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« 2017-Dec-29, 10:05 PM Reply #50 »
Come on guys,

If what you hear does not make sense than you almost certainly are not hearing the whole story.

eg Hayne leaves the NFL suddenly whilst still in contention for a spot ....... much much later we hear about the rape allegation.


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« 2018-Jan-03, 09:20 AM Reply #51 »
Grant Dixon in some difficulty after not cooperating with a stewards inquiry into his drive at a Redcliffe meeting on 21st December.

QRIC media release yesterday has the detail.

Harness Participant’s Licences Suspended 2 January 2018
Queensland Racing Integrity Commission stewards have suspended the harness driving and training licences of Grant Dixon after he left an inquiry into his driving tactics during a race at Redcliffe.
The inquiry was opened following Mr Dixon’s driving of the horse “Baron Jujon” in Race 10 at Redcliffe on Thursday the 21st of December last year but was adjourned shortly after.
 The inquiry was reconvened at Albion Park today, with stewards advising Mr Dixon that it was their intention to issue a charge against him under Australian Harness Racing Rule 149 (2) for an unacceptable drive during a race.
 Mr Dixon left the inquiry despite being advised to remain and removed seven horses that had been entered for today’s meeting at Albion Park. Stewards scratched the horses from their respective races and have advised Mr Dixon that his licences to participate in the Harness code have been suspended until he attends a reconvened inquiry. In the meantime, Mr Dixon is allowed to attend to the horses in his care to provide feed, water and light exercise. ENDS

Troublesome times for the Dixons Trista out for 12months subject to IR and QCAT and Grant looking at time if proposed charges stick.

Stewards report on the day and replay of R10 Baron Jujon not too much wrong with his tactics IMO I'm surprised he took off from the Inquiry probably under pressure and possibly  feeling victimised after the DQ decision......just my opinion I don't know him and only met his Dad Bill Dixon briefly so long ago at Rocklea..




SECTIONALS:  Mile Rate:  2.01.3     Lead Time:  30.8

                        First Quarter:  31.9   Second Quarter:  31.2         Third Quarter:  29.5       Fourth Quarter:  30.3

A pre race blood sample was taken from KEARNEY LANE.

At the start PUNTERS DELIGHT (N McMullen) progressed forward through from the second line and obtained the lead near the 1700m.

IMA TOP TYCOON (T McMullen) was caught wide in the early stages of the event before obtaining the position outside the leader passing the 1700m.

ARIBT MAJOR (G Whitaker) commenced a three wide run at the 900m and led the three wide line from that point of the race.

KEARNEY LANE (P McMullen) was held up rounding the home turn then over the final stages of the event was unable to obtain clear running.

Stewards opened an inquiry into tactics adopted by G Dixon, driver of BARON JUJON near the 900m after remaining in a one wide trailing position when ARBIT MAJOR commenced the three wide run at that point of the race. After taking initial evidence from G Dixon stewards adjourned the inquiry to a time and date to be fixed.  A post race veterinary examination of BARON JUJON failed to reveal any abnormalities.

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« 2018-Jan-03, 04:29 PM Reply #52 »
He will front at 9.30 am tomorrow according to Archie.

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« 2018-Jan-03, 11:32 PM Reply #53 »
I don't think Queensland is the only state in a bit of strife.

Race 4 at Geelong tonight.

Favourite unplaced $1.55 out to $2.45

Winner $3.70 into $3.40.

First three allowed easy sectionals and run the trifecta. Trifecta pays under $82 across all 3 totes.

Driver on the favourite doesn't look too enthused to try and get third placing in the straight.

You be the judge


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« 2018-Jan-04, 03:41 PM Reply #54 »
8 weeks for the drive and $4000 fine for walking out.

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« 2018-Jan-04, 04:56 PM Reply #55 »
I wasn't there so probably shouldn't comment . .

But I'll bet that had he known that he was only going to cop 8 weeks for the drive . . he would not have reacted the way he did

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« 2018-Jan-04, 05:20 PM Reply #56 »
Stewards’ Report
QRIC/2016/3018 v1.01 Stewards Report
Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
Stewards Report: Grant Dixon – Baron Jujon
Date: 4 January 2018
Panel: K Daly, N Torpey & S Shinn
Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards today finalised an inquiry into
the tactics adopted on Baron Jujon in Race 10 at Redcliffe on Thursday, 21 December 2017.

In the process of being charged under Australian Harness Racing Rule 149 (2) at the
resumption of the inquiry on Tuesday 2 January 2018, Mr Dixon left the racecourse without
the Stewards’ approval. Consequently, his licences to train and drive were suspended
immediately under the provisions of AHRR 183 (d) subject to his attendance before the
Stewards to finalise this inquiry.
 Rule 183 (d) reads as follows:
Pending the outcome of an inquiry, investigation, or objection, or where a person has
been charged with an offence, the Stewards may direct one or more of the following:-
(d) that a licence or any other type of authority or permission be suspended
Stewards today formally issued Mr Dixon with a charge under AHRR 149 (2) which reads:
A person shall not drive in a manner which in the opinion of the Stewards is

The specifics of the charge being that
Approaching the 800m Mr Dixon failed to improve the position of Baron Jujon by
moving from a one wide trailing position behind Bob Gage to a three deep trailing
position behind Arbit Major when there was an opportunity to do so which, in the
opinion of the Stewards was unacceptable.

In pleading not guilty to the charge Mr Dixon submitted that Baron Jujon only possessed
limited ability and was up in class and therefore in his opinion had performed to the best of
its ability. Mr Dixon added that he was reluctant to shift wider at the 800m as he was
conscious of not wanting to cover extra ground over the final 800m of the event. Mr Dixon
also produced a veterinary certificate indicating that the gelding displayed a mucus
discharge in the upper trachea following an endoscopic examination performed on the 22nd
of December 2017, which he submitted affected the gelding’s performance on the day in

In considering the evidence Stewards noted that notwithstanding Mr Dixon’s submissions
that Baron Jujon was up in class, the gelding had, despite that tactics adopted, finished the
race off well to be beaten only six and a half metres by the eventual winner Punters Delight.
Furthermore, Stewards noted that Bob Gage, the driver of which, had taken advantage of Mr
Dixon’s failure to trail Arbit Major leaving the 800m, was beaten by only one point six metres.
Subsequently, Stewards were satisfied that had Mr Dixon directed Baron Jujon three wide
passing the 800m to trail Arbit Major, then Baron Jujon’s overall finishing position would
have been significantly improved.

 In considering the veterinary certificate provided by Mr
Dixon, Stewards noted that a post-race veterinary examination of Baron Jujon failed to
reveal any abnormalities. Mr Dixon was subsequently found guilty of the charge as specified.

Stewards Report G Dixon – Baron Jujon, Queensland Racing Integrity Commission 2
In determining an appropriate penalty, Stewards were mindful of Mr Dixon’s poor recent
record regarding breaches of this nature. Penalties for such breaches of the Rules of Racing
must serve as a deterrent to illustrate the seriousness of these matters and the negative
impact they have on the confidence of the wagering public and the racing industry. Mr
Dixon‘s licence to drive in races was suspended for a period of eight weeks to commence
immediately and expire midnight 1 March 2018. Stewards ordered that this penalty be
served cumulatively to Mr Dixon’s previous penalty under this same rule, which is currently
the subject of an appeal.

Furthermore, in considering Mr Dixon’s conduct in leaving the Stewards inquiry without
approval on Tuesday 2 January 2018 a further charge was issued under AHRR 243, which
A person employed, engaged or participating in the harness racing industry shall not
behave in a way which is prejudicial or detrimental to the industry.
The specifics of that charge being that
Mr Dixon refused to obey a Steward’s direction to remain at an inquiry and
subsequently left the Albion Park racecourse without permission
Mr Dixon pleaded guilty to the charge under AHRR 243.

In determining an appropriate penalty, Stewards were mindful of the remorse, today,
displayed by Mr Dixon, for his previous conduct. Notwithstanding, Stewards were of the view
that Mr Dixon’s actions were unbecoming of a licensed individual of his standing within the
industry. Stewards were also mindful of the negative effect Mr Dixon’s actions had on the
wagering turnover for the Albion Park meeting on the day in question as a consequence of
the withdrawal of Mr Dixon’s seven runners. Stewards also considered as an aggravating
factor the effect Mr Dixon’s actions had on the owners of those seven horses, who were
denied the opportunity to earn prizemoney. Penalties for such breaches of the Rules of
Racing must serve as a deterrent to ensure that licensed individuals conduct themselves
professionally at all times. After considering penalty precedents Mr Dixon was fined the sum
of $4000 with $2000 to be suspended under the provisions of AHRR 256 (5) subject to Mr
Dixon not reoffending for a similar breach within a twelve-month period.
Mr Dixon was advised of his rights to an internal review.
Given that Mr Dixon’s attendance for this inquiry is no longer required and that he has been
penalised for his conduct during the inquiry, QRIC Stewards have today lifted the
suspension of his trainer’s license under AR 183 (d).

No driving for 8 weeks for an unacceptable drive ........would the horse have finished any closer is a matter of opinion...as it stands the only opinion that counts is that of the stewards........it was very foolish of him  to leave the original inquiry and pack up his gear and take his team home ...at a  significant cost to the owners ... $4K fine $2K of which is suspended for 12 months might be a reasonable penalty the stewards should know if there were any precedents to guide them.

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« 2018-Jan-04, 05:28 PM Reply #57 »
I guess if it wasn't for the keen eye and networking expertise of archie butterfly none of this might have come to light......acts like this probably been going on for ages, its just that now the spotlight is on the red hots and stewards got no other choice than to act.

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« 2018-Jan-04, 06:51 PM Reply #58 »
b]Stewards comment in the decision reached today that "they were mindful of  Dixon's poor recent record" is stretching it as the following comments from Internal Reviewer Kane Ashby are that he had at that time (October 2017)an unblemished record....."The Applicant’s disciplinary history under Rule 149(1) is unblemished.
The disciplinary history notes two prior offences under Rule 149(2) (unacceptable drive) with the most recent in July this year receiving a three-week penalty and the other dating back to 2000.
 The reviewer finds such record is commendable considering the amount of drives the Applicant encounters each year.[/b] The standard penalty for a breach of Rule 149(1) in Queensland is between a four-week suspension and a six-week suspension. 9 Internal Review Application dated 7 October 2017 Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, Internal Review Decision 0078-17 7 In weighing up the matter of penalty, consideration was provided to the Applicant’s submissions, not-guilty plea, unblemished disciplinary history under Rule 149(1) and penalty precedents. Notwithstanding the seriousness of the offence, the reviewer finds, in considering the aforementioned factors, in particular the Applicant’s unblemished disciplinary history under this Rule over an extended period, is deserving of a reduction in penalty and therefore amends the penalty to a four-week period of suspension.

Dixon is no shrinking violet when it comes to the crunch he put an impressive case in his defence as attributed to him the decision listed hereunder in October.


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« 2018-Jan-06, 11:02 AM Reply #59 »
So today Archie Butthead writes another story on Grant Dixon nominating his horses for Tuesdays Albion meeting while his licence was still suspended at 10am, all good except for the fact that know it all Archie is wrong again, the noms for this meeting were extended till 1pm due to a lack of nominations.

At 10am there were only enough horses to run about 3 races so extending them had to happen to get a meeting, it wasn't done just for Dixons case.

As for his story yesterday on him scratching them because he was tipped off by someone they were getting swabbed that's just more rubbish.

He was on course for almost 1 hour and pre race urine swabs are taken when you arrive, so if they were getting done it would have happened already. 

Its funny how all the people he's accused of Race fixing have not been arrested yet but the one's who have been never got a mention from him till after the arrest.
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« 2018-Feb-18, 01:57 PM Reply #60 »
QRIC loses first round at QCAT....... Trista Dixon charged with giving an unfair advantage (letting her husband into the clear) copped 12 months disqualification but on application to QCAT Trista successfully applied for a stay of proceedings......nothing up on the QCAT site but media release from QRIC.


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« 2018-Apr-21, 08:54 PM Reply #61 »
Race-fixing charges thrown out

RACE-fixing charges against harness participants Dayl March and Leonard Cain were dismissed in Brisbane Magistrates’ Court this week, leaving the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission and the Racing Crime Squad red faced.

Both decisions cited lack of evidence for the dismissals.

The March and Cain cases were the first match-fixing charges relating to QRIC’s harness racing investigations by the Racing Crime Squad, to be contested in court

Last October, Barton Cockburn pleaded guilty to three charges of match fixing, pertaining to races in November 2016, and was fined $5000.

Soon after, Michael Grant also pleaded guilty to different charges relating to the same inquiry.

Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said at the time that Cockburn’s conviction should put an end to speculation on whether the commission would be able to gather sufficient evidence to obtain convictions.

However, Cain and March chose to defend the charges. It is believed the Magistrate indicated in March’s case that there was insufficient evidence to proceed and the charges were subsequently withdrawn.

In the case of Cain (pictured), it is understood the prosecution asked for more time to produce witnesses, but the submission was rejected and the case dismissed.

Both QRIC and the Queensland Police Service declined to comment yesterday.

March has been unable to compete since his licence was suspended in April last year.ENDS

March was charged at the same time as Cockburn who was fined $5K and outed...... young Leonard Cain was one of the last to be charged and now he's free to go...insufficient evidence probably the decision won't be published although some are from the Magistrates' Court.

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« 2018-Apr-23, 08:26 PM Reply #62 »
Media release
23 April 2018
Harness racing participants reinstated

The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) has reinstated the licences of two harness
racing participants previously charged with race fixing.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said Dayl March and Leonard Cain were serving licence
suspensions following race fixing charges.

“Now these cases have been determined by the courts both men have applied to QRIC and will
have their racing licences reinstated,” he said.

“Mr Cain’s suspension has been lifted effective immediately and he is able to resume under his
licence which remains current.

“The licence of Mr March expired through the suspension period and he will be issued a renewal
application directly. The suspension has been lifted however no current licence is in place at this

“QRIC stewards have yet to examine the circumstances of each case to determine whether any
further action should be taken.”

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« 2018-Jul-02, 08:36 AM Reply #63 »

QRIC stewards lose out on Grant Dixon charges in a QCAT hearing before Ian Hanger QC who I consulted once in my former profession and he provided very sound advice.

 In Dixon's case he observed in the Baron Jujon case    "Mere errors of judgement in the running of the race should not be penalised unless the conduct can be described as blameworthy. Having listened to Mr Dixon, and Mr Farquharson and considering the transcript of the Steward’s Inquiry and decision, I am not comfortably satisfied that the conduct of Mr Dixon can be considered worthy of blame.
 [34] I allow the appeal and set aside the decision of the stewards.


Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Dixon v Queensland Racing Integrity Commission [2018] QCAT 183 (OCR299-17) Member Hanger AM QC 22 June 2018

Full-text: QCAT18-183.pdf

PROFESSIONS AND TRADES – LICENSING OR REGULATION OF OTHER PROFESSIONS, TRADES OR CALLINGS – OTHER PROFESSIONS, TRADES AND CALLINGS – trotting races – where alleged failure to improve positions of other racing horses in two separate races – where two charges brought by stewards under Australian Harness Racing Rules – whether simply an error of judgment, or culpability and blameworthiness, on the part of the applicant – whether applicant drove in an unacceptable manner.

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« 2018-Aug-26, 12:21 PM Reply #64 »
Three Brisbane harness racing participants have been charged with fraud after allegedly misusing
banking services for tax avoidance purposes over several years.

The charges are the result of an ongoing Queensland Racing Crime Squad investigation named
Operation Oscar Swallowtail and are additional charges against two men and one woman
previously charged with race fixing.

It is alleged the 35-year-old man, 40-year-old woman and 66-year-old man used a bank account in
one of their names for the purpose of tax avoidance.

Queensland Racing Integrity Commissioner Ross Barnett said the ongoing investigation into
alleged wrong doing in the harness racing industry was still continuing and these latest charges
are as a result of that.

The two men and woman from Brisbane have been issued with notices to appear in Brisbane
Magistrates Court on September 24.


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« 2018-Sep-20, 08:45 PM Reply #65 »
Harness driver charged with perjury

myPolice on Sep 20, 2018 @ 1:20pm

The Queensland Racing Crime Squad (QRCS) have today charged a 36-year-old Hatton Vale suspended harness racing
participant with one count of perjury.

The man has been given notice to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on September 26 to face the charge.

It is alleged the Hatton Vale man provided false testimony in relation to his involvement in race fixing at a coercive hearing
conducted by the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission in December 2016.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said this was the first time a racing participant had been charged with perjury as a result
of the coercive hearing process.

“The Commission has powers under the Racing Integrity Act to hold coercive hearings which compel racing participants to
appear and give evidence under oath,” he said.

“When racing participants are called to these investigative hearings they must provide truthful evidence and on this occasion
it will be alleged that was not the case.”

If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs
per day.
You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community
volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via crimestoppersqld.com.au 24hrs per day.ENDS

It appears QRIC has  the same coercive power as the Crime & Corruption Commission the CCC under Alan McSporran unless it's the same person this will be the second licensed harness racing participant facing perjury charges Matthew Neilson previously named as being the first driver charged with this offence very serious if convicted.
Same person now facing two charges.


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« 2018-Nov-13, 10:06 AM Reply #66 »
Horse fraud thrown out

A HORSE owner secretly recorded discussing placing bets with a harness racing driver has had a fraud charge thrown out of court.

Peter Anthony Poulsen appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday where police alleged he had placed 10 bets on a race at Albion Park in July 2017 after talking with driver Shane Graham. The court was told he then split the winnings with Mr Graham.


Shane Graham and former partner  haven't yet had their day in court.......the record of securing convictions in the alleged harness race fixing cases  isn't very encouraging....possibly more to come .

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« 2018-Nov-19, 08:44 AM Reply #67 »
Harness man seeks legal costs

HARNESS identity Peter Poulsen will seek to recoup legal costs of nearly $50,000 and additional funds after his fraud case was thrown out of Brisbane Magistrates Court last week.

Poulsen was charged with match fixing in relation to an Albion Park race in July last year, before the charge was later altered to fraud.

When the matter was brought to a magistrate last week, the charge was dismissed on the basis that the case against Poulsen could not be substantiated and it was doomed to fail.

Poulsen’s legal representative Daniel Hannay tipped the case to fall over many months ago and had written to prosecutors requesting they review and withdraw the charges against his client.

As late as September 27, Hannay notified officials that Poulsen would bear his own costs in an attempt to amicably resolve the concerns with the police prosecutions office should the charge be discontinued by October 30.

When that offer expired, Hannay wrote on November 2 that “the case against Mr Poulsen was frivolous and that costs above the standard scale would be sought after successfully defending the matter”.

The case went before the courts nine times between March 14 and November 12.

Hannay submitted the final costs incurred by Poulsen were $47,718.

“In the circumstances, it is difficult to assess a more deserving matter than this of costs,” he wrote.

Poulsen’s dismissal adds to a growing list of harness match fixing cases that have failed to stand up in court, including this year’s cases against Dayl March and Leonard Cain.


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« 2019-Mar-19, 09:16 PM Reply #68 »
Duo cleared of race charges

FRAUD charges have been dropped against trotting identities Shane Graham and Vicki Rasmussen (above).

Still no word on a greyhound track for southeast Queensland.

Peter Gleeson's Opinion piece in the CM today


In the nick of time the matter was listed before judge Porter QC for a pre trial hearing ....this follows the Peter Paulsen case which was thrown out in the Magistrates Court back in November last year ........another lost cause from QRIC the zeros on the cockpit are mounting up.

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« 2019-Mar-27, 11:53 AM Reply #69 »
At  7.12PM last night in the Legislative Assembly the LNP member for Surfers Paradise John Paul Langbroek raised a matter of public interest the performance of QRIC what follows  is an extract from Hansard of Mr Langbroek's statement :-

Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
Mr LANGBROEK (Surfers Paradise—LNP) (7.12 pm): I rise to speak about the Queensland
Racing Integrity Commission as the LNP shadow minister for racing.
 We support integrity in racing.
However, we believe that racing's integrity is being compromised by QRIC and the Labor Party to the
detriment of the three racing codes and also to Queensland citizens, and all this with a budget last year
of $26.4 million. Queensland racing is big business. From the 2018-19 annual report, there were 42,000
participants, 21,000-plus owners, 130 race clubs, 119 racecourses, 12,000-plus races run, 103,000
starters and an economic contribution of $1.2 billion per annum.

Despite working in tandem with the CCC, Racing Queensland, the Queensland Racing Crime
Squad, Crime Stoppers, phone intercepts and a conga line of internal and external solicitors, as well as
through the use of coercive hearings and search warrants, QRIC cannot get it right.
 Do not be fooledby QRIC's propaganda about how many people have been charged because most charges by QRIC
do not stick. QCAT resolved 21 cases in 2017-18. QRIC won five at QCAT—five out of 21.

The public face for the Labor Party's Racing Integrity Commission holds press conferences and publishes media
releases about charges QRIC makes, but it seems that that is all they are—charges, dropped before or
at prime facie level or even at trial.

Today I must profile harness racing and the tawdry way that QRIC has mishandled matters of
integrity within that industry just about every step of the way over almost the last two years. People
have been tossed out of harness racing when they were charged. Their names were blackened, their
lives tipped upside down, their relationships tested, their income streams and livelihoods ripped from
them time and time again based on what we know now were flimsy, vexatious charges but charges
anyway—more ticks and flicks for QRIC.

Think of the lives affected because of QRIC's inability to perform. I want to look at some of the
cases such as 19-year-old Leonard Cain charged with match fixing—really, race fixing. The charges
were beaten in court, but the charges alone prevented this young man from driving in the USA.

 DaylMarch—another race-fixing charge and another charge beaten in court. Mathew Neilson—race fixing,
charges dropped. There is a common thread here.

 Then there was Shane Graham, fraud charges dropped, and Vicki Rasmussen, fraud charges dropped. All of these licensees had their names
published on QRIC's website at the time of these charges, but their dismissal of charges had never
been denoted on that site.

So much for QRIC's statement of fairness and transparency. There is another significant case that I intend to return to in a future speech.

The facts remain that the three racing codesneed an integrity body, but it has to be just, reasonable and responsible and charge wrongdoers only
when evidence points to that and provide integrity to those whose reputations are sullied on social
media and elsewhere. The LNP will deliver that when in government. We will become known as Queensland's racing party. You bet it will!



Mr Langbroek makes a fair point IMO that while QRIC issues media releases on charges being laid QRIC hasn't  issued any media release if the charges are dismissed as the above examples indicate. We do know that the only significant prosecution in the so called match fixing cases in harness racing was Barton Cockburn who copped a $5K fine from the court and Life from QRIC..... charges against Peter Poulson were dismissed a couple of other small players Mick Grant, and  Stuart Hunter were charged but whose outcome remains a mystery.

Peter Gleeson pointed out in the CM yesty that the Racing Crime Squad attached to QRIC reports directly to the Police Dept and not to Ross Barnett the QRIC commissioner which might provide an explanation why QRIC avoids reporting on unfavourable results.

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« 2019-Mar-27, 01:11 PM Reply #70 »
QRIC loses first round at QCAT....... Trista Dixon charged with giving an unfair advantage (letting her husband into the clear) copped 12 months disqualification but on application to QCAT Trista successfully applied for a stay of proceedings......nothing up on the QCAT site but media release from QRIC.


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A decision in the long running Trista Dixon case has been published ..... the hearing previously dealt with jurisdictional issues has been settled so that a hearing on the substance of the charge can be heard...remarkably this case arose in December 2017 went to an Internal Review on 18 Jan 2018 and the current decision handed down on 18 March 2019 having been reserved since the hearing date of 15 Nov 2018........the wheels of justice moved slowly very slowly ..a effective case management system appears to be absent.


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« 2019-Mar-27, 06:35 PM Reply #71 »

Queensland is Queensland