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O.P. « 2018-Dec-18, 07:30 PM »
This is an aftermath of a greyhound trainer Tracy Kunde being present at the Churchable trial track who was charged by the then Racing Control Board with bringing the sport into disrepute by allegedly witnessing live baiting and failing to report it to the greyhound was not alleged he participated hisself in live baiting only being present and failing to do anything about what it was it was he is alleged to have witnessed ......he was charged and convicted by the former Racing Appeals Tribunal and given life ...which was later reduced to 10years he appealed that decision to QCAT which set aside that conviction.....QRIC then appealled that decision ..their appeal was dismissed.

Links to both decisions are posted hereunder:-

The latest news is that Kunde has been awarded costs against QRIC ...Peter Gleeson writes in the CM

Trainer gets back on track
QCAT has taken the extraordinary step of awarding costs against the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission after it exonerated greyhound trainer Tracey Kunde over a live-baiting charge.
Kunde was the trainer who gave a 2760-word response to the ABC, which proceeded to do a hatchet job on the industry in a recent TV report.
The ABC didnít use a word of Kundeís response in its report. Thatís your ABC. ENDS

Costs will be significant probably to be assessed the QCAT judgment on this issue is not yet publicly available ....QCAT normally does not award cost except in exceptional circumstances .

A more recent case of John Thompson who also succeeed in his appeal to QCAT follows :-

Possibly this is the ABC TV report referred to by Gleeson which I hadn't seen before posting the story.

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