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O.P. « 2017-May-16, 07:47 PM »
Stewards report has finally surfaced on the Albion Park meeting on Sunday 14th May......Race 6 was declared a No Race.


A pre race blood sample was taken from IMA LITTLE TYCOON.

A pre race urine sample was taken from EMARGEE.

A false start was declared on the first occasion when GLOVEMAN GILLY (M Elkins) was fractious and galloped in the early stages of the score up severely checking IM JOHNNY JET (NZ) (D Graham).  Connections of GLOVEMAN GILLY were advised the gelding would be excluded from the draw in future mobile starts.

On the second occasion another false start was declared when IMA LITTLE TYCOON (S Burrows) galloped in the score up and checked PANTHEON (T Moffat) which was drawn behind.  Due to the delay caused by the previous false start, Stewards placed IMA LITTLE TYCOON on its last chance in the mobile draw.

On the third occasion SURFACE TO AIR (G Elkins) galloped shortly after the start was effected and heavily contacted the sulky of MISS ART RANGER (G Whitaker), before locking wheels with SHEER STRENGTH (L Cain) which resulted in SURFACE TO AIR falling and dislodging driver G Elkins and driver L Cain also being dislodged.  Connections of SURFACE TO AIR were advised that gelding would be excluded from the draw in future mobile starts, and further, that it would be stood down from racing under mobile conditions until such time as it requalifies in an official mobile trial.

Due to the fallen horse obstructing the track as the remainder of the field progressed, the fall siren was activated and the race stopped.  Due to the number of attempted starts and distance the horses had travelled, Stewards declared a ‘No Race’.

A subsequent veterinary examination of SURFACE TO AIR revealed the gelding to have an abrasion to its left zygomatic arch and near side hock however, there were no further abnormalities detected.

No video available but as outlined in their report it's obvious the stewards had little choice :thumbsup:.

Giddy Up :beer: