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O.P. « 2019-Jun-12, 06:21 PM »
Harness racing’s in dire straits
Peter Gleeson in the CM yesty
TEN years ago, the Parklands Harness Racing Club hosted the biggest trots meet in Australasia
– the final of the Inter-Dominion series.

The crowds were big, bookies’ turnover was strong and the industry in Queensland was bullish about its future. A leading reinsman described the spacious Parklands circuit as the best track he’d driven.

And then the wheels fell off – literally. Since then, thoroughbreds and greyhound wagering turnover in Queensland has remained reasonably solid, despite troubles at Eagle Farm and the lack of a new one-turn track for the dogs.

The code that is wallowing in mediocrity is harness racing and it’s no coincidence that its poor performance came off the back of the closure of Parklands in 2013 to make way for the Commonwealth Games.

Since the closure of Parklands, there has been a vacuum in harness racing leadership in the Sunshine State. This lack of vision has manifested itself into a tired, cumbersome industry that has consistently had to fight off integrity and welfare scrutiny. Too many rorts, as an industry insider says.

The lack of foresight and planning has resulted in harness turnover plummeting, prizemoney declining and a breeding industry in free fall.

The closure of Parklands is a scandal. Parklands was the brainchild of former Bjelke-Petersen Racing Minister Russ Hinze, a dual harness and greyhound facility that was regarded as the best of its type.

It has never been replaced on the Gold Coast, despite the Bligh Government announcing it had put aside $10 million for a new dog track.

There have been plans put to successive governments for a harness racing facility at Yatala but this seems implausible considering the Albion Park harness club has made it clear it does not want to move.

The harness club’s reticence to move from Albion Park comes despite Racing Queensland having a masterplanned proposal to redevelop the Breakfast Creek site.

The question being asked among harness participants is what does the industry representative on the RQ board, Margaret Reynolds, think of her board’s proposal to revamp Albion Park?

If the Labor Party has any hope of picking up seats on the Gold Coast at the next election, it would announce a new harness-greyhound facility for the Glitter Strip in today’s state budget. The chances of that are about as good as Winx coming out of retirement. It ain’t gonna happen.


Well a little wishful thinking that there's budget money for a new track there's nothing in the budget not a razoo......while the dishlickers were awarded $10M (on paper just a book entry)compensation hardly enough to do very much with for the loss of Parklands the harness industry received nought .......both codes jointly owned Albion Park before being convinced by The Bobster to give away their rights and join the three code body with one representative each they were badly outnumbered by the thoroughbred appointees on the first Allcodes board.......One point of interest that was posted on this Forum by someone who claimed to know that on amalgamation an Asset Register was established which provided that the proceeds of any sale of Albion Park would go to the codes who were the owners of the property...the dogs and harness industries.That's something that should be confirmed or discounted as the case may be.

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