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Offline PoisonPen7

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« 2018-Jul-24, 02:09 PM Reply #25 »

.....................what exactly are you betting on?

Private club 'bets' are on the same races as before but with a closed pool of funds -- winners will be rewarded as the pool is shared among the members.

Collectively the group will not lose anything, especially not 'the lot' -- as so often happens with inflated field races.

The aim is for punters to enjoy racing entertainment without being taken for a rough ride as the industry has now arranged -- the present set up, exploiting most punters, is a monopolistic cartel comprising governments, fixed-odds bookmakers and TABs giving rebates to plundering syndicates.

I would like to see the parties to this racket prosecuted under the trade practices law.

Members of private clubs may also still place open bets -- possibly with the benefit of the revealed consensus among the members.

Yes but if you have private betting clubs who is going to pay for putting on.......oh never mind.

Offline Peter Mair

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« 2018-Jul-24, 04:52 PM Reply #26 »

............who is going to pay for putting on

There is nothing to put on...........just an exchange of group emails......and an end-of-day reckoning of dollars that would have been won if the bets had been placed.... and eventually  'losers'  net losses with 'winners'.

All uber simple.

It is all about enjoyment -- putting money where your mouth is but not into the sure-loss pit.