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O.P. « 2018-Feb-23, 02:45 PM »
Case of a harness racing couple who were both  fined after their runner which won the race was found to have been treated on race day........not necessary to prove it was one or the other who  treated the horse.......the test showed it was over the level.....which was not disputed the appeal by O'Brien was against the severity of the fine imposed $6Kin his case Tim O'brien who was in charge of the horse.......the learned VCAT member dismissed the appeals.

Might possibly have some interest seeing the bicarb cases are soon to be considered by the RAD board.;query=%22review%20and%20regulation%20list%22;mask_path=au/cases/vic/VCAT

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Minor stuff not major stuff?

.....................................treated on the day,  tested over the limit = 6k fine