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Offline j.r.b.

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O.P. « 2018-Jul-09, 09:07 AM »
Fair to say this mare's had a decent start to her career as a broodmare.

Her second foal, Weltstar, won the German Derby overnight.

Her first foal, Windstoss, won it last year.

No pressure for Walerian, her 3rd foal, by Reliable Man, which was sold for €110,000 at the BBAG in 2017.

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« 2018-Jul-10, 07:18 AM Reply #1 »
Surely that’s never been achieved before

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« 2019-Jun-03, 08:24 AM Reply #2 »
I'm a new member from Germany. Hopefully I could provide you with some Pedigree und racing notes.

It's an unusual achiement for a broodmare siring 2 'German Derbywinners'
Wellenspiel isn't the first one

Here is the shortlist of 5 other Mares:
Kirschfliege (Kilometer, Kaliber)
Ordinate (Orofino, Ordos)
Laurea (Lando, Laroche)
Britannia (Borgia, Boreal)
Sacarina (Samum, Schiaparelli)

regards from Germany, Birkhahn

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« 2019-Jun-03, 05:44 PM Reply #3 »


I have recently started to compile the race records (race histories or past performances) on European horses the have won 5 or more Group / Grade 1 races.

Recently I posted an incomplete record of Athenagoras (GER) 1970 (a 5 time group 1 winner) under ''Race records of International Champions' on this site asking whether anyone had more information about other races by the horse.

For German horses I search  the following websites for information:

Can you tell me whether there are any other useful websites for information on horses that raced before 1990 and whether they are free or by subscription.

Is there a national library or similar that has digitised copies of newspapers that reported on horse racing over the last 50+ years and if so could you post the contact details and the names of any newspapers you would recommend searching.  My preliminary searching indicates there are many German newspapers and it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.   

I have recently started work on the race record of Windwurf (GER) 1972 (also a 5 time group 1 winner).

If you find any errors in my information on German horses please let me know.



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« 2019-Jun-06, 08:05 AM Reply #4 »
many thanks for your reply.

I think it's very unusual, that Australian/Newzealanders are collecting race record of 'German Thoroughbreds' several decades ago. On the other hand  understandable after so many wins of Germanbred race horses all over the world.

You have already found the websites, who are reporting about German Racing.

Only Newspapers in Cities and Towns, who have Horse racing tracks reporting about this Sport, but the don't provide the info you are looking for.

Here In Germany we have the "Sportwelt" (our racing paper, 2 - 3 issues every week), publishing since 127 Years and "Vollblut" our Thoroughbredbreeders Magazine. Sorry to say, there isn't an Internet Version available.

I have a collected over years a library of books , magazines  and sales catalogues. I can check some data, you are looking for. Another Option is to went through the Annual Racing calenders.

At least I can tell you the "racing career"  of Windwurf (Kaiseradler-Wiesenweihe by Birkhahn), from 1974-1977,  foaled in 1972, bred by the "Ravensberg Stud", Trainer: H. Gummelt:

27 starts-11 wins, 5 second place, 2 third place, 1 fourth place
earnings 1.315.640 DM

The complete list I will try to send during the Weekend.

Hope I could help

regards, Birkhahn

Offline Birkhahn

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« 2019-Jun-14, 07:24 PM Reply #5 »
an update of the offspring of "Wellenspiel", her colt Walerian (by relaible man) is scratche3d from the "German Derby" (scheduled 7. July 2019)

Btw, Laurea (dam of 2 German Derby winners) is the 3rd dam of "Laccario" (by Scalo) won the "Union Rennen" (Group 2), Germany's oldest still run race and the most important prep race .

regards, Birkhahn

Offline Birkhahn

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« 2019-Jun-15, 07:01 PM Reply #6 »
one more Info about "Wellenspiel". She has a filly by Dubawi in 2019.

Her next Partner will by "Sea the Stars".

regards, Birkhahn