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O.P. « 2017-Apr-07, 02:07 PM »
7 APR 2017 - 11:26AM

More harness racing arrests likely in Qld

Queensland investigators probing systemic match fixing in the harness racing industry say more arrests are expected after a 46-year-old man was charged.

Queensland police have charged one man and flagged further arrests amid a crackdown on systemic match fixing in the state's harness racing industry.

A 46-year-old licensed harness driver and trainer from Warwick has been charged with one count of match fixing over his alleged involvement in a "loose cartel" operating in the industry.

His licence has been suspended as a result of the allegation.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett says the cartel of drivers and trainers were involved in systemic match fixing and changed their tactics from race to race.

"It's not every race, it's not every race meeting - but it's not a rare event," Mr Barnett said at a press conference on Friday.

He said more arrests were imminent.

"There will be, in the coming days, more arrests," he said.

Mr Barnett said investigators had received information from people within the industry who held concerns "for some time" about improper behaviour.

But he said there was no evidence as yet that traditional organised crime groups were involved.

Investigators this week searched properties of five harness racing participants at Limestone Ridges, Warwick, The Gap, Logan Village and Redcliffe.

Detectives seized mobile phones, computers, documents and clothing.

The items will now be forensically examined.

The crime racing squad was set up in 2016 to investigate serious animal cruelty, match fixing and major and organised crime across all three codes of racing.

The offence of engaging in match-fixing conduct was recently added to the state's criminal code and carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.


Source: AAP

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« 2017-Apr-07, 08:14 PM Reply #1 »
Allegedly the trainer/driver arrested is small time Warwick based Dayle March......he has been around for some time and while I don't know him personally I  always thought he was pretty harmless and not very successful . I don't think he has had any standout pacers or for that matter many winners.
Obviously more to come...it'll be interesting to see the names of  the rest of the alleged race fixing gang.
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« 2017-Apr-07, 08:47 PM Reply #2 »
They're crooked up there.

I can 110% guarantee, hand on heart, swear on my child's life, walk into police station and sign a stat dec saying that the result of a group (or listed? I'm unsure how harness do their grading) race last year was known prior to the race. Not so much the end result (it still panned out the way it was suggested it was going to), but the favourite was never going to win.

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« 2017-Apr-08, 10:23 PM Reply #3 »
CM reports a second person Bart Cockburn has been arrested and charged with four counts of match fixing under the Criminal Code ....if convicted he faces serious time in Chokey...he is due to appear in court on May11 ....the alleged mastermind Dayl March is due to appear on May10 his charge arises out of race2 at AP on Nov12  last year where it is alleged March organised corruptly the outcome of the race in which the horse he drove ran 10th .....the race was won by Clockon Doc Lombo which was not involved in the investigation.

More arrests are likely according to Ross Barnett QRIC.boss.


Click on R2 to watch

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« 2017-Apr-09, 03:35 PM Reply #4 »
"More charges to come in harness race probe

THE harness race-fixing scandal has widened, with authorities identifying at least two more allegedly fixed races.

Police will allege harness trainer-driver Bart Cockburn, 27, who was charged with four race-fixing offences, was involved in a fix in three separate races from November last year, all at Brisbane’s Albion Park.

Cockburn was alleged to have participated in a fix on November 12 last year, when fellow driver-trainer Dayl March was also alleged to have been involved in an organised race result.

March was charged with the race-fixing offence under the Queensland Criminal Code earlier in the week.

It is understood while both March and Cockburn colluded to win the race on November 12, neither were able to pull off the alleged fix.

The Sunday Mail understands Cockburn’s charges also relate to a November 5 race in which he drove the fourthplaced Marty Bee, and a January 27, 2017, race in which he came second on Major Kiwi. Authorities say the alleged fixing charges did not always mean the accused was attempting to win the race.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett indicated there would be more charges to follow in the coming weeks as the investigation into the fixed races continues to evolve.

“This is an emerging picture,” he said.

“As we talk to more people and arrest more people, it will deepen our understanding of what is going on in the industry.

“Other people will be interviewed and p o t e n t i a l l y charged in the coming days and weeks.”

Part of the police investigation now and in the future will focus on betting activity that has accompanied the alleged fixing activity, where it may have occurred through either legal or illegal methods.

Bart Cockburn placed 5th in the 2015-16 drivers’ premiership race, steering home 100 winners in his 676 starts.

He amassed a total of more than $870,000 prize money for connections over the premiership season.



It is understood while both March and Cockburn colluded to win the race on November 12, neither were able to pull off the alleged fix.

Reminds me of  the Lavender Hill Mob..... :o

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« 2017-Apr-27, 11:08 AM Reply #5 »
It's and old story no news is good news but after announcing more charges to come in alleged race fixing cartel there's silence from QRIC as Denis Smith observed in his weekly bulletin:-

" In the wake of the sensational race fixing allegations of the last two weeks there has been something of a lull in proceedings. High sources, however claim that this is the tip of the iceberg. More is to come! If so  then harness racing in Queensland will most certainly be the eventual winner. No doubt there may be a further drop in turnover while the broom is sweeping clean, but, in due course, when punters can bet in the certain knowledge that all runners are trying to win, and the same punters are calculating the chances from a reliable and consistent form line, confidence and turnover will rise, and continue to rise. It’s called growth, and is one of the key factors that  first class integrity provides!!"

Of all the places mentioned where searches were carried out  one is a Brisbane suburb not like the other places mentioned which are recognised as trotting locations...while not familiar with the suburb itself I've never heard of any trotting trainer having stables or a training track there so whoever it is must be an associate rather than a licensee possibly a punter or maybe an owner.......one name I've heard mentioned is a surprise I haven't heard or seen him for yonks.

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« 2017-May-18, 11:07 PM Reply #6 »

Race fixing accused faces court

16th May 2017 4:26 PM

Dayl March has faced court in Brisbane.
Dayl March has faced court in Brisbane.
Michael Cormack

A WARWICK racing identity embroiled in a race fixing crackdown has fronted a Brisbane court.

Dayl March, 46, was charged with one count of harness race fixing on Thursday, April 6.

The trainer-driver was arrested following search warrants carried out by Queensland Racing Crime Squad detectives.

March was the first person to be arrested in a Queensland Racing Integrity Commission investigation that began last July.

His charge relates to Race 2 at Albion Park on November 12 last year, where it will be alleged he organised corrupt the outcome of that race.

Police alleged March was part of a "loose cartel” of drivers and trainers involved in race fixing.

The 46-year-old had his matter mentioned in the Brisbane Magistrates Court last Wednesday.

He was not required to enter a plea and his matter was adjourned until June 7.

His licence has been suspended while his matter is before the courts.

A 27-year-old man from Limestone Ridges in the Ipswich area was charged on April 7 with four counts of race fixing.
Warwick Daily News

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« 2017-Jul-30, 07:27 PM Reply #7 »
Charge of race fixing

POLICE have charged a third man in relation to alleged race fixing in the Queensland harness industry.

Michael Grant, of Redcliffe, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday, charged with one count of receiving inside information and three counts of possessing tainted property.

It follows the arrests of Warwick man Dayl March and Limestone Ridges resident Bart Cockburn in April, on race-fixing charges.

Grant’s matter was listed for further mention on August 30.

Mick is number three to be charged I knew him many years ago when he worked for a leading trainer later he spent time in the USA...still no word on the resident of The Gap an outer Brisbane suburb.

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« 2017-Jul-30, 10:24 PM Reply #8 »

It is not just racing that is corrupt in the Sunshine State

.............. I would invite QLD to secede from Australia.................... they just do not belong.............. there is nothing there that I would want to be associated with.

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« 2017-Jul-30, 10:32 PM Reply #9 »
If there is nothing here that  "you would want to be associated with " then I have seriously underrated how great it is to live in the Sunshine State. Your incessant dribble on this and other forums makes us feel so blessed that you are domiciled in another State (both literally and figuratively in your case )

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« 2017-Jul-30, 11:11 PM Reply #10 »

Dean --- stay there -- while I get he paper work done to set you free!

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« 2017-Aug-02, 08:11 AM Reply #11 »

By David Fowler | Tuesday, August 1, 2017

David Fowler, with an extensive background in trotting, examines the QRIC “match fixing scenario” and its associated significance to the racing industry as a whole. David's blog 'My Call' appears exclusively on horseracingonly

The trots is getting an unfair rap over the “match fixing” arrests.

Make no mistake, a similar situation could easily hit thoroughbred racing if a whistleblower happens to tap in the Crimestoppers number.

Granted, trotting has had a tenuous grip on any high moral ground for sometime.

I make no apologies for that statement.

Its weakened state heralds from sins of the past when a powerful few manipulated the betting machinery of the business. Pick your state.

Thoroughbred racing can absorb its crooks because of its size and diversity.

In contrast, the little pond of trotting was left looking like a deer in the headlights when the corrupters were either caught or moved on.

This was a seventies and eighties thing and the business has never seriously recovered to wear any badge of honour.

Punters have long memories and unforgiving ones.

But present participants are more likely to pull up a weed in their backyard than pull up one of their horses.

Even if you’re a “fair dinkum” form student and trying to lay a key fancy on Betfair, see how much you get matched for.

But the environment of trot bashing was created a long time before the “match fixing” bombshell was launched by QRIC in April.

On cue, all the emotive words got their run…arrests, charges, race fixing cartels etc etc.

And, just as on cue, the run-of-the-mill punter shakes his or her head sagely … ah “the old red hots” … no surprise there.

Hark back to April when the first two arrests were made, the mood created was intentionally marked volatile.

“More arrests to come in days and weeks,” they thundered. There has been one in the subsequent four months, a licencee who neither trains or drives.

I know the trio. Know them well. I described on radio the thought of one of them being arrested as akin to a “200-1 chance winning the Melbourne Cup”

Let me blunt. These charges by the letter of the law are likely to be correct.

But, as a racing enthusiast, you will be amazed when the full details of the “crimes” are released. Underwhelmed is the first word that comes to mind.

And, maybe, the trot bashers might be heard to remark “how can you be pinched for that ?”

Not just pinched, jailed.

See it’s a different ball game now. A new picture show has arrived in town.

There’s a number to ring, a sympathetic ear and a whole different and uglier set of rules to use.

And I’m not saying that is a bad thing either. There is an avenue to bell the cat on serious corruption.

The ultimate determinations of these cases will be keenly watched. They will be watershed moments in racing history.

What I am saying to the thoroughbred world, it will arrive on your doorstep sooner than later.ENDS

The above extract from Davie Fowler's blog on Horseracingonly which I'm inclined to agree with .....although on what is known it would be extremely doubtful IMO if there's any time in Chokey in the event the charges are sustained.

In the good old days of night trotting at Albion Park and other tracks there were plenty of opportunities for those in the know to bet with confidence.... it was rumoured that the treble races  were  organised .....my old mate who is no longer with us  owned a a few  pacers which were always trying ....one night without our knowledge his horse was declared the pea in a leg of the treble it won even though it  didn't need any help from the alleged fixers......in the same period it was rumoured that Friday night jockey and bookmaker get togethers were held to organise the results of selected races the following day....I think those days are behind us...although there appear to be the odd questionable ride or drive some of which escape attention from those whose job it is to apply the rules.

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« 2017-Oct-05, 08:34 AM Reply #12 »
FRONT PAGE in the Courier Mail today
Corrupt star’s explosive confession
A DISGRACED Queensland harness racing star has explosively claimed the sport is beset by backroom deals and race fixing, and “everyone’s doing it”.
Trainer and driver Barton Cockburn, who has pleaded guilty to criminal charges over making phone calls to other drivers where he arranged to “corrupt” harness races, claimed drivers regularly met to discuss their tactics and make pre-race arrangements. In a bombshell which will rock the industry, Cockburn’s lawyer Andrew Hanlon yesterday told Brisbane Magistrates Court: “The defence of ‘everybody’s doing it’ is no defence at all … however … this is precisely the situation in harness racing in Queensland.”
Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett described yesterday’s revelations of corruption throughout the industry as “distressing”.ENDS

Cockburn was fined $5K  as revealed  by further reporting inside the blurb........ he  had quite a bit of success last season he drove in 676 races for $871,000 for which he would have been entitled to 5% plus any slings ..I knew his dad Lawson a lovely fellow he  would be mortified  also  a sister Julie who joined the Police and another brother John a sad ending for the family with a long involvement in harness racing. Possibly young Bart fessed up and might have named some names could be a few nervous nellies hoping there's no knock on the door still no charges against the unidentified man from The Gap who is rumored to be in the centre of this lookalike "Lavender Hill Mob" the gang who couldn't shoot straight. :o

CM Editorial
No winners if racing is rotten
AS DEFENCE lawyer Andrew Hanlon told the Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday, pleading that everyone was committing a crime was no excuse for doing it but that was the submission he was making on behalf of his client.
The accused was former harness racing driver Barton Cockburn, who was admitting to fixing two races last November, crimes which attracted a fine of $5000.
It’s an extraordinary confession which Mr Hanlon outlined in great detail, including how race drivers would get together before races and discuss how the race was going to be run. “There is a fine line between what is deemed an acceptable level of gamesmanship and what is clearly a breach of the rules,” said Mr Hanlon, saying his client had crossed the line and was remorseful.
Cockburn, regarded as one of Queensland’s top five harness race drivers, not only had to pay fines but had his licence suspended indefinitely.
If Mr Hanlon’s claims represent what is happening in this sport, something needs to be done beyond watching a court case come and go.

Responsibility for election comment is taken by Sam Weir, corner of Mayne Rd & Campbell St, Bowen Hills, Qld 4006. Printed and published by NEWSQUEENSLAND (ACN 009 661 778). Contact details are available at www.couriermail.com.au/help/contact-us

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« 2017-Oct-05, 10:00 AM Reply #13 »

QRIC press release
Limestone Ridges man convicted of race fixing charges
4 October 2017
A 28-year-old Limestone Ridges man has been convicted in the Brisbane Magistrates Court of three counts
of match fixing in the harness racing industry.
Barton Cockburn pleaded guilty to committing the offences at the Albion Park Paceway in November 2016.
He was one of three people charged with match fixing offences in April this year by detectives from the
Queensland Racing Crime Squad after an investigation of match fixing allegations in the harness racing
The offences carry a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment.
Mr Cockburn was fined $5,000 for all three offences.
His convictions were not recorded after the Court heard Mr Cockburn had no previous criminal history, was
remorseful and had been a prominent driver in the harness racing industry who had now lost his racing

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said today’s result should put an end to industry
speculation about whether the Commission would be able to gather sufficient evidence to obtain
“I hope the fact that two of the three people we’ve charged so far have now pleaded guilty will be a
reflection of the evidence that was gathered in these matters,” he said.

Detective Inspector Michael Dowie, from the Organised Crime Squad, said Mr Cockburn’s guilty pleas
demonstrated the professionalism of the investigators attached to the Racing Crime Squad.

“They are committed to detecting serious criminal offences within the industries and not just the harness
code but all codes across racing and we will continue to act on information that’s been received,” Inspector
Dowie said.
The Racing Integrity Commissioner says investigations are ongoing.


More to come apparently there's a gap between when the first announcement was made insinuating there were a number of persons involved not just  the three charged Cockburn, Mick grant and Dayl March time marches on.

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« 2017-Oct-05, 04:51 PM Reply #14 »
Just to clarify Lawson is his Grandfather, Bart is Johns son and hes just bitter at the other few who were involved haven't been charged. Not everyones doing it at all, its only a few but the protected ones cant be touched.

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« 2017-Oct-06, 08:25 PM Reply #15 »
QRIC Bans Race Fixer for Life
6 October 2017
The Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner has today announced he has cancelled the licence of
convicted race fixer Barton Cockburn and has also issued a notice to Mr Cockburn advising him he has
been warned off for life from all race tracks in Queensland.

“Mr Cockburn’s warning off applies to all three codes of racing – thoroughbreds, harness and greyhounds,”
Commissioner Ross Barnett said.

“The prosecution of Mr Cockburn should sound a clear warning to anyone wanting to undermine the
integrity of racing in Queensland that there will be serious consequences,” Commissioner Barnett said.

Mr Cockburn was one of three people charged with match fixing offences in April this year after the Racing
Crime Squad (RCS) investigated match fixing allegations in the harness racing industry.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to remind all racing participants that the Commission will step up its efforts to
ensure the integrity of the racing industry with the addition of two more officers to the Racing Crime Squad
(RCS) in the New Year,” Commissioner Barnett said.

“This will take the number of full time investigators attached to the RCS from four to six.”

The RCS was formed in partnership between the Commission and the Queensland Police Service and is
stationed full time at the QRIC’s Albion Park office.


LIFE .....crikey that's a stiff sentence obviously Bart has the right to challenge this penalty should he be so inclined ...the last LIFE sentence in harness racing that I can recall was when R J" Kanga" Smith king hit chief steward John Hackett one day at Ipswich trots ...fortunately for Kanga he received an amnesty when the Queen visited our shores and  he was still alive and kicking when I saw him last at Gordon Francis's funeral....maybe Bart will get lucky too.

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« 2017-Oct-08, 09:10 PM Reply #16 »
Google is a wonderful invention looking through some old TV shows The Big Country this segment on former leading NSW harness racing trainer/driver Chris Gleeson I wondered what happened to him after he and two others were given LIFE for cutting the hopples of his horse the favourite and spending a little over $10K on the superfecta naturally leaving his horse out the trio collected $33K but the TAB where the bet was placed identified Gleeson's brother or the other guy and the game was up when stewards tested the hopples which had been deliberately cut so the horse was pulled out of the race...after 14 years on the outer he's back and not everyone's happy about that.

Trains a small team of gallopers out of Hawkesbury but not yet back in the gig.



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« 2017-Oct-09, 09:27 AM Reply #17 »
According to press reports Bart Cockburn and Dayl March colluded to effect the outcome of R2 @ Albion Park on 12 Nov 2016.......nothing untoward from the film of the race Coburn on horse 4 Jackstarzzz never got hot finished last had broken gear March on horse 3  March With Ors came out fast then got the one one but did nothing stewards report follows.

SECTIONALS:  Mile Rate:  1.56.7     Lead Time:  4.0
                        First Quarter:  28.4   Second Quarter:  31.3         Third Quarter:  28.8       Fourth Quarter:
A pre race blood sample was taken from JACK STARZZZ.
Pre race urine samples were taken from CLOCKON DOC LOMBO and FOURS ENUF TAS.
MAJOR SCORE (P McMullen) raced three wide from the start to be positioned outside the leader at the 1200m.
MAJOR STRIKE (NZ) (T Dixon) was caught racing wide early before restraining to a rear position.
EPAULETTE (A Sanderson) led the three wide line from the 800m.
It was noted rounding the final turn until entering the home straight HEAR THE CALL (NZ) (G Dixon) was held up for clear running.
It was noted in the run to the finish near the 100m point SIR SEMPER FIDELIS (NZ) (P Matis) and MARCH WITH ORS (D March) locked stays for a short distance impeding both horses.
MONUMENTAL (NZ) (A Barnes) was held up at a vital stage over the concluding stages.
JACK STARZZZ (B Cockburn) completed this event with a broken near side hopple loop.  This gear was inspected and was found to be of a satisfactory standard and no further action was taken.
Due to the track visibility improving mudguards and splash sheets were removed.

Video of the program race 2.


Press reports also mention Cockburn's drives on Marty Bee on 5 Nov 2016 and Major Kiwi on 27 Jan 2017

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« 2017-Oct-30, 08:18 PM Reply #18 »
Another scalp to the Racing Squad ...arrested  a resident from The Gap aged 61   has been charged and released on bail to reappear on 13 November ....charges are laid under money laundering and anti terrorism laws ...if it's the guy I think it is I can't imagine what relevance those laws have to being involved in race fixing...apparently he has been operating under an account opened in a false name for 10 years betting on harness racing in Qld and WA.......he is due back in court on 13th November.
The Gap is an outer residential Brisbane suburb not known for training stables.

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« 2017-Oct-31, 07:01 AM Reply #19 »
The rumours were right for once ....this time ........Marsh Dobson former Harness racing presenter has been named as the 61 year old resident of The Gap arrested charged and released on bail.
It's been a long time coming since QRIC announced they had caught the fixers .......referring to to him as one of three involved the other two were Bart Cockburn and Mick Grant were previously outed publicly.

There's speculation that some have rolled over already and given up  a whole lot more who are alleged of being in it up to their eyeballs.

More bad publicity for harness racing although the pain might result in cleaning up the game and allowing it to survive........although IMO it'll never return to the glory days.

Today's Courier Mail has the brief story

Racing man faces court

A HARNESS racing identity will face court accused of running millions of dollars through a fake betting account.

Marshall Dobson, 61, from The Gap, Brisbane, has been charged under anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws.

Detectives from the Racing Crime Squad, working with the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, charged Dobson after a long-running investigation into his betting activities.

Dobson was yesterday granted bail to appear in court on November 13. ENDS

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« 2017-Nov-01, 06:21 PM Reply #20 »
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« 2017-Nov-21, 10:12 AM Reply #21 »
Another scalp taken Matthew Nielson charged with "match fixing" he is now number 5 in the line up some of whom have yet to have their day in court.


Race Fixing Arrest
20 November 2017
The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) has announced the arrest of a 35-year-old Harness
“This industry participant has been charged with one count of match (race) fixing,” Commissioner Ross
Barnett said.
“He’s the fifth person to be charged as a result of an investigation of match fixing and money laundering
allegations in the Harness code.”
The offence of match (race) fixing carries a maximum penalty of ten years’ imprisonment.
The 35-year-old driver has been a prominent participant in Harness racing and finished in the top three in
last year’s Queensland Drivers Premierships.
“Today’s arrest is the result of the good work of the Racing Crime Squad (RCS),” Commissioner Barnett
“The QRIC, through the RCS and the Commission’s own regulatory unit, is committed to weeding out racing
industry participants who want to undermine the integrity of racing in Queensland.”
Detective Inspector Michael Dowie, from the Major and Organised Crime Squad, says the investigation is
“The RCS will pursue all information received regarding match fixing and criminal conduct across all codes
of racing,” Detective Inspector Dowie said.
“I would urge anyone with information about match-fixing to come forward and contact police or Crime
The accused man has been released on watch house bail and is due to appear in the Cleveland
Magistrates Court on the 12th of December 2017.
Today’s arrest comes after another prominent driver, Barton Cockburn, was warned off all race tracks for
life following his conviction in the Brisbane Magistrates Court last month of three counts of match (race)

More to come apparently the canary has sung.

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« 2017-Dec-06, 10:24 PM Reply #22 »
Another Redcliffe  harness person charged with match fixing allegedly Stuart Hunter former successful trainer in QLD before moving interstate.....according to blogger AB he's a trainer/driver ........I've never seen him in action as a driver .....as I recall  he had freelance reinsmen doing the steering.
Those charged now number 6 Cockburn, March, Grant , Dobson, Neilson & Hunter.
Cockburn has been dealt with out for life but could be subject to appeal the others have yet to have their day in court not sure whether Dayl March has been tried.

QRIC Release
Redcliffe Man Charged With Match Fixing
6 December 2017
A 69-year-old Redcliffe man has been charged with match (race) fixing offences for allegedly
affecting the outcome of harness races in Queensland and South Australia.
The former harness racing participant has also been charged with fraud and two counts of
receiving tainted property.
Police allege the man affected the outcome of harness races at Albion Park in Queensland and a
Globe Derby Park in South Australia.
It’s also alleged the man facilitated the fraudulent purchase of harness racing horses whilst
disqualified from all involvement in racing.
“The man has an extensive disciplinary history which includes a 20 month disqualification for his
involvement in the practice of stomach-tubing a horse at Goulburn in New South Wales,”
Commissioner Ross Barnett said.
“That disqualification period has recently ended but he’s also previously been disqualified for 12
months in 2014 for presenting a horse to race at Albion Park while affected by prohibited
Disqualification from any state applies nationally and means a person cannot associate with
harness racing participants; enter a racecourse or any place under the control of a club or
Controlling Body.
It also means they cannot race, lease, train, drive or nominate a horse; participate in the harness
code; or bet on any Australian harness race.
The man, who has not applied to renew his harness industry licence, is the fourth person to be
charged with match-fixing offences as a result of an investigation by Racing Crime Squad (RCS)

detectives working in conjunction with stewards from the Queensland Racing Integrity
Commission’s Integrity Regulation Unit.
He’s been released on bail to appear in the Redcliffe Magistrates Court on 8 January, 2018.
The offence of engaging in match-fixing conduct carries a maximum sentence of 10 years’
Detective Inspector Mick Dowie, of the Drug and Serious Crime Group, said the investigation is
“The RCS will pursue all information received regarding match fixing and criminal conduct across
all codes of racing,” Detective Inspector Dowie said.
“I urge anyone with information about match-fixing to contact the police or Crime Stoppers.”
Commissioner Barnett said this latest arrest is further proof that the RCS and stewards can get the
results required to restore integrity to the harness code, which has been tarnished by the activities
of a small number of participants.
“We are here to ensure that all participants can be confident that they’re on a level playing field,”
Commissioner Barnett said.
“And I’d like to congratulate once again the RCS and the Commission’s stewards for their work in
ensuring offending behaviour is brought to light and that there is an appropriate response.”
The RCS is embedded with the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission at Albion and is tasked
with investigating serious animal cruelty, and major and organised crime across all three codes of

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Top Harness Driver Suspended After Match Fixing Arrest
9 December 2017
One of the country’s leading harness drivers has been suspended from participating in the sport
after he was charged with two counts of match (race) fixing.
“I have suspended the training and harness driving licences of 35-year-old Shane Robert Graham
under the Standard for Licensing Scheme,” Commissioner Ross Barnett said.
“The scheme allows the Commission to immediately suspend any licence where the licence holder
has been charged with match-fixing.”
Mr Graham is one of three people arrested today as part of a police operation tackling match fixing
and other offences in the harness code.
“I have also suspended the licence of driver 18-year-old Leonard Thomas Cain,” Commissioner
Barnett said.
Mr Cain and a former trainer of one of the horses involved in a relevant race were also charged with
match fixing as part of today’s operation
Mr Graham represented Australia in the World Harness Driving Championships in Canada earlier
this year, and won the Queensland State Drivers Premiership in October for the third consecutive
year after guiding home 185 winners.
Mr Cain is employed as a concession driver and is currently ranked ninth in the Queensland State
Drivers Premierships with 20 wins from 177 starts following his maiden drive at Redcliffe last year.
“These latest arrests now take the number of match fixing arrests in the harness code to seven,”
Commissioner Barnett said.
“This should send the clearest message to participants that if you do the wrong thing and undermine
the integrity of the sport then we are coming after you.
“There is no place for match fixing in Queensland’s racing industry and no one is immune from
prosecution,” Commissioner Barnett said.
Both accused licence holders must show cause as to why their licences should not be suspended if
they are to avoid the sanction.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Vision of a relevant harness race at Albion Park in July this year is available via the
Racing Queensland website at http://www.racingqueensland.com.au/racing-and-results/videoreplays/player/harness/albi/20170728/race/2
Mr Graham is number 6 “Dapper NZ” in red and white colours with black leaves. Mr Cain is number 2
“January” in purple and yellow colours. ENDS

TV News reports the third person is Shane Graham's partner Vicki Rasmussen .

First up check what if anything the stewards report says about the race it didn't look hot to me .



SECTIONALS:  Mile Rate:  1.55.2     Lead Time:  3.5

                        First Quarter:  28.8   Second Quarter:  28.6         Third Quarter:  28.38     Fourth Quarter:  29.1

A pre race blood sample was taken from DAPPER (NZ).

A pre race urine sample was taken from MODERNDAY FALCON.

This race started approximately 2 minutes late to accommodate a thoroughbred race from Geelong.

JANUARY (L Cain) led for the first 1000m prior to surrendering the lead to DAPPER (NZ) (S Graham) which had raced three wide to that point.  WESTERN JEWELS (A Sanderson) which had trailed up DAPPER (NZ) three wide crossed over  to lead the outside running line.

BETTOR RANGER (D Lee) hung in and contacted the marker pegs leaving the back straight on the final occasion whilst tiring.  A warning was issued.

MODERNDAY FALCON (M Neilson0) hung in slightly entering the home straight on the final occasion and contacting a marker pegs.

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Race fixing charges against harness racing trio
Thomas Chamberlin, The Courier-Mail
December 9, 2017 2:07pm   
DETECTIVES have smashed a hole in the harness racing industry, arresting three major identities over race fixing including arguably Australia’s best driver.

Shane Graham, Leonard Cain and Vicki Rasmussen were arrested this morning, with the trio charged with match fixing.

Graham, 35, has topped the harness racing industry in Queensland for the past four years, with horses he has driven winning more than $5m in prize money.

He was selected in August this year to represent Australia at the world harness driving championships in Canada.

Horses trained by Rasmussen earned more than $1.6 million in prizemoney from 2015-17.

Graham and Rasmussen are understood to have previously being in a relationship.

The arrests involve detectives from the Queensland Police Racing Crime Squad, assisted by Queensland Racing Integrity Commission stewards.

Detectives allege Race 2 at Albion Park on July 28 was fixed.

Graham won the race on horse Dapper (NZ) and Cain came second, with detectives alleging Cain gave up the lead in the race. Dapper had starting odds of $7.
Rasmussen was the trainer for Cain’s horse January, which had starting odds of $2.90.

Graham and Rasmussen have also been charged with an additional count of match fixing for a race on October 6.

QIRC Commissioner Ross Barnett said three of the top six drivers in Queensland had been charged with race fixing offences in the past six months.
“While it is match fixing, what it really is in its heart is cheating and stealing,” he said.

“These people are stealing prize money from the other participants in races who are honest, hard-working, people who are just seeking a fair go.
“These people are also telling their friends who are betting on these races and reaping significant benefits – that is stealing from the bookmakers who accept those bets in good faith.
“But most importantly they are stealing hope from the participants in the industry who are honest and are trying to do the right thing.”

Mr Barnett said Graham currently led the Queensland driver’s championship and was third in the trainer’s championship.

He said the driving and training licences of Graham would be suspended. Cain would also have his driver licence suspended.

Rasmussen previously held a trainer’s licence but it lapsed this year.

Queensland Police Racing Crime Squad Detective Inspector Mick Dowie said the arrests should be a significant warning to anyone involved in any of the racing codes that they would be caught if involved in match fixing or sharing inside information with betting.

“It’s doesn’t matter who you are, you will be charged and put before the court,” he said.

Insp Dowie said a fourth person was expected to be charged today, who had allegedly been given inside information and made bets with bookmakers.
Mr Barnett said: “We can’t say the activity is rare”.

Graham has been charged with two counts of discloses the knowledge to another about a relevant bet relating to the race at Albion Park on October 6.

He is also charged with two counts of facilitating match-fixing conduct pecuniary benefit relating to a race at Albion Park on July 28 and the race at Albion Park on October 6, and one count of encouraging another person to make a relevant bet relating to the race in July.

Rasmussen, 39, has been charged with two counts of facilitating match-fixing conduct pecuniary benefit relating to the race in July and the race in October.

Cain has been charged with one count of facilitating match-fixing conduct pecuniary benefit relating to the July race.

The arrests follow four others charged with unrelated match fixing offences.

Top harness racing driver Matthew Neilson has been charged with match fixing.

In October, driver Barton Cockburn pleaded guilty to fixing two races.

Stuart Hunter, a former licensed stablehand, has also been charged with fixing two races.

One race was at Albion Park and the other at Globe Derby Park in South Australia.

Harness identify Marshall Dobson was charged with running a fake betting account worth millions of dollars.

The maximum penalty for match fixing is 10 years in jail ENDS.

More detail in this than in the QRIC release posted earlier by my goodself..

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