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O.P. « 2008-Jan-31, 10:44 AM »
Magic Millions
In a world first, Magic Millions Sales Pty Limited has launched an exclusive new online e-catalogue.
Featuring state-of-the-art proprietary technology, the new catalogues are fully interrogative, and allow Magic Millions clients to create their own unique sales catalogues - an exact digital edition of the printer version - on their computer screen by choosing from a range of catalogue variables.
For example, buyers can choose to look at all the yearlings in a catalogue for sale by a particular sire, and within seconds a virtual e-catalogue will be created for them with pages which turn just like a normal hard-copy catalogue. Perhaps buyers might only be interested in colts from a certain stud farm, or even want to see all fillies that were born between certain dates.

A few clicks and just the horses chosen appear in their own catalogue. The opportunities are endless, and each time a search is made, the new e-catalogue opens up with just those chosen variables.
Using the same pre-press pages as the paper catalogue (distinct from traditional low-resolution website platforms with summary information only), any custom-created Magic Millions e-catalogue can easily be saved or printed.

Magic Millions managing director David Chester described the innovation as an exciting industry benchmark, commenting:

“Magic Millions is committed to providing our client-base and industry stake-holders with the latest available technology which enhances their search for desired horses. Imagine searching a 1,900 page catalogue for only the information you require, in mere seconds, and then being able to print just the pages you require, which will save vast amounts of paper and also help our planet. And Magic Millions will no longer be limited to the number of printed paper catalogues it is able to distribute for each sale. Over the coming month, we will be adding a number of other innovative new features to our e-catalogues, adding significantly to what’s currently available. These will include photos, Sirecam footage, links to vendor websites, and multiple search functions.”
The Conrad Jupiters Magic Millions Yearling Sale (to be held on the Gold Coast March 24- April 2) e-catalogue is now available at

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« 2008-Mar-27, 07:43 PM Reply #1 »
Records being set again with two yearlings selling for 2.2 mil one the pinhooked colt that bought 1.15 mil then so their risk paid off nicely...congrats.

Singo and the footballer buy the White Filly.

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« 2008-Nov-19, 08:26 PM Reply #2 »
Magic Millions
January's Conrad Jupiters Magic Millions Sales and Racing Carnival in January has got bigger and better with a new one day thoroughbred sale announced.

The new Magic Millions Summer Carnival Thoroughbred Sale will be held following the conclusion of the tradition Yearling Sale on January 18.

And already some high profile lots have been received for the auction.
Lonhro's multiple stakes winning daughter Black Minx is set to go under the hammer at the sale.

A winner of the McDougall Stakes and Sir Douglas Wadley Stakes among five wins last season at two, Black Minx showed she was on track for a successful return to the track with a dazzling barrier trial win last week.

Current trainer Mark Webb is aiming the filly at the $1 million Conrad Jupiters Magic Millions 3YO Trophy. Following that race she will highlight the new Summer Carnival Sale.

Also among the entries are two outstanding racetrack prospects - both being exceptionally bred two-year-old fillies.

Broken-in but unraced the fillies are by Redoute's Choice (ex Victory Vein - Champion Australian 2YO of 2001/02) and Encosta de Lago (ex Fayfa - making the filly a half sister to Hillfa and Love Jeddah).

Magic Millions managing director David Chester said the sale would just be another highlight of what would be a magnificent thoroughbred event.

"A number of clients have expressed interest in a sale of this kind for January," Chester said. "The world's thoroughbred focus is on the Gold Coast at this time."

"Already we've got some big name entries and I'm sure plenty more will come in over the next few weeks."

Anyone interested in nominating a thoroughbred for the sale should contact the bloodstock department of Magic Millions on 1300 MILLIONS. An entry form is available for download on the homepage of the Magic Millions website.

Entries for the sale close on December 19.

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« 2008-Dec-11, 07:14 AM Reply #3 »
Its going to be a bloodbath.

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« 2008-Dec-11, 08:17 AM Reply #4 »
Whats your guess smissy 25% down on last year ?

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« 2008-Dec-11, 09:30 AM Reply #5 »
The way it is going, I might pick something up with the $2000 that the PM gave us today.  :biggrin:

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« 2008-Dec-12, 11:20 AM Reply #6 »
David Chester has been quoted as saying "50%".  However, you can only imagine in real terms what that means.

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« 2009-Jan-05, 02:29 PM Reply #7 »
Just announced on ABC radio in the tea break at the cricket.

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« 2009-Jan-05, 04:40 PM Reply #8 »
Anything wrong with it? didn't seem right over here this spring.
Good honest horse though.

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« 2009-Jan-05, 04:44 PM Reply #9 »
from foxsports


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« 2009-Jan-07, 07:26 AM Reply #10 »
Breeders gloomy over Millions sale

Andrew Eddy
c/ The Age

Australia's major thoroughbred breeders are in for a nervous time today with predictions of a downturn in yearling prices of at least 30 per cent at the opening day of the Magic Millions yearling sale on the Gold Coast.

Australia's biggest thoroughbred breeder, John Messara, said yesterday that considering the worldwide economic downturn, he expected a feeling of trepidation as the first yearling — a chestnut colt by Flying Spur, one of the stallions who stands at his Arrowfield Stud — is offered at 11am.

"I think there will be a reserved mood to start things off with most buyers keen to see what everyone else is doing," Messara said. "The pass-in rate might be a bit high in the first session as the market finds its level."

After three years of spiralling yearling prices across Australia, Messara said he anticipated that the economic crisis will result in a trim of at least a third off the 2008 yearling prices, which will come as a severe blow to many breeders.

"This is the first southern hemisphere sale since the downturn and the correction that has come has been so swift it will prove quite brutal for some breeders," he said.

"The sales in England, Ireland and the US since the worldwide economic downturn have been down 30 to 35 per cent and there is no reason why that won't be the case here.

"The other aspect however is the catalogue, which looks on paper to be a little inferior than last year so you have to include that into your calculations when looking at the results."

Offered today are 195 yearlings with 885 lots catalogued for sale over the five days of the Magic Millions sale.

Yearling prices on the Gold Coast have risen sharply over the past few years. In 2005, the average price was $117,262 with the top lot selling for $950,000 but, in 2008, the average rose to $157,321 with the top lot being two colts selling for $2.2 million.

Messara said that while a number of the regular buyers will be out of action this year, it is the breeders who stand to lose out after three years of excellent results.

"If the market is down a third in real terms, that will be crippling for us as breeders as that means our revenue is down by a third," Messara said.

"The result of that of course will be that service fees will have to be cut quite dramatically next season. But the Magic Millions is just one sale. We'll have to wait for Sydney's Easter sale and the Melbourne sale to an extent to get a true picture of how big the downturn has been.

"Service fees will have to be clipped back based on the results of the major sales. I think the fees will come back to 2005 and 2006 levels."

Arrowfield Stud stands Australasia's leading stallion Redoute's Choice, who last season had a service fee of $330,000. The stallion has 26 lots to be sold at the Magic Millions premier sessions.

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« 2009-Jan-07, 07:39 AM Reply #11 »
I heard in an interview on 927 the other day that the third tier sales are where the real bargain will be.

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« 2009-Jan-08, 01:16 PM Reply #12 »
Its going to be a bloodbath.

no bloodbath at all, quite realistic , right horses still getting good money

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« 2009-Jan-08, 06:05 PM Reply #13 »
Was there on a table today with my new job.  Interesting day.  Would say they are selling better than expected.

Friar Tuck

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« 2009-Jan-08, 06:19 PM Reply #14 »
No no no no no no no no no.....please ....let me guess

You were there as an emergency worker carrying shattered breeders to the medical centre operating table I right?

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« 2009-Jan-09, 01:15 AM Reply #15 »
Wonder what names they'll come up with
for a few of these  8-)

58 Foreplay / Schoolies   :love:

115 Show a Heart / Sticky Date
You'd HAVE to call it Brown Eye wouldn't ya   :biggrin:

177 God's Own / Unzipped   :o   

513  Not a Single Doubt / Just You Ask   ??

673  More Than Ready / Princesse de Paris  :rolleyes:  I'd call it S :censored: T

740 Show a Heart / Under the Mattress   ??   :unsu

744 Ferocity / Wedding Day Vibes ??  :sweat:

763 Barely a Moment / Big Pretzel ?? :p   

865 God's Own / My Halo Broke ??  :wub:

1168  Shovhog / Miss Hingis   Grunter

and I see lot #1277 Si Platinum Scissors
So it does work, sometimes  :shy:



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« 2009-Jan-09, 06:25 AM Reply #16 »
No no no no no no no no no.....please ....let me guess

You were there as an emergency worker carrying shattered breeders to the medical centre operating table I right?

no not right , the realistic breeders/vendors would be pleased with the results.  BUT, If you have bred a piece of crap you will get no money for it.

I sold one yesterday, put sensible reserve on & it made overs, very happy  :thumbsup:

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« 2009-Jan-09, 07:52 AM Reply #17 »
Cumulatively after 2 sessions at Magic Millions, 274 lots have sold for $37,716,000 (down 12.3% from last year's 286 sold for $43,020,000). The cumulative average of $137,650 is down 8.49% (last year $150,420) while the cumulative clearance rate is 78% (last year 82%)

Friar Tuck

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« 2009-May-01, 10:50 AM Reply #18 »

A High Court sheriff has been appointed to oversee the sale of top race mare Princess Coup after an owners' dispute over its sale at next week's national bloodstock sale in Karaka.

Joint owners John Bromley and Ray Coupland have fallen out over the sale of the mare, a previous Horse of the Year award winner in New Zealand, that won $4 million on the track before its retirement this year.

Coupland entered Princess Coup in next week's sale at Karaka without consent from Bromley.

Bromley offered Coupland $1 million for his share but that was rejected, with Coupland seeking $1.1m, Justice Ailsa Duffy says in her written judgment released today.

It seemed Bromley had been unable to meet the latter price, she adds.

He contended that a better result would be achieved if the mare was sold at the Magic Millions sales in Australia in June.

"The respondent (Bromley) has provided evidence that establishes that historically the Magic Millions sales in Australia have achieved better average and median prices than the May sales in Karaka. The Magic Millions sales have also achieved higher top selling prices than the May Karaka sales," the judgment says.

But Coupland argued that the Australian GST liability, payable on the mare's entry into Australia, would wipe any financial gains resulting from a sale in Australia.

Bromley said this issue could be overcome by selling through an Australian agent and if the buyer was registered for GST in Australia.

Justice Duffy says she was satisfied the best price was likely to be obtained at the Magic Millions sales and if Coupland suffered any loss through the tax liability he could be compensated by adjusting the distribution of the sale price.

"In this way the respondent assumes the burden of risk of its view on the tax liability being wrong. If the respondent is not willing to assume this risk, the sale of the mare at the Karaka sales can proceed."

Both parties accepted no reserve price was necessary, though Coupland had suggested $2 million.

"There is the possibility that she might achieve a price well in excess of $2m in Australia. Another mare of similar quality to Princess Coup (Samantha Miss) recently sold in Australia for a record $3.8m."

Justice Duffy appointed the Hamilton High Court registrar/sheriff to oversee the sale and says that official would need the help of an independent agent if the horse was to be sold outside next week's Karaka sales.

She gave the parties 10 working days to agree on an independent agent to work with the registrar/sheriff for the mare being sold in Australia or by private treaty, if a private buyer was willing to pay a price acceptable to both parties.

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« 2009-May-29, 02:54 PM Reply #19 »
Triple Gr1-winning 3YO filly Samantha Miss (Redoute's Choice-Milliyet, by Zabeel) who sold to John Singleton for $3.85 million at last month's Inglis Easter Broodmare Sale in Sydney "won't be pursuing another racing campaign with the mare booked to be mated with More Than Ready in the 2009 breeding season," reported The Sydney Morning Herald. Samantha Miss (originally a $1.5 million yearling consigned by Willow Park at the 2007 Inglis Easter Sale in Sydney) recorded 7 wins (including 2008's Gr1 Crown Oaks over 2500m, Gr1 Arrowfield Stud Flight Stakes over 1600m, Gr1 AJC Champagne Stakes over 1600m, Gr2 Furious Stakes over 1400m, Gr2 Tea Rose Stakes over 1500m & Gr3 Silver Shadow Stakes over 1200m) & 4 placings (including February's Gr2 Light Fingers Stakes over 1200m, plus 2008's Gr1 Cox Plate over 2040m, Gr1 Inglis AJC Sires' Produce Stakes over 1400m & Gr3 Sweet Embrace Stakes over 1200m) from 12 starts for $1,773,110 million earnings. Singleton's racing manager Duncan Grimley confirmed other top mares heading to Vinery Stud shuttler More Than Ready (Southern Halo-Woodman's Girl, by Woodman) this season include Sunday Joy, Joie Denise, Moon Dragon, Shovoff, Fashions Afield & Sugar Babe. (May 29)

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« 2009-May-29, 02:57 PM Reply #20 »

  :noteworthy:   :noteworthy:   :noteworthy:   :noteworthy:

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« 2009-Jun-04, 11:36 AM Reply #21 »
Marveen will carry new colours when she races in the Group Two Queensland Guineas at Eagle Farm on Saturday.
The multiple stakes winning Orientate mare set the early running during the early stages of the first session of the Magic Millions National Broodmare Sale when she was sold for $450,000.
Leading Sydney bloodstock agent Steve Brem purchased the mare for Melbourne businessman and breeder Sean Buckley. She will race in the colours made famous by champion mare Miss Andretti.
"She will run on Saturday in the Guineas and carry Sean Buckley's colours," Brem confirmed.
"She's a lovely filly and she has a bright future ahead on the racetrack and then as a broodmare down the track," Brem added.
The filly was floated from Brisbane to the Gold Coast complex this morning after a work out with Saturday's Guineas in mind.
Her next public appearance will come at 4.35pm on Saturday afternoon when she clashes with the likes of Youthful Jack and Baci Amore.
Marveen is one of three stakes performers from the good producing Forest Glow mare Shiny and since the catalogue was printed she has won the listed Gold Coast Bracelet.
She was offered at today's auction by Coolmore Stud, who acted as agent for her breeder and former owner Peter Howell.
MM press release

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« 2009-Jun-04, 12:23 PM Reply #22 »
Outstanding race filly Hips Don't Lie has sold for $770,000 at the Magic Millions National Broodmare Sale and will head to stud and be served by Henrythenavigator this spring.
A daughter of Stravinsky and a triple stakes winner, headlined by victory in the Group Two Reisling Stakes, Hips Don't Lie was knocked down to prominent New South Wales based bloodstock agent Colm Santry.
"She's the filly of the sale," Santry said. "And I'm delighted to be able to purchase her for clients."
"She was a perfect yearling and was an outstanding two-year-old," he added.
"This spring she will head to Henrythenavigator - it's a perfect match for her."
A son of Kingmambo, Henrythenavigator was a champion racehorse particularly at a mile.
He won four of Europe's most prestigious race over the mile - the 2,000 Guineas, Irish 2,000 Guineas, St James's Palace Stakes and Sussex Stakes.
The first session of the Magic Millions National Broodmare Sale continues at the Gold Coast.
At 2pm today the champion New Zealand racetrack performer Princess Coup will go under the hammer.
MM release

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« 2009-Jun-04, 02:57 PM Reply #23 »
Interesting sale.

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« 2009-Jun-04, 03:20 PM Reply #24 »
to F W Mitchell