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« 2012-Feb-03, 08:24 AM Reply #25 »
Harness racing enthusiasts in SE Qld are putting more pressure on the guvnment to give them a fair deal in compensation for the resumption of Parklands by the guvnment with another full page ad in the CM appealing to The Premier...this time it's a united effort by the APHRC....Redcliffe.....GCHRC....and BOTRA.

They have a sound case obviously and Anna should do the right thing. :thumbsup:

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« 2012-Feb-03, 11:20 AM Reply #26 »
Harness racing enthusiasts in SE Qld are putting more pressure on the guvnment to give them a fair deal in compensation for the resumption of Parklands by the guvnment with another full page ad in the CM appealing to The Premier...this time it's a united effort by the APHRC....Redcliffe.....GCHRC....and BOTRA.

They have a sound case obviously and Anna should do the right thing. :thumbsup:

Anna will not do the right thing.  Wait till after March when she is goooonnneeeee!!!!!!!

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« 2015-Jul-09, 01:13 PM Reply #27 »
Mobile start operator leaves the $1.40 favourite Stayintown Tonight 50m behind them at Redcliffe. Runs accordingly.

That's the rules but I don't think those that took the short price would agree  :nowink:

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« 2015-Jul-11, 07:13 PM Reply #28 »
Paragon Park just up the road from the Marburg Hotel is on the market......this is a beautiful property in magnificent condition .....Harness racing horseman Gordon Francis who died recently owned it with his wife Jenny who must have found it too much for her to manage on her own .....they put so much work into restoring the place which had been rundown when they bought it.....I hope it finds a ready buyer.


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« 2015-Aug-10, 09:25 AM Reply #29 »

Caption: The trots are a popular attraction in the main arena at the Ekka
Roll up, roll up, it's Royal Queensland Show time and harness racing is back at the Ekka.
Commencing today until 16 August the RNA Show Grounds transform into a wonderland filled with sights, sounds, attractions and animals for the whole family to enjoy. Expected to attract more than 400,000 visitors, the Ekka showcases Queensland's produce, culture, resources and initiatives and after a successful return to the show ring last year harness racing is back as a main attraction.
For the next 10 days, in addition to Queensland's normal TAB harness racing, non-TAB harness racing will be conducted at the Ekka.
Commencing tonight with the opening race at 5.30pm, harness racing will be featured twice a day in the main arena with three races staged in 30 - 45 minute blocks each week day from noon and finals raced each evening from 6.30pm. Two races and a final will be raced in the same timeslots on the two weekends.
Racing Queensland recieved 54 nominations for the show races with horses from the stables of  Lola  and Julie Weideman, Ricky Gordon, Ricky Hart, Darren Ebert, Trent Hodges/Kevin Annetts and Clint Sneddon/Stephen Woodward the first to race tonight. A $10,000 Garrard's Big Dog Final for the best performers at the Show will be staged on Sunday 16 August. The Weidemann's are the defending show champions, winning last year's grand final with Lonesome Mach.
The RNA show track is approximately 400 metres (1/4 mile), four laps to the metric 1609m mile and provides a great spectale and excitement for new and old audiences.
Show stalwart Kerry Ebert, a trainer and former driver described show racing as the best advertisement for our sport.
"A lot people at the show are getting to see our exciting sport for the first time and for others it brings back fond memories of when trot races were a staple part of the shows," Ebert said.
"You cannot beat the thrill of driving at the show under lights after the fireworks, kids and mums and dads cheering all the way making you feel like a rockstar. "Everyone loves it and it was great when it returned after a long absence from the Ekka ring last year."
Some of Queensland's best pacers are past show champions including the greats, Stormy Water and Lucky Creed.
Many of this year's competitors have had plenty of practice on the smaller show tracks with show races already held at Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Nanango and Caboolture.
This year's show race calling roster features Queensland's number one thoroughbred caller David Fowler, the versatile interstater Matthew Hill, who has been calling harness races recently in Victoria, Radio TAB's Damian Courtney, John Brasch and Dean Jones and Racing Queensland's David Aldred.
The mini trotters will also feature at the show with the kids and ponies featured in the main ring next weekend.
Racing Queensland will be very visible at the Show promoting the three racing codes. The Greyhound Adoption program will  be promoted in the canine pavilion with some of Queensland’s best-loved dogs, including seasoned veteran Murphy who will be making his 10th visit to the Ekka. Also in the canine pavilion, Racing Queensland will be running the greyhound sweepstakes, which has attracted 70 nominations all vying for more than $6,000 in prizemoney. The sweepstakes is a family-focused event with non-racing, racing and re-homed greyhounds competing for the best in show title.
The Racing College Queensland will have a stand this year with a number of training advisers on hand to talk about careers in the racing industry. The College offers a number of registered qualifications for those looking to work in  horse or greyhound racing and the Ekka is a great opportunity to learn more about how you can become involved.
David Aldred - RQ News 7 August 2015

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« 2015-Dec-06, 12:27 PM Reply #30 »

As an industry no Code should be facing prize money cuts.
The Racing Industry and Government needs to find solutions to taking the Industry forward.
They cannot afford for owners to take their horses interstate to participate in the higher prize money offered by those states.
As a collective sport there is over 30,000 people working for the Industry and the loss of jobs will be significant if prize money is cut and as a consequence participants lost to the Industry.
The first thing that must be done is to be proactive and offer the Government opportunities to create employment and revenues for a wide raft of suppliers.
This Industry is suffering from not receiving the same level of support that the NSW and Victorian Racing Industries receive from their Governments.
Immediately Queensland needs to be put in a position at least equal the other Eastern Australian States.
1.     As an example (put Queensland on parity).
If the Government reduced the amount of tax it takes from every $100 wagered in Queensland from $1.93 to $1.28 it would give the Industry approximately $15M.
2.     The industry should receive $15M from virtual racing as promised by the Government.
These two initiatives alone would give the Industry approximately $30 per annum and would actually mean prize money can increase, and/or contribute to capital works that are required at many race clubs in Queensland.
Both the Industry and Government needs to work together to create a well resourced and vibrant Racing Industry creating more employment opportunities for Queensland.

For further comments, please contact Kevin Seymour on 0418 842 233.

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« 2015-Dec-07, 08:58 AM Reply #31 »
"TROT TACTICS"..05/12/2015..
   Just in case we have any serious punters out there who bet on Victorian trots as well as our local product, we thought it prudent that you be aware of a shift in "sectional times" policy in the deep south. In this writer's 54 year involvement with light harness, I have always been amazed at our fascination with times, the "Cult of the Mile Rate"as it were. In our slavish worship of this particular religion we have seen many detrimental decisions made on the premise that "this will result in faster times".  The first and perhaps major blunder was the introduction of the mobile barrier. It sprouted in the early 70's and has become almost the universal method of starting in this country, thus detracting from one of the more spectacular elements which made trotting great, the sight of better horses coming on from back marks to win or be placed. The standing start is the only effective method of handicapping the light harness horse. One rise in class equal to 10 metres  (12yards in the old scale). If the mobile barrier had been the great panacea (for ills that we did not actually have at the time), we would not have experienced much of the loss of turnover which has put us where we are today, struggling to survive. We now run a preponderance of short (mile or near to) races, thus robbing the harness horse and his trainers from the opportunity to demonstrate one of the factors which sets him apart from his galloping cousins, staying power! One day, (but probably not in my lifetime) some one in a position to achieve positive change, will wake up to the fact that the punters, who are the people who supply the prize money for our speed addicted administrators and participants, are much more concerned with which horses finish in the placings rather than how fast they ran to get there.
  Whatever, we would be derelict in our duty to any punters who use sectional times as a factor in determining their selections, if we did not put them in the picture in unadulterated form. Best of British luck!!      The following is from the Harness Racing Australia website.

At all provincial race meetings in pacing events, the driver of the lead horse is required to complete the first half of the last mile in 64.0 seconds or faster. Exceptions to this policy include all 2YO races and those 3YO races conducted prior to 1 December each season. For any ‘Sprint Race’ of 1750m or less there is a requirement that each quarter of the last mile be completed in 32.0 seconds or faster.
For all provincial Trotting events the leader is required to complete the first half of the last mile in 65.0 seconds or better. Exceptions to this policy include all 2YO and 3YO Trotting events, races with a front of T0, and any race in excess of 2400m.
Tabcorp Park Melton
For all races conducted at Tabcorp Park Melton whether it is a mid-week country penalty meeting or a Metropolitan penalty meeting, the use of quarter-based sectional times apply. The requirement is quarters of 32 seconds or faster for Pacers and 32.5 seconds or faster for Trotters. All 2YO and 3YO trotters races, T0 front races and any trotters race in excess of 2400m are exempt. All 2YO Pacing events are also exempt along with 3YO Pacing events conducted prior to 1 December each season.
Smaller Tracks
At tracks with a circumference of 900 metres or less, the requirement of completing the first half of the last mile in 64 seconds or faster shall be relaxed to 65 seconds or faster for C0 only races throughout the season and 3C0, 3C1 and 3C2 class races from December 1 each season.
Restricted Penalty Events
Sectional Times are not applicable for any Restricted Penalty Race.
  The world turns, weeks, months and years roll steadily by. This passage of time has an effect on all of us, but it is most marked in our formative, or late teen years. None of the three young women mentioned here, were going to be professional harness participants, when they were 16. All had tertiary ambitions and a secure lifestyle as their main focus. Of the three, only Brittany Graham (drove her 100th winner last week) is still studying business , with another year to finish her degree while fitting lectures into and around harness commitments. All came from totally committed family harness environments. An observant person once said that," You may think that you will shape the world, but it will be the world that shapes you." What comes from that shaping process depends on the potential of the material at hand. Consider the following stats for yourself.
  Chantal Turpin-McMullen..  First season 07/08.. Lifetime figures.. Driver.. 2630 starts for 316 wins.. 303 seconds.. 311 thirds and 311 fourths.. Prize money $1,362,414.... Trainer.. First season 9/10.... Lifetime figures...  2084 for 357 winners.. 278 seconds.. 240 thirds and 227 fourths... Prize money $1,939,243..Current season. Trainer.. 249-- 40-- 36-- 26-- 23.. $227,747..  Driver.. 50-- 2-- 5-- 6--- 6.. $19,776..
  Narissa McMullen.. First season 10/11.. Lifetime figures.. Driver..3567-- 425-- 379-- 388 407... $2,032,551... Trainer.. First season 12/13.. Lifetime figures.. 239-- 41-- 21-- 28-- 25.. $254,411... Current season.. Driver.. 159-- 22-- 17-- 16-- 16... $112,141... Trainer.. 21-- 8-- 3-- 1-- 3... $40,569..
  Brittany Graham.. First season 13/14.. Driver.. Lifetime figures.. 783-- 102-- 88-- 79-- 94.. $430,790... Trainer.. First season 13/14.. Life time figures... 164-- 18-- 22-- 25-- 21.. $99, 962.. Current season.. Driver..95-- 13-- 7-- 6-- 9.. $61,394..  Trainer... 12-- 2-- 1-- 1-- 2.. $6,540..
  There you have it, with 9 months of the current season to run. Have they made the right choice? Looks like it from here!!
  The leader board, hotly contested for driving honours with Pete and Brittany graham dead heating on four wins with Gary Whitaker, Hayden Barnes and Barty Cockburn on three apiece. On the training side a good week at the office for Chantal Turpin-McMullen with five winners shading Darrell Graham with three.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 27/11.. Drunken Maniac (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Blucolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Hez Declan (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin-McMullen)..  Albion Park 28/11.. Floyd Mayweather (Barty Cockburn).. Mafuta Vautin (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Boom Boom Hall (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Lady White Water (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Albion Park 01/12.. Look Now Bill (Gary Whitaker for Joedy Whitaker).. Franco Nepia (Barty Cockburn).. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Redcliffe 02/12 Hereslookinatukid (Amy Rees for D. Pollock).. All Over Hanover (Brittany graham for Kenny Rattray).. Smooth Pink (Narissa for John McMullen).. Its Torque Power (Pete for Ricky Hart).. Ima Midget Too (Dean Weller).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 03/12.. Candylicious (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Boom Boom Hall (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin McMullen).. Whosemefather (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Chaldea (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Mac Bromac (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Adriatic Coast (Rob Gorman for Richard Hooper).. 

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« 2016-Feb-18, 07:18 PM Reply #32 »
February 18, 2016

McGregor disqualified from racing for 18 months

Racing Queensland Stewards have today disqualified harness trainer Paul McGregor from racing for a period of 18 months effectively immediately after he pleaded guilty to presenting a horse with elevated cobalt levels.

At an inquiry held into a post-race urine sample taken from GOTTA GO ARTELECT (NZ) following its winning performance in Race 6 at Albion Park on Tuesday, 30 June 2015, McGregor pleaded guilty to a charge under Rule 190 (1) in that he presented the horse with the prohibited substance cobalt above the prescribed threshold.

In determining an appropriate penalty in this matter, RQ Stewards gave consideration to the following:

-       The serious nature of the substance concerned and the level of Cobalt recorded (250Ug/L)
-       No previous offences under this rule in a licence history of 28 years;
-       The particular circumstances of the case;
-       The need for a penalty to serve as a deterrent to illustrate that drug free racing is of paramount importance to the integrity of harness racing;
-       Penalty precedents;
-       Mr McGregor’s guilty plea; and
-       The manner in which he conducted himself throughout the inquiry.

Stewards further directed that under Rule 195 GOTTA GO ARTELECT (NZ) be disqualified from its win in Race 6 at Albion Park on 30 June 2015 and all other placegetters be amended accordingly.

Mr McGregor was advised of his rights of appeal.

Racing Queensland is due to conduct seven other inquiries relating to horses returning elevated cobalt levels across the three racing codes in the coming weeks.

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« 2016-Mar-01, 09:00 AM Reply #33 »
Top Queensland harness trainer Grant Dixon has two positives to arsenic
February 29, 2016 12:59pm
Robert Craddock@craddock_cmailThe Courier-Mail

Any disqualification to Queensland’s premier trainer Grant Dixon would be another setback to the state’s thinning harness ranks.
QUEENSLAND harness racing has been rocked with the news that Australia’s leading trainer, Grant Dixon, could face two positive swabs charges for arsenic.

Dixon withdrew his horses from the nominations for today’s Albion Park and tomorrow’s Redcliffe meeting as he conducts a forensic search of his stable to try to find evidence for his defence.

He refused to comment on the swabs when contacted by The Courier-Mail.

Arsenic is famously remembered for being the drug suspected to have caused the death of Australia’s greatest racehorse, Phar Lap, in the United States.

It is an old fashioned drug which was used by trainers as an appetite stimulant for their horses. But giving it to a horse is laced with risk because an overdose can be lethal. A small dose would often make a horse’s coat bloom but an overdose would make its hair fall out.

Dixon can be heartened by the fact several southern state trainers have provided positive swabs to arsenic which, testers believe, may have been the result of treated fence posts.

Victoria stewards last week sent a public warning to trainers reminding them the presence of arsenic above a level of 0.30 micrograms per millilitre in a race day swab is prohibited. The stewards warned trainers to be wary of the use of arsenic in supplements. Significantly, the stewards stressed arsenic may be found in pine fence posts.

It is understood the two Dixon horses were stabled beside each other and wood shavings used in their stables have been sent for testing.
Another Queensland trainer, Vicki Rasmussen, had an arsenic charge last year and was disqualified for six months.

Her penalty was quashed due to the possibility the arsenic was ingested from the environment.

Any disqualification to Dixon would severely jolt the thinning Queensland harness ranks. He was Australia’s leading trainer last year and leads the field again this season with 105 winners from 786 starters.

 Trainer Shannon Price is selling her property and heading to Melbourne while Narissa McMullen, Stuart Hunter and Shane Sanderson are trying their luck at Menangle.

Hard to imagine that Dixon would be using arsenic in this day and age there has to be a logical explanation possibly the fence posts were the problem.

Many years ago a guy I was friendly with had a very good run with a pacer he brought up from Victoria when he retired it he told me it had hardly any hair left conclusion arsenic yet it never returned a positive swab and raced until 10 or 12 years old. :shrug:

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