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  "TROT TACTICS".. 09/07/2016..

  Let's hope that when you are reading this over the porridge or the tea and toast, you are not feeling the cod snap too much. Just think, if you decided to go to Marburg trots this afternoon the time frame is perfect for Winter. The trials kick off at 11.00 am, the first race goes at 12.30pm  and you can be on your way home at about 3.15. See, you get the warmest part of the day.  As for the day itself, Marburg offers the best of country harness. Easy to see, close up exciting, harness here it isin search of the end of another rainbow. These events often form the links in the potential harness owner's fantasy of getting a Christen Me and getting the big money. They are out there, you just have to find them.

  One of the sign posts to the top points us to Brisbane. Holding the post is entrepreneur Kevin Seymour. Albion Park is hosting four major Winter Carnival races tonight. the Gold Coast derby, the Queensland Oaks, The Ladyship Stakes and the Garrards Sunshine Sprint. In these four events, "Solid Earth Pty Ltd" ,Kevin and Kay Seymour's racing and breeding enterprise has no less than seven runners with collective earnings of $1,229,354, at an average of $175,622 per horse. What ever way you look at it, there appears to be one sure way to succeed in harness in Queensland. Discover the Seymour "Modus Operandi", and do it yourself!!

  With the blockbuster announcement by NSW Premier, Mike Baird, that greyhound racing would cease in that State from July 1st 2017, it has been noticeable that there has been no  mention of  research into the provision of a realistic artificial blooding lure. In this day and age of  sophisticated remote control, robotics and virtually indestructible fabrics, it is surprising that no one in the halls of dog racing power has suggested that such a device be produced. While a functional synthetic lure would not stop the killing/ euthanasia of dogs which lacked speed, it would remove the cruelty aspect of the 'blooding" process. On the principle of one obstacle removed  and one remaining, it is worth a try. I know nothing of the wagering turnover on dogs in NSW, but, if it is anything like the figures produced on Queensland greys , it would be economic nonsense to ban the sport before trying every avenue to produce a workable outcome. Whatever, such action as we see in NSW should cause considerable angst in the ranks of trotting/harness participants here in Queensland. The northern participants are in two divisions, those who wish to restore the sport to prominence, and those who wish to get as much of the available prize money in the shortest possible time prior to the inevitable collapse of the sport in the face of chronic decline  in wagering!

  Resultsville Albion Park 01/07.. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. The Duke Downunder (Steve Doherty for Mal Charlton).. Its Torque Power (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Horace Foxley (Lachie Manzelmann).. Midnight Prowler (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Markey Oh Markey (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler)..  Albion Park 02/07.. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Morning Fawlty (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Albion Park 05/07.. DH Armazem (Danielle McMullen) and Mr XJ (Trent Dawson).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Barrietos Bliss (Adam Richardson).. Redcliffe 06/07.. The Falcon Ute (Brittany Graham).. Captain turbulence (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Mini Cam (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Havetogetawaymore (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Clintal Do (Barty Cockburn for Dale March).. Jaycee Style (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Sugarmama (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Redcliffe 07/07.. The Gun Rockstar (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Fiery Blue Chip (Narissa McMullen for Danielle McMullen).. Major Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost)..

  No great changes on the leaderboard with Barty Cockburn top driver on five wins for the week, while ever consistent Chantal Turpin bought home three winners for the same period.


  Marburg workouts.. 02/07.. (1)Under The Kilt (Warren Hinze).. My Blue Heeler.. Diabolo Danny.. 2-26.7. M/r 2-07.3.  400==31.9 margins 2mx3m.. (2) El Cartel (Lachie Manzelmann) .. Camivista .. Doolittle Dandy .. 2-19.6 .. M/r 2-01.4.. 400= 28.9 margins 10x25m.. 
(3) Wecanonlyhope (Warren Hinze).. Dutch Cream .. Bundys Best .. 2-21.2. M/r 2-02.8.. 400=30.5 margins 9x1m .. (4) Makin Memories (Ron Sallis) .. Feelgood Factor  .. Hall Or Nothing .. 2-19.8 .. M/R 2-01.6.. 400= 29.6 .. margins 3x2m..

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If ever the 3 Racing Codes needed to unite it is now.

We can't sit back and think for one minute that the Thoroughbred and Harness Racing Industries are not being heavily targeted by all factions of the Animal Welfare Lobby, The Greens along with the media support of the ABC.

We need to form a Racing Codes Action Group and organise to meet with Senior Ministers managing Sports and Racing portfolios.

If we don't we will be up to our neck in controversy and the outcomes will not be pleasant.

This is in part what appeared on the ABC 7.30 Report last night

Dr Greg Bryant a former greyhound racing insider is lifting the lid on horrific animal cruelty and corruption in the sport, saying what he has witnessed shows the sport is incapable of cleaning itself up.

•   Former Greyhound Racing NSW vet says he supports the ban on greyhound racing
•   Says dog deaths and injuries were covered up
•   Says one greyhound's tail was ripped off

Former Greyhound Racing NSW on-track vet Dr Greg Bryant has spoken out on the ABC's 7.30 program in support of the shock decision to ban the sport in the state, despite threats to his family from greyhound trainers.

"I was disgusted by what I witnessed. I saw some horrific injuries and I saw some of the worst aspects of human behaviour too," said Dr Bryant, who was an on-track vet in 2014 and 2015.

Calls for inquiry into horse racing following dog sport ban
Updated Mon at 10:26am

An animal welfare group has called for an inquiry into the horse racing industry, saying like greyhound racing, thousands of animals are killed because they are deemed uncompetitive.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) says about 10,000 racehorses are retired each year but there is no way to track what happens to them.

Each year, about 4,000 foals bred for racing never compete and more than 3,000 mares are retired from breeding.

"Take away the live-baiting and horseracing has exactly the same animal welfare issues greyhound racing has," CPR campaign director Elio Celotto said in a statement.

"It's time for governments in each state to take affirmative action because, like greyhound racing, they've shown themselves incapable of self-regulation."

On Friday NSW Premier Mike Baird announced greyhound racing would be banned in the state from July 1 next year. The ACT quickly followed suit.

NSW opposition leader Luke Foley has also drawn parallels between the two industries while calling for greyhound racing to be allowed to remain in the state.

Mr Foley said former High Court judge Michael McHugh, who oversaw the special commission into the greyhound racing industry, has given recommendations including monitoring the entire life of a greyhound as an alternative to closing down the sport.

"I think the brutal truth ... when it comes to so-called wastage is if that is the catalyst to close down greyhound racing, we would also have to close down thoroughbred horse racing and close down the beef industry," Mr Foley told ABC Radio today.

"Wastage does occur. Is it repulsive? Yes it is. Should we do something about it? Yes we should and I think (Commissioner) McHugh provides as an alternative to declaring the industry illegal a road map that would involve far more monitoring and reportage on the life cycle of greyhounds."

Last week Tony Gannon from Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association said the cruelty of horse racing had been ignored in the NSW decision.

The group plans to fight the decision to ban the sport.

"Where do these racehorses all go? [In to] our dog's tummy, we feed off horses," Mr Gannon said.

You can see from Tony Gannon's comments above that some in the Greyhound code are already starting to use other codes issues in a divide and conquer fashion and that tactic will only play right into the Animal Welfare Group's hands.

We must unite asap.

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I'm at a loss to explain why there's no story this week from Denis Smith.....there were some unusual emails circulating which suggests his account might have been hacked ......we shall have to wait and see.

As opined the hackers were at work so it's two editions for the price of one today .


  There is one event in the life of any harness trainer/driver that is branded indelibly in his or her memory, available for a full colour re-run fifty or sixty years later, and that is that first winner. The great day came for 16 year old high school student, Lachie Manzelmann on the first day of July 2016. But first, a bit of background on LM leading up to this milestone. Lachie is a year 12 lad at Lowood High, reading a general course of English, Science, Maths and two additional sports related subjects. Before heading off to school on three days, and on the weekends, the third generation horseman, a son of John Manzelmann  (leading North Queensland gallops trainer)who has been around our four legged friends since he was old enough to walk, assists his mother, Stacey and Ron Sallis  in working the Sallis team of pacers. On Thursday and Friday, focus shifts to the highly successful stables of Turpin-McMullen Racing at Patrick Estate. Here LM shifts into "Advanced Stablehand Certificate 3" mode as he completes a school based traineeship packaged by TAFE and Racing Queensland's Lisa Maher.

  An excellent background for a career on the harness track. With patience one of the LM virtues, young Lachie went round on twenty occasions before seeing the inside of the winner's circle with the veteran pacer and former Premiers Cup winner, Horace Foxley. Seven days later, HF was back at Albion Park earning prize money with a solid third. It was the start of a good week with Washington's Flier landing the bikkies next day at Marburg, and Eulo Flyer scoring at Redcliffe on Thursday. From here on it looks all systems go for Lachlan Manzelmann. The best horse he has driven in trackwork is Corey ODonohue, and the best he has seen is I'm The Mighty Quinn. Currently, Lachie's plans are to finish school, and seek a full time position at McMullen-Turpin Racing, and, "see where that takes me". His principle is to keep on going forward. He credits his skills , both people and equine, simply as, "I have good teachers"! .Good teachers need good pupils. Lachie Manzelmann is the end product of that formula!

  There is no doubt that every owner's  dream is to race a "good horse". Thrills, money and elevated standing in light harness society are the usual result. With the breeding season not so far away, intending breeders will be evaluating stallions and looking hard at any viable mares they may have.The following thanks to Chris Barsby,is the breeding barn record of the now deceased "Lefty" owned by Christina Monte and Charlie Cini.
  "The Fake Left mare scored on 17 occasions from 67 career starts while amassing more than $117,000 in stakes but her true value at stud is immeasurable.
From 11 foals, Lefty produced 11 winners.
Her winners to date include Chucka Lefty (9 wins - $51k), Shes A Lefty (10 wins - $102k), Lotsa Lefty (4 wins - $17k), Another Lefty (7 wins - $24k), Major Lefty (17 wins - $88k), Just A Lefty (9 wins - $29k), Royal Lefty (2 wins - $6k), Feelin Good Lefty ( 2 wins - $11k), Bring On Lefty (4 wins - $25k) and Catcha Lefty (12 wins - $123k).
Nine different stallions have covered Lefty including Perfect Art (twice), Lotsa Clout, Safely Kept, Art Major, Jet Laag, Blissfull Hall, Mr Feelgood (twice), P B Bullville and Village Jasper.
The last foal for Lefty before being retired is Lucky Lefty, a Mr Feelgood colt who scored at start number seven". At this time, you should recall the words of the man who said, "A good horse is a valuable thing to have, but a good producing broodmare is a pearl beyond price"!!

  As we move towards the end of the Winter Carnival so the stakes for the fast class pacer grow higher. With the $200,000 "Blacks A Fake"  feature to be decided this evening,  there is no doubt that  Hectorjayjay's response when Gavin Lang hit the afterburner button at the 400m last week added a new factor to tonight's equation.  There is a school of thought which holds that a horse with extreme speed can always stay a journey as he or she goes a considerable part of the race at cruising speed, and is thus able to find plenty at the business end. Time will tell if Hectorjayjay  is superior to Christen Me and his CV of performances at and beyond 2600 metres!

   Only familiar names on the leaderboard this week. Gary Whitaker and Pete McMullen dead-heating for driving honours on four apiece and Darrell Graham top trainer with three winners. Most pleasing by far, Jodie and Peter Jones in the winner's circle at Redcliffe on Thursday  with Fui Fui.

   Resultsville.. Albion Park 08/07.. Slippery Jade (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Jazzy Artist (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Five Card Draw (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Sir Jaybe Hall (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 09/07.. Barynya (Pete for Mick Butler).. Rummiking (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Marburg 09/07.. Risky Buziness (Ricky Gordon)..  Lexy lexus (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Washington Flier (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Epirus Boy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Chicken On A Chain (Clint Sneddon for Mitchell Dawson).. Albion Park 12/07.. Only In Rome (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Le Bron (Pete for Brian McCall).. Redcliffe 13/07.. Montcalm (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Machbino (Lola Weidemann for Tess Neaves).. My Shadow Strike (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Cowgirlchick (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Redcliffe 14/07.. Eulo Flyer (Lachie Manzelmann for Tony Jenkins).. Mishani Jewel (Gary Whitaker for Martine Dwyer).. Fui Fui (Gary Whitaker for Peter Jones)..

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   "TROT TACTICS"..23/07/2016..

  No matter how much you want something, you don't always get it. Veteran reinsman Kenny Parker's comeback to the harness track has been shelved on a permanent basis by a minor bleed on the brain last weekend. Sadly, his mare Colada Rose has been transferred to a Redcliffe based mate, Max Olive, for the duration of her racing career. Colada Rose trialed in a 2-04 mile rate last Saturday, indicating that she was not far off the races. The 83 year old Parker will now devote his attention to carriage horses at Maxine Hobbs' Mount Walker property and will keep his trotting interest alive by regular attendance at Marburg trials and race meetings.

  KP has several mottoes which would benefit us all.. "You have to think positive and be positive." and "Have an interest in life and be "INTERESTED IN LIFE"."  Kenny Parker will never lose his interest in horses!

  Given that the banning of Greyhound Racing (or Mechanical Hare Coursing to give the sport its legislative title) in NSW has caused considerable "angst" among the remaining harness participants in the Sunshine State, it is encouraging to see that Harness Racing South Australia have provided security of tenure at Globe Derby Park for the South Australian Harness Racing Club.
 "HRSA are delighted to announce that new agreements have been formally signed between HRSA and the SAHRC regarding the securing of longer term arrangements for racing and additional significant financial support for the SAHRC and Globe Derby Park.
The new agreements include:
•   Licence and Racing Dates Agreement;
•   Memorandum of Lease (‘Head Lease’); and
•   Memorandum of Underlease (‘Sub Lease’).
HRSA will also be taking over responsibility for all race day staff from 1 September 2016.
The new agreements will result in an additional $250,000 in annual financial support for the SAHRC.
The Licence and Racing Dates Agreement formalises HRSA authority to conduct race meetings at Globe Derby Park for a six year period from 1 July 2016. Previously there was no formal authority granted to HRSA to conduct racing at Globe Derby Park."

  Last week we featured the broodmare gem, Lefty.  Last Saturday night, her best performed son, Catcha Lefty added a prestigious Classic to his resume, capturing the Queensland Pacer's Derby, run over 2680 metres at Albion Park. Apart from the kudos attached to a Derby win, $45,000 jumped into the 3yo's bank account taking his earnings so far to $168, 523. The now deceased golden goose improved the family record on the same program when Bring On Lefty took out the Rising Stars Final, picking up $9,782 along the way. There are some significant sires in Lefty's dam line way back. Modernists tend to denigrate anything but the 'latest and greatest' in sires, but for some of the readers in this writers demographic, horses like Raider, Light Brigade, U Scott and Thor Hanover still ring a loud bell.

  Next Saturday, the Marburg Pacing Association will host Official Trials at the Showground. They will be accompanied by the usual "jumpouts". Drivers will require full race kit including white trousers and trainers will use only race standard gigs. Nominate as per the Pace Magazine, and a text indicating start times will be sent to participants. Horses can qualify, have bars lifted and trials drivers can post approved performances.. Help the MPA to make these trials a success. The more trainers who use these trials the greater benefit to participants, and the stronger the area becomes.

  Predictable leaderboard this week, Pete McMullen drove four winners and better half, Chantal Turpin, trained three of the best. Most pleasing effort was an easy one. Neville Doyle's patience rewarded to win the mobile trot on Tuesday with My Delightful Lady, Nathan Dawson in the sulky was no handicap either.

  Marburg jumpouts 16/07.. Trial (1) 1850m  1: Only Sometimes (Justin Pascoe)..  2: Tascott Lady.. 3: Diabolo Danny.. Time 2-22.9.. m/r 2-4.3.. 400m= 31.7.. margins 4 x 10m.. Trial (2) 1850  1: Certainly Cando (Cindy Rippon).. 2: Ultimate Tycoon.. 3: Wanteddeadoralive..  Time 2-22.0.. m/r 2-3.5.. 400m= 31.1.. Margins 6 x 8m.. Trial (3) 2200m .. 1: Beejays Abundance (Steve Burke).. 2: Tulhurst Jailbreak.. 3: Midnight Montana.. Time 2.56.0 .. m/r 2-8.7.. 400m = 30.1.. Margins HD x 2m.. Trial (4).. 1: Torque Factor (Dan Russell).. 2: Sista To Mafuta.. 3: Dutch Cream.. Time 2-23.3.. m/r 3-4.6.. 400m = 29.7.. Margins 1 x 3m..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 15/07.. Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Jazzy Artist (Narissa McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Myboy Nikola (Narissa McMullen).. A Good Chance (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Albion Park 16/07.. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Minion Girl (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 19/07.. My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Blazing Terror (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Redciffe 20/07.. Miss Catalina (Mathew Neilson for Ricky Gordon).. Montcalm (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Makin Memories (Pete for Ron Sallis).. One Last Roll (C M Owen for Mark Rees).. Movinoutatown (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Make A Point (Nathan Dawson for Merv Heironymus)... Redcliffe 21/07.. Yes Brother Yes (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Red Castle Rebel (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Ezy El (Pete for Chris Frisby).. The Gun Rockstar (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..

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TROT TACTICS".. 30/07/2016..

  The great day finally came, and the Rosewood Equestrian Group's horse float raffle was drawn at Division 10 Councilor David Pahlke's John Street office. With tickets sold as far away as Western Australia, it was a pleasant surprise to see the winning ticket held by locals, Marina and Lindsay Kuhrt. The Kuhrts are firmly entrenched in the Rosewood Pony Club having seen their own children go through the horse skills and character building exercises of that particular institution. Lindsay was for Club President for a number of years and Marina is still an active instructor. Over the years, Lindsay used his gooseneck trailer to cart horses to club musters for kids who did not have access to floats of their own. At this point in time, L and M were planning to purchase an angle load float so that their ex-pony club children could pursue their future equine activities in style. Builders of the "prize" float, Kara Kar, were happy to accept it back as a trade in and, with a cash adjustment, a four horse angle load trailer is on the way. Lindsay Kuhrt's "pony club taxi" will go on providing its valuable and much appreciated service to the kids for years to come. Nothing to do with the trots, but a happy story that needs to be told.

  Given that animal welfare has become a focal point where ever animal racing is discussed, it is fair that we consider the activities of the local harness horse rehoming group, Standardbred Association Qld. SAQ, in conjunction with Racing Queensland, will conduct the 2016 State Hacking and Harness Championships. This is the racetrack career taken to its next phase, active retirement ,and will be held at Gatton Equestrian Centre on 20th and 21st of August. The competition is open to all Standardbred Owners, Riders and Breeders and with 80 classes to contest there will be bulk horses. For info, contact Melissa Bell  0412 973 102. Spectators are guaranteed a great show!

  An update on the banning of Greyhound racing in NSW indicates that, similar to Queensland, there is anxiety in NSW harness ranks. An online poll taken by News Local on the dog decision, from a sample of 41,000 opinions, came up 54% t0 46% in favour of the ban. This result has raised questions about the long term future of gallops and harness. Mr John Dumesny, CEO of Harness Racing NSW was quick to adopt a defensive position saying that the use of whips in harness "continued to be an issue" for the community in spite of tighter rules introduced in May this year. Mr Dumesny said he was confident that harness racing would not be banned, but he could see the whip being taken away in the future. HRNSW Chief Steward, Graham Loch, said that he would support the removal of whips from a personal point of view but he could not see that happening on a one State basis. He indicated that It would be an all or nothing decision. Judy Fasher, Chair of Equestrian Australia, which oversees the high profile sport of Eventing had the last word. "Any sport that ignores a problem which exists, has a responsibility to clean up that that problem or be cleaned up".

  Nothin succeeds like success and the dynamic duo of Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen are on top of the leader board yet again with Chantal training three winners and Pete saluting the judge on four occasions. Again most pleasing is the combo of Neville Doyle My Delightful Lady and Nathan Dawson starting to build a picket fence in the trotters mobiles of a Tuesday.

  Marburg jumpout results from Saturday 23/07.. Trial(1).. 1: Katniss (Gary Gerrard).. 2: Suretobesure (Glenn Walsh).. 3: Diabolo Dynamite.. Time 2-24.3.1..M/r 2-5.5.. 400m= 29.8 .. Margins 25x8m Trial (2).. 1: Certainlycando (C.Rippon).. 2: Tascott Lady.. 3: Crackerofarainbow.. Time 2-20.1..M/r 2-1.9.. 400m= 31.5.. Margins..  Trial (3).. 1: Aviators Dream (Jessie Capewell).. 2: Gotham City Sin.. 3: Darlyn Sea.. Time 2-20.7.. M/r 2-2.4.. 400m= 31.6..Margins 6x10m..  Trial (4).. 1: Mister Performance (Dan Russell).. 2: Fake Romeo.. 3: Teniamo.. Time 2-20.5..M/r 2-2.2.. 400m=29.9 Margins 15 x 6m..

  Resultsville   Redcliffe.. 22/07.. Red Rocker (Jacob Wallace for Rachel Scott).. Blythburn (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Drifting Away (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Barynya (Pete for Mick Butler).. Vinland (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Bee Tees (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 23/07.. Boom Boom Hall (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn).. Royal Jacquard (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. He Gets It (Hayden Barnes for Rod Hinze).. Candyliscious (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. The Space Invader (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Albion Park 26/07.. My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Cougar Oreily (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Bettabe Perfect (Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 27/07.. Jaycee Style (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. The Endeavour (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Lady Royal Sue (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. El Cartel (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Eleniark (Barty Cockburn for Grant Dixon)... Redcliffe 28/07.. Icefire (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Havetogetawaymore (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Elliott Bromac (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith)..

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Subject: here it is.. 06/08/2016..
    "TROT TACTICS"..06/08/2016..

 Members and intending members should note that the Marburg Pacing Association's AGM will be held at the Marburg Hotel on Monday night August 15th at 7.30pm.. All executive and committee positions will be up for election. Inquiries to Denis Smith 0408 352 478.

  The roll call of former stars of the light harness game is ever diminishing. Gone now is Keith Addison, his long battle with illness at an end. This writer first met "Addo" as he was known, as he came off the track after running fourth with Jan's Chance in the Winter Cup of 1979. "Same as usual" he said,"none of the money stayed in Queensland".. It was typical Addo. When he came north from South Australia via Victoria with the late Gordon Francis and the talented pacer Rainbow Jack which took him to early prominence, KA came to stay. His stats, remembering that computer records used today date only from 1982/3, are not so impressive as our current heroes. The winners were spread amongst a much larger group than is the case at present and the prize money a mere fraction of today. As a trainer, Addo started 965 horses for 106 winners and198 placings, earning $161,478. In the sulky he went round on 1199 occasions for 123 wins and 252 placings with a bank of $183,640.. The high point of his career came in 1975 when he represented Australia in the World Driving Championship conducted here and in New Zealand. Addo triumphed in this series  narrowly beating Peter Wolfenden NZ, with Joe O'Brien USA third. Behind the podium finishers were Shelley Goudreau, Canada, Ulf Thoresen, Norway, Joe Marsh Jnr USA, Horst Bandemer, Germany and Jan Wagenaar, Netherlands. Any student of harness history would recognise  that Keith Addison had beaten a field of genuine superstars. Life is not always a straight line from youth to age in a chosen profession. Keith Addison was in his early 40's and a builder by trade when he made his debut in the sulky at Mt Gambier SA. He was blessed with the "Peter Pan" gene and always appeared much younger than was actually the case. Given that he had the looks to go with it, the mind boggles at what he might have achieved had he found the sport as a teenager. Whatever, his love of the light harness game shone through, and he made many friends who will be missing him today.

  Well, the place to be today is out at Marburg Showground for the trots. In the words of one new patron, 'It's as cheap as chips and a ton of fun, you won't get a better afternoon anywhere". Action starts with the trial program at 11.00am, and the first of the five race card commences at 12.30pm. Best country burgers, assorted hot food, lowest prices at The Battler's Bar and ice cream van in attendance. $5 for adults, pensioners $3 and children under 16 go free. $3 buys a race book with the "pick the card coupon" carrying a jackpot this week of $550, and a tear out voucher for $500 'funny money" .Present your voucher to Con Mann the funny money bookie to get your $500 scrip and punt your way to a fortune at no risk. Spend your bank at the auction after the last race. Patrons 18 and over get a lucky draw ticket for a $100 free bet with bookmaker Stephen Anthony, drawn after race one. Monster three prize meat tray raffle drawn during the afternoon. It's all go at Marburg today. We'd like to see you there!

  Members and intending members should note that the Marburg Pacing Association's AGM will be held at the Marburg Hotel on Monday night August 15th at 7.30pm.. All executive and committee positions will be up for election. Inquiries to Denis Smith 0408 352 478.

  Tomorrow is another day, a day for lovers of the traditional trotter. Spend the afternoon in front of a Sky Channel screen and see the trotters at their best at Maryborough in Victoria. It's Redwood Day, where the best of Australasian 2yo trotters do battle in the signature classic. Prize money on offer, a modest $50,000 for the Group 1 event. Kudos to the winner--immeasurable!! Couple the Redwood Classic to the Victoria Trotters Derby and a top class Free For All (with presentation rug courtesy of the Queensland Square Trotters Association) to a high quality support card and you have the stuff of dreams.

  Deadheats on both sides of the leader board this week, with Chantal Turpin and Darrell graham training a modest two winners each ,while Barty Cockburn and and Pete McMullen shared driving honours on four apiece. Most pleasing effort was Midnight Montana for Barry Williams at Redcliffe on Thursday,Amy Rees in the sulky.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 29/07.. Best Beau (Barty Cockburn).. The Gun Rockstar (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Lucia Bromac (Narissa McMullen).. Platinum Art (Matt Elkins for Kay Crone)Mach Cullen (Barty Cockburn for Ashleigh Cusack).. Simply Gorgeous (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Redcliffe 30/07.. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Five Card Draw (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Waltzing Queen (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 02/08.. Shareapassion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 03/08.. French Globe (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Our Major Day (Pete for Dayl March).. Shadow Star (Barty for Grant Dixon).. Redcliffe 04/08.. Risky Buziness (Ricky Gordon).. Midnight Montana (Amy Rees for Barry Williams).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Red Luck (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Tuxedo Max (Matt Elkins for Ken Rattray)..

 Marburg official trial winners30/07.. (1) Tascott Lady (Glenn Walsh) M/r 2-07.0   400m= 30.5..
                                                                   (2) Commanche (Dan Russell). M/r 2-01.9    400m = 31.2.
                                                                   (3) Countourluckystars (Gary Litzow) M/r 2-07.9  400m = 32.9.
                                                                   (4) Matt Belford NZ (Murray Thomas) M/r 2-01.7  400m= 29.1.
                                                                   (5) Goldplay (Trent Dawson) M/r 2-01.6  400m = 28.7.

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"TROT TACTICS"..13/08/2016..

All members and intending members are reminded that the Marburg Pacing Association's AGM will be held this Monday night, August 15th, at the Marburg hotel. Time 7.30pm. for info, Denis Smith 0408 352 478..

  It may just be possible that current pressure from Sky Channel for shorter race distances is beginning to exert a negative influence on our 3yo feature classics. With the pre-race interviewer busy on Sunday as the field circled prior to the start of the major 3yo Classic, the Victoria Trotters Derby, he paused for comment from Greg Sugars (considered one of the best handlers of a trotter in Australia), the driver of Cruisin Around, a runner given a reasonable chance by punters on his recent form. Sugars was cautious in his estimate of Cruisin Around's hopes, saying that a lack of suitable distance racing impacted on all local runners. His words were  on the mark with two New Zealand fillies, Wilmas Mate (David Butt) and High Gait (Chris Alford) fighting out the finish by half a length in the 2600m event with the margin back to the third horse another 22m. The rate was a track record of 2-00.4, and, as can be seen, the foundation of distance as part of the test of ability showed to advantage on the day. Unless we include a high proportion of distance races in our programs, we will simply be an easy target for the marauders from "across the ditch". Two races from the recent Winter Carnival, the Blacks A Fake and the Redcliffe Cup had a fair number of runners that had no form at the 2600 plus metres  of both events. Several points emerge from this. (1) What do the punters make of unknown quantities. (2) How do drivers who rarely drive in races beyond 2200m plan a strategy when partnered by an animal which may or may not get the distance. (3) How is the horse expected to cope with an extra 500m under stress with no previous experience of distance racing.

  We should pause to remember here that the purpose of "Classic" races is to identify superior animals for a productive future at the stud. Given that our stallions are, in the main, imported from the USA and Canada, where they race only at one mile (1609m), and staying ability is sacrificed on the altar of the "Lord Of The Mile Rate", perhaps in this country we should follow suit. Look at the people who would be pleased at such a decision. Sky Channel would be delighted, time saved by running shorter races would allow them to cram even more events onto their overcrowded and joyless program. Stallion promoters would be overjoyed as there would be even less means of identifying a non-competitive stallion if his stock were no longer tested at a distance. Harness Racing Australia would be ecstatic as there might be more opportunity to persuade State administrators of the benefits (as yet to be identified) of programming another series of 1100m dashes. As you see, the possibilities are endless.

Sadly, none of the above will take us anywhere! Until our "men of influence" realise that the only hope for trotting in this country is based on giving the punter an easily understood racing format which allows him to base his selections on a reliable form line  policed by rigid integrity, and provides a racing spectacle which, if at first, does not bring him or her back to the race track, will at least keep them glued to the screen! Once that base is established we can work on the detail of "on course attendance". It can be done, the first requirement is the belief that it can be done!. The harness sport is too good to be despatched to the recycle bin.

  "Same old same old" on the leader board this week. Pete McMullen leading the drivers on six wins and better half, Chantal Turpin top trainer, leading in three of the best. District achievement time with local drivers winning eight from eight at Redcliffe Wednesday night and local trainers snagging six of those. Patience rewarded again with Wecanonlyhope getting the bikies at Marburg and Redcliffe Thursday. Well done Warren and Nathan.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 05/08.. Cougar Oreily (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Sweet As Candy (Pete for Vic Frost).. Albion Park 06/08.. Midnight Prowler (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Torque Lively (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Comply Or Die (Narissa Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Jusabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee)..  Marburg 06/08.. Certainly Can Do (Cindy rippon for Peter Rippon).. Rebelicious (Gary Whitaker for Brian McCall).. Bubbaloobah (Dan Russell for Peter Steele).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Beatle Man (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Albion Park 09/08.. Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal).. Harrys Day Out (Adam Sanderson).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Redcliffe 10/08.. Makin Memories (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Icefire (Gary Whitaker for Tess Neaves).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Sookie Go Goes (Nathan Dawson for Steve Benham).. Montana Rockstar (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. On The Neck (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Official Reign (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Our Major Day (Pete for Dayl March).. Redcliffe 11/08.. Our Private Jet (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze0.. Fiery Blue Chip (Nathan Dawson for Danielle McMullen)..

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Subject: trot tactics..20/08/2016..
It's 2016, and where do you go in Queensland to find a trotting track with a gathering of people, big enough to be accurately described as a crowd. The answer of course is the EKKA, and Haigslea based owner/trainer/driver, Ricky Gordon was there last Sunday night, experiencing what other drivers  have felt down the years, "THE BIGGEST ADRENALIN RUSH YOU CAN GET" In May this year,  RG re-purchased Mister Attitude, a 10 yo gelded son of Camcracker from the top producing mare Glamalot, which he had sold some years back. The plan was to capitalise  on Mister Attitude's standing start capabilities, and aim at the "big one" the Garrards/Big Dog Pet Foods Final on the last night of the show. For once the dream came true, and Ricky Gordon and MA were swept up in the sea of noise which accompanies the major trot race of the EKKA. There is a lot of history in that show final, a race considered so important in past years that, when it was run on a Saturday night, it was broadcast  by landline hook up to the patrons ,(usually 4-5,000 fans) at Albion Park.

  Ricky, who is a mere lad of 44, has been training for 25 years. Firstly in Knight Street at Redcliffe and, in later years at Linnings Road Haigslea. Probably the best to go through his stables have been Dreams On Speed which had 86 runs for 15 wins and 23 placings for a bank of $71,844, and Gwenda Baker, a daughter of Village Jasper and the top race mare, Penny The Pussycat. Gwenda retired with stats of 69 for 14 wins and 20 placings, underpinned by a mile rate of 1-56.6, and earning $78,240 along the way. Ricky Gordons ambitions are simple. To keep training pacers and trotters with his partner Lacey Hinze, and hopefully guide the new baby boy, Rjaye , into the sport in due course. There you have it. RG has heard the roar and felt the electricity of the big crowd EKKA experience. It will bring pain when he stands in virtual silence on a Carnival night at Albion Park watching a dozen "superstars" carve up $200,000 in front of a handful of people. This is the result of the "elite sport' policy our leaders thrust upon us some 15 years back. It is 2000 years since the Romans reined supreme. Their policy of "bread and circuses" and the resultant "bums on seats" produced elite performers as well as the crowds to cheer them on. Our decision makers need to do the same, and provide an attractive product for the harness marketplace.

  A couple of "kites" flown in last Sunday's "Mail" concerning a possible shift of greyhounds and harness to Alberton, and the subsequent sale of Albion Park, will certainly make at least one person in Brisbane extremely happy. What it does for the rest of us is as irrelevant in the halls of power as it has been for the last twenty years!!

  A larger than usual turn-up at Monday night's Marburg Pacing Association AGM indicates that the Race/trialing Club is heading in the right direction. Some 19 members met at the Marburg Hotel, and Club Patron, the Member for Ipswich West, Jim Madden, took the chair to oversee the election of officers. There have been a few changes with Geoff Stanfield now President, Karen Schulz and Denis Smith, Vice-Presidents, Robin Stanfield, Treasurer and Danielle Fitzgerald is Secretary. Most encouraging is the number of Committee folk. No less than eleven people put their hands up  for a never ending list of tasks. Gradan McCoombes, Chris McGuire, Shane Fitzgerald, Kelsey Schulz, Terry Smyth, Peter Steele, Wayne Chalk, Peter McKay, Nikki Chalk, Ann Maree Harriott and James Harriott. All the MPA needs now is the support of  trainers at the jump outs, official trials and races and for the residents of the Greater Ipswich footprint to turn out on race day ( which will be September 17th) and we are going forward!

  Attention owners/trainers. Official trials first, followed by jump outs next Saturday  27/08/2016.  8.30am start Check "Pace" magazine. OT noms close Thursday 25/08..

  A bit of a change on the leaderboard this week with Danielle McMullen clocking in as top driver with five victories. On the training side, regulars Darrell Graham and Chantal Turpin tied on three wins apiece. Most pleasing results was Colada Rose winning at Redcliffe Thursday to put a grin on Ken Parker's face. Home in a fast 1-59.6..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 12/08.. Taurisi (Trent Dawson).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Albion Park 13/08.. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Goulburn Guy (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Major Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Duke Of The Moment (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 16/08.. Back Page News (Danielle McMullen for Vic Frost).. Bettabe Perfect (Chantal Turpin).. I'm The Golden Child (Mathew Neilson for Barty Cockburn).. Double Event (Danielle McMullen for Harry Martin.. Redcliffe 17/08.. Dixie Trix (Gary Whitaker for Meredith Hanrahan).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Real social (Nathan Dawson for Steven Bunz).. Redcliffe 18/08.. Emargee (Ricky Gordon).. Colada Rose (Amy Rees for Max Olive).. Grande Uomo (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Long Dirt Road (Russell Kajewski).. Fiery Blue Chip (Danielle McMullen).. Supaliner (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..

  Marburg jump outs 12/08..  Trial 1: Aviators Dream (Jessie Capewell).. time 2-23.3.. M/r 2-4.6.. 400m = 30.7.. margin 10m..
                                                     Trial 2: Suretobesure (Glenn Walsh) time 2-27.5..  M/r 2-8.3.. 400m = 30.1.. margin 2m..

                                                     Trial 3:  The Falcon Legend (Ron Sallis).. time 2-21.9.. M/r 2-3.4.. 400m = 29.0.. margin 9m.. 

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                                                                                                                            "TROT TACTICS" 27/08/2016..

  A comment by Courier Mail writer, Nathan Exelby  last Monday provides food for thought. Exelby reveals that both TABCORP and the local provider, UBET/Tatts have suffered considerable  reductions in tote wagering turnover in the 2015/16 term. TABCORP being down by 4.4% and UBET a savage 11.7%. These downturns are attributed to the average punter's understandable preference for fixed odds. Sadly, because of the inherent risk to the corporate entity offering fixed odds, the revenue from the "FO" operation is somewhat less than that accruing from the tote or "pari-mutuel" method, where the winning dividends are derived from a pool which is the amount remaining after all relevant percentages are removed. By this time, you will have realized that the tote is obviously the best end of the stick for both it's shareholders, and for racing, as the betting tax, the revenue for racing, and the tote's profit are all removed before the "divvy up" for the punter takes place. In other words, the owners of a "pari-mutuel" operation are taking no risk. Mr Exelby suggests that "totes' should lessen their take-out, diverting the resultant cash back into the dividend pool, thus producing larger dividends.

  At this point in time, we are between a rock and a hard place. Having invited all nature of corporate bookmakers to our feast, and over a number of years pressured out our own solo bookies by the application of high fielding fees, higher turnover tax and the "minimum loss" rule, which I believe at some venues require bookies to lose a minimum $1,000 per bet should the punter require it, the totes are finding that customers are thin on the ground. Where are we headed? Sad but true, many of our key administrators still believe that punters have something missing in the top story, and, in fact will bet happily on anything, the old "flies crawling up the window" scenario if you like, with little interest in the result. Hard facts and recent history would indicate that this is not the case with the horse racing codes in Queensland traveling poorly indeed. No racing participant, be he or she an owner, trainer, driver or jockey, would deny the importance of the "pari-mutuel", in the day to day risk free generation of revenue for racing. Should this be curtailed by lessening the "take-out'  as suggested by Nathan Exelby, then racing is headed for the recycle bin. The only practicable solution is to put the racing product under the microscope and examine it as to its attractiveness to the average or recreational punter, or potential punter. At this point in time it would be difficult to find a more "punter unfriendly" racing format than that provided by the "mobile conditioned" method of programming for harness. It is far too complicated, being designed to provide prize money  income for large stables which are able to place horses where they are most likely to earn whether they are on the improve or on the wane. The bottom line is that the only answer to the problem posed by Nathan Exelby, is a large increase in punter numbers. We won't get them without the provision of a betting product which is simple, easily understood and provides a very reliable form line. The punter provides the money, and must always be the prime consideration in racing's financial formula!!

  For the early birds. Official trials and jump outs at Marburg this morning. Commence 8.30am . Head on out and "black book' a winner for next week.

  Marburg jump outs last Saturday..  Trial (1).. Diabolo Dynamite (Cindy Rippon). Time2-26.1.. M/r 2.07.. 400m = 32.3 ..margins25x7m

                                                                  Trial (2).. Cottonwood Dawn (John basllin).. Time 2-25.3.. M/r 2-6.3.. 400m= 31.3.. marginsHDx5m..

                                                                  Trial (3).. Elzboy (Kelsey Schulz).. Time 2-20.2  M/r 2-02.0.. 400m= 30.2.. margins 4x14m..


   Incidently, there is nothing wrong with the recent EKKA form. Ricky Gordon produced the big Show Final winner , Mister Attitude, at Redcliffe on Wednesday night, and rang up number one. The odds, a juicy $29.30.

   Possibly the first appearance on the top of the leaderboard for Fernvale's Adam Sanderson. No less than eight wins for the week helped by a clean sweep of the three race Kilcoy grass track program. No surprises that AS's boss,  Darrell Graham was top trainer with four winners for the term. Most pleasing ,Elzboy, first up for Steve Towns.

  Resultsville Albion Park 19/08.. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Mandy Kriden (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Kyms Boy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Cracka Stride (Trent Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. Major Lexus (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Albion Park 20/08.. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Blazing Terror (Danielle McMullen forRyan Veivers).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Montcalm (Chantal Turpin).. Mach Alert (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Imnoracinggal (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Kilcoy 20/08.. Master Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Montana Roadstar (Adam Snderson for Darrell Graham).. Major Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 23/08.. Day Tourer (Adam Sanderson for Alex Cain).. Ivanov (Narissa McMullen for Brad Connelly).. Mafuta Vautin (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..Tallyho Bromac (Lachie Manzelmann for Chantal Turpin)..Redcliffe 24/08.. Grande Uomo (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. On The Neck (Kay Crone).. Mister Attitude (Ricky Gordon).. Vader (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Recliffe 25/08.. Elzboy (Shane Graham for Steve Towns).. Reign Of Fear (Adam Sanderson for Ricky Thurlow).. Pandoras Dream (Nathan Dawson for Mitch Dawson).. Hotshot Anvil (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin)..


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« 2016-Sep-04, 09:48 PM Reply #134 »
                                                                                                                                       "TROT TACTICS"..

  Events unfolding in Victoria last week, concerning the alleged involvement of high profile trainer drivers, Amanda Turnbull and Nathan Jack in a race fixing scam at Cobram Vic on June 22 last year may well not be what Harness wants in the way of publicity. However, an omelette can't be made without breaking eggs, and for harness racing to shake off its current image of "cheats on seats", and "crims on rims",  justice must be done and seen to be done. You may well ask why did it take over 12 months for integrity staff and police to bring last Sundays action to a head. As always, under Australian law there is the burden of proof. To act in the manner in  which Harness Racing Victoria has in this instance, indicates that their integrity unit and the Victorian police sporting integrity division are very sure of their case. For many years now, we have been unable to attract serious patronage to a code of racing which, at its core, has so many positive factors that it should be flourishing . Should the current allegations be proven and those found guilty be suitably punished, it paves the way for a rebuilding of public confidence in light harness. If the sport can be scrubbed clean and kept that way, it  can reverse the current trend.  Another benefit is the deterrent effect. Any participants considering crossing the line may now find the possible consequences not worth the risk.  Any way you look at the above, it is a plus for HRV!

  Hot on the heels of the above, the head of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, Commissioner Ross Barnett, released a draft schedule of minimum penalties for drug offences in racing. Three categories of drugs are covered  in the animal itself and the fourth and fifth parts concern failure to supply a sample from a registered animal, or refusal to supply a sample by a participant. Part (1) covers banned prohibited substances, those which have no place in horse racing, examples such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis and derivatives, LSD and growth hormones. Where no previous conviction is recorded the minimum is 6 years disqualification. With a previous conviction, Australia wide or in New Zealand in the last 8 years, a life penalty applies. Part (2) includes 12 classes of prohibited substances including  recent compounds of interest such as cobalt, arsenic and alkalizing agents. Presentation of an animal to race with any of the listed substances brings a first offender a minimum 12 months disqualification. 2 years if one conviction in the previous 5 years. With two convictions in that 5 year period the guilty party is sidelined for 5 years and three convictions in an 8 year span brings the life penalty. Part (3) provides for "other prohibited substances", anti-inflammatory agents and other drugs of therapeutic benefit to the animal outside of racing, (pre-race cut off periods). A somewhat "softer" approach is taken here with Stewards given the option of applying fines of $4,000 or 4 months suspension and $8,00 or 6 months suspension for a second offence across a 5 year period. Disqualifications of 2 and 5 years apply for infractions of 2 and 3 offences in a 2 and 5 year time frame. Part (4) failure to present an animal for sampling is 6 years out for the first offence, followed by life for the second in the 8 year span. Part (5) relates to participants refusing to supply a personal sample and commences with a disqualification of 12 months. A further refusal within a 5 year period brings life outside of harness racing.

  There you have it. It looks pretty savage on the surface, but, if you look a bit deeper, and consider what it is designed to achieve, and that is a major tenet of the "level playing field' theory, it provides a great incentive for an honest approach to racing. From the animal welfare issue it is a very welcome initiative. The four-legged participant deserves protection from trainers who think that turning a mouse into a tiger on race day is a good thing. A verifiable image of plain feed, good work and natural ability will get us more many more recreational punters  who will enjoy their racing in the sound knowledge that it is properly policed!

  Smaller numbers on the leader board this week with regular Chantal Turpin heading up the trainer's list with three winners and Barty Cockburn and Narissa McMullen dead-heating for driver's honours on three apiece. Most pleasing effort was that of Nathan Dawson who took out the "Claim" drivers title, scoring on 92 occasions over the 2015/16 racing season. His fitting reward is to represent Queensland at the Australasian Young Drivers Championship which will be a ten race series to be run in West Australia during the Inter-dominion Carnival. The last heat will be run at Gloucester Park on Grand Final night. GO NATHAN!!!

  Resultsville albion Park 26/08.. Simply Gorgeous (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Justatic (Nathan Dawson for Bruce Jenkins).. Highview Sadler (Narissa McMullen).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Albion Park 27/08.. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Markey Oh Markey (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Montcalm (Chantal Turpin).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Duke Of The Moment (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 30/08.. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 31/08.. Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Best Beau (Barty Cockburn).. Recliffe 01/09/.. Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Swift Approval (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Annas Best (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Arma Legend (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis)..

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"TROT TACTICS".. 10/09/2016..

  It's that time of the year again when we review some of the more outstanding performances of trainer's and drivers from the greater Ipswich footprint in the season just gone. This week's selection includes, in the ranks of trainers, Chantal Turpin,producing no less than 148 winners, 115 seconds and119 thirds, earning for connections some $921,859. Darrell Graham, 90 winners,79 seconds,57 thirds for $515,145. John McMullen, 59 winners,75 seconds, 71 thirds ,banking$263,158. Rachel Scott, 34 winners,46 seconds, 51 thirds  resulting in $219023. Greg Elkins, 35 winners, 38 seconds,40 thirds for $183,729.  A nice total of $2,102,914.

  Among the drivers the dominant figure of Pete McMullen with just twice the score of his closest rival, fetched in $ 1,149,434 from 198 wins and 304 placings. Adam Sanderson, $835,323 for 99 wins and 169 minors. Matt Elkins, $489,921 from 74 and 138. Nathan Dawson, $424,640 with 92 wins and 192 placings. Narissa McMullen $246,271 from 39 and 89. Danielle McMullen $220,411 with 43 and 109. Trevor Lambourn, 19 and 54 for $107,980. there you have it. A staggering $ 3,473,980 jumped in. A great effort for the locals, and a great focal point for those who didn't get quite so high on the totem pole. More trainers and drivers will feature next week.

  As Australia's World Amateur Drivers rep, Barb Barry is continuing her travels through Europe it will be a short while before we can get Barb's impressions  of the biggest of Amateur contests.  To keep us up to the mark we reproduce an interview  with New Zealand harness racing amateur driver, Gavin Cook, who has finished seventh at in Hungary.

The Championship was won by Italy’s Mirko Mariniis, who won the two day series in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest over the weekend.

The Montegiorgio reinsman nailed three wins in six races for 61 points - one more than American

The bronze medal went to Denmark’s Bitten Jensen (one win) with 45 points.

Cook was a further 13 points back in the European Trotting Amateur Drivers Federation (FEGAT) run event.

“I had a horror day on day one with some tough driving horses to handle. Day two saw me get behind nicer horses to drive but tough draws to overcome. I finished the second day with a third, a strong finishing eighth and then got disqualified in the final race for galloping for more than 20 metres,” said Cook, the 2008 World Amateur Driving Champion.

He said he ended up a “mixed bag” of drives and barrier draws, with two second line draws and apart from Cook’s first drive he said there wasn’t too much form among the rest.

Cook said Kincsem Park was a unique 1200m track.

“On the Friday night we race three races right-handed and then on Saturday afternoon we race three times left-handed. Yes, you read that right, we race in both directions at the same track,” Cook said.

Cook also said the whip rules were a challenge to adapt to initially but then seemed to work well once he familiarised himself with them.

“When the day arrives when New Zealand is forced to consider a softer perceived option then this European model is worthy of consideration.

“A driver is required to keep their hands on the reins at all times and may only use the whip a maximum of three times only in the final 200m with the whip being raised no higher than shoulder height. Prior to the 200m mark the whip can only be used to tap and niggle at the horse to correct them.

“Resisting the urge to whip one handed took some conscious thought on my part to avoid the severe penalties or potential disqualification,” he said.

Cook also thought the Hungarians multiple use of their race track facilities on the same day was interesting.

“On day one we had dogs, gallops, sprints and harness racing plus the Food Truck Show. Whilst day two only had trotting and the Food Truck Show it definitely bought in a lot of people for a pleasant and relaxing day in the sun.”

The Canterbury horseman said New Zealand’s place in the international community of harness racing nations had been nurtured once again.

“The welcome return to the international arena of Australia is fortuitous for New Zealand. Their representative Barbara Barry is enthused to get Amateur racing up and running in Australia which she is confident she can achieve in her home state of Queensland.

“It will be nice to have a nation in our own hemisphere that we can introduce a wider range of drivers to international competition.”

The next stage in FEGAT championships will be the Gentlemen's European Championship in Holland from September 16-19.

Resultsville..Albion Park 02/09.. Fiery Blue Chip (Danielle McMullen).. Merrylands Miss (Barty Cockburn).. Gotta Mama (Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Cracka Stride (Nathan Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. Armbro Teehee (Gary Whitaker for Christina Monte).. The Big Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..  Albion Park 03/09.. Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Forever Texas (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Purple royale (Greg Elkins).. Justabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee).. Warwick 04/09.. Shoot For The Starzzz (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie).. Storm On Bye (Brittany Graham for Trent Knack).. Montana Rockstar (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Comply Or Die (Gary Litzow for Ron Sallis).. Machbino (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Any Left (Brittany Graham for Tayla Gillespie).. Albion Park 06/09.. Donegal Annie Mac (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Chiara Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Mister XJ (Trent Dawson).. Newmerella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Buy Chevron Direct (Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 07/09.. Bluecolla Moon (Chantal Turpin).. Miss Catalina (Mathew Neilson for Ricky Gordon).. Soldier Of Fortune (Karen Schulz).. Beatle Man (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 08/09.. Famous Shoes (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford).. Hez To Blame (Steve Burke for Kevin Annetts).. Forty Seven Flash (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Eulo Flyer (Lachie Manzelmann for Tony Jenkins).. Royal Taz (Narissa for John McMullen0.. Arts Peregrine (Isobel Ross for Trent Knack)..

  The leader board shaping up fpr another season of familiar names at its head week. Leading driver was Gary Whitaker with a total of four and Chantal Turpin lodged the same number in the training sector. Most pleasing effort was that of Soldier Of Fortune and Karen Schulz combining for an impressive win at Redcliffe last Wednesday.

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"TROT TACTICS"..17/09/2016..

  First things first. Marburg trots this afternoon. Just the place for a family outing. Absolutely the best "value for money" racing venue in South East Queensland. For patrons over 18 your lucky gate ticket puts you in a draw for a $100 free bet on the local trots with Bookie Stephen Anthony. Buy a race book for $3 and get an entry coupon for the "pick the card" competition worth $600 and a $500 "funny money" voucher  for the folks who would like to have a bet but can't afford to lose. Best bar prices, best burgers, and a three prize meat tray raffle make it a great afternoon. Adults $5, pensioners and Students $3, accompanied kids under 16 go free. Gates open 10.00am, trials 11.00am and the first race 12.30pm. Don't miss it!!

  It's time to disclose the top performers at Marburg in the 2015/16 season The leading driver was Nathan Dawson who went round the 700 metre  circuit on 49 occasions for 14 wins, 12 seconds and 6 thirds and a bank of $18,411.Runner up was Hayden Barnes with 5 wins from 15 starts and $5,075. As you can see, HB's strike rate was a staggering 1win in3drives with Nathan Dawson close up on 1 in3.5 . Both were top performances.We only had to look across the breakfast table to find Marburg's number one trainer, Mitchell Dawson with stats of 29 runners returning 7 wins, 6 seconds and 4 thirds, banking $9,224 in the process. Second home was Wayne Davis with stats of 15 for 6-2-0 and $8,771.. Note the win strike rate here, an incredible 1 in 2.5.. First thee home in the horse of the year standings were dead heaters,Domestic Art (Wayne Davis) and Tiki Topaz (Michell Dawson) on 13 points apiece with Wecanonlyhope (Warren Hinze) at their girth on 11 points. Tiki Topaz was also Mare of the Year. Leading Owner went to Stacey Manzelmann of Wanora, whose runners earned $4,714 for the season. The dollar figures appear paltry, and indeed they are. But, to people who race light harness because they love the sport, some of the Marburg wins gave immense satisfaction. Winning races with our horses ,is, after all, the prime objective, and, for some reason appears to provide greater satisfaction than the cheque. It is, however, incumbent on our administrators to provide realistic prize money and opportunity for the hobbyist.

  Interestingly there is a move afoot in the halls of power to remove all non-TAB racing on the grounds that it produces no income for the sport.  Taken in isolation, that statement is fairly accurate. However, what country racing such as Marburg provides is the glue that holds the base of the pyramid together. In Queensland at this juncture, with turnover far from healthy, it's time a cut was taken at the top. The great experiment of "creating an elite sport" has turned out not to be the city of pure gold for all but a handful of participants. It can be fixed, but if we continue to ignore the basic needs of the punters and potential participants, the "exciting future'" that we have heard about so many times in the last 20 odd years will be the moth-eaten past!!!

  It has been said many times that there are "lies, damned lies and statistics". Run your mind round this one. Race four at Marburg this afternoon is the standard 8 horse field. Between the 8, they  have raced on 1018 occasions, resulting in 140 wins and 246 placings, and amassed $781,042. in prize money. The calculator, like the camera does not lie. Taken as a single entity, these pacers have earned $767,23  every time they went round. Who said there was no money in trotting. If this exercise does nothing else, it proves the correlation between "damned lies" and "statistics". See, you can do anything with a set of figures and a bit of imagination!

  More on the local stars and their performance last season. Barty Cockburn ,based at Peak Crossing sent out 328 horses to do battle for the purse and led in 39 winners and 90 place getters which earned $269,000 for the racing year. much busier in the sulky, Barty returned figures from 688 drives of 104 wins and 166 placings for a result of $883,000. This has been BC's best "dollar" season to date and his third highest number of winning drives.  Gary Whitaker topped the thousand drives for the third year in succession saluting on 98 occasions and placing 230 times. The bank roll was $560,862, his third best season to date behind the 14/15 and 11/12 terms.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 09/09.. Donny Jones (Barty Cockburn for R A Wells).. I'm Johnny Jet (Brittany Graham).. Mandy Kriden (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Shareapassion (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 10/09.. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Western Blaze (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Monumental (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Newmerrella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Albion Park 13/09.. Unici Crown (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Bettabe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 14/09.. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Washingtons Flier (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Beatle Man (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. The Falcon Legend (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 15/09.. Benny Maguire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Cheers Kathy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Sir Rory (Nathan Dawson for Graeme Gavin)..

  This week's leaderboard heads back to the lower Brisbane Valley with Chantal Turpin leading in five winners to be top trainer while husband Pete McMullen again the star driver on four winners. Most pleasing effort was Trent Dawson racking up a Saturday night treble in the sulky at Albion Park.

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"TROT TACTICS".. 24/09/2016..

  Life is a series of milestones of varying importance. 21 year old Jess Capewell, currently studying at Gatton for a Vet Nurse qualification, passed two such markers recently. Raised around Quarter horses from an early age on her parents breeding farm, JC commenced her association with harness in a two year stint as a stablehand for Phil Mitchell. The last three years she has  been associated with Glenn Walsh, and it was here that she began to drive track work  on Bonjour Belle. Twelve months back, a trials licence came into play, and Jess went round on the likes of Wheres The Limit and Aviators Dream. Thanks to the Weidemann girls, Julie and Lola, additional experience was gained with Mr Armageddon, Irish Town Babe and The Prestige, gaining her country licence in the first week of August. The first milestone had already been passed when JC turned out Aviators Dream  to win on the grass at Kilcoy with mentor Glenn Walsh in the sulky. Up there with the big frogs at last, two runs on the grass at Kilcoy and Warwick paved the way for a tidy "never to be forgotten" first win with stable rep Aviators Dream at Marburg last Saturday. Currently, the trainer/driver strike rate sits at 30%.

  Ambitions are to have a lot of fun training and driving winners. The best horse Jess Capewell has seen is Destreos. "It would have been Le Bron, but the wretch kicked me during my time with Phil Mitchell ". She is proud to be the product of input from four people, ,Phil Mitchell, Glenn Walsh, and Lola and Julie Weidemann. Jess's parting quote, " I would not have had that winner If I had not had Marburg". Jessie Capewell has a very modest estimate of her abilities. She may surprise herself and go a good bit further in harness than she thinks.

  Taking a leaf from the book of trainer, Kenny Rattray, Fernvale area trainers, Melissa Gillies and her father Geoff Dawson are making the trip to TABCORP Park Menangle tonight accompanied by their in-form pacers, Beaver and Gallymont Sport. Due to a lack of Metropolitan (national threshold $15,000) prize money in Brisbane, both horses are going round in M0 class races. Both trainers are hopeful of success and  among their opposition are familiar Albion Park performers, Franco Nepia, Magic Oats, Bennys Ace, Deano Robyn, Chal Fire, Blazing Terror and Applause. It is a real family affair with the duo stabled at Melissa's uncle, Noel Morris's property just outside the track. Brother, Trent Dawson, who is on fire here at the moment will be down to do the driving. Fingers crossed.

  One for the "must attend if possible' basket is the "industry meeting which will be held at Albion Park this coming Monday . The meeting is scheduled with a 12.15pm arrival for a 12.30pm start with Albion Park Chairman , David Fowler as moderator..
Guest speakers, in order, will be, Ross Barnett Racing Integrity Commissioner,  Greg Mitchell, Chairman of the embryo Yatala Harness Racing Club, Andrew Kelly, CEO Harness Racing Australia and Dr. Eliot Forbes, CEO of Racing Queensland. Questions will be taken from the floor at the end of the meeting. Greg Mitchell was interviewed by Ace commentator, Chris Barsby  on Radio TAB last Thursday morning, subject matter being the state of play at Yatala. Mitchell ,although skirting an oblique reference to proprietary racing,  is never one to mince matters, describing himself as having the choice of picking up the shovel or walking away. He chose the shovel, and said his address on Monday will bring people involved in the sport up to speed on the project. "The policy of the Yatala Club is to be open and transparent all the way",GM said, and the mission was "to build a facility to drive the sport into the future". He further claimed that people who did not support the 'mission" did not have the sport at heart. As I said, it is the place to be. If the time had been Sunday afternoon, it might have trebled the attendance.

  The leaderboard lights up.Star billing this week in the driving ranks, Nathan Dawson, home in 1st place on five occasions, meanwhile ever consistent Chantal Turpin turned out a solid four winners from the home barn. Most pleasing effort, Jessie Capewell's first winner-- trained and driven!!

 Resultsville.. Albion Park 16/09.. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Rakarebel (Nathan Dawson).. Compton Street (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. No Confession (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie).. Albion Park 17/09.. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Horace Foxley (Pete for Tahn Camilleri).. Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Fascinator (Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Epirus Boy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Royal Jacquard (Nathan Dawson for Greg Elkins).. Washingtons Flier (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Marburg 17/09.. Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Amys Whisper (Adam Richardson for Amy Rees).. Domestic Art (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Raesawinner (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Aviators Dream (Jess Capewell).. Albion Park 20/09.. I'm The Golden Child (Barty Cockburn).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Quaint Glen (Mathew Neilson for Barty Cockburn).. Highview Sadler (Nathan Dawson for Narissa McMullen).. Redcliffe 21/09.. Major Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Blucolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Sneaky Catch (Trent Dawson).. Rib And Roll (Dan Russell).. Redcliffe 22/09.. Cheers Kathy (Darrell Graham).. Ideal romance (Nathan Dawson for Steven Bunz).. Bukthesystem (Clint Sneddon for  Dudley Warburton) .. Fui Fui (Nathan Dawson for Peter Jones).. Blissful Infidelity (Matt Elkins for Mal Charlton)..

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TROT TACTICS 01/10/2016..

  A number of interesting items surfaced at last Monday's "industry/sport" meeting held at Albion Park. Given the time frame it was well attended but neither the young,(those with a long term future, nor more than a handful those with slightly less but still a good many viable years ahead of them), were visible. As one lady remarked, she was "looking at a sea of silver in front of me". From the area of Integrity, Commissioner Ross Barnett  indicated that licencing terms will be increased, hopefully to a five year period similar to the road licence. Draft Penalties for drug infringements have caused considerable angst and a further round of consultation and submissions was scheduled to end yesterday. A second draft will be prepared and resubmitted to licncees and owner's organisations for consideration. There will be provision for Stewards to suspend penalties should they see fit. Somewhat disturbing is the end result of a successful appeal to QCAT. If a six year disqualification for drug offences etc is overturned  by QCAT, and replaced with a $5,000 fine, then that fine becomes the benchmark or standard for that particular offence. As has been said before, we do not race under "RULES" , we race under "LAWS" which are subject to "precedent" and common practice. One can only appeal to the Minister to provide legislation specific to racing "RULES", otherwise QRIC  will be very limited in its endeavours to provide "squeaky clean" racing.

  Now that Government has become involved in animal welfare issues across the nation, racing animals, which are purpose bred and were under the supervision of State and National control bodies while in the racing and breeding phases of their lives are now to be under regulation from birth to death. Harness Racing Australia's CEO, Andrew Kelly,  while bemoaning the decline in foal numbers on an annual basis across the country, was able to provide some stats from the racing activities of harness. Of the 10,000 pacers and trotters which race each year, just 51% percent of them win at least one race from an average of 11.5 starts., (the same percentage applies to the foal crop as well, bearing in mind that that figure has been compiled across the total racing lives of the foals from 2yo to 14yo).  The foal figure highlights the need to get more foals from each crop to the races.  The surest way to do this is cater for the less talented horse by providing suitable racing opportunity. HRA's message on this, is that programming must be addressed to provide this opportunity. It is refreshing to see that the National body has realized that the great dream of the "Elite sport, with Champion horses and Champion drivers" is seriously flawed and is proposing change to rectify the situation.

  Next up was the Yatala proposal. Chairman elect of the Yatala Harness Racing Club, Greg Mitchell, was adamant that the complex, which is bordered by 40 hectares of development land on a separate title with a very attractive zoning, would most definitely be built. Sadly the racing circuit plan does not include lighting. Given that in our battle for increased turnover and a growing realisation that we must rely heavily on the recreational punter, we might also recognize two facts. (1), Harness racing/trotting is historically at its best in a night time slot as it is the only slot where there is any hope of getting on course attendance. Further as a spectacle it is much enhanced under lights. (2) It is of no use to pitch our product at people with little or no disposable income. At this point, we must rely on the lounge room or the "pubs and clubs"of an evening as our punters are at their jobs in the daylight hours earning the cash to wager on our product.

  The final address was by the newly appointed Dr Eliot Forbes who comes to RQ as CEO from a successful six year stint with TasRacing. Dr. Forbes has an extensive resume in both equine veterinary practice and racing management. He is a plausible speaker and appears likely  to do quite a bit of re-organizing at RQ. Unlike  some modern day administrators, EF is ready to confront and deal with issues rather than wait for them to wither away.Further, he is of an age group where the desire to succeed is probably still strong. This writer got the impression, that, if Dr. Forbes succeeds, we will reap the benefits of that success.

  It's just seven days to the next Marburg race meeting, Saturday October 8th. if you want to relax and enjoy an afternoon of country trotting in a family atmosphere at family prices come and join us. Beaut burgers, best bar prices, a keen bookmaker and a "funny money" satchel swinger for our novel no cost betting service.  Three prize raffle, Lucky gate ticket draw for a free $100 bet with our bookie for patrons over the age of 18 and a pick the card entry form in your race book now jackpotted to $650. A special harness related contest is scheduled for mid program. Gates open at 10.00am trials segment commences at 11.00am and the racing at 12.30pm.$5 for adults, $3 for pensioners and members, and the race book is a steal at $3.. Don't miss it.

  Reultsville.. Albion Park 23/09.. Surface To Air (Narissa McMullen for Greg Elkins).. Beaudiene Bill (Nathan Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. I'm A Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Rakarebel (Nathan Dawson).. Albion Park 24/09.. Betterbe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Buy Chevron Direct (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Forever Texas (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn).. Lucia Bromac (Nartissa McMullen).. Albion Park 27/09.. Chiara Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. No Confession (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie).. Redcliffe 28/09.. Bluecolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Pandoras Diamond (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Sneaky Catch (Trent Dawson).. Redcliffe 29/09.. Bob Gage (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Benny Maguire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Only One Slim (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Blue Eyed Creation (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Kytherian Flyer (Amy Rees for Mick Butler)..

  Any change on the leader board seems likely to be on the driver's side at the moment. The  DNA profile remains the same  with Narissa McMullen besting her brother Pete  in the sulky by five wins to four.  Meanwhile Chantal Turpin ground out a solid four winners to remain on top in the training division. Most pleasing effort was No Confession. Tayla Gillespie continues to build a strong strike rate with her charges. Adam Richardson had the suky sitting duties.

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"TROT TACTICS".. 08/10/2016..

  Don't forget that Marburg races to day. The weather should be excellent and a six race program is set down for decision. The pick the first five winners competition is at a healthy $650, the lucky gate prize for patrons 18 and over is the $100 free bet with bookmaker Terry Picone, "Con Mann" the funny money bookie will be operating and a three prize meat tray raffle will be the go. between race entertainment is a "gearing up' race where four teams of three show their speed and skill to harness a horse, dress a driver and complete a lap of the track. First home gets $100. Racing Queensland will have ten Korean students on site to get a taste of something different from the world of light harness. Adults 45, pensioners and Students $3 and the race book with it's info and coupons is a steal at $3. Come and join us for a great day of country trotting, and remember next time there will be a new perimeter fence, thanks to a Gaming Fund grant.

  The erosion at the base of the harness pyramid is beginning is becoming more visible. Last Saturday night at the premier meeting, Albion Park, some 99 horses went round. All in all some 27 trainers were represented. Sadly, 6 trainers provided 60 of the runners, while 21 trainers presented the other 39 starters. No doubt there are statisticians employed at Racing Queensland. These people should be reporting this dangerous imbalance at the top of the pyramid and our leaders should be taking immediate steps to broaden the base, by offering realistic racing and earning opportunity to the hobbyist faction of harness. We are often exhorted to pull together to promote the sport, but, since we have been told on more than one occasion that "there is no more for hobbyists", it is unrealistic (to put it very mildly indeed) to expect much pull from a section of participants who are not being fed!!

It's always handy, when waiting on a mare to foal, with all your hopes and dreams wrapped up in a parcel with four legs, to not indulge in too many flights of fantasy. Other folk are in the same boat and have similar aspirations to yourself. Thanks to Ace broadcaster and tipster, Chris Barsby, you can read why all the breeders in Queensland would like to be Murray Cole this week. Thirty years ago, the following exerpt  would have portrayed a slightly different scenario, nice, but not strikingly significant, let's not get carried away. Fast forward to the present to find that we are entering the era of predictable outcomes, the Classic winners and the big race Feature winners come from mares with high grade track performance in their resume. No longer do top horses come regularly from "left field' as they did in the past. If this filly is as good as it is bred to be, it will be no accident.
"Former star racemare Forever Gold is now a proud mum after safely delivering her first foal this week, a filly by star sire and Alabar based Rock N Roll Heaven.
The foaling took place at the famed Egmont Park Stud on the Darling Downs of Toowoomba.
“It’s very exciting and according to early reports, both mare and foal are doing very well. Studmaster Peter Bell said the filly is a lovely type with plenty of size about her which sounds positive, I’m looking forward to seeing both mare and foal.” Co-owner and breeder Murray Cole said.
Forever Gold was retired on the eve of the Queensland Pacing Championship last year owing to an injury to her nearside fetlock.
The mare affectionately known as ‘Tammy’ was prepared throughout her glittering career by Kylie Rasmussen and Darren Weeks.
Forever Gold retires with 42 victories from 92 starts while amassing more than $700,000 in stakes.
Some of her biggest victories include the Queensland Oaks, Inter Dominion heat, Governors Cup, Robin Dundee Stakes, Make Mine Cullen, 4/5yo Championship, Qld Ladyship Stakes (x 4) and the 2yo & 3yo QBRED Breeders Classic and Triads Finals.
Feature race placings include Nursery Pace Final, Gold Coast Oaks, Ladyship Mile, Teeny Teeny, Ranji Bill, Angelique Club Cup, Northern Breeders Stakes, Queen of Hearts, Redcliffe Gold Cup, Lord Mayors Cup, Christmas Cup, Sunshine Sprint and Blacks A Fake.
Connections are now looking at Captaintreacherous 2, 1:49.2; 3, 1:47.1 ($3,148,657), both the richest and fastest son of champion sire Somebeachsomewhere, as the next consort for their Gr.1 winning mare.
Captaintreacherous may have been a $250,000 yearling purchase, but the price turned out to be a bargain as he earned $3.14 million winning 23 races during his sensational race career."

Resultsville.. Albion Park 30/09.. Threo (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Judah Ben Hur (Nathan Dawson for Ken Belford).. Ima Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Mister XJ (Trent Dawson).. A Good Chance (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Albion Park 01/10.. Broadway Playboy (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Goodtime Stride (Rob Gorman).. Albion Park 04/10.. Illdoitwhenimready (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Django Mach (Narissa McMullen).. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Lancelot Bromac (Hayden Barnes for Stewie Dickson).. Redcliffe 05/10.. Beatle Man (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Lynchman (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Sir Rory (Danielle McMullen for Graeme Gavin).. Lisas Lawyer (Adam Richardson for Chantal Turpin).. Cagney (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Redcliffe 06/10.. Flashing Good Time (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen0.. Supaliner (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Its All Go (Matt Elkins).. Blissful Infidelity (Matt Elkins for Mal Charlton).. Bob Gage (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis)..

  Again a change on the drivers side of the leaderboard with Danielle McMullen and MattElkins responsible for four winning drives apiece. Meanwhile, ever-reliable Chantal Turpin churned out another four winners to hold the lead in the trainer's section. Most pleasing efforts were Danielle McMullen's treble at Albion Park on Friday 30/09, and Matt Elkins, well and truly up there with the larger frogs posting four big ones for the week.

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                                                                                                                   "TROT TACTICS"..15/10/2016..

  In what appears to be highly controversial move, the NSW government has rescinded the decision to ban greyhound racing from 2017. Never mind what factors actually prompted the reversal the point is that the "dogs" are secure for the time being. This writer is still amazed by the missing link in all this turmoil. If the dogs are back, then so is the practice of "blooding". We are still waiting to read one word from any racing control  or integrity body on the matter of, for want of a better name, the "Techno Lure". I can not believe that such a device as previously described, ( resembles the live baits of choice, moves, screams, emits heat, is clothed in indestructible material and drenched in blood sourced from a licenced abattoir)  can not be readily constructed based on existing technology. It should then be available to be purchased by registered trial track operators, and a suitable fee charged for its use. Any person using the outlawed "live baiting" method to be given a jail sentence. We must face the fact that there are people who like to race dogs ,and many more others who like to bet on them. A little positive thought can see a sickening practice eliminated and the sport be the better for it!!

  Yes, its that time of the year again, when the Inter-dominion Championship begins to loom large in the average trot fan's imagination. Like the Melbourne Cup, there are many aspirants entered when nominations are called for. Traditionally, those with a serious chance based on perfomances in last year's series and the swag of "up and comers", whose connections are looking for that bit of improvement  in the time left before the big fortnight in Perth. The following extract is from the West Australian Troting association's press release and gives the staus Quo last Wednesday. There are two days until the first acceptance payment is due for the 2016 TABtouch Perth Inter Dominion with connections of only  fifteen horses already confirming their place in the series.  The Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen trained superstar Have Faith in Me was the first to make the payment, closely followed by John McCarthy’s All Eyes On Us and Bling It On. Local trainer Gary Hall Snr has a strong stable of stars including last start track record breaking star Beaudiene Boaz, dual WA Pacing Cup winner My Hard Copy, Run Oneover, Cyamach and Waylade all being paid-up for.Last year’s finalist and in form mare Libertybelle Midfrew is poised to take on the boys during the Inter Dominion series and the Kyle Harper trained Bettors Fire continues the journey towards his Inter Dominion campaign, drawing Barrier 2 in Friday night’s Group 3 JP Stratton Cup.
Major withdrawals so far include James Rattray’s dual Inter Dominion winner Beautide and Shane and Lauren Tritton’s runners Arms of an Angel, Burning Cash, Lombo Kotakinabalu, Macha and Ya Yas Hotspot.First Acceptances are due by 4.00pm (WST) Friday 7th October 2016 with the third rankings to be released on Monday 17th October.
 A good team of volunteers turned up last Sunday to do battle with the perimeter fence on the Marburg show grounds track. What had looked likely to be a close run thing turned out to be one of those projects that was harder in the thinking than the doing. In two hours less than the allotted time, the obsolete structure was vanquished and the scoreboard showed Volunteers 1----- Fence nil. The MPA takes this opportunity to thank all those who participated, many hands made light work. Fencing contractor, Graeme Jenkins, is now erecting the replacement , a "child safe" asset in galvanized pipe and diamond mesh wire. It should do sterling service for years to come.
  Those who came to Marburg for last Saturday's races had a bit of extra value in a "gearing up" contest, run between races 2 and three. Teams of three, two strappers and a driver have to gear up a pacer. The driver must watch and not assist while the strappers harness the horse. When the sulky is secure, the driver must then don vest, colours, skull cap and glasses, mount the sulky and complete one lap of the track. First team home was Ron Sallis, and John McMullen (strappers), with Lachie Manzelmann  doing the driving. A bit like "Monopoly", for being first to pass "GO", Team Sallis collected $100, the other crews were awarded six packs. This could develop into a regular happening.  Also on track were 10 Korean students , under the banner of Racing Queensland. Five had a trip in the Mobile Barrier and their mates went round in the dual seater sulky. At Albion Park on Tuesday the roles were reversed. The Korean lads are here to gain a certificate in horse studies, with emphasis on training and riding thoroughbreds. However, they will all go home to Korea in a couple of months, with a little bit of trotting to remember us by!!
Two dead heats for the leaderboard this week, with Chantal Turpin and Barty Cockburn on the one line training three winners apiece, while the driver's laurels go to Pete McMullen and Dan Russell, also posting three victories each. Most pleasing effort, Ken Belford leading in a pair for this term. A boost when it's needed!   

Resultsville Albion Park 07/10.. Major Score (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. The Big Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Yankee Strutter (Trevor Lambourn).. Sir Semper Fidelis (Paul Matis).. Albion Park 08/10.. Karloo Kix (Brendan Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Iam Boogie (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Mach cruiser (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Lucia Bromac (Narissa McMullen).. Marburg 08/10.. Doolittle Dandy (Dan Russell for Ricky Hart).. Cold Stone (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Darlyn Sea (Gary Litzow).. Hawthornden (Dan Russell for Darrell Graham).. Coralie Joy (Adam Richardson for Mark Rees).. Albion Park 11/10.. Lansbury (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett).. Wattlebank Flier (Brendan Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Just Leave (Rob Gorman for Trevor Lambourn).. Buddy Stoked (Adam Richardson ).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott)..Redcliffe 12/10.. Raesawinner (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis).. Cagney (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Lisas Lawyer (Lachie Manzemann for Chantal Turpin).. Elz Boy (Shane Graham for Steve Towns).. Best Beau (Barty Cockburn).. Sir Rory (Danielle McMullen for Graeme Gavin).. Redcliffe 13/10.. QueensAccent (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Ideal Romance (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. He Can Talk (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Mister Performance (Dan Russell).. Usane Flash (Amy Rees for Mick Butler)..

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                                                                                                                     "TROT TACTICS".. 22/10/2016..

  We are in week two of the fence project with top rail in place and the bottom rail to be completed yesterday. Mid next week should see the diamond mesh all in place and that will be that. The Marburg track will possess a fully Child and Workplace Health and Safety compliant perimeter, that will last a very long time. It will be interesting to compare the new asset with the memory of the white painted post and rail structure which it has replaced. It is difficult to imagine two more dissimilar items performing the same task. There will be no "jump outs" today, as the Harness Stewards have decreed that as the fence does not yet meet the criteria for official trials or race meetings, then, by extrapolation, it cannot be fit for "jump outs".. However, with the mesh in place the whole deal will be kosher, and Official trials are set down for next Saturday 29th October. One of our coming projects will be the fitting of lightning rods to the judges box and Steward's towers. Trust me, the road to "compliance" is long and hard, and at times, stony.

  One for the black book, or the calendar on the fridge, is our next race meeting, Graham Harriott Memorial day. This will be Saturday 12th November and the feature will be the "GRAHAM HARRIOTT MEMORIAL TROTTERS HANDICAP" FOR T R/0 and better with a maximum back mark of 40metres. GH was a great fan of the square gaiters and had consistent success with those that he trained, and they were many. He was also a popular and effective President of the Marburg Pacing Association for a number of terms. He would be very much in favour of the new fence, having been at the wheel of the mobile vehicle one Sunday morning when the accelerator jammed after the start. The resulting impact with the outside rail put a baulk of timber through the windscreen, taking a small piece of the Harriott cheek on its way to the tray at the rear of the cab. An inch the wrong way and his head would have been gone.

  On the Queensland Racing integrity Commission front, the ever present matter of penalties for infringements, either race track for drivers and horses, and off track drug offences plus animal welfare issues for trainers continues to cause headaches. As has been said before, many bonafide charges collapse at appeal to QCAT. Just like the current racing format which militates against the recreational punter  and the stewards alike, the current system of racing regulation operates as law and leaves every Steward's decision open to debate or appeal. This system must change on the principle that "LAWS" are to observed.... "RULES" are to be obeyed..

  Everyone in harness is looking for the goose that lays the golden eggs. It does exist, it is trained at Patrick Estate by Chantal Turpin and driven (in the main) by better half Pete. This 7yo mare is called Blucolla Moon and in seven starts this season has won five and been placed second on two occasions. My God how the money rolls in! No less than $16,962. Some effort. Also, I have misled you. That was not John McMullen assisting Ron Sallis and Lachie Manzelmann to victory in the "gear up" race at the October race meeting, but Pete McMullen himself. See, super skilled in all facets of harness!!

  It will be a belt tightening exercise for harness participants in the current season and perhaps longer, as Racing Queensland follows Government instruction to reduce current debt levels and put racing "back in the black". The RQ  team are looking at the many possible ways of slicing the smaller pie to make the pain more bearable, while examining strategies to increase turnover. In all, a correct and positive approach.

  It's "old home week" on the leader board this week with Patrick Estate based couple Pete McMullen and Chantal Turpin turning out big figures yet again. Chantal was responsible for five successes in the training department while Pete was seen to advantage in the sulky on no less than nine occasions. Most pleasing effort was the win of the home-bred Ominous Flyer for the Chalk family. Dale trained and Trent Dawson drove in a good all round result.

  Resultsville, Albion Park, 14/10.. Waste Of Time (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Mini Cam Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Bettabe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 15/10.. Donegal Under Fire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Ardle McArdle (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Ima Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Epirus Boy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler.. Blucolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 18/10.. Ominous Flyer (Trent Dawson for Dale Chalk).. Django Mach (Narissa McMullen).. Lancelot Bromac (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Recliffe 19/10.. Bluecolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 20/10.. Commanche (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Cotton Cold Candy (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Gotta Luv A Sunday (Pete for Mick Butler).. Camivista (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Lady Royal Sue (Pete for John McMullen)..

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"TROT TACTICS"..29/10/2016..

With the Australian Drivers Championship series taking place in Adelaide, with Queensland represented by Pete McMullen and Shane Graham, defending champion Grant Dixon had a night out at his home track in Brisbane. Once again, the following piece is thanks to Chris Barsby.

The leading horseman prepared five winners on Saturday night at Albion Park, half the programHis winners included Fioki, The Black Assassin, Major Strike, Our Carisma and Our Overanova.The winning drives split between himself (3) and his wife Trista (2).“The night definitely turned out better than what I was expecting, all horses raced really well and most importantly, we had some luck on our side.”, a typically reserved Dixon said.It is the second time that Dixon has achieved the feat at Albion Park while it’s the fifth time overall with five or more winners at a single meeting.
Dixon prepared six winners at the now defunct Gold Coast Club on June 14, 2013.His first five win haul as a trainer at Albion Park came on June 27 last year after Only The Brave, Alleluia, Modern Max, Majestic Major and Joys A Babe proved successful.He is one shy of his legendary father Bill who prepared five or more winners on six occasions.
Since 2008, the Dixon stable has been the leading stable in the country per wins.Bill claimed four straight National premierships while Grant has won the past five titles, preparing well over 200 winners each season. Stats for the last two seasons showcase Dixon's abilities. As a trainer, the 2014/15 season saw him provide 1769 runners, and lead in 282 winners with stable earnings of  $2.373 million. 2015/16 , similar starters at 1708 resulting in 246 victories and a bank of  $1.796 million. Driving efforts were, 14/15 appeared on 1118 occasions for 215 winners and 15/16, GD went round 1045 times posting 167 successes. Dixon is closing in another major milestone; he is currently sitting on 3980 wins.He will join an elite club with only Gavin Lang, Chris Alford, Daryl Douglas and Chris Lewis to have driven in excess of 4000 career winners in Australia.Dixon has won more premierships in the sunshine state than any other driver. Currently, with 11 titles against his name, he is two clear of his nearest rival Kevin Thomas , who was  a dominant force during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.He has also represented his country when selected to compete in the 2003 World Drivers Championship when staged in Canada.
  Don't forget, Saturday 12th of November is the Graham Harriott Memorial meeting at Marburg.  The new fence is complete, ready for the big day, and will get a showing this morning at the official trials. There will be jump outs next week, another opportunity to slip out and see the "new look" Marburg.

  In a very encouraging move, the standing start barrier  mechanisms from Rocklea have been refurbished and duplicated, and will be installed at  Redcliffe  and Albion Park. Proof positive that standing starts (the only practical method of handicapping the light harness horse) will be retained by RQ. Once again, trainers ,drivers and starters, will be able to demonstrate the skills that are going down the gurgler in other states while assisting punters to make informed choices based on reliable form lines.
  I guess it's no good appealing to trainers and drivers for even greater efforts than they already produce, but when are we going to see new names on this leader board. The trainer's segment went two ways with Chantal Turpin and Darrell Graham  leading in four winners apiece, and Pete McMullen ,again the superior driver with five wins for the week. Most pleasing effort  was way south at Menangle Park NSW on Saturday night, where  Fernvale trained Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies) lifted $12,600  in what is proving to be a very lucrative raid on the 'blues" treasure chest.

Resultsville.. Albion Park 21/10.. Montana Rockstar (Darrell Graham).. Monumental (Al Barnes for Darrell Graham)-- All Over Hanover (Matt Elkins for Max Towns).. Armazem (Danielle McMullen).. I'm A Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Albion Park 22/10.. Buy Chevron Direct (Adam Richardson for Chantal turpin).. Rummiking (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Beaudienne Bill (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. Bettabe Perfect (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 25/10.. Illdoitwhenimready (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Bob Gage (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Tally Ho Bromac (Nathan Dawson for Ian Gurney).. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 26/10.. The Falcon Ute (Brittany Graham).. Village Cruiser (Dan Russell for Errol O'Shea).. Havetogetawaymore (Al Barnes).. Doolittle Dandy (Adam Richardson for Ricky Hart).. Estavao (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. He Can Talk (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Redcliffe 27/10.. The Jewel Thief (Pete for John McMullen).. Amys Whisper (Pete for Mark Rees).. Colada Rainbow (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Cee Uin LA (Rob Gorman)..

  Thanks folks. Regards, Denis.

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                                                                                                                   "TROT TACTICS" 05/11/2016..

  Now is the time to "ramp it up" for next Saturday's  Graham Harriott Memorial" race meeting.  You get the chance to see the traditional trotters in action in the "Harriott", and enjoy a lovely day of country harness racing on the "close up and action packed" 700metre Marburg circuit. Many extra features with infield entertainment and a monster, three prize, meat tray raffle. Other specials include the $100 "bookies" free bet gate prize for patrons over 18 years of age, and the race book specials which include the Fastwork Horse Supplies "pick the card" now jackpotted to $700, plus the voucher for $500 "funny money " to bet with "Con Mann" a feature for people who like to have a bet without risking hard cash but can build a bank for the auction after the last race. Best burgers and other hot specials and deserts, plus the best bar prices at any sporting event add to the day. Gates open at 10.00am, and Adults are $5, Pensioners, members and Students are $3 and the all important race book is $3. Children under 16 years are freebies. There you have it. A great family day out at budget prices, you can't beat it.

  "A.S. Turnbull" is now right up there with the big frogs of harness history! Leading NSW trainer/driver, Bathurst based  Steve Turnbull, has been honoured as a "Living Legend".  Turnbull was recognised for his many achievements in his career including taking out 11 NSW Trainers Premierships. “To be classed up there with Dad and those other great names, it’s a really great honour,” Turnbull said.
The 60-year-old has trained and driven winners in most of the state’s feature races and has also tasted success in the two major features, the Inter Dominion and Miracle Mile, with Smooth Satin.This Award is strictly merit based and is not necessarily given each year, in fact the Living Legend Award has not been awarded since 2011.
Previous Living Legend Inductees include:1998.. A D (Tony) Turnbull.. 2000.. K B (Kevin) Newman.. and 2002.. B P (Brian) Hancock.

  After that bit of good news, further joy from the land of integrity Australia wide. A 50% reduction in the allowable level of cobalt in harness horses will assist us on our way to that achievable goal, the much discussed "level playing field".
Trainers are advised of the following amendment to AHRR 188A(2)(k), effective 1 November 2016, revising the cobalt threshold in urine and introducing a cobalt threshold in plasma.
188A   (2)        The following substances when present at or below the levels set out are                          excepted from the provisions of sub rule 1 and Rule 190AA:
            (k)        Cobalt at a concentration at or below 100 micrograms per litre in urine or 25                      micrograms per litre in plasma.
•   The lowered urine threshold and new plasma threshold provide for significantly tighter regulation of the administration of cobalt-containing products in racing animals.
  In what appeared to be the triumph of "expediency"  over "regulation", non-qualified horses were accepted for Tuesday's "standing start" meeting at Gympie. For once, the Gods smiled on the move, and, of the 18 horses competing no less than 13 were passed as competent at stands. If ,as does this writer, you believe that the more stand starts we have, the more chance we have of re-building the light harness game, adding 13 horses to the "stand" pool in one go can only be a good thing. A case of "the end justifying the means".
Ban would attract more to track!
  The last news item, but most definitely not the least, a motion proposed by committee veteran, Mick Heatley, at a meeting of the Tasmanian Pacing Club "that the club ban the use of whips at its race meetings".
Mr Heatley said he wanted whips prohibited because he believed the public would no longer tolerate the practice.
He said a ban would encourage more people to take part, bet, or watch harness racing.
Mr Heatley said whipping was cruel and unnecessary and put the public off horse racing sports. After a half hour of debate, the meeting decided that the motion "should not be put". Mick Heatley should be commended for having the guts and good sense to put forward the only viable option available to the horse racing codes at this point in history. Those administrators opposed to this view should pull their heads out of the sand and deal with an issue which has been costing the horse codes patronage for at least two decades!

  On the surface, the leaderboard changes little this week, with Brittany Graham and Pete McMullen splitting the driving honours on three wins apiece and Darrell Graham top trainer leading in three of the best. There were, however no less than four other drivers who posted two wins for the period. Dan Russell, Danielle McMullen, Adam Richardson, and Nathan Dawson. Most pleasing efforts, Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe), Justa Little Marn (Peter McKay) and Red Castle Warrior (Kevin Annetts)..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 28/10.. Kalinda (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. On The Neck (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Fiscal cliff (Adam Richardson for David rodger).. Clock On Doc Lombo (Pete for Mick Butler).. Albion Park 29/10.. Glengowan (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Gloveman gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Recliffe 01/11.. Master Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Gympie 01/11.. Red Castle Warrior (Kevin Annetts).. Redcliffe 02/11.. Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Red Castle Rebel (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Vader (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Ideal Romance (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Moonshine Studleigh (Pete for John McMullen).. Sir Pickles Yum Yum (Lachie Manzelmann for Chantal Turpin).. Agent Three (Dan Russell).. Redcliffe 03/11.. Justa Little Marn (Peter McKay).. Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Many delights (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Master Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Arma legend (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis)..

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"TROT TACTICS" 12/11/2016..

  It's here at last, Harriott Memorial Day. With a six race program centred round a very competitive Feature Trot Handicap the stage is set for a great afternoon of Country trotting.  The "pick the first 5 winners" competition has gone to a cool $700 and the lucky gate ticket carries a free $100 bet with Bookie, Stephen Anthony for patrons 18 years of age or older. The notorious "funny money bookmaker" Con Mann will field again for those who like a flutter with out actually damaging the budget. Use the $500 voucher in your $3 race book to build a bank for the auction after the last race. As for the rest, where else can you enjoy  the best burgers ,deserts and other canteen specials in tandem with the best bar prices at any sporting venue. It's the best value in a family day out that you are likely to encounter. Adults $5, Pensioners and Students $3, kids under 16 free. See you out there!

  A run down of the recent Harness Awards night saw the Ipswich footprint well represented. Young achievers included  Brittany Graham, Dannielle McMullen, Amy Rees and Nathan Dawson who was Concession Driver of the Year. Botra's Rising Stars were Matt Elkins and Dannielle McMullen, while the prestigious Redcliffe Pegasus Award went to the McMullen family group. A far cry from Saturday afternoon at the Ipswich Show Grounds, when possession of a  competitive Rocklea horse was considered about as good as it got!
In the section labelled "where did they get to and how are they going", we have an update on Lauren Jones., who left Queensland for the golden west several years ago. The following is taken from "Faces of the Industry" a recent story on the Australian Harness website.
Having studied Graphic Design and Art, graduating from Gatton State School in 2012 and despite having a qualification in Hospitality, Jones decided that being in the gig was too good an opportunity and decided to take up driving horses as a career instead.Jones is no stranger to the industry, having completed all of her years in the pony trots and being the daughter of well-known trainer and her biggest role model, Peter Jones.   From a young age Jones would help out her father and admittedly has him to thank for pushing her in the right direction and leading her to the success she has today.
Jones enjoyed her first winner on the Sanderson trained Old Gold And Black at Gold Coast in 2013 and it was in the same year that she won the Ipswich West Young Drivers Championship. 
In late December 2013, Jones came across an advert on Trading Ring for employment at a leading training stable in Western Australia.   After applying for the job, Jones received a call from Clinton Hall offering her the position.   Jones made the move to WA from her hometown Lockyer Waters in February 2014 to join the famous ‘Hall Camp’ and made her WA debut on Vapour who was also her first winner in the West.   She hasn’t looked back since.
It’s no surprise that Jones has the amount of knowledge in the industry that she does. Having worked for three of the best trainers in Queensland with Shane Sanderson, Shane Graham, Peter & Chantal McMullen she is now proving herself in Western Australian with Gary Hall Snr. 
Among the thirteen doubles Jones has driven lies one very memorable outing.   On the same day as the race that stops the nation, not only did she drive a double, she also drove her 100th winner.    The milestone came on the David Thompson trained It’s a Monet in 2015.
With 139 driving winners to her name thus far, 120 of them being since her arrival in the west, Jones is very grateful for the opportunities that trainers have given her, including her first Group One drive with Classic American in the Golden Nugget, finishing fourth.  Since the Golden Nugget, Jones has competed in 46 other Group and Listed races.
Although a regular driver for the Hall Camp, Jones also picks up smart drives with the likes of Bettor Offer, Ima Tragedy, Phoenix Warrior and Delightful Offer for Team Bond and is very thankful for the support she receives from both Greg and Skye.   
Admitting how challenging it is to mix it with the boys, Jones still receives support and guidance from her long-term partner, trainer/driver Kyle Harper and together they have enjoyed Metropolitan success with horses such as Springsteen.
In her four years of driving so far, Jones has competed in several driving championships and series, and although very dominant as a female driver, Jones wants to explore the training aspect of harness racing as well.   Having already had a taste of training success with her first love Josscotay, she has a new project in her Advance Attack gelding Combat Crusade who is set to engage the race track in around twelve weeks’ time. For Lauren Jones it HAS turned out to be "The Golden West"!

  No change in sight on the leader board with Pete McMullen chasing home six winners for the week and better half Chantal Turpin cranking out the solid four successful representatives from the home barn. Most pleasing for the week were Cotton Cold Candy for Jason Carkeet, and Beaver ,bringing his Menangle form home for Melissa Gillies.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 04/11.. Cotton Cold Candy (Adam Sanderson for Jason Carkeet).. Lancelot Bromac (Danielle McMullen for Stewie Dickson).. Grande Uomo (Pete for John McMullen).. The Endeavour (Pete for John McMullen).. Albion Park 05/11.. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Reddy Fire (Isobel Ross for Paul Matis).. East Emperor (Barty Cockburn).. Dr Hook (Tim Gillespie).. Albion Park 08/11.. My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Mad Gambler (Gary Whitaker for Debbie Rodney).. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 09/11.. Riverboat Prince (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Blue Eyed Creation (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Famous Shoes (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford)..  Redcliffe 10/11.. Illawong Dream Time (Danielle McMullen for Doug Lee)..

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TROT TACTICS".. 19/11/2016..

  The Graham Harriott  Memorial Trot has been run and won for another year. This time, local trainer Trevor Lambourn was successful, bringing Our King Of Cool with a well timed run from the 30 metre mark to score narrowly but well. The gelded son of Monarchy and the Sundon mare, Cool Kahli, was having only it's third run for Lambourn and its prior resume, put together at Menangle NSW and the North Island of New Zealand is an impressive 83 starts for 8 wins, 7 seconds and 12 thirds while banking $63,611 for connections. With a best winning rate of 2.00.1 in the stats it looks like T. Lambourn has snagged one with an Albion Park future. Second was Katmandonny (Tim Gillespie) and third, Someones Singing (Trent Dawson for Ray Cross.). It was a mixed day weather wise, running the gamut of extremely hot for the early part of the card to a torrential downpour which saw stewards cancel the last race. It's all part of racing, and the merry folk of Marburg will be hosting another day of "country trotting" on Saturday December 17th. Put it on the calendar.

  Over the last two seasons, there has been considerable dissatisfaction among rank and file harness participants over the manner in which offences relating to the use of "prohibited substances" have been handled. Today, it is the norm for the person charged with an offence under the rules relating to prohibited substances to apply for a "stay of proceedings" immediately, and proceed happily on, conducting their business, (be it training or driving or both), for periods running into 12/18 months and more. Much of this contentious time delay is down simply to " due process". In attempt to get some order into what might have been construed as chaos by some, QRIC boss Ross Barnett has proposed the following procedure. (1) A trainer whose animal returns a positive reading when a sample is tested at the Racing Science Centre, is notified of the result. (2) the "B" sample is then sent to an independent accredited laboratory for confirmation. (3)  should the matter go forward, QRIC will supply a hard copy of "the brief of evidence" to the trainer, detailing all information relevant to the positive finding. (4) the trainer now has 14 days to seek legal advice or other support to prepare their written response and lodge same with QRIC. (5) a plea of guilty will result in a brief meeting with Stewards to discuss and assign penalty. (6)  a plea of not guilty will see the documentation proceed to "internal review" for decision. (7) if the matter remains in dispute, the next option is to have the matter heard at QCAT.
Ross Barnett's summary of the draft process is.... "This is a trial of methodology which we hope will be fairer to participants and reduce the time spent in, and the convening, of hearings".

  Much has been said and written over the years on the subject of "bleeding" in racing horses of both codes. There are many sweeping statements on the subject, such as, "60/70 percent of horses bleed in races due to stresses placed on the respiratory system by extreme exertion". What is true, is that a number of horses will be stood down for bleeding in the course of a racing season. Often, bleeding will be suspected in an on track veterinary examination after an "out of character" poor performance, and be confirmed when the animal is "scoped" soon after. Harness Racing Australia has now moved to bring the pacers in line with the thoroughbreds by altering the relevant rules. (a) First episode will see the affected animal barred from racing for a period of 3 months.(b) Any subsequent episode brings a mandatory "life" bar. Any horse resuming from (a) must trial to the satisfaction of the stewards and carry a veterinary certificate to the effect that, at this point, it exhibits no symptoms of bleeding.

  Once again the Leader Board focusses on the lower Brisbane valley where Darrell Graham was top trainer, scoring three wins for the week. Danielle McMullen was responsible for a stellar performance in the sulky, hoisting the flag on no less than five occasions. Most pleasing effort was Calvert Hot Shot at Redcliffe Thursday, taking Ray Cross back to the winners circle where he was a regular feature for so many years. Adam Richardson was the wining driver. Runner up in the pleasing department was Zorro Bromac, breaking through for Shane Fitzgerald at the Marburg fixture.

  Resultsville albion Park 11/11.. Saint Bee (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Regal Eagle (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. The space Invader (Danielle McMullen for Steve Cini).. Albion Park 12/11.. Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Caesars Folly (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Birdy Mach (Adam sanderson for Wayne Graham).. Mr Mayfly (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Marburg 12/11..Ima Top Tycoon (Simon Burrows).. Our King Of Cool (Trevor Lambourn).. Zorro Bromac (clint sneddon for Shane Fitzgerald).. Albion Park 15/11.. El Cartel (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Karloo Kix (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Phantom Rockstar (Matt Elkins for Kevin Joiner).. Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 16/11.. Rory Mach (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. The Sweetest Angel (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Pandoras Diamond (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. All Over Hanover (Matt Elkins for Max Towns).. Master Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Ima Top Tycoon (Simon Burrows).. Redcliffe 17/11.. Heavens Hint (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson).. Calvert Hot Shot (Adam Richardson for Ray Cross).. Ann Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Torque Factor (Amy Rees for Ricky Hart).. Good Time Stride (Rob Gorman for Trevor Lambourn)..   

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                                                                                                                               "TROT TACTICS 26/11/2016..

 In the course of our  fascination  with the high success rate of trainers  situated in the lower Brisbane Valley we have often come across the performance of the McMullen -Turpin operation which is based in the Patrick Estate  near Lowood and is actually tucked into the scrub just downstream of the Wivenhoe dam spillway. The couple are both in their early twenties and have been purpose reared for their future in trotting/harness racing. The training is the responsibility of Chantal Turpin whose father Tony  has counted "King of the Creek" Kevin Thomas  and super horseman Don Ross among his mentors. Mother Karen is blessed with business and organizational skills in a large way. Pete McMullen, a third generation Albion Park high profile driver, his antecedents beingHollywood John McMullen and John McMullen jnr,  and the fastest young driver to post 1,000 winners lifetime, is the major man in the sulky. Pete's Mother is Jeanette McMullen, whose mother Beryl has no less than eight direct descendants making a name for themselves on the harness track.  Chantal is no slouch in the sulky either having been leading driver of trotters for the first three years that she held a licence .
There you have the basis of a stellar career, the bloodlines to achieve in harness. However, a career in any discipline must be a continuous progression up the rainbow. The success rate must continue to grow, and to do that requires  judgement and an element of risk, because racing is, by any standards, a risky business. We now pick up Ace race caller Chris Barsby's story from the harness website.

 "A Brisbane syndicate has been formed to purchase exciting New Zealand pacer Pulp Fiction for a hefty six-figure sum.
The syndicate, constructed by leading trainer Chantal Turpin features several of her best clients and now they’ve joined forces to race the Art Major – Joys Underworld stallion.Turpin prepares a strong team at Patrick Estate, west of Brisbane with her husband Pete McMullen, one of the state’s best drivers.Amongst the ownership group is Ross Patrick, Dave Murray, Denis Golinski, John Manzelmann and Jake and Karen Turpin.The deal was negotiated through respected south island bloodstock agent Geoff Gibson-Smith.Pulp Fiction will arrive at the end of the week and be set for the upcoming Queensland summer carnival open class features including the Gr.2 $50,000 Gold Coast Cup at Albion Park on December 17.“It’s very exciting to have a horse of this quality join our stables and we’re really looking forward to the challenge, the summer open features are the obvious early target although we haven’t confirmed what races we will hit or miss with him.” Turpin said.Previously prepared by Riversdale horseman Tony Stratford, the five-year-old raced during Cup week at Addington where he finished 6th behind brilliant mare Dream About Me before finishing 7th behind Chase The Dream in record time.Pulp Fiction has put together a very tidy ‘CV’ which includes 12 wins and 8 minor placings from 33 starts to date while amassing more than $100,000 in stakes.His biggest win to date came via the 2014 Riverton Cup.
“He profiles really well and he’s proven he can compete with some very good horses, I think his speed will be his biggest asset when racing here in Australia. The opportunity to buy this horse came about quickly and we didn’t hesitate to grab him, he arrives on a very good mark for a horse of this quality.

“It’s great that we got the support from the owners, that’s the most important part of setting up a stable and we’re always looking to expand. Having a horse like this in the stable and performing, well hopefully that will build our profile a little more.
“Obviously we’ll be keen to have him competing in some of the better races both here and south of the border, in fact, we plan on having a good quality team of horses in Sydney at Menangle early in the New Year.”The young couple also prepare exciting four-year-old Mattgregor, a winner of 7 from 11 to date.

  Just to add to the Pulp Fiction picture, the pacer's last 10 starts in NZ have produced three wins. Any student of NZ form will tell you that it is far harder to win a race in NZ than Australia, particularly in the South Island. PF is a handy stand start horse capable of handling a decent handicap and a bit of distance.. We go back to Gore on the 27/12/15  where the entire came from 30 metres over a 2700m journey to win in a rate of 1-59.7..  His most recent victory was Riverton on 29/10/2016 from 40 metres behind, again over 2700m in a rate of 2.00.5.  Sandwiched between these efforts was a win over 1609m from the mobile at Winton rating 1-55.2. No "one trick pony" is our Pulp Fiction. He looks likely to do a great job for his syndicate of owners and the Turpin-McMullen stable.

 Writer's comment..Last Saturday's jump outs at Marburg attracted only 8 horses in total. Issues with the hardness of the track have hopefully been sorted, and the MPA Committee can only impress on trainers the need to support these jump outs. It is hard enough for the average hobbyist to produce a competitive horse in these difficult times without foregoing the service that Marburg provides. Support us, and let us support you. Regards, Denis.

  A mild earthquake on the leader board this week, with Danielle McMullen emerging as top driver with four wins. Add to this a triple dead heat in the training department with honours shared between Rachel Scott, Darrell Graham and John McMullen. Most pleasing effort was Real Knuckey  at Redcliffe for Peter Jones who is steadily returning to the form that saw him premier trainer at Rockhampton.

  Resultsville, Albion Park 18/11.. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Vader (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Albion Park 19/11.. Major command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Glenferrie Boss (Trevor Lambourn).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Bettorthanspecial (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Bettor Promise (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Albion Park 22/11.. Arlecchino (Ray Law).. Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. R Eleven Heavan (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Son Of Mara (Danielle McMullen for Steve Cini).. Croft Bay (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 23/11.. Only One Slim (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Real Knuckey (Gary Whitaker for Peter Jones).. The Sweetest Angel (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Little Lizzie Jove (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Redcliffe 24/11.. I Am Andy (Gary Whitaker for Brian McCall).. Tulhurst Jailbreak (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Washingtons Flier (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Isabela Maree (Nathan Dawson)..

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"TROT TACTICS"..03/12/2016..

  Queensland's long standing top trainer/driver, Grant Dixon, passed another significant milestone last Tuesday at Albion Park. When Leos Best broke the "finish lynx" beam in the Burwood Stud Pace, it marked GD's 4000th race win as a driver. First licenced in the 1988/89 season, he appeared in the main for for his father Bill, who had established a successful stable in Brisbane after building a champion reputation in far north Queensland while based in Townsville. From a total of 59 drives Grant was able to land 10 winners and 12 placings for $7,095. 89/90 saw the roller coaster begin to gather speed with 349 outings for 29 wins and 80 placings with a bank of $35,115.

  With the coming of the new millennium, and Bill taking a lower profile in the Dixon operation the annual drive totalpassed 1,00 with only two of the last 16 seasons attracting a lesser figure. (12/13 990 and 13/14 999). As in all successful businesses, the win graph reflected the increased numbers. Dixon has topped the 200 mark on no less than 8 occasions, his high point coming in the 09/10 year when 1251 drives yielded 242 wins and 349 placings for total stakes of $1,202,448. Well, there you have it. Because we are talking success in the sulky here, just over 28 years brings 4002 victories at the time of writing and a win dollar bank of a mammoth $13,113,308. Grant Dixon joins a tiny group of elite reinsmen, Gavin Lang Vic, Chris Alford Vic, Daryl Douglas Vic and Chris Lewis WA.

  It's official! We do live in strange and wondrous times. The following is proof perfect. " UBET NOW COVERING RACE 1 AT KILCOY HARNESS".Please note while still NOT to be broadcast by Sky, UBET have indicated they will offer markets on the first race at Kilcoy Harness this Saturday afternoon, 03/12/2016." No further comment is required!

  Jump outs for this weekend have been shifted to tomorrow (Sunday) to avoid a clash with the Kilcoy 'dual code ' meeting. Kick off is 8.15am. The Christmas BBQ starts at 12.00 noon outside the canteen where pork and lamb spit roasts and other goodies are the go. Ring Robin on 0437 695 032..

 Nathan Dawson had his first trip round Gloucester Park last night in heat 1 of the Australasian Young Driver's Championship. In all these Championships, there is, in reality, little difference in the ability of the driver's who are competing. Not the same can be said about the horses. The main, and decisive factor is "luck", as steeds and barriers are assigned by lot. With 7 sets of fields available on Thursday night, I can tell you that ND is up against it a trifle. The first four of his draws are 7-8-9-10, then things look a lot better as CC Chevron comes into Race 5 at Pinjarra with a last start win on the page, complemented by No1 barrier. The luck holds for the early part of the York meeting at Northam  with Sarah Goody drawing No 2 alley in Race 6. Three runs back from a spell for two wins and a second. Race 7 at York teams ND with Comeuppance from gate 3 with only very ordinary form. See, a mixed bag, so fingers crossed is the go!.

  It looks like a change on the Leader Board, but in the lower Brisbane Valley, if they are not related by blood, they are so by marriage. Narissa McMullen is top driver with four wins for the week while Chantal Turpin heads the trainers with identical figures. Most pleasing efforts were High Cloud Lass,(Denis Smith) no longer a maiden at start No 40 in the trot at Albion Park, and Soldier Of Fortune, too much power in the sprint lane at Redcliffe for Karen Schulz. Rare treats!

  Resultsville  Albion Park 25/11.. My Trial By Jury (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Northern Line (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Wattlebank Flyer (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Slipaslygrin (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Albion Park 26/11.. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Mafuta Vautin (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Simply Gorgeous (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Lisas Lawyer (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Shareapassion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 29/11.. High Cloud Lass (Denis Smith).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 30/11. Soldier Of Fortune (Karen Schulz).. Riverleigh William (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Alisons Jet (Brittany Graham).. Redcliffe 01/12.. Marchesa Gary Whitaker for Terry Hancock).. Its All Torque (Amy Rees for Ricky Hart).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Lady Royal Sue (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen)..

Well Done to Denis Smith driving High Cloud Lass to victory at AP last week and breaking her duck at start number 40.....hopefully it won't be the last for her.

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                                                                                             “TROT TACTICS” 10/12/2016..

  There will have been several events of great significance decided over night at Perth’s Gloucester Park Paceway .Of major importance will be the running of the Inter-dominion Championship Grand final for 2017. Victorian trainer, David Aiken has a big hand in the feature with last year’s winner, Lenny The Shark, likely to overcome a health scare due to a hoof abcess earlier this week and stablemate, Hector Jay Jay, in top form, but saddled with an ordinary barrier draw. HJJ  will have to rely on his amazing speed to compensate for the less than favourable alley. However, speed is a big factor on Gloucester Park, as any one who witnessed Imthemightyquinn in action on the premier track would appreciate.

   The second major happening will be the final heat of the Australasian Young Driver’s Championship in which Ipswich is well represented by Glamorganvale lad, Nathan Dawson. ND has risen to prominence as a driver in the last 18 months by the dint of sheer hard work and determination and to be the Queensland rep at a prestigious Carnival in competition with the best young drivers Australasia has to offer, is a fitting reward. With 7 races decided ND is sitting fifth on 55 points with NSW reinsman Todd MCarthy up front on 65 points. As I said last week it is all about horse ability and barriers. ND was able to make the best of the two better packages in his line up winning with Sarah Goody at Northam and gaining second with CC Chevron at Pinjarra. Keep your fingers crossed, ND is far from out of it.

  We always talk about the “light at the end of the tunnel” but it is often hard to discern. It seems that the Queensland Government has seen the current plight of racing, and has announced funding to the tune of $53 million to be spent on infrastructure across the three codes. The new Racing Queensland Board has been charged with the important task of developing an infrastructure plan for a 20 year plus future. Industry consultation is an important part of this work.

  Funding is to be considered for (1) commercial projects to enhance self sufficiency.. (2) Major projects worth more than $1 million that provide enduring benefits for the sport/industry, and/or the ability to enhance wagering or on-track attendances. (3) Minor projects, less than $1 million covering work health and safety or animal welfare. Governments never cease to amaze. Find a problem, apply money and all will be well. Just for a change, how about charging the Racing Queensland Board with doing something for themselves about our plight. Increasing tote turnover (that obscene expression again) by providing a “punter friendly” race format to attract new customers and repeat business would be a good place to start. To change the race format costs nothing!

  Don’t forget, Marburg races next Saturday December 17th. An afternoon at Marburg with low cost factors, a couple of “big money ‘giveaways” in the $750 Pick the Card competition and the $100 free bet, coupled with Funny Money for those who like the fun without the risk and our usual strong “real life” bookie!! Its all there, speed and spectacle on the 700m circuit. Adults $5 ,Pensioners and students $3 and race books $3.. Children under 16 go free. Gates open 10.00am, trials begin 11.00am and the first race approximately

  A somewhat different leader board coming into the Festive Season with Amy Rees playing Santa for herself courtesy of three winners for the week, while a triple dead heat at two apiece in the training department supplied “Christmas Ducks” for Darrell Graham, Tess Neaves, and Greg Elkins. Most pleasing effort. Tess Neaves and Gary Litzow making it a real day out on the grass at Kilcoy.

     Resultsville.. Albion Park 02/12.. My Ultimate Hell (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Tellus Rodney (Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis).. Major Kiwi (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Albion Park 03/12.. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Major Lexus (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Beaudienne Bill (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. Kilcoy 03/12.. Curtis Maguire (Gary Litzow for Tess Neaves).. Machbino (Gary Litzow for Tess Neaves).. Albion Park 06/12.. Crowning Glory (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Armazem (Danielle McMullen).. Risky Buziness (Ricky Gordon).. Im The Golden Child (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Redcliffe 07/12.. Rory Mach (Brittany Graham for Darell Graham).. Mister Performance (Dan Russell).. R Eleven Heaven (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Zed Code (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Looksmachnificent (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 08/12.. Senitas Success (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Gloveman Gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler) 

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                                                                                        “TROT TACTICS” 17/12/2016..

  The following are excerpts from a landmark decision taken by delegates to  Harness Racing Australia’s annual conference, held during  the Inter-dominion Championship carnival. HRA has bitten the bullet and banned the use of the whip in both racing and training, effective from September 1st 2017..At long last, administrators with the power to effect significant change have acted, and harness racing/trotting and its four legged participants will be the big winner. Suddenly, we are forced to admit to ourselves that men and women do not win horse races, and the equine provider of the speed, strength and determination required to do the winning is entitled to a better deal than a float ride with a flogging at the end of it. Elimination of what can be fairly described as “gratuitous cruelty” lets trainers and drivers hold their heads up in a society which will no longer tolerate such behaviour!

  CEO of the RSPCA Australia, Ms Heather Neil, commended the HRA’s leadership, and said: “This is a powerful sign that the harness racing industry is both listening to its stakeholders, and acknowledging the concerns of the wider community “As Harness Racing Australia has recognised, racing should celebrate quality horsemanship, breeding and training - whips shouldn’t come into it.

HRA Chairman, Mr Geoff Want, had this to say. “We are strongly of the belief that the improved image of our sport will add to the appeal of our racing product and be broadly welcomed by fans”. “We are confident that wagering turnover will not be impacted and indeed a number of professional punters have indicated support for the ban”.
“There is ample evidence the whip is not needed in our industry and that its use to enhance racing performance is questionable,” he said. “If no driver uses a whip then no driver has a perceived advantage – each race will be conducted on a level playing field, have a fair winner and horse welfare will be enhanced”.
Australia’s leading driver – and 11-times winner of the national drivers’ championship – Chris Alford said he supported the ban.“Drivers are very sensitive to their horses and appreciate and support moves to ensure high standards of animal welfare that are aligned with community expectations,” he said.
   An important link for readers<>
   BOTRA will hold an industry meeting on the above, this Monday night 19/12, in the old admin building at Albion Park. 7.00pm.. All welcome.

  Don’t forget Marburg Trots today. Just the best value in country racing about. Best bar prices to beat the heat, ‘Barry Burgers” and a wide variety of quality foods, “pick the card” competition now jackpotted to $750, “bookies free bet”, where else do you get a $150 bet as a lucky gate prize, and $500 “scrip” to punt with Con Mann the funny money bookie, to build a bank for the auction after the last race. Monster Christmas Hamper Raffle, and Santa with lollies for the kids. FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, “WALLOON BAKERY’S FASHIONS ON THE FIELD”, , judged by Rhyan Noble, between races 3 and 4, and open to ladies and gentlemen Gates open 10.00am, trials commence at 11.00am and the real action on the 6 race card kicks off at 12.30pm. Adults $5 Members, Pensioners and Students $3, children under 16 are fee and that all important mine of information, the race book, a steal at $3.

  The leader board reflects the changing state of the light harness game this week with three trainers all up there on two winners apiece, Bill Crosby, Steve Bunz and Darrell Graham, while Gary Whitaker dominated the driving scene, posting four victories. Most pleasing results were, Neveah (Nathan Dawson for Lacy Hinze) and Just A Little Marn (Gary Litzow for Peter McKay)..

  Resultsville.. Redcliffe 09/12.. Real Social (Gary Whitaker for Steve Bunz).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Ideal Romance (Trent Moffat for Steve Bunz).. Stayintown Tonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Betting Baron (Pete for Josh Moore).. Albion Park 10/12.. Cracka Stride (Trent Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. Starzzz Of Icon (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Never Die (Barty Cockburn).. Albion Park . 13/12.. Neveah (Nathan Dawson for Lacey Hinze).. Sweet As Candy (Pete for Vic Frost).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 14/12.. Releven Heaven (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Hotshot Anvil (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. just A little Marn (Gary Litzow for Peter McKay).. Redcliffe 15/12.. Our King Of Cool (Rob Gorman for Trevor Lambourn).. Missy Dollar (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Mister Hart (Darrell Graham).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Make A Point (Nathan Dawson for Merv Hieronymus).. Montana Falcon (Darrell Graham)..

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