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O.P. « 2019-Nov-10, 05:36 PM »
Short video of Pete McMullen being tipped out when looked like a winning chance appears the seat on the sulky collapsed......haven't found any stewards report on the incdent but reports Pete didn't suffer any serious injury.

Extract from stewards report ........."AWAYANDRIDEYOURSELF NZ (P McMullen) Driver P McMullen was dislodged from the sulky at approximately the 100 metre point when the sulky seat became detached from the sulky.  Mr McMullen was examined by the medical staff and passed fit to complete his driving engagements. A subsequent inquiry revealed that Mr McMullen had adjusted the sulky seat prior to the race to accommodate his height which required the seat to be set back to its maximum extent however screw holding the seat in place loosened during the race. No action was taken in this regard other than a reminder to ensure that all gear needs to be secure."

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