western Champange Stakes45Oaklands Plate46
Pago Pago Stakes51Maribyrnong Plate47Queen Adelaide stakes45
Penfolds Classic50Maribyrnong Trial Stakes (C&G)43Sires Produce Stakes52
Reisling Slipper Trial49Maribyrnong Trial Stakes (F)43South Australian Stakes50
Silver Slipper Stakes48Merson Cooper Stakes45Westend Breeders Stakes49
Sires Produce Stakes55Mona Nursery43
Skyline Stakes49Myer Stakes44
Sweet Embrace Stakes47Silver Jubilee Stakes43
Todman Slipper Trial51Sires Produce Stakes54
Widden Stakes44
Crystal Slipper Stakes42Gold Sovereign Stakes42C.E McDougall Stakes40
Horrie Miller Stakes40Tasmainian Carbine Club Stakes41Courier Mail Stakes49
Karrakatta Plate47Gold Nugget Stakes45
Lindsay Rosenthal Stakes45J.F.Meynink Stakes42
Queen's Plate43Q.T.C Sires Produce Stakes53
Sires Produce Stakes48
Sunspeed Champion Stakes44
Toyota Stakes39

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« 2016-Jun-09, 07:54 PM Reply #7 »
Provincial C Class Ratings

2yo Maiden 1st Div293031323334343536373839
2yo Maiden 1st Div ( C&G)293031323334343536373839
2yo Maiden 1st Div (F)282930313233333435363738
2yo Maiden 2nd Div262728293031313233343536
2yo Maiden 2nd Div ( C&G)262728293031313233343536
2yo Maiden 2nd Div (F)252627282930303132333435
2yo Open 1st Div343536373839394041424344
2yo Colts & Geldings 1st Div343536373839394041424344
2yo Fillies 1st Div333435363738383940414243
2yo Open 2nd Div303132333435353637383940
2yo Colts & Geldings 2nd Div303132333435353637383940
2yo Fillies 2nd Div293031323334343536373839
3yo Maiden 1st Div40
3yo Maiden 1st Div ( C&G)40
3yo Maiden 1st Div (F)39
3yo Maiden 2nd Div37
3yo Maiden 2nd Div ( C&G)37
3yo Maiden 2nd Div (F)36
Maiden 1st Div40
Maiden 2nd Div37
Intermediate 1st Div45
Intermediate 2nd Div41
Intermediate ( Special )47
Provincial Stakes45
Regional Stakes48
Open Hcp, Welter53

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« 2016-Jun-09, 08:32 PM Reply #8 »
Intermediate, Novice, Welter? Sounds like the 70's and 80's.

Where are you getting these from Stormy?

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« 2016-Jun-09, 10:29 PM Reply #9 »
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« 2016-Oct-25, 09:28 PM Reply #10 »
Are these related to Don Scott's race ratings? I'm too busy at present to put together my base rating system but take them from racing and sports. Are these similar?

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« 2018-May-24, 01:15 PM Reply #11 »
Rationale behind the Kingston Town Stakes being rated 1kg higher than Cox Plate?

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« 2018-Oct-09, 04:47 AM Reply #12 »
Hi Stormy,
At the risk of being accused of sexual harassment, or even being biased towards a particular gender,  if you are female, I'd kiss you.
I have been searching for a breakdown of the Australian Racing Class Ladder - in the manner that you have outlined.
See my posts under the INTERNATIONAL RACING section.
Thank you.
This is fantastic stuff.
If you have this kind of breakdowns for NZ, Japan, HK, Singapore and Korea, please upload it or guide me to where I am likely to find this information, on the internet.
I bet primarily in the US - and while we don't have an exact European type rating system, (with Official Handicapper / Benchmark type ratings), our racing class structure usually helps us to make, fairly, easy distinctions.
In the US, our weights are usually between 118 Lbs to 126Lbs. We rarely see anything over 126 and we don't rely on an official handicapper to rate our horses.
I am not interested in the ratings but I like the outline of the different divisions - that helps me to put things in perspective.
Anywho, gotta run. Will be looking at this again.

If you bet US races, I have uploaded the US style Daily Racing Form (DRF) Past Performances (PP's) for races 5 thru 10 at Santa Anita this Afternoon.
I like a longshot called DESERT FOX in the 6th. First time starter has good workouts (barrier trials), get Lasix (Legal Diuretic in the US) and picks up an Apprentice for the debut.
An exacta/Trifecta box with KOPITAR (#7) and OPTIMUM (#5) is what I will play.
Thank you
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« 2018-Oct-14, 12:20 PM Reply #13 »

"I'd kiss you"

Seems you might be mistaking our "Stormy" with Stormy Daniels.

Alas Stormy hasn't appeared here for some time.

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« 2018-Oct-21, 11:11 AM Reply #14 »
I just use official handicapper ratings

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« 2018-Oct-21, 01:11 PM Reply #15 »
How do you come up with weight advantage/disadvantage in bench-mark races which also use official handicapper ratings . .

I am still a learner (a very slow one) in this area

All help appreciated