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« 2015-Dec-10, 12:11 PM Reply #825 »
Pray tell.
Just how is the greyhound racing industry supposed to exercise governance over people who are not licensed persons, not involved in the greyhound racing industry and not subject to the Rules of Racing?

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« 2015-Dec-10, 07:41 PM Reply #826 »
Beat me to it Lert.

Plenty want to slam the dogs but most before they engage their brain to think of the tripe they have watched.

I struggle to see the greyhound authorities could control this?

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« 2015-Dec-12, 05:22 PM Reply #827 »

Qantas will no longer carry racing greyhounds on flights to Asia
December 12, 2015 - 4:57PM
Julie Power
Qantas will no longer carry racing greyhounds on flights to Asia in what animal activists say is a "win for gentle dogs facing certain death".
The move follows revelations that greyhounds were being exported to Hong Kong and Macau. As many as 800 dogs were being kept in prison-like cells in Macau to replace those that had been culled and incinerated.
It means Australia's two major carriers to Asia, Qantas and Cathay Pacific, will no longer carry racing greyhounds as freight.
Greyhounds sent to Macau are kept in poor conditions, says Animals Australia. Photo: ABC 7:30
The change of heart followed coverage last week by the ABC of an investigation by Animals Australia into the export of dogs to Hong Kong and Macau.
Animals Australia said as many as 30 dogs a month – dogs that were too slow to race on Australian tracks – were being condemned to a death sentence, and being held in conditions that were "a blatant breach of the industry's own rules".
Animals Australia said the "game-changing decision" by Qantas was "a win for the gentle dogs exported to certain death each year" and for its "passionate and relentless supporters and caring community members who have been leaving no stone unturned to be a voice for these animals".
Up to 30 Australian greyhounds were being shipped to Macau every month, according to Animals Australia. Photo: ABC 7:30
In its expose, the organisation claimed more than 800 dogs were kept in squalid conditions in cages, dozens were destroyed every month, and one dog died on the track every day, animal rights advocates estimated, according to the report.
"For those dogs it's actually a straight-out death sentence," Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White said.
"The conditions are awful, it's prison-like, barren cells, and in fact it really is like being exported to another country and put on death row," she told 7.30.
Athough Qantas has not issued a formal announcement, it telegraphed the change in policy on social media on Friday night.
"We share your concerns about the disturbing story that appeared on the 7.30 Report earlier in the week," Qantas said in response to inquiries about its policies, including by Animals Australia.
In a response, the carrier acknowledged that it had transported a small number of racing greyhounds to Asia.
"However in light of the story we have made the decision to no longer provide racing greyhound freight services to Asia."
On Friday night, an animal activist on Twitter known as @Nez_animallover posted an image of dead greyhounds dumped in a mass grave and asked Qantas if it was true it was going to ban exports of racing greyhounds.
Qantas responded nearly immediately.

Read mo http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/qantas-will-no-longer-carry-racing-greyhounds-on-flights-to-asia-20151212-glm08m.html#ixzz3u5YQYh7p
Follow us: @smh on Twitter | sydneymorningherald on Facebook

A good outcome... with no help from The Barnacle.

Giddy Up :beer:

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« 2015-Dec-16, 04:50 PM Reply #828 »
John Cauchi 18 months
Ian Morgan 12 months
Tony Cauchi suspended sentence


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« 2015-Dec-16, 05:17 PM Reply #829 »

Live-baiting seven bans reduced on appeal
December 15, 2015 5:00pm
Brad DavidsonThe Courier-Mail

Several Queensland greyhound trainers warned off tracks following an investigation into the live baiting scandal have had their bans reduced.

AT least seven Queensland greyhound trainers warned off for life following the investigation into the live baiting scandal have had their bans reduced on appeal.

Michael Chapman, Craig Wright, Greg Paull, John Pollock and Ray Gatti have all had their bans reduced to 10 years, while Russell Druery and Julie Edmondson have had their disqualifications reduced to eight and five years respectively.

Hayley Cotton, the person responsible for capturing footage of live baiting at Tom Noble’s property in Churchable late last year, said the reductions were very disappointing.

“It doesn’t surprise me that they were (reduced) but I think anyone involved in any form of live baiting and cruelty to animals should be not be able to own animals for life,” Cotton said.

The reductions were handed down by the Racing Disciplinary Board in recent months.

■ THE State Government has gone back to the market place to find more applicants for the new Racing Queensland board.
An advertisement calling for applicants for the new Racing Queensland board was reposted earlier this week with applications now extended until January 4.
It comes after the original advertisement was first posted back in August. Applications for the original advertisement closed on December 4.
The MacSporran Report recommendation that four of the seven new board members to be appointed are to have no relevant connection to the industry in the past two years is still part of the latest job advertisement.
A public rally to be held at Doomben racecourse today will put forward a resolution against this particular recommendation in the MacSporran report.

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« 2015-Dec-16, 08:13 PM Reply #830 »
What's the basis for the reduction?

Offline Peter Mair

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« 2015-Dec-16, 09:16 PM Reply #831 »

TT kids -- this racket is fairly on the skids because the prevailing operating model was totally criminally corrupt

........ fess up that you knew and did nothing.... for decades........ and decades

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« 2015-Dec-16, 09:34 PM Reply #832 »

the prevailing operating model was totally criminally corrupt


As usual a totally wide sweeping statement with no substance or facts to back it up.  :thumbsd:

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« 2015-Dec-17, 09:36 AM Reply #833 »
What's the basis for the reduction?

There are three decisions available the most recent on 24th November most likely in line with the others although one got 8 years instead of life 10 which seems the going rate.


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« 2016-Feb-07, 02:19 PM Reply #834 »
As the anniversary of the 4 Corners Program approaches, the protesters are gathering.  

7 Feb 2016 - 2:02pm  SBS

Hundreds of Australians protest against greyhound racing

Around 500 people have rallied in Melbourne against greyhound racing, one of several around the country.

Greyhound racing is based on a culture of cruelty and can't be run in a humane way, organisers of a rally against the industry say.

Founder of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, Eleonora Gullone, says events around Australia on Sunday, including one which attracted up to 500 people in Melbourne, show there is widespread condemnation of the greyhound racing industry.

"There really is no way of stopping the cruelty in this industry, because it's a numbers game," she told reporters.

Dr Gullone said about 17,000 healthy greyhounds were killed each year, because they weren't deemed fast enough or didn't chase.

A further 12,000 racing dogs were destroyed after a couple of years because there were too many to be rehomed, she said.

Dr Gullone called on the Victorian government to phase out greyhound racing in the state, saying breeding was the first thing that had to stop.

The industry came under fire last year after it was revealed small animals such as piglets and rabbits were used as live bait to train dogs at some tracks.

Dr Gullone said it was unlikely live baiting would be stamped out, because the industry was resistant to change.

"Despite the spotlight being on them, they continue to engage in these cruel practices," she said.

Many of the people at the Melbourne event on Sunday brought their greyhounds with them when they walked around King's Domain on the edge of the city.

Other events were planned in Queensland, South Australia, NSW, Tasmania and the ACT.

On the ABC's AM Program Sat this went across Australia....

ELIZABETH JACKSON: The Queensland Government has refused to rule out building a new greyhound race track in the low socio-economic region of Logan, in the face of mounting opposition from the local residents.

The multi-million dollar development was given the go-ahead by the previous LNP government, but has been on hold since the industry was engulfed in the live baiting scandal.

The Labor Government might proceed with the project despite nationwide protests on Sunday calling for the greyhound racing industry to be shut down, as Nance Haxton reports from Brisbane.

NANCE HAXTON: Many sporting and community organisations have tried to get hold of Cronulla Park over the decades it has been vacant.

Queensland's previous LNP government approved the greyhound track in March 2014, saying it would rejuvenate the racing industry in Queensland.

But a year later, Four Corners exposed the live baiting scandal that rocked greyhound racing.

The Labor Government put all racing infrastructure projects under review and instigated a Commission of Inquiry.

Graeme Palmer is a local electrical engineer who has lived in Logan for nearly 30 years:

GRAEME PALMER: I don't want it ever, anywhere. It's... I don't want to have to drive past that site and say to my grandkids what that's for.

I refuse to accept it. I think that they think that they can still build it.

NANCE HAXTON: Janet Scott from Animal Liberation Queensland says they have collected more than 13,000 signatures to show the local community does not want the greyhound track.

JANET SCOTT: You speak to people within the community and their feedback is: they're against any more gambling and the effects of the cruelty against greyhounds as well.

NANCE HAXTON: State Racing Minister Grace Grace was not available for interview, but in a statement said the Cronulla Park greyhound track is still on hold and a new seven-member Racing Queensland board will decide whether the project should proceed.

The Minister said the State Government has abolished greyhound breeding incentive programs and reinvested those funds into a greyhound adoption program.

Kim Meteyard fosters and re-homes former racing greyhounds for the non-profit group Friends of the Hound. She says she knows first-hand how thousands of greyhounds are put down every year - and the industry should not be encouraged.

KIM METEYARD: There's so many dogs waiting to come into our program from trainers and owners. And they're taken to the university to be killed - or to the vet or whatever else they do to them.

NANCE HAXTON: Racing Queensland, which oversees greyhound racing, issued a statement saying it had introduced a 'Masters Racing' category, to reduce the number of greyhounds requiring adoption, and employed more investigative stewards.

The statement said the organisation supports the rights of individuals to voice their opinions in the protest rallies, but rejects claims the industry should be shut down.

Oh well, at least RQ is pushing back

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« 2016-Feb-07, 02:35 PM Reply #835 »
And this on the ABC website.  I understand that news channels will cover the protest tonight.

Greyhound racing: National rallies call for end to sport following live-baiting expose

Rallies have been held across the country calling for an end to greyhound racing, with hundreds turning out in Canberra, Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide.

The rallies were timed to precede the outcome of a New South Wales special commission greyhound racing inquiry, expected in March.

It comes after an investigation by the ABC's Four Corners program last year showed evidence of live baiting during secret training sessions.

Ahead of the Canberra rally, Tammy Ven Dange from the RSPCA's ACT branch said the sport had a poor animal welfare record.

"We're asking the ACT Government to shut it down," she said.

"A lot of people would say there are many good reasons to keep it going, but in the ACT there really aren't."

Ms Ven Dange said despite the attention paid to the practice of live baiting, it was not the greatest animal welfare issue rampant in the sport.

"About 94 per cent of the animals that are bred each year are actually put down, if we thought about any other breed that would be ridiculous," she said.

She said greyhound racing in the ACT should be stopped, as most participants were registered outside of the territory and said it did not make sense that the ACT Government provided funding to the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club.

"The majority of the members are not even from the ACT, they're mostly from New South Wales. Every registered breeder and trainer is from NSW," she said.

However the ACT's newly appointed Racing and Gaming Minister Mick Gentleman said the Government had no plans to change arrangements with the greyhound industry.

"If they're working appropriately and within the law then there's no reason they shouldn't continue," he said.

"We currently have a memo of understanding with the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, that's to ensure its operations are conducted professionally and within the territory's law."

"The Government cares deeply about ensuring the safety and welfare of all animals, including those that are part of the racing industry."

The ABC has contacted the Canberra Greyhound Racing Club for comment.

Hundreds of protesters and their dogs also attended large rallies in Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide.

About 300 people gathered in Hyde Park for the Sydney rally.

Shan Patterson from the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds said the races should be stopped.

"The dogs are dying while they're trying to keep this industry alive. It should be the other way around — this industry has to die out," she said.

In Adelaide, about 100 people gathered on the steps of Parliament House.

SA Greens MLC Tammy Franks addresses an anti-greyhound racing rally in front of Adelaide's Parliament House.
 Photo: SA Greens MLC Tammy Franks addresses an anti-greyhound racing rally in front of Adelaide's Parliament House. (ABC: Rebecca Opie)

Several brought their own greyhounds along to advocate for the dogs to be rehabilitated and adopted.

South Australian Greens MLC Tammy Franks said the turnout at the rally showed community attitudes towards the sport had changed.

"The problem is the greyhound racing industry hasn't changed and it's out of step with community attitudes," she said.

"We want independent regulation of the industry."

A protest in Perth attracted about 300 people to Fremantle's Kings Square, with WA Greens senator Rachel Siewart among those to address the crowd.

In Hobart, about 300 people attended a rally, with some also bringing their pets.

These protests have moved to a new level.  Not easy to coordinate a national event like this.

Here is the push back

Industry defends racing practices

Graeme Barber, chairman of the Greyhound Owners, Trainers and Breeders Association of Tasmania said the sport was well regulated.

He said anyone found to be doing the wrong thing was quickly discovered and removed from the industry.

"Tasmanian greyhound racing participants are committed to and look after their dogs," he said.

"We do it for the love of it."

He said the industry injected millions into Tasmania's economy and directly employed about 100 people.

Earlier this week, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) chair Bernie Carolan told the ABC he was mindful of some people's concerns around the sport.

"As an organisation GRV is currently overhauling its business and is working extremely hard to reform a sport that employs more than 3,000 people and works with hundreds of volunteers," he said.

"Animal welfare is now a leading priority throughout all GRV's functions and operations, with GRV continuing to strengthen its investigate and compliance capabilities."

Racing Queensland said it supported the rights of groups to voice their opinions, but rejected claims the industry should be shut down.

"From the moment the vile act of live baiting was uncovered, Racing Queensland commenced a program to eradicate the practice and address issues around animal welfare in greyhound racing," a spokesman said.

"Racing Queensland has been working closely with the industry to enforce change on the topic of animal welfare and has witnessed a genuine desire among participants to rid the sport of animal cruelty."

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« 2016-Feb-07, 02:51 PM Reply #836 »

This is obviously going to cause some friction with those who love the sport.

I suggest those who have called this forum to lift its standards allow those people to vent their spleen without provoking them any further. You know who you are and you know they will be emotional.

Let them say what they have to say without getting all high and mighty about it.

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« 2016-Feb-07, 03:08 PM Reply #837 »

This is obviously going to cause some friction with those who love the sport.

I suggest those who have called this forum to lift its standards allow those people to vent their spleen without provoking them any further. You know who you are and you know they will be emotional.

Let them say what they have to say without getting all high and mighty about it.

I  don't see the problem Auth?  I don't control the news.  I do not provoke.  I am just reporting what happened today.  Emotions are the responsibility of the individual to control.  Normal people will be able to do that quite effectively.  I expect sensible debate here as we go forward.  I confidently expect this next month to bring a host of news around the industry from the previous 12 months, and the McHugh report soon due.  Who knows what will be said.  The news might be great for the Code.  Surely this Forum can discuss the story, any story for that matter, sensibly.

Are you suggesting we have censorship??  If so, on what basis should that occur?   

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« 2016-Feb-07, 03:18 PM Reply #838 »
I am suggesting the people whinging about the apparent poor standards of this forum do not provoke anybody who disagrees with their view.

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« 2016-Feb-07, 03:32 PM Reply #839 »
Sorry Auth, but what provocation?  Normal people should be capable of measured and sensible discussion.  Are you trying to shoot the messenger?

The Dog protesters are out in force today.  The level of protest today is far higher than previously, it has been accomplished with efficiency and achieved national and possibly international exposure.  That is a force that cannot be sensibly ignored.  I would like the Code administrators to push back, fix whatever is wrong that enables protestors to bring such action, and move the Code beyond this. 

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« 2016-Feb-07, 03:36 PM Reply #840 »
I am sure people will be able to debate this sensibly.

Hopefully they will not be provoked into bringing the forum beneath certain standards that apparently we have been at lately.


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« 2016-Feb-07, 03:44 PM Reply #841 »
100% on side there Auth.  That is something all of us should seek.  It is the way it used to be in era's past.  This Greyhound issue is live and red hot.  It deserves a spotlight in the Forum.  All we seek is people who can debate properly.  Who wouldn't?

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« 2016-Feb-07, 03:47 PM Reply #842 »
I think this is a noice ploy at upsetting certain people, glad some have taken heed of all that was said yesterday and attempting at getting on.

Why give these people breath Ascot, you are no better then them by publishing it.

Let's not forget, these are the exact same people who protest every spring carnival with the exact same argument.

As far as I am concerned, this topic has run it's course and unless there is anything news worthy I am shutting this thread down until there is.


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« 2016-Feb-07, 03:48 PM Reply #843 »
We also know that humans can get emotional and sometimes let their emotions run riot.

This is obviously going to be one of those things and they should not be poked and prodded any more than the subject is already going to provoke them.


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« 2016-Feb-11, 11:11 AM Reply #844 »