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Offline Stan Still

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O.P. « 2013-Dec-09, 01:19 PM »
Anyone got news about the position of chief steward for greyhounds queensland. Rmour has it the current incumbant resigned last thursday night, on the spot ?????  :chin:
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Offline bronx

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« 2013-Dec-09, 03:32 PM Reply #1 »
Only ad going was for greyhounds chief.
Departure of Jim Torpey at the helm.
Now the departure of Zac Bryson.
Inaction by the board with anything to do with greyhound racing.
And they said it cant get any worse & now we have a dedicated greyhound board, then things will move forward.
Dont hold your breath as nothing has happened since they got in.
More hand sitting for doggies while the red hots & gallops are getting all the handouts & favours.

Offline Stan Still

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« 2013-Dec-09, 06:08 PM Reply #2 »
After Sunday's combined trot and racehorse meet at Kilcoy, maybe the heads at RQ might be starting to subsidize the trots from thoroughbred turnover instead of robbing the dogs of 4% of distribution  due to them, thats been going on for years. The cost to dogs prizemoney is about $3mill annually. Its logical that the thoroughbreds should prop up the trots, dont see many dogs eating chaff and getting shod and dont see many pacers eating kibble.

Offline Arsenal

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« 2014-Feb-26, 04:53 PM Reply #3 »
"WE received this email from a greyhound trainer who asked that his name be with-held as the last time he criticized RQ they threatened to take his license away – sound familiar.
RACING Queensland has been a catastrophe for trainers in the south-east.
Prior to amalgamation Queensland had a follow on lure system to pull up greyhounds, and in 2011 the last year of this system, there were only 30 indiscretion notices issued by stewards.
But since RQ changed to a Catching Pen finish the south-east Queensland racing pool has and is currently being decimated.
In 2013 over 120 greyhounds were issued with infringement notices but since December 1 2013 only 61 greyhounds have been issued with infringement notices, i.e. double the whole of 2011 in less than 3 months.
The south-east Queensland greyhound industry cannot sustain this ridiculous loss to our racing pool while RQ does nothing to rectify their mistake.
The only solution is to revert back to the follow on lure at least at the four Albion Park meetings to give trainers the better option."

Item from Letsgohorseracing ......what is a follow on lure? and what is an indiscretion notice?

Offline arakaan

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« 2014-Feb-26, 06:08 PM Reply #4 »
.what is a follow on lure? and what is an indiscretion notice?

Follow on lure syatem is where they let the dogs catch the lure at the end of the races and pull it up to a stop near the handlers who go onto the track and get the dogs. (watch any kiwi dog race to see this method)

As oppossed to the long held method of shooting the lure off at top speed after the race and the dogs running into the catching pen.

Indiscretion notice is banned for fighting in the run.
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Offline Arsenal

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« 2014-Feb-26, 07:10 PM Reply #5 »
Thanks for that ....I played golf today with a former greyhound trainer but he hadn't seen the story and I didn't know enough to explain it. :beer: