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« 2016-Dec-09, 11:45 PM Reply #25 »
I only found out when I got an SMS from William Hill tonight!

So next year is in Perth as well then on to....????

Tonight's final was worth $1.1 million which was pretty good. There would be some jurisdictions that would not be able to raise that sort of prizemoney.

Well done to the Purdon's and Smolda - another NZ winner.

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« 2016-Dec-10, 10:52 AM Reply #26 »
As far as where future series will be held PP, there is a "bid" process for a 3 year period.

I think the 3 years following next year is to be decided early next year.

Online Arsenal

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« 2016-Dec-10, 11:44 AM Reply #27 »
Almost like it's overseas hardly any coverage in the East a far cry from the Golden Age ......which we've seen the best of.

Still a good effort by the winner did it tough the last lap and just held on good sportsmanship shaking hands after just getting done...luv the trots. :no1:

Replay available below.

Giddy Up :beer:

Online wily ole dog

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« 2016-Dec-10, 11:50 AM Reply #28 »
Last night is why harness racing is so great. The flying start, mid race moves, champs with a ton of work to do and prevailing. A great race. Deserving winner and no one was unlucky aside from possible Franco Nelson who stormed home after being shuffled back out of it on the turn

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« 2016-Dec-10, 03:51 PM Reply #29 »