Photos of Miata

The Miata factor after just six months, the greyhound from Western Australia is already becoming a legend. Photo: Craig Golding/Greyhound Racing NSW

It's about 20 kilometres from Rosehill Gardens Racecourse to the Wentworth Park dog track, as the crow flies, and it's much further on Golden Slipper day when measured by the style police.

The Golden Slipper organisers boast it is Sydney racing's most glamorous day. There's no such boast from Sydney's gritty greyhound fraternity about their biggest bash, the Golden Easter Egg. They simply celebrate it as the world's richest race for dish lickers.

Greyhounds might be a famously unglamorous blue-collar passion, but the winner of last night's 23rd running of the egg walked away with a cool $250,000 for the 520-metre dash.

And the dogs had something else worth barking about. At Rosehill, there was no Black Caviar, racing's biggest drawcard, but Wentworth Park boasted a bitch that is the canine equivalent.

Brenton Scott, executive officer of the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association, reckons the West Australian dog Miata could soon be considered the ''best dog of all time'', eclipsing the 1960s champion Zoom Top.

''She's performing at absolutely the elite level every time she hits the track,'' Mr Scott said.

''[Zoom Top] was very much like this dog. She was a great sprinter, a great stayer, very versatile, very complete in terms of being able to lead, able to come from behind. The potential's there. It's only the doing that stands between [Miata] and all-time greatness at the moment. She's very special.''

There was great excitement when Miata arrived in Sydney for her first race here last weekend, having set track records at a variety of distances and boasting 20 wins from 23 starts since she began her career six months ago.

And just as Black Caviar has been attracting thousands to racecourses, Mr Scott said the ''Miata factor'' accounted for a 20 per cent increase in the Wentworth Park crowd.

''The buzz was sensational. We had a knockout crowd here. There wasn't a soul left in the betting ring when [Miata] went around. Everybody was out front and track-side. You had no hope of hearing the race call [the crowd] just went off from start to finish.''

And Miata didn't disappoint.

Not only did she win her heat of the Association Cup by eight lengths, she smashed the Wentworth Park track record for 720 metres.

The bookies were so certain Miata would win the $75,000 purse in the final last night - a support race to the Egg - they were offering only miserable odds.

And in a gutsy come-from-behind effort that again had the Wentworth Park crowd roaring its admiration, that's what she did, taking the lead on the final bend to claim another spectacular group one win.