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O.P. « 2016-Dec-10, 05:12 PM »
The use of whips in Australian harness racing will be banned from next year.

In a move that is a world-first, Harness Racing Australia (HRA) will outlaw whips in racing and training from September 1st 2017.

A HRA statement said the move would boost the industry's image while enhancing its viability as a racing code.

"The decision sets the pace in animal welfare and for the long-term support and sustainability of the industry," the statement said.

"It aligns with high expectations of the community, fans, and industry participants in harness racing."

HRA chairman Geoff Want said the decision to ban the whip had been six years in the making.

Restrictions on the use of the whip have been in place in a response to animal welfare concerns.

The HRA announcement has been welcomed by the RSCPA.

Chief executive Heather Neil said the ban would protect standardbred racehorses from unnecessary and unjustified pain and distress.

"As Harness Racing Australia has recognized, racing should celebrate quality horsemanship, breeding and training - whips shouldn't come into it," she said.

"This is a powerful sign that the harness racing industry is focused on horse welfare and is acknowledging the concerns of the wider community.

"We commend the industry leadership in removing the use of whips, not only on the track, but also in training."

I wonder how long before the Thoroughbred Industry follows with a ban on whips.

I ask, how much power do the animal welfare lobby have?

If you watch closely, in the main most drivers hit the shaft more than they hit the horse. The changes in whip design over the last 15 years has taken away the severe results of the whip from years gone by.

I'm very afraid where all this will end.

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« 2016-Dec-10, 07:05 PM Reply #1 »

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« 2016-Dec-11, 12:21 PM Reply #2 »
From what I've read there'll be some "TOOL" to encourage wayward horses to be more tractable once the whips are banned...what form it will take has not been disclosed...maybe they haven't invented it yet......harness horses carry  different gear to racehorses.......in the old days shadow rolls were barred at the races ....but common at the trots ......I remember Neive Frawley when he was chief steward in the QTC days ...red faced and blustering as he was..... ordering the trainer to remove a shadow roll from Mel Keen it was trained by a one horse trainer .....now they're quite acceptable as are winkers blinkers etc.....and the whips used these days in harness racing are a lot softer than the old style cane ones...still I don't like to see horse thrashed with the whip when they're trying their hearts out....gallopers or trotters and pacers.

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« 2016-Dec-12, 08:57 AM Reply #3 »
It appears the decision to ban whips was taken behind closed doors .....no consultation with participants which has resulted in talk of repercussions STRIKE .......doubt that this would be a sensible response the only losers would be the strikers ......obviously there'll be some negotiations and possibly a compromise .

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