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Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-Apr-10, 04:47 AM
Denis Smith is a 70-year-old harness racing devotee who has been a licensed trainer/driver for 45 years. He is a highly respected industry figure and has written a weekly column in the Ipswich daily newspaper, The Queensland Times, for cumulatively 18 years across two different stints. He has been on the Marburg committee all up for 10 years and is a former committeeman at the Ipswich Harness Racing Club (five years) and the Ipswich Harness Association Inc also for five years. He’s also served on the BOTRA committee for eight years and the QSTA for 15 years. Denis rates the best horses he has trained as “a toss-up between Sunsett (23 wins), Sombrero (25 wins) and Fox Valley Appeal (7 wins, including 5 at Albion Park in free-for-all company).
Denis has agreed to the  regular reproduction of his column on the Forum I'm sure members interested in trotting will enjoy reading his views. :beer:

"TROT TACTICS"..05/04/2014..
  A couple and their horse. A bit of human interest in how we view our equine friends. Scottish apparel and accoutrement vendor Doug Manger and his wife Karen had good success with the tiny pacer, Enrique Of Malacca, firstly from the home barn and later in professional circumstances. Things were travelling well until a significant and chronic lameness set in. On returning home to the Manger stable, the cards were firmly on the table. $5,000 to remove a bone chip, or a more final solution. To Karen Manger, the problem was easily surmounted. Surgery was the only option and the chip was duly removed. KM walked the convalescent daily for two months, and commenced a careful jogging program last October. In all, the rehab and race preparation took a full five months. On resuming, Enrique Of Malacca was blocked  for a run when it counted, was a promising fifth at his next start and ran a solid third while pulling a flat tyre at his third appearance.
  Work commitments then caused EOM to be transferred up the road to Glenn Dawson. Two starts for camp Dawson have resulted in a fast finishing second after getting out late, followed by a feature MO victory. It will only get better. It's the old story. Where there's life, there's hope!!
  Former Marburg resident, Steven Doherty, is about to take the adventure trip of a lifetime. That is, of course, if you are a farrier who specialises in pacers and trotters and a trainer/driver to boot.  Providing that working visa requirements can be satisfied at the German Consulate in Sydney next Thursday, Steven will jet out on April 21, bound for Dusseldorf and the stables of top trainer Henk Grift. Grift,a Dutchman by birth, was looking for a full time farrier for his team which currently stands at 68. HG mainly campaigns in Germany, his native Holland and, to a large extent in France, where the class of racing is considered to be as good as it gets. How did the 28 year old Steven score a plum like this. The chain starts with an enquiry directed at former Redcliffe then Canadian and now Menangle based trainer/driver Darren McCall. DM's partner, Karina was next consulted and was able to call on a long time friendship with Klaus Koch, undoubtedly the best known and most influential figure in Northern Hemisphere trotting. The rest, as they say, is history. One of the best features of the deal is that the visa will allow Steven Doherty to travel around Europe fairly freely. He will come back with a swag of knowledge in the field of shoeing trotters gathered from his European and Scandanavian counterparts who have 150 years of practical experience in this field. It is a dream about to come true with a sound future at the end.
  The latest update from Perth shows that Lauren Jones has made it in colour into the trotting segment of the West Australian newspaper. Trotting writer, Ernie Manning, quoted Jones's new boss Gary Hall Snr as saying that LJ  impressed him with her dedication to stable tasks and routine and had no hesitation in booking her for former Sydneysider Passion Stride in the Ray Duffy Memorial  at Gloucester Park last Friday night. Fourth place was the final result but LJ was back in the winner's circle with Vapour on Tuesday night at Headquarters. Lauren Jones says she is there to stay, and, on disclosed form so far it's a sound choice. We are often told that print media is a dying form of communication. An exercise conducted in this paper perhaps 20 years ago indicated that square centimetres of space allotted to the three codes of animal racing closely approximated the percentage of TAB turnover attracted by each code. Worth thinking about perhaps. Obviously they think it justifies the effort in WA.
  As usual, there were mixed comments coming from the Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sale last Sunday. When you see the actual amounts it just doesn't look too bad at all. The top four lots were a Rock N Roll Heaven colt from Our Sweet Victree which went to prolific buyer Brian Manzelmann for a very healthy $43,500. Next was another Rock N Roll Heaven from Hot Stuff bought by "Doc" Mammino  for $35,000, closely pressed by Neil Badcock who shelled out $33,000 for a colt by Bettors Delight from Simply Loz. Vicki Rasmussen and Shane Graham went to $23,000 to obtain the colt by Rock N Roll Heaven from Strawbs Interact. In the bracket between $8-16,000, 17 lots were sold and between $5,-7,500 a further 23 were knocked down. As was predicted, there was something for every budget. Given current economic conditions ,and the harsh reality that Queensland prizemoney at the weaker meetings bears little relation to the costs of racing a pacer or trotter today, whether it be in a professional situation or hobbyist, it seems that we still have owners who are willing to take a punt. That in itself is encouraging.
All roads lead to Marburg next Sunday, April 13. Don't miss it, see the young drivers in action over the two Sunday meetings. Enjoy the Marburg hospitality. Jump outs are tomorrow morning with nominations taken from 7.15 am as usual. First education to go at 8.00am.
 No great surprises on the leader board with Trevor Lambourn and Chantal Turpin tying the trainers division on two wins each, and Pete McMullen leading driver with three. The hobbyists were silent this week.
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-Apr-15, 07:27 PM
"TROT TACTICS"..12/04/2014..
  Change our timeslot and we lose the plot as well. So it seemed when this writer totally overlooked the local content in the impressive win of Its Three By Two in the Jim McNeil Memorial Trot, which was decided on Friday night March 28 at Albion Park. In the minds of many who are fans of the traditional trotter, the "McNeil" is the most important of our four feature trot races in the Queensland calendar, as it commemorates the decisive contribution of Jim McNeil to the establishment  of the trotter as a racing reality in the Sunshine State.
  JM invested a large sum of money in loosely assessed trotters which he purchased in New Zealand and flew to Queensland ,where he saw that they fell into the hands of trainers who were keen to see the gait go forward. It was instant racing, and 16 years later we are still forging steadily ahead. Its Three By Two is a gelded son of Malabar Maple,owned, trained and raced by ex-pat kiwis, Frank and Karen Bennett, and was driven by Coominya based Clint Sneddon. The Bennetts race trotters exclusively, and are not afraid to put on drivers with low profiles. So far, they have made admirable choices, with Lauren Jones, now "flying" in Perth WA, who drove the McNeil winner to several victories, and Clint Sneddon who gets little opportunity, was able to do a great job when he gained the drive on the big night. CS has a laid back temperament, an excellent pair of hands, and the ability to match driving instructions to the emerging pattern of a race.
  Frank Bennett, mindful of the need to turn large handicaps into just that, instructed Sneddon to keep Its Three By Two on the pace, and see that it was strong. CS ensured that the horse did exactly as required in economical fashion and the result was a 25 metre victory in a 2:04.1 mile rate for the 2647 metre journey. As long as this writer has been in trotting there have been trainers like Frank Bennett and drivers like Clint Sneddon.They do remarkable things but get little recognition. Strange, but true! Jim McNeil fell into the same category. The above result was fitting indeed.
  Head out to Marburg tomorrow, as the first day of the Easter "double header" kicks off. proceedings commence with the first trial a 11.30 am and the race program proper goes at 12.30pm for the first of five races. Features on the day are Heats 1 and 2 of the Ipswich West Young Drivers Invitation Series. Race 2 starts the Series and is a mobile event for pacers assessed at R1 only over the 1850 metre trip. Four heats will allow the young driving talent from this area to display their skills. The eventual winner will need to adapt to horses that he or she may not have driven before and also must have a modicum of luck in barrier draws  and level of horse ability. The best drive goes nowhere without the horse.
  A further WA update, where Lauren Jones landed her first Metro winner at Gloucester Park on Friday April 4th in the $17,500 M0- M2 Tab Funding The Industry Pace. Mr Sheedy (Presidential Ball x Intoxicating) provided the necessary horsepower and determination to score by a neck in a mile rate of 1:59.9.. The LJ train just keeps on rolling..
  The leader board  lights up Fernvale with Lord Mayor, Darrel Graham, taking honours in both training and driving sectors. Three of each thankyou very much!. A glimmer of hope for the hobbyists with the announcement that Friday night at Albion Park will go to a permanent night spot after July 1st. Hopefully it will be a 7.00pm or later start.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 04/04.. Look Now Bill (Chantal Turpin).. Judyfree (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 05/04.. Five Card Draw (Darrel Graham).. Morethanmeetstheye (Gary whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Lebron (Pete for Brian McCall)... Albion Park 07/04..Just A Little Jery (Mitchell Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Rocky Rogue (Dani-Elle for John McMullen)..  Albion Park 08/04..Major Montana (Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 09/04.. nil... Redcliffe 10/04.. Rollon Las Vegas (Darrel Graham)... Vain Spirit (Dani-Elle for John McMullen).. Teenteeitsdynamite (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Platinum Art (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Dee Jay Ray (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-Apr-21, 06:47 AM
"TROT TACTICS"..19/04/2014..
It's not local news, but it gives insight into how closure of tracks and the consequences following can impact on a sport. Brian Manzelmann, a refugee from the closure of trotting in Mackay some years back, and now having gained asylum in the Logan area of Brisbane,  has taken a strong position in the yearling market, buying some 20 youngsters across the 2014 sale roster. Add 14 from the same sales last year, and 16 mares currently in foal, and you can see that the BRISAM STUD operation,(Brian and Samantha Manzelmann) is looking for a steady output of well bred juveniles to the races, in similar mode to the Grant Dixon stable. As BM said, it is probably the surest way to get a better class of horse with early earning potential. The intention is for some of the juveniles to race in Melbourne with Gaita Pullicino and others in Sydney under the care of John McCarthy. The balance will be added to the home team at BRISAM under the care of Rob Gorman, Jessica Manzelmann, Ray Law and Darren Hooper.. Several syndicates have been formed, including "For the Fighter"  and "Manzelmann Racing" with membership of six owners apiece. Early indications are that, given the interest shown by members friends, six can become fifteen in a very short time.
  The Manzelmann family had capacity for 70 pacers when Mackay was in full swing, and BM's parents were shattered by the closure. The last three or four years has seen the older couple re-kindle their interest and they now race some members of the 55 strong home team. It is this interest that has bought about the use of the stable's flouro-pink sulkies as an aid in picking out the home horses on Sky Channel. What ever way you look at it, Brian Manzelmann has backed his opinion and hopes to the tune of some $300,000., plus the ongoing costs of training and maintenance which will add a large sum to the total by the time the newcomers hit the races. We can only wish BRISAM STUD every success!!
  The above can be interpreted in several ways. The relocation of "Team Manzelmann" to the Brisbane area, can be seen as a strong positive, adding numbers to a dwindling horse pool. Closure of any track or Race Club can only be seen as a total negative, as has recently been the experience in Victoria and NSW. Both states are now taking steps to rectify the position. Currently,  in realistic terms,we are down to two tracks, from which to regenerate  Queensland trotting. QHRB and RQ are currently looking at a site at Yatala to replace Gold Coast Parklands. We can only hope that it eventuates, sooner, rather than later. QHRB and RQ might like to look favourably on any other proposal for a fourth track, on the simple premise of building facilities where there is a large slab of the harness horse population and fans.
  Just an update on the Steven Doherty adventure. The trip is now a reality and SD jets out to Dusseldorf this Monday, where he will join up with the Henk Grift stable. It's all go from there, but Steven will combine shoeing with pleasure, making sure that he sees as much of Europe as work commitments permit. We will keep you up to the mark in the news department.
  The leader board again in the lower Brisbane valley. The trainer's section split three ways with John McMullen, Chantal Turpin and Glenn Dawson on a trio each. Pete McMullen was top driver with four wins..
  Resultsville.. Albion park 11/04.. Chevals Diamond (Ricky Thurlow for Jason Carkeet).. Albion Park 12/04..Five Card Draw (Darrel Graham).. An American Rose (Dani-elle for John McMullen).. Lively Hero (Kelli Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Marburg 13/04.. Flightline (Gary Litzow for John McMullen).. Mister Moseby (Nathan Dawson for Sigi Leitenberger).. Tiki Topaz (Hayden Barnes for Glenn Dawson).. Miss Flick (Richie Williams).. Dutch Cream (Steven Burke).. Albion Park 14/04.. Rollon Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Chicken On A Chain (Nathan for Glenn Dawson).. Certainly James (Gary Whitaker for G. Stanfield).. Cold Real Dimpled (Brendan Barnes for Al Barnes)..  Albion Park 15/04..nil... Redcliffe 16/04..Im Young Tommy (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Macs Choice (Nathan for Glenn Dawson)... Recliffe 17/04.. Flightline (Narissa for John McMullen).. Won Delight (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford).. Intrepid Traveller (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Reddy Fire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Art And rhythm (Trent Moffatt for Trevor Lambourn).. Opals Delight (Pete for Ron Sallis)..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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Trevor and MPA Committee,
Congratulations on another successful Easter meeting.
 The day was perfect, great crowd, great racing and the track was in magnificent order- the best I have seen the actual surface and surrounds.
 The atmosphere was great and everyone I spoke to was very happy. I have been to a few of the Carnival of Cups meetings in NSW of late and what the MPA offered on the weekend would certainly rival the NSW counterparts, which is exactly what QLD is needing right about now.
 A true credit to the Club- count me in as a regular fixture for Easter Sunday.
AC .
  The above is a quote from gallops race caller Anthony Collins, who partnered the "voice of Marburg", Dean Jones and "Mr Redcliffe", Bernie Ring  on the microphone throughout the day.
  Local member, Sean Choat, had his usual happy day at the trots. SC was delighted that there was no provision for segregation of the hierarchy. It was one in all in. Choat's fellow MPA patrons, David Pahlke and Warren Cummins were in the thick of things.  The crowd was estimated at 700 and $2,500 was the gate take. not too shabby. RQ Chairman Kevin Dixon and his wife were on hand and Mrs Dixon took the traditional ride in the mobile for the start of a race.
  Peak crossing based trainer, Mark Rees, is currently in St Andrews Hospital  on assisted breathing equipment thanks to a fall in trackwork. Rees and his horse ran into a mare which had escaped from its paddock, and had decided to join in a two horse workout taking place on the home track. The resulting collision cost Mark Rees 8 fractured ribs and a punctured lung, plus considerable ongoing pain. He wont be sighted for a while. He has our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Meanwhile, the team is in the hands of his capable daughter Amy, who was beaten by a count back into second spot in last Sunday's Ipswich West Young Driver's Invitation Series, won by Nathan Dawson. Amy Rees, who is becoming known for her level head and willingness to please the trainers for whom she drives, was delighted with her second spot, describing the series as great fun and a pleasure in which to compete.
    Harness Racing NSW has pulled the right rein and endorsed prominent owner/driver Colin McDowell as Australian representative to the "Fegat" World Amateur Driving Championship which will be run over a 9 race series in Finland commencing on July 6th. McDowell has a great record in juvenile feature races ,and, if he draws well in the barrier and horse department, will do Australia proud. It would no doubt come as a great surprise to the majority of administrators in this country to observe the level of driving skill displayed at "Fegat"  organised events.  This comes about from the practice of running not only exclusively amateur driver races but requiring amateurs to hold the same standard of licence as is issued to professional reinspersons. The only exclusion which applies is that which prevents a professional from competing in an amateur event. Amateur drivers are able to compete in open events including Features and Classics. Frequently they get the bikkies. In the USA, a country whose practices we often follow blindly, Mal Burroughs was able to own, train and drive Malabar Man to win America's greatest trot race, the Hambletonian 3yo classic. Colin McDowell has achieved a number of milestones in harness, the World title trophy would sit very comfortably in his cabinet.
  A badly jet-lagged Ray and Janelle Cross returned from a European holiday last Sunday having spent some time in France. Naturally, there was a strong focus on the horse department and a chance meeting and some hospitality to a visiting French lady at Albion Park sometime back, bore fruit in an introduction to a leading French trainer who stables at the Grosbois traing complex. RC said that he had never seen the equal of the set up. While rent of facilities is on a per horse basis, this rental provides stabling, training tracks, including a qualifying course and living quarters above the stables. At Vincennes, the major racetrack, the on course stabling is superb. Some 93% of runners compete unshod, with farriers on hand to remove shoes prior to racing, and replate after. The race book identifies those horses which are racing shod. Feed is similar to here with the exception of hay which is made from natural pasture and fed in large quantity. At Grosbois, Ray and Janelle had the pleasure of a jog in a two seater training cart through miles of forest tracks which utilise traffic lights to cross several busy roads in the region. Their opinion of the French countryside. Magnificent!!
  Again the leader board squarely in the lower Brisbane Valley. Trainers, again a three way split between Chantal Turpin, John McMullen and Darrel Graham on three apiece. Pete McMullen leads the drivers with five wins.
  Resultsville.  Albion Park 19/04.. Gallymont Cohort (Trent for Geoff dawson).. Lebron (Pete for Brian McCall).. The Pearl Of Paris (Narissa for John McMullen)... Marburg 20/04.. Royearl Quest (Dale Chalk for Gradan McCoombes).. Certainly James (Brittany Graham for Geoff Stanfield).. In The Present (Hayden Barnes for Glenn Dawson).. The Flying Scot (Amy Rees for Ricky Gordon).. Arvee Bromac (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham)... Albion Park 21/04.. My Mustang (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park  22/04.. Jilliby Ling (Dani-Elle for John McMullen).. My Ultimate Hell (Pete for John Davis).. Chal Fire (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Missing Letters (Darrel Graham)..  Redcliffe 23/04.. My Crazy Ex (Pete for Chantal Turpin)... Redcliffe 24/ 04.. Im Mached Out (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Midnight Montana (Nathan Dawson for Richie Williams).. Arvee Bromac (Brittany for Darrel Graham).. Melton Bonny Mabel (Narissa for John McMullen)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-May-04, 07:46 PM
           "TROT TACTICS"..03/05/2014..
  The wheels of light harness turn with the passage of time, and things which were unheard of 50 years ago are now commonplace. In this writer's youth, there were probably only two stables in New South Wales which boasted horse numbers in excess of 20, these being A D (Tony) Turnbull at Bathurst with possibly 40 plus, and J C (Jimmy) Caffyn  at Granville who hit 64 at one stage. Both were Premiership winning trainer/ drivers, with Caffyn always in contention at Harold Park, while Turnbull was vitually unbeatable in the Western Districts of NSW.
  Both were exceptionally busy operators, with ADT covering a thousand miles weekly, getting to and from meetings. Caffyn in the 60's confined his racing to Headquarters and the Sydney provincial tracks. Turnbull was everywhere, Hawkesbury on Thursday night, Harold Park on Friday ,Orange or wherever on Saturday afternoon and his brother George would meet him at Bathurst Showground in the evening with a truckload of fresh horses for the night's racing.
  Horse numbers were so high that six Sunday Gymkhana meetings were held over each month, with the two "stand alone" fixtures, Fairfield and Bankstown attracting 20-25 races  with full fields at each venue.
  Where am I headed? Here we are, half a century on and horse numbers are low, yet we have a disproportionate number of large teams. Grant Dixon  heads not only the trainer's ladder but the horse ladder as well currently having a team of 60 under his care. Brian Manzelmann is hovering around 60 and likely to expand. John McMullen is at 40 plus, Darrel Graham 30, Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen at 30, Ricky Gordon 25, Vicki Rasmussen and Shane Graham 40, Julie and Lola Weidemann at 40, and Glenn Dawson  20 plus. There you have a random selection of stables canvassed at Redcliffe on Thursday afternoon, with the nine training establishments home to 345 horses.
  In the 60's, backyard trainers, or hobbyists, were thick on the ground. There was not the need for stables to run up to four horses in a race to make up fields, with the resulting knee jerk reaction from punters when the longest priced representative gets the bikkies and the more popular choice comes home with "browns cows". There was in fact more of everything good about trotting. The concept of "get big or get out" does not sit well with the light harness sport. Our current administrators would do well to re-jig their thinking in regard to the " hobby owner/trainer/driver " and turn the "family sport" back to a reality. Currently "family", when viewed in the context of harness, more closely equates to "dynasty".
  If you want to view the proposed plans for the Gold Coast Harness Racing Complex, tomorrow is the day. The presentation  will be at 11.30am on site at Zipfs Road, Alberton. Follow Jacobs Well Road past the Gem Hotel, turn left into Alberton Road and then right into Zipfs Road. Look for signs. Enter on the right opposite the cricket club.  BYO hats and  picnic chairs.
The leader board, new names but geography remains the same. Trainer was Chantal Turpin with four clear victories while Adam Sanderson ran Pete McMullen to a dead heat, both on three winning drives.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 25/04 Blytheburn (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 26/04 Miz Lulabell Lombo (John Cremin fgor Jay Edmunds).. One On The Wood (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Marburg 26/04..  Bowee Bromac (Nathan Dawson for Ricky Gordon)..  Beejays Abundance (Steve Burke).. Lily Ultimate (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Camivista (Tom McGuire for Chris McGuire).. Albion Park 28/04.. nil.. Albion Park 29/04.. Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Five Card Draw (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 30/04.. Reddy Fire (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Ohoka Mach (Trevor Lambourn).. Son of Lopez (Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 01/05.. Mimesis (Pete for Phil Mitchell).. Studleigh Billy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)...
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS..10/05/2014..
When the trotting bug bites, the resulting infection can usually be considered permanent. It may go into remission but usually surfaces somewhere down the track. Such is the case with new arrivals in the Ipswich footprint, ex West Australians, Alan Johnson and his wife of many years, Darcel Lindau-Johnson. The couple actually left WA for the nomadic life in 2004, selling a large cattle feed-lot operation at Northhampton, some six hours drive north of Perth. 2007 saw them in residence in the Gold Coast hinterland, and it was there, last October, that Darcel's early interest in light harness, as a member of the high profile Lindau family, flared again. The Lindaus  rose to prominence outside WA in the late 60's through the efforts of Blue Pennant, a gelded son of Machine Again and Silver Shadow, winner of The Brennan Memorial, Stratton Memorial, and a heat of the 1967 Inter- dominion among numerous other Features.
Back to the Gold Coast, where Darcel is casually listening to a trot meeting in Victoria and hears the breeding details of a pacer named Los Bravos. The dam's name, Tactile Magic rings alarm bells and subsequent research proves that that she is a Lindau family product, being from a mare called Boobianna bred by Darcel's father D'Arcy. Further research leads to Bob and Coral Hawkes of Echuca. By this time, Darcel is on fire, determined to turn a segment of her past into a serious future. The next move is to purchase the total stock of Team Hawkes, sending Reverend Black, Diva Dolly and Los Bravos to Vicki Rasmussen and Shane Graham. Now the search was on for a property, and having bought six yearlings at the recent Redcliffe sale and two more at the Melbourne Australian Pacing Gold venue, naturally a horse breaker must be engaged. Enter Purga based Ray Pullen, a former top Tasmanian trainer/driver with an established reputation in the education business. The well appointed Pullen property just happens to be on the market with the Pullens hoping to head back to the Apple Isle to be close to Ray's father Henry ( a legend in his own right) in his declining years. You guessed it. Springfield Farm is about to be renamed Menlo Park, as it, the resident horses and the great bulk of the working plant are now property of the Johnsons. Further, Bob and Coral Hawkes will be moving in to assist with training what is an expanding team.
Where does Alan fit in all this. AJ is a stock horse and campdraft man and, from comments by Ray Pullen on Alan's technique in handling young stock, we could all benefit from watching him in action. From RP's description Alan Johnson's approach seems to be based on similar principles to that practised by the late James Wilton, who in his hey day was classed as a genius. Both appear to communicate  with the horse on a different level to "Joe Average". There you have it. New people coming into the game, and bringing enthusiasm with them. We welcome Darcel and Alan, and can only hope that their horses move as fast as they themselves moved on what they saw as a series of "good things".
Three tendon injuries in quick succession have robbed Fernvale based trainer, Darrel Graham of a swag of talent..Having lost potential stars, Mafuta Vautin (7 starts for 6 wins) and Major Montana (4 for 2), for at least this current season, it was salt in the wound when Graham lost Montana Marie. The massive daughter of Art Major and Just Del retires to stud with a record of 18 wins from 27 runs and $122,763.
Queensland's "Iron Horse", Destreos will appear at Menangle tonight in the Plough and Harrow Stakes over the mile journey. It will be start number 313 for the old marvel who now boasts stats of 312 for 71 wins 54 seconds and 46 thirds banking $559,905. His last visit to Menangle amounted to one run for one win and $7,500. He is staying for a month this time and Kelli Dawson will be the pilot.
After an ordinary week resulting in just 10 winners, Greg Elkins and Darrel Graham shared trainers honours with two apiece and Kylie Rasmussen was top driver, again with two wins.
Resultsville.. Albion Park 02/05.. Chevals Diamond (Ricky Thurlow for Jason Carkeet).. Albion Park 03/05.. Tinted Pearl (Kylie Rasmussen for Greg Elkins).. Chal Fire (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Albion Park 05/05.. Red Luck (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Signowar (Mitchell Dawson for Trent Knack).. The Falcon Legend (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 06/05.. Cheesy Grin (Kylie Rasmussen for Greg Elkins).. Franco Bulgari (Pete for Narissa McMullen).. Redcliffe 07/05.. Speedy Love (Darrel Graham).. Dutch Cream (Steven Burke)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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Just what are your plans for today. Is it a bright clear Autumn morning, just a bit nippy. If so, Marburg trots are the place for you and the family. The trials program kicks off at 11.00am and race one on the five race card goes at 12.30pm. Entry is $5 for adults, $3 for pensioners and kids under 16 go free. Come along and try the country burgers from Barry's BBQ and the rest of a large selection of hot food. Hot and cold drinks and bar prices to beat the budget, coupled with a bookie that comes there to bet. Sky Channel for the gallops coverage, and all we need is you, to make it a great day. Fun in the sun and "up close" action at Marburg showground. Don't miss it!!
  In the diary for June 14th. Charity Day Race meeting at Marburg. We will have at least one very special guest on that day. More news to come. Make it a "must go" day.
  The grass circuit is about to kick off with a combined trot and gallop meeting scheduled for Beaudesert on Saturday, May 24th. With this in mind, qualifying trials will be held on the grass tomorrow morning, and the first trial is set to go at 8.00am. These will be under mobile start conditions, but only bars incurred on grass can be lifted. Other penalties incurred at Albion Park, Redcliffe and Marburg will remain in place. Slip on over and black book a winner for the next week.
  Raceview owner/breeders, Jeff and Leanne Wallace, have a strong hand in tonight's $100,000 Seymour Nursery Pace Final for 2yo colts and geldings. Lining up for "Team Wallace", will be Mista Natural, unbeaten at two runs so far. Educated by Geoff Dawson and trained and driven by Peter Greig, the colt is by Mr Big from the prolific winner, Impish Princess, a daughter of Fake Left. Impish Princess, herself a winner of $200,000 plus has already produced How Will I Know, currently boasting a bank balance of $127,000. The Wallaces are also breeding from Sweet Shania, Forgiven and Lets RockNRoll.
  Again the wheels of harness are turning, this time focussing on an animal welfare issue.  Harness Racing Australia has made additions to approved and banned gear as a result of discussions at the recent meeting of Chief Stewards and Veterinary Officers. Consideration is given to the need of the item, alternative items available, horse welfare and integrity when these decisions are made
The use of chain, twisted wire or rope pulling bits (irrespective of covering), or devices which constrict a horses jaw, is banned. Items that wrap around the jaw and which are designed to severely tighten on the jaw when pulled create an animal welfare issue. These particular items can cause permanent damage to a horses jaw and are therefore not permitted to be used.
The use of twisted wire bits are banned for any purpose in the State of Victoria under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2008.
  This column has often made reference to the need to eliminate or severely curtail the use of the whip in horse racing. To date, most Australian control bodies have been unable or unwilling to achieve this, and we are still guilty of sending out TV images of drivers flogging horses at any stage of a race. This negative image is now bolstered by the above news. It seems that our potential audience are faced with the peculiar dilemma of a hypothetical driver flogging a horse (causing pain)to encourage it to greater exertion whilst resorting to steering gear more suited to the Spanish Inquisition (causing pain) to guide and or restrain the equine athlete. One day our administrators will realise that we cannot continue to exist without the group of punters that we don't have, and simply must attract in the immediate future. That group is a solid majority  of the Australian population who appreciate an exciting horse fuelled spectacle and contest produced by that most excellent of animals, "the willing horse". They will not have a bar of cruelty, overt or covert.
  Winners again thin on the ground. Just eight this week with the leader board showing Trevor Lambourn and Darrel Graham head to head on two wins while Narissa McMullen took the driving honours with the same total.
  Resultsville..Albion Park.. 09/05.. Cheesy Grin (Narissa for Greg Elkins)... Albion Park.. 10/05.. Arvee Bromac (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Navarda Ace (Narrissa for John McMullen).. Redcliffe.. 11/05 Dee Jay Ray (Trevor Lambourn)... In No Mans Land (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park.. 12/05.. Hachem (Brittany Graham for Adam Sanderson).. Albion Park.. 13/05.. nil... Redcliffe 14/05.. Speedy Love (Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe.. 15/05.. Mimesis (Pete for Phil Mitchell)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: monologue on 2014-May-19, 12:10 PM
Thanks for putting these up.
I enjoy having a read of these and it takes me back to when I was a regular at Harold Park in Sydney where I witnessed some of the best ever pacers going around .
The likes  Hondo Gratton, Paleface Addios, Koala King ..these were just some of the names I remember.
Harold Park back in those days was overflowing with people, and the placed buzzed with atmosphere and excitement .

When I moved with work up to Qld I settled in the Redlands after a short period at Sunnybank.
Often would take myself out to the Cleveland showgrounds where some local trainers would put their pacers through some work and often races would be staged at the local show.
These were always exciting affairs with the tight saucer tracks being way to small to accommodate too many horses.

Eventually caught the bug and purchased my first pacer...a tried horse I think they called it which had already won 6 or 7 races at Rocklea.
A local trainer at the time said I paid way too much for this bloke but even conceding he may be right I asked him to train this horse which he was happy to do.

The bloke I bought him off was, I found out later, was what some  would call a "Colourful Character" and had done a bit of time. This didn't really worry me as I'd mixed with a few colourful characters in my days growing up in the southern suburbs of Sydney and found if nothing else these types were loyal.

After many set backs whilst training this horses I was starting  to get frustrated and feeling as though the trainer was correct in his assumption I had paid too much for him.
Ok a plan was put into action and we were to "set him up" for a win at Rocklea which was his place of triumph in previous wins.

Back then you could get set for any amount of money with the on course bookies and with the help of a mate ( who was a copper back then) we  proceeded to place numerous bets on my horse with prices as high as 33-1.
Without going into a description of the race the plan was to lead and if he got to the lead he would just win...well he never got to the lead and ended up in fourth position.

Sitting up in the stand my mate and I were devastated and close to broke..so after composing ourselves we headed out to Doomben to recoup our losses.
We managed to claw back some of our losses at Doomben and the excesses of alcohol seem to diminish not only our losses back at Rocklea but our declining spirit and we decided to kick on further into the night with a few more bets at Albion Park trots then into the city for some more refreshment.  
Remembering I was the designated driver that day and night I tried to remain under the limit, those days .08 but the free drinks from the bar managers on duty that my mate knew first hand were starting to take their toll on my thinking process and in the end thought I would just chance my luck once more by driving home.
The night ended badly just as the day had started and I got pulled over and asked to blow into the bag which set off the alarms so was taken back to the city watch house and retested which went even higher than my roadside reading.
Anyway a $1500 fine and 3 months disqualification added to my losses on the punt of my pacer that day led it to be one of the most unremarkable days of my life.

Thirty years later we can laugh at it now but it was no laughing matter back then and after one more unsuccessful go at owning a pacer I thankfully saw the light and went back into Thoroughbred ownership with far more better and rewarding results.
One lesson  that did come out of it was it was too difficult to get from A to B without  a car so that was the end to my drink driving days.

Still have a slight intertest in the main pacing races but its sad to see the decline in both interest and attendaces at harness tracks.

Sorry If Ive hijacked your thread.

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-May-19, 03:48 PM
Very interesting contribution Mono you obviously were a real desperate in days gone by...... pleased that you survived to tell the tale ..after all "money lost ..nothing lost ..confidence lost ...everything lost"  Eric Connolly. :beer:

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                         "TROT TACTICS".24/05/2014..
  Great turmoil in the halls of power this week as two members of the Queensland All Codes Racing Industry Board (QACRIB) tendered their resignations. It is believed that both members were acting in protest against what is seen to be an ongoing lack of consultation, transparency and accountability in QACRIB's handling of negotiations leading to the  re-selection of TattsBet as the wagering service provider of choice in the Sunshine State. The same opinions have been voiced on decision making processes on a number of other projects and initiatives since QACRIB's inception. Barry Taylor (Gallops) and Brad Steele (Harness) have pulled the plug, and so far neither gentleman has confirmed their motives.
  Animal racing in Queensland is a huge business in dollar terms as it runs on a host of expensive consumables and repetitive services. Expenditure on feed, farrier, transport and veterinary services runs to millions per week across the state, and any turn down in the business due to lack of confidence in the Control Body would soon be felt in the State's economy. With two of the five QACRIB members heading for the pavilion it falls squarely on the shoulders of the Minister for Racing, Steve Dickson to open an inquiry into the reasons behind these actions. Given that most of the racing fraternity voted LNP in the hope of a promised better deal under a new Government, the ball is now fairly in the Minister's court. Nothing less than complete disclosure and appropriate remedial action based on the findings of such an inquiry  will satisfy what is now a very nervous racing community. If, as it is rumoured, we have a number of puppet masters operating behind the scenes, then these people have to go. It's called integrity, and like justice, it must be seen to be done.
  The Marburg Pacing Association, aka Marburg Harness Racing Club, will race on next Saturday, May 31, as a lead in to the June 14th Charity Cup meeting. The Charity day clashes with the Ipswich Cup gallops meeting, but, rather than seeing this as a problem, Marburg will offer a less glitzy, not so overpowering event, aimed at providing exciting trotting in a more laid back and budget conscious family day setting. All the usual Marburg features will be on offer. The best burgers, straight off Barry's BBQ, a variety of other hot and cold food including Sharlene's delicious desserts, hot and cold drinks with bar prices that can't be beaten, bookies that come there to bet plus Sky Channel coverage of the gallops, and several value packed raffles. Get a taste of what's on on June 14 by rocking up next Saturday May 31. $5 gets adults through the gate, Pensioners and Members are in at $3 and children under 16 years old go free. The day starts at 11.00 am with official barrier trials and the Racing commences at 12.30 pm. If it's value for your dollar that's wanted, Marburg is the place to get it.
  Former Ekka Ring Master, Warren Cummins, reports that the standardbred section at Ipswich Show attracted 18 entries, and he was more than impressed with the level of presentation of both horses and handlers. The presence of the trotters in the show ring has been much on the decline in recent years, with this writer having judged the breed at the Ekka in 2012 when the turnout was less than double figures. Maybe things are about to change for the better.
  Having reported the string of tendon injuries which affected talented pacers in the Darrel Graham stable recently, it is good to see that former star, Lanercost, put his toe in the water on the comeback trail, winning a trial at Albion Park last Monday with Adam Sanderson in the sulky. DWG is not about to get too excited, saying that Lanercost will have to complete more trials in a consistently satisfactory manner before there is any thought of a race start.
  Same leader board, same names. Trainers, Chantal Turpin three for the week, drivers, CT's fiancée Pete McMullen, right up there with five.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 16/05.. Cullens Jewel (Pete for Phil Mitchell).. Albion Park 17/05..Whatajetstar (Narissa McMullen).. Marburg 17/05.. Rubys Falcon (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Albion Park 19/05.. Instant Chemistry (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 20/05.. Cheval Zeppenology (Ricky Thurlow for Jason Carkeet).. Cheesy Grin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Redcliffe 21/05..Matt Belford (Ken Belford).. Highview Ember (Pete for Chantal Turpin)... Redcliffe 22/05.. Just A Fling (Mathew Neilson for Denis Smith).. Mimesis (Pete for Phil Mitchell).. Teenteeitsdynamite (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Diamond Fantasy (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Blessed Is The Boy (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen)..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 31/05/2014..
  Sadly, death is with us again, with two ladies, wives of trainers, leaving us this week. Firstly, Paula, wife of Marburg identity Ken Burwell, who lost a battle with severe illness and was cremated on Thursday at Laidley. Incredibly, Valma, widow of Boonah based Snowie Staines died the same day from injuries received when trying to chase a cow out of the house yard on the family property. Both will be sadly missed.
  The last day of Autumn. What better way to spend it than out at Marburg Showgrounds watching the trots. Be close to the action on the 700 metre circuit, while enjoying the country cooking, the bookies that have a go and the liquid refreshment ranging from hot and cold drinks and probably one of the best priced bar lists anywhere. The trials start at 11.00am and the five race program goes at 12.30 pm. Plenty of opportunity for the punter as the bookies field on a number of gallops meetings as well as the local trots. Sky Channel screens keep you up to date on fluctuations. Today is a lead in to "Charity Day" ,coming up on June 14th. Slip on out and preview a laid back alternative to the extravagance and glitz of the Ipswich Cup.
   A super bonus prior to the "Charity Day" trot meeting can be enjoyed by attending the Poets In The Park Breakfast, held in the Community Park opposite the Marburg Hotel that morning. Fans of lyric, introspective, social and heroic verse can hear devotees of the muse read their latest works. Food for thought has always been the poets stock in trade, reflecting times in which we live, troubled or otherwise, and providing balm for the soul. Make it a big and satisfying day, combining both events.
  Former Marburg resident, Steven Doherty, currently pursuing his career as a farrier based in Dusseldorf (Germany), is already gaining the respect of high profile trainers. SD recently plated long time superstar, Commander Crowe after a track record breaking performance at Volfega in Holland. The multi- millionaire trotter is one of Europe's  harness heroes  of the last five years, and his recent effort shows that his star is far from set. Top race horses in that part of the world are treated as royalty, and to be asked to shoe him is a big wrap in itself. Check the website <austrotforum.com> for phone photo. Go Steve !!
  The Winter Carnival rolls on with Triad Finals for 3yos of both sexes enjoying Group 2 status at $80,000 apiece. Group 2 prestige also applies to the 4yos which will race for $50,000. It is a strange logic ,apparently driven by the need for an early return on the investment of buying a yearling, which sees the 2yos race for even bigger purses and Group 1 status. A number of thinking owners and trainers have for many years requested that the prizemoney be reversed with the 4yos getting top dollar. The rationale for this is, that there would be a reduction in the wastage of juveniles from training stresses incurred chasing the big money, thus ensuring a larger pool of undamaged mature animals with race track longevity as a keystone of their resume!
  Not high scores but plenty of names on the leader board this week. Three way dead heats for trainers, John McMullen, Darrel Graham and Glenn Dawson all on two winners. Drivers likewise at two apiece for Nathan Dawson, Adam Sanderson and Pete McMullen.
  Resultsville. Albion Park.. 23/05.. Teasing (Dale Chalk for Shaun Gillespie).. Albion Park 24/05.. Praze An Beeble (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Albion Park 26/05.. Its Well Said (Hayden Barnes for Pete McMullen).. Blessed Is The Boy (Narissa for John McMullen).. Look My Way (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Gloveman Gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Big Bazz (Ricky Gordon).. Albion Park 27/05.. Missing Letters (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 28/05.. My Man Dan (Pete McMullen).. All Dreams Aside (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Redcliffe 29/05.. In The Present (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Only One Slim (Pete for John McMullen)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..07/06/2014..
  Just keep that black book open for next Saturday June 14th. Marburg offers the best of cruisy packages as an alternative to the hype and glitz of the Ipswich Cup. Start the morning  with a visit to Poets In The Park. Have breakfast with the tellers of tales and the weavers of fantasies. Food for the body and sustenance for the soul.
  Then a short walk up the road to the Showgrounds, where a $5.00 entry will get you into the Marburg Pacing Associations Charity Day trial and race meeting. Trials kick off at 11.00am and the serious racing at 12.30pm. Marburg at its best with top class country cooking, brilliant desserts, hot and cold drinks, plus the best bar prices available any where. Brilliant spectacle of the pacers on a 700 metre track with all its close up action. The bookie covers local trots and the major gallops action with Sky Channel screens to keep you on the ball if you fancy a bet. Come along. and support our fund raising effort for 18 year old disabled rider, Phoebe Roche. Help her to get herself and her dressage horse, Comet, to the "Special Olympics", set down for Melbourne in October. All you have to do is roll up, enjoy the day's racing, enjoy the food, meet Phoebe, hopefully buy a few raffle tickets, and, it will be dream come true for Melbourne. It's as easy as that but we can't do it without your support. We need you!
  As reported previously, our globe trotting farrier, Steve Doherty, has kept his options open and has now shifted to France. His own words best describe the new situation. "I have a job in France and I'm working for the best. Currently a goom for the Dubois stable. No shoeing here for me only stable duties but learning so much. The farm is massive I've counted 8 tracks 4 straight tracks, water walkers undercover swim treadmills and about 8 normal walkers. The place is amazing.French trotting is the best in the world and I'm lucky enough to be working for the best in France." See, it just gets better.
  "The merry, merry, month of May" was a line from a popular song of years ago. It was back to the future for several owners on the Brisbane scene last month as the flow of winners seemed never ending. Kevin and Kay Seymour's harness operation, Solid Earth Pty Ltd was in Victory Lane on no less than 23 occasions over 28 race meetings. The equine earners were a mix of home-breds and NZ purchases, including Gold Medallist, Charming Allie, Field Officer and Majestic Mach. Next up was harness racing Control Board Member Greg Mitchell, who was up where it counts with 14 winners, among which were Lord Luna, Max Richter and Only The Brave. Out Ipswich way, Raceview based Jeff and Leeanne Wallace had a corker with their home products taking the laurels 7 times, thanks to Mista Natural and How Will I Know. See, it can be done. Just takes the right mixture of optimism and patience, plus a dash of luck.
  Meanwhile harness in Queensland is lacking a Control board Member, and a Racing Manager. This needs to be rectified smartly. The preceding paragraph would make you believe that all is going well indeed. Sadly, it is not. Much needs to be done to repair cracks at the base of the pyramid. First thing is to provide viable racing opportunity for the hobbyists. In other words, timeslots that allow the owner/trainer/driver to compete without losing time from work, plus the programming of races in which his horses will be competitive. Give them that for starters and a lot of the cracks will disappear.   
  Jump outs at Marburg tomorrow morning. Nominations taken at 7.15am and education goes at 8.00am. Great Marburg  breakfast and hot and cold drinks.
  Just nine winners for the week with ever reliable Darrel Graham top trainer with just two wins. It took nine drivers to get the nine winners home. Joy for every one.
  Resultsville Albion Park 30/05.. Certainly James (Gary Whitaker for Geoff Stanfield).. Albion Park 31/05 .. nil... Marburg 31/05..Hashtagyolo (Mitchell Dawson)... Take Seven (Nathan Dawson for Max Towns).. Albion Park 02/06.. My Mate Billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Judyfree (Pete McMullen)... Albion Park 03/06.. Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. The Falcon Ute (Brittany Graham).. Big Zee (Chris Petroff for Trevour Lambourn)... Redcliffe 04/06.. Montana Falcon (Darrel Graha).. Albion Park 05/06.. nil..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 14/06/2014..
  Well, now it's crunch time. What to do. Head on down for the hustle and bustle of the Ipswich Cup , or  take in the laid back atmosphere of the Charity day meeting at Marburg trots. Today, Marburg will host a fund raiser for disabled rider, Phoebe Roche. Phoebe, who doesn't mind a challenge, is hoping to compete  with her horse Comet in the Dressage events at the Special Olympics, to be held in Melbourne in October. Go good there and Los Angeles is a possibility next year. PR  and Comet will give a demonstration of their skills between races today, and the Marburg Pacing Association will be running a 600 ticket, 6 prize raffle on her behalf. Come on out, support Phoebe, and enjoy the spectacular, " close to the action" racing on the 700 metre circuit. Best of country burgers, all sorts of goodies including local baked Walloon pies, hot and cold drinks and the best bar prices. Bookmaker fielding on gallops and local trots with Sky Channel screens to follow the fluctuations. Leave home early and have breakfast at  Marburg's Poets in the Park  on the way. Trot trials start at 11.00am and the race program at 12.30 pm. Admission is $5, with pensioners and students $3, children under 16 go free. A great and affordable family day.
  Moving to tonight and leading into the Winter Carnival, Albion Park presents a top meeting. Two heats of what is now the Kevin and Kay Seymour Premier's Cup. The prestige event for C2-C5 pacers is a standing start handicap run over 2647 metres, and, the Final has never been won by anything but a good horse. Formerly run at the now defunct Gold Coast Parklands from 1984, the race is true staying test. Now in its 30th year, the Cup has been won by the likes of Pocket Battleship 1993 (Paul Matis), which went on to earn over $240,000, and last year Alberto Contador, currently banking $217, 868 from 64 starts was the victor. Add to this a Free For All over the mile journey, which sees the return of Lanercost for the Darrel Graham stable after a long absence from the track and a season at stud. All the current sprint stars are there including  LeBron, Avonnova, Destreos and Sign To Inverell. All up, the nine runners have earned  $3,042,810 between them, with the lowest just $105 short of the magic $200,000 mark and the highest on $573,765. See, there is money in trotting, you just have to get the right horses.
  Former high profile trainer/driver, and highly successful Ipswich based accountant and businessman,Paul Matis, has been among the missing for some years now. His last horse of any note was the injury plagued kiwi, White Star Sam, which Matis was able to put in the black side of the ledger with a couple of well executed plunges at Gold Coast. A far better driver than he was ever rated, Matis resumed behind Regal Eagle, trained by Geoff Dawson, for a midfield effort at Albion Park last Tuesday. PM has also purchased Ruckus Hanover, currently prepared by Barty Cockburn at Logan Village. Too busy at work to train, Matis's intention is to drive for pleasure. We shall see.
  Your thoughts are directed to Jenny Halliday and John Davis, both battling serious health issues. We need them back on deck again soon.
  Changes on the leader board this week with the Mayor of Mt Walker West, Trevor Lambourn  sharing the trainers with Darrel Graham on three winners apiece, and the drivers section split between Chris Petroff and Adam Sanderson on two.
  Resultsville. Redcliffe 06/06.. Instant Chemistry (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Montana Falcon (Darrel Graham).. Albion Park 07/06.. Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Big Zee (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park 09/06.. Jaylets Fury (Glenn Dawson).. Luke Hobbs (Brittany Graham).. Albion Park 10/06.. Missing Letters (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Alta Antonia (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Redcliffe 11/06 .nil... Redcliffe 12/06 .. Teasing (Shaun Gillespie).. Vicar Sivad (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Big Zee (Brendan Barnes for Trevor Lambourn)..
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"TROT TACTICS"..21/06/2014..
  Well folks, we can report that the Marburg Charity Race day was a big success. Wet weather did not help, but there was a fair sprinkling of new faces among the crowd. Our star attraction, disabled rider Phoebe Roche, under the watchful eye of her coach, Cathy Binz, gave a neat display of her dressage skills  aboard her warm blood cross gelding, Comet.. The racing was top quality, with Bronze Ecstasy, driven by Amy Rees for her father Mark taking out the Phoebe Roche Fundraiser Stakes in the smart mile rate of 2.04 and change. Bronze Ecstasy went on to win at Albion Park on Tuesday, confirming the Marburg form with a blistering 1-57.4 performance.
  The fund raising was equally successful with a total of $1820.00 coming from the raffle and several large cash donations. Winners are grinners, and Canteen volunteer, Sharlene Russell won first prize of a case of wine , while Phoebe, her mum Shaneen and good old Comet will be going to the "Special Olympics", scheduled for Melbourne in October. The Marburg Pacing Association wishes "Team Roche" every success and our thanks go to the Advertiser, Queensland Times and Gatton Star news papers which gave us great coverage and really put the fundraiser on the road to success. Who said "print media" was on the way out. Not here it isn't..
  An interesting view of the Ipswich Cup comes from a Mrs Cochrane, who with her husband Ron, were first time attenders at the big gallops day. The Cochranes have been Ipswich residents for the last five months since "crossing the ditch" and are determined to attend every sporting venue in the greater Ipswich footprint. Mrs Cochrane found the "Fashions In The Field" to be a high class event with the ladies sporting the latest in elegant style. She reports that many in the crowd were delighted to see that the top award went to an Ipswich lady, as apparently either Brisbane or the Gold Coast supplies the winner on most occasions.  Crowd numbers were good, and Marquees plentiful. Ron Cochrane was also delighted. He backed the winner of the Cup. Best of all, the Cochranes are coming to the Marburg race meeting on July 12th. We must do our best to see that they become regular patrons.
  Racing Queensland has announced a Strategic Plan to be implemented from this point until June 2017. The plan contains eight primary objectives as follows. (1) Building a passion for our sport.. (2) Creating a compelling racing product.. (3) Increasing and diversifying revenue streams.. (4) Becoming a Data-driven and Technology-led industry.. (5) Championing animal welfare.. (6) Investing in infrastructure.. (7) Celebrating our people.. (8) Upholding integrity.. There should have been a 9th primary objective aiming at a brighter future for "hobbyists", but it seems to have been overlooked.
  The entire document can be read from the RQ website and I can only suggest that anyone with the future of the sport at heart  and a comprehensive  grasp of "buzzwords" and "guru speak" should do just that. Strategic plans were much mooted in the late Peter Caldwell's (CEO) time, and that of Harness Racing Board Chairman, Keith Hamburger. Generally speaking, such plans are easy to generate, and extremely difficult to implement. Usually, this can be attributed to a lack of real knowledge of the situation on the part of the generators. Hopefully, this will not prove to be the case in this instance.
  Harness has a new Racing manager. Congratulations to David Aldred , previously CEO of the Bendigo Harness Racing Club (Vic). David will no doubt find himself very much involved over the three year life of the Strategic Plan. It will be a baptism of fire, and no place for the faint hearted!
  The leader board lights up for Nathan Dawson, way out in front driving five winners, trainers were split between Darrel Graham and john McMullen on three apiece.
  Resultsville. Albion Park 13/06.. Hachem (Adam Sanderson).. Makinamove (Shane Graham for Doug Lyon).. Albion Park 14/06.. Chal Fire (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Missing Letters (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).... Marburg 14/06.. Four Starz Cam (Ray Law).. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees for Mark Rees) ..Take Seven (Nathan Dawson for Max Towns).. Jaylets Fury (Nathan for Glenn Dawson).. Albion Park 16/06.. Justanothermaori (Chantal Turpin).. Vicar Sivad (Nathan Dawson for Trevor Lambourn).. Opals Delight (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Dancing Major (Nathan Dawson for Trevor Lambourn)... Albion Park 17/06.. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Carnival Pride (Narissa for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 18/06.. Arvee Bromac (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 19/06.. Halfway Holme (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Badjellys Courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Navarda Ace (Narissa for John McMullen).. Blessed Is The Boy (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen)..
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TROT TACTICS".. 28/06/2014..
  Recent performances indicate that there just might be a another young harness talent on the rise. Almost 19 years old, Nathan Dawson is beginning to make his mark. With just eight weeks left of his second season in the sulky, ND is assembling  a resume based on consistency. All up, Dawson has "been round" on 341 occasions for 22 wins and 62 placings, but this season, the stats are, to date, 239 starts for 18 wins, 49 places and 30 4ths. What this means is better than 40% cheques to the owners  per start. Nathan Dawson works for his Uncle, John McMullen, whose stables are located at Glamorganvale, pretty much the epicentre of success in Ipswich trotting.
  Naming Double Identity as the best pacer he has seen, and Enrique Of Malacca as the best he has driven, the modest lad hopes to become a good driver and do well in the sport. He views trotting as "going OK at the moment, but in need of more tracks". Nathan Dawson has a Saturday night licence, plenty of ambition and the ability to make that ambition a reality. No different to any  other young driver, his fortunes will be heavily influenced by the quality of horses that he drives. His already respectable efforts have been achieved with "bread and butter" horses. Show him the right cattle and he will show you the winners.
  If you were wondering just what the new Racing Manager for Harness, David Aldred, who has left a good job at Bendigo trots in Victoria for a hard slog in Queensland, has to recommend him, the following is a statement  from Bendigo Chairman, Dennis Bice. "It is very disappointing to lose David from our club and harness racing in Victoria as he has achieved a great deal in setting the framework and direction for the Bendigo Harness Racing Club,” Mr Bice said.
“Under David’s guidance and leadership we have achieved a number of milestones and have been recognised for those at industry awards nights. None more prominent than the Bendigo Harness Racing Club winning the Victorian Club of the Year in 2012 for the first time, as well as several other industry awards for media and promotions, including the successful Race for Fun Club promotions in conjunction with the Bendigo Advertiser and a national award for best social and digital media last year.
“David’s dedication, hard-working approach and leadership have set the benchmark for us moving forward and I can understand why a body such as Racing Queensland have sought out his experience and expertise."
  Mr Aldred  is a former Queenslander who commenced his involvement in racing here some 34 years back as a rookie race caller at the same time as David Fowler. DA called trots at Rocklea and the original Gold coast track at Queen Street Southport. He then transferred to MacKay for some six years, calling races and doubling up as Secretary manager of both trots and gallops clubs. A four year stint at Penrith trots as CEO was followed by nine years at Sunshine Coast gallops. A further four years was spent in Canada as CEO of the western division of the Canadian trotting authority, but he was back in Australia to oversee the Tasmanian Inter-Dominion of 2006. Thence Bendigo and now back here commencing in August. That is some "CV". David Aldred may just be the man we need!
  The leader board lights up with just eleven winners for the week. Darrel Graham heads the trainers with just two wins , while Adam Sanderson, Kelli Dawson and Narissa McMullen share the driving honours again with a pair apiece. Again the geographic factor. All four reside within a stones throw of each other at Fernvale and Glamorganvale.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 20/06.. Just a Fling (Mathew Neilson for Denis Smith).. Missing Letters (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Albion Park 21/06 Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham)..  Albion Park.. 23/06.. Call Me Yours (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Cold Real Dimpled (Brendan Barnes for Al Barnes).. Albion Park 24/06.. Jilliby Ling (Narissa for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 25/06.. Sir Camelot (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 26/06.. Beaver (Kelli Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Opals Delight (Ron Sallis).. Art and Rhythm (Trevor Lambourn)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..05/07/2014..
  There is no doubt that the biggest buzz in trotting is race driving. This was borne out last Tuesday when Pete McMullen was selected by WA trainer, Gary Hall snr, to drive Im Themightyquinn  in an Albion Park trial as a lead up to his tilt at the Garrards Sunshine Sprint tonight. Twenty two year old McMullen who is firmly entrenched as one of Queensland's top drivers, put the superstar pacer round the 1660 metres at Headquarters  in very impressive fashion, bolting away from his opposition in a mile rate of 1-51.9 just 0.1 seconds outside Suave Stuey Lombo's track record. PM described the drive as the greatest thrill he has ever experienced, a privilege and an honour. It will be back to normal tonight when Gary Hall jnr takes the reins and Pete will be reunited with his regular Free For All charger, the tough and honest LeBron.
 For the stats buffs, "Quinny" (Washington VC from the Sokys Atom mare, Love Sign) has banked $4,468,736 from 108 starts for 56-20-13.. Feature wins include two Inter-Dominion Grand Finals plus four heats, three Fremantle cups of $250,000 (one under stand start conditions), two West Australian Pacing Cups of $400,000 and a $400,000 mobile event unnamed in his summary.Interestingly, Love Sign appears to have gone empty for the next five seasons, going back to Washington VC in 2009/10 to produce another colt which now races in WA as Themightynadal. As this season draws to a close, Themightynadal has been round six times for a respectable 1-1-2 and $4,732 in the bank.
  Too late for our deadline last week was the announcement that Racing Queensland has signed a 30 year agreement with TattsBet to provide wagering services. The new deal is said to provide considerable extra funds, and is apparently made possible by a reduction in the Government's take out from the "betting tax". At the moment, who gets what ,and where the additional monies will be spent is unclear. No doubt the matter will be clarified in due course.
  Racing Queensland CEO, Darren Condon, said RQ is determined to make Queensland a leader in the animal welfare cause through initiatives such as GAP (greyhounds) and our new thoroughbred rehabilitation program. Apparently harness did not warrant a mention. We have two organisations "AFTER" and "SAQ" which have been re-homing standardbreds for at least a decade in Queensland. Animal welfare at its best. This blinkered approach is very much like that applied to an endangered species in harness, the owner/trainer/driver. Once the backbone of a flourishing sport, the "hobbyist" is headed the way of the Tasmanian Tiger. Harness administrators have lost sight of the truth in the old adage "strength in numbers". In their efforts to create an elite operation attracting only wealthy owners, they are trying to turn the pyramid upside down while removing its stability at the same time.
    Human interest for the week comes out of the North Island town of Thames in NZ. There lives New Zealand's oldest trainer, Bill Darrah who is 93 and still going strong. BD took up the trotters several years after retiring from a life on the farm. He had used horses for most of his early farming and had seen plenty of trotting as a casual punter. Looking for an interest, Darrah put in a very modest track in  his home paddock, in his own words, " a topping of rotten rock, not much more than a metre wide" acquired a horse and some gear and was on his way. To his great joy and surprise, that first horse was able to win at Alexandra Park. Win numbers now stand at a respectable 22. He professes no particular ability as a horseman, maintaining that any real ability lies in the horse itself, and your efforts as a trainer are only to get a little bit more out of the animal. Bill Darrah is a fit old bloke  and probably one of the few men in Australasian racing to use nosebags as a feeding technique. His two ambitions are, "to go on as long as he can" and to keep training winners.
  Put July 12th in the diary. It's only a week away and Marburg races are on a gain. There will be another multi-prize raffle headed up by a $200 voucher on Woolworths plus a good card of racing. Trials are tomorrow morning, 7.15 nominations and education goes at 8.00am. Burgers, hot and cold drinks, all at rock bottom prices.
  We can't get away from the lower Brisbane Valley. The leader board says Darrel Graham (Fernvale) is the top trainer with four wins, plus Pete McMullen (Patrick Estate) and Narissa McMullen (Glamorganvale) equal in the drivers with a score of three apiece..
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 27/06.. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. My Man Dan (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Im Young Tommy (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 28/06..Five Card Draw (Darrel Graham). Intrepid Traveller (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..Studleigh Billy (Darrel Graham).. Four Jokers (Narissa for John McMullen).. The Pearl Of Paris (Narissa for John McMullen).. Albion Park 30/06..Monkseaton (Rob Gorman for Jay Edmunds).. Spirit Of Aurora (Glenn Dawson).. Albion Park 01/07.. Call Me Yours (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Redcliffe 02/07.. Rubys Bad Boy (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Speedy Love (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 03/07.. Monkseaton (Rob Gorman for Jay Edmunds).. Melton Valueless (Narissa for John McMullen).. My Mate Billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Betonthebay (Trevor Lambourn for Greg Minns)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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  A new arrival from the deep south, Menangle would you believe, is trainer Mark Zohn. MZ has been involved in both codes of horse racing, starting out with the gallopers, including stints with Les Bridge in Sydney and Danny Bougoure Snr  here in Brisbane. Zohn switched codes in 1984 and named Bucklerburn Boy as perhaps one of his better performers in the early years.  Currently he works a mixed team of six pacers and three trotters, with Red Rocker, recently beaten narrowly in 1-52.0 at Menangle, Big Bazz and Lets Press On as the best of the hoppled contingent. The trotters are Heart Throb Hest, Jarsovfaks  and Sambalada which has been campaigning here in recent months for Haigslea based Ricky Gordon. Mark Zohn  prefers the trotters to the pacers, a policy which will endear him to a lot of local trainers who find the room and the patience for the diagonal gaited horse. Whatever side of the fence you are on, in a time when smaller operations are being wound up on a regular basis, Mark Zohn stands out as an asset in the Ipswich footprint and we should make him very welcome.
  Well, Im Themightyquinn lived up to his reputation as the fastest horse in Australia by posting a new track record in last Saturday night's Garrards Sunshine Sprint. The rising ten year old scorched around  Albion Park in 1-50.4 to knock a massive 1.4 seconds off the previous mark. Very few horses get where "Quinny" is without a very dedicated and competent trainer, and Gary Hall snr is no exception. GH's first contact with horses of any sort was with the milk and bakers cart working animals. The then 13 year old would make contact with the gentle giants and in due course would go with the delivery men to complete their rounds. As a natural progression, the lad was allowed to handle the reins. Soon, spare pocket money was spent at the local riding school, hiring a pony or hack at the weekends. As time went by, GH began to put in time at Gloucester Park mixed with a bit of punting.
  The idea soon formed that "I could do that" and young Hall was off to the reinsman's school. By age 16  he was a hobbyist  on a one horse basis. His first winning drive, for another trainer was Russvic, and Tovaree, trained and driven, followed in due course. It has been an upward progression since going full time in 1983, from which point onwards he has been in the top five trainers. GH claims it took 30 years to get to the top after deciding that was where he wanted to be. He is now well and truly there, topping the national stake earning figures for the last 6 or 7 seasons and leading metropolitan trainer in WA for the last 7 years. Hall  gave away the sulky on race night some 16 years ago. He had notched up some 600 winners but was not rated as a driver, being considered "too aggressive". He says that he trains the same way and facts seem to support the value of that approach. A one off return to the sulky some two years back saw G. Hall salute behind Famous Alchemist just to prove a point. Gary Hall, with his team of 50 horses, and his acknowledged ability, is amazed at the welcome which has been extended to him and his horse here in Queensland. It might be GH's personality. He is justly proud of his achievements, but in a modest fashion. Such attributes seldom go hand in hand.
  To finish off ,a heart warming positive accompanied by an astounding negative. On the upside, trainer/driver/farrier, Mark McNee  spent two days last weekend at the annual Zone 1 pony Club Camp, held at Beaudesert  Showgrounds. Mark was asked by Hendra Pony Club to bring along a couple of mini-trotters to introduce the kids to harness. MM gave 8 demo sessions over the two days assisted by his children who are keen competitors in the world of mini racing. All was well received, with every youngster having a drive, and a number of adults present who claimed no knowledge of harness racing in Queensland had the hands on experience as well. The downside of this is the lack of recognition for harness racing/trotting in the community at large. For many years now, successive administrations have failed to put the harness message out there. Any promotion that may have been done was through the sport's own publications and Sky Channel. A costly and useless exercise in preaching to the converted. Mark McNee's experience was further franked when one couple not only bought a pony for their child, but then approached MM indicating strong interest in buying a full size pacer or trotter and going off to the races. For sometime now racing admin in Queensland has talked about thinking outside the square. Just holding up a sign, so that the people outside our square could see it, would be a good place to start.
  No contest on the leader board this week. All the way with Darrel Graham, four of each.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 04/07..Lanercost (Darrel Graham).. Seaspray Notch (Gary Whitaker for James Harriott).. Albion Park 05/07..Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Missing Letters (Darrel Graham)... Albion Park 07/07.. Goodwill Lad (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen) .. Paris To Berlin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Albion Park 08/07.. Red Luck (Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 09/07.. Jilliby Mac (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Rubys Bad Boy (Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 10/07.. Opals Delight (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Therecomesatime (Pete for Ron Sallis)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..19/07/2014..
    Fans heading off to Albion Park this evening for the big night of the Winter Carnival will get a trip down memory lane when Champion pacer, Blacks A Fake (now retired) leads out the field of top liners which will contest the $100,000 Feature which bears his name. "Blacky" started on 105 occasions for for 72-19-5.., banking $4,575,438 and stopping the clock at a mile rate of 1-53.7. The "Black Superman" won no less than four Inter-Dominion Grand Finals. Fittingly, his closest rival in the prizemoney stakes is Western Australian  Im Themightyquinn, currently boasting earnings of $4,507,456 from 110--57-21-13 and a best record of 1-50.4.. At $67,982 behind "Blacky", the WA pacing machine would not get enough out of a win tonight to take the crown but it seems likely that this mark will be achieved in his next couple of starts.
Local trainer Bill Crosby and his regular pilot, Gary Whitaker, have a better than average chance of taking out the 2yo Colts and Geldings division of the Q-bred Triad Final with Constantlysideways. The son of Village Jasper and the Speed King mare, Misscilla has been to the races on seven occasions for one win and four placings, with only $10,020 to show for his troubles. The winner's cut of the $80,000 purse would boost the bottom line. The Crosby/Whitaker combo has tasted much success with Western Mail, Shez No Fake, Lady White Water and Morethanmeetstheye having contributed some $576,647 to the pot.
  Nathan Dawson continued on his winning way at Marburg last weekend driving his third "double" of his short but spectacular career. Last Saturday it was the "book ends" with Helava Grandview, trained by Trent Knack  taking out the first and Take Seven for Max Towns  successful in the final event. ND's total stands around 25 for the season, and he is certain to add to that, before August 31..
  There will be NO jump outs this Sunday as Darren Ebert will conduct a horse and gear sale in the morning, and the Marburg Show Society requires the grounds after 12noon until noon Monday

 As a follow up to the closing sentiments expressed last week, the following statement comes from Dr Pene Kirk, a highly respected Veterinary Surgeon and successful trotting trainer/driver while based in Queensland. Ms Kirk not only raced her team but sent them out to compete successfully at other horse disciplines including dressage and jumping between race starts. PK is recognised as a committed trotting person. This is her view of the current administrative trend to sell trotting as an elite sport for wealthy owners to the detriment of the hobbyist. "A lot of the top people in our industry start out very humbly as the owner- trainer of one or two moderate horses.  The imagined superiority of the entrenched British thoroughbred industry, with lads, head lads, stable foremen, assistant trainers IS NOT what we want to emulate, as most of OUR industry’s elite began as owner trainers, with their success and enthusiasm bringing in new owners and groups of owners keen to have a part of the action.  These people bob up out of all sorts of backgrounds, and are the ones we need to encourage, because their circle of acquaintances invariably taps into new potential enthusiasts, from most likely no previous racing background.  The very nature of this sport, and these horses, allows more immediate contact, and more personal involvement, from owners and their followers, than does the thoroughbred industry- maybe not the glamour, prestige or high potential stakes, BUT it gives people more personal thrills and more racing for their money. We need to recognize and embrace the very differences that give new owners potentially more positives, rather than seeking to ape the other racing code in a poorer fashion. THIS is the way to keep harness racing alive; keep the wider public involved and foster new interest by keeping our entrance level broad and relatively humble, and PROMOTE the achievements of these lesser-known individuals, equine and human."
  The leader board for this week sees Chantal Turpin up there on four training wins, and, Darrel Graham, Nathan Dawson and Pete McMullen all on two apiece.
  Resultsville. Albion Park 11/07.. Studleigh Billy (Darrel Graham).. Only Rainbows (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin)... Albion Park 12/07.. Arvee Bromac (Darrel Graham).. Marburg 12/07.. Helava Grandview (Nathan Dawson for Trent Knack)..  Hez To Blame (Noel Parrish).. Bee Jays Abundance (Steve Burke)..  Bonjour Le Belle (Glenn Walsh).. Take Seven (Nathan Dawson)..  Albion Park 14/07.. nil... Albion Park 15/07.. Gallymont Sport (Kelli Dawson for Geoff Dawson ).. My Man Dan (Chantal Turpin)..  Redcliffe 16/07..Oneonthewood (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Rubys Bad Boy (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Reddy Fire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Pistolero (Ken Belford).. Redcliffe 17/07/2014.. Well To Do Lombo (Narissa McMullen)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..26/07/2014..
  For the hard core of us who resist the popular culture of "change for change's sake" when there seems little, if any point, in the exercise, this may be the highpoint of the week.  Probably the best news to surface in Australasia is the announcement that Western Australia has taken up the rights to the Inter-Dominion Series for the three years, 2016/18. Australasia's supreme test of the light harness horse is about to be put back on the pedestal where it rightfully belongs. The format will be three rounds of heats and a Grand Final. It will be 80 years since the first Championship was conducted at Gloucester Park in 1936 with Logan Derby (J. Agnew) emerging as the victor. When you are lost in the woods, as trotting in this country has been for some time, it is a positive move to retrace your steps. WA is to be congratulated on having the courage to do just that.
  In the current climate of "get big or get out" thinking which appears to be favoured by horse racing administrators nationwide, some extracts from Lets Go Horse Racing's "Wednesday Whinge" might be of interest. Leading NSW gallops trainer, Chris Waller is apparently the subject of negative comment over the number of horses he starts in metropolitan races. Former "dominant" trainer Lee Freedman has supported Waller, saying that to cap his runners would amount to a restriction of trade. Waller's comment was short and to the point.Waller said: “This is nonsense. It’s not my fault owners want horses with me. It’s not my fault I can keep my horses in work longer than some other trainers.’’
  No doubt that is correct, but Freedman qualified his support by saying that he did not believe that "super dominance" was too healthy, and, that he further believed that Waller would come back to the field within three or four years. NSW Chief Steward, Ray Murrihy, recalled suggestions to bracket runners from the T J Smith stable during that trainer's long period of dominance. Murrihy said that the class and quality of Waller's runners, including many imports, at least ensured that Sydney racing was at an elite level, even if race fields numbered no more than seven or eight horses.
   Currently horse racing derives the great bulk of its income from TAB turnover. The cornerstone of turnover is punter confidence. Bracketing stable runners is as good a method of boosting punter confidence as you will find. If any stable has multiple starters the punter is on all of them. Problem solved. A number of integrity issues are addressed at the same time. In the "Golden Age" of the trots in the 50's and 60's, Gordon Rothacker might win the Melbourne Premiership with 13 or 14 winners for the season. However, there would be perhaps a dozen other trainers grouped between 10 or 12 wins. It was a truly competitive situation in both Melbourne and Sydney, with one and two horse trainers also prominent on the metropolitan stage. Such a situation, if restored today, would see the trots come back to life in a rush. 
  Another double to Nathan Dawson last Monday at Albion Park. Mister Attitude for Jenny Halliday and Navarda Ace for uncle and employer John McMullen saw ND's season tally rise to 25 wins ,55 placings and 31 fourths from 282 drives.  More than impressive, but just when we were about to kill the fatted calf, up pops Brittany Graham on Thursday at Redcliffe and drives a treble, already having scored on Saturday night with Emperor Montana at Albion Park.BG scored on Roughnready Nelson, Hachem and Montana Falcon. All are prepared at Darrel Grahams Fernvale property either by DWG himself, or Adam Sanderson. It just goes to show that nothing succeeds like success. Best of British luck to both Brittany  and Nathan . They are flying!!
  The Winter Carnival has come to a close. No real surprises with the bulk of the money slipping away over the border as used to be the case years ago. However, horses like Im Themighty Quinn and Bling It On, and those horses which pushed them to great things leave a lasting impression of just how good a spectacle the trots can be. Superstars and their efforts stick in the memory for years to come.
  The leader board is in family mode this week with Darrel Graham training four winners, and daughter Brittany driving an equal number.
  Resultsville..Albion Park.. 18/07.. nil... Albion Park 19/07..Emperor Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Five Card Draw (Darrel Graham).. Albion Park 21/07..Mister Attitude (Nathan Dawson for Jenny Halliday).. Mevagissey Mickey (Brendan Barnes for Al Barnes).. Navarda Ace (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. My Mustang (Pete for Chantal Turpin)... Albion Park 22/07.. The Love Affair (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Whoseme Father (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 23/07 nil... Redcliffe 24/07.. Roughnready Nelson (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Hachem (Brittany Graham for Adam Sanderson).. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..26/07/2014..
  For the hard core of us who resist the popular culture of "change for change's sake" when there seems little, if any point, in the exercise, this may be the highpoint of the week.  Probably the best news to surface in Australasia is the announcement that Western Australia has taken up the rights to the Inter-Dominion Series for the three years, 2016/18. Australasia's supreme test of the light harness horse is about to be put back on the pedestal where it rightfully belongs. The format will be three rounds of heats and a Grand Final. It will be 80 years since the first Championship was conducted at Gloucester Park in 1936 with Logan Derby (J. Agnew) emerging as the victor. When you are lost in the woods, as trotting in this country has been for some time, it is a positive move to retrace your steps. WA is to be congratulated on having the courage to do just that.

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"TROT TACTICS"..02/08/2014..
  Well, according to the rumour mill, the three codes of racing have had their Tatts Bet distribution pie divided at Tuesday's Queensland All Codes Racing Industry Board meeting. The mill has it that gallops got 75% and trots and greyhounds 12.5% each. Previously, the galloper's share was76%, trots 14.5% and dogs, which punched well above their weight in recent years, were on 9.5%. I imagine, if the mill has the correct figure, that both the gallops and trots will be a tad unhappy with the result and the dogs quietly pleased.
  If the envisaged cash bonuses from the Tatts Bet deal above the distribution figure are in fact a reality, then the trots might stay fairly static in the funds available for the next seasons prizemoney and administration costs. In the short term we might not feel the effects of a 2% loss. It depends on which way you look at it. If the Queensland Harness Racing Board shrugs it's shoulders and say's "we can live with that", well, we will just continue on the way we are going and next time round our chop might be 10% or less. If the Board sees this apparent setback as a timely wake up call, ditches the hopeless "punter unfriendly" racing format to which we currently adhere and substitutes an easily understood and reliable form line which will allow Joe Average punter and his friends to make their own selections, and, after the race, win or lose, be satisfied with the product they have just bet on. Once and for all, administrators must accept that the punters provide the money in racing. Their needs must be met first, and in such a way that that will attract new customers. That is the only way ensure a growth in general prizemoney  available to owners. Owners, like punters, take risks. The individual monetary sums are usually quite different, but the owner needs opportunity to earn money with his horse to defray the expenses of maintenance and training. Insufficient money, or money concentrated in some areas of racing to the detriment of others, causes just one thing, a decline in owners and a decline in possible replacements. What ever new format we adopt, and we will be forced to adopt one directly, it must be simple. The current format, "mobile conditioned plus claiming stakes" is impossible for Joe Average to work with. This writer has just imported from Canada a fourth text book on how to bet on the harness races. Titled "How To Make Money At The Harness Races" it is the work of Barrington J Wilks and is a well written and thorough approach to the punters problems. It, like all the other works on the subject, is far too complicated for anyone other than a committed professional to understand, much less use effectively. Wilks lists at least 100 factors for consideration in making a selection and deciding how much to invest.
  Kevin Seymour has called it a day. After a 47 year association with Queensland trotting, which has included four stints as Chairman of Albion Park Harness Racing Club, the massively wealthy Seymour will no longer be involved in the administration of the light harness sport. KS along with his wife Kaye have been major owners for many years using the company, Solid Earth Pty Ltd as their race book identity. Along with bulk winners, the Seymours put together a gold plated band of broodmares and also imported racing stock from New Zealand. Involved in the ownership of a number of stallions, the Seymours hit the jackpot with the USA bred Mr Feelgood which raced at top level in the States and here, winning the Inter-dominion Grand Final and the Hunter Cup among other "down under" features. No doubt K and K Seymour and Solid Earth will continue to race horses around Australia. In administration, Seymour developed a reputation as a "my way or highway" man. History shows us that it did not always work for the best. It is to be hoped that Kevin W Seymour will be remembered for the good things that he achieved. Stepping back from administration means just that. There should be no place for what could be perceived as shadowy figures in the background.
  There will be no trials at Marburg  tomorrow as there is a TAB meeting scheduled for the grass track at Deagon. A day "on the grass" appeals as a splendid way to spend a sunny Sunday. The first race, for the trotters, goes at 12.19pm.
  Yet again the leader board is focussed on the lower Brisbane Valley, with Fernvale's "first Citizen", Darrel Graham training and driving no less than four winners for the week. Just to the north west, at Patrick Estate, Pete McMullen matched the driving achievement, again with four wins.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 25/07.. Missing Letters (Darrel Graham)... Albion Park 26/07.. Intrepid Traveller (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. My Mustang (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Chal Fire (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Beaver (Kelli Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Justanothermaori (Pete for Chantal Turpin)... Albion Park28/07.. Lots More Grins (Pete for John Davis)... Albion Park 29/07.. Montana Terminator (Darrel Graham).. Missing Letters (Darrel Graham).. My Ultimate Hell (Gary Whitaker for John Davis)... Redcliffe 30/07.. Red Luck (Darrel Graham).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 31/07.. Just A Fling (Mathew Neilson for Denis Smith) .. Chicken On a Chain (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..09/08/2014..
  No wonder they call him the Lord Mayor of Fernvale. We refer of course to Darrel Graham, and, with the season drawing to a close, we should examine DWG's efforts for the 2013/14 racing year. As a trainer, DWG has started 626 runners so far, for 114 wins, 131 placings and 63 fourths, hauling in $599,875 in prize money. In the sulky, he has made 530 appearances for 79 wins, 119 places and 57 fourths, earning $518918... It's a pretty healthy effort, for a bloke who doesn't mind putting his workers on if they can do the job.
  It's DWG's lifetime (computer records from 84/85 onwards) stats that tell the full story. Training, 14,128 runners, 2032 winners, 3052 placegetters, 1355 fourths for a whopping $8,676,419.. Driving wise, 12,679 trips round the track, 1895 victories, 2876, places and 1283 fourths for $7,860,884..Darrel has proven a good judge of driving talent over the years as well, with the 1,449  runners he did not partner picking up a cool  $816,030 for their efforts. Those are the stats, you must understand that the numbers only underpin the effort and skills that make the Darrel Graham Stable an ongoing success story. Following in father's footsteps is elder daughter, Brittany with first season figures of 212 drives for 33 wins, 53 places, 24 fourths for $100,468.. Training as well, netted 91 runners, 12 wins 28 places and 10 fourths. Into the BG cash register went $68,850. Figures do your head in, but they are the  yardstick in Queensland trotting today!
  The Breeders Owners Trainers and Reinspersons  Association held an open meeting last Monday night  QHRB member Greg Mitchell in attendance. Mitchell was accompanied by QHRB's new Racing Manager, David Aldred and RQ's new Manager of Operations, Declan Martshinkd. Topic of the night was the end result of the "distribution" meeting conducted by QACRIB the week previous. Little information was available as the sums could not be settled, nor released until the Government is prepared to sign off on the financials.  Time frames of 7-10 days for finalisation of prize money figures and 7-14 days for the working party to give a firm assurance that construction of the Albion Park grandstand will commence in October and will take 18 months from sod-turning to grand opening. Both resident Greyhound and Harness Clubs are said to be agreeable to adding $1 million each to the grandstand project.
  Declan Martshinkd said that frequent reviews of the prize money split will be based only on turnover. To this end, we were told that Tatts Bet will be able to "seed" any pool at its own discretion in an endeavour to attract the punting dollar. A selection process to find us a third QHRB member to replace former Chairman, Brad Steele is in train, but, again, no hint of the names on the short list. About the only reasonably certain figure released was $1 million over three years for the Q-Bred scheme. It will however, be some weeks before the destination of these monies is known.
  In a nutshell, the only thought to come from the meeting, seems to be to err on the side of caution in money matters. There is something there, but how much is not known by the rank and file, and, we can do nothing until we do know. Play it cool!
  No track work at Marburg showgrounds this weekend and no jump outs tomorrow morning.. Jump outs are cancelled due to racing at the EKKA. Track closure is due to a Show Society event which will occupy the grounds. Marburg Pacing Association will hold its monthly meeting at the Community Hall on Monday night at 7.00pm. It is essential that we get a good roll up at this one as we need to re-establish some continuity of trials and access to training facilities. MPA is there to provide a service to harness owners and trainers in the South East footprint and it is finding it difficult to perform that service. It is a sad commentary on current thinking when a group of volunteers, whose sole aim is the advancement of all levels of trotting / harness racing is hampered in any way.
  Proof of the last paragraph is the 2yo "ready to run" sale proposed by MPA for Sunday 16th October. The trialling sale concept is not new but is now a very well accepted method of selling stock. Prospective purchasers can observe speed gait and manners in the youngsters, removing many of the "lottery" aspects of the traditional yearling sale.. Nominations for the sale ($100) close on August 23 at 3.00pm. MPA needs 10 entries to go ahead with the event. Contact MPA for details of trial conditions and distance. Steve Towns 0402 171 871... Denis Smith 0408 352 478..
  The leader board, same old same old. Darrel Graham top trainer with seven winners for the week, also shared driving honours with Pete McMullen on five apiece.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 01/08.. Better Than Money (Darrel Graham).. Red Luck (Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 02/08.. Justanothermaori (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Deagon Grass 03/08.. The Pearl Of Paris (Narissa for John McMullen).. Luke Hobbs (Brittany Graham).. Emperor Montana Brittany for Darrel Graham).. Major Son (Darrel Graham).. Albion Park 04/08.. Our Maple Tart (Narissa for John McMullen)..Jessica Dale (Ken Belford).. Mimesis) (Pete for Phil Mitchell)..Badjellys Courage (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 05/08.. The Love Affair (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Montana Terminator (Darrel Graham).. Better Than Money (Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 06/08.. Mister Manhattan (Trevor Lambourn).. Redcliffe 07/08.. Instant Chemistry (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Abercrombie Zombie (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Montana Falcon ( Brittany for Darrel Graham).. Lord Jowers (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-Aug-18, 08:30 PM
"TROT TACTICS"..16/08/2014..
  Yet another veteran left the ranks of  Brisbane trotting men late last week. Wally Mitchell passed away just short of his 89th Birthday. Wally and late wife Jean were regulars at Albion Park on Saturday nights for many years. He was an owner, a trainer, and a sponsor and was active at Rocklea in its heyday. Possibly the best horse that Wally raced was Swishaladin, winner of $57,00 when that was a serious sum of money. Wally will be remembered by all who knew him as a gentleman and a friend of trotting. His smiling face will be sadly missed.
  Harness control bodies in New South Wales and Queensland  are to try a proven formula at the end of this month. A six race "State Of Origin" series for young drivers will be run across two nights, with the opening rounds held at Menangle on August 26 and the second group of three races to be run at Albion Park on Friday, August 29. A tight and compact series with NSW represented by Cameron Jones, Chris Geary, Kasey Hocking, Kylie Barnes and Todd Prest, while the locals are ,Pete McMullen, Narissa McMullen, Trent Moffat, Chantal Turpin and Amy Rees.The brainchild of former Albion Park Chairman, Kevin Seymour, the series should attract fair horses as the races are worth $10,000 apiece and, are, of course, penalty free.
  Racing Queensland Chief Executive Darren Condon said the state had some outstanding talent in its junior ranks and the six-race series would provide invaluable experience for both teams.
“To take these young drivers down to New South Wales and compete at a venue like Menangle is an experience they could well have had to wait many years for and this series gives them the opportunity to do it now,” Mr Condon said.
“Being able to compete on different tracks against the best young drivers in other states does wonders for a young driver’s confidence, but they can also build a network in another state that could open up opportunities for them in the future."
  Driving stats on our local team for the 13/14 season so far are Trent Moffat, 480 starts for 51 wins, 95 placings and 60 fourths and earnings of $231,666.. Amy Rees, 186, for 12-38-19 and a bank of $47,150.. Chantal Turpin, 158 for 18-40-27 netting $120,546.. Pete McMullen, 1034 for 166-299-116 and running total of $809,550.. Narissa McMullen, 1011 for 135-212-120  with $542,780 on the credit line. Chantal Turpin has posted her second lowest total since commencing in the sulky some seven years back but this has been caused by a shift in roles to that of a trainer with stats of 584 runners for 97-168-69 and $505,689 in stable revenue.
  As is not infrequent these days, I have misinformed you yet again. The proposed 2yo trialling sale is set down for Sunday November 16th, NOT, October as stated last week. It is also very likely that the nomination date will be pushed back to allow owners and trainers more time to decide whether to enter their stock. A good concept this, and should be under serious consideration by owners keen to turn precocious yearlings into hard cash with  the added premium for the purchaser of buying into a known and demonstrable quantity.
  There are unofficial trials at Marburg tomorrow morning. Nominations are at 7.15am, first education goes at 8.00am and the usual  bargain priced quality breakfast of burgers and hot and cold drinks will be available from the get go. A good chance to show that forward yearling the track on which it might enhance its value in dramatic fashion .
   Brisbane Pastoral Company is looking for a younger person to work as a stable hand at their Harrisville property. This is a top opportunity for an energetic and intelligent young person with basic horse experience, to learn the game from the ground up with skilled horse educator / trainer / driver Ray Pullen. The successful applicant would be handling valuable young stock and would receive a grounding in harness horse care that would set them up for a lifetime in trotting. Good accommodation can be had on site , and stable facilities, track and equipment are first class. Contact Ray Pullen on 0416 081 954 to arrange an interview.
  Slight changes to the leader board sees Darrel Graham and Chantal Turpin equal in the trainer's standings at three winners apiece and Pete McMullen, Brittany Graham and Trevor Lambourn sharing drivers honours at two each. 
  Resultsville.. Redcliffe  08/08.. Exceptional Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin)... Albion Park 09/08.. Emperor Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Montana Falcon (Darrel graham).. Ideal Tact (Ray Law).. Supabet (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 11/08.. nil.. Albion Park 12/08.. Beau Starlight (Trevor Lambourn).. Redcliffe 13/08.. Saint Flash (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. My Crazy Ex (Pete for Chantal Turpin)... Redcliffe 14/08.. Our Diemos (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Betonthebay (Trevor Lambourn for Greg Minns).. Platinum Art (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-Aug-25, 04:58 PM
"TROT TACTICS"..23/08/2014..
   Racing Queensland has released the new prize money structure, derived from the first year's distribution figures. Gallops, which were on 75%  of the overall figure under the original agreement, now will receive 73.38%. Trots which were on 14.5%, are at 13.74% and dogs up from 10.5% to 12.87%. In cold dollar terms, all codes will receive more money as the distribution pie is somewhat bigger than in the current season.
   The Monday harness meeting has gone with the races being added to  other meetings. The new prize figures  are as follows, Saturday night up by 19%, with the claiming class getting the biggest lift, 50% taking them to $12,000. The trot did not fare quite so well, rising by 33% to $8,000. Given that the trotting race has an identifiable form line for punters, and is experiencing unprecedented growth in Victoria, it seems strange that it should not attract the same level of money as races in which the runners are for sale, and  graded on price by the trainers and could be considered as having attraction only for the professional punter. Changes to other venues include Albion Park Tuesday up by 27.5%, Friday at Albion Park up 39% Redcliffe Wednesday up by 52%. The only meeting to fall was Redcliffe on Thursday down by $250. Marburg remains static at $1501..
   Like most shiny objects, there can be a rough side. Annual performance reviews will be held, based on turnover figures only. The message to the Queensland Harness Racing Board is crystal clear. If turnover on our code does not rise significantly in the next 12 months, and the other two codes do well, then the axe will be applied to our percentage, with disastrous results. This is not a negative statement, merely a fact.
  Breeders or buyers of trotters to race in Queensland as 2yos will be pleased with Chief Steward, Mr David Farqharson's decision to remove the time component from the qualifying requirements for 2yo trotters. The youngsters will be required to trot solidly throughout any trial, and display reliable manners. This is a good move, allowing trainers to introduce their charges to racing in a minimal pressure environment. The next round of Non TAB education races should shift from a "let's hope we get the horses" scenario to a valuable feeder into the Queensland horse pool.
  "Father's day at the Trots". Just circle Sunday September 7th for a family outing  on the Darling Downs. Harness on the grass at Allman Park, Warwick. Make it a family deal as the Darling Downs Harness Racing Club have included a heap of amusement for the kids along with exciting racing. Gates open at noon and the first race goes at 1.00pm. An hour to refresh yourself with excellent local cooking after a lovely country drive to get there. Horse racing against a natural backdrop. Admission is Adults $10, Pensioners $6 and under 18s free. Don't miss it.
  It's "back to the future"  with the roar of the crowds as trotting returns to the EKKA. An excerpt from the QHRB website says what it really means.
  Chris Garrard, a major sponsor and primary instigator of trotting's return to the main ring, was delighted with the end result.
"The cheapest promotion for the sport that money can buy," he claimed.
After a 14-year absence, the rebirth of EKKA trotting was treated cautiously but whatever angle you marked it on, 2015 promises to be a bigger and better event.
 This writer recalls interviewing top driver Des weeks after he piloted Scientific to victory for trainer John Stariha in a heat of the Inter-dominion. I stated that "this must surely be your greatest thrill". " No way" he replied, "any race at the Ekka with 20,000 people screaming their heads off and close enough to touch, is far above the Inter win". Just think, 14 years back, some goose bought all that to an end.
  Leader board much the same as last week. Chantal Turpin and Darrel Graham trained three winners each, Pete McMullen managed five in the sulky.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 15/08.. Better Than Money (Darrel Graham).. Gallymont Cohort (Trent Dawson).. My Ayaye (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 16/08.. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Supabet (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Lord Jowers (Pete for Ron Sallis).. LeBron (Pete for Brian McCall).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby)... Albion Park 18/08.. Eye Spy Lombo (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Vain Spirit (Narissa for John McMullen).. Paris To Berlin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Albion Park 19/08.. My Man Dan (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe  20/08.. Lifesa Ranger (Gary Whitaker for Tommy Sanderson).. My Arthur Bee (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Rib And Roll (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 21/08.. nil...
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..30/08/2014..
  We have run with 12 horse fields in "Mile" (1660 metre) races at Albion Park for several seasons now, the ruling premise being "the more runners, the more turnover". Having found that this theory perhaps failed to stack up in practice, and also that a diminished horse pool could not guarantee a full field on every occasion, the Queensland Harness Racing Board were ready to listen to further opinion from trainers that a third factor cast doubts on the suitability of the 12 horse format. It was argued that, given the short duration of the 1660m event, barrier positions had become far too important, and horses with "unfavourable" alleys were being denied an even winning chance.
  To this end, QHRB have instituted a trial of the 10 horse format as follows.
  "Following feedback from industry participants, Racing Queensland is pleased to advise that a 3 month trial will be introduced where the field limit for 1660m races at Albion Park will be reduced to 10 runners.
Racing Queensland has elected to coincide the trial period with start of the new racing season on September 1 2014.
This limit only relates to races of 1660m held at Albion Park, all other field limits will remain unchanged.
The seeded barrier positions for a field limit of 10 will be conducted in the following way:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 6, 7, 10."
There is, of course, a simpler solution. Cut out the "mile" events and bring our sport back to a mix of middle distance and staying races, including stands. This will lessen the importance of barrier draws and restore the visual spectacle. While the preceding statement may attract a charge of heresy, it might bring us a few more fans who pride themselves on having an attention span of longer than 1 minute and 55.0 seconds. As to the spectre of losing favour with Sky Channel due to time consumption factor associated with longer races, an upgrade of our pre-start procedures would soon save us the extra minutes we would need.
  An update from the "State of Origin"  series for young drivers, which had its first round of three heats at Menangle last Tuesday, shows the Blues well in front with two wins to one. As often happens in this type of contest, where horses are assigned by ballot, someone gets a chance to demonstrate skills previously thought not to exist. Flying the blue flag is Newcastle based Kylie Barnes, who took out the first two heats, driving two totally different races, leading  and grinding home on Miss Artistic Tara, then waiting patiently at the rear to bring El Chango with the big late charge. KB has been licenced since 2010, and in that period has had only 543 drives for 53 wins and 107 placings. Like so many others, Kylie Barnes has the skills, but lacks the horseflesh with the quality to take her forward.
  In the last heat at Menangle, Queenslander, Trent Moffat put the maroons up on the board, partnering Fellas R Trouble to victory. Our girls picked up some valuable place points from seconds by Brittany Graham and Chantal Turpin, with Narissa McMullen contributing two thirds to the pot. How did Brittany Graham make the team?. It seems that Pete McMullen incurred the wrath of the Stewards panel late last week and commenced a 14 day suspension on the Sunday prior to the series. Brittany Graham's current season stats of 248 drives for 40 wins 63 places and 29 fourths easily qualified her for a jersey on the maroon team. When you read this, it will all be over, as the final three heats will have been decided yesterday afternoon at Albion Park.
  Considering the Kylie Barnes scenario, we should look at the positive attitude of Wagga (NSW) based trainer/driver, Adam Richardson. "Richo" has had two stints in Queensland, the first with Darrel Graham. The second saw him training a small team of basically second hand stock. His runners were well trained and very well presented, but, their lack of real ability saw AR in the swim but treading water. Nothing appeared likely to happen. A month or so back, "Richo" headed home to Wagga. He has had some 15 drives to date for four wins and two placings, a much better strike rate than he was able to manage here. If he continues to drive horses of the calibre of Cams Victory and Lily Lane, he will become a good sized fish in the elite Riverina pond. Then, he will be back, and be respected when he comes!!
  A correction from last week. The Metro Claimer purse stays at $8,000, the 50% lift to $12,000 apples to another race on the program.
 Unofficial trials at Marburg tomorrow morning. Noms at 7.15am and first education goes at approx. 8.00am. Hot and cold drinks, and beaut breakfast burgers, all at bargain prices. Come along and "black book" a winner for the next race meeting on September 13.
  A shuffle on the leader bard this week with Bill Crosby and Chantal Turpin dividing the trainer's laurels at three winners apiece and Garry Whitaker out on his own in the driving department also on three.
  Resultsville. Albion Park  22/08.. Major Sam (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Whosemefather (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Just A Fling (Denis Smith).. Albion Park 23/08.. Justanothermaori (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 25/08.. Miss Catalina (Ricky Gordon).. Kyvalley Racer (Kay Crone for Gavin Crone).. Colada Rainbow (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Four Jokers (Narissa for John McMullen).. Albion Park 26/08.. nil... Redcliffe 27/08.. Abercrombie Zombie Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Rib And Roll (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Whosemefather (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 28/08.. nil...
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                         "TROT TACTICS". 06/09/2014..
  Tomorrow is Father's Day. What better way to spend the occasion than shouting the old, or not so old chap, to a day at Allman Park, Warwick. First you get the nice drive in the countryside of the southern Downs, and then, a taste of trotting on the turf with the six race program presented by the Darling Downs Harness Racing Club. It is 47 years since pacers raced at Warwick other than "show races". It is also claimed that this the absolute first time that horses and sulkies have graced the grass at the Warwick gallops track. The DDHRC have attracted good fields including a trot, and club President, race caller Anthony Collins and his Committee are set to provide a great family day of racing, food and drink and diversions for the kids. All they need is you. In the short time that "grass racing" has been on show to the trot fans of southern Queensland, it has proved capable of drawing very good crowds. Be part of the upsurge!!
  The department of corrections tells us that the Marburg race meeting set down for September 13 has been shifted back a week to September 20th. Also, the "Harriott Memorial" meeting will now be run on November 8th. Both should be entered in the black book. Also, in the "non race" meeting department there will be two important meetings held this Monday night, Botra (Albion Park,7.00pm) and Marburg Pacing Association at the Marburg Community Hall. (7.30pm)
  There will be no unofficial trials at Marburg for the next three Sundays, September 7th, 14th and of course the 21stby reason of the Non-TAB meeting of the day previous. The MPA rationale behind the decision is lack of trainer numbers utilising the trials which has been the end result of the Queensland Harness Racing Board's publicly stated policy of "no provision for hobbyists". (The following is an excerpt from an email by this writer to RQ and QHRB on Sunday August 31.) This total failure to provide reasonable and accessible racing and earning opportunity for the less wealthy  sector of the sport has so depressed these valuable people who have been the backbone of the sport since Queensland returned to registered racing in the 1950s that the unofficial trials at Marburg this morning attracted only six (6) horses. It is the first time in the history of Marburg that the number of volunteers present exceeded that of the horses. Let me remind you that the MPA' s main aim was, for over 30 years, to provide a steady supply of educated and race fit horses, and drivers, into the Queensland racing pool.
  Further to the above, when unofficial trials recommence ,hopefully on September 28th, this writer would appeal to all trainers to do your utmost to support the unofficial trials, as the MPA will be doing its utmost to support  you and the harness horse racing pool in Queensland.
   Now, some personal stats from the racing season just finished. Among the drivers, Pete McMullen was the busiest, facing the starter on 1075 occasions for 174 wins and 315 placings earning $854,634 for connections. Narissa McMullen was almost as busy, with her 1065 drives  producing 139 wins, 222 places and $565,540.  Darrel Graham was next, with 554 trips for 81 wins and 122 places picking up $534,752.. Kelli Dawson went round 443 times and hauled in $253,341 from 42 wins and 95 minors. Among the trainers, John McMullen provided 900 starters for 73 winners and 176 placegetters and $302,264. Darrel graham sent round 687 to produce 122 winners and 145 places for $649,357. Close up was Chantal Turpin with 621 runners for 104 plus 181 and a hefty $545,749.. Some effort for Chantal to break the magic century of winners so early in her training career. More impressive local stats posted by impressive local folk next week.
  Change of season did not change much on the leader board. Chantal Turpin up and running with three winners and Narissa McMullen heading the drivers also on three wins.
  Resultsville Albion Park 29/08.. Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Albion Park 30/08.. Ideal Tact (Ray Law).. My Jellignite (Hayden Barnes).. Constantly Sideways (Dale Chalk for Bill Crosby).. Albion Park 01/09.. Hachem (Adam Sanderson for Brittany Graham).. Albion Park  02/09.. My Ultimate Hell (Narissa McMullen for Wayne Davis).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 03/09.. Reddy Fire (Chantal Turpin).. My Crazy Ex (Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 04/09..Helava Grand View (Nathan Dawson for Trent Knack).. Sneaky Catch (Trent Dawson)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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        "TROT TACTICS"..13/09/2014..
  Drivers sported black armbands at Albion Park on Tuesday to mark the passing that morning of former top line trainer, John Kann. Kann had battled illness for a lengthy period and was only 69 when he died. Based at Deception Bay for a great part of his career, JK was never far from the top of the training tree, producing a total of 1377 winners and 1793 place getters. No slouch as a driver, getting home first on 317 occasions, Kann none the less preferred to engage other drivers for most races. The decade of the 90's and the early years of the new millennium, saw driver of choice, Peter Greig, in Kann's familiar blue jacket and yellow sash, prominent in the Juvenile Classic events aboard the likes of All Eyes On Me taking out the 3 and 4yo Triad finals in 2000/1 finishing with $349,926 in the bank. Earlier, Ima Dream, winner of 16 from 29 outings had collared the 2 and 4yo Triad Finals in 1992/94 for earnings of $129,718. JK also produced Left A Dream winner of 15 from 49 including a 2yo Breeders Classic amassing $153,448 for connections. His last winner was Dofornow  on 13/07/09 and his last Metro success was with Allentown on 11/10/08..
  John Kann was an unassuming but very friendly man, who liked nothing more than a yarn with his mates on race night. He was the ultimate realist, never over rating his horses. He was however, a very talented and hardworking trainer, one of the last of the old school of practical horsemen. The measure of his ability to "sort the wheat from the chaff" can be found in a comment from Peter Greig, that, at one time, JK "had 24 in work and there were wins left in every one of them". The racing game is one of chance, and a stubborn respiratory virus which plagued the Kann stable for more than 12 months put JK out of business. The stress of the horse wastage ruined him both physically and mentally, leading to his decline and early demise. John Kann was an asset to Queensland trotting, and will be very sadly missed. He was a bit special.
  As promised, further stats for local up and comers from the racing season just gone. Brittany Graham, drove in 256 races for 40 wins and 67 places bringing in $138,497.. In the training department, BG had 97 starters for 12 wins and 29 places for $69,524.. Dani-elle McMullen drove on 299 occasions finishing with figures of 29 and 70 for $132,292. Calvert based family team of Greg and Matt Elkins put together figures as follows, Greg, training, turned out 331 runners for 48 wins, 70 places and $167,425. In a limited stint in the sulky he had 59 trips for 2 and 9 earning $12,535. Son Matt was a different story with a score of 16 and 44 from 200 appearances for $57,150. Moving from Calvert to lower Mt Walker we encounter Trevor Lambourn  presenting 313 at the races for 34 and 57 with dollars of $132,269. In the cart, TL's figures were 152 for 21 and 34, picking up $76,357.To round out this weeks report we have Ray Law, who produced 135 runners for 30 and 36 snagging $186,710. Driving results were 99 trips for 18 and 18 netting $113,982. (Shows he knew the right ones to be on). More next week.
  Due to a Show Society event there will be no unofficial trials tomorrow, but they will recommence on  Sunday28/09. Do not despair, a week today, September 20th, The Marburg Club will host a race meeting. The program will include official trials and a five race non-TAB card. Bookies will be in attendance and will field on the local events and major gallops meetings. Gallops punters will be kept up to date via Sky Channel screens. The mini trotters will be in action so you can see one of the key points of entry  into the harness sport for the kids, while the kids in the carts have a great time. All the usual Marburg amenities, country cooking, hot and cold drinks, succulent desserts, and an extensive bar list at rock bottom prices. There is no better place to see country trotting than Marburg. Exciting races and the track side fans are up close and involved in the action. If you saw trotting at the Ekka last month, and were impressed, then Marburg is the place to be next Saturday afternoon. Bring your friends.
  Since the closure of Glenn McDermott's  "Harness Talk", the Marburg area has lacked an outlet for the many and varied consumables required for your average pacer and trotter. Peter and Bev Steele have stepped into the gap with "Fastwork Horse Supplies". Situated in Queen Street Marburg, adjacent to the showgrounds, Peter and Bev already have a good range of products,and invite owners and trainers to check out the deals on offer.
   The leader board. Like the sky in a drought, nothing changes much here. Brother and sister, Narissa and Pete McMullen, shared driving honours at three apiece, while Chantal Turpin trained four for a trip up Victory Lane.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 05/09..nil.. Albion Park 06/09.. Franco bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Albion Park 08/09.. Whatajetstar (NarissaDale (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Judah Ben Hur (Brendan Barnes for Ken Belford).. Shareapassion (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 09/09.. Uncle Lile (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Therecomesatime (Narissa for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 10/09.. nil.. Redcliffe 11/09.. Jilliby Mac (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Prince Assassin (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Washington Lass (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Bee Jays Abundance (Steve Burke)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..20/09/2014..
   With spring well on the way, Marburg trots is the place to be today. The trials portion of the program will kick off at 11.00am and the five race card at approximately 12.30pm. The mini trotters will add to the spectacle as the six to sixteen year olds do battle in preparation for a later career on the race track. Great country burgers, fish and chips, delightful desserts, hot and cold drinks and the best bar prices in town, all make for a super afternoon for the family. For the punters, we have bookies that come there to bet, plus Sky Channel screens to follow major gallops meetings. Admission adults $5, pensioners $3 and kids under 16 go free. All up, it's a great day out!!
  Any one who is thinking of applying for a trainer or driver's licence in the harness sport, or is currently in the system, should ring Neale Scott on 0412 412 987 as soon as possible. The licence course requires compulsory attendance on four ( 4) Sundays for practical instruction and assessment. For the purpose of the current course, these days will fall between 28/09/2014 and 26/10/2014 inclusive.. That is a span of five (5) Sundays, four (4) of which will be utilised. Don't miss out, as the total course takes six months to complete.
  The last time that trainer/driver, Murray Sullivan, was big news in Queensland, was when he and his staff were winched off the roof of the accommodation at Clive Palmer's Lowood training complex during the flood which devastated Grantham. In the aftermath, which included a stint at Menangle for Palmer, and no doubt thinking that fending off water borne brown snakes was not part of the job description, Murray went back to the south west of NSW to regroup. A little time passes and Murray has re-invented himself with a vengeance. Two weeks into the new season and MS has driven 8 winners from 14 drives which sees him sitting pretty in second place on the state drivers premiership. With good mate Jason Gaffney, the MS and JG road show are training a team of 15 pacers while holding down full time jobs in small goods and concreting. Racing being what it is, the enterprise could go anywhere from here but, on current form, up is the likely direction.
  See, it is true. Racing and Wagering WA have officially announced their commitment to the Inter-dominion Series 2015/17.. RWWA will put a total of $8.1 million into the 2015 carnival with $1.3 million for the Grand Final and $500,000 for the heats. And yes, it's three rounds of heats and the Final. Four night's of "edge of seat" racing. Excitement will be mounting right now, and long term plans being laid. Yahoo!!
  Don't forget. Unofficial trials will be held at Marburg next Sunday morning. Nominations on track at 7.15 am. Early warning for the Annual General Meeting. Will be held at Marburg showground on Sunday October 19th after the trials. Intending office bearers should indicate 14 days prior to the meeting. Nomination forms available from race day office.
  In a week where we could manage only eleven winners, the leader board was only marginally affected. Chantal Turpin tied Trevor Lambourn with 3 winners each as trainers, and Pete McMullen ran a dead heat in the driving department with Chris  Petroff. Both landing two victories.
  Resultsville.. Albion park 12/09.. nil... Albion Park 13/09..nil.. Albion Park 15/09.Rule The Rock (Lola Weidemann for Alan Godwin).. Players (Narissa for John McMullen).. Prince assassin (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park 16/09.. Just A Fling (Denis Smith).. Boltmaro (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Threo (Brendan Barnes for Trevor Lambourn)..Redcliffe 17/09  Abercrombie Zombie (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. My Crazy Ex (Chantal Turpin).. Macs Choice (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Redcliffe 18/09.. Ohoka Mach (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-Sep-28, 09:09 PM
"TROT TACTICS"..27/09/2014..
  Tough efforts and several very tight finishes were the order of the day at Marburg last Saturday. The first event set the tone for the day,when the Glenn Walsh trained and driven Bonjour La Belle did it the hard way outside the leader, Cockys Fancy (Lola Weidemann). The lead changed twice in the last three hundred metres, but Bonjour La Belle kept grinding away to get the nod by a short half head right on the post. Hashtagyolo ran a solid third, 3 metres back, with a mile rate of 2-03.5.
Race two went to the consistent Tiki Topaz (Glenn Dawson) which started at $3.50, defeating the almost all the way leader and heavily backed favourite, Sevaerg (Dale Chalk) by 1.5 metres, with Fake Romeo (Ken Burwell) some 3.3 metres away. Time was good with a mile rate of 2-0.4..
Race three went once more to camp Dawson with Jaylets Fury (Nathan Dawson) having 1.9 metres to spare from Rule The Rock (Lola Weidemann) another to face the breeze throughout, with Night Raider (S. Weidemann) a further 2.9 metres away in third,the mile rate 2-06.5. The black booker from this was Rule The Rock trained by Alan Godwin..
Race four. The toughest run of the day came from Magic Dawn driven by Narissa McMullen and trained by her father John. The 7yo daughter of "Dawn Of a New Day" pressured second placegetter, the ultra consistent Colada Rose (Ken Parker) from barrier to box, drawing away down the running to score by 7.5 metres in a rate of 2-03.4. Queens Crossing (Denis Smith), which trailed Colada rose throughout, faded to be beaten 22.2 metres with a similar margin to Misty Maria (Nicole Hanrahan) in fourth spot.
Race five was a stand start and King Grin (Narissa McMullen for Greg Elkins) took advantage of a favourable 20 metre handicap to take out the 2200metre event.Second home was Mister Armageddon, (Lola for Julie Weidemann) , with Sookie Go Goes (Nathan Dawson For Michael Benham) a solid third. The rate was 2-05.1 and margins 3.6 and 5.5 metres.King Grin's win was the product of a trainer who reads the conditions of a race. King Grin had won more races than the combined total of his opposition, and the $1.60 on offer was probably luxury odds.
A note of explanation here. With the "finish lynx" finish camera system, all margins are from the winner to the individual horse.
Wanora based trainer/ driver, Ray Law will head south to Menangle early next month, with his stable stars, Ideal Tact and Chal Fire. Following the example of Ken Rattray, who has made several successful forays to NSW's premier track with Destreos and Funny Boy, Law will be taking two iron hard and in form pacers to do battle on the 1400metre circuit. Both possess gate speed and a fair bit of determination in a tight finish. So, Ray Law heads off with a good chance rather than a combination of whim and hope!!
The leader board shows little change with Chantal Turpin  training four winners and Pete McMullen ddriving three..
Resultsville.. Albion Park 19/09. Just A Fling (Denis Smith).. Sista To Mafuta (Shane graham to Darrel Graham).. Boom Boom Hall (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 20/09.. Ideal Tact (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Marburg 20/09..See review above.. Albion Park 22/09.. Rollon Chilli (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Jayronray (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Bubsarolling (Narissa McMullen for Glenn Dawson).. Albion Park 23?09.. Sea Spray Notch (Lola Weidemann for James Harriott).. Redcliffe 24/09.. Washington Lass (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Emperor Montana (Brttany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 25/09.. Checkhimout (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Blessed Is The Boy (Narrissa for John McMullen).. My Crazy Ex (Chantal Turpin).. Master Of The Art (Justin Storie for Trevor Lambourn)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                   "TROT TACTICS"..04/10/2014..
  Just dropping bye for a week to attend the wedding of Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen, was former Lockyer Waters lass, Lauren Jones. L J made a good decision when she opted to apply for a job with leading trainer, Garry Hall Snr's Perth based operation. First impressions are the strongest it seems, and Jones's no nonsense work ethic convinced "Senior" that here was someone worth encouraging with a view to the not too distant future. Drives were quick to come ,and now the last eight months have yielded more than 20 wins. Vapour, a gelded son of Jeremes Jet and the Christian Cullen mare, Enjoy ,has provided four of these wins and others have included Our Arlington and Jaccka Felix. It won't be long before the lightweight reinswoman is back in the land of the black swans, handling the expensive stock which finds its way from New Zealand to the Hall stable. We won't see Lauren Jones back in Brisbane in a hurry. She is on a good thing and has every intention of sticking to it.
  A further addition to the last season stats is Amy Rees who hails from Peak Crossing. A.R. went round on 199 occasions for 13 wins, 40 places and $56,074 in prizemoney. Amy, with an eye on a good job and a secure future, will commence a psychology degree course at Griffith University's Mt Gravatt campus in the new academic year. She will continue to devote plenty of time to trotting, hoping to outdrive her concession claim before it expires, and also train some winners in her own name. Well known for following trainer's instructions Amy picks the best horse she has driven to date to be Deano Robyn which featured in the recent "state Of Origin" series for young drivers.  With 2013/14 now behind us, Amy is on the board early in the new season with wins on Macs Choice and Jayronray. If she maintains that strike rate this could be a 25 win effort coming up. We hope so.
  What is commonplace for our superstars in trotting today is a rare treat for the hobbyist. Jenny Halliday, who has battled severe illness for longer than you can remember, had a little bit of joy last Monday when she trained both Melton Bonover and Mister Attitude to win at Albion Park. Nathan Dawson had both drives and was suitably impressed with the result. In what was a good week, ND scored another double at the Redcliffe Thursday meeting with Blessed Is The Boy trained by John McMullen and Cruisin Luxury, trained by himself. Both Jenny and Nathan will be thinking it doesn't get a whole lot better.
   Pete McMullen, a young man who is always in a hurry, seems certain to set a new speed record in the near future when he will become the youngest and fastest driver to reach a total of 1,000 winners lifetime. Currently sitting on 968 victories, and with 18months in hand,Pete needs just 32 more to wrest the title from Amanda Turnbull of NSW. The world turns and circumstances change.  Half a century back,when this writer was a regular attendee at Harold Park, most of the recognised star drivers of the day  had amassed lifetime figures which were not within a bulls roar of the magic thousand. Nor, for that matter, would the bulk of them ever given such an achievement any great consideration as a career goal. As I said, the world turns and values change!
  On the Marburg front, we race next Saturday in conjunction with the Black Snake Creek Festival. Unofficial trials will be held today with the education segment to go at 8.00am approximately. The Annual General meeting of the Marburg Pacing Association will be held after the trials on Sunday October 19th. If you wish to be on the Marburg Committee, you should contact Greg Cumberland for a nomination form. ( cumberl@bigpond.com.au ).
  The leader board is marginally different this week, with up and coming driver, Nathan Dawson posting four wins, while his boss, John McMullen was top trainer, scoring on three occasions.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 26/09.. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Alta Antonio (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Albion Park 27/09.. Supabet (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. LeBron (Pete for Brian McCall)..  Albion Park 29/09 Coralie Joy (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Melton Bonover Nathan Dawson for Jenny Halliday).. Mister Attitude (Nathan Dawson for Jenny Halliday).. Albion Park 30/09.. Artzone (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. My Man Dan (Chantal Turpin).. Andriamo El Ferrari (Narissa for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 01/10.. nil... Redcliffe 02/10.. Blessed Is The Boy (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Lady Royal Sue (Narissa for John McMullen).. Cruisin Luxury (Nathan Dawson)..
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"TROT TACTICS"11/10/2014..
  This could be your lucky day. There's a dual opportunity at Marburg with the annual community based "Black Snake Creek Festival" in the centre of town, with its craft, produce and food stalls, plus bands and local service groups. Kick off at the Festival in the morning and enjoy the local hospitality, and, after the street parade at 11.00am you can cruise up the road (a five minute walk) to the Showground and enjoy a couple of hours of "close up and exciting" country trotting at the Marburg Pacing Association's non-TAB race meeting. The first race goes at about 12.30pm and the mini-trotters are there as well, so the kids will be happy with that. After the racing, just head back to the Festival and kick back with the bands. See, as I said, it's the full day package.
  For the lovers of the trotter, the Darrel Alexander Memorial Series is in full swing, with second round of heats run last night. The $30,000 Final will take place next Saturday night October 18. We will bring you a preview of the prestige event and, hopefully, a reasonably accurate prediction as to the result.
  The spring Carnival commences tonight, with the Be Good Johnny Sprint  for $30,000 the major attraction. Another race on the program, The Seymour Rising Stars Championship C0 Final has risen by $9,000 to $25,000. Not bad money for a career penalty event. Control Body Chairman, Greg Mitchell stated recently at a Botra meeting that, "anyone can buy a horse for these races and others run on a Saturday under the "Q" assessment". This writer is not sure that "anyone" can buy horses of this calibre as they generally go on the expensive side. What is certain is that the money is there. How Joe Average gets a bit of it is the uncertain part.
  On the same card as the DJA Final, is the Gold Coast Cup for $75,000 and a further "Seymour" Final this time for C1 pacers again bearing a career penalty. Heats for these races are run on the Tuesday prior. It's a neat system. Get the right horse which can race twice a week while retaining its form and you are on the road to riches. On October 25, there is a further "Seymour" Final , this time for C2/C3 pacers. The main event on the program is the Garrards Queensland Pacing Championship of $200,000. To wind the Spring Carnival up with a bang, most of the "Q" races  on the night have been raised from $12,000 to $14,999, just $1.00 short of the designated "metro penalty" threshold. Why all this information?.  Well maybe, just maybe, there are some millionaires reading today's article, who might like to invest in a pacer or trotter. For a racing investment proposition with the horse "anyone can buy", the current Saturday night "worst case scenario" would have to include a lot of bad luck if it failed to return a modest profit. With average luck a good return seems highly likely.
  Marburg trials regular, and tough as teak trotting man, Noel Parrish was rewarded for his patience at Kilcoy when the aptly named Its You Not Me ( by It Is I from  Utwo) was successful on on the grass last Sunday. Parrish has a small team of ordinary horses, but no one can doubt the effort that goes into making them perform to their best. It's a family affair with Emilee Annetts listed as the winning owner. It turned out to be a slightly better than average day at the office with another member of the team, Hez To Blame, picking up second money in an earlier event. Lets hope that the upward trend continues.
  The leader board showed a slight variation this week, with Pete McMullen and Trevor Lambourn equal scoring in the driving department at two wins apiece. Chantal Turpin stood alone as a trainer with a total of three winners.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 03/10.. Justanothermaori (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 04/10.. Supabet (Gary whitaker for Chantal Turpin).. Kyvalley Racer (Kay Crone  for Gavin Crone).. Kilcoy 05/10.. Los bravos (Adam Sanderson for Darrel graham).. Its You Not Me (Noel Parrish).. Better Than Money (Darrel Graham)..  Albion Park 07/10.. Prince Assassin (Trevor Lambourn).. Im Young Tommy (Kelli Dawson for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 08/10.. No Number (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Redcliffe 09/10.. Hashtagyolo (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Prince Assassin (Trevor Lambourn).. Mister Seelster (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins)..
 Selections for Albion Park tonight..R 1: Quinella 1-5: Ima Sea Storm (P. Diebert) and Certainly James(S.Graham).. R 2: Quinella 2-3: Designer Style (M.Neilson) and Master Grinner (P. Greig).. R 3: Quinella 1-6: Truly Blissful (C. Petroff) and Regal Stride (S. Graham).. R 4: E/w 6: Our Hi Jinx (L. McCarthy).. R 5:Quinella 2-5: Ima Gucci Girl (B. Cowen) and Superliner (D. Graham).. R 6: Box trifecta 1-2-3. Le Bron (P. McMullen) --Majestic Major (G. Dixon)-Destreos (M.Neilson).. R 7 G : Quinella 1-8: Hugh Hefner (L. McCarthy)-- Place your bet (B. Cowen).. R 8: Box trifecta 2-3-6. Five Star Trump ( G. Crone)--Just A Bit Coco (D. Lee)-- Melpark Macca (G. Whitaker).. R 9: Quinella 2-4: Wilusi Blues (B. Cockburn) and Rakarebel (M. Neilson).. R 10: Box trifecta 1-3-8: Crazy Mach (G. Dixon)-- Washington Lass (P. McMullen)-- Highview Ember (C. Turpin)..
  Marburg picks today.. R 1: 2-5-3 .. R 2: 1-8-5.. R 3: 1-8-5.. R 4:  1-3-7.. R 5: 2-3-4...
  Thanks folks.  Regards Denis.
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"TROT TACTICS"..18/10/2014..
  Best news of the week came late on Thursday when Mt Walker based Kenny Parker steered his home bred mare Colada Rose to a three metre victory at Redcliffe. It was the six year old daughter of Left By Colada and Mischevious Molly's  first win in a career which had spanned 60 starts. It was an "all Ipswich" finish with second going to Madame Camelot ( Dan Russell for Steve Towns) and Queens Crossing (Denis Smith). What is important is that Ken Parker would have to be the oldest active trot driver in Queensland, at a sprightly 81 years of age. It was a great sight to see, with the light weight veteran charging straight to the front from 6 alley, and setting a pace which was just a little too hot for his rivals. It just goes to show what love of a sport coupled with a steely determination to "bat on" when luck is not going your way, can achieve. KP has taken his 6yo mare along steadily, and, being a believer in hard work and plain feed, "Rosie" has steadily improved in stamina to the point where, in recent weeks, she has been more in the money than out of it. Thursday's win was no surprise.
  Ken Parker was of course, as pleased as punch with the win, recalling that his last trip down Victory lane was in 2008 at Rocklea. The whole event should be cause for thought amongst our modern day administrators, who are hell bent on promoting only the young or current superstars to the detriment of trainers and drivers of mature years. Those who guide our sport should be reminded that the horse does the running in this game, and, as with Colada Rose and Kenny Parker, reasonable equine ability coupled with good hands and years of  experience in the sulky  ensuring that the horse is driven to suit its racing traits, is the recipe for success. Thursday was not only a personal success for Kenny Parker, it was a victory for the hobby trainers and drivers of Queensland. They should take heart from this and just keep going that extra mile. As to KP's age, he will be around on track for a good while yet, he is only as old as the horse he feels!!
  Racing at Marburg last Saturday was of the usual high standard, with Race 1 going to Los Amante (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham), which showed gate speed to lead from the 3 alley going on to score from Penny Moreau (Gary Whitaker) and Lombo Rendesvous (Justin Storie).Margins were 18.4 mtres x SHHD in a rate of 2-02.5..  Race 2, a stand start event, with Ohoka Utah (Lola for Julie Weidemann) stepping smartly to lead throughout and hold off Chevals Diamond (Jason Carkeet) and Diamante Maravu (Gary Whitaker). Margins were 1.8 metres x HFNK, the rate 2-03.2.   Race 3, veteran pacer, Mr Moseby (Gary Whitaker for Mick Benham) led from barrier to box, defeating Hez To Blame (Noel Parrish) and Colada Rainbow (Mitchell Dawson). Margins, 3.1 metres x 6.8 in a rayte of 2-04.5.. Race 4, Cammys Star (Lola Weideman) came from behind the leader and kept going to down Two Left Steps (Gary Whitaker), and the honest Colada Rose (Ken Parker). Margins were 1.4 metres x 9.1m, mile rate...   Race 5,Nod Dor (Dayl March) "got the nod" in the last of the day, sustaining a long sprint from 1 out 3 back at the bell, heading off Spirit Of Aurora (Nathan Dawson) and Its All Aces (Trevor Lambourn). 1.1 metres x HD were the margins in a rate of 2.04.1..  Oddly, for a Marburg meeting, only the first winner was locally trained. The remainder came ,two from Clifton, one from Warwick and the other from Toorbul near Bribie island. There is food for thought if that trend continues.
  If you are a hobby breeder, and thinking of breeding a pacer this season, you should be looking at Enrique NZ ( Presidential Ball x Hint x Holmes Hanover), a horse that gets you in with a definite chance at just $500 with a live foal guarantee. Multiple winners by this horse include Enrique Of Malacca (1-55.1), Teenteeitsdynamite (1-58.0), Jinky Johnson NZ (1.59) and Ronnoco NZ four wins to date. Contact Colin Knox at Braycrest Park Thagoona. 07 5464 5380 or email cknox@bigpond.net.au..
  An update on the most publicised recycling exercise involving a standardbred ever attempted, that of Ideal Guy (Andy) from race track to dressage arena. Progress for the attractively marked chestnut has been remarkable with "Andy" headed to Equitana in Melbourne next month, where he will give a one hour display of his talents in one of equitations most technical disciplines. Given the reputation of the people involved with the ex-pacer, this show will be something out of the box!
 Don't for get that the Annual General Meeting of the Marburg Pacing Association takes place tomorrow after the unofficial trials. Come along and see where the MPA is at and where it is headed. Trials nominations are taken at 7.15am and education goes at approx. 8.00am. Best "brekky burgers", tea, coffee and cold drinks, all at rock bottom prices.
  The leader board says that Darrel Graham was top trainer with four winners for the week while Trevor Lambourn, carrying on his recent run of success and Adam Sanderson, shared driving honours at two apiece.
  Resutsville.. Albion Park 10/10.. Newmerella Fella (Brett for Max Towns).. Albion Park 11/10.. Montana Falcon (Brittany for Darrel Graham).. Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Highview Ember (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 14/10.. Just A Fling (Denis Smith).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn).. Therecomesatime (Luke McCarthy for Ron Sallis).. Threo (Trevor Lambourn).. Redcliffe 15/10.. Art In Paris (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Exotique (Trent for Geoff Dawson).. Redcliffe 16/10.. Colada Rose (Kenny Parker).. The Reverend Black (Darrel Graham)..
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"TROT TACTICS"..25/10/2014..
  John Davis.. Last Monday saw the passing of John Davis as a result of severe illness. Davis, who was a quiet and reserved man, a house painter by trade, worked a medium sized team of pacers with his wife Pam and son Wayne at Hattonvale. The JD stable was always in the firing line, with a number of their well performed Saturday night stock sourced from the Paul Fitzpatrick stables in Sydney.
  In recent years, the line up included Davey J, Dougs Place and Hez Hellbound, the last winning the entires and geldings division of the 4YO  Triad Championship in 2010..JD did not drive in later years, with Tim Gillespie, Pete McMullen and Gary Whitaker sporting the blue and light blue halves on the racetrack. An early life and serious venture in the hack and pony show ring, paved the way to establish the Davis trademark. A Davis horse went to the races with a coat like satin and wearing immaculate harness. In this age where for most the hose is the main grooming tool JDs horses went on the track, fit, well, and ready to run for their lives. He did not start many horses at the Sunday morning trials, preferring to turn up with Pam and watch the action while enjoying the "yack session" under the canteen awning. Age, illness and death are realities of life. Friends are taken from us and we can do nothing but mourn our loss. John Davis is gone. We must remember him as he was. An ornament to the light harness sport in Queensland, and a top bloke.
  Never losing sight of that magical 1,000 winners target, Pete McMullen showed his talent extended beyond the speedy accumulation of winners in Queensland, by taking out the inaugural Sky Racing Australian Drivers Championship held at Globe Derby Park on October 18. Six races were set aside for the Championship, and McMullen topped the scores with four more points than WA's Gary Hall jnr. Tasmanian rep, Gareth Rattray took third place on a count back from Chris Alford Vic and David Harding SA, all three finishing on 52 points. When a group of top flight drivers such as the twelve that contested this event come together, the luck of the draw in barriers and horseflesh has much influence on the result. Run a re-mix of horses, barriers and drivers, and the final standings could well be the reverse of the actual result. The main talent required is to sort out the horse's attitude and characteristics in the preliminary and go from there. That talent is, in itself, a gift that the bulk of drivers do not have.
  The Marburg Pacing Association's Annual General meeting saw only minimal changes in the Executive and Committee ranks. Steve Towns was returned as President supported by Peter Steele and Denis Smith, Greg Cumberland is Secretary and Chris McGuire retains the Treasurer's post. Committee is Trevor Perrin, Graydon McCoombes, Maxine Ellison, Karen Schulz, Ann-Marie Harriott and Debbie Summerhayes. The MPA acknowledges the mighty  contribution made by retiring members, Barry Hoare and Wayne Chalk. We probably hope that, like good racehorses, both have only gone to the paddock for a short spell. The Marburg aim for the next year is the usual story. Do as much as we can to provide a volume of race fit horses and drivers into the light harness pool and improve and expand our racing segment.
  On the broader front, Racing Queensland's experiment with shifting the race day "official" trials to the "after the last" time slot has been deemed a failure and will revert to their between races format on November 1st. Increased cost to race clubs and inconvenience to trainers were the factors which torpedoed the initiative.
  The "no more than 28 field selection points"  criteria which has somewhat blighted lower grade races at the Redcliffe Thursday meetings, will disappear at the same time.
  The leader board took a strong swing to Team Graham at Fernvale this week with DWG himself training a massive seven (7) winners for the week and stable foreman Adam Sanderson posting four (4) wins as a driver. Daughter Brittany and DWG himself managed two wins apiece in the sulky. Across the district 18 winners in total. A change for the better.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 17/10.. Coralie Joy (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Paris to Berlin (Matt for Greg Elkins).. Donegal Under Fire (Hayden Barnes)..  Albion Park 18/10.. Rummiking (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Uncle Lile (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 21/10.. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. The Revend Black (Darrel Graham).. Ida Tiger (Hayden Barnes for Ali Khouiss).. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Major Sam (Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 22/10.. Vain Spirit (Narissa for John McMullen).. Riverboat Diamond (Amy for Mark Rees).. Shootforthestarzzz (Brittany Graham for Shaun Gillespie).. Redcliffe 23/10..Colada Rainbow (Nathan Dawson for Allan Treadwell).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. The Artison (Amy Rees for Glenn Bridges).. My Arthur Bee (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham) .. Well To Do Lombo (Narissa McMullen).
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TROT TACTICS..01/11/2014..
  This week we feature  an article on Peak Crossing driver Amy Rees. Rees is growing popular with local trainers for her willingness to take on board their suggestions as to how their horse may be best driven. Add that engaging trait to a nice pair of hands and a cool head and you have the successful package that is Amy R. The following is lifted from the Queensland Racing (Harness) website and is reproduced with the permission of top race caller, Chris Barsby.
Last week, Rees steered home four winners starting at Albion Park on Tuesday with Bronze Ecstasy, Riverboat Diamond at Redcliffe on Wednesday, The Artison on Thursday at Redcliffe and then Village Villain at Albion Park on Friday afternoon.
It was clearly her best week in the bike.
And she wants the momentum to keep building.
“It was a fantastic week; I was able to get some luck at those meetings and drive some horses that are racing in good form, it was great to make the most of the opportunities.” Rees said.
Currently in a gap year before entering Griffith University, Rees assists her father Mark who prepares a team of eight at their Peak Crossing property, west of Brisbane.
Both Bronze Ecstasy and Riverboat Diamond came from their training partnership.
The arrival of Bronze Ecstasy earlier this year came about when generous harness racing benefactor Kevin Seymour offered several young people to buy their own horse to get them started.
Rees, 17, took up the option and with the help of respected agent Stuart Valentine, purchased the Bettors Delight gelding who has now three races under the care of the Rees family.
“Bronze Ecstasy has been a neat little horse since coming over from New Zealand, I was aggressive with him last week and held the lead and he ran out a convincing winner so I’m hoping that’s a good confidence builder for him.
“He’ll just keep going through his grades, he’s been a great horse to learn with and he’s clearly one of my favourites. Riverboat Diamond has come up really well this preparation and we were confident about her chances from the inside draw and the way she went at Albion Park the start prior, she likes to roll along and she went really well again.
“The Artison has been putting in some good efforts of late and we managed to get some luck, he actually finished his race off really well. Village Villain is also a cool horse although he can get a little keen at times, my instructions were to hold the front and he just kept going which was great.”
The victory aboard Village Villain proved to be her fastest with a 1;55.0 clocking.
Rees, now in her third season as a driver landed her first winner at the Gold Coast aboard the speedy pacer Longwoods on February 8 last year.
In total, Rees has driven a total of 28 winners with 73 minor placing’s from 344 drives.
Rees has enjoyed good success with Teenteeitsdynamite combining to win 6 races.
Next month, Rees will travel to Christchurch for Cup week with a group of Queensland Young Guns to take in more experience.
We were slightly out with our "info" that qualifying trials would revert to the "between races" format on November 1st. The actual date will be Thursday 6th of November and the venue will be Redcliffe. A full list of trial conditions will be available on the Racing Queensland website next week.
  While we are on the subject of dates, put a circle round Saturday, November 8th. This is one of the Marburg Feature race days and incorporates the "The Graham Harriott Memorial Trot".  Graham was a well liked, and high achieving President of the Marburg Pacing Association for a number of years. He combined administration with an impressive strike rate as a trainer of traditional trotters and his more recent "good ones"  included Poetic Device, Miss Adelaide and the ever reliable Cosmic Thunder. It's a six race program with trials commencing at 11.00am and the first races at 1.00pm. We have bookies, Sky Channel screens for the gallops, best "Barry Burgers". and other delicacies, with the best bar prices this side of the black stump, hot and cold drinks, an ice cream van and a super face painter for the kids. Traditional "tug o war" with three separate contests returns to the Marburg scene.
 Unofficial trials are on the Marburg slate for tomorrow morning. Nominations from 7.15 am and the education session goes at approximately 8.00am. Breakfast burgers, hot and cold drinks. Horse numbers are rising. Help us to stay on the up and up..
  The leader board, headed up by Ron Sallis (Fernvale/ Wanora) in the trainer's section with a total of three wins for the week, while regular, Narissa McMullen was top driver, scoring on four occasions.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 24/10.. G.I.Lavros (Adam Sanderson for Shaun Gillespie).. Los Amante (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Luke By Knight (Lauren Panella for Ali Khouiss).. Nimrod (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa for John McMullen)..  Albion Park 25/10.. Nil.. Albion Park 28/10.. Los Amante (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Therecomsatime (Narissa for Ron Sallis).. Gloveman Gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Redcliffe 29/10.. Fiscal Cliff (Narissa for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 30/10 .. My Lucky Life (Lola Weidemann for Russell Kajewski).. Well To Do Lombo (Narissa McMullen).. Our Third Time Lucky (Dan Russell).. Just A Little Jery (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Helava Grand View (Nathan for Trent Knack)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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Marburg Showground is the place to be today, for the running of the Graham Harriott Memorial Trot. Centrepiece of a solid six race program, the Harriott Memorial commemorates GH's contribution to the Marburg Pacing Association and his successful passion for the traditional trotter. Trials commence at approximately 11.00am and the first race is scheduled for 12.35pm. Super "Barry Burgers", other delicacies, hot and cold drinks an ice cream van, a magic face painter for the kids and the best bar prices ever, combined with a strong betting facility. Its all there with "tug o war" contests between exciting racing on the close up Marburg circuit. Don't miss it. Adults $5.00, pensioners $3.00, kids under 16 years go free.
  Australia's greatest horse race, the Melbourne Cup ,run last Tuesday, has created a storm of controversy and conflicting opinion due to the unfortunate deaths of two of the runners. These were Admire Rakti which had won the Caufield Cup in recent weeks and Araldo, which was euthanased after a post race accident. Admire Rakti, which raced up on the speed for a good part of the race, gave ground in the latter stages, and, on returning to his race day stall collapsed and died. A post mortem examination indicated that Admire Rakti had suffered from fibrillation of the heart which led to total cardiac failure. Araldo was also euthanased when attempts to pin and plate a leg shattered when the horse took fright when returning to the unsaddling area after the race, were deemed to be unsuccessful.
  Animal rights organisations have been putting the spotlight on the horse codes in racing for a number of years now with a particular emphasis on "jumps" events. The majority of these groups support a total ban on racing, and it is difficult to not sympathise with some of the factors which have led to this stance, whether these are based on emotion or hard fact. The following extract from "Fairfax Media" is a statistical exercise which appears to support the line of hard fact. It is for the individual to decide whether the exercise is the "whole iceberg" or is it only a part of the berg, and whether they are comfortable with the picture it paints.
   CHRIS ROOTS reports for FAIRFAX MEDIA that the facts simply do not support their campaigns.
"There are six animal rights groups, and with the exception of the RSPCA, all have adopted a position to close down racing. It is impossible to persuade them of another point of view regardless of the facts of the matter," he said.
"They are politically and ideologically opposed to racing because they believe horses should not be used for an economic benefit."
The ARB ( Australian Racing Board) released raw figures about raceday fatalities stating that 125 horses died in races or barrier trials in the 2013-14 season in 19,511 races where there were 189,259 starters, which means the ratio of deaths to runner is 0.0066 per cent. There are 36,675 racehorses in Australia.
  The RSPCA, which has been working for many years to reform some aspects of racing , said, in part. "Sadly, injury and death are the price some horses pay for our entertainment in a sport that puts intense pressure on animals to perform to the limits of their endurance."RSPCA chief executive Heather Neil focused on the use of the whip and called for it to be abolished by 2015.
  It is close to 80 years since the decision of the brewing industry in Sydney NSW to go to motor transport for the cartage of beer in 1935, there bye removing from daily life the last of the heavy horse drawn transports. It was, in effect the end of the "age of the horse", and that end saw the beginning of the conversion of the horse from a beast of burden to the pleasure and sporting animal we are familiar with today. The RSPCA has got it right. What ever way you look at it, the whip is an instrument for causing pain. We should not let ourselves be guilty of adding gratuitous pain to an athletic endeavour on the part of horses which are already at some risk of serious, and, on occasion, life threatening injury due to the very nature of racing itself.
  Both sides of the leader board are reserved for the Lord Mayor of Fernvale, Darrell Graham. In the training department, just the nine wins for the week, an incredible five of which came at Redcliffe on Thursday, and as a driver, DWG racked up five victories, with Pete McMullen at his shoulder posting four. Brittany Graham handled three of the remaining four Graham stable winners, and Hayden Barnes one.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 31/10..Lodr Jones (Darrell Graham).. Tiki Topaz (Nathan for Glenn Dawson).. My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Exceptional Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..Major Command (Trevor Lambourn).. Rummiking (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 01/11..Ronald George (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 04/11..Melton Bonover (Nathan Dawson for Jenny Halliday).. Redcliffe 05/11.. Prince Benji (Peter Greig for Tess Neaves).. Fiscal Cliff (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Just Julia (Darrell Graham).. Miss Catalina (Gary Whitaker for Ricky Gordon).. Jaylets Fury (Glenn Dawson).. Pandoras Diamond (Glenn Dawson).. Redcliffe 06/11.. Her Ex And I (Darrell Graham).. The Reverend Black (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. My Arthur Bee (Darrell Graham).. Better Than Money (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Supaliner (Hayden Barnes for Darrell Graham)..
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"TROT TACTICS"  15/11/2014..
  The Graham Harriott Memorial Trot was the feature race at last Saturday's Marburg meeting. It was the third running of the event which has yet to be won by a locally born trainer. The race has New Zealand stamped on it in letters large, with the first running taken out by Mister Malakye NZ, owned, trained and driven by ex-pat kiwi, Graeme Harris. Former Canterbury farmers, (now residing at Jimboomba) Frank and Karen Bennett have snagged the next two, firstly with Its Three By Two NZ, driven by Lauren jones, now enjoying considerable success in Perth, and this year by the veteran Sun Lad NZ, with another ex-pat, Grant Archer in the sulky. Frank Bennett has yet to drive the winner, but no doubt this is high on his list of "things to do". The result was perhaps bittersweet for the Harriott family, as son James had his first runner in the event. This was the 30 metre backmarker, Sea Spray Notch (Lola Weidemann) which went down by only a head. So near and yet so far in the racing game. The extended Harriot family dressed in green and white for the day in support of the stable colours. Ann-Marie Harriott finally found out what the big attraction is in the harness horse with a trip in the dual seater sulky.
  The recent retirement by Kevin Seymour from the Chair of Albion Park Harness Racing Club, and his subsequent replacement by high profile race broadcaster and media personality, David Fowler, has created a casual vacancy on the major Club's Committee. This has now been filled by Linda Graham, wife of leading Fernvale based trainer/driver, Darrell Graham. It was comments over a period to sitting committeemen on the need for a woman's perspective on club issues, which prompted a serious approach by Damian Courtney and encouragement from David Fowler. Thus history was made, as LG is the first lady to sit at the Albion Park  table. Her creed and motivation is simple.
  "If we all sit back, having an opinion and failing to voice it, nothing will happen!" This was perhaps the major trigger behind Linda's move, that and having two children already heavily involved in the sport and a concerned parent's desire to preserve and grow a future for those children. She will not bring a "docile" or "performing seal" mentality to her task. She is happy to have the opportunity to create positives where possible and the strength to oppose initiatives which appear less than good for the Club or the sport. Linda Graham is a highly organised person with a passion to collate and store information. In her recent past is a lengthy stint in the decision making processes for a leading retailer of sports fashion for young women. Her's is a very commendable resume for the job at hand.
  When you start out in the light harness game as a trainer and driver, there is only one thing on your mind. That all important first winner. For some it comes almost automatically, and success arrives in the first couple of starts. For others it can be a long and apparently unrewarding slog. One who climbed out of the second bracket at Marburg last Saturday, was Hattonvale based  Lorraine Laggan. LL owned and trained Rubys Falcon (Lacey Hinze) to take out the first race on Harriott Memorial Day, defeating Two Left Steps (Gary Whitaker) and Wecanonlyhope (Warren Hinze) in the process. Laggan had spent the last three or four years in her quest for a winner, but it was only last September that she was able to lease Ruby's Falcon from Noel Dumke. Things could only get better, and Lorraine's nine starts with the pacer have yielded one win, two seconds and one third. LL is not one to hog the limelight, giving thanks and praise to Lacey Hinze for a good job in the sulky on raceday, Jeff Kalnowski  for massage treatment to the mare's muscle problems, Matt Learoyd for consistently excellent shoeing and Gavin Wright and Clint Sneddon for patience and advice while she was learning the basics of training. Lorraine Laggan credits her father, Les Bruckner, for introducing her to the sport. Les bred and raced horses such as Ultimate Flash, and provided Lorraine's first horse, Rosies Revenge which ran a third and fourth from a handful of starts. There you have it. The colours are green and yellow vertical stripes. We should see more of them in the winners circle from here on.
  Pacing's best known deity, The Lord Of The Mile Rate, was rejoicing last Saturday night. Firstly, Avonnova (Shane Graham for Ian Gurney),  was able to set a new track record of 1-52.2 in winning the Newcastle Mile. The win carried an automatic invitation to the Miracle Mile to be celebrated on the supreme altar of speed, TABCORP Park Menangle on November 29th. The festivities were less than an hour old when Avonnova's mark was eclipsed at Albion Park. Forever Gold (Kylie Rasmussen for Darren Weeks) led and won in the fast class event over 1660 metres, returning a mile rate of 1-51.7, with quarter sections of 27.2..29.3..27.4.. and 28.1.This stands as a track record for mares, the record for all comers is 1-50.4, to the credit of Imthemightyquinn. Forever Gold has stats of 72starts for 39 wins, 8 seconds and 10 thirds with $610,110 and is far from a spent force either in speed or earning capacity. When will The Lord of Mile Rates be satisfied. Never if history is any guide. Even now he lusts for a benchmark of excellence set at 1-50.0..
  Again, Darrell Graham heads the trainer's side of the leader board with four winners and Pete McMullen stars in the drivers department scoring four wins on locally trained horses.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 07/11..our Maple Tart Narissa for John McMullen).. Exceptional Mach (Pete for Chantal turpin).. Major Sam (Darrell Graham).. Judah Ben Hur (Trent Moffat for Ken Belford)..  Albion Park 08/11.. Jilliby Ling (Narissa for John McMullen).. Marburg 08/11.. Rubys Falcon (Lacey Hinze for Lorraine Laggan).. Chicken On A Chain (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Adriatic Coast (Hayden Barnes for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park  11/11 .. Only One Slim (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. My Ajaye (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 12/11 .. Call Me Yours (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Highview Oban (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 13/11.. Big Reds Girl (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Penny Moreau (Gary Whitaker for Ricky Gordon).. Armbros Lad (Pete for Steve Coombs).. Checkhimout (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. King Grin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. My Mate Billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins)..
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  Pacing's best known deity, The Lord Of The Mile Rate, was rejoicing last Saturday night. Firstly, Avonnova (Shane Graham for Ian Gurney),  was able to set a new track record of 1-52.2 in winning the Newcastle Mile. The win carried an automatic invitation to the Miracle Mile to be celebrated on the supreme altar of speed, TABCORP Park Menangle on November 29th. The festivities were less than an hour old when Avonnova's mark was eclipsed at Albion Park. Forever Gold (Kylie Rasmussen for Darren Weeks) led and won in the fast class event over 1660 metres, returning a mile rate of 1-51.7, with quarter sections of 27.2..29.3..27.4.. and 28.1.This stands as a track record for mares, the record for all comers is 1-50.4, to the credit of Imthemightyquinn. Forever Gold has stats of 72starts for 39 wins, 8 seconds and 10 thirds with $610,110 and is far from a spent force either in speed or earning capacity. When will The Lord of Mile Rates be satisfied. Never if history is any guide. Even now he lusts for a benchmark of excellence set at 1-50.0..

Apparently some new sulkies have hit the scence. Darren Binskin, on the radio last week, said Smoken Ups record @ Menagle won't last much longer :chin:
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'TROT TACTICS"..19/11/2014..
  Young man of the moment in Ipswich trotting circles is Glamorganvale (it's Ipswich, would he live anywhere else?) based Nathan Dawson. With the current season only 10 weeks old, ND has already has 20 trips down Victory Lane on the scoreboard with only 9 more needed to equal his total for last term. At 19 years of age, Nathan has lifetime stats of 628 drives for 53 wins and 129 placings. He is currently averaging near to 18 drives per week which indicates a willingness for trainers to utilise his talents.. None of this came without sacrifice, as ND has shed some 40 kilos in weight to fit the modern profile of the "lean, mean and hungry" driver. He deserves his success and, his results have caused a re-think for the  column. Previously, we reported only wins gained by local drivers on locally trained horses (Goodna to Gatton). Now winning drives by the locals on all horses will be counted and what would have been near misses on the Leader Board  might become spotlight results.
 There has been considerable "duckpond" action in the last few days. Water appears calm but the webbed feet are going hard underneath. The following is a serious and heartfelt call for action in the form of pressure on government and the Minister for Racing.
   "What About a Petition online we could forward to everyone , Farriers , Lucerne growers , Feed suppliers , ETC , ETC, ETC , because there would be thousands of voters , if we grouped everyone from every stable and asked to vote these people out!! "
  The above was written by a heavily committed owner breeder who has put his cheque book where his heart is  in the purchase of well bred mares and joined them with first class stallions both here and in NZ. He finds himself with numerous yearlings and 2 and 3yo's in a less than buoyant market where it is difficult to see a future for the light harness game. The request for a petition caused some upheaval within the ranks of participants with a large number keen to sign up and a slightly lesser ,but more influential group trying earnestly to explain why we should be patient, and wait for yet another announcement later this month. It is difficult to recommend patience to people who have been waiting some seven years for a replacement grandstand at the Premier track, Albion Park, having lost the best track in Australia, Gold Coast Parklands, to satisfy a need for temporary accommodation for the Commonwealth Games, scheduled for 2018, and God knows how long for urgently needed repairs at our No 2 venue, Redcliffe.
  One of our more practical thinkers, businessman, and owner/trainer, Greg Kopp,  found an easier way to access the ears of power by suggesting that participants might petition the Minister to appoint Wayne Dosetto to the Harness Board. Mr Dosetto is part owner of a medium sized accounting firm and is a passionate participant in harness particularly the trotters. He is Secretary/Treasurer of the Queensland Square Trotters Association and the Gold Coast Harness Racing Club.
This in itself creates a problem as bearing office on an industry body committee precludes Mr Dossetto from a Board position. There is however, compelling argument for the old principle of "THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB", compelling enough in this case to waive the rule as a matter of necessity!   
Mr Kopp, having read a number of submissions by Wayne Dossetto, and been impressed by their quality, wrote as follows--
The only way he can influence what happens is from a board position. Nothing outside is being listened to or considered.
The best petition that could be got going is a petition to have Wayne Dosetto appointed to the board immediately. This would allow him to have his voice heard. If he finds that nobody listens when he gets there and he cant do anything from that position to advance harness racing, he can always resign and make his reasons for doing so public.
Any petitions or action from groups within harness racing are ignored and are probably a waste of time. It is up to our board to consult with the industry groups and put their concerns to RQ. Our current board are unlikely to be able to do this effectively if they can be convinced to do it at all."
  It would be fair and reasonable at this time to remind The Minister, Mr Steve Dickson, that the Queensland Harness Board has been running a man short for a lengthy period since former Chair, Brad Steele, resigned. It would also be fair and reasonable to suggest to the Minister that he appoint Mister Dossetto immediately. That is, of course, If the Minister wants a Board member that has gained the trust of participants by his willingness to take on the workload in other "industry" bodies and work towards fair and reasonable outcomes.
  The fact of the matter is that "Joe Average" trotting man is sick and tired of being treated as a third class citizen ( public statement by a Board Member at a Sunday Botra "industry" meeting. "there is no provision for hobbyists") by his own Control Body and demands the protection of the Minister. Protection to which he or she is fully entitled.
  The leader board shows no change in the trainer's section, with Darrell Graham up there with four winners, in the driver's department, Adam Sanderson, a member of "Team Graham" got the nod with three wins from Brittany Graham and Trent Moffat on two apiece.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 14/11..Wilusi Blues (Brad Cowen for Ron Sallis).. Whatta Escape (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen). Dudinkas Beau (Gary Whitaker for Graham White)..  Albion Park 15/11.. Supaliner Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Better Than Money (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 18/11.. Alta Sinatra (Ray Pullen).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Judah Ben Hur (Trent Moffat for Ken Belford).. Redcliffe 19/11.. abandoned  due to flooding.. Redcliffe 20/11.. Brass Monkey (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Dieberdolly (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham). . Sookie Go Goes (Brittany Graham for Mick Benham)..Its You Not Me (Noel Parrish).. Olgoldnblack (Trent Moffat for Peter Jones)..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 29/11/2014..
  The bell which signals the passing of a life tolls again this week. This time for Jenny Halliday of Rosewood whose service was held at Laidley on Thursday. Jenny was a recognisable figure at all tracks from the time she first appeared in the list of winning trainers at Rocklea on June 17 2006, scoring with Westburn Pegasus, driven by Jenny Learoyd. Given that her racetrack efforts spanned only seven seasons, her total training statistics of 552 starters for 28 wins and 81 placings are more than a bit respectable. JH was a fan of standing starts and her best performer, Scenic Rim, which managed 11 wins for "team Halliday", was a very reliable conveyance from behind the tapes. Other winners to sport the "maroon with silver Pegasus" colours were Mitsume (I), Helen Irwin (4), Fleetwood Karlee (5), Mister Attitude (2) and her final win was with Melton Bonover ( Nathan Dawson)at Redcliffe this Melbourne Cup day past taking his total to 4 victories for the camp. Jenny Halliday was in her 63rd year when she succumbed to serious illness which had made her last months pretty much unbearable. She will be remembered as a lady who spoke her mind without fear or favour. In a time when the numbers of hobby trainers  are steadily decreasing, Jenny Halliday is one less soldier in the ranks. One less trainer, forever searching for that better horse to take her forward. We mourn her passing!
   Queensland’s winter and spring harness racing carnival prize money has been boosted as part of a comprehensive overhaul of the state’s feature prize money allocations, announced by Racing Queensland today. ( Wednesday 26/11)
The Gold Coast Cup, Sunshine Sprint, Queensland Oaks and the QBred 2yo and 3yo Triad Finals have been elevated to Group 1 status with stakes of $100,000 each from next year. The Queensland Derby  will now carry $150,000 and the Blacks A Fake comes in at $125,000.
In other boosts, the DJA Memorial has been elevated to Group 1 status; while the Be Good Johnny Sprint, 4yo Championship and 4 & 5yo Pacing Championship will carry Group 2 status and stakes of $50,000. The Paleface Adios 2yo has been elevated to Group 3 with $30,000 stakes.
The Redcliffe Cup, which has been elevated to Group 2 status, has been boosted with stakes of $50,000, the Gold Coast Derby has jumped to $40,000 and the Redcliffe Derby and Oaks to $30,000 each.
Meanwhile the Nursery Pace 3yo race will be run in 2015 as scheduled, while the 2yo Nursery Pace will now be run as a non-sustaining open Group 1 2yo and 3yo race during the Winter Carnival called the Seymour Nursery Fly.
  There is no doubt that the increases in "feature race" money will be well received in other parts, and may provide an influx of high profile runners from interstate and New Zealand. Such events are promotable we are told. This news then, should provide the necessary spur for Cabinet to sign off  on the current business plan for the dual code funded (harness and greyhounds) Grandstand at Albion Park. It is seven years since the Hinze stand bit the dust. Seven years in which neither of the so-called "minor" codes, has had any area fit to accommodate patrons, regular or casual, who might be seeking a quality night out. Racing Queensland Chairman, Mr Kevin Dixon, in an informative address to the Queensland All Codes Racing Industry Board (QACRIB) on Tuesday, stated that several business plans had been formulated for this project during his tenure, but failure to agree by concerned parties had seen every such plan end up in the bin. At this point, Mr Dixon  said, the current plan appeared to be a goer.. KD provided further joy when he said that the Government would announce the name of the new Harness Board Member, filling the gap left by Board Chair, Mr Brad Steele who resigned some months back.
  Patience is always a virtue, but never more than in the light harness game. Hattonvale based trainer/driver, Noel Parrish, is a shining example of this, having spent season after season, month after month, putting in countless hours trying to coax an ounce of improvement from modest stock. In December 2013, "team Parrish" acquired a 6yo gelding named Its You Not Me. The son of USA import, It Is I and the mare Utwo, was to race in the ownership of Emmilee Annetts, and, up till now, seemed just another unexciting prospect, the like of which are becoming harder to place in the shrinking pond of "reality harness".
Suddenly, in the space of a week or so, there is real light at the end of the tunnel. NP and Its You Not Me have racked up successive victories at Redcliffe. The manner in which this was achieved indicates that, after all this time, Noel Parrish has one with a big motor. Its You Not Me comes from a strong immediate family, with the dam, Utwo having produced ten foals for seven winners and total bank of $274,657, two of which earned $110,421 and $91,443 respectively. NP's personal stats are, as a trainer, 556 starters for 17 wins and 51 placings while, in the sulky, 2,287 trips for 96 wins and 284 places. With the wind in his sails, Noel Parrish will go heaps better from here on. You better believe it!!
  The leader board lights up for once more Darrell Graham as a trainer with four wins and Narissa McMullen as driver on five.
  Resultsville. Albion Park 21/11.. Bullimore (Trent Moffat for Alan Godwin).. Its Three By Two (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett)..Cheval Zeppenology (Adam Sanderson for Jason Carkeet).. Bronze Ecstasy Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. All About Art (Narissa for Steven Cini).. 22/11.. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Buzz Courage (Narissa for Steven Cini).. Albion Park 25/11.. Bailys Fernco (Narissa for John McMullen).. Alta Antonio (Matt for Greg Elkins).. Armazen (Danielle McMullen).. Major Lefty (Narissa for Chris Monte).. Redcliffe 26/11.. Green Mans Valley (Gary Whitaker for T. Mackay).. Art In Paris (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Nostalgic Beach (Narissa for Steven Cini).. Just Grange (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham).. Lucky Cold Lucy (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Redcliffe 27/11.. Josephine Shannon (Gary Whitaker for Ricky Gordon) .. Stout (Amy Rees for Doug Lee).. Its You Not Me (Noel Parrish).. My Arthur Bee (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham)..  Dutch Cream (Steve Burke)..
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TROT TACTICS....06/12/2014...
  For the fans of the straight out trotter, there will be an Ipswich flavour about two of the favoured runners in The Bill Collins Trotters Mile, to be run at Cranbourne tonight. It is over three years since Clive Palmer reduced his harness involvement at Lowood's Patrick Estate, in favour of Federal Politics. When CP took the big step, he leased the better horses to Avenel (Vic) based trainer/driver, David Aiken. Among the soon to be Victorians were the trotters ,My High Expectations and Cold Sister.
  Tonight sees both horses well in the market for the "Collins" feature. The pair have put together impressive CVs since joining the Aiken stable, with My High Expectations now boasting stats of 89 starts for 32 wins and 28 placings, picking up $463,972 in prizemoney on the way. Cold sister has started 85 times for 16 wins and 36 placings for earnings of $225,708. While the draw favours My High Expectations (1), over Cold Sister (7), David Aiken believes that both his runners will have to pull out something special to beat Keystone Del (Blake Fitzpatrick for Nicole Molander), whose record at the mile journey is awesome indeed ..
  Thursday afternoon at Redcliffe turned out to be a top day for Walloon based owner/trainer/driver, Karen Schulz, who rang up number one in the opening race on the program with her now C1 pacer, Major Verde. It was KS's eleventh race drive after gaining her "B" licence late last season. The gelded son of Art Major and Coverde is raced on lease by Schulz from Steve Clements's Brisbane Pastoral Company and boasts millionaires  Il Vicolo and Gotta Go Cullen close up in his dam line. Major Verde had been placed for Schulz on two occasions prior to Thursday and had thrown in several other eye catching runs from difficult draws. As a confidence builder, the win had much to recommend it, with KS putting Major Verde in the mix at the right time to score a narrow but convincing victory. One thing is certain. If Karen Schulz lives to be a hundred, she will be able to recall Thursday's win in living colour from start to finish. It is the stuff of dreams!!
  When this column covered Lorraine Laggan's first winner (Rubys Falcon) as a trainer several weeks back, it was suggested that the victory might be the catalyst for further success. Sure enough, just three runs later, which included a Wednesday night third placing, Rubys Falcon, with regular driver, Lacey Hinze in the sulky, was good enough to take out Race 2 on the Redcliffe program. As with Race 1 the margin was narrow, but, in a sport where the narrowest margin is a nose, a head is heaps. Lorraine Laggan, like Karen Schulz, will be feeling a great deal better about her involvement in trotting at the moment.
  It seems that, once again, there is a push to abolish standing starts. This proposed policy rears its head from time to time, usually on an annual basis. Alarmingly, if respected Victorian trot writer, Len Baker, is correct, Harness Racing Australia is very much in support of the move. In this writer's 50 years hands on experience in the sport, I cannot believe that this total folly was not put to bed decades ago. Standing starts provide two basic requirements which the mobile barrier does not. Firstly, a reliable method of handicapping..10 metres behind = one class of assessment. Or alternatively, to remain on the front mark, the horse in question must compete in the next highest class. Further to this, barrier positions are far less crucial than in mobile racing. Both of these functions assist in the creation of a stable and reliable form line. Essential if we are to grow turnover!
  Over the years we have heard much of the level playing field and our efforts to find it. It might be enlightening to examine a starting system in which the maximum effective handicap which can be applied is 4 metres (the accepted length of the horse and sulky on the front line).Sadly, we do not race many "one class" mobile events. We tend to use a fairly wide spread of classes ,eg..C2/5. If those same horses raced under standing start handicap conditions the marks would be C2 front, C3 10metres, C4 20 metres and C5 30 metres. Under mobile conditions the C5 horse is getting a 26 metre advantage. What the mobile does is give considerable advantage to the better horse, rather than make him earn his dollars fair and square. To give that advantage, however, has been pretty much the aim of administrators for a while now, with disastrous results. To concentrate the prizemoney is to strangle the growth of the sport!!
  One family only on the leader board this week. Darrell Graham is again top trainer with four wins and daughter Brittany the leading driver, again with four.
  Resultsville Albion Park 28/11..Attacovita (Brittany graham for Debbie Rodney).. Baileys Fernco (Narissa for John McMullen).. Albion Park 29/11.. Supaliner (Brittany for Darrel Graham).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Royearl Quest (Gavin Crone for Graydon McCoombes).. Washington Lass (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 02/12.. Johnny Springfield (Gary Whitaker for T. McKay).. Melton Maxbye (Dani-elle McMullen).. Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Cheval Zeppenology (Adam Sanderson for Jason Carkeet).. Redcliffe 03/12.. Los Amante (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Art In Paris (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Opals Delight (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Howdoyouknow (Nathan Dawson for Gary Hancock).. Westgate Flamingo (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..  Redcliffe 04/12  Major Verde (Karen Schulz).. Rubys Falcon (Lacey Hinze for Lorraine Laggan).. Our Last Banner (Darrell Graham for Stewart Dickson).. Hachem (Brittany for Adam Sanderson)..
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"TROT TACTICS: 13/12/2014...
   Earlier this week, the Racing Ministry announced the appointment of Mr Brian Burke to the Queensland harness Racing Board. Mr Burke fills the vacancy created by the resignation of former Board Chairman, Mr Brad Steele, some months back. BB brings some 40 years of sports journalism to the QHRB think tank including 15 years on the Canberra based " The Australian". Brian Burke is originally a Melbourne (Vic) boy where he wrote racing and trotting  for the "Melbourne Sun".. He resided in Ascot Vale near to the Melbourne Showgrounds, home of light harness and first of the Eastern seaboard tracks to introduce night trotting in 1947.  He was a regular at the Showgrounds meetings and forged a firm friendship with leading trainer/ driver Les Turner who raced the likes of top 3yo trotter, Adios Bear and the pacer Never Say Die.
  A shift to edit the sports section of the Townsville Daily Bulletin saw Burke writing racing at Cluden and trotting at the showgrounds where he soon became friendly with local stars Bill Dixon and Brian Stainkey. Both trainer/drivers were as different as chalk and cheese in their approach to extracting a dollar from the sport, but, not long after, they ventured to Brisbane and both were successful. Dixon, ever a numbers man, founded the operation which has grown to be known as the "black and white army" now presided over by Bill's son Grant and which basically "owns" the Queensland training Premiership. Brian Stainkey, whose armoury consisted of a small number of pacers which were trained to the minute, placed to perfection and driven accordingly, has left the scene. The demise of bookmakers meant that trotting no longer held the joy for Stainkey that the successful execution of a plunge had bought this talented man.
   At the time that Dixon and Stainkey  left for Brisbane, Townsville on a Saturday night was a TAB meeting, and Brian Burke was busy introducing the Friday form guide lift out to the Daily Bulletin. Time passes and Brian Burke is appointed as Sports Editor to the Courier Mail, a position he occupied for seven years. His last three years were spent as Executive Sports Editor of both the Courier and the Sunday Mail. Burke brings his immense experience in print media and gauging of public opinion to a sport which is in drought conditions as far as these two crucial areas are concerned. At this early point, Brian Burke simply hopes to improve the game on a number of fronts. His intention is to talk to participants at all levels and form his own opinions. We wish him every success!!
  The now firmly established Garrards Trialling Sale for 2yo pacing and trotting stock has been conducted at Tabcorp Park Menangle. In this particular format the youngsters on offer are required to dash home for 800 metres against the clock so that prospective purchasers are able to assess quality of gait, tractability and the all important factor of speed. It seems that there was plenty of all three factors available as 19 of the 51 candidates catalogued made $20,000 or better in the auction which immediately follows the last horse to trial.
  The top priced group, ($40,000 and above) included Sportswriter x Perfecshon $85,000.. Tin Tin In America x Swish $71,000.. Bettors Delight x Inevitable $70.000.. Courage Under Fire x Speedy Falcon $56,000.. Mach Three x Zoe Maguire $48,000.. Bettors Delight x Mauresmo $40,000.. American Ideal x Love Is In The Air $40,000.. Of great interest was one of the three trotters up for grabs. Aldebaran Yankee x My Lady Posh made no less than $61,000.. The concept of the trialling sale is good. Yes, it attracts a premium for the "what you see is what you get" factor, but, an owner of mine once remarked that, "no matter what you pay for an untried yearling, until you get it back from the horse breaker, you have no real idea of it's worth." "Which," as he said, "may be nothing". The trialling sale is here to stay. In a way, it harks back to the old American practice of leading sales stock from a pony in order to demonstrate a natural inclination to one gait or the other.
  It's family week on the leader board with Chantal Turpin up there as top trainer, producing five winners and husband Pete McMullen leading driver getting the bikkies on no less than six occasions.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 05/06.. Exceptional Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Our Shards cOf Ice (Nathan Dawson for Peter Greig).. Donegal Under Fire (Hayden Barnes).. Supabet (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Alnbion Park 06/12.. Montana Falcon (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Armazem (Dani-Elle McMullen).. Billy Badlands (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith).. Hawthornden (Hayden Barnes for Mick Grant).. Justanothermaori (Pete for J.J. Moore).. Albion Park 09/12.. Duke Of The Moment (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Makinamove (Amy Rees for Doug Lyon).. Slipaslygrin (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. My Man Dan (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Riverboat Diamond (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Redcliffe 10/12.. BG Three (Pete for Dayl March).. Streamline Boy (Gary Whitaker for T.I. Mackay).. Rafferty Delights (Narissa McMullen for Grant Dixon).. Redcliffe 11/12.. Miss Catalina (Gary Whitaker for Ricky Gordon).. Four Starz Cam (Nathan Dawson for Alex Khouiss).. Checkhimout (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Fake Romeo (Amy Rees for Ken Burwell)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: manikato1 on 2014-Dec-16, 07:47 PM

Apparently some new sulkies have hit the scence. Darren Binskin, on the radio last week, said Smoken Ups record @ Menagle won't last much longer :chin:

Are they the one's from Ballarat on saturday?
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: wily ole dog on 2014-Dec-16, 08:10 PM
I'm not sure mate but I suspect so
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2014-Dec-22, 07:45 AM
"TROT TACTICS"..20/12/14..
It looks like a case of "Christmas Come Early" for Glamorganvale based lass, Dani-Elle McMullen, when she experienced her biggest moment in harness racing recently, taking out the Seymour Rising star Championship  with NZ import, Armazem. Not only does Dani-Elle train and drive Armazem, she races the daughter of Art Major and I Izz Sassy in partnership with Kevin and Kay Seymour as part of the Seymour encouragement program for young people in the sport. Kevin Seymour made a grant of $15,000 to each of 10 young trainers to purchase a horse in the hope that the animals would provide a springboard to a viable future in the game and, in Dani-Elle McMullen's case, having not found a suitable pacer, the $15,000 found its way back to its source in exchange for a share in Armazem. In five Australian starts, the 5yo has won twice and been placed on two further occasions, banking $20,000 in the process.
  Tonight, the mare has another tilt at the Seymour Final, and is handily drawn on the second line. The bank may jump to $35,000. The Seymours have shown further faith in Dani-Elle McMullen, whose day job is as an assistant in marketing and promotion at Albion Park Harness, by adding the four win son of Mach Three ,All Cash,  to her team which now numbers three including the George Michael bred Melton Maxbye which also found the winers circle last week.
  It was harness racing in melt down at Ballarat last Saturday night when Stewards inspected sulkies intended for use at the meeting and found that a number of a particular brand of imported sulky were outside specification. The sulkies, which are sold as the "UFO Alien" were, on measurement, found to exceed maximum allowable width by 50mm. The regulation width for race sulkies in Australia is minimum 1.200mm to a maximum of 1300mm. The Chief Steward  had no choice but to refuse permission for the offending sulkies to be used and this resulted in a number of trainers taking the "borrow a replacement" option. Several others decided to scratch in protest, which resulted in the $100,000 Ballarat Cup being run with a field of four rather than the programmed 10 runners. Other races on the night were affected to a lesser degree.
  What the eventual outcome will be is anybody's guess. It is generally accepted that the closer the sulky is hitched to the horse, the faster the combination. The reasoning being that the drag is reduced by having the driver seated in the disturbed airflow from the horse (which cannot be reduced as it is first to penetrate the atmosphere) rather than further back, where the driver might be perceived as an airbrake. However, the closer you hitch, the wider the sulky must be to accommodate any body shifts while racing which might bring hooves in contact with wheels, causing problems for driver and horse. This is, no doubt, the reasoning behind the offending UFO Alien sulkies. However, we must have a degree of uniformity, and rules to enforce that uniformity. The following is the official position after Chief Stewards across Australia were consulted.
"It was determined that in the interests of all industry participants, the 'UFO Alien' sulky approval be temporarily suspended, effective immediately - prohibiting the ordering, sale and delivery of such sulkies without the express written permission of HRA.
It is important to note that this decision does not restrict the use of existing 'UFO Alien' sulkies which meet the HRA Sulky Standard measurements requirements.  These can continue to be used in the usual manner."
  A perusal of the current specifications for sulkies finds that no "minimum length" exists, but the "maximum" is set at 3100mm with the exception of longer sulkies, specifically constructed for a particular horse, and used on that horse only by permission of the stewards. In the food for thought department, it is current practice for a small number of our rising drivers to bring their own personal sulkies to the races for use on the horses that they drive should the trainer be amenable. It seems that this fashion had its genesis in the United States, and is based on driver comfort issues. None of the above escapes the inevitable truth that, as one of my bosses said many years ago, "It's what you put in the shafts that does the damage in this business""!!
  Back on the home front, Nathan Dawson, who featured in this column several weeks back, kicked another career goal last Saturday night when successful with Emperor Montana in Race One on the program. Dawson used the one alley and "the Emperor's" gate speed to hold the lead before handing up to Beau Dandy (Paul Morris). Off Beau Dandy's back before straightening, Emperor responded to Dawson's vigorous driving to win the frantic charge to the post by a half head from Gooday Stride (Shane Graham) in a rate of 1-54.3.“It was a great feeling and a huge buzz to win my first metropolitan race and hopefully the first of many, I thought I had a good chance and it worked out well. I have to thank Darrel Graham  and his owner Dean Shannon. for giving me the opportunity.” Dawson said. With 30 winners this season, including a treble at Redcliffe on Thursday, the only way for Nathan Dawson is up!!
  The leader board lights up with Nathan Dawson's super week in the sulky, notching up a total of six winners. Darrell Graham was again top trainer, tasting victory on four occasions.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 12/12.. Bullimore (Trent Moffat for Alan Godwin).. Pandoras Diamond (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson)... Albion Park 13/12.. Emperor Montana (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham).. Slipaslygrin (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Compton Street (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Skippy Saddler (Ray Law for Bob Shaw).. Major Sam (Darrell Graham).. Johnny Springfield (Gary Whitaker for T. MacKay).. Albion Park 16/12.. Andiamo El Ferrari (Dani-Elle McMullen for John McMullen).. Slipaslygrin (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Makinamove Amy Rees for Doug Lyon).. True Desire (Brendan Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Redcliffe 17/12 Fifth And Broadway (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..  Iron Flight (Ryan Veivers for James Lewin).. Kariya Hando (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Redcliffe 18/12.. Sportys Special (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Pacific Paradise (Nathan Dawson for Shaun Gillespie).. Signowar (Nathan Dawson for Trent Knack).. Jilliby Hanover (Trevor Lambourn).. Cruisin Luxury (Nathan Dawson).. My Arthur Bee (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham)..
Happy Christmas  A Happy Healthy and Winning New Year to Everyone. :beer:
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                       "TROT TACTICS".. 27/12/2014..
  When you are on a roll, events appear to follow a logical progression to success. The latest step in the saga of young Superstar, Pete McMullen, began on October 18th when he and Mathew Neilson ventured to Globe Derby Park in Adelaide to contest the inaugural Australian Drivers Championship. The end result was a McMullen / Queensland victory with Pete coming in some 4 points ahead of West Australian Gary Hall Jnr and Gareth Rattray taking third spot for Tasmania. As is often the case with such events, Mathew Neilson drew very ordinary stock, and scored accordingly.
  A study of PM's lifetime stats then revealed that he was very much on target to become the youngest driver to reach a life total of 1,000 winners, having twelve months in hand to eclipse Amanda Turnbull who was 24 and 4 moths of age when she reached the milestone. Currently, having scored four times at Tuesday's meeting with Bad Boy Mara, Lachs Ambition, Ezi Days and Highview Ember, Pete sits on 998, just two from the magical target. His book of four drives tonight contains Exceptional Mach, Supabet, Night Affair and Duke Of The Moment. It may happen tonight, but if not, the pinnacle should surely be reached by New Years Eve. Last Tuesday was really "McMullen Day" as Pete's sister, Narissa, drove a double at the meeting, giving the siblings six of the ten races contested.
 Last week, McMullen was named as the travelling reserve driver for the World Driver’s Championship to cover any scenario in which a driver in the Series is unable to take their place in any Heat.The WDC will take place in New South Wales from February 21 to March 1 next year. Chris Alford (Vic) is the Australian representative, but given the success of the Australian Driving Championship, organisers of the event, South Australia, are keen to see the winner as the automatic selection for the WDC in future. 

  Further to the Ballarat Cup night sulky meltdown, where several trainers with drew key runners when it was discovered that they were to race in oversize, and therefore non-compliant gigs, Queensland Stewards have issued the following notice regarding sulky inspections.
•         Every sulky inspected and approved for use will be photographed and allocated a compliance approval number. 
•         A compliance tag bearing this number will then be affixed to the sulky.
•         Sulkies measuring wider than 1300mm are NOT approved for use.
•         Stewards will not approve any sulkies which are identified as posing a risk to workplace health and safety.  Such flaws will include cracks/fractures in shafts or wheels, extended axle length, etc.
•         Inspections will take place at race meetings only and extra Stewards will be assigned for this purpose.
  There is a great deal more good than bad in the above from a safety point of view, as trainers may be incurring a cost in repair bills or replacement, but gaining confidence that any driver that they put up is riding in a safe vehicle.
  The local trainers certainly provided the "Christmas ducks" this week gone, with no less than 16 winners coming from the district. It is a good sign for the near future, and, if you didn't get it for Christmas, 2015 may just be your year. We take this opportunity to wish all participants in the greater Ipswich footprint, the best of success in the year to come and a wider spread of the prizemoney.
  The leader board has only room for the efforts of the "Turpin / McMullen" team with Chantal Turpin training four winners for the week and Pete managing to find the line on seven occasions.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 19/12// Long Road To Fame (Adam Sanderson).. Chevals Diamond (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Albion Park 20/12.. Compton Street (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Skippy Saddler (Ray Law for Bob Shaw).. Ida Tiger (Pete for Ali Khouiss).. Shootforthestarzzz (Brittany Graham for Shaun Gillespie).. Donegal Under Fire (Hayden Barnes).. Albion Park 23/12.. Bad Boy Mara (Pete for Ali Khouiss).. Lachs Ambition (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Ezi Days (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Gallilee (Narissa for Steve Cini).. Redcliffe 24/12..Majour Command (Trevor Lambourn).. Expressionist (Kylie Rasmussen for N.K. Sanderson).. Adriatic Coast (Darrell Graham).. Shootforthestarzzz (Brittany Graham for Shaun Gillespie).. Chantilly Grace (Brittany Graham for Shaun Gillespie)..
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                                                      "TROT TACTICS"..03/01/2015..
  Yet again, death is with us. This time he has taken that master trainer and lovable larrikin, George Williams. His funeral was held at Redcliffe cemetery on Wednesday. Born in late 1929 in NSW, George started to call Queensland his home over 40 years ago when he would bring horses from the south ,and based himself originally with the Litzow family in Ipswich, and then Rosewood showgrounds. From there, he , and the orange jacket with the black sash, would make the long journey north along the show circuit and the race meetings as far as Cairns. Horses which kept the pot boiling in those years included the former well performed Sydneysiders, Chastise and Social Knight. The latter won the Townsville Cup among 44 winning performances.
  Sadly for our older readers, computer records go back only to 1982/83, but George's personal stats in recent times give you a glimpse of his ability as firstly, a trainer. He had good success with the "Melton" breed from George Michaels stud at Toogooloowah. All up from 82/83,until his last winner, Melton Striker at Redcliffe on 27th of August 2009 GW produced 1251 starters for 190 winners and 325 place getters, earning in total $300,628. As a driver, the figures were, at 13th of June 1992, when Seek The Truth got the bikkies at Rockhampton, 957 drives for 146 wins and 255 placings with $161,000 in the bank. Among the team over this time were Glen Warrie (9 wins), Bay Spirit (6)Melton Bonny Lad (5) and, George's pick for the best he ever had, Melton Mully whose bad legs limited his career to a carefully spaced 27 starts for 11 wins including a metropolitan Free For All. There you have George Williams. Good driver, even better trainer, a man well liked in the sport, a man with a swag full of stories of a long, long time in the light harness game. A man with a smile on his face. A man we are going to miss for a long time to come.
  After last Saturday night's abandoned meeting slowed proceedings, Pete McMullen's assault on the magical milestone of 1,000 winners lifetime was back up and running last Tuesday with seven drives on the ten race card. PM was on the board early in Race2 with Cullens Jewel for Gatton area trainer, Phil Mitchell. Then the agonising wait for six more races, before Ezi Days, fittingly trained by his wife, Chantal Turpin, dragged Pete over the line to a place in trotting history. The margin, a spine tingling  "head".
Pete McMullen 23 years of age, is the youngest reinsperson to reach the mark, and is up there with a select group of drivers who all passed the thousand well before their 30th birthday. Amanda Turnbull 24 (2014), Luke McCarthy 25 (2007)..Kerryn Manning 25 (2002), Garry Hall Jnr (2009), Greg Sugars 26 (2011), Chris Alford 27 (1995). It is an outstanding effort and indicates what a combination of natural talent, application and determination can achieve. No doubt if current trends continue, Pete McMullen's record will be eclipsed, but, perhaps not for some time to come. This season, Pete's current stats are 342 drives for 46 wins-- 45 seconds-- 35 thirds with $274,720 in the bank. Win 2,000, here we come!!
  Meanwhile, Brittany Graham showed that she will be a contender for the "Millenium Club" in the future with a treble at Redcliffe on Wednesday night. A top effort!!
  The rumour mill is in motion again, and is suggesting that the Albion Park Grandstand project has been approved and will soon be officially announced. The "mill" indicated Christmas, but it was wide of the mark. It further suggested that the site would be that of the original Hinze Stand. This seems feasible, as one sure thing is that the project is to be funded by both Harness and Greyhound Codes equally, and obviously, must provide an excellent view of the dog track. Should the "mill" be correct, the presence of three massive buildings, constructed for the Quest group, adjacent to, and somewhat closer to the river than the site in question, might cause some people to ponder the rationale for the demolition of the Hinze Stand in the first place.
  In a week with only two race meetings locals trained 11 winners, an outstanding result. The leader board stayed a family affair  with Darrell Graham on top of the trainers with three winners while Brittany Graham took driving honours with a haul of four.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 30/12..Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Cullens Jewel (Pete for Phil Mitchell).. Highview Oban (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Ezi days (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Buzz Courage (Dani-Elle McMullen for Steven Cini).. Redcliffe 31/12..Bad Jellys Courage (Pete for N.K.Sanderson).. Prince Benji (Brittany for Tess Neaves).. Eternal Glory (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Adriatic Coast (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Fifth And Broadway (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Sookie Go Goes (Brittany for Mick Benham).. On The Neck (Kay Crone for Gavin Crone).. Aviators Dream (Nathan Dawson for Daniel Anforth)..
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"TROT TACTICS"..10/01/2015...
  Just three weeks to the State election. It's a far cry from the days of this writer's youth in NSW, when racing was controlled by the "Principal Club" system. The major metropolitan club in each code was responsible for the functions of today's Control Boards. The only real contact that Racing had with Government was to seek the approval of the Chief Secretary for proposed race dates. Now, in an era where Cabinet and the Racing Minister appoint both the Code Specific boards and our ultimate rulers, QACRIB, and hold the purse strings as well, each and every participant must decide where his brightest future lies and vote accordingly. No doubt both major parties will have a policy on racing. We need to hear it now, not the day before the election. If trotting/ harness racing is to grow in Queensland we need believable and achievable goals, within a three year time frame. A number of times in the current term we have been told we were to have great and positive changes to all important infrastructure. The only certainty on that front is that we no longer have what was the best track in Australia, Gold Coast Parklands, gone forever to provide accommodation space for the Commonwealth Games. Don't waste your vote, just think carefully before you cast it.
  It seems that the greater Ipswich footprint has an attraction of its own to harness trainers. In recent weeks, two stables have shifted camp from the Logan and lower Gold Coast areas. Larger of the two camps is that of rising star, Bart Cockburn. The third generation trot trainer upped stumps a month ago and shifted his 20 horse team from Logan Village to Limestone Ridges Road in Peak Crossing, where he has purchased the property of veteran owner-breeder- trainer, Doug Lyon. Barty is going to put a bit of pressure on the local leader board, with current season training stats of 226 starters for 49 wins and 67 places with $325,000 in the bank. In the sulky, the figures are 183 drives for 33 wins and 51 places netting $225,400. Lifetime is ultra impressive, with total runners trained, 1,468 returning 266 wins and 385 placings for $1,329,000, and 3085 drives for 543 wins and 884 minors, bring in $2.8 million. The one downside to BC's move is his lack of "feng shui". Surely, coming here he would have chosen a property in the lower Brisbane Valley near Fernvale, where the rest of our super successful teams reside. Time will tell.
  Our other newcomer is Warren Hinze who has shifted from Mudgereebah to Rosewood. Hinze is the other side of the trotting coin, a committed hobbyist with five horses in work at near bye Calvert. His best in recent times was the bonny mare Azurra Miss, winner of 22 races. W.H. trained We Can Only Hope (Nathan Dawson) to win on Thursday at Redcliffe in a nice opening to the new life ahead. In the scheme of things both men make an equal contribution to the light harness sport in this area. Trotting needs people, first and foremost, and Warren Hinze and Bart Cockburn are soldiers for the cause, better here than somewhere else.
  We live in modern times. Today's technology allowed vision of the last four races (all trots) from Melton (Vic) last Saturday night to be beamed to France, stronghold of the European trotter. The French timeslot was favourable and the French tote, PMU, reported that the equivalent of AUD $1,084,414 was held on the events. Winning ambassadors for down under were, Enjoy An Ale (D. Wilson), Keystone Del (B. Fitzpatrick), Glenferrie Typhoon (J. Quinlan) and Kyvalley Pink (C. Svanosio).. The more we have to do with French trotting the greater benefit to the diagonal gait in this country.
  More names on the leader board this week with trainers, John McMullen, Chantal Turpin and Darrell Graham dead heating on two winners apiece while brother and sister Narissa and Pete McMullen won four each in the sulky.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 02/01..Queen Of Hearts (Pete for Catriona Martin).. Only One Slim (Narissa for John McMullen).. Albion Park 03/01.. Brigadier Bronski (Adam Sanderson for Mick Grant).. Beaver (Mellissa Gillies).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa for John McMullen)..Therecomesatime (Narissa for Ron Sallis).. Sea Spray Notch (Gary Whitaker for James Harriott).. Posh Indulgence (Barty Cockburn).. Albion Park 06/01.. Have A Bacardi (Pete for Lisa Bahr).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Armazem (Dani-Elle McMullen).. Major Lefty (Narissa for Christina Monte).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn).. Redcliffe 07/01.. Blue Eyrd Suzie (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Gallilee (Nathan Dawson for Steven Cini).. Highview Ember (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Fifth And Broadway (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Jaylets Fury (Nathan for Glenn Dawson).. Redcliffe 08/01.. We Can Only Hope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. El Mega (Justin Storie for Brian McCall).. Sweet Irish Rose (Gary Whitaker for Kevin Moffat)..
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Post by: Arsenal on 2015-Jan-18, 08:57 PM
  "TROT TACTICS"  17/01/2015..
  Over the last twelve months, there has been a lot of low profile activity  centred around a possible multi-faceted  horse complex in the Rosewood area. Letters have been exchanged and meetings held, as piece by piece the jigsaw puzzle began to take on a shape. What is now the "ROSEWOOD EQUESTRIAN GROUP" is a reality, with an AGM held last Tuesday. Maxine Ellison of Horses and People Magazine is President, Melissa Bell is Secretary, Debbie Summerhayes Treasurer, and the Committee consists of Lindsay  Kuhrt, ROSEWOOD PONY CLUB, Jenny Holloway "AFTER", David Fullarton "RODEO" and Denis Smith MARBURG PACING ASSOCIATION.
   What is required now is expressions of interest from every pleasure horse discipline in the South East. Why so long in getting round to a call for input and support? Simply this, in any project which will require financial assistance from sources outside the clubs and associations involved, there are many "I"s to be dotted and "t"s to be crossed in the early stages. The "REG" now requires a business case and a feasibility study. The information needed to assemble these documents can only come from the member clubs and associations. As you see above, the Committee is a scant four people. This project will not come to fruit without representation from  all other horse disciplines. What "REG" is looking for as an end result, is a complex which will not be a symphony in stainless steel and glass, but a practical and user friendly group of venues which will be in use 363 days of the year for either events or training. What we must prove, every step of the way, is the value of the pleasure horse to the Queensland economy, in dollar terms from the on going cost of his upkeep, and in community benefit derived from the entertainment he and his owners provide. Ring Maxine Ellison. 07 5467 9796.
  Narissa McMullen is in the news twice this week, firstly with plans for her new acquisition, Needa Margarita. Purchased along with partners, Norm Mcloy and Kerry McLean from the leading stable of Cran Dalgety, the 3yo filly (Bettors Delight x Holloway) has put up two excellent trials since coming from NZ. Narissa and Magarita are headed for TABCORP Park Menangle to contest the time honoured Jack Raith Memorial. Other near future targets could include the Oaks Classics in several States and the Seymour Rising Stars races here at Albion Park.
  Wearing a different hat, Narissa has turned model to be the female face of Queensland harness in RQ's tri-code promotion of women in racing. The photo shoot shows considerable promise.
 We live in modern times. Today's technology allowed vision of the last four races (all trots) from Melton (Vic) last Saturday week to be beamed to France, stronghold of the European trotter. The French timeslot was favourable and the French tote, PMU, reported that the equivalent of AUD $1,084,414 was held on the events. Winning ambassadors for down under were, Enjoy An Ale (D. Wilson), Keystone Del (B. Fitzpatrick), Glenferrie Typhoon (J. Quinlan) and Kyvalley Pink (C. Svanosio)..
  It seems that our trotters have made a favourable impression on the French punters, who backed up for the last four races at Ballarat last Saturday night and dug a little deeper, investing $AUD 1,144,730..72. Winners were Death Defying (Nathan Jack), Frances Annie (M.L. Wight), Amarula (John Caldow) and Caledonian Breeze (P. Warnock).The more we have to do with French trotting the greater benefit to the diagonal gait in this country.
  Given this encouraging result from France it might be of benefit to Queensland to foster the trotter and earn some export dollars at the same time. Give the trotters more opportunity and the extra prizemoney will soon be converted into more trotters for the racing pool. Soon the much talked about "Monte" would be a reality.
For those who enjoyed trotting at the country Shows each year, and have spent the the last 15 years in denial following its demise, they will be pleased with this news from Racing Queensland. "Following the success of the Ekka Trots last year, there has been renewed interest in trotting returning to regional shows."
"RQ has approved three days of trotting at this years (2015) Toowoomba Show 19 – 21 March. RQ has also received applications from Sunshine Coast, Redcliffe, Caboolture, Laidley and Nanango Shows."
  New faces on the leader board this week, with recent addition to the training ranks, Naomi Sanderson tying training achievements with regular, Darrell Graham on three wins apiece while Hayden Barnes had the driving side to himself, blowing the opposition away with four trips down Victory Lane.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 09/01.. Best Bits (Kay Crone for Gavin Crone).. Blythburn (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Lifesa Ranger (Hayden Barnes for Naomi Sanderson).. Albion Park 10/01.. My Man Dan (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Bettor Draw (Narissa McMullen). Overlap (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Just Jula (Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 13/01..Highview Sign (Ryan Veivers for James Lewin).. Major Montana (Darrell Graham).. Hall Or Nothing (Dan Russell).. Lifesa Ranger (Hayden Barnes for Naomi Sanderson).. Redcliffe 14/01..Thrills Galore (Amy Rees for Grant Dixon).. Jack Frost (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Diddley Bow (Amy Rees).. Man with Attitude (Gary Whitaker for Trent Hodges).. Redcliffe 15/01.. Ouramazingglory (Brittany Graham for Richard Hooper).. Reddy Fire (Hayden Barnes for Naomi Sanderson)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..24/01/2015..
  A recent lack of support for the unofficial trials, run at Marburg on the Sunday mornings on the weekends when there is no race meeting on the Saturday, has caused the Marburg Pacing association to consider its position. Currently the unofficial trials are not viable due to a combination of costs and a downturn in horse numbers utilising the service. Marburg had its genesis in the early 80's, growing out of a crying need for a regular and reliable trialling venue which would cater to all comers who wished to condition and educate both racing and young stock. At a later stage, the Queensland Harness Racing Board of the day, recognising the value of the Marburg operation as a provider of fit and tractable stock for the racing pool, saw fit to extend and widen the existing track to its current dimensions of 700 metres circumference and 15 metres width as well as providing some new buildings and relocating others. Some $400,000 was ploughed into the project with a successful result.
  Time passed, and the light harness sport in Queensland experienced a down turn, with track closures the order of the day, including the "hobbyist's heaven", Rocklea. Less stock was bred locally and adoption of a National Handicapping System aimed at extending the earning capacity of existing horses did little to encourage small breeders to produce foals for their own use or to offer for sale in a market short on buyers (at least until old "Roger" had fully exhausted his hopes of earning a buck) with little incentive to invest in fresh stock. Inevitably, Marburg shrank with the pressure from this situation.
 At this point, Harness Racing Queensland, with the assistance of RQ, have in place a number of initiatives  such as the re-vamped Q-bred Scheme, the "Q" assessment for Saturday night and various promotions designed to get the sport viable again. If these work as they are intended, horse numbers will increase, and, given the logistic problems created by the current "between races" trialling format, a dedicated conditioning and educating service such as provided by Marburg on Sunday mornings, available to hobbyist and professional alike will be an essential requirement.
   Realistically, the MPA should be seeking some assistance  from Racing Queensland. The money required to maintain weekly unofficial trials is a very small sum indeed, given that it provides an essential service. One would imagine, that when horse numbers increase, so any subsidy would reduce.  Tomorrow, the Marburg Pacing Association would like as many owners and trainers as possible to turn up and support the trials and their retention. Nominations 7.15am, education 8.00am trials after education. Cheap tasty burgers, tea, coffee and soft drinks.
  Most newsworthy runs of the last week from locally trained horses, were in heats of the Golden Guitar Championship at Tamworth las Sunday. Paint The Hammer  2.03.0 (Trevor Lambourn) and the skilfully placed winner of last year's feature, Gold Play 1.59.0 (Bart Cockburn), went round in last night's Final. We will bring you the report of their efforts next week. Meanwhile, don't forget Needa Margarita and Franco Bulgari  representing "Team McMullen--Glamoganvale" at Menangle tonight.
  The leader board again featuring newcomer, Naomi Sanderson splitting the honours with regular Chantal Turpin at three wins apiece. Pete McMullen back up front on five winners from Gary Whitaker on four with Narissa McMullen and Hayden Barnes tied on three.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 16/01.. Johnny Springfield (Gary Whitaker for Travis McKay).. Newmerella Fella Brett for Max Towns).. Zedaguy (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..Bettor Draw (Narissa McMullen).. Albion Park 17/01..Timeseel (Hayden Barnes for Vicki Rasmussen).. Stout (Amy Rees for Doug Lee).. My Jellignite (Narissa for Naomi Sanderson).. Duke Of The Moment (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 20/01..Chesapeaka Boy (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Withalotofluck (Narissa for Steve Cini).. Morethanmeetstheye (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Lifesaranger (Hayden Barnes for Naomi Sanderson).. Redcliffe 21/01..Prince Benji (Brittany Graham for Tess Neaves).. Missing Letters (Darrell Graham).. Hot Air Rising (Nathan Dawson for Gary Hancock).. Falcon vista (Nathan Dawson for Chris McGuire).. Sir Camelot (Pete for Naomi Sanderson).. Redcliffe 22/01..Platinum Art (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Josephine Shannon (Gary Whitaker for Warren hinze).. Superliner (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Sportys Special (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Seven Forty Seven (Matt Elkins for Vic Frost)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                    "TROT TACTICS".. 31/01/2015..
  Two young trainer drivers copped a massive boost last week when it was announced that Brittany Graham and Trent Moffat  were the inaugural recipients of the Kevin and Kay Seymour " Young Achievers Award". The award evolved from the Young Guns scheme, where bye the Seymours provided funds for ten lucky aspirants to purchase a horse each and test their ability to turn a profit. Courses in media and business practice were also provided to give the youngsters a leg up for a viable career in the harness game. The ten young trainer/drivers took part in interstate driving challenges, and their overall performance back here in Queensland was monitored and a monthly winner announced. The lucky duo receive a fully funded one month working holiday to North America where they will work in a leading stable and be given some race driving opportunities.
  Trent Moffat  who said he had never thought he would be going on a trip like this, is employed by the massive Grant Dixon operation at Tamborine. He is currently running race stats for this season of 350 drives, which have returned 40 wins and 53 places for a prize money figure of $227,307. Brittany Graham works for her father, Fernvale based leading trainer, Darrell Graham, and her stats so far this season are 241 drives for 35 wins and 53 places. In the bank is $163,272. Brittany is underpinning her declared ambition to be a professional trainer/driver with a course in Business at university. It is the trip of a lifetime, with endless learning opportunities, particularly on the training front. There is little doubt, (if information gleaned from interviews with ex-pat aussies and kiwis who have made it big in the U.S. is to be taken at face value) that conditioning techniques plus pre and post race care of the equine athletes is somewhat different to local practices. A month at the coal face should leave both Brittany and Trent with a swag of useful information which may alter their approach to harness racing on a permanent basis.
  It is very certain that a family holiday some years back  to the same place, with a heavy accent on harness racing and introductions to leading trainers and drivers, left a lasting impression on Pete McMullen. It may well have been the catalyst that led in part to his recent shattering of the 1,000 wins barrier.
  Unofficial trials will be at Marburg on Sunday morning. Nominations are taken at 7.15am, the education segment will go at 8.00am followed by the trials. Tasty low cost breakfast burgers, hot and cold drinks. The trials will shift to Saturday morning in the same time frame for the next three months from February 7th. (today week).. The MPA needs the support of all local trainers to keep this essential service viable. We ask all trainers to make an effort to support the trials. Should the expected increase in horse numbers through revamped breeding incentives and new owner focussed promotions occur, it would be a sad situation if regular dedicated fitness and education facilities were not readily available. Keep Marburg on the go, YOU might be the next trainer or owner to need the service which the MPA provides!!
  The leader board looks just a bit different this week with five trainers providing ten of a mammoth haul of 23 winners either locally trained or locally driven. Chantal Turpin, Ali Khouiss, Ray Law, Darrell Graham and Kerry Smith all tied on two wins apiece. The driving result is more clear cut with Gary Whitaker clocking up first on no less than five occasions in front of Pete McMullen with three.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 23/01..Tooperate (Ricky Gordon).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore). Bad Boy Mara (Pete for Ali Khouiss).. Blue Eyed Suzie (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Bettor Bet Better (Paul Diebert for Ali Khouiss).. My Ultimate Hell (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Albion Park 24/01.. Artzone (Trent for Geoff Dawson).. Ina Great Place (Barty Cockburn)..  Albion Park 27/01.. Chesapeaka Boy (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Lord Jones (Darrell Graham).. Blytheburn (Pete for Chantal Turpin) .. Redcliffe 28/01..McKay (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Elliott Bromac (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith).. Wandary Splash (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith) .. Call Me Yours Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Nolonga Your Choice (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Icefire (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Redcliffe 29/01.. Hachem (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Bee Jays Abundance (Neale Scott for Steve Burke).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Dudinkas Beau (Gary Whitaker for Graham White).. Sookie Go Goes (Brittany Graham for Mick Benham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..07/02/2015...
  Time marches on and yet another veteran trainer/driver leaves our steadily shrinking ranks. This time, it is Rod Hehir, just a week from his 82nd birthday. The likeable Victorian, with his dry humour and endless stories from a life in trotting, came to Queensland in 2003, from the Bacchus marsh and Colac area where he mixed owning a butcher shop and shoeing horses to keep the wolf from the door. He and wife Frances settled in the Coominya area. RH proved to be an asset in his adopted home, as he was always ready to discuss a gaiting problem with a trotter. Down the years he provided many practical tips to local trainer/ educators Gavin Wright and Clint Sneddon. His best horse in Qld was the giant chestnut , Tilly Trotter. The gelded son of Keystone Gondola won 14 races and $50.932 in a short career. At one point he strung together 4 successive victories at Albion Park career with Clint Sneddon in the sulky.
  In recent times the Rod Hehir team had swelled to three trotters, Pucker Up princess, No Mystery and Helava Grand Strike and it was while preparing to shoe one of these hopefuls that he was taken from us. It is fair then to say that he died doing what he wanted to do and that he would not have been disappointed with the result. In his life no doubt there were many happy moments but there were also disappointments. In 2005, he was selected to represent Australia at the World Amateur Driving Championships in Austria.. Rod's moment had come, but it was not to be as he was 72 years old and was not permitted to drive in Austria. Thus, was the trip of a lifetime missed. Rod Hehir will be remembered as a friendly and sociable bloke, with his love of the light harness game his common link to many in the Ipswich -- Marburg area. His long time mate, the late Mick Lacey, beat him to Heaven by a few months. It takes little imagination to see the pair of them arguing over a cup of tea, the same in death as in life. Rod Hehir is gone, but as neighbour and friend Gavin Wright put it, "if we are on the subject of motor cars or shoeing, it is more like closing the reference section of the local library". Rod's funeral is set down for 10.00am Tuesday at Laidley Crematorium..
  A further boost to the breeding of pacers and trotters in Queensland came when it was announced this week, that the 2yo  Q-bred bonus would increase to $12,000 for fillies and $10,000 for colts on 1st September 2015... First effects will be felt at the Australian Pacing Gold sales here at Albion Park on Sunday February 15th, and the Redcliffe Club's sale in late March. Hopefully, the bigger bucks will encourage the smaller breeder back into the breeding barn..
  It's that time of year again with Saturday night February 14th, the night for you to curl up with Sky Racing One and watch the Inter-Dominion Heats across Australasia in a two hour time slot. The first two home in each heat will go round in the $750,ooo Grand Final on the first Sunday in March. Super Sunday at Menangle with seven Group One Races and three Group 2 events delivers you the cream of the crop in one place and one time slot. It is the stuff of dreams.
  Marburg unofficial trials are THIS MORNING.. Nominations taken from 7.15am. Education from 8.00am.
  The leader board again focussed on the lower Brisbane Valley, with John McMullen bagging three winners to take the trainer's laurels, while Narissa McMullen drove six winners to lead Adam Sanderson on four.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 30/01..The Duke Downunder (Gary Whitaker? Mal Charlton).. Withalotofluck (Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Blessed Is The Boy (Dannielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Zedaguy (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 31/01.. Beaver (Melissa Gillies).. Livinthehighlife (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Lucky Voodoo (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Only One Slim (Narissa for John McMullen).. Galilee Narissa for (Steven Cini).. Fifth And Broadway (Darrell Graham).. Red Rocker (Ricky Gordon).. Albion Park 03/02.. Have A Bacardi (Pete for Lisa Bahr).. Long Road To Fame (Adam Sanderson).. Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Needa Margarita (Narissa for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 04/02.. Wandary Splash (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith).. Nolonga Your Choice (Trevor Lambourn).. Promises Galore (Barty Cockburn).. Call Me yours (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Our Beauty Queen (Adam Sanderson for Shaun Gillespie).. Back Page News (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost)..  Redcliffe 05/02..Queen Of Falcons (Gary Litzow for Wendy Smart).. Lombo happy hour (Adam Sanderson for Jenny Anderson).. Her Ex And I (Hayden Barnes for Al Barnes).. Adriatic Coast (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Modern gold (Btittany for Jenny Anderson)..Claire Jasper (Narissa for Rob Gorman).. Its You Not Me (Noel Parrish)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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            "TROT TACTICS"..14/02/2015..
  Well, what are the plans for today. Consider heading out to Marburg to catch the country trots at the Showgrounds. Five race program with all the thrills and excitement on the spectacular 700metre Marburg track.. Trials segment commences at 11.00am and the races at 1.00pm. Bookmaker betting on the local trots  and major gallops meetings with Sky Channel screens for markets and updates plus race vision. Best bar prices in town with top class burgers pies fish etc  plus succulent desserts. Check it out. Adults $5, pensioners and students $3, children under 16 free. Don't miss it.
 With Australasia's most prestigious race, The Inter-dominion Grand Final, just a fortnight away, you should be close up and friendly with your nearest Sky Channel screen tonight. All four heats will take place tonight across four venues Melton (VIC) 7.30pm, Menangle(NSW) 7.45pm. Albion Park (Qld) 8.00pm, Menangle 8.15pm and Gloucester Park (WA) 8.30pm. From these heats, the Grand Final field will be assembled to be the centrepiece on "Super Sunday", March 1st at Menangle Park where 7 Group one races and 3 Group two events will be decided. In our local heat all eyes will be on the Ian Gurney owned and trained Avonnova, which has drawn the coveted No 1 barrier for the 2138 metre journey. The un-hoppled pacer Avonnova has amassed earnings of $582,569 in his 120 start career and, with $214,292 gained this season from wins in the Newcastle Mile, Gold Coast Cup, Kevin Robinson Cup and the Les Chant Cup, it is apparent that the gelded son of Art Major has, as is the popular term, "taken the next step". Driver Shane Graham and Ian Gurney will no doubt have already settled the question of whether to lead or hand up to something strong.
  In living proof that there is no sentiment in business or racing, Brisbane's leading trainer/driver Grant Dixon, has elected to leave the driving of Majestic Mach, drawn at two on the second line in the "Inter" Heat in the capable hands of Barty Cockburn. GD has elected to head south to partner Franco Revel, Alleluia, Only The Brave and Major Moment on the 1400 metre Menangle circuit. Dixon will no doubt have some very sound reasons for this trip. Punters should double check the form.
  It is 12 months to the week since former Lockyer Waters lass, Lauren Jones, upped stumps and headed to the land of black swans, iron ore and strong harness racing. What a year it has been! Leaving  Queensland with a total of 18 winners to join the dominant Garry Hall stable, LJ now boasts a lifetime figure of 55 winners, 24 of which have come in this season alone. Currently, Jones has been in victory lane at Gloucester Park on 14 occasions, including 9 metro races. Top of the tree was the win of Northfield Punter which took out the Lord Mayors Cup on January 30th this year. Importantly, she is the first woman to drive the winner of this event. It all stacks up with Lauren Jones's current standing. She has the best strike rate of the WA junior drivers, leading her nearest rival by a clear six wins, she featured in a treble at Gloucester Park on November 17th  for three different trainers, and she is 9th on the all comers table behind the likes of Gary Hall Jnr, Chris Lewis, Colin Brown and Morgan Woodley. She has an invitation to represent WA in a Ladies Feature race at Globe Derby  today week. The above tells us a story of an opportunity grasped and capitalised upon. Lauren Jones is the title of an on-going success story. From a Queensland point of view, she is the one that got away!
  This weeks leader board produced a three way dead heat in training ranks with Darrell Graham, Chantal Turpin and Ali Khouiss  all on three winners. In the sulky, Pete McMullen showed the way home on five occasions from Adam Sanderson and Hayden Barnes on three apiece.
  Resultsville. Albion Park 06/02.. Blytheburn (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Withalotofluck (Narissa  McMullen for Steven Cini).. Newmerella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Rummiking (Brittany for Darrell Graham)... Albion Park 07/02..Ida Tiger (Pete for Ali Khouiss).. Hugh Hefner (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Alta Antonio (Nathan Dawson for Greg Elkins).. Rubys Bad Boy (Darrell Graham).. Curtis Maguire (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Lucky Voodoo (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 10/02.. Chesapeaka Boy Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Bettor Get Better (Pete for Ali Khouiss).. Lachs Ambition (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Woonoona Beau (Pete for Ali Khouiss).. Missing Letters (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 11/02..Chaldea (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. In The Frame Lombo (Narissa for John McMullen).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Stormy Warrior (Amy Rees).. Angus G (Pete for Daren Garrard)..  Redcliffe 12/02..Hot Tamale (Ken Belford).. Pashana (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Judah Ben hur (Ken Belford).. Seven Forty Seven (Matt Elkins for Gail Geeson).. Jack Frost (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..21/02/2015..
  Sadly, yet another trotting man has gone to his rest. Last Tuesday saw the funeral service of Jim Madden who was in his 91st year. In business, Madden was the owner of Ipswich Earth Movers. It was a job at the Runnymede Lodge property of Bernie Wilson that kindled JM's interest in the light harness sport. Having experienced conversion it was not long before Jim purchased his first pacer, Bandolero. With a win under his belt, what does an enthusiastic new owner with a yard full of earth moving equipment at his disposal do next. Thus, in 1977, on the Marburg - Rosewood Road, Paragon Park was established. This was Madden's showplace with a very well designed and constructed 600 metre track which provided all the attributes of a standard half mile oval. Ex Sydneysider Gerry Yates was the first private trainer at "Complex Madden" and had good success with Little Bret. After several years, Gordon Francis and his wife Jenny took over, winning a Christmas Cup with Little Bret  which Gordon described as by far the best of the Madden horses that he handled, and numerous other races with Golden Paragon and Paragon Bret.
  Trainers come and trainers go and, after time Craig McKinnis had the reins at Paragon Park, producing  great results with Paragon Pete $53,486, and the mare with the big finish, Paragon Pearl, $73,926, when such sums had several times the purchasing power of today's dollar. Jim and Betty Madden moved into a new home at the farm in 1984 staying there for some 13 years before Peter and Karen Doherty, Jim and Betty's daughter, purchased the property. Paragon Park remains as a lasting reminder of Jim Madden's interest in trotting, now in the ownership of Gordon and Jenny Francis who returned to purchase the property they loved in 2011. Jim Madden is gone. He will be remembered as a man who spoke his mind without fear or favour, and, as the above tells us, he left his mark.
  Yet again, we have a change of Government, with Labour returned to rule the house from which they were so clearly ejected just three years ago. Where does that leave Racing in Queensland. We have a new Minister, The Member for Rockhampton, Mr Bill Byrne. Sadly, Mr Byrne has inherited a nightmare with the on-going inquiries surrounding the misuse of cobalt chloride  in both the gallops and harness codes, and now the "Four Corners" revelations of wide spread "live kills" as part of the education of greyhounds in three states including Queensland. A number of options are available to the Minister at this point, not the least of which is the abolition of the Queensland All Codes Racing Industry Board, with re-instatement of three separate Code Specific Boards, charged with putting their own houses in order. At this point the Racing Ministry should assume responsibility for Integrity services and Treasury should have the purse strings. Racing is dependent on the punters dollar. While ever we have issues of animal cruelty and integrity we will continue to turn away many of the people who provide our turnover, and never gain the interest and support of millions more who we might attract with a proven cleaner image. We were told recently that "animals, racing, betting and people" is a recipe for criminal activity. That does not excuse such activity. Until such time as penalties for actions which damage the image and earning power of racing become horrendous, and as such, a viable deterrent, Racing is only going one way.. backwards!!!
  In Queensland at this minute, the ball is now in a new court. " The ball no question makes of ayes or noes, but right or left as strikes the player goes."  Racing can be made clean and attractive. All it needs is political will !!
  Plenty of names sharing the leader board this week, with trainer Al Barnes leading in three winners from  Rachel Scott, and Ali Khouiss  on two apiece, and Pete McMullen, currently on tour in NSW as reserve driver for the World Drivers Championship heading the sulky sitters on three wins from Brittany Graham, Gary Whitaker and Trevor Lambourn all on two.
  Resultsville.Albion Park 13/02..Bettor Get Better (Nathan Dawson for Ali Khouiss).. Zedaguy (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Woodlea Beau (Pete for Ali Khouiss).. Tinted Jasa (Pete for Jamie Donovan).. Darlyn Sea (Gary Litzow for Wendy Smart).. Albion Park 14/02.. Rangataua Ray (Ray Law for Rob Gorman).. Franco Bulgari (Narissa McMullen).. Marburg 14/02.. Stormy Tara (Al Barnes) .. Tammalise (Dale Chalk for Justin Pascoe) Albion Park 17/02.. Marchesa (Gary Whitaker for Don Hancock).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Nolonga Your Choice (Chris Petroff for Rachel Scott)..  Redcliffe 18/02.. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Ohoka Mach (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Stormy Tara (Al Barnes).. Kalvin (Trevor Lambourn).. Sexy Joyce (Kay Crone for Gavin Crone).. Arts Peregrine (Brittany Graham for Trent Knack).. Chaldea (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 19/02.. Diamante Maravu (Brittany Graham for Steve Benham).. Los Amante (Brendan Barnes for Al Barnes).. My Arthur Bee (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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This week we lost yet another valuable spoke in the wheel of Queensland trotting with the passing of Paul Bolack after a long battle with serious illness. The former principal of Bolack Publications was a low profile superstar in sponsorship, putting his money and services into Clubs and races with the focus squarely on the battling end of game. PB was a battler himself, starting his printing operation in the disused Rocklea Café, and, after losing much of his machinery in a flood, moved upstairs into the trackside restaurant seating area when the track ceased operations. Paul was ever a sticker for Rocklea trots, spending his Saturday afternoons with Neil Moriarty, Pat Kynoch, Trevor Buckingham,  Lou Cini, Terry Smyth and others having a beer and a bet, always having something on horses driven by Lola Weidemann when they drew the front line. His a long story of voluntary service as a club administrator with an involvement going back to a stint as Treasurer for Gold Coast going back to the "Stevens Trotway" era.
  PB 's main love was Rocklea and he was unstinting when weighing in with labour and financial sponsorship when "The Rock"  was in trouble. He was shattered when closure eventually came. At the time of his death, he had served a decade on the committee of the Beaudesert Turf Club, the last two years as Vice President. He was also a Patron of the Marburg Pacing Association, an organisation that will miss him dearly. Paul was ever a friend to the MPA and its members. Paul Bolack  is gone, and soon enough we will miss his genuine contribution to light harness at the battlers level. The battler loves his horses, Paul Bolack loved trotting. Of that we are certain!
  In one for the department designated "curiouser and curiouser" , leviathan owner and breeder,  Kevin Seymour, who formally renounced his interest in Queensland harness racing administration some months back, has been re-elected to the committee of Albion Park Harness Racing Club. At the time, Mr Seymour described his action in broad terms, as "retiring to enjoy the fruits of his labours, sharing the pleasures of watching his horses perform on the race track and making further use of his luxurious boat". It is a free country and anyone can change their mind, but it might be considered dangerous by deep thinkers to get this particular event in any way confused with "the second coming".
  Tomorrow is the day. Tabcorp Park Menangle's Super Sunday of Group Racing is upon us. $1,854,000.00 spread over ten events will be up for grabs with the  2015 Inter-dominion Grand Final the centrepiece at $750,000. Star studded supports are the Oak, Ladyship Mile, Derby and Chariots Of Fire, all at $200k.     The big one, over the 3009 metre journey, will be a trial of strength. It is hard to go past last years winner, Beautide who seems to have struck top form at the right time with leanings to the Queensland  "wild card" entry, Avonnova and Terror To Love, who, with three New Zealand Cups in his CV will have no trouble with the journey. Ipswich interest will centre on Narissa McMullen who will be trying to emulate her win in last year's  Lexus International Lady Drivers Invitation. There you have it. Up close and friendly with your sky Channel screen is the place to be from 12.30pm. Enjoy the day.
  A wider spread on the trainer's side of the leader board with four regular stars, Chantal Turpin, Darrell Graham, Shane Sanderson and Barty Cockburn all across the line together at two winners apiece. the driving department saw Hayden Barnes rack up doubles at Albion Park and Redcliffe day meetings, his total of four wins keeping him clear of Kelli Dawson, Barty Cockburn and Adam Sanderson , tied at two all.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 21/02..  Red Vee Hanover Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Judyfree (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Drunken Desire (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 23/02.. Sambalada (Ricky Gordon).. Gallymont Sport (Kelli Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Prince Benji (Barty Cockburn).. Albion Park 24/02.. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Expressionist (Hayden Barnes for Shane Sanderson).. High Valour (Hayden Barnes for Brad Connelly).. Redcliffe 25/02.. Enthral (Adam Sanderson for Shane Sanderson).. One for Seven (Amy rees for Dave Millard).. Munroe (Brendan Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Coey O'Donohue (Brad Cowen for Ron Sallis).. Half Moon Bromac (Gary Whitaker for Lacey Hinze).. Redcliffe 26/02..My Arthur Bee (T. Ford for Darrell Graham).. Checkhimout (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Crackerofarainbow (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Lord Jones (Darrell Graham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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             "TROT TACTICS.. 07/03/2015..
  First things first. Marburg races next Sunday 15th of March..  The usual exciting program of "close to the action" racing on the 700 metre track, Bookies that have a go, the best bar prices and tastiest country burgers around, all served with a smile. Add a comprehensive trial program commencing at 11.00am and you have the Marburg package. Circle it on the calendar as the place to be on the day.
  Animal welfare, particularly that concerning racing animals has been placed squarely in the spotlight by the current scandal surrounding the practice of live animal "blooding " of greyhounds. This particular practice had its genesis in in the original sport of "live hare coursing", where two dogs chased a hare around the confines of a specially constructed paddock which had several escape holes in the otherwise solid fence. A panel of judges awarded points to the dogs for the skills they displayed in their attempts to capture the hare.. Generally 64 dogs commenced the event and it required 6 rounds to decide the eventual winner. The public perception of cruelty led to the demise of the sport, which underwent a metamorphosis and reappeared as "mechanical hare coursing" which is the sport we know today. The blooding is considered by many trainers to be essential to sharpen the chasing instincts of the race dog.
  Essential or not, it is gross cruelty inflicted by human beings on innocent animals which are rendered defenceless prior to being mauled to death by the greyhound. As such, it is covered in the rules of Greyhound racing, and should rightfully carry extreme penalties for the offence with no avenue of appeal. So far so good! Control bodies have acted, people have received life disqualification. What is also of real concern is that the "in depth" inquiry which will hopefully remove this disgusting practice and provide an artificial stimulus for the dogs, will be funded in Queensland from the Greyhound Control Board's budget. What this means is that, since we still operate on the premise of "innocent until proven guilty", a large number of owners and trainers who are not involved in these barbaric events will suffer a significant reduction in prizemoney through no fault of their own. It begs the question as to Racing Queensland's view of itself as de-facto owner of the racing stock. Think about it!!.
  Super Sunday, with its basket of Group One goodies has come and gone leaving lasting impressions of just what makes a top class horse. Beautide produced a champions performance in the Inter-Dominion  Grand Final, sitting parked for the great part of the 3009 metre journey then putting an ever widening gap in the opposition in the final stages. Life earnings stand at $1,987,212 for this son of Bettors Delight. Natalie Rasmussen had the drive on recent New Zealand Cup winner Adore Me which destroyed the hopes of other runners in the Ladyship Mile running out an easy 18.3 metre winner in a sensational 1-47.7 for the 1609 metres. Top efforts are rewarded with top money, and Adore Me now boasts a bank balance of $1,623,429. Natalie Rasmussen, formerly of Rosewood landed three winners on the big day including a victory over Glamorganvale  lass, Narissa McMullen in the $50,000  Lexus Ladies Invitation.
  Back to the subject of animal welfare. The furore surrounding the greyhounds appears to have pushed the cobalt issue on to the back burner. While we  understand that major issues must be prioritised, the cobalt saga has been dragging on for quite a while. On one hand, cobalt chloride in large doses, can be seen as a performance enhancing drug, and as such  is now a prohibited substance. Its repeated and regular misuse can lead to cardiac myopathy in the horse. This can be a life threatening condition, and the practice which may lead to its presence can only be condemned. The need for trotting/ harness racing to present a wholesome image has never been more important than now.
  The history of animal racing is littered with practices which were perfectly acceptable to the population in their era, and are anathema at this point in time. The re-invention process is a one way street. With the forward passage of time, the shinier we must become!! The ultimate no-brainer and immediate requirement in the horse codes is that the whip has to go.
  Marburg trials this morning. Nominations 7.15am, education 8.00am. Best and cheapest burgers as usual.. Meeting after last trial..
  The leader board even this week with Pete McMullen, Gary Whitaker and Adam Sanderson all driving three winners for the week and Ron Sallis and John McMullen level at two wins apiece in the training department.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 27/02.. Sambalada (Gary Whitaker for Ricky Gordon).. Beneato (Kelli Dawson for S. Fraser).. Jilliby Ling (Hayden Barnes for John McMullen).. Caval Ridge (Darrell Graham)... Albion Park 28/02.. Compton Street (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Major Command (Shane Graham for Rachel Scott).. Its Three By Two (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett).. Miss Rockabella (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost)..  Albion Park 03/03.. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Michelle Wingrave).. Best Bits (Kay Crone for Gavin Crone).. Franco Nepia (Barty Cockburn).. Redcliffe 04/03..Luke Hobbs (Brittany Graham).. Efwon Eleven (Adam Sanderson for Barb Barry).. Huia Hanover (Gary Whitaker for Steve Benham).. Platinum Art (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Our Beauty Queen (Adam Sanderson for Michelle Wingrave).. Redcliffe 05/03.. Atouchagray (Barty Cockburn for Graham White).. That's Fire Power (Hayden Barnes for John McMullen).. Judah Ben Hur (Ken Belford).. Grouse Party House (Pete for Ron Sallis)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..14/03/2015..
  Again the dark shadow of death falls across the Queensland trotting community with the passing of Ross Weidemann  on the family property  at Clifton this week. The 78 year old  died while baling hay, one of his favourite tasks on the farm. RW had always been a trotting man but his race day involvement was reduced by the appearance of daughters Julie and Lola on the scene. "The girls" as they were soon known had inherited not only their father's love of the light harness sport, but his incredible work ethic, which saw them up at the top of the game year in and year out, not only by training and driving ability but by the dint of sheer hard slog. Ross stayed back on the farm, tending his herd of Santa Gertrudis cattle, and producing grain and hay for the horses. There were many strings to the Weidemann bow with a ten year stint as road builders in the Balonne Shire and  seasonal cotton cartage from paddock to gin. RW owned a number of horses, and among the better ones were Directors Special, Johnny O'Flat  and Gidginbung Pete. His last interest was the mare Mach Sweet which is slated to go round tomorrow in the Final of a race at Narrabri in north west NSW. He was also excited by the prospects of Long Term Fella which is shaping to be best in "the girls" team for some time. Ross and Marion Weidemann were married for 56 years. His passing breaks a physical bond, but he lives on in the dynasty which he headed. Ross Weidemann will be remembered as a quiet but friendly man whose word was his bond. His life of hard work and achievement entitles him to a AAA rating. Gone, but not forgotten.
  Marburg races TOMORROW. A strong five race card on the "up close to the action" 700 metre Showgrounds track. $5 gets adults in, pensioners and students $3 with kids under 16 on the free list. Strong betting on the local product and major gallops with Sky Channel info screens in the betting area. Best bar prices anywhere with top burgers  from Barry's barbecue, fish and chips, pies, hot dogs etc plus hot and cold drinks. A great day out with a supporting trial program kicking off at 11.00am. Pick a future winner. First race goes at 12.45pm. An added bonus will be the presence of the newly elected Member for Ipswich West, Jim Madden. The new Member is keen to be a recognisable figure in his electorate, and an afternoon at the races  is as good a way as any to meet the local trotting folk. See you there.!!
  The late and famous Sydney race caller, Ken Howard, was prone to remark that, "The sport of kings is a chancy business". This was never more clearly illustrated than last week. Fresh from a world record breaking performance under the 3200 metres standing start conditions of The New Zealand Cup last November, Adore Me trained by the Purdon / Rasmussen partnership with Natalie Rasmussen in the sulky, sent the Lord Of The Mile Rates into paroxysms of delight with her 18 metre demolition of the Ladyship Mile field at Menangle on Super Sunday. The time and mile rate was a staggering 1-47.7 which made Adore Me the fastest pacer outside North America. As is the modern fashion, if there is a race worth big money programmed, the big money horses will be there. So, it was back to NZ for last Friday's Auckland Cup.  There, another incredible performance to be beaten a nose by a rejuvenated Christen Me. A slight stutter in the mare's gait at the 450 metre mark, resulting in damage to the sesamoid bone in a front fetlock and the rest of the mare's career went to the breeding barn. The bank balance was a very impressive $1,677,032 on retirement. Any additions to this must come via the sale ring, if the mare proves to be a consistent producer able to pass her ability on to her foals. From Super Star racehorse to broodmare in one stride. A "chancy business" indeed.
In recent times, Victorian based owner/breeder, Harvey Kaplan has been impressed with the upgrade to prizemoney and the QBRED breeding scheme in the sunshine state and now has horses consistently heading north.
“Queensland is on the up and their prizemoney structure is strong while their recent upgrade of the breeding schemes is very appealing. I’m happy to place my horses where they can best earn and I had no hesitation in sending horses to Brisbane, I’ll have at least five to six racing up there in the next couple of weeks.” Kaplan said. It was said by administrators some 15 years ago that "we must turn harness racing in Queensland into an elite sport". It seems that we have arrived at that point. It must be said here that these raiders and some local owners are doing nothing wrong, they are merely exploiting a system in a more efficient manner than those with budgetary constraints. What the administrators are missing is the natural consequence of throwing ten sharks into a tuna farm cage. The sharks eat tuna until there are no tuna left. They then eat each other!!
  The leader board focussed on family involvement this week with Chantal Turpin training six winners and husband Pete McMullen chasing home seven in the sulky. No more needs to be said!!
  Resultsville..  Albion Park 06.03.. Well To do Lombo (Hayden Barnes for Paul McGregor).. Caval Ridge (Darrell Graham).. Miss Catalina (Gary Whitaker for Ricky Gordon).. Blue Eyed Suzie (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Ode To Success (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Hu Keas (Clint Sneddon for Frank bennett).. Albion Park 07?03.. Threo (Clint Petroff for Rachel Scott).. Franco Nepia (Barty Cockburn).. Platinum Art (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Compton Street (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Bronze Ecstasy (Pete for Amy Rees)..  Albion Park 10/03.. That's Fire Power (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Franco Nepia (Barty Cockburn)... Redcliffe 11/03.. Luke Hobbs (Brittany Graham).. Diamante Maravu (Lynn Paton for Steve Benham)..  Lynchman (Hayden Barnes for John McMullen).. Blue eyed Suzie (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Shardons Reactor (Narissa McMullen for Neale Scott).. Hez To Blame (Noel Parrish).. Tammalise (Justin Pascoe).. Redcliffe 12/03..Whoseme Father (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Boltmaro (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Night Affair (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Withalotofluck (Narissa for Steve Cini)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS".. 21/03/2015..
  Last Sunday's Marburg meeting was run under clear skies with the accent on speed. Three of the winners returned mile rates of better than 2.02, including March With Ors which ran a a blistering 2.00.4 rate for the 1850 metres of the Ideal Guy Track To Hack 3yo Pace. Trainer/driver, Dayl March had  a 43 metre margin from second placed Elzboy at the post. March trained a double on the day, with In Default (Isobel Ross) getting home by 1.6 metres in the discretionary handicap over 2200 metres. The rate, a smart 2.03.9 from the standing start.
  In form Calvert based Greg Elkins produced yet another South Australian pacer for a first up win in the Sunshine State. White Eyed Girl showed gate speed from the four alley to lead throughout in even quarters, dashing away over the concluding stages to score by 14.6 metres in a rate of 2.01.6.. A mare worth following.
 Tonight's Albion Park program presents two features, the first of which is the  $50,000 Silks Restaurant Final for C2/C5 pacers. Heats run last Saturday have produced a quality race over 2138 metres from the mobile, with probably five of the eleven runners having a real chance.
  The other feature is the $20,000 Jim McNeil Memorial Handicap run over 2647 metres from the stand. Trotting races have been conducted in Queensland since 1998, and it is directly due to the efforts of the late Jim McNeil, that the traditional diagonal gaited horse got an opportunity in the State. An Association had been formed but was making little progress until J. McM became involved. Suddenly we had an organisation with over a hundred members as Jim enrolled his entire work force at Wheels And Rims Engineering, which was already a well known sponsor of pacers races here and in New Zealand.
  McNeil's next move, was to head to NZ with leading trainer, Graeme Bowyer to purchase stock. First criteria was that the animals be of reasonably equal ability and not too expensive. Twelve horses were purchased and booked on the next boat. At this point, someone mentioned to JM that a rough crossing of the Tasman could delay the kick off of trot races by some time if half the horses had to go to the paddock to recuperate. Out came the cheque book again, and the four legged pioneers received an upgrade to air travel.
  By and large, it probably took $100,000 of McNeil money to get us up and running. There was a contingency plan to sell the horses on but it is doubtful if many changed hands as other than gifts. Bitter Truth, trained by Darrell Graham and racing for QHRB Chairman, John Crowley, was the best of the first consignment, winning four races, and Jim McNeil's massive contribution was the foundation stone  on which Queensland trotting was built!!
  "Veteran Calvert based trainer/driver Ray Cross is at home nursing a crop of bruises after a heavy fall  in the first race at Recliffe  on Thursday. RC is philosophical about the incident, describing it as a part of racing. He is also very thankful that his injuries were not a great deal worse. Being as tough as an old ironbark post, Ray will soon be back on the track."
  Racing a greyhound in Queensland hit another submerged rock, as a further 23 trainers were stood down on Wednesday for an indefinite period, giving integrity staff the time to gain an understanding of any involvement that they may have had in live kills conducted at a training track west of Brisbane. The short term outcome of these inquiries no doubt means a loss of punter confidence in greyhound racing , and a subsequent reduction in turnover. Which, for anyone with an eye to the future of any code of racing in Queensland, is bad news indeed.
  A fresh name in trainers atop the leader board today with Calvert based Greg Elkins right up there with four winners. Same old same old in driving, with Pete McMullen up front on four heading Nathan Dawson on three.
  Resultsville. Albion Park 13/03.. Caval Ridge (Darrell Graham).. Tinted Jasa (Pete for Jamie Donovan).. Cullens Jewel (Mark Dux for Phil Mitchell)..  Albion Park 14/03.. Galilee (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Forty Seven Flash (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Marburg 15/03.. Monkseaton (Gary Whitaker for Jay Edmunds).. White Eyed Girl (Greg Elkins).. Extreme Makeover (Nathan Dawson for James Lewin).. Albion Park 17/03.. Zoras Delight (Barty Cocburn for Mick butler).. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Casino Chimes (Nathan Dawson for Peter Greig).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Redcliffe 18/03.. Aristeus (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Melton Maxbye (Danielle McMullen).. Forty Seven Flash (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. The Love Bandit (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Designer Style (Adam Sanderson for Michelle Wingrave).. Redcliffe 19/03.. R Eleven Seven (Pete for Daren Garrard).. Morethanmeetstheye (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Opals delight (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Corey ODonohue (Pete for Ron Sallis).
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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    "TROT TACTICS".. 28/03/2015..
  The thing to do today, is to start making plans for tomorrow week, April 5th. It's Easter Sunday and Marburg Pacing Association is hosting their "EASTER SUNDAY FUNDAY". A monster seven race card, with a program of trials to kick the day off, rides for the kids, ice cream van, coffee van, top class burgers, bookies that come there to have a bet, Sky Channel screens, absolutely the best bar prices in town. Easter bunnies for the kids, mini-trotters and infield exhibitions by re-homed standardbreds courtesy of SAQ. It's Marburg's day that has it all. Don't miss it. Adults $5, Pensioners $3 and kids under 16 go free.
  Patience is a virtue, said to be seldom observed in men. The latest exception to the rule is trainer Neville Doyle who has put four years of  hard slog into a mare called My Delightful Lady which got the bikkies in the mobile trot on Tuesday at her tenth start. The daughter of Roll On Big Red and Northern Glow is bred to be a pacer through and through, and has two American free-legged champion in Albatross and Steady Star close up in her dam line. It just goes to show that a gene can remain dormant for generations because all the trot in My Delightful Lady's pedigree was back in the 1930's and 40's. It was high grade trot at the time and included sires such as Guy Abbey, Spencer and Scotland's Comet, plus great producing mares in The Old Maid and Spinster. It was only when Neville tried to introduce galloping into MDL' fitness regime that the trot surfaced. The patience comes in with the mares history of niggling injuries which have sidelined her on many occasions, and even now it is believed that her regular sessions of chiropractic is the factor that keeps her on the track. Nev Doyle came into the harness game about 1990 under the influence of Ipswich trainer Billy (Mick) Pascoe. Better horses he has trained include My Lady Khan, New Found Glory and Come On Bromac. Never one to blow his own trumpet, ND gives much credit for the improved situation to Glenn Dawson who has handled the shoeing, and rising star driver, Nathan Dawson, who Doyle describes as having "clicked" with the mare. There are no grandiose plans for My Delightful Lady at this time, just keep chipping away in the win department. She has turned the corner, let's hope it leads onto the highway to fortune.
  Three year old trotter, My Precious Fling has been sent south to the stable of Blake Fitzpatrick by owners, Karen and Tony Turpin to contest the 3yo Foundation Series. Educated and prepared  at Patrick Estate by Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen and boasting one start here for one win, the gelded son of Fling It made it two from two in a 2300 metre mobile trot at Menangle last Tuesday with Jim Douglass in the sulky. The well performed Compton Street has accompanied My Precious Fling  to commence a metropolitan career. Compton Street has reached open class  at Albion Park under the "Q" system and now reverts to M0 assessment in NSW. Having racked up 16 wins and 28 placings from 70 starts to date with $135,605 in the bank, the Bettors Delight pacer could well break the $200,000 barrier before the seasons end.
  Tomorrow, all roads lead to Redcliffe Paceway where the first of 82 yearlings will go under auctioneer Darren Ebert's hammer at 12 noon. It's the 8th annual "Garrards Redcliffe" Yearling Sale. The sale is renowned for turning up better than useful horses at modest prices. Top stallions such as Bettors Delight, Somebeachsomwhere, Rocknroll Heaven, Cammibest, Badlands Hanover and McArdle are featured with many of the yearlings from top producing dams. Best of all is the 2yo race series which is run at Redcliffe in June 2016 with an $80,000 final. It's just the place to make a realistic investment in Queensland harness racing. Head on out!!
  This week,driver Adam Sanderson finally tops the leader board with a massive 7 wins heading up Pete and Narissa McMullen on four apiece. John McMullen featured in the trainers division, leading four into the winners circle.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 20/03.. Don Boston (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Western Union (Narissa for John McMullen).. Major command (Paul Diebert for Rachel Scott).. Lifesa Ranger (Hayden Barnes for Shane Sanderson).. Albion Park 23/03.. Artzone (Trent for Geoff Dawson).. Luksam (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Lifesofine (Chris Petroff for Rachel Scott).. Rubys Bad Boy (Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 24/03.. My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Cheval Zeppenology (Adam Sanderson for Jason Carkeet).. Badjellys Courage (Ricky Gordon).. Redcliffe 25/03.. That's Fire Power (Narissa for John McMullen).. Couldn't Resist (Pete for Daren Garrard).. Designer Style (Adam Sanderson for Michelle Wingrave).. Newyork Teddy (Adam Sanderson for Craig Smith).. Montana Terminator (Darrell Graham).. Indy Operative (Adam Sanderson for Shaun Gillespie).. Redcliffe 26/03.. Russian Revolution (Narissa for Steve Cini).. Village Villain (Amy Rees for Eric Charlwood)..  Major Flight (Narissa for John McMullen).. My Lucky Life (Doug Lee for Russell Kajewski).. Boltmaro (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. In The Frame Lombo (Pete for John McMullen).. McKay (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Invincible Ring (Pete for Daren Garrard)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS" 04/04/2015..
  All roads lead to Marburg tomorrow afternoon.  Come and enjoy and afternoon of country trots at the Marburg Showgrounds. A top card of seven races on the 700 metre circuit where you experience the thrills of  harness racing close up. The program kicks off at 12.30pm with the "Sundowner Saloon Shootout"  and concludes at 3.50pm with the running of the "Wally and Jean Mitchell Memorial". In between there are carnival rides for the kids and an on-going demonstration by SAQ  showing what you can do with the standard-bred horse when its racing career is over. Some lucky folk will get the harness feeling first hand with a ride in the "dual seater sulky". Not race speed, but close enough.  Regular bookies are in attendance, fielding on the local trots and  main gallops meetings. Sky Channel screens in the betting area keep the gallops punters up to date. Marburg country burgers at their best  with fish and chips, pies etc plus a variety of desserts, hot and cold drinks, and just the best bar prices in town on a variety of beers, wines and spirits.  An ice cream van and  espresso coffee on wheels are all there for your enjoyment, with slushies and snow cones in the rides area.. The "continuous call team" of Dean Jones, Bernie Ring  and former Marburg trial regular, Anthony Collins,( now carving a career for himself as a race caller on the Northern Rivers gallops circuit) will all be there. The boys will keep you right on the ball with what is happening during the afternoon. There will be a monster raffle, but what you do with the monster if you win it I don't know. The supporting prizes ,however, are quite attractive . Sadly there will be no Mini-trotters as the micro horses and their trainer drivers are away in NSW at a Championship event.
  There you have it. A top value family afternoon's entertainment, all at bargain prices. Adults are $5, pensioners $3 and kids under 16 accompanied by an adult go free. Last, but not least. The  Big Easter Bunny will be there with the chocolate  bunnies for the kids.
Last weeks ABC program "Catalyst" took an emotion free look at the use of the whip in horse racing. It was the perfect example of the "less is often more" principle as an exercise in getting the message across. We no longer live in "the age of the horse". The day that motor transport superseded the working horse was the day that perceptions began to change. The horse became a pleasure animal, and in cases, an elite athlete. Racing in both codes ignored this change and claimed that "we must protect the interests of the punters", in the firm belief that shielding those horses involved in a close finish from a severe flogging would precipitate a riot amongst the supporters of the animals concerned. Racing administrators should have woken up to the fact that they were on the wrong tram at least 20 years ago when on course patronage went on the slippery dip and tote turnover began to fall. When our young children are being taught to read , the letter P is generally illustrated by a pony, eg "Peter the pony". Most of these children grow to young adults in a horse free environment and carry their early perceptions all the way to their first, and very often their last encounter with racing. There they see their little mate from the grassy paddock, going for his life to win and being rewarded with the father of a hiding for doing as much as he can. If that's not cruelty, then the administrators should tell us what is. There would be at least 15 million people in this country who would not bet on horse racing because of the cruelty aspect alone. It's racing which has to change, or it will not survive much longer. . Former high profile jockey, Danny Brereton had the final word." Whip or no whip, if there are 8 or 9 races, there will be 8 or 9 winners".
  A strange leader board, with no local trainer preparing more than one winner for the short week (early deadline).. Drivers spread it around also with Pete and Narissa McMullen plus Hayden Barnes locked together at two wins apiece.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 27/03.. Lucky Cold Lucy (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Cullens Jewel (Mark dux for Phil Mitchell).. Girl With Fire (Amy Rees for Peter Greig).. Benazir Bhutto (Hayden Barnes for Chantal turpin)..  Redcliffe 28/ 03.. Franco Bulgari (Barty Cockburn) .. Desteos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Opals Delight (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 31/03.. Justabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee).. Bettor Draw (Narissa McMullen).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Redcliffe 01/04.. Culdnt Resist (Pete for Daren Garrard).. Judah Ben Hur (Ken Belford).. Noelhamric (Matt for Greg Elkins).. Renayben (Lynn Paton for Steve Benham).. Crackerofarainbow (Hayden Barnes for Gary Gerrard)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                              "MARBURG REPORT" SUNDAY 05/04/2015..
   How things can change. With 34 mils of rain in Marburg overnight, the big Sunday Fun Day trot meeting looked like being a first class flopperoo.  However, after a first class session of track profiling by former Marburg President and Albion Park track curator, Ronnie Knack on Saturday afternoon, the overnight downpour went harmlessly to the drainage channels. Current President Steve Towns  took the decision to carry on with the meeting at 7.30am Sunday, and success was in the lap of the Gods. Towns certainly was right as sunshine and a strong wind shifted most of the surface water and the meeting drew a sizeable crowd sending the canteen, bar and bookies into overdrive. The standard bred re-homers of SAQ  kept the crowd focussed with between race exhibitions on the infield while the racing, conducted on a surface which required the water cart after Race 3, was fast indeed. None of these things happen without human input, and this writer congratulates the volunteers of the Marburg Pacing Association who put so much time and effort into an event like Sunday and were rewarded with a first class day of racing and entertainment. The MPA also takes this opportunity to thank our sponsors who put their financial support in to make the day possible.
  Marburg's next race meeting will be held on  Saturday May 2nd. Put it in the black book. It will be another great afternoon of Country trotting.
                   Race 1:     (1).. Camivista (Tommy McGuire).. Came with a huge dive to grab leader in last stride.
                                     (2)..  Isla  (Nathan Dawson).. Led everywhere bar the post..
                                     (3)..   Sweeties Orphan (Phil Keats)..Death seat throughout. Tough run.
                     Margins.. Head x 10 metres. M/R 2-00.7..
                    Race 2:     (1).. On The Neck (Kay Crone).. One out, two back at the bell.Too good.
                                      (2)..  Many delights (Barty Cockburn).. Led most of the way.
                                      (3).. Beneato..(Trent Dawson). Raced roughly early, behind leader at bell.
                       Margins.. 7.4 metres x 9.1metres.  M/R 2-00.6..
                      Race 3:    (1).. Five Star Trump (Glenn Dawson).. Led throughout. Too strong.
                                       (2).. Family Decision (Noel Parrish).. Outside leader fro get go. Honest effort.
                                       (3).. Idle Suntime (Ricky Gordon).. Up three wide at bell. Broke. Warning issued.
                        Margins.. 13 metres x 21 metres. M/R 2-09.0..
                       Race 4:     (1).. Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson).. Too good for these.
                                         (2).. Riverboat Diamond (Amy Rees). Slow out. First horse up three wide at bell.
                                         (3).. Highview Oban (Darrell Graham).. Held up early.
                        Margins.. 16metres x 17 metres... M/R 2-00.5..
                         Race 5: (1).. Newmerella Fella (Trent Dawson).. Led early. Trailed leader at bell sprinted quick.
                                       (2).. Lady Blackjack (Paul Morris).. Led most of the way.
                                       (3).. Munroe (Darren Keast).. Fourth fence at bell. Clear too late.
                          Margins.. 6.4 metres x 10 metres..  M/R 2-02.3..
                         Race 6:  (1).. Extreme Makeover ((Michael Johnson).. Led throughout. Raced away for well deserved win.
                                        (2).. Fiscal Cliff (Gary Litzow).. Held up early.
                                        (3).. Tiki Topaz (Nathan Dawson).. One out two back at bell, best at finish.
                          Margins.. 29 metres x 4 metres.. M/R 2-01.7..
                          Race 7: (1).. Tooperate (Ricky Gordon).. Worked to death seat. Raced up to recent form for narrow win.
                                        (2).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan dawson)..Sixth at bell. charged home three wide late.
                                        (3).. Hez To Blame (Noel Parrish).. Restrained at start. Sound effort.
                           Margins.. Short half head x 5.3 metres..  M/R 2-02.3..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                "TROT TACTICS"..11/04/2015..
  Lowood based trainer, Jason Carkeet, was well pleased on Tuesday with the performance of  of 2yo colt, My Mojo. The Cold Mountain bred son of Camelot Hall and Cold Misty Emily failed to attract a bid at last years Brisbane Australian Pacing Gold sale. being sold later for a modest $2,000 to Carkeets uncle, Brian Mathews. Tuesday was the colt's second outing having made an impressive debut the previous week, going down by only a nose to Catcha Lefty in a rate of 1-57.7. "Mojo" almost made it a pair of seconds when he led clearly for home but decided to go bush at the stable gate. Driver, Pete McMullen was able to straighten the wayward juvenile and keep enough of the lead to scramble home by yet another nose with a rate of 1-58.9.
  The immediate future could be to head south for the Semi-final of the APG on April 18 which might lead on to the Final on April 26. The alternative, and perhaps more attractive proposition, is to remain in Brisbane to contest the $80,000 APG "Sale" race for horses offered at the 2014 sale. The next few days on the training track will influence Jason Carkeet's decision on My Mojo's direction.
  If you were wondering why Ray Cross has not been sighted in the sulky since taking a tumble at Redcliffe some weeks back, there is a simple answer. In today's world of medical science, routine scans are taken as a precaution on any one who has experienced sudden deceleration from 60kph to zero in about one metre. One such scan turned up a minor injury sustained many years ago. In keeping with the "leave nothing to chance" policy of today, Ray Cross will under go minor surgery to have the matter corrected, and should be cleared and back in the sulky on race day in four to five weeks. It won't want to be much longer as the veteran reinsman lives for only one thing, and that is to drive his horses in races as often as possible!!
  We have by no means dealt with our current "cobalt problem" when another two substances have joined the prohibited list for the same offence. This time it is not a simple metallic salt but two gases which have been found to have a more than beneficial effect on red cell production. The two villains are (1)Argon, an inert gas mostly used as a shielding agent in arc welding, and, (2) Xenon, a gas that exists in normal air in very small concentrations and is expensive to recover in usable quantities. It has some available history of being used in athletic competition. The current Racing Queensland stance is as follows.
Methods of analysis for the detection of xenon & argon in blood and urine samples have been developed by an anti-doping laboratory and Racing Queensland is committed to ensure that the practice of xenon and argon administration does not pose a threat to the integrity of thoroughbred & harness racing.
Racing Queensland places participants on notice that samples found to contain these substances by Official Racing Laboratories shall be reported to Racing Queensland Stewards. in accordance with AR178D(2).
  There you have it, an attempt to nip a problem in the bud, before it becomes a problem.
  As the icing on the cake for Ron Knack's track preparation efforts at Marburg on Sunday, the genius of the grader was rewarded with no less than four track records in the course of the afternoons racing. Camivista (Tom McGuire) 4yo male for 1850 metres MS rated 2-00.7.. On The Neck (Kay Crone) 3yo filly for 1850 metres MS rated 2-00.6.. Five Star Trump (Glenn Dawson)  4yo male trotter for 2200 metres SS rated 2-09.0..  Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson) open male for 2200 metres SS rated 2-00.5..
  In a very rare occurrence, high profile driver, Lola Weidemann was tipped out at Redcliffe on Wednesday night. Unfortunately it was not one of those harmless tumbles and Lola is in Royal Brisbane hospital nursing four broken ribs and a damaged hip. She will be out of action for sometime and leaves a big gap in the driving ranks as it was common for her to "go round" up to 30 times in a weeks racing. Anyone who knows Lola will appreciate that she is desperately unhappy at being cooped up by four walls. Let's hope the anger helps the healing process and that she is back at the races sooner rather than later.
  Some leader board with Pete McMullen top driver on a massive 9 wins for the week from Hayden Barnes with 4 wins. Chantal Turpin way out on her own in the training department scoring no less than 7 times. Most welcome win of the week.. FAKE ROMEO FOR BRAD AND KEN BURWELL--REDCLIFFE THURSDAY..
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 02/04.. Boltmaro (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Dream Chapel (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Checkhimout ( Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Cruisin Luxury (Nathan Dawson)..   Albion Park 04/04.. Caribbean Rose (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Living Lord (Narissa McMullen).. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Marburg 05/04.. Cammivista (Tom McGuire for Chris McGuire).. On The Neck (Kay Crone for Gavin Crone).. Five Star Trump (Glenn Dawson for Gavin Crone).. Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..  Newmerella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Extreme Makeover (Michael Johnson for James Lewin)..  Tooperate (Ricky Gordon).. Albion Park 07/04.. Zaras Delight (Barty Cockburn for Jack Butler).. My Mojo (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Ode To Success (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Uncle John (Barty Cockburn for Jack Butler).. Paint The Hammer (Hayden Barnes for Chantal turpin).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Redcliffe 08/04.. Corey ODonohue (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Aristotleonassis (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Gold Hallmark (Pete for Doug Lee).. Remember Ruby (Hayden Barnes for Grant Dixon).. Crusader Hanover (Pete for Chantal Turpin). Latin For Lovable (Hayden Barnes for Gary Gerrard)... Redcliffe 09/04.. Sign To Inverell (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Jessica Dale (Ken Belford).. Pandoras Diamond (Glenn Dawson).. Constantlysideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Judah Ben Hur (Justin Storie for Ken Belford).. Platinum Art (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Just Ponder (Narissa McMullen for Catriona Martin).. Fake Romeo (Brad Burwell for Ken Burwell)..                                               
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS..18/04/2015..
   Miss Glamorganvale 2015, Narissa McMullen, has achieved another  high point, winning a half share in the Leigh Plunkett Foundation Scholarship after a panel of nine decided that a dead heat was the correct result for the efforts of NM and New South Wales candidate, Robbie Morris. The Plunkett Foundation was formed by Harness Racing Australia and all other State control bodies, to provide support for participants in harness racing if they become ill or unable to work, as well as providing the Scholarship (In this case two serves of $10,000 apiece) for career development in the junior ranks.
 Narissa McMullen was honoured to receive the award and is still deciding which country to travel to. "At this stage, I am tossing up between the US and New Zealand. Ideally, I would like to stay with a leading trainer and learn some techniques to help my future endeavours."
  Nathan Purdon, a son of NZ's super trainer, Mark Purdon, has joined the stable of Ian Gurney. Having landed 8 winners from 60 drives, Nathan is looking to extend his experience as a driver. His first outings in the sulky were three trial drives for jack butler, one of which, Sammys A Kriden scored a runaway victory in 1-59.6 for 2138 metres with a last half in 56.4. Nathan joins former Wagga (NSW) lad, Paul Diebert, striving to get drives in a large pool of concession or junior reins persons.
  The above pool contains the likes of Hayden Barnes, currently 4th on the concession drivers table 46 wins and 53 placings from 253 drives. Barnes will partner in-form pacer, Bettor Draw tonight. Equal track record holder at 2138 metres, with a mile rate of 1-54.0, the seven year old gelding has managed 9 placings form 10 starts for trainer/ driver Narissa McMullen. Best overall effort has been a rate of 1-51.9 at Menangle NSW three starts back. Barnes is currently employed at the Turpin McMullen  "winner factory" at Patrick Estate Lowood.
  Thursday at Redcliffe saw the beginning of the end of an era. Go Gretel(Grant Dixon) is the last foal of the Queensland based super sire, Fake Left. Fittingly bred  an owned by Kevin and Kay Seymour's  Solid Earth Pty Ltd form the top line mare, Girl In A Million, Go Gretel got home by 14.4 metres in a rate of 2-02.4. On that performance, GG will be around for a while and should see more of the winners circle.  The Kevin and Kay Seymour Goldrush Series for lower grade pacers has returned to the Friday meetings at Albion Park With restricted class prize money($3,000) in the heats and a $12,000 country penalty Final, the series is seen as a means of providing higher money for those pacers that cannot hack the pressure of the Seymour Rising Stars Championship. As has been the case for several seasons now, there appears to be little real benefit to the hobbyist/ battler in this initiative.
  Following a successful Easter Sunday Fun Day, Marburg next races on Saturday May 2nd. Feature of the meeting will be the first two rounds of the "Marburg Junior Drivers Invitation". Due to the placement of meetings on the Marburg calendar the final rounds will be on Saturday June 20th which is "Ipswich City Councillors Charity Day". The ten Councillors will be sponsoring the meeting and donating to Ipswich Hospital Foundation which the Marburg Pacing Association is proud to welcome as co-hosts on the big day. Put the two meetings in the blackbook..
  The McMullen family dominated the leader board this week. Chantal Turpin was leading trainer on three wins while brother and sister Pete and Narissa McMullen ended the week locked together on five winning drives apiece.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 10/04.. Five Star Trump (Kay Crone for Gavin Crone).. Feel The Courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Millwood Chloe (Narissa for John McMullen).. Don Boston (Adam Sanderson for Mick Grant).. Albion Park 11/04.. Lisesofine (Cpetroff for Rachel Scott).. Timeseel (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Corey Odonohue (Narissa for Ron Sallis).. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Goldstar Invasion Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 14/04.. Captain Turbulence (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Horace Foxley (Nathan Dawson for Peter Greig).. Village Villain (Amy Rees for Eric Charlwood).. Lady White Water (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Paint The Hammer (Pete for Chantal Turpin)...  Redcliffe 15/04..Left In Command (Lynn Paton for Steve Benham)..  Noel Hamric (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins)..  Strike Power (Danielle McMullen for Dave Millard).. Crackerofarainbow (Hayden Barnes for Gary Greard).. Elz Boy (Gary  Whitaker for Steve Towns).. Redcliffe 16/04.. Imthe Golden Girl (Brad Cowen for Meagan Armour).. Onajoyride (Narissa for John McMullen).. R Eleven Seven (Pete for  Daren Garrard).. LeBron (Pete for Brian McCall  ).. Dream Chapel (Narissa for Ron Sallis)..All About Art (Narissa for Steven Cini ).. Billy Badlands (Gary Whitaker  for Kerry Smith)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS..25/04/2015..
  If we remember the 2014-15 racing year, it will probably be for the number of Queensland trotting folk who have passed away. This weeks sad message records the passing of Marburg resident, Gordon Francis. GF was born in Mildura, Victoria in February 1944 and travelled to the Sunshine State with Joe Stone  in the summer of 1967. After a turn at the Show racing, Francis took a job with ex-South Australian, Keith Addison, at "Addo's" Deception Bay stables. The pair hit it off immediately  and have been firm family friends since 1968. A casual relationship with all round horsewoman, Jenny Erskine while still in Mildura, became serious when they were re-acquainted here in Queensland, and Jenny and Gordon were married in 1971. Their family was two boys, Shane and Todd. All this time, Gordon was pushing the pink jacket with green stars round with ordinary horses, but having to be on the ball and shrewd in the art of placing a horse where it could earn  was honing his training and driving skills. It was when GF took a position as trainer for Ipswich earthmover Jim Madden at Paragon Park, that things started to happen. The lanky Victorian and the plain speaking Madden hit it off from the start and GF and Jenny were in residence for six years. Little Bret was the only real top liner campaigned from Paragon Park but there were a fair number of pacers which won 15 or so races, including Wee Jock, Trustful Sam, Paragon Bret and the full brothers Our Houseman and Jacky Noboots. All did their bit to keep the pot boiling both in prize money and well executed betting ventures. All stories of a life have bookends and the book ends of Gordon Francis's  "hands on" involvement in trotting commenced with a winner both trained and driven, Ercil Gold at Ouyen (Vic) on June 16, 1967, and he bowed out from the sulky in 1999, his last winner being Run Dirt Cheap at Rocklea on March 20 of that year. After purchasing a property adjacent to Bundamba track Mr and Mrs Francis dabbled in training gallopers. Not too long after they left for a caravan trip round Australia which turned out to be a three week rush to Port Hedland in WA. There were gallopers to be trained there and a lucrative cleaning contract to be obtained. It was the best time of their lives.  2008 saw the couple back in Ipswich where they purchased the training complex which they had loved so much, Paragon Park. The last few years have been spent restoring the property to show place condition. Gordon will be buried from Paragon Park, after a rationalist service conducted by Angus Lane, the voice of a thousand shows. He will be buried in Tallegalla Cemetry, high on the hill overlooking his home.. It is half a lifetime from trotting at Ipswich Showgrounds to now, but this writer remembers clearly that Gordon Francis and his horses were a force to be reckoned with, and his dry humour a source of mirth for many and mild embarrassment for a few. Death, it has been said, is a necessary end, and must come, but sometimes you wonder why. Check the Queensland Times for funeral details.
 Make plans for a day at the Marburg Trots next Saturday week, May 2nd. A normal five race card, coupled with a program of trials and education sessions makes for an exciting race day. Bookies betting on the local trots and major gallops meetings with Sky Channel coverage. Super cheap bar prices and  the best of country burgers, pies, fish and chips to warm up an autumn day. Hot and cold drinks desserts etc make for a great lunch.
  Unofficial trials will be tomorrow morning with nominations from 7.15am. Education goes at 8.00am and the trials follow. Breakfast burgers, tea, coffee and cold drinks are on the menu. Rock up and find a winner for next weeks race meeting. Could be a lucrative proposition.
  In response to an urgent need, (we always need new people)Racing Queensland’s Training Department wishes to advise that we will be running a harness short course to enable participants to upgrade to trials and trainer’s licenses.
Stable hands are also welcome to attend.
The course will remain at a cost of $350 payable before the course starts.
Proposed Sunday Session dates a
3rd May 2015, 8.45am to 4.30pm at Deagon Training Rooms
10th May 2015, 8.45am to 4.30pm at Deagon Training Rooms
14th June 2015, 8.45am to 4.30pm at Deagon Training Rooms
21st June 2015, 8.45am to 4.30pm at Deagon Training Rooms
(dates may be reassessed subject to numbers and availability)
In the coming days you will be sent the enrolment form, usi form and payment options to book your spot.
In the meantime if you have any questions please contact Lisa Maher at lmaher@racingqueensland.com.au or call 07 3869 9739 / 0401 756 508...
  Reality check on the leader board this week with Darrell Graham bolting away from his training rivals on seven wins. Adam Sanderson was top driver with four wins, Darrell Graham and Pete McMullen close up on three apiece.
  Resultsville..Albion Park 17/04.. Sista To Mafuta (Darrell Graham).. Stingray (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Paris To Berlin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Albion Park 18/04..Empty Envelope (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Chattanoogachoochoo (Darrell Graham).. Donegal Under Fire (Hayden Barnes).. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees).. Bettor Draw (Narissa McMullen)... Albion Park 21/04.. Thumbs Up Jerry (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Rummiking (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Couldn't Resist (Pete for Daren Garrard).. Valencay (Narissa for Steve Cini).. Feel The Courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..
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"TROT TACTICS"  03/05/2015..
  It is said that tragic happenings come in threes. We must hope that this is not the case,as, for the second week in succession we are touched by the loss of a well known and very well liked trainer and family man in Mick Donovan. Mick was born at Bowral NSW on the 15th 0f February 1952. He was high grade hockey player in his youth and mixed his sport with a strong interest in trotting through friendship with top trainers Norm Lang and Frank Day and Frank's sons Neil and Denis. At 18, MD was up and away to Queensland, where he found work with Ron McCall  who was training for the "Chicken Kings", Jack and Bob Ingham in the famous Knight Street adjacent to Redcliffe track. Dougie Lee, now permanently relocated to the land of warm winters, was also on the roster  at "Camp Ingham".
  It wasn't long before Mick was training and driving on his own account, and won races with the handy mare, Opera Lady. Bred in the purple, by Smokey Hanover from a granddaughter of Lawn Derby in Boxleigh Lady, Opera Lady kept the pot boiling until Arrundi 2.02 and $68,988 appeared on the scene in the late 70's early 80's.Mick married Leanne and in due course the Donovans  became a family with Katie now 33 and Jamie in his 27th year. Lord Albion and Proud Son were others from that period. 1987 proved a good year for team Donovan as two of his better performers saw the light of day that year. Mick's all time favourite , Stylish Romeo, which won a Heat and Semi-final of the  Bundaberg 2yo Sires Stakes and was beaten a lizards lip in the Final while amassing $80,944 from his  85 start career. Up there in the "I Like" Stakes was Hunter Rainbow  whose less than perfect legs capped his earning potential at $60,196.  Remember that prize money has nearly trebled from then to now. We are discussing serious earners here.
  In 1990, MD began a four year stint as private trainer for John and Annette Geiger at Camp Hill near Samford. Among the better ones of that time was Suzie Globe 2.00.9. At the same time Geiger began to put together an ambitious plan to bring stallions to Australia and New Zealand. Just as things were getting on the move in the stallion department, JG's untimely death threw the whole enterprise into total confusion. The end result of this was Mick and Leanne opening a fast food outlet in Samford, which they operated until 2007. With a yen to return to the horses, Mick and Leanne took an offer on the business at that point and went for the better life.
  As a trainer from 1981/82 onwards, Mick Donovan  started 3,790 horses for 226 winners and 734 placegetters. His last success as a trainer was Tinted Jasa on October 7th 2014. The bank balance was $687,014. In the sulky MD went round on 3,368 occasions greeting the judge 204 times with 657 places.. He drove his last winner on 20th of August 2013, his partner, Cloncullen. Mick took a position with Annette Geiger in 2007 when she reopened the Camp hill property as a spelling farm. He remained until ill health forced his retirement some months back. In conversation with Annette Geiger, I described Mick Donovan as "a good bloke" and a good worker.. She replied that, "he was all that, but most importantly, he was a true gentleman". We will all miss Mick but we will never forget him. He was, "a good bloke". I cannot remember anyone who had a bad word to say about him. The presence of Jamie Donovan in trotting will keep Mick fresh in our minds.
There will be a commemorative gathering for Mick at Redcliffe Paceway this coming Monday at 1.00pm.
  Aspiring harness licencees  please note. The starting date for the four day short course has been put back to Sunday May 10th. Commences 8.45am and runs to 4.30pm. Please direct all enquiries to Lisa Maher. lmaher@racingqueensland.com.au   .. 07 3869 9739..   0401 756 508..
  If you were going to Marburg trots today, don't make the effort. Instead, focus on tomorrow, Sunday May 3rd. The Marburg Club has shifted to the Sunday slot to avoid a clash with major gallops meetings at Ipswich and Toowoomba.  The trials program starts at 11.00am and the first race goes at 1.00pm. see the Marburg "Young Drivers Invitation Series " get under way. Top food, best bar prices,  SAQ displaying the skills inherent in re-homed pacers and trotters  on the infield all afternoon and Sky Channel screens for the punters who wish to extend their interest beyond the local trots. Adults $5, pensioners $3, children under 16 free if accompanied by an adult. We hope to see you there.
  Fairly normal on the leader board. Darrell Graham  top trainer with six winners, and , to add insult to injury, DWG has dead heated with his stable foreman, Adam Sanderson, for the drivers jersey at four apiece.
  Results ville.. Albion Park 24/04.. Lifesofine (Chris Petroff for Rachel Scott).. Highview Oban (Darrell Graham).. Five Card Draw (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Lord Jones (Darrell Graham).. Stingray (Michael Johnson for Ray Law).. Albion Park 25/04.. Hugh Hefner (A Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Lancelot Bromac (Hayden Barnes for Stewart Dickson).. Artzone (Kelli Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Timeseel (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Goldstar Invasion (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen) .. Redcliffe 28/04.. Paint The Hammer (Justin Storie for Chantal Turpin).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 29/04.. Karinya Hando (Nathan for Glenn Dawson).. Noel Hamric (Matt for Greg Elkins).. My Crazy Ex (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Seven Thirty Seven (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Bubsarolling (Nathan for Glenn Dawson).. Jin Hanover (Brittany Graham for J. Reggazoli).. Redcliffe 30/04.. Whoseme Father (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Victree Vendetta (Adam Sanderson for Mick Grant).. Sista To Mafuta (Brittany for Darrell Graham).. Share A Passion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Slipaslygrin (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Stout (Amy Rees for Doug Lee)..
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"TROT TACTICS"..09/05/2015..
 The following is reproduced by the courtesy of leading race broadcaster Chris Barsby..  Former Lockyer Waters lass, Lauren Jones, is continuing her good form in Perth.A valued member of the all-conquering Gary Hall stables at Serpentine, Jones is carving a solid career for herself after making the move from Brisbane last year.The junior reinsperson has made the most of her opportunities for the Hall stable while attracting interest from several other stables,and has now driven close to 60 winners since being based in Perth.
“I love it over here and I’m thrilled with the opportunities that I’ve been given from Gary and many other trainers. It’s been a steep learning curve but the experience has been unbelievable.” Jones said.The natural lightweight has driven 34 winners from 260 drives to date this season and the bulk of those victories have been recorded at the spiritual home of harness racing in Perth at Gloucester Park.In fact, Jones currently ranks 9th in the metropolitan premiership with 22 winners and banking more than $315,000 in stakes.Gary Hall Jnr is a runaway leader in the premiership race with 83 winners to date.
In the concession driver’s premiership, Jones is sitting 4th behind Dylan Egerton-Green, Michael Young and Thomas Buchanan.
Egerton-Green leads that table with 45 winners to date. Interestingly, switching the focal point on the concession drivers to Gloucester Park only, we find that L. J. is 9 winners to the good of Edgerton-Green at the premier venue. .
“My goal at the start of the season was to drive a winner per week and things are going better than that currently. Gary is a great boss while Jnr and Clinton are always offering good advice, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.“I’ve been lucky enough to land two metro doubles this season plus driving in a Group One event, running third with Classic American in the McInerney Classic behind Waylade and Bettor Offer. They’ve all been very special moments.”
On Monday, Jones took an armchair drive behind talented pacer Ideal Justice who scored a runaway victory at Pinjarra in near track record time.
The pair combined to win in a time of 1-53.9 while winning by close to 30m. Jones is listed for six drives at Gloucester Park this Friday night.
  Last Sunday's meeting at Marburg saw the first round of the Ipswich City Council-Marburg Young Drivers Championship. Two heats were run, the first going to the Warren Hinze trained We Can Only Hope with top junior Hayden Barnes in the sulky. Heat 2 went to the James Lewin entry, Highview Sign, taken to the front by Stacy Weidemann and holding off The Badlands (Brittany Graham) in a hard fought battle to the post. The final 2 heats will be run at the Ipswich City Councillors/Ipswich Hospital Foundation Charity Day meeting to be held on Saturday, June 20th.
   The above "Barsby" item is timely as, Lauren Jones won the inaugural Marburg Young Drivers Championship run in 2013. L J. won 3 of the 4 heats in the Series, getting home on Extreme Makeover (Richy Williams), Palazzo Las Vegas (Darrell Graham) and Saunders Jewel (Peter McKay). The series win no doubt had some bearing on Lauren Jones' appointment to the team at Gary Hall Snr's stables. "The rest", as they say "is history"!!
  That is the "good luck" piece for the week. The next, and not so good, concerns the misfortunes that have befallen Trevor and Anne Perrin. Neither have enjoyed anything like good health in recent years, Anne having a long battle with recurring leg problems due to diabetes, and Trevor, whose eyesight has deteriorated to the point where he is classed as "legally blind".  Both are strong supporters of the Marburg cause, with Trevor handling sponsorship and organising Race Books etc, and Anne as his carer and chauffer. In the space of a month, tough has turned to tragic, with Anne losing a leg to the knee, and Trevor, after  stressfull weeks of trying to cope with the endless paperwork related to pensioners who experience a significant change in circumstances, suffered a heart attack on Monday night. T P. awaits the decision of the cardiac surgeons as to what procedures can be performed to alleviate the problem. Both are currently in Ipswich General Hospital  with Anne taking visitors and Trevor pretty much confined to the phone. Give them a bell or a visit, as both have a long battle ahead. Anne ..0424 996 817..  Trevor..0404 049 411..
  From time to time, the Queensland Harness Racing Board publishes a dress code for licence holders. In typical Sunshine State fashion, the directive is seldom, if ever, policed, is ignored in the main, and scruffy is the order of the day. Imagine this writer's surprise on entering the driver's room at Redcliffe on Thursday to encounter a young driver busily engaged in polishing his driving boots and skull cap in readiness for the day's engagements. Having regained a modicum of composure, I realised that this was Paul Diebert, a recent transplant from Wagga in NSW. I asked the obvious question, "Is this the done thing in the Riverina?", and the smiling but serious reply was to the effect, "Maybe, but my father insists that we should turn ourselves out in immaculate fashion, horses, gear and drivers. Also, I think I may drive a winner today (and he did, Dudinkas Beau) so a bit of extra style goes into the manouvers". If Paul Diebert can't make it in Qld trotting then there is something very wrong with the game. He CAN drive incidentally, he's the third generation of a successful product, and for any trainer who prides himself on his turnout, P. Diebert is only going to compliment the image.
  There is no unfamiliar names on the leader board this week. Drivers, Pete McMullen up front on five wins from Hayden Barnes with three, while training honours went to Shane Sanderson on three winners from a triple dead heat of Chantal Turpin, Greg Elkins and Barty Cockburn on two apiece.
  Resultsville.. Redcliffe 01/05..Casino Chimes (Nathan Dawson for Peter Greig).. White Eyed Girl (Greg Elkins)... Redcliffe 02/05.. Floyd Mayweather (Daniele McMullen for Barty Cockburn).. Judyfree (Pete for Mick Grant) .. Skippy Sadler (Danielle McMullen for Bob Shaw).. Lifesa Ranger (Hayden Barnes for Shane Sanderson).. Marburg 03/05.. White Eyed Girl (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Wecanonlyhope (Hayden Barnes for Warren Hinze).. Highview Sign (Stacey weidemann for James Lewin).. Chicken On A Chain (Glenn Dawson).. Redcliffe 05/05.. Diamond Fantasy (Pete for Shane Sanderson).. Murano (Narissa McMullen)..  Redcliffe 06/05.. Long Road To Fame (Adam Sanderson).. Jewel Of The Pacific (Amy Rees for Jenny Anderson).. Reddy Fire (Pete for Shane Sanderson).. Daydreamz (Pete for Mark Dux).. Redcliffe 07/05.. Elliott Bromac (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith).. Rockstar Rikki (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Young Desiree (Narissa McMullen for Darren Weeks).. The Badlands (Brittany Graham for Darren weeks).. Prince Benji (Barty Cockburn).. Lachs Ambition (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..16/05/2015..
  What is called a "clean sweep"!! We have to head south of the border briefly to record a clean sweep for owner Pat Driscoll who races his exclusively trotting stock under the banner of Yabby Dam Farms Pty Ltd. PD is also the owner of "Haras Des Trotteur", a breeding enterprise supplying frozen semen from high profile French Stallions. Menangle last Tuesday was the scene of the whitewash, with Driscoll horses winning all three trot races on the card.
  The "2yo Flying Mile" went to Hudson Bay, a colt by American star, Angus Hall from the up and coming broodmare, Showmethemaori, whose first foal is Vincennes, second in the Great Southern Star recently and winner of $174,010 to date.Hudson Bay was trained and driven by Blake Fitzpatrick, who also supplied the placegetters, Seven Secrets (Jim Douglass) and another Yabby Dam product in Yankee Magic (Gavin Fitzpatrick) by Muscles Yankee from Pepperell Magic.
  Race two was won by Arboe , (Todd McCarthy for Anton Golino), a New Zealand purchase for Pat Driscoll by the French sire Love You from the Sundon mare, Lough Neagh, rating 2-00.8 from the standing start. The third event, The 3yo Trotters Foundation Final was taken out by Fiery Mountain Girl (Blake Fitzpatrick)raced by Yabby Dam Farms and a product of the mating of Sundon and Mountain Woman. It is said that if you dig deep enough you will find gold. There is little in the close up family of Fiery Mountain Girl, but go to her third dam, Rocky Mountain Girl, who from only three foals, produced Mountain Gold $390,592 when that sum was indeed a fortune.
  Still on the subject of trotters, it was a happy surprise to see23 trotters lining up to contest the two heats of the Kevin and Kay Seymour Gold Rush, T0/T3 run last night at Albion Park. It just goes to underline the truth of the old saying, "money makes the mare go", with restricted penalty (In practical terms, no penalty) heats of $3,000 and a country penalty Final of $12,000, bringing the square gaiters out of the woodwork. Let's hope they stay in Brisbane on a permanent basis, and, sooner rather than later, they get equal prize money status with the pacers on all programs.
  Incidentally, QHRB Chief Handicapper, Brett Rail has indicated his intention to program $1,000 non-penalty races for 2yo trotters designed to give racing experience to juveniles bred here or purchased from other areas with a view to providing 3yo trotters races in the coming season. These races should appear on the web in Mid June.
  A Sunday Mail item has reported that the Minister For Racing, Bill Byrne, may be considering removing QACRIB, the over- arching, and ultimate controlling body for the three codes of animal racing in Queensland and allowing each of the three codes to function independently as was the case prior to the "Racing Queensland" structure which was put in place when Bob Bentley was appointed as "el supremo" of racing here. The Minister may do many notable and good things during his tenure, but none that would be more beneficial than to remove QACRIB. By its very composition, with three gallops representatives, and one each from the so-called minor codes, human nature is bound to prevail in any decision making process. This means that there is little chance of there being harmony around the Board table. The ultimate danger is not that QACRIB will fail, but that QACRIB will fail racing. This writer believes that there would be many realistic thinkers in all three codes, who could visualise an end to animal racing as we know it in Queensland, and that end in the not to distant future. Let QACRIB go and put racing's purse strings back in the hands of Treasury, where it was in the Lew Edwards era, would be a good start to any re-building process.
  Marburg trials this morning. Nominations taken from 7.15am, education at 8.00 am,  cheap breakfast burgers and hot and cold drinks. The monthly meeting will be held after the last trial this morning.
  The leader board held no surprises in the trainer's section with Chantal Turpin home clean on four winners for the week. Drivers went to Gary Whitaker with three victories. Hot on his heels were Hayden Barnes, Pete McMullen, Kelli Dawson, Darrell Graham and Narissa McMullen all on two apiece.
  Resultsville... Albion Park 08/05.. Boom Boom Hall (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin)..  Lady White Water (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Five Card Draw (Darrell Graham).. Eternal glory (Nathan Purdon for Ricky Gordon).. Our Private Jet (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Galaxy Hunter (Steven Doherty for Francis Weston)..  Albion Park  09/05.. Wandary Splash (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith).. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Ultimate Trump (Kelli Dawson for Shane Sanderson).. Albion Park 12/05.. Write About That (Trent Dawson).. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Major Post Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin)..  Redcliffe 13/05.. Navarda Ace (Narissa for John McMullen).. Penny Moreau (Ricky Gordon).. Jilly Son (Narissa for Kraig Kuhlar).. Many Delights ( Gary Whitaker for Barty Cockburn).. Redcliffe 14/05..Just Mishiba (Amy Rees for Doug Lee).. Makinamove (Barty Cockburn for Doug Lyon)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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      "TROT TACTICS" 23/05/2015..
  Fancy a trip to the country tomorrow to support a good cause. Even if you are a "died in the wool" trot fiend, one gallops meeting will do you no harm. There is a bonus with this venture across the racing code boundary to the annual Hibernian Charity Meeting at Beaudesert. Get there a bit before 10.20am and catch the first of three pacing races on the grass. The harness segment, which precedes the seven race gallops card will enjoy the same TAB and Sky Channel cover as the  thoroughbreds. "Beauey" is a great place to enjoy a day's racing. Go, and be part of a happy crowd.
  For those who like a bit more lead time than 24 hours, the Darling downs Harness Racing Club have announced plans for a second grass meeting at Allman Park in Warwick. It is black book material with the meeting set down for September 6th, the first week of the new season. Club President, Anthony Collins is expecting nominations to top the 70 mark with horses drawn from as far afield as Caboolture, Gold Coast and the New England District of NSW.  As with Beaudesert tomorrow full TAB status and Sky Channel coverage will be the order of the day. write it on the calendar right now.
  We know it is a dangerous exercise to compare statistics /  financial results of an enterprise on a historical basis (one era to another) as circumstances and  economic conditions may change over the time frame. The following is a summary of  operations in the first nine years of night trotting at Harold Park Sydney, covering the period ,1949--1958.. No of meetings held  437.. Total crowd.. 6,151,017.. Prize money distributed, in pounds.. 1,858,245.. Average prize money per meeting 4,250 pounds.. On-course TOTE  holds, in pounds.. 17,960,000 .. Average attendance per meeting.. 17,385..  The mind boggles at the possible holds of bookmakers as never less than 100 and as many as 130  "stood up" at these meetings. To give you a yardstick for further comparison, a modest three bedroom brick dwelling  in a working / lower middle class suburb of Sydney at the time cost no more than 1,500 pounds, so, the New South Wales Trotting Club distributed just short of the cost of three modest brick houses each and every week. The equivalent race meeting in Queensland at the moment, is Saturday night at Albion Park. Tonight the Albion Park Harness Racing Club will distribute $106,000. It is very doubtful indeed that you could purchase anything like the afore mentioned dwelling for $250,000, but three times the Albion Park figure ($318,000) would do the trick.
  So you see the dilemma. In real terms, currently the owners ,trainers and drivers of Queensland are racing for about one eight of the stakes available in Sydney in the fifties. Further to this alarming situation the average crowd at the moment is about the Sydney figure less 17,000. The underlying message is twofold. Firstly, feature race prize money helps to paint a somewhat false picture of prosperity, while widely distributed "bread and butter" sustains the sport. Secondly, administrators must realise that mobile conditioned racing, while attractive to larger stables and owners in a financial position to operate within the  format, is totally unfriendly to punters. Since punters are the people who should be providing about eight times more turnover than is currently the case, surely we should be addressing the unattractive aspects of mobile conditioned racing. Racing is our "core business", let's try to make it viable!!
    A bit of good news for anyone thinking of breeding a trotter this coming season.  Marburg Pacing association has 10 services to the trotter "Brylin Boyz" for sale at the bargain price of $1,000, thanks to the generosity of QHRB Chairman Greg Mitchell and  Noel and Christine Denning of Burwood stud. "Brylin Boyz" has the runs on the board, and being a son of the highly successful sire "Balanced Image" is a bargain at this figure.
  The leader board this week, as was an inevitable occurrence, was carved up in one household. It went to Turpin McMullen Racing at Patrick Estate. Top of the trainers, was Chantal Turpin with five winners, and star driver was Pete McMullen, who got home in the sulky on no less than seven occasions.
  Resultsville. Albion Park 15/05.. Share A Passion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Always Will (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Brigadier Bronski Barty Cockburn for Mick grant).. Thumbs Up Jerry (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Our Private Jet (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 16/05.. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Red Vee Hanover (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 19/05.. Hot Tamale (Ken Belford).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Redcliffe 20/05.. Zedaguy (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Covert Beauty (Pete for Mark Dux).. Redcliffe 21/ 05.. Supaliner (Darrell Graham).. Invincible Ring (Pete for Daren Garrard)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS..30/05/2015..
  Older folk who were regulars at the Ipswich Showgrounds trot meetings in the mid to late 70,s will remember the names, Dorlex, Reggies Brother and Springtone. These were all pacers raced and trained by Brian Smith, who lived in Frederick Street Silkstone, and stabled his horses in  Briggs Road Raceview. Often, his dark blue colours would be worn by Col McDougall in their race day assignments. Brian, who was a long time employee of Hancock's Plywood mill at North Ippie, divided his leisure time between two hobbies, his love of the light harness sport, and singing in local pubs and clubs. In later years he was a regular spectator at Rocklea and seldom missed a meeting at Marburg. He was a friendly, but, at the same time, a quiet and private man, an enviable combination of gentleman and good bloke. Sadly, Brian left us this week after a long battle with cancer. He was 72 years of age at the time of his passing, but to this writer he did not seem old, he just seemed to be Brian Smith to me, and he will be long missed by those who knew him 
  It was "girls night out" at Redcliffe last Wednesday, and after the four heats  of the Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sale Series Seven were contested , the fillies had pushed the colts to one side following a clean sweep by Charlyse (2-00.9), Covert Beauty (2-01.6), Shezabonnygem (2-03.1) and Aussie Vista (2-01.1). The crucial point here is that the barrier draw for the $80,000 Final is "preferential on sex", meaning that the fillies get to draw for the first six spots  and the four colts / geldings  may have to fight over the dregs.. They start six across the front from the mobile at Redcliffe, but don't get the idea that this means fillies will be drawn one to six. No doubt the "seeding" procedure will apply where the six most consistent winner producing barriers will be the numbers in the hat for the fillies. Harness racing, which never misses an opportunity to complicate matters, has no less than 16 basic procedures for assigning barrier positions and any number of combinations of the basics.

 The fourth and final heat went to locally trained filly Aussie Vista which led throughout after starting from the ace draw in a time of 2;01.1. Prepared at Gatton by Shane Sanderson, the Tintin In America – Terranora Vista Filly provided star young reinsman Pete McMullen with a double for the night. In an embarrassment of riches, Pete McMullen may have to decide whether he will drive Aussie Vista for Shane Sanderson or Covert Beauty for Mark Dux.

The final field is; (not in barrier draw order) Charlyse, Earl Jujon, Timmo Time, Covert Beauty, Bella Rippin, Shezabonnygem, Riverleigh Dolly, Aussie Vista, Mucho Macho Man and Leos Best.
The barrier draw will be conducted next Tuesday (June 2).
A total of 30 two-year-olds contested the heats which is almost a third of the yearling sale staged last year by Darren Ebert & Co. Auctioneers which left club officials more than a bit pleased.
Team Graham at Fernvale is in the news this week on two fronts. Firstly, talented young gun Brittany Graham capped a tremendous season with a one point triumph in Saturday night’s BOTRA Queensland Young Driver’s Championship.
In a thrilling finish, Graham edged out Hayden Barnes 51 points to 50 in the last race of the Championship at Albion Park on Saturday night.
Both Graham and Barnes were locked on 49 points in the final race and both went into the decider driving long shots. BG, who is off to the USA  with Trent Moffat on a months study tour in the near future was more than a bit chuffed with the result.FINAL STANDINGS BOTRA QLD YOUNG DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP
1 - 51 pts - Brittany Graham
2 - 50 pts - Hayden Barnes
3 - 43 pts - Justin Storie
4 - 40 pts - Ryan Vievers; Trent Moffat
6 - 39 pts - Amy Rees
7 - 36 pts - Narissa McMullen; Paul Diebert
9 - 34 pts - Dannielle McMullen
10 - 22 pts - Nathan Dawson.
  Former New Zealand reinsman Adam Sanderson has been thrust into the ‘hot’ seat this weekend. His boss, leading trainer, Darrel Graham, has stepped aside and entrusted Sanderson with a key book of drives including Mafuta Vautin in the Gr.2 $50,000 QBRED Triad 4yo Entires and Geldings Final plus Chattanoogachoochoo in the $20,000 Seymour Rising Stars Championship Final.
This is nothing new for the stable; Sanderson got the call-up to partner giant Filly Montana Marie in the 2013 Gr.2 $75,000 Seymour Nursery Pace Final and duly saluted that night.The 26yo is cool under pressure.“I’ve got some good opportunities this weekend and I’m looking forward to the challenge, Mafuta Vautin has an excellent draw while Chattanoogachoochoo has a shocking draw so it’s a mixed bag in that respect.” Sanderson said. Adam Sanderson is one of Queensland trotting's success stories. Coming from the "shaky isles" with what could only be described as a modest resume, AS found the warm climate  beneficial in all respects, and, as a "thinker" rather than a "charger" has commenced a steady and impressive rise through the ranks of Queensland drivers. It's not likely to stop!
  Another ex-kiwi who set up shop here about the same time Adam Sanderson is Rob Gorman. Yet another cool and calm personality, Gorman showed his liking for the grass track racing, taking out two of the three events at Beaudesert last Sunday with Clipper and Cee Uin LA.  It might pay to follow RG at future grass meetings, as he seems at home under those conditions. Brittany Graham got Barney Maguire home for trainer Richard Hutchinson in the remaining race.
  No change on the leader board with Chantal Turpin again top trainer, this time on four wins, and Pete McMullen notching up a casual six for the week.
  Resultsville... Albion Park 22/05..Drawing ?away (Shane Graham for Ron Sallis).. Choice Falcon (Hayden Barnes for Brad Connelly).. Modern Chic (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Armazem (Amy Rees for Danielle McMullen).. Riverboat Prince (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Triple Bouquet (Pete for Kylie Aldons).. . Albion Park 23/05..Lucky Voodoo (Hayden Barnes for Vicki Rasmussen).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Forty Seven Flash (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Mind The Wire (Brittany Graham for Vicki Rasmussen).. Bettor Draw (Narissa McMullen).. That's Fire Power (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Beaudesert 24/05.. Barney Maguire (Brittany Graham for Richard Hutchinson)... Albion Park 26/05.. Zedaguy (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Skippy Saddler (Danielle McMullen for Bob Shaw).. Chattanoogachoochoo (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Redcliffe 27/05.. Jazz party Enigma (Amy Rees for David millard).. Oozing Potential (Gary whitaker for Darren hooper).. Covert Beauty (Pete for Mark Dux).. Aussie Vista (Pete for Shane Sanderson).. Redcliffe 28/05.. Boom Boom Hall (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Hachem (J.C. Wallace for Darrell Graham).. Lachs Ambition (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS..06/06/2015..
  It seems that, for once, good is about to come out of bad. Perhaps the most far reaching and effective result to come out of  the "McSporran Inquiry" into  live "blooding" of greyhounds in Queensland, is the recommendation that the Queensland All Codes Racing Industries Board and its satellite Boards for each of the three codes of animal racing in the State, be abolished. Premier, Anna Palaszcuk,  endorsing the recommendation by acting upon it and dismissing all Board members while putting Racing Queensland CEO Darren Condon on the sidelines so he can prepare a "show cause" document to justify his continued employment, has indicated the great importance  of a healthy racing industry. The following is the current state of play.
  "The new board should consist of seven members, all of whom are to be appointed by the Governor in Council.
Four of the members are to be entirely independent of the racing industry during the period of board membership and to have had no relevant connection to the racing industry (ownership of horses or greyhounds or membership of a race club or organisation) for a period of at least two years prior to appointment.
The four members should collectively possess qualifications and experience in the field of accounting, law, business, commercial and marketing development. The Chair and Deputy Chair should be appointed from these four members.

The remaining three members should have relevant experience in the industry and be drawn, one each, from each of the codes of racing."
  (In reference to the above. "independent". The current interpretation makes no reference to "syndicate" membership, and  many participants, while welcoming the changes, have reservations that the anonymity of such "membership" may  give rise to errors in these key appointments.)
  In the swag of horrors coming to light this week, is the claim That Queensland Racing is headed for an $11 million loss this year, which has the potential to escalate to $21 million in the following year. KPMG restructurer, Ian Hall, has been appointed get RQ back on the track.
  Premier Palaszcuk said that her Government had appointed  former Supreme Court judge,  Justice John Muir to the Chairman's position in the new re-vamped RQ, and that the financial position of what was QACRIB , had been referred to the Auditor General's Department.
   The Queensland Racing Integrity Commission will be an arm of Government and report directly to the Minister for Racing. The areas of control set down  for this body should be listed, as it is thought at some levels that " handicapping" may be included here. This, apparently, is a worry for some participants. One could not imagine why this is the case.
  There you have it. A clean slate and a great opportunity to move forward. Perhaps we in harness can convince the uncluttered minds of the "Big Four" to look at the race track product and render it attractive as a sporting spectacle and a reliable betting medium, rather than  the practice of "thinking outside the square" (usually 20 years after someone else thought of it and has already flogged it to death).
  Major owner/ breeder, Tony Price, forecast this weeks implosion at a Botra meeting some  8 to 10 years ago. "Control boards," he said, "are not commercial entities in the true sense. They are given a sum of money, and they are charged with spending it wisely. They are failing to do this." It is fair to say that this weeks earthquake is very much a saga of mismanagement and failure to interpret sagging betting figures as indicators of  doom. Price was spot on.
  Just keep looking at that Calendar as the days wind on to Saturday June 20th.. Ipswich City Councillors Charity race day will be a great day of country trotting at Marburg. Come along, enjoy the racing and displays by re-homed trotters and join in fitness demonstrations by Ipswich Hospital Foundation . Just a gold coin donation will get you in.
  Trials this morning. First education session goes at 8.00am. Get the blood flowing with a hot tea or coffee and a bacon and egg roll. Black book a future winner.
  A minor adjustment to the leader board saw Gary Whitaker as top driver with three wins, and Darrell Graham posting the same number as a trainer..
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 29/06..  My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Tooperate (Ricky Gordon).. Special Thoughts (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 30/05.. Donegal Under Fire (Hayden Barnes).. Mafuta Vautin (Adam Sanderson For Darrell Graham).. Im The Golden Child (Barty Cockburn for Megan Armour).. Albion Park 02/06.. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Jack Starzzz (Barty Cockburn for Graham Gavin).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Lombo Ranmiles (Gary Whitaker for Mark Dux).. Redcliffe 03/06.. Munroe (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Buddy Babcock (Rob Gorman for Jay Edmunds)..  Gold Coast at Redcliffe 04/06.. Fiscal Cliff (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Secret Smile (Gary Whitaker for A.L. Smith).. Franco Novak (Pete for Dayl March).. Lachs Ambition (Justin Storie For Chantal Turpin).. Getinbehind (Gary Whitaker for Travis McKay)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..13/06/2015..
  First things first on the local scene, with Marburg trials TOMORROW morning . Just shake out the cobwebs from the Ipswich Cup gallops meeting today and slip out to Marburg Showgrounds. The object of the exercise is to black book a possible winner for the following Saturday, June 20th when Ipswich Councillors, The Ipswich Hospital Foundation, and Marburg Pacing Association combine to host a Charity Race Day in support of the IHF. There will be non stop action with an exciting race program  following trials which will commence at 11.00am, and exhibitions by SAQ, showing just what an ex-pacer can do when his or her racing days are over. Other attractions will be the mini-trotters and IHF's "healthy community " fitness and lifestyle teams will be there to show you how to put  a spring in your step. There will be dual seater sulky rides for some lucky patrons, where you get to experience a bit of the thrill of harness at speed.
  There will be the traditional  "Barry Burgers" plus an assortment of other hot foods, delicious desserts ,hot and cold drinks plus the best bar prices imaginable. There will be a bookie on course fielding on the local trots and major gallops meetings with Sky Channel screens to keep the punters up to date. Admission is a gold coin, and good raffles with the proceeds going to the IHF. Mark it on the Calendar for next week. Make a bigger and better day of it by heading for the "Poets Breakfast"  at Marburg Community Centre. Breakfast is at 8.00am. Listen to the Poets, be uplifted by their contribution to culture and soul, then head on up the road to the Showgrounds for the trots. Not so diverse as you might imagine, as there is poetry in the gait of a free moving harness horse at speed.
  Back to tomorrows trials. Nominations at 7.15am, education session goes at 8.00am and trials follow. Brekky burgers and hot and cold drinks. Bring your note book.
We don't often have a "best of the week" award, but battling hobby trainer, James Lewin, produced a rare treat when he trained Highview Sign (Ryan Veivers) and Extreme Makeover (Michael Johnson)to run 1-2 in  the last race at Albion Park on Tuesday. JL turns his horses out in excellent style and the victory was comprehensive with 3.1 metres separating the stable mates and a whopping 18 metres to the third place getter.  It was a great and well deserved  effort by man and horses!!"..
  What's in a name? Let me introduce Jacob Wallace, a 21 year old kiwi lad, born and raised in the Auckland area. Young Jacob had his first  introduction to trotting as a youngster, attending meetings at Alexandra Park with his father. Things took a step further, when, as a 13 year old, he began to spend large slabs of his school holidays down at the Cambridge stables of Robbie Hughes helping out with a team of 10 to 15 moderate horses. Hughes proved to be a good teacher and Wallace an adept pupil for four years later JW  joined up with leading trainer and star driver, Tony (The Iceman) Herlihy, working with a stable of 30 to 50 pacers and trotters at Papakura. New Zealand is not the land of milk and honey for aspiring young drivers, there are no concession claims, fields are large and the established drivers get the lions share of the race day assignments. Four years and forty plus drives yielded just one winner, Red Sky Night at Alexandra Park. In contrast, having teamed up with Camp Graham at Fernvale not quite four weeks back, JW has already landed two winners, Hachem at Redcliffe and Adriatic Coast at Albion Park.
  Now, in a few short words, Jacob Wallace as he presents himself. The best horse he has seen.. Adore Me, winner of the New Zealand Cup and 1-47.4 at Menangle. Best horse he has driven in work.. Ohoka Punter, dual Derby winner, NZ and Australia, a star of the Tony Herlihy line up. His ambition is to do the best that he can in the trotting game. He is enjoying the surroundings at Camp Graham and hopes to be there for some time. He will be trying to repay the faith that Darrell Graham has shown in him. All in all, a very decent young bloke, articulate, polite and very well presented. He has already shown some talent as a reinsman ,he is keen for outside drives and can be contacted on 0406-114-945.. If Jacob Wallace does as well out of his association with Darrell Graham as has his fellow kiwi Adam Sanderson, he will have reason to be pleased with himself.
  It's that time of the year again, when the stars race under the stars at the Albion Park Winter Carnival. Contrary to pervious carnivals which had an extended time frame, with feature races doled out one by one over as much as eight weeks, the major winter events are compressed into a fortnight's  action packed feast of harness.  All good feasts commence with an entrée and in this case it is a two part delicacy with the the Group One Garrards Sunshine Sprint  run over 1660 metres for $100,000, and the $100,000 Nursery Flying Stakes for 2 and 3yos run over 2138 metres are the features on opening night, July 4th. Proceedings ramp up a bit on night two, Saturday July 1, with the Queensland Oaks for the 3yo fillies at $100,000, The 4/5yo Championship at $50,000, The Gold Coast Derby worth $40,000, and the Ladyship Stakes for mares, $30,000. All in all  $220,000 for the night.  It only gets better with the third and final night, Saturday July 18th, putting out a mammoth $525,000, split as follows. Derby $150,000, Blacks A Fake Pacing Championship $125,000, 2yo Colts and Geldings Triad Final $100,000, 2yo Fillies Triad Final $100,000, and 4yo Championship at $50,000. No doubt the old adage "money makes the mare go" will see that  top quality fields will be the order of the nights. There is one thing about big money racing. It brings the top horses from near and far, and it gives the participants with starters in support races on the night, a chance to see that the "rainbows" we are all chasing do exist. A close up look at a superstar gives the battler the courage to go on.
  The leader board this week serves up a dead heat in the driving department with Gary Whitaker and Pete McMullen tied on four winners apiece. Darrell Graham out on his own with four training wins.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 05/06.. Not Another De Jay (Brad Cowen for Ron Sallis).. Tiani Alice (Barty Cockburn for D. Shaw).. Albion Park 06/06.. Wandary Splash (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith).. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Ona Happy Note (Narissa McMullen).. Rubys Bad Boy (Darrell Graham).. Its Three By Two (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett).. Albion Park 09/06.. Justabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee).. Red Luck (Darrell Graham).. Chevals Diamond (Adam Richardson for Jason Carkeet).. Adriatic Coast (Jacob Wallace for Darrell Graham)..Highview Sign (Ryan Veivers for James Lewin).. Redcliffe 10/06.. Seven Forty Seven (Matt Elkins for Gail Geeson).. Riverleigh William (Gary Whitaker for Darren Hooper).. Tooperate (Trent Moffat for Ricky Gordon).. Sista To Mafuta (Darrell Graham).. Zac Mac (Gary Whitaker for Darren Hooper).. Darlyn Sea (Gary Litzow for Wendy Smart).. Recliffe 11/06.. Ivan The Third (Barty Cockburn).. The Endeavour (Amy Rees for Doug Lee).. Boltmaro (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Our Mick Ison (Pete for Stewie Dickson)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS..20/06/2015..
Its' not "D-day", but it most certainly is "IHF" day.  Today, the divisional representatives of the Ipswich City Council are diving into their pockets  to support the Ipswich Hospital foundation in a fundraiser. The vehicle for this fun and excitement packed  day is the Marburg Harness meeting commencing with trials at 11.00am and moving to the actual race program at 12.45pm.  Five action packed pacing events are set down for decision including the two final rounds of the Mitavite/ Marburg Young Drivers Invitation Series. Other features are the Ipswich Councillors Charity Day Stakes, Support Ipswich Hospital Foundation Stakes, Ipswich Smart City Handicap, and the Mitavite Stakes. Other features will be displays by SAQ, a group of talented horse people who re-home pacers and trotters  when their racing careers are over. Some lucky folk will win rides in the dual seater sulky (mini-trotters?). Ipswich Hospital Foundation's fitness team will be providing demonstrations of exercise routines throughout the afternoon. The food is good, cheap, and plentiful, and coupled with the cheapest bar prices ever you have the makings of a great day out.. The bookie is there to look after the punters, fielding on the local trots and major gallops meetings, with Sky Channel screens to keep us up to date.
  Make a day of it. Call in at the Marburg Poet's Breakfast in the centre of Marburg village for openers, then head on up the road for the trots. If we can't give you a great afternoon then no one can!!
  A special meeting of the harness sport's  participant group, Botra, last Monday night, heard an address from outgoing Harness Board Chairman Greg Mitchell. GM accepted the wholesale dismissal of Queensland's racing control bodies in the wake of the greyhound cruelty scandal as a reasonable action under the circumstances, but pointed out that such occurrences are liable to follow any change of Government. Greg Mitchell, Warwick Stansfield and Brian Burke all put forward the view, that in their short tenure they were well on the way to turning the fortunes of Queensland harness racing from negative to positive, and, in fact harness now held a 14.5% share of the wagering dollar. They further claimed that the projected short fall of $11 million on this year's across the board operations, which is projected to grow to  $21 million in the following 12 months, is incorrect and is a result of any one of a number of  methods used to interpret a balance sheet. This leads us to an important point for the Racing Minister, Mr Bill Byrne,  the head of the Independent Board, Mr Justice Muir and the KPMG restructurer, Mr Ian Hall to consider. The outgoing board did not produce any documents to support their claims. For a lengthy period of time control bodies have listed transparency as a prime factor in their dealings with participants.  It is to be hoped that the new broom approach will provide this. This writer believes that there should be no information concerning racing matters that is not fit for the public domain. If that is not the case, then racing should hand the matter on to the relevant authority.
  As we go to the final two rounds of the Mitavite/Marburg  Young Drivers Championship, a check of the competitors standings in the point score may be  an  aid in the search for a winner. Currently the order is:     
Stacey Weidemann – 16
Hayden Barnes – 15
Brittany Graham – 11
Isobel Ross – 9
Amy Rees – 5
Matt Elkins – 5
Michael Johnson – 4
Nathan Dawson - 0..
  With a four race series  spanning two race meetings  more than a month apart it was inevitable that some fallout would occur. Justin Storie, who was sitting equal third with Brittany Graham on 11 points, incurred the wrath of the Stewards Panel and is now under suspension. Local rising star, Nathan Dawson, was kind enough to fill the gap left by Storie even though his chances are much diminished by starting today's rounds with zero points.  However, when drivers and horses are teamed up by pulling names from a hat, the eventual result can be surprising to say the least.
  Apart from the actual leaders, the Board is a bit boring this week. Pete McMullen took driving honours with just 9 wins for the seven days and his wife Chantal Turpin supported the effort with 5 of their equine participants getting home first.
  Resultsville..  Gold Coast at Albion Park 12/06.. Lombo Ranmiles (Gary Whitaker for Mark Dux).. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees).. Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Smidj Boy (Pete for Wayne Keyes).. Albion Park 13/06.. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Expressionist (Narissa McMullen for Shane sanderson).. Five Card Draw (Darrell Graham).. Major Sam (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Si Capisco (Darrell Graham for Greg Eeles)..   Albion Park 16/06.. Cagney (Ken Belford).. My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Expressionist (Shane Sanderson).. Overlap Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Whata Punt (Pete for John McMullen).. Lancelot Bromac (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Redcliffe 17/06.. Jaylets Fury (Nathan Dawson for Gary Hancock).. Leighs Delight (Jacob Wallace for Darrell Graham).. My Mate billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe.. Won Delight (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Drawing Away (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Lachs Ambition (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..  Major Command (Chris Petroff for Rachel Scott).. Dream Chapel (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Not Another De Jay (Brad Cowen for Ron Sallis).. Champagne Dreams (Danielle McMullen for Ian Gurney).. Mightycoldmary (Adam Richardson for Jason Carkeet)..
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                       "TROT TACTICS".27/06/2015..                     
   Clifton based Stacey Weidemann has captured her first harness title, that of 2015 Mitavite Feeds Marburg Young Drivers Champion. The following is taken from the Queensland Harness website and was written by David Aldred..
  "Victory aboard the aptly named Highview Sign last month set Clifton driver Stacey Weidemann on her way to a heartfelt win in the two meeting Mitavite Marburg Ipswich West Young Drivers Invitation Championship decided on Saturday and it was likely that she had her biggest supporter smiling from above.
Saturday’s Championship win meant a lot to Stacey, so much so that she paid a special tribute to her pop soon after the race. In March this year the Weidemann family lost harness racing stalwart, Ross Weidemann.
 “My biggest supporter didn’t get to witness me take the honours, but I sure hope he has a smile on his dial up there,” Stacey said. “Poppy was my biggest fan, he always was behind me telling me to have a go, I do miss that.” .
The up and coming young driver who celebrates her 24th birthday early next month also congratulated the Marburg Pacing Association for the event and thanked the sponsors, Mitavite and the Ipswich City Council.
Stacey, the niece of harness racing sisters Julie and Lola Weidemann, didn’t get a winner at Marburg on Saturday but her drives were competitive enough for the concession driver to take out the 2015 title. The two meeting race series was raced on 3 May and 20 June.
“The horses I drove during the Championship raced well and I was appreciative that the trainers were encouraging, they were really good with no pressure, that helps,” Stacey said.
On day one Stacey drove a winner, Highview Sign and a third placed Fiscal Cliff and went into the final day of competition just ahead of Hayden Barnes who also got a good start in the series with a winner Wecanonlyhope and a fourth placed Eternal Glory. Really, Stacey only needed to place better than Hayden in the two races to stay on top of the leaderboard."
DRIVER   HT1   HT2   HT3   HT4   TOTAL
STACEY WEIDEMANN   6   10   4   4   24
AMY REES   1   4   10   6   21
HAYDEN BARNES   10   5   1   5   21
MATT ELKINS   2   3   5   10   20
MICHAEL JOHNSON   3   1   7   7   18
ISOBEL ROSS   7   2   3   3   15
BRITTANY GRAHAM   4   7   2   1   14
JUSTIN STORIE   5   6   0   0   11
NATHAN DAWSON   0   0   6   2   8
Another top local effort is the training  performance of Chantal Turpin. Preparing her team at Lowood's Patrick Estate, Turpin is taking on training in the same fashion as she attacked race driving ,where, in her first three seasons, she was leading driver of square trotters. This season, with a tad over two months left to go, CT has led in 107 winners from a stable which numbers about 30 horses. Given that " team Turpin" is less than half the size of  Grant Dixon's mammoth operation at Tamborine, the results compare more than favourably with Dixon's 220 victories  and the 126 from the Vicki Rasmussen establishment at Logan village. Life time figures provided by Queensland Racing show  that CT is in the first stages of what will be an outstanding career.
Chantal Turpin has had 107 winners this season (299 lifetime)
Grant Dixon 220 this season & 1015 overall
Vicki Rasmussen 126 this season & 870 overall.
  Meanwhile, the mills of progress and restructuring grind on at Racing Queensland. We must hope, that like the "mills of justice, they grind most exceedingly fine". On the surface, it is business as usual, but, if Harness is to re-invent itself, and go forward in a manner designed to see its finances in "the black" for the foreseeable future, there must be a great deal of change. We often use the term product, when racing operations are discussed. We are now at the point where we must realise that, in simple terms, harness / trotting operates like a shop. We have two items for sale, a sporting spectacle and a betting medium. If we are to survive, we must sell quality product, all day every day. We are no longer in the comfort zone  of "un-earned" funds. The hard nosed restructurers of KPMG are talking "corporate reality". In other words, what we turn over in punter dollars will be expressed as a percentage of the the net income from  the Racing Queensland operation, and we will be paid a like percentage from the RQ distribution pie. Perhaps, in the near future, our new administrators will understand the necessity to provide the present and potential trot punters of Queensland with an improved race format which provides  a simply understood betting medium and reliable form lines. That's the thought for this week!
  Change on the leader board. Gary Whitaker shoots to the top as an 8 win driver. Doubles Tuesday and Thursday with a big treble Wednesday night. Amy Rees and Hayden Barnes dead heated for second on three apiece. The trainers produced an identical result with Chantal Turpin and Barty Cockburn  head and head at three winners each. Best training effort of the week, Ominous Flyer for Dale and Wayne Chalk. The breaking of a four year drought with a forecast of good rains to follow. Shows what you can achieve if you just stick in there.
  Resultsville Gold Coast at Albion Park... 19/06.. Fon Design (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Shareapassion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Franco Nepia (Barty Cockburn).. Albion Park 20/06.. Mind the wire (Hayden Barnes for Vicki Rasmussen)..
Sweet As Candy (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Ominous Flyer (Dale Chalk)..   20/06 Marburg.. Leo Striker (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Stylish Boulevard (Amy Rees for Barty Cockburn).. Isabella Maree (Matt Elkins for Julie Weidemann).. Goldplay (Barty Cockburn).. Feelgood Factor (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 23/06.. Justabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee).. Feel The Need (Gary Whitaker for Travis McKay).. Paint The Hammer (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Riverboat Prince (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin)..  Redcliffe 24/06.. Red Castle Warrior (Noel Parrish).. Oozing Potential (Gary Whitaker for Darren Hooper).. Jack Frost (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Sweet As Candy (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 25/06.. Victree Vendetta (Gary Whitaker for Steve Furey).. Icefire (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Forever Texas (Hayden Barnes for Jack Butler).. Stout (Amy Rees for Doug Lee)..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 04/07/2015..
  The 4th of July is upon us. Not only is it American Independence Day, it is, more importantly for Brisbane trot fans, the start of the big money end of the Winter Carnival at Albion Park. Two major features on a race card with $310,999 up for grabs, are the $100,000 Group 1 events, the Nursery Flying Stakes and the Garrards Sunshine Sprint. Tough fields, with the "Sprint" catering for the established stars. Avonnova (Shane Graham), drawn at (1) gets his best chance to win a major but others with strong claims include Smolda, with former Roswood girl, Natalie Rasmussen (now based in New Zealand) as trainer/driver. Majestic Major (Grant Dixon) (7) will supply speed from the outside barrier. Iron horse, Destreos (Kelli Dawson) (8), now making the field due to the scratching of Our Hi Jinx and is drawn to be on Avonnova's back from the outset. Racing is full of surprises and it would be ironic if the scratching of Avonnova's stablemate led to his defeat up the sprint lane in the last few bounds. One thing is certain, they will "run some"!!
  The "Nursery Flying Stakes" is new race on the Queensland calendar, and brings together a star studded group of 3yo pacers. A field of 12 over the 1660 metre trip, with perhaps the best being Hug The Wind (Natalie Rasmussen) from the outside of the front. Other strong hopes are Burnaholeinmypocket (Kate Gath) (4), Young American (Todd McCarthy) (6) and (8), the recent Triad winner, A Good Chance ( Chris Petroff) getting the drag along the fence. There is no doubting the form of these runners. There are 60 last runs for the 12 runners listed here at 5 per starter. No less than 26 wins appear. All up, the field has earned in total, $1,186,351. Just think what the total might be if all these were to remain sound, and met in the Sunshine Sprint of 2018.. Always an interesting stat, in the eternal battle of Aussie horseflesh versus Kiwi, this time it is weighted  NZ = 8 ... Australia = 4. It's all in the volcanic soil they say.
  Another week has passed in the restructuring process at what was Racing Queensland. KPMG workers are coming to grips with the many and varied problems associated with producing a budget which will ensure continuity of all three racing codes in Queensland while addressing  the publicised $11 million shortfall which was one of the prime movers in the Governments decision to dismantle QACRIB and its subsidiary "code specific" Boards. If you think that paragraph tells you nothing, well, you are probably correct. The restructuring process is a bit like the pregnant elephant. It takes a long time, nothing appears to be happening, but when it pops  out it is pretty big. In the forecast department, there may be little or no negative movement in overall prize money levels, but they may be somewhat re-jigged. Nobody should bail out yet!!
  Who wouldn't be a young concession driver. Yet another interstate series will be held on July 8/9. This will be the Central Victoria Young Drivers Challenge, and will be run at Shepparton, Maryborough and Ballarat. Queensland's rep this time will be Peak Crossing based Amy Rees whose stats this season are 263 drives for 35 wins and 46 placings. Opposing drivers are Josh Aiken (Vic), Aaron Bain (SA), Josh Duggan (Vic), Dylan Edgerton-Green (WA), Dylan Ford (Tas), Haydon Gray (Vic), Jason Lee (Vic), Todd McCarthy (NSW), and Zac Phillips (Vic)..Luck in two areas, horseflesh and barriers are the prerequisites for a forward showing in this type of competition.
  Queensland's current leading reinsman, Shane Graham, joined an elite group of reinspersons at Thursday afternoon's Gold Coast at Redcliffe meeting, when he passed the 200 wins in a season mark for the first time.. For the past decade he has regularly topped the century ,but this is something else. The two hundred came up from 997 drives which means a win strike rate of 20%. One of the drawbacks of trotting/harness racing in this country is the great preponderance of odds-on favourites which win,. Just when you think you should be following a particular driver, you realise that every fifth bet you will have a winner. At $1.50 return for every $5 you invest, your bank will not last too long. That is one of the inherent drawbacks of "mobile conditioned" racing. There are others!
  A very lacklustre leaderboard this week with Pete McMullen top driver with three wins over Gary Whitaker and Barty Cockburn on two apiece. Worse still for trainers with only two winners coming from the district causing a dead heat between Hayden Barnes and Barty Cockburn.
  Resultsville. Gold Coast at Albion Park 26/06.. Always Will (Pete for Steven Cini).. Artsu (Pete for Shane Tritton).. Donegal Under Fire (Hayden Barnes).. Albion Park 27/06.. Karloo Kix (Shane Graham for Barty Cockburn).. Mister Mara (Gary Whitaker for Travis McKay).. Albion Park 30/06.. Mosquito Spur (Pete for Lisa Bahr).. Bettor Promise (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Timeseel (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Redcliffe 01/07.. Back Page News (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 02/07.. Beef City Safari (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Modern Chic (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant)..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 11/07/2015..
  Marburg is the venue of choice today. A five race  card of country trots is just the thing for a July afternoon. all the usual Marburg features, with trials segment commencing at 11.00am and  the races at 12.30pm. Bookmaker in attendance, fielding on the local trots plus the gallops, with Sky Channel screens to keep the punters up to date on the major gallops meetings as well. The best bar prices teamed up with the best of burgers and other hot food plus hot and cold drinks and desserts. Catch the close up action of country trotting on the 700metre Marburg circuit.
  Avonnova cracks the big one. It was no surprise when the unhoppled  Queensland Horse Of The Year, Avonnova (Shane Graham) took out the Garrards Sunshine Sprint on the opening night of the Winter Carnival. The "tough as teak" pacer took advantage of the coveted No 1 barrier position to turn on a savage front running display, powering out and powering home to hold off NZ superstar, Smolda, (Natalie Rasmussen) and Queensland mare, Forever Gold (Darren Weeks), which trailed the leader for the last 1400 metres. Driver Shane Graham, with part owner and trainer Ian Gurney, were full of praise for the gelded son of Art Major and Mini Slick. Gurney claimed  Avonnova for $20,000 (it turned out to be peanuts) from a race at Goulburn some 18 months back. The gelding resumed recently from a spell, which had been his only respite from a 22 month stint on the racetrack, and Ian Gurney believes that the rest did wonders, not only for his physical well-being, but for his mental state as well. He claimed that the gelding was far more relaxed than previously, was carrying slightly more condition, and racing very tractably. On the score of "available horsepower", a smidgin more was there on race night, with Shane Graham saying that, although he had to dig deep on Saturday, Avonnova "gave" all the way to the post.
  For the stats buffs, the winner's mile rate was 1-51.3, the margins 2.4 metres x 4.1metres and the Avonnova bank balance stands at $672,682.. This season alone, 13 starts have netted $304,405.. Making the partnership of I. Gurney and P. Montgomery, not only happy, but very profitable. Good as it is, and with every chance of a major slab of the $125,000 to be carved up in the "Blacks A Fake" next Saturday night, IG faces a long term dilemma. There are two  lucrative  and prestigious plums for the picking in November. Firstly, the New Zealand Cup run in its traditional slot, the second Tuesday in November and the Perth Inter-dominion Championship which has reverted to its most successful format of three heats and a Grand Final to be run from November 27 to December 13. Given the level of stress for the horses involved in competing at both venues, most trainers are opting for one or the other of the events. See, a surfeit of riches is not always the ideal situation.
 Meanwhile, there is the matter of restructuring, to be considered, and possibly Feature race money may be involved. Of the $200,000 distributed  last Saturday night in the Nursery Flying Pace and the Sunshine Sprint, $117,000 went out of the state. The NFP 3yo event was the major bleeder with $77,000 headed south of the border, and $20,000 off to New Zealand with just $3,000 left for local consumption.. A further $20,000 went across the Tasman from the Sprint. It is like a country in famine trying to export food! It will be an interesting exercise to track the destination of the dollars when the whole of the $945,000 feature money has been distributed. Sadly, we need every dollar to stay here in Queensland at the moment, and be wider spread.
  Fresh from Vic-Bred  Group 1 success, Shelbourne (Vic) based Larry Eastman is making a two pronged attack on the Queensland purse with stars, Menin Gate and Morton Plains. Both pacers had pulled up well after the Vic-Bred Finals, and, as Eastman said, " the money is too good to miss."  Both will be on show tonight, with the well drawn Menin Gate contesting the Gold Coast Derby of $40,000 and Morton Plains going round in the$100,000 Queensland Oaks.
    "Peak Crossing lass, Amy Rees, has kicked a goal for Queensland taking out the five race Central Victoria Young Drivers Series run over two days this week. Three tracks were involved, and AR led the Series from barrier to box, winning the first race on The Stags Roar  and third with Destiny Warrior at Shepparton and followed up with sixth on Coast Warning and a second on Grins Rendition at Maryborough, rounding out the event, placing second with Franco Joaquin at Ballarat on Thursday night. Amy Rees has kept Queensland's unbeaten record this season intact. Two events have been run in Victoria, one in New South Wales and one here at home. It's a super effort and one for Amy to keep in her memory forever."
  A quiet leader board this week with Chantal Turpin up front in the trainers with just two winners while Adam Sanderson and Pete McMullen landed three apiece in the sulky.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 03/07.. Stayintowntonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 04/07..Hugh Hefner (Amy Rees for Richard Hooper).. Forever Texas (Hayden Barnes for Jack Butler).. Donegal Under Fire (Hayden Barnes)..  Albion Park 07/07..Couldnt Resist (Pete for Daren Garrard).. Redcliffe 08/07..Tooperate (Ricky Gordon).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Smooth Pink (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Cullens Jewel (Lola Weidemann for Phil Mitchell).. Candyliscious (Adam Sanderson for Michelle Grimsey)..  Redcliffe 09/07.. Major Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Michelle Grimsey).. Checkhimout (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 18/07/2015..
    What ever you think of the current cold spell, last Saturday was pretty sunny for trainer/driver Barty Cockburn. Based for the last six months at Peak Crossing, BC has been dipping his toe in the water at Marburg trials and races in recent times. It all came together last week when his only three starters, Annas Best, Lightning Escape and Katesaroyal took out events two, three and four at the races. Barty is a devout supporter of the MPA policy of providing trialling and racing opportunity for the ordinary horse and the aspiring driver who does not have hard core family support. Cockburn cited his own formative experiences gained at Marburg and Rocklea, and said that the driving skills gained at those venues plus the hands on experience with pacers that were four cylinder models rather than vee eights had stood him in good stead.  Currently, BC is still settling into the "Peak" property with its track and swimming facility and the added benefits of a magnificent view. This "running in" period has cut the flow of winners a bit, with a target of 60 by seasons end looking achievable if all goes well.
  Barty Cockburn is a young man keen to make his mark in trotting. One thing is certain, he is adamant that it is necessary for Marburg to go forward, and he wants to be a part of that process. He realises the need for young people to join the Marburg Pacing Association and bring back the energy that was evident 10 years ago. His view of the light harness sport at this point in time is crystal clear. "Administrators have turned the game into a business. No one has any fun anymore. It's just a job! We need  venues which provide ordinary racing for ordinary horses raced by ordinary people."   
  While the Marburg meeting last Saturday was certainly dominated by "team Cockburn" the bookends of the day went to a couple of dedicated battlers.  Xtraordinary Lombo, trained and driven by Russell Kajewski, produced an impressive performance to loop the field with a lap and a half go in the first race, then wear down the free running leader, Jetts Afella about three strides from the post. The margin was half a neck, but the gelded son of Lombo Pocket Watch did it well. RK trains at Blackbutt and is very familiar with the hardship faced when you can only work your horses on their own and are forced to travel long distances to race them.
  The lucky last went to the Warren Hinze trained Wecanonlyhope, with Nathan Dawson in the sulky. The daughter of Life Sign and the prolific winner, Azzura Miss (212 starts for 20 wins,15 seconds and 26 thirds) was bred by the Hinze family, and has been a steady improver in in her 72 starts to date, for stats  of 72-3-10-8. Ever the realist, Warren Hinze has no flash plans for the mare, but will try his best to place where she will be competitive. Hinze was also fulsome in his praise for the pilot, saying that "Nathan Dawson drove her a treat."
  There you have it. Two battlers who do the hard yards every day with moderate horses and think that they are lucky when they win a Marburg race. This writer thinks that harness racing/trotting in Queensland is a damn sight luckier to have people of that calibre giving their full effort to the sport for minute monetary return and less thanks. Without the Russell Kajewskis and the Warren Hinzes, we have no sport at all !!
  The final night of the Winter Carnival is upon us and the big guns are being primed to go for the big money. Major features tonight are the two Triad finals for 2yo Colts and Geldings  and 2yo Fillies at $100,000 apiece, the Queensland Derby $150,000, The Blacks A Fake worth $125,000 and the 4/5yo Championship of $50,000. Last Saturday nights Group Races carried $220,000 in total and $150,650 went South or flew across the Tasman. It's great to have features on the program, but sometimes we need to cure our ills by taking steps to keep the money at home.
  A lot of threes on the leader board with Barty Cockburn top trainer on three winners and the driving laurels split four ways among Nathan Dawson, Gary Whitaker, Adam Sanderson, and of course Barty Cockburn, three apiece.
  Resultsville.. Gold coast at Albion Park 10/07.. Gold Play (Grant Dixon for Meagan Armour).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Goldstar Invasion (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen)... Albion Park 11/07.. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Corey ODonohue (Natalie Rasmussen for Ron Sallis).. Marburg 11/07.. Xtraordinary Lombo (Russell Kajewski).. Annas Best (Barty Cockburn).. Lightning Escape (Barty Cockburn).. Katesaroyal (Barty Cockburn).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Albion Park 14/07.. Look Now Bill (Gary Whitaker for Joedy Whitaker).. Zac Mac (Gary Whitaker for Darren Hooper).. Hurricane Bromac (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 15/07.. Ronald George (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Its All Torque (Amy Rees for Ricky Hart).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 16/07..   Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Beef City Safari (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin)..
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"TROT TACTICS" 25/07/2015..
  It has been a bad week, with the passing of two men who loved trotting. One as passionate as the other, but on vastly different levels.
 Ernie Anforth  came north from the Sydney area some 25 years back. There he had shared an involvement in light harness with his father who always had a pacer or two. EA's day job was a thirty year stint with the Regal Shirt company rising to the manager's chair. Towards the end of his time in the shirt business he operated the Superior Harness company.
  When the Anforth family took up residence in Haigslea/Mount Marrow, Ernie saw an opportunity for a synthetic harness manufacturer in South East Queensland. He was able to purchase the Rocket Harness brand plus plant and began to forge an excellent reputation as a maker of high quality gear for pacers and trotters. Never frightened to take a chance, EA accepted that colour was about to come to harness racing at the front end of the sulky, and was willing to supply what trainers wanted, even "fluoro pink" was graded OK.
  Ernie maintained his interest in horses, but was never blessed with a top liner. However, he enjoyed the challenge of trying to win races with a cast off. He seldom paid more than $200 for a horse, and got great satisfaction from Albert Square, which won 8 or 10 events, earning his purchase price many times over. There was always a broodmare about the place and his best horse in recent times was the homebred, The Red Rocket, which was trained by John McMullen to win no less than 25 races. Ernie Anforth was a trotting man through and through. He was a prime sponsor of the mini-trotters and Junior Drivers, and a conscientious volunteer on trial days at Marburg, mobile starter and track maintenance being his preferred tasks. There seems little doubt that a severe stroke some five years back, which curtailed his activities to a great degree, was the root cause of his demise.. There you have Ernie. A modest family man, fiercely proud of the harness he manufactured, and generous through sponsorship to the sport he loved. His memory, as was his harness, is built to last.
  Tony Price was born in Cairns in 1942, and, while approaching the end of his High School education, began to "wreck" cars in the backyard of his mother's house, demonstrating early in life that he had no intention of being a wage slave. It was "boss" or nothing for TP. His many business ventures, successful in the main, were car yards, real estate, boat sales, development of shopping centres etc. In recent years he took to the share market, possibly due to a lack of mobility as his health waned. More than thirty years back, T. Price encountered trotting one night at Parramatta Park in Cairns and began a romance that lasted until his death last Sunday morning. That blind date with light harness, so impressed TP that he was off to Brisbane the next day. A nine horse truck was purchased, four legged passengers were found and it was back to Cairns to get into the game as quickly as possible.
  Time passes and the Tony Price operation sets up at Burpengary thence Rochedale, with David Sallis as trainer driver, and the trophy for the Queensland Derby graces the  mantel piece courtesy of Gents Elect. Good horses came, and good horses went, plenty of winners but the Champion remained elusive. As the man said at the time. "I got a million out of trotting. I started with three, and  now I have one left." The new millennium bought with it All Promises, a filly that won no less than four Group 1 races and $220,675, things were about to change. With a couple of stallion ownership disasters behind him, TP began to study the science of matching stallions to mares in very serious fashion. With daughter Shannon and partner Scott Miller handling the training at the latest facility, (Logan Reserve) and Tony patronising stallions such as Bettors Delight and American Ideal the quality and consistency of the Price product was on the way up.
  Current stable stars, Bettor than Special ($160,000), Bettor promise (167,000) and last Saturday's 2yo fillies Group 1 Triad Final winner, Special Moment, have made chronic ill-health more bearable. Tony Price was a down to earth sort of guy who enjoyed nothing more than going to the races,  watching his horses and talking with his friends. One of his favourite sayings was, "Never carry debt. If you can't afford to buy it, don't have it."  There will be a service for Tony at Albion Park this Monday, commencing at 11.30am. It is to be hoped that one of his stipulations, that he be accompanied to his last resting place by "the race book and the menu" be observed. It was a comment so typical of the man. Many of us felt the rasp of his tongue over the years, a few of us were lucky enough to see the other side, where the grass was indeed greener. With two winners last Tuesday, and many more to come, it is obvious that we will be reminded frequently of the late T. Price.
   On a different note, but one that will bring its share of sadness in some quarters, is the inevitable re-structuring and cuts which must occur in the prize money distribution for all three codes of animal racing in Queensland. Debts are debts and must be repaid, otherwise we lose all credibility. What is paramount in any decision making, is how we are to conduct the belt tightening exercise. Given that, of $945,000 Feature race money up for grabs in the last three Saturday nights at Albion Park, no less than $555,650 went to interests outside the State, it suggests that a number of those features were far too attractive to outside stables. If we wish to rebuild harness racing/trotting in Queensland, we must look at all levels of the sport, and widen the base of the pyramid so that it once again becomes stable. We must bring in new participants, and, in order to attract these people and the cash and personal involvement that they will bring with them, we must provide the expectation, not of a road to riches if you win the equine version of Gold Lotto (that will happen automatically), but that an ordinary pacer or trotter, racing on a level and tightly controlled playing field for sustainable stakes, will provide moments of joy and go a fair way towards self support. We must never again exclude the ordinary owners and trainers from "Victory Lane", nor must we exclude the punters we have, nor the additional punters we will attract if we give them a product with which they can interact with confidence. What has happened here is the story of Icarus. We flew too near the sun and the wax melted. If we learn from this, harness will not only survive in Queensland, it will grow!!
  A flashing light on the drivers section of the leader board says Gary Whitaker drove five winners this week. On the other side the light indicates that GW's boss, Bill Crosby, trained three of those winners and that effort put BC on top.
  Reultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 17/07.. Overlap (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Judyfree (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Morethanmeetstheye (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Lady White Water (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).  Albion Park 18/07.. Mabrook (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Buddy Babcock (Rob Gorman for Jay Edmunds).. Albion Park 21/07.. Lethal Promise (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Needa Margarita (Pete for John McMullen).. Karloo Kix (Shane Graham for Barty Cockburn).. Redcliffe 22/07.. The Falcon Legend (Amy Rees for Ron Sallis).. Jaylets Fury (Nathan Dawson for Gary Hancock).. Coralie Joy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Bundys Best (Justin Pascoe).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 23/07.. Fire An Ice (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Slipin to Town (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Ina Great Place Hayden Barnes for Jack Butler).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin)..
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                                  "TROT TACTICS".. 08/07/2015..
Amidst the gloom of recent obituaries there comes a bright light. Veteran reinsman, 82 year old Ken Parker has survived his third brush with death and is on the road to recovery. Parker, currently living at Mt Walker took ill after a busy day last Saturday which included a drive at Marburg trials. KP went to bed after watching most of the races at Albion Park, He woke at 1.00am in intense abdominal pain. and after ringing a family member was taken to Ipswich general hospital. From there it was lights and sirens to Princess Alexandra where blood loss from a leaky aortic aneurysm  caused him to require CPR. Successful keyhole surgery has repaired the leak and KP is on the way back He expects to leave PA this weekend. Prior events have included life threatening injuries from a car crash and a heart attack which required CPR followed by a quintuple by-pass. A naturally fit man, Parker was fulsome in his praise of the medical and surgical teams at PA, claiming that he "would not be here without them. The level of care is incredible!" He'll be back ,and his horse with him.
  As promised by Racing Minister, Bill Byrne, the consultation process designed to assist the soon to be appointed  seven member control body, is about to be put in place. The following  extract is from an invitation to race clubs and industry associations to send delegates to a meeting set down for Monday, August 10 at Racing Queensland's Deagon headquarters. The meeting is scheduled to run from 10am to 3pm.
  "The facilitated meeting will focus on four key themes; Racing Queensland’s financial position; the governance structure; animal welfare and integrity; and infrastructure. There will be a presentation on each of these topics before the floor is open for discussion.
  It is vital that these discussions are open and transparent with each stakeholder group provided an opportunity to represent the views of their members. Once these views have been collated across each of the meetings, they will be considered as part of Racing Queensland’s plan for the future. Individuals will also have the opportunity to provide feedback via an online feedback form.
  Consultation closes at the end of September and all feedback will be reviewed and analysed. We will work with the Queensland Government to develop a plan for a sustainable future for racing in the state. We will operate on a business as usual basis for the rest of the year before gradually implementing the measures necessary to execute the plan from January 1, 2016."
  It seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Sadly there is no mention of the main income stream, that of the punters dollar. Good as the above initiative is, we will simply be delaying the inevitable. While ever we stick with the current racing format of "mobile conditioned"  and "claiming races", we will NEVER win back the punters!  We need punters in the lounge room as well as pubs and clubs  plus "bums on seats" at racing venues.  The much maligned Bob Bentley once promised the manager of a large harness stud and racing operation, "corporate reality". He said, "if you are producing 10% of the overall turnover you will get 10% of the distribution pie."
  Trotting/harness racing is a spectacular and extremely exciting sport. If it provided an easily understood and "punter friendly" format, coupled with iron tight integrity, it might soon fight it's way back to viability. However, as long as the "begging bowl" mentality prevails this won't happen. Trotting requires a lot more "belief in the product" than it currently has. The often heard statement that "you will never get them back" should serve the same purpose as a letter of resignation. We need people who believe that we can "get them back" and who take positive steps to achieve this.!
  A solid example of the value of trialling and training facilities has been seen in the last six weeks with the success of two home-bred pacers in the Consolation Finals  for 2yo's of the Breeders Classic and the Triad.  The Breeder's Consolation on June 20th went to Ominous Flyer, owned, trained and driven by Dale Chalk and bred in Marburg by his father Wayne. Ominous Flyer is the latest of a line of winners stemming fro Wayne Chalk's first breeding venture which was Hobby Flyer, a  1980 daughter of Hobby Horse JG. Hobby Flyer posted fast time for the 80's, her best effort being 1-57.1 with earnings of $24,702.  Mated to top stallion, Vanston Hanover, the result was Punctual, which picked up $32,227 from a 45 start career which included 12 wins and a best time of 1-58.3. Punctual went to Artistic Fella and the result is Ominous Flyer 1-59.5, three starts so far for a win, a second and $9,000 plus in the bank.
  Baddy Babcock is owned, bred and trained in Marburg by Jay Edmunds and Rob Gorman had the drive in the Triad Consolation. The gelded son of Art Official and the $30,255 winner, In The Fast Lane (1-58.2 ) ,a daughter of John Street North, had to produce a time of 1-56.8 to take the prize. Both geldings have come through the education and trialling service provided by the Marburg Pacing Association in recent months and  were prominent in Saturday morning "unofficials". It is difficult to see any negative aspects in the Marburg operation, as it is pivotal to the introduction and retention of  hobbyist trainers in the greater Ipswich footprint. But, it is like all facets of sport. The grass roots runs on volunteers and sponsorship. Currently the MPA is short of both. If any one out there would like an introduction to the light harness sport through giving us a hand with either of the two previously mentioned ingredients we would love to meet you on a Saturday morning for a yarn. Trials start at 8.00am and the breakfast burgers  are cheap and tasty.
 The leader board is interesting. Barty Cockburn up there with bells and whistles driving seven winners while Ricky Gordon, Ron Sallis, , Chantal Turpin and Barty Cockburn provided two wins apiece to add balance to the trainers list.
  Resultsville. Redcliffe 24/07.. Cullens Jewel (Lola Weidemann for Phil Mitchell).. Gallymont Sport (Kelli Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Albion Park 25/07.. Drawing Away (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis).. Lifesa Ranger (Hayden Barnes for Shane Sanderson).. Paint The Hammer (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Proses Galore (Amy Rees for Jack Butler).. Goldstar Invasion (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 28/07.. Feel The Courage (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Isaac (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Uncle John (Barty Cockburn for Chris Frisby).. Redcliffe 29/07.. Tooperate (Ricky Gordon).. Miss Catalina (Ricky Gordon).. Armbros Lad (Barty Cockburn for Steve Coombs).. Mini Cam (Chris Petroff for Rachel Scott).. Jazzy Artist (Narissa McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 30/07.. Feelgood Factor (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Stylish Boulevard (Barty Cockburn).. Modern Chic (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant) .. Ronald George (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. American Legend (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Donny Jones (Barty Cockburn).. Sign Of Perfecshon (Gary Whitaker for James Lewin)..
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      "TROT TACTICS". 08/08/2015..
  As I have said on many occasions, it all happens at the foot of the Brisbane Valley. This week we bring you the short version of the "Great American Adventure", Fernvale based trainer/driver Brittany Graham's one month study tour of American Harness tracks and training establishments. Accompanied by co-award winner, Trent Moffat, BG Stayed in a family situation with ex-pat Aussie, Ross Croghan in New Jersey. Considerable hours were spent in the Croghan barn which is part of the Gait Way Farm training complex. RC also co-opted other Gait Way trainers Tony Alagna and Ron Burke to  provide insight into American training methods for Graham and Moffat. Further techniques were studied off-farm at the stables of trainer/driver Jimmy Takter, who migrated from Sweden to the states some 40 years back, and is best known for his achievements with champion trotting mare, Moni Maker. BG described Takter's training setup as fantastic.
  In the "on track" department, Brittany said that drives were difficult to get but she managed two trial drives at the Meadowlands and a fifth place at her only race drive, which was at Harrars Chester in Philadelphia. Would you believe that her drive in that event was Montana Pablo, now an American citizen, and once a member of "team Graham" at Fernvale. A highlight of that outing was competing against Tim Tetrick and other top flight US reinsmen. In BG's own words, "The trip was a top line experience. I really enjoyed it!!"..
  There has been a change at the top table of Botra (Breeders Owners Trainers and Reinspersons Association) following the stepping down of President David Fowler, who provided a steadying and reliable hand  to the association during his tenure. A meeting of the Executive Committee  decided that  Warwick Stansfield, Deputy Chairman of the recently dismissed Queensland Harness Racing Board be appointed as Interim President until the AGM in November. If any Botra members have any doubts as to Mr Stansfield's suitability for the position the following bullet points list his qualifications.
Warwick was an obvious choice to take us through to the AGM in November to get us on the front foot and is committed to supporting all stakeholders and progressing harness racings future
•   Inside knowledge of RQ and AHR operations that we were never privy to.
•   Has no direct self interest conflicts
•   Business and administration skills
•   Approachable and conducts himself in a professional manner at all times
•   A good communicator
•   His involvement as Chairman of Albion Park, QHR Board member, AHR representative and the love of the sport to succeed  ticks the boxes.
  His first task will be to represent harness participants in his Botra capacity at the facilitated meeting which will be held this Monday, August 10th at Racing Queensland's Deagon offices. This is a "harness specific" meeting and is for Race Club Chairpersons and industry body Presidents plus Racing Queensland staff and KPMG restructurer and RQ acting CEO, Mr Ian Hall. The agenda and format of the five hour meeting is as follows.
 "The facilitated meeting will focus on four key themes; Racing Queensland’s financial position; the governance structure; animal welfare and integrity; and infrastructure. There will be a presentation on each of these topics before the floor is open for discussion."
  Marburg is due to race again on Saturday, August 29th. Also, the MPA is about to commence holding official trials on a weekly basis.  These trials  will be run in conjunction with the current schedule of "un-official" trials, and will be based on the Victorian "club trial " format. The only exception to this procedure will be Race days, when only official trials will be run. Horses will be able to qualify for inclusion in the racing pool, have bars lifted, and trials drivers can be marked off for a satisfactory performance. Nominations for the official segment will be taken by Racing Queensland. The MPA is looking for more volunteers to assist at these trials as they are pivotal to the growth of harness racing/ trotting in the greater Ipswich footprint.
  By the time you read this, trotting will have commenced at the Ekka. If you are at the show,don't miss the "reach out and touch them" action on the 400 metre circuit, where barrier manners are all important. Twice as exciting as a show bag and no extra cost!
  Two dead heats on the leader board this week with Ron Sallis and Darrell Graham sharing trainers laurels on three apiece, while drivers were Gary Whitaker and Adam Sanderson tied on four winning efforts.
  Resultsville Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 31/07.. Burra Sullivan (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Red Luck (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 01/08.. Wandary Splash (Gary whitaker for Keryy Smith).. Courageous Kiwi (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Shareapassion (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 04/08.. Justabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee).. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees).. Change Of Mind (Adam Sanderson for Shane Sanderson).. Redcliffe 05/08.. Torque Factor (Amy Rees for Ricky Hart).. My Mate Billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. caval Ridge (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Fiscal Cliff (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Montana Lomu (Jacob Wallace for Darrell Graham).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 06/08.. Stayintowntonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Bob Gage (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Beef City Safari (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Tooperate (Jason Storie for Ricky Gordon).. Corey ODonohue (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis).. Magnussen (Barty Cockburn for Dayl March).. Prince Benji (Barty Cockburn).. My Shadow Strike (Pete for John McMullen)..
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No communique from Denis so far might be stuck in cyberspace and no news on the results of the RNA $10K trot result which RQ promoted by publishing it was on.....possibly one of the Wiederman stable's team they're the top show competitors....so here's a head shot of one of the team loaded up with gear.
(http://s3.postimg.org/kfsn04jlb/WDN_11_08_2015_ROP_01_QLD100815_HARNESS3_fct1026x.jpg) (http://postimg.org/image/kfsn04jlb/)

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                                                                                        "TROT TACTICS  15/08/2015..
  First things first as usual and one for the early warning basket is the next Marburg race meeting, to be held on Saturday August 29th. There will be a couple of extra attractions for patrons, including a chance to win $50. This will be the "fast work horse supplies"  pick four competition, sponsored by Peter Steele, proprietor of "fast work" which is situated adjacent to the Showground's gate. Entry forms will be available at the gate or in the race book. Just pick your fancies for races 2-3-4-5, write them on the form and drop it in the box near the canteen. After race 4, an MPA rep will peruse the entries and the race caller will announce the names of those people ,if any, who have a live ticket coming to the last. If not won, the pool will jackpot by $20 per meeting.
  While you are attending to the "pick four" ticket, please take the time to write your name and phone number on the other document. Place this in the box marked "Dinner for Two". This will be a straight up draw after the last race to win the afore-mentioned dinner, courtesy of Danny Bowden, mine host of the Marburg Hotel. The Bowdens are back in Marburg, carrying on the family tradition of generous community support.
  The Marburg Club are looking at making race days as pleasurable as possible. The three prize meat tray raffle will become a permanent feature and we are working on a number of other initiatives. The shift to official trials moves steadily closer with Racing Queensland about to conduct a short course to accredit placing and margin  judges.
  The bulk of the local success comes from the lower Brisbane Valley or near bye so it is no surprise that Gary Whitaker has posted his second season of a century of wins in the sulky. Whitaker, currently  sitting on 103 with just a bit more than two weeks of the season left to go originally started some 18 years ago with Mark Lichtwark at Oakey and has always displayed skill in the sulky. The lanky 36 year old is well known for his relaxed driving style and his ability to settle a horse in the race. It has been a while since century number one which occurred in the 2003/4 season, but GW hung in there waiting for the right horses. They are coming now, particularly from trainers Bill Crosby and Vic Frost and it easy to see Whitaker maintaining a high position on the drivers totem pole for some seasons to come. GW scored the magical 100 thanks to Harbour town, yet another from the Bill Crosby team, which has been responsible for considerable Q-bred Classic successes in recent times. Gary Whitaker's personal stats for the 2014/15 racing so far are 960 drives for 103 wins and 304 places ,earning $579,131 for connections.
  Other lower valley results are John McMullen, training 41 winners and 123 places from 663 starters. Ron Sallis presented 248 horses at the races for 38 winners and 64 places. Darrell Graham, who trained 864 starters for 119 winners and 172 places with driving stats of 451 for 51  and 88. Husband and wife team, Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen posted impressive figures also with Chantal taking 658 runners to the track for 119 and 145, while Pete went round on 1093 occasions for 160 wins and 276 places.
  Things happen in Logan Village as well with Shane Graham set to post astronomical figures by season's end. "Bhudda" is sitting on 1186 drives which have netted 239 wins and 333 places with huge earnings of $1,909,912. A handful of drivers have managed to post "American" style figures with limited opportunity  as to race drives compared with our northern cousins.
  The leader board fairly normal with John McMullen and Chantal Turpin equal on three apiece in the training department while it was yet again Gary Whitaker's week, besting Pete McMullen by five to four in the sulky.
  Resultsville. Gold Coast at Albion Park 07/08.. Zeda Guy (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Millwood Chloe (Pete for John McMullen).. Bigtime Mac (Danielle McMullen for Peter Greig).. Dockers Bullet (Nathan Dawson for Peter Greig).. Justabit Noisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee).. Harbour Town (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Albion Park 08/08.. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Courageous Kiwi (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Duke Of The Moment (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 11/08.. Millwood Chloe (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Empty Envelope (Barty Cockburn for Richard Hooper).. Redcliffe 12/08.. Harbour Town (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby)..  Jack Frost (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. RoughNReady Nelson (Darrell Graham).. Riverleigh Brooke (Gary Whitaker for Darren Hooper).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 13/08.. Long Road To Fame (Adam Sanderson).. Miss Rockabella (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Stylish Boulevard (Barty Cockburn).. Lady Royal Sue (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen)..
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                                                 "TROT TACTICS"  22/08/2015..
   Things were looking grim for Marburg's August race meeting. Due to Terry Picone and Gordon Turner having prior commitments at galloping meetings on the Birdsville circuit, next Saturday's August 29th meeting was to be minus a bookmaker. The search went on in the hope of a last minute change in the situation, with the Marburg Club providing a number of betting related activities in an endeavour to keep faith with our patrons and owners and trainers. "Fast Work Horse Supplies" proprietors, Peter and Bev Steele had introduced a "tip the last four winners" competition with $100 up for grabs. Entry forms as you come through the gate, at the canteen and in the race book. If not won the competition will jackpot by $50 per meeting.
 Harness racing folk,Andrew and Melissa Curran, formerly of Bendigo and now of Port Douglas have donated a two night package at their new venture "Mowbray By The Sea" a four star resort 100 metres from the water in the beautiful tropical haven. Just google "Mowbray By The Sea"  and it won't take you long to see why you want to be in this draw. The winner of this package will be offered an attractive rate if they wish to extend their stay. Air fares Brisbane to Cairns are currently well priced. Don't miss this opportunity.
 We will have a "funny money" bookmaker  operating. Patrons will get $500 monopoly style money as they come through the gate. Any top-ups will be $5 for $500 scrip and goods will be auctioned after the last race including a $50 "dinner for two" courtesy of Danny Bowden, mine host of the Marburg hotel using the "funny money' to bid with.
  There will be a three prize meat tray raffle as well.
  Now for the good news. Ipswich resident, Stephen Anthony, who has quite a few years experience as a Brisbane gallops bookmaker has indicated his intention  to field on the local trots, and will set you for Metro gallops as well based on the Sky Channel screens.
  Trials commence at 11.00am and the races from 12.30pm.
  Even though we now have a bookie, admission will remain at a gold coin as the Marburg Pacing Association want as many people as possible to come and enjoy the day with us. The re-homed trotters will be performing on the infield between races.
  Two weeks back we gave you Brittany Graham's thoughts on her study trip to the USA and "matters American" in the world of harness. We now  bring you Trent Moffat's take on the expedition. TM was most taken by the duo's two day stint at Jimmy Takter's   training centre.  Takter had 60 horses in work and 80% of these were trotters. There were three tracks including a one mile straight aimed at developing confidence in the square gaiters. Back in the barn there was a horse spa and a rubber coated  vibrating floor which stimulates circulation in the lower limbs and feet thus promoting soundness. Moffat was surprised by the easy work routines, saying that he had not driven a horse faster than a 2.40 rate, and that on a racing surface. TM much prefers the no fuss starting procedures practised at the racetracks. All in all, the young trainer/driver tried to pick up as much on US techniques as he could in the time available and is planning a six month stint Stateside next year to add to the knowledge gained this time.
  Kenny Parker might be the oldest driver here, but NSW has some veterans as well. Jimmy Castles became the oldest driver to win a race at Menangle last Tuesday. Castles who is 77 piloted Jaccka Turk to victory at his 9th start for the season. JC was very successful as a young man, training and driving the likes of Kymbo, Milo Frost, Ariel Frost, Crown Pride and the prolific 3yo Local Honoured to many victories. He was well known for  starting a horse frequently when it struck form, working on the theory that it would not hold a peak for very long. It proved a successful technique. Very rarely having a team in double figures his stats from 1982/ 83 onwards are fairly impressive. As a driver, Jimmy Castles has been round on 2356 occasions for 206 wins and 498 places banking $746,761. JC seldom put up other drivers, and his training effort is 2399 starters for 201 winners and 499 places which collected $711,162.
  Hot on the heels of the news that the Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sale 2yo Race has been increased to $100,000, comes the news that the Brisbane division of Australian Pacing Gold, which jumped on the Redcliffe bandwagon a short while ago and introduced their own specific "sale" race in order to boost what appeared to be a struggling enterprise, have decided to match the Redcliffe initiative. Actions such as this, are one of the sad features of a free market economy. While such actions are not "wrong", it might be construed that APG are intent on removing or neutering  any competition in the Queensland sale ring. Given that the Redcliffe sale is aimed at a different market, and is successfully growing that market, one might have expected something better from the "top end of town".
  The leader board says that Ron Sallis was top trainer with three wins for the week and that brother and sister, Pete and Narissa McMullen were tied in the driving department on four wins apiece.
  Resultsville.  Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 14/08 Lancelot Bromac (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Jessica Dale (Ken Belford).. Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees).. Albion Park 15/08.. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis)..  Gotta Go Artellect (Barty Cockburn).. Burra Sullivan (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Artzone (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Morethanmeetstheye (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Albion Park 18/08.. Its Three By Two (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett).. Tinted Jasa (Pete for Jamie Donovan).. Feel The Courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn)..  Redcliffe 19/08.. Roughnready Nelson (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. In The Frame Lombo (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 20/08.. Bella Rippin (Pete for Jamie Donovan).. Big Lucy (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Prince Benji (Barty Cockburn).. The Falcon Legend (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis).. Drawing Away (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Cruisin Luxury (Narissa McMullen for Glenn Dawson)..
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                                                                                                   "TROT TACTICS".. 29/08/2015..
  "Watcha doin today?" The right move is to grab the family and head out to Marburg to the trots. A gold coin will get you in ,and we have a good five race program, preceded by trials which kick off at 11.00am. In the entertainment department we have a "Funny Money" bookie. We give you $500  "monopoly money " to bet with. on the local trots. Punters who are in front at the end of the day can bid on the goods, including Dinner for Two at the Marburg Hotel to be auctioned after the last race. If you "go bust" and wish to carry on, the next and subsequent $500s will cost you $5. A big four prize raffle headed up by two nights accommodation at "Mowbray By The Sea Resort" just 100 metres from the Four Mile beach at Port Douglas courtesy of Andrew and Melissa Curran. To keep you fired up ,be in Peter and Bev Steele's Fast Work Horse Supplies "Pick the last four winners" competition. $100 for a bit of tipping skill. The rest is creature comfort with top country food, best bar prices, and Stephen Anthony, (a real bookie) fielding on the trots. Re-homed pacers will be performing on the infield thanks to SAQ
  The following is taken from David Aldred's  Queensland Harness website report of yet another milestone in the short but stellar career of Glamorganvale based Narissa McMullen, who cracked the century of winners for the current season on Tuesday, with just six days to go.
  "Making a one act affair of the Virginia Pace Mile (1660m), Blissful Hall five-year-old gelding Blessed Is The Boy scored by 7.4 metres from Chevals Diamond and Smiling High. It was the 10th career win for Blessed Is The Boy and career best mile in 1.58.4.
Narissa was at her brilliant best and displayed the top form that she has shown all season with a tremendous strike rate over the last 12 months. Her effort is particularly impressive when the win and place form are considered together. Narissa has had 867 drives winning 100 races, placing 209 times and finishing fourth 96 times which means that she was a top four finisher 47% of the time and has a UDRS of 0.2231, her best in five seasons of race driving.
20-year-old Narissa's total stakes winnings so far for 2014/15 are $650,562.
Last season Narissa drove 139 winners from 1064 drives and failed by just four wins to reach the ton in 2012/13.
Narissa joins Shane Graham (249 wins), Grant Dixon (213 wins), Pete McMullen (170 wins) and Gary Whittaker (106 wins) as the only Queenslanders to reach the century of driving victories this season. She is also the State’s number one female driver, ranks fifth on the overall state premiership, fourth on the state’s metropolitan premiership and first on the state concession driver’s premiership.
In another high point for the year, Narissa also won a half share in the Leigh Plunkett Foundation Scholarship. She dead-heated for the award with NSW’s Robbie Morris.
For her share of the prize Narissa received a $10,000 travel study voucher. Narissa is also a contender for Queensland’s 2015 Centenary Classic Mercedes Benz Young Achiever Award winning a monthly nomination in October last year."
One thing is certain. When drivers consistently post figures  such as those quoted above, there is little evidence of luck. Simply, they are very good at what they do!
   Yet another chapter in the book of the racing life of one of Australian harness racing's "iron' horses unfolded during the week. Readers of this column will be familiar with his name, and his growing list of achievements in fast class races.
Ken Rattray’s super pacer Destreos led all the way at Albion Park on Tuesday to record his 81st race victory, his62nd win at Brisbane’s main track, ran a lifetime best mile and equaled Hal Thomas' modern-day career record of 377 starts. Both Hal Thomas and Destreos have raced an astoning number of times but the Sally Stingel owned Destreos’ performances eclipse those of Hal Thomas.
Driven a treat in front today by regular driver Kelli Dawson, the tough Astreos gelding Destreos left the machine like a rocket and posted a 26.8 first quarter to stave off an early challenge from Lebron (Pete McMullen). The second sectional was covered in 29.5, the third in 27.4 and he charged home the final quarter in 28.5 for a gross time of 1.55.5 and a stunning mile rate of 1.51.9.
  Best of the week. Jeff and Leanne Wallace's Girl With Fire (Pete McMullen for Peter Greig)  winning at Albion Park on successive nights ..
  The leader board is suffering from a severe dose of domination this week. All three names come from the lower Brisbane Valley. Worse still, they are all members of the one family. In the driving department Pete McMullen landed eight wins, next was his sister, Narissa with four, and Pete's wife, Chantal Turpin was top trainer leading in four winners.
  Resultsville  Gold Coast at Albion Park 21/08.. Angus Bromac (Gary Whitaker for Trish McVeigh).. Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Real Magic (Pete for Graham Gavin).. Girl With Fire (Pete for Peter Greig)..  Smooth Pink (Narissa for John McMullen).. Albion Park  22/08.. Drawing Away (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Burra Sullivan (Adam Sanderson for Richard Hooper).. Zeda Guy (Pete for Chantal Turpin)Girl With Fire (Pete for Peter Greig).. Goldstar Invasion (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Kilcoy 23/08.. Somethins Sizzlin (Mick Logan)..  Caval Ridge (Darrell Graham)... Albion Park 25/08.. Thumbs Up Jerry (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Ode To Success (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Kenny Rattray).. Floyd Mayweather (Pete for Barty Cockburn).. Major Sam (Darrell Graham).. Blessed Is The Boy (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 26/08.. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Barney Maguire (Narissa McMullen for Richard Hutchinson).. Yes Brother Yes (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 27/08.. Somethins Sizzlin (Mick Logan).. Hachem (Darrell Graham).. Markey Oh Markey (Hayden Barnes for Jack Butler)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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    "TROT TACTICS"  05/09/2015..
  Today we take a look at the results of the 2014/15 racing season, and how it applied to the greater Ipswich footprint. But first we need to update the on-going saga of "the girl who went west and made good." It's 18 months since Lauren Jones  upped stumps at Lockyer Waters and headed for Perth to join the staff of  top trainer, Gary Hall Snr, leaving behind what looked very much like a moderate future in the harness game, as there appeared to be bigger, brighter and better promoted  potential stars in the night sky of Brisbane trotting. It's now beginning to look like the story of "the one that got away". This season gone L J booted home 53 winners from 383 drives, banking $575,000 for connections. In doing so, she was third most successful junior driver in WA behind Dylan Edgerton-Green who went round on 572 occasions for a win tally of 59.
  The devil of course is in the detail. When we switch focus to the Gloucester Park Metro arena things change dramatically. From 221 metro drives, Lauren Jones landed 33 wins, 27 seconds and 19 thirds for a dollar total of  $443,334, making her the top Metro Junior by a margin of 19 wins over Dylan Edgerton-Green and  placing 7th on the open Metro table of drivers thanks to the efforts of Lord Mayors Cup winner Northview Punter  and probably the first rung on the ladder to the top, the prolific earner, Vapour. Along the way, 20year old Jones found time to slip over to SA to record a win there. The Lauren Jones  story is one of the tried and true recipes for success. Her boss, Gary Hall Snr, describes L J this way. "A great little worker doing what she loves. If we qualify enough horses for the up-coming Inter-Dominion Championship there should be a drive there for Lauren." It's a long way from a Junior Feature at Marburg to an Inter-Dominion in Perth, but it is definitely achievable. Just look at Lauren Jones!
  While Marburg is only a non TAB track and conducts only 12 meetings per season, it has its own following of local folk and the racing is very keenly contested. Leading driver  for 2014/15 is Glamorganvale based Nathan Dawson,(12th overall..  770-64-69-85 and $308,599) who had a total of 36 drives for 7 wins, 4 seconds and 8 thirds, second was Lola Weidemann with figures of 21 for 5-6 and 3, while third home was Amy Rees (Peak Crossing), 15 drives for 4-4-2.  Trainers were headed up by Glenn Dawson, 33 for 6-3 and 4, followed by Julie Weidemann, 23 - 5-4and 2, with Barty Cockburn having the flash strike rate, starting only 8 runners for 5 wins, 1 second and 1 third. "Horse Of The Year" went to Chicken On A Chain (team Dawson)  winning three of his 7 starts.. Next best was Wecanonlyhope (Warren Hinze) 5 for 2-1-1.. White Eyed Girl (Greg Elkins) was third making four appearances for 2 wins and 1 second placing.
  As former top flight New Zealand trainer/driver, Charlie Hunter said at Young Quinn's Miracle Mile presentation at Harold Park in 1975, "I am glad I drove this horse tonight as they only remember drivers in this business". While this statement seems to belittle the efforts of trainers,  the following figures amply demonstrate the glamour factor inherent in sulky sitting, given the average person's fascination with money. The first 6 people home in the  driver's standings for 2014/15, assisted the horses they drove  to extract $6,534,295 from a total budget for Harness Racing/ Trotting in Queensland of approximately $16 million. It also underlines the rough calculation that suggests that 10% of the participants get 90% of the  purse while the remaining 90% of the participants fight over the crumbs.
  Leading Queensland drivers. Shane Graham (also National  Champion on 259 wins), 1254 drives for 256 wins, 192 seconds and 162 thirds, banking $1,896,066.. Next home was Grant Dixon with stats of 1104 for 213-179-172, and $1,715,139.. Third was Pete McMullen with 1139 for 172-153-130  and becoming our third Millionaire, earning $1,049,593. The next three most successful drivers were Gary Whitaker (1020 -108-103-110..$611,996). Narissa McMullen (866 -- 100-106--103..$622,503) and Adam Sanderson (664--92--89--84.. $638,998)..  Leading trainer and National Champion was Grant Dixon, who sent 1,745 horses out to do battle, returning 279 wins 234 seconds and 238 thirds for $2,288,543.. A magnificent effort.
  No change on the leader board with Pete McMullen up front in the drivers chart with six wins for the week and his better half, Chantal Turpin  headsthe trainers with four trips to Victory Lane.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 28/08..  Lilbitachickenfried (Barty Cockburn for Paul McGregor).. Girl with Fire (Pete for Peter Greig).. Glenburn Red (Nikki Johnson).. Major Montana (Darrell Graham).. Kyvalley Rap (Kay Crone).. Albion Park  29/08.. Mabrook (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Lifesofine (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Bettor Get Better ( Rob Gorman for Ali Khouiss).. Marburg 29/08.. Holumax (Steve Burke).. Fiscal Cliff (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis).. Supaliner (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Major Verde (Karen Schulz).. Albion Park 01/09.. Feel The Courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Karloo Kix (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Its Bettor Me (Rob Gorman for Steve Borg).. Redcliffe 02/09.. My Crazy Ex (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Feelgood Factor (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Mr Seelster (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Miss Catalina (Gary Litzow for Ricky Gordon).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe .. 03/09.. Curtis Maguire (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves)..
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                               "TROT TACTICS"..12/09/2015..
  On the local front, Marburg will race again next Saturday, September 19th. The highly successful "funny money bookmakers" will be in operation again, with successful punters able to bid in the desirable goods auction after the last race. We will have  our full compliment of conventional bookmakers willing to set the punters for cold hard cash on the local trots and major gallops meetings.. A monster four prize raffle with the two nights accommodation at Mowbray By The Sea (Port Douglas) up for grabs again as last meeting's winner, Mr Kenny Parker, donated the prize back to the Club .There are three meat trays for the runners up. Gates open at 10.00am, trials commence at 11.00am and the first race at goes at approximately 12.30pm. We have the best bar prices and top country burgers etc. Entry is $5 for adults, $3 for pensioners and children under 16 go free. Racebooks are $3 and contain $500 'funny money "and an entry form for the Fast Work horse Supplies "pick the last four winners" which has jackpotted to $150 for this meeting. Rock up for a great afternoon of country harness racing.

  Since the change of government, the three codes of animal racing which fall under the banner of Racing Queensland have been subject to considerable upheaval. Control Boards, senior administrators and executives have been dismissed and business/financial gurus, KPMG, in the person of Mr Ian Hall, have been appointed by the Racing Minister, Mr Bill Byrne, to restructure the finances of Racing Queensland in order to reduce, and prevent, the incurrence of further debt. This debt has been publicised as being in the order of $11 million with a projected figure in excess of $25 million in a further 12 months  if RQ business practices were not greatly modified. In addition, a well reputed serving police detective, Mark Ainsworth was seconded from police duties to take over, control, and investigate  matters of integrity relating to all three codes. So far so good.
  Once Mr Hall got his head around the tangled web of the RQ  balance sheet, a number of consultative meetings were held with race club and industry representatives, which were designed to acquaint Mr Hall with ongoing problems specific to animal racing which may have been prime contributing factors in the debt saga. Here is where two somewhat bizarre events take place, which may, or may not, have significant effect on near future developments.
  Firstly, Mr Hall is appointed "Acting CEO" of Racing Queensland. A strange appointment, given that Mr Hall was put in place to direct a course of financial restructuring. Now it seems that he is "driving the truck". It might have been more prudent had he been instructed to act on recommendations from the Operations Managers of the three codes, given that their wider knowledge of the nuts and bolts of racing on a day to day basis would be beneficial. Time alone will tell.
  Secondly, Mark Ainsworth has returned to his role as a serving senior detective. Apparently this is due to his expertise as an investigator being prioritised for a more pressing police matter. Appointed in his place is Mr Jamie Dart, Chief Steward of Greyhounds Queensland, who now also heads Qld Racing Integrity. This is another one straight out of left field. This writer has little knowledge of Mr Dart's CV for the position, but it begs the question . It is at least 15 years we are told that Mr Dart has been overseeing integrity matters in a sport which has no human intervention on the racetrack itself. Dogs, to my knowledge,  have neither jockeys nor drivers.
  Given the above, harness industry body Botra meets this Monday night  (Sept 14th) 7.00pm at Albion Park. (Agenda below).If you are a harness participant, owner or licencee, DO NOT MISS THIS MEETING!! It is vital to Harness Racing in Queensland that you understand that matters to be tabled here are YOUR FUTURE!!

* Guest Speaker: Jamie Dart ----------------QLD Racing Integrity
* Report on Animal Welfare Consultancy meeting   
* Report on Club & Associations Consultancy meeting       
* Report on Infrastructure meeting       
* Report on Product Development Advisory Group meeting 
* Awards Night update         

Items for Feedback and Discussion:
* How to increase  our Revenue Stream
* Thought on  BOTRA  Syndication
* Action plan to resist any reduction in prize money
  A fair spread on the leader board to kick off the new season. Trainer's honours went three ways with Chantal Turpin, Barty Cockburn and Darrell Graham on two winners apiece. Driver's a pair each for Nathan Dawson and Adam Sanderson.
  Resultsville.. Gold coast at Albion Park 04/09.. Blucolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Albion Park 05/09.. Corageous Kiwi (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Special Thoughts (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Goldstar Invasion (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 08/09.. Nicoblake (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Floyd Mayweather (Barty Cockburn).. Karloo Kix (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Ronald George (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Redcliffe 09/09.. nil...  Gold Coast at Redcliffe 10/09.. Chicken On A Chain (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Machbino (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Adriatic Coast (Darrell Graham).. Markey Oh Markey (Amy Rees for Jack Butler)..
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"TROT TACTICS" 19/09/2015..
  With the trend heading to warmer spring weather, what better way to spend the day in the near country side, enjoying the Marburg Trots. Pack up the family and head to the Marburg Showgrounds for a day of harness racing which commences at 11.00am with official trials and rolls into the real thing at approximately 12.30pm. Stephen Anthony will be our bookmaker, and as added attractions we have the big raffle with a two night package at "Mowbray By The Sea" , four star resort apartments at Port Douglas, thanks to Andrew and Melissa Curran, plus three meat trays for the runners up. Fast Work Horse Supplies has a "Pick Four" competition operating on races 2-3-4-5, currently worth $150, with the "Funny Money " bookies also in operation. "Funny Money"is  like monopoly money. You bet on the local trots, and the winners spend their "cash" at the goods auction after the last race.  Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for pensioners and children under 16 go free. Race books are $3 and contain the Pick Four coupon and $500 funny money to get you on the punt. Add that to the best bar prices at any sporting event plus excellent burgers and other hot food, hot and cold drinks and you have the ingredients for a n afternoon of fun. All we need is YOU!!
  In the "heads up" department is Ebert's horse and gear sale which will be held at the Marburg Showgrounds  next weekend, Sunday September 27th. The unofficial trials will be transferred to the Sunday morning to add to the event. There will be something for everyone who is looking to purchase good second hand harness and vehicles, gigs, floats etc. 10.00am start. For further information contact Darren Ebert on  0410 688  176  or email.. ebertancoauctioneer@bigpond.com   ..
  Even more news from the Marburg Pacing Association with the Annual General Meeting set for 9.30am on Saturday September 26th at the MPA Canteen.  Members should find the time to attend this meeting as it is all important to be happy with who you elect. Even more important is the opportunity for anyone who thinks they can make a positive contribution to the Association to stand for a Committee spot.
  The Botra meeting at Albion Park, publicised in last weeks QT , was poorly attended to say the least. Perhaps 20 people found the time to hear what amounts to the "state of play" in Queensland harness / trotting at this point in time. There were addresses by the new "Head of Integrity", former greyhound chief steward, Jamie Dart, who advised of several important changes in rules governing the acceptable time frame for therapeutic treatment of animals  close up to race day. JD also was able to confirm to the meeting that "integrity " will indeed be separate from any other area of control, and will be responsive to the Minister for Racing. Another speaker was newly employed "animal welfare" officer, Lauren Elgie. Ms Elgie hails from New Zealand and has impressive credentials in  veterinary science and equine genetics. LE's first task will be to introduce an accreditation process for any person or organisation  engaged in the re-homing of retired racing animals. One of the cornerstones of this process will be that ultimate responsibility  for the well being of the animal will rest with its last registered owner. What is disturbing, is the apathy of participants in the light harness sport. A meeting such as last Monday should have drawn at least 200 people seriously concerned with the direction in which their sport is heading. Participants should be making noises, and loud ones at that!!.
  This week's leader board showed Barty Cockburn dominant in the driving ranks with four winners and also dead heating in the trainer's division  with Al Barnes on two apiece.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 11/09.. Its Bettor Me (Rob Gorman for Steve Borg).. Brigadier Bronski (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Crackaheiny ( Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn ).. Donny Jones (Barty Cockburn).. Better Tulhurst (Hayden Barnes for Al Barnes).. Albion Park 12/09.. All I Want (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Modern Chic (Adam Sanderson for Mick Grant).. Mysis (Barty Cockburn for Ian Gurney).. The Falcon Legend (Barty for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 15/09.. Ode to success (Chantal Turpin).. Major Montana (Darrell Graham).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Redcliffe 16/09.. Miss Rockabella (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Saint Del Santo (Hayden Barnes for Al Barnes).. Players (Narissa for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 17/09.. Markey Oh Markey (Amy Rees for Jack Butler)..
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"TROT TACTICS"..26/09/2015..
  A double -barrelled weekend is upon us. The Marburg pacing Association's Annual General Meeting will be held at the MPA canteen at 9.30am. The unofficial trials have been shifted to tomorrow Sunday 27/09...  Nominations from 7.15am with the education set to go at 8.00.am. The Ebert's Auction Saleale is set to commence at approximately 9.30am, with some thing for every one in the second hand and pre-loved harness department.
 As many of us have discovered since we entered into the era of the "elite stables" so assiduously pursued by influential administrators from the commencement of the new millennium, winners, the magic ingredient which keeps us in the game, have become very thin on the ground. With that in mind, we should all be very pleased with Mitchell Dawson's training double on Saturday at Marburg. M D commenced his harness career in reasonably successful fashion but then, for no particular reason, was beset by a run of outs  which severely dented his confidence. At the same time, younger brother Nathan, took his life by the throat, shed 40 kilos, (there bye proving that weight will stop a train) and took several giant leaps up the driver's popularity ladder. A couple of months ago, Mitchell Dawson faced his demons and began to claw his way back at Marburg trials. His double at Marburg last Saturday was proof positive that he has not forgotten how to train winners. Don't scoff at the fact that it was "only Marburg". Tiki Topaz and Eyes On The Road are "Marburg" quality horses. Winning in their peer group is as meritorious as a top horse winning in Free For All company at Albion Park. Brother Nathan had the drives on Saturday, but I don't think he is permanently fixed to the seat.  Mitchell Dawson trains and drives, and I am sure we will see him very active in both roles in the near future.
  The following article on the state of the traditional trotter in Queensland is taken from the RQ website and was written and is reproduced by permission of David Aldred, Operations Manager Harness. While it was suggested in this column some weeks back that the axe be taken to Feature Race money as a lead-in to debt relief, credibility of the Alexander Memorial winner as a "ballot exempt" entry for the "Great Southern Star" Group One  at Melton in November requires a prize level of $50,000 or above.
   "Rejuvenated seven-year-old Releven Dream put himself squarely into contention for Queensland's Group 1 DJ Alexander Memorial Trotting Championship with a record breaking victory in Tuesday's 2647m Trot Hanicap at Albion Park.
The Daren Garrard trained gelding kept its Albion Park record perfect with a stunning and faultless display to cruise home by 21 metres.
 From a 10 metre handicap Releven Dream stepped into second spot but driver Matt Neilson wasted little time in taking the short-priced favourite to the front. He trotted faultlessly going through the second quarter of the last mile in 28.7 with Neilson holding him back to the field until he reached the half mile pole. Then he let Releven Dream slide and he put a space of more than 30 metres between him and his nearest rival. Releven Dream went to the post under his own steam and cruised home by 21 metres from Morning Fawlty in a mile rate of 2.00.8 taking .1 second off a six year old track record held by Tony Turpin’s Hi Jinks.
The victory puts Releven Dream into the $50,000 DJA (2647m) and his inclusion will added plenty of interest to the race. Under the standing start handicap conditions without any further wins he will start from scratch with the first round of heats scheduled at Albion Park on 2 October. The second round will take place a week later with the Final on 17 October at Albion Park.
Releven Dream, a well-travelled former New Zealander, has now raced twice at Albion Park winning both times and took its career tally to five wins from 32 starts. Each of Releven Dream’s victories have been from a standing start on tracks in NZ and Brisbane making him an ideal DJA candidate.
The son of Dream Vacation was imported to Australia in late 2013 and spent 2014 in New South Wales before making its Queensland debut this month after an 18 month absence from the racetrack with a 32 metre success.
In the DJA heats Releven Dream will be put to the sword with Queensland's current in form trotters Our Overanova, Goldstar Invasion, Sharons Millicent and former Victoria's Redwood Classic winner Daenerys Targaryen and promising trotter Drunken Maniac certain to be among the nominations."
  The leader board says Nathan Dawson in big lights. Score for the week, six winning drives. Trainer's contest was Mitchell Dawson and Francis Weston, tied on two apiece.
  Resultsville..Gold Coast at Albion Park 18/09.. Aldebaran Knight (Steven Doherty for francis Weston).. Montcalm (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Clockon Doc Lombo (Barty Cockburn for Jack Butler).. Withalotofluck (Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Its Bettor Me Nathan Dawson for Steve Borg).. Albion Park 19/09.. Exclusive Matt (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Hawthornden (Ray Law for Rob Gorman).. Badjelly's Courage (Narissa McMullen for Ricky Gordon).. Donegal Under Fire (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Karloo Kix (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Marburg  19/09.. Tiki Topaz (Nathan for Mitchell Dawson).. Not Another De Jay (Nathan for Ron Sallis).. Eyes On The Road (Nathan for Mitchell Dawson).. Wego River (Tim Gillespie).. Albion Park 22/09.. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Kenny Rattray).. Swarovski (Ray Law).. Feel The Need (Nathan Dawson for Travis Mackay).. Redcliffe 23/09.. Left In Command (Brittany Graham for Steve Benham).. Aldebaran Knight (Steve Doherty for Francis Weston).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 24/09.. He Can Talk (Gary Whitaker for Graham White)..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 03/10/2015..
  Just so you don't forget, Marburg will race next Saturday, October 10th. All the usual features of a Country Race Day will be yours if you venture out to Marburg Showground. Just check next Saturday's Queensland Times for details.
  Once again, we are indebted to David Aldred, (Racing Queensland's Operations Manager, Harness) for the following article.The old axiom that, "there is no such thing as a certainty in racing" was verified when veterinary treatment for a virus ruled Releven Dream out of the Group 1 Statewide Group Darrell Alexander Memorial Trotting Championship which commenced at Albion Park last night.
Releven Dream, a big winner at its last two starts, was one of the more fancied candidates for the three-race Championship which commences with the first of two rounds of heats this week and culminates with the $50,000 Final at Albion Park on Saturday night 17 October.
Burpengary trainer Daren Garrard said that Releven Dream had a high temperature this morning and has begun treatment. His scratching takes him out of the Championship as trotters must contest both this week and next week’s heats to be eligible for the final.
  With the big prize money, and the winner exempt  from the ballot for the $300,000 Great Southern Star in Melbourne in the near future,  the "DJA" has drawn its share of interstate invaders to do battle with local backmarker, Our Overanova, racing off 40m.Former New Zealander Saratoga has also been scratched from the first heat and will join Releven Dream on the sidelines.  New South Wales trainer Alex Alchin has another former New Zealander Cyclone Lucky Seven to go from the front mark.
Alchin has engaged local star Shane Graham to drive the Majestic Son five-year-old which has posted victories at Bendigo (Vic)  and Menangle (NSW) in recent months. Blake Fitzpatrick has also made the trip from New South Wales with 5yo Majestic Son mare My Valerie, a former 2 & 3yo star which posted two victories at Menangle in August. My Valerie will start off a 10 metre handicap.
In the second heat of the Darrell Alexander Championship, trainer Vicki Rasmussen and driver Adam Sanderson team up with back marker and likely race favourite, Goldstar Invasion. The Armbro Invasion 10yo has been handicapped on 30 metres for the Championship. A winner at Albion Park in September, Goldstar Invasion has been beaten by Our Overanova at its past two starts.
In this race Goldstar Invasion will have to contend with Overanova’s stablemate Sharons Millicent. The grey mare has posted an impressive record since joining Dixon’s stable. The Monkey Bones mare has won 13 races and beat Goldstar Invasion home when runner up to Our Overanova at Albion Park two starts back. Sharons Millicent is handicapped on 10 metres.
 The following quote comes from Mr Alan Gibson of Brisbane. Mr Gibson describes himself as a long time reader and first time contributor to the "Wednesday Whinge segment of  the website, "lets go horse racing".. Mr Gibson is to be commended for his clear and un-biased view of the problems which beset racing in Queensland at this time. "Finally, to single out the harness and greyhound codes performances is not at all rational or helpful. They are part of the racing industry. They fulfill a function and whether the thoroughbred code likes it or not, they are part of the much publicized fabric of the industry that thoroughbreds have ridden home when it suited to obtain favor with Governments of all persuasions!!"
  The second extract comes from the North Queensland column Silks and Saddles (Terry Butts). It is the policy of "trot tactics" to present opposing views, even at the risk of being accused of presenting material "out of context". There is no "out of context" here. They are merely extracts which clearly describe the current situation and provide concise and accurate comment.  "It (harness), has almost lost the support of mainstream media and for most Queenslanders they wouldn't even know a harness racing meeting was on. There is limited publicity and nil free to air coverage of races. Even the Interdominion barely gets a mention these days or even a few seconds replay of the final on TV news channels.
It's hard to say if harness racing is terminal but at present it continues to decline whilst requiring constant life support funded by revenue generated by other racing codes in Queensland.
Ian Hall was quoted in The Sunday Mail newspaper on 20th September 2015 as saying he thought that cross subsidisation of codes was acceptable and it was not likely that the various codes would be split to operate under individual umbrellas.
This might be OK in the short term. However, it is imperative that he and his management team at RQ enunciate a vision and strategy which will assist the harness racing industry to survive on its own revenue stream without additional support. 
In order to find the answers, they really need to talk with the public and punters and find out why they have shunned the ‘trots’ – they alone will determine the harness racing industry's future survival.
Time will tell if the RQ team actually has the will or the intellectual and business skills to carry out such a comprehensive study and then has the intestinal fortitude to act on any findings!!"
  As usual, the leader board is firmly focussed on the Brisbane Valley.  Fernvale based Adam Sanderson is top driver with five wins  and Patrick Estate's Chantal Turpin takes training honours with three winners for the week.
  Resultsville... Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 25/09.. Gougar OReily (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Red Vee Hanover (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Mattgregor (Chantal Turpin).. Special Art (Brett for Max Towns).. Sir Pickles Yum Yum (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 26/09.. Floyd Mayweather (Adam Sanderson for Barty Cockburn).. Artzone (Trent for Geoff Dawson).. Expressionist (Adam Sanderson for Shane Sanderson).. The Falcon Legend (Gary whitaker for Ron Sallis).. Our Hi Jinx (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Albion Park 29/09.. Thumbs Up Jerry (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Broadway Playboy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 30/09.. Bukthesystem (Pete for Dudley Warburton).. Wego River (Tim Gillespie).... Fire And Ice (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Gold coast at Redcliffe. 01/10.. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham)... Keepher Interested (Pete for Dudley Warburton)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                               "TROT TACTICS".. 10/10/2015..
  It's all day entertainment at Marburg today. Enjoy your morning checking out the attractions of the Marburg Resident's Black Snake Creek Festival, which is in its tenth year, then round out the afternoon at the Marburg trots, just a 300 metre hike up the main street to the Showground . The first mentioned celebrates  Marburg as a wonderful place to live, capturing as it does, all that is attractive about life in a quiet country town with a strong community spirit.
  Up the road, the Marburg Pacing Association  proposes to capture all the speed and excitement of country trotting on the 700 metre circuit. See all the action all the way round, have a bet on the locals or major gallops. For those who just want a bit of fun, and a no risk "funny money" punting spree, with a chance to bid on a range of goods, including the ever popular "Dinner for Two " at the Marburg Hotel, to be auctioned after the last race.  Add a very good multi meat tray raffle, a "pick the last four winners" competition for $100 and the best priced food and beverage around, and you just about have the picture. Trials are run from 11.00am with the five race program beginning at approximately 12.30pm. Adults $5, members and Pensioners $3 kids under 16 go free with $3 for a race book. "pick four" coupons are in the race book.
  No great surprises at the MPA Annual General Meeting, with Steve Towns still steering the ship. The "official trials" are very close to a reality now with the mandatory enclosed swabbing area constructed last weekend. Currently the Association is seeking  to expand it's meeting format to 8 races, which gives considerably more racing opportunity to horses of moderate ability, thus providing new participants with a slightly less stressful entry point into the sport, and gives established hobby trainers a realistic chance to defray some of the costs involved, all at a very low cost to Racing Queensland's Harness prize money budget. It seems to this writer, that, if we do not invest at the bottom at this time, it will not be long before the top collapses. I leave it to your imagination, to picture the next step. It's not pretty!!
  A lot of times, promising horses are put aside due to injury and are never heard of again. For Mt Forbes couple, Wendy Smart and Gary Litzow, this time it's different. It was "Wendy's Day" last Tuesday, when the aptly named Heez Perfect got home by a narrow margin in a C0 event at Albion Park. The margin was a head, but the rate was a career best of 1-56.2.. The special part of the deal is that the now 5yo son of Badlands Hanover had been away from the racetrack since the winter of 2013, a total of 27 months.
  Heez Perfect showed promise as a 2yo, so much so that the Smart/ Litzow combo put practicality before pleasure and gave the pacer to John McMullen to train. Two starts for two wins was the result, but the budding star developed a tendon problem and was sent for a spell. The tendon was just the beginning, next came the shoulder surgery  resulting from a kick sustained while in pre-training. Rehabilitation led to confinement in a small stable which led to a kicking session which led to more surgery. This time Heez Perfect made it back to the track, and his record, which is also perfect, now stands at 3 for 3.
  This writer's best horse, Sunsett, followed a similar career path, but with a lot more starts. Two wins as a 2yo, then sidelined for two years, but was beaten a head when resuming at Gold Coast. He won at his second start back and went on to win $120,000. Let's hope that Heez Perfect gets at least that much for Wendy Smart and Gary Litzow. They are battlers, like most of us in this area. They present their horses fit and well, and success will keep them firmly in the game.
  The leader board says all is well in driver land with Pete McMullen on 5 wins for the week just shading Barty Cockburn on 4.. A bit more keenly contested in the training ranks, but no new names. Bill Crosby, Chantal Turpin and Darrell Graham all tied on 2 apiece.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 02/10.. Monorail (Barty Cockburn for Kenny Rattray).. Bells Beach Hanover (Barty for Belinda McCarthy).. Red Luck (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 03/10.. Red Vee Hanover (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Caval Ridge (Adam Sanderson for Darrel Graham).. Albion Park 06/10.. Heez Perfect (Gary Litzow for Wendy Smart).. Gold Play (Barty Cockburn).. Mach Alert (Barty for Ian Gurney).. Glenburn Red (Nikki Johnson).. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Jack Butler).. Redcliffe 07/10.. Hall Or Nothing (Pete for Dave Russell).. Eternal Glory (Ricky Gordon).. Rapid Art Beat (Pete for Dan Russell).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 08/10.. Slipaslygrin (Gsry Whitaker for Billy Crosby).. Shivarnee (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Not Another De Jay (Petefor Ron Sallis).. The Falcon Ute (Brittany Graham).. Morethanmeetstheye (Gary Whitaker for Billy Crosby).. Boom Boom Hall (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                              "TROT  TACTICS".. 17/10/20015...
  Young Glamorganvale based driver, Nathan Dawson was "in the money" all day at last week's Marburg meeting. Three wins and two thirds was the haul with Wecanonlyhope for Warren Hinze saluting in the first race, followed by a third with Arts Peregrine for Trent Knack. Then came a race to race double, with Domestic Art for Wayne Davis of Gatton, followed by Karinya Hando for the Dawson  home stable. ND rounded out the programme with a third on Tiki Topaz behind Atticus Finch (Steve Doherty). Dawson, who is not given to fantasies, hopes to top his last season's mark of 64 winners and $308,329 by the end of this term. With 11 wins and $42,233 from 133 drives so far the lad appears nicely positioned to achieve this goal. He would, of course, like to crack the century, but he is not losing any sleep over the possibility. More to the point, Nathan Dawson is beginning to believe that he has found a viable occupation, so long as his luck holds and he gets the right drives.
  Tonight the Albion Park program is blessed with two Group one events, the "Hurrikane King Cole" Gold Coast Cup for pacers at $100,000, and the "Darrell Alexander Memorial" for the trotters.  One could not imagine two races less alike than these.  The Gold Coast Cup is run under Free For All conditions (as is, realistically, every multi class mobile start)  over 2138 metres from the mobile barrier, whilst the "DJA" is a standing start event over 2647 metres with runners handicapped from front to as far back as 40 metres. Other relevant statistics include total wins across the field, with the 13 pacers having a combined win total of 288 for prize money of $5,072,088 and a spread of winning mile rates from 1-58.2 to 1.54.0.. The 15 trotters, on the other hand have saluted on 183 occasions for $1,302,759. Win mile rates at the 2647m journey range from 2-10.9 to 2-01.4.
  There is no doubt that Queensland is now the No1 holiday destination. That dominant figure in all matters harness, "The Lord of the Mile Rates"  used to be a permanent resident of Menangle in NSW, where speed, speed, and more speed appeared to be the order of the day. It seems that for the last year and a bit, the old fellow has been basking in the northern sun and his subjects have fallen under his influence. It just gets faster and harder to win here. His Lordship was definitely  at Redcliffe on Thursday to see the 11 year old Mister Skye Rocket claim his 41st win in a 362 start career. Having not won since April 26th 2014 at Albion Park (his best rate of 1-56.1) and having spent the 2014/15 season returning 12 placings from 65 starts, the gelded son of Pacific Rocket pulled one out of left field to win by 13 metres in a rate of 1-56.4. It just goes to show that you can never write them off.
  In these turbulent times, when the future of harness in Queensland must be seen to be in doubt, and, if not in doubt, certainly far from rosy, it is comforting  to know that there is harmony in the harness ranks. At least at Club level. Currently on the Minister's desk (so far as we know) is a submission from Queensland Harness Clubs and Botra. The submission contained six recommendations which, in part, related to infrastructure and relevant funds to establish a new facility at Yatala. Further it is claimed that our distribution model is unfairly calculated and as a result we will suffer financially into the future. Four clubs , Albion Park, Gold Coast, Redcliffe and Marburg were present plus Botra. Unfortunately Redcliffe and Marburg  only saw the light of day in recommendation No 6, which reads as follows. "Develop a future development plan for the Redcliffe and Marburg  Harness Racing facilities". It seems that, in the broad scheme of things the battlers of trotting have no place in Queensland harness given the actions of our peers. So be it!! Marburg is quite capable of formulating submissions on its own behalf. Realistic and beneficial low cost investments in the growth of Harness in the greater Ipswich footprint.
  The leader board static in the driver department with Pete McMullen up there on five wins shading Nathan Dawson and Rob Gorman tied on three apiece. New blood  on the training side with Mt Walker West based Rachel Scott  leading in three for the week.
  Resultsville  Gold Coast at Albion Park 09/10.. Tyron Lochie (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. White Eyed Girl (Greg Elkins).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Red Vee Hanover (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 10/10.. Lancelot Bromac (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Feel The Need (Gary Whitaker for Travis MacKay) Our Hi Jinx (Adam Sanderson for Ian gurney).. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Real Magic (Pete for Graham Gavin).. Marburg 10/10.. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Storm On Bye (Justin Pascoe for Trent Knack).. Domestic Art (Nathan Dawson For Wayne Davis).. Karinya Hando (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Atticus Finch (Steven Doherty for Francis Weston).. albion Park 13/10.. Tyron Lochie (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Deliver The Reign (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Floyd Mayweather (Hayden Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Montcalm (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Nolonga Your Choice (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Don Bodton (Brendan Barnes for Mick Grant).. Redcliffe 14/10.. Highview Aria (Pete for John McMullen).. Left In Command (Brittany Graham for Steve Benham).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 15/10.. Jessica Dale (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford).. Montana Baron (Amy Rees for Billy Borg)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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          "TROT TACTICS"... 24/10/2015..
   The Pete McMullen story rolls on, with a new chapter every week it seems. While PM has an incredible record in the win department, trotters as well as pacers, he broke new ground on Saturday night, piloting My Valerie to a clear victory in the Group 1 trotting feature, "The Darrell Alexander Memorial". The daughter of Majestic Son and Xena Hest sprinted strongly over the concluding stages to down the ruling favourite, Cyclone Lucky Seven (Luke McCarthy) in a rate of 2-01.8 for the standing start 2647 metre trip. Given that the Pete McMullen/Chantal Turpin combination has a first rate record with the square-gaiters in bread and butter events, one thing may lead to another. My Valerie (29 starts for 17 wins, 6 places and $112,000 in the bank) is trained at Menangle by Blake Fitzpatrick for Pat Driscoll, who races his trotters under the banner of "Yabby Dam Farms". Driscoll, who is currently putting together a high class training facility in Victoria, is the owner of a large band of high quality trotting broodmares and is also the principal of "Haras Du Trotteur", a company which handles the importation of frozen semen from top line stallions in France.  PD has already expressed some interest in racing trotters in Queensland. Pete and Chantal are ideally placed to provide that service.

  Tonight's main feature at Albion Park is the "Queensland Pacing Championship". The QPC  is the opening event in the Australasian Grand Circuit  for Pacers. Former locals, the McCarthy family, who shifted from Bathurst NSW to Logan Village quite a few years back, and proceeded to set benchmarks in the training and driving of major race winners before migrating yet again, this time to Menangle, have two runners in tonights race. John McCarthy  will train and drive Monifieth, while Luke will drive last weeks big winner, Bling it On which is trained by his wife Belinda. Luke's brother Todd will drive the Darren Elder trained Shannonsablast. The QPC is just another race that is branded "M" with one or other member of "Team McCarthy"  taking out 8 of the last 10 runnings. Back to back wins by Blacks A Fake (Natalie Rasmussen) may well have prevented total domination.

  The Grand Circuit for pacers consists of eight "super races', and this season, those horses and connections chasing fame and fortune will be competing for $4,600,000 all up. In the last couple of years, the supporters of the traditional trotter have produced a similar series called the "Trotting Masters" . This comprises five races for a total purse of $880,000. As the wise man said, "a thousand mile journey begins with a single step". Another wise man said here in Queensland in 1998 (the year when the trotter was re-introduced here in the face of much opposition) " a trotter is just another horse in your stable and should be treated as such". They are still not being "treated as such". The word we are looking for here is parity. When the "Trotting Masters" are chasing $2,875,000, we will have parity, and harness racing will be the better for it!!

  Away in far off Canada late this week, our second shipment of young award winners, Danielle Mcmullen and Hayden Barnes, are capping off their "grand tour" of the land of the maple leaf with a drive apiece at Flamboro Downs, which is situated in Ontario. The study/pleasure trip occupied a month and ex-pat Natasha Day (who is halfway round a five year learning curve in northern hemisphere harness herself) was the chaperone and tour guide. No doubt DM and HB will have picked up some valuable pointers on the way. No doubt also we will not hear too much about it. Racing is a highly competitive business and "trade secrets" are just that.

  How successful are you when stats issued at midday on Thursday are irrelevant at tea time. We are back with Pete McMullen  who left for Gold Coast at Redcliffe with season stats of 155 drives for 28 wins, 47 places and 15 fourths with a bank of $167,414 and came home having added another three to the win tally. Things like this have happened in Victoria where they often have two meetings a day but not here.

  The leader board tells it all. With the best driving performance since the board was switched on, Pete McMullen with 13 wins for the week. Training honours went to Pete's better half, Chantal Turpin leading in 5 for the same period.

  Resultsville..  Gold Coast at Albion Park 16/10.. Illdoitwhenimready (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Golden Times (Steven Doherty for Francis Weston).. Armbro Tee Hee (Pete for John McMullen).. Ona Happy Note (Pete for John McMullen).. The Big Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 17/10.. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. My Valerie (Pete for Blake Fitzpatrick).. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees).. Lifesofine (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Livinthehighlife (Nathan Dawson for Donny Smith).. Albion Park 20/10.. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Jessica Dale (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford).. Murano (Pete for Narissa McMullen).. My Jellignite (Pete for Shane Sanderson).. Im Jack Black (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. In The Frame Lombo (Pete for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 21/10.. Nicoblake (Pete for John McMullen).. Feelgood Factor (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Look My Way (Nathan Dawson for Gary Hancock).. Crusader Hanover (Adam Richardson for Dean Weller).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe  22/10.. Margins (Mark Dux for Phil Mitchell).. Colada Rainbow (Pete for Allan Treadwell).. Dalemm Diva (Barty Cockburn).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Boom Boom Hall (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..
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                                                                         "TROT TACTICS" 31/10/2015..
  If we study the history of harness breeding in any depth, we may be mystified by the sudden disappearance of successful sire lines from the race tracks. Why do families become unpopular. The following paragraph relates to the induction of Globe Derby into the Victorian trotting Hall Of Fame  earlier this month.
   'The fourth legend to join Gordon Rothacker, Maori’s Idol and George Gath was Globe Derby, the greatest Standardbred stallion ever born in the Southern Hemisphere, and the stallion chosen in 1976 to be associated with the Australian National Sire Awards.
Globe Derby was a champion on the track but even better in the stud barn. He sired any number of great sons and daughters such as Evicus (1936 ID), Springfield Globe (1939 ID), Logan Derby (1940 ID), Walla Walla (Australia’s greatest pacer of his era), Auburn Lad (NZ mile record holder), Van Derby (NZ mile race record) and New Derby.
The Globe Derby sireline dominated Australasian racing for more than fifty years and provided the first 2:00 mile in NZ (Lawn Derby), the first 2:00 mile in Australia (Avian Derby), the first sub 2:00 mile in Australia (Ribands) and the fastest ever mile at the Melbourne Showgrounds (Reichman).
An indicator of its influence in Victoria is that 13 of the first 18 Hunter Cup winners and two of the first three Melbourne Inter Dominion winners were by Globe Derby line stallions."
  The above list of achievements, one might think, would ensure the preservation and growth of the line for all time, as it seemed to have the magic quality  of improving its speed from one generation to the next, without loss of staying power. Not so, and the Globe Derby blood was gone by the late 60's in NSW, and NZ's link through Lord Module barely 25 years later. With the breeding season now in full swing one can only ponder what might have been had we stuck with a majority of "home bred" stallions, rather than swallowing the "American dream" and its fanfare of "world" records over the one mile distance.
  An early warning for Marburg's next race day Saturday, November 14th.  The main event on the day will be the "Graham Harriott Memorial Trot", a discretionary handicap for trotters assessed at TR0 or better, run over 2200 metres with a maximum back mark of 40 metres. Prize money of $2,000, an inscribed rug and trophy plus the "soft" conditions for the faster assessed horses, ensures a fast run spectacle for the "Harriott" This year there will be a second "trot" on the program, again with a TR0 front. Graham Harriott is well remembered as a popular president of the Marburg Pacing Association and a fanatical supporter of the traditional trotter in Queensland. Graham's family and friends will be well represented on the day, so come along and enjoy it with them. There will be all the Marburg features and amenities, a multi meat tray raffle, a "funny money" book maker up alongside one of our regular satchel swingers, a "pick the last four winners"  competition worth $100 courtesy of Fast Work Horse Supplies, combined with tasty country burgers, fish and chips etc with hot and cold drinks, plus the best bar prices you'll get at a sporting event. See next Saturday's QT for times and further details etc.
   " A week or so back, new ground was broken in Australian harness racing when Irish pacer, Meadowbranch De Jay, stepped off a cargo flight from the northern hemisphere at Perth airport. The 7yo gelding, accompanied by his strapper, Michael O'Mahoney, was bound for the stables of leading trainers Greg and Skye Bond. From there, if he adapts to the massive shift in weather and surroundings (going from the peaty soils, cool breezes and soft turf of Ireland to the sand and heat of WA ) he will be a massive draw card for the upcoming Inter-dominion series. Greg Bond is of the opinion that Meadowbranch De Jay is a quality horse and has only to handle the Gloucester Park style of racing to justify his presence. Michael O'Mahoney said that the venture had created great excitement back in the emerald Isle. In his words, " It is just a huge deal"!!
  As in politics, a week in harness racing can make a big difference. The leader board tells us that the names have not changed, but the flood has turned to trickle. Pete McMullen still top driver but down 9 on last week's 13 for a creditable 4 wins while spouse and stable trainer Chantal led in 3 winners.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 23/10.. Franco Nepia (Barty Cockburn).. Feel The Need (Nathan Dawson for Travis Mackay).. Lady White Water (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby)..  Albion Park 24/10.. Lilbitofchickenfried (Barty Cockburn for Paul McGregor).. Shareapassion (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Blue Eyed Suzie (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Change Of Mind (Shane Graham for Shane Sanderson)..  Albion Park 27/10.. Tally Ho Bromac (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Katesaroyal (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Redcliffe 28/10.. Lord Jones (Darrell Graham).. My Crazy Ex (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Lifeontopofdeworld (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis).. Teniamo (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Navarda Ace (Pete for John McMullen)..  Gold Coast at Redcliffe 29/10.. Matt Belford (Adam Richardson for Murray Thomas).. Montana Baron (Amy Rees for Billy Borg)..  Paris To Berlin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins)..
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"TROT TACTICS". 07/11/2015..
  Out with the pen and the Calendar and just mark in next Saturday, November 14th as a great day to head for the Marburg trots. Feature event on the day is the "Graham Harriott Memorial Trot" for the traditional square gaiters, run under discretionary handicap conditions with a back mark of 40 metres.  There will be two trots on the program, with either a consolation for horses balloted from the "Harriott, or a separate race with a similar TR0 front but from set marks Intending trainers should check the harness website for details. All the "good things" apply. Good food, good beverage, good betting, a good multi meat tray raffle, pick the last four winners and the mad "funny money" bookmaker. To top it off you have the best bar prices around. Come and join us for a great day out. Trials commence at 11am with the first race approximately 12.30 pm. Adults $5, pensioners members and students $3, children under 16 free, Race books $3.
  The following extract is from the Australian Harness Racing website under the banner of 'steward's wrap'. it demonstrates amply what a functioning integrity unit can achieve.
  At the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 3 September 2015, Mr Shayne and Greg Cramp pleaded guilty to a charge issued by Victoria Police under Section 195C of the Crimes Act 1958 which provides:
A person must not engage in conduct that corrupts or would corrupt a betting outcome of an event or event contingency—
        (a)     knowing thaAfter initiating and conducting an investigation into the conduct of races and associated betting in the Mildura region relevant to the operation of the Mildura based Shayne Cramp stable, HRV Stewards provided information to Victoria Police who commenced an investigation into the relevant matters.  The investigation was conducted by the Sporting Integrity Intelligence Unit.
The complex investigation culminated in licensed participants Shayne and Greg Cramp being arrested on 2 February 2015 and questioned with respect to race-fixing allegations.  On this date, HRV Stewards immediately suspended the training and driving licences of Shayne and Greg Cramp and excluded both parties from attending any harness racing tracks.
At the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 3 September 2015, Mr Shayne and Greg Cramp pleaded guilty to a charge issued by Victoria Police under Section 195C of the Crimes Act 1958 which provides:
A person must not engage in conduct that corrupts or would corrupt a betting outcome of an event or event contingency—
        (a)     knowing that, or being reckless as to whether, the conduct corrupts or would corrupt a betting outcome of the event or the event contingency; and
        (b)     intending to obtain a financial advantage, or to cause a financial disadvantage, in connection with any betting on the event or the event contingency.
Both Shayne and Greg Cramp were convicted and sentenced to a Community Corrections Order (CCO) for a period of 12 months, with Shayne Cramp required to perform 300 hours of community work and Greg Cramp required to perform 200 hours of community work.
The sentence imposed for both parties related to their conduct with respect to the lead up to and running of Race 5 at Mildura on 12 November 2014.  The sentence for Shayne Cramp also related to his conduct with respect to the lead up to and running of Race 6 at Mildura on 29 November 2014.
  267.  (1)   Subject to sub-rule (2) the Controlling Body may for such period and on such conditions as it thinks fit, disqualify a person who is found guilty of or convicted of a crime or an offence in any State or Territory of Australia or in any country. 
On 30 October 2015, the HRV Board considered the above provisions and the recommendations of the sub-committee.  The HRV Board endorsed the sub-committee’s recommendation that the provisions of AHRR267(1) be invoked and that Shayne and Greg Cramp be disqualified for a period of 12 years.  The HRV Board subsequently ordered that Shayne and Greg Cramp be disqualified for a period of 12 years and that such penalty be backdated to commence 2 February 2015 when their licences were originally suspended by HRV Stewards.  Shayne and Greg Cramp are therefore disqualified from having any involvement in the harness racing industry and this disqualification will remain in place until 2 February 2027!!"
While the racing spotlight centred on Michelle Payne at Flemington on Tuesday, we put our own light on diminutive teenager, Lauren Jones, who created her own slice of personal history when she chalked up a century of career wins at Gloucester Park.Jones reached her 100th winner on the David Thompson-trained mare, Its a Monet, before capping a memorable afternoon and the second leg of a driving double partnering Majestical Babe who upset hot favourite, Stellar Kamwood. “It was pretty exciting and it means a lot to me,” said Jones. “My next goal is to drive 100 wins in a season. Jones, a 19-year-old daughter of Queensland trainer-reinsman, Peter Jones, has made a big impact on Western Australian harness racing since crossing the Nullarbor and teaming up with champion trainer, Gary Hall, last year. Jones, who last year finished 16th in the state and 9th in the metro driver’s premiership, has driven in 890 races for 101 wins and 175 places, collecting $959,446.40 in prizemoney.
  Fernvale trainer/driver Darrel Graham made his first visit to Gympie races on Melbourne Cup day and won three out of four harness races on the sand racetrack.
Graham took seven to the races for the four race card and finished second with his first runner Lord Baltimore in the first race won by Man With Attitude (Kevin Annetts), then won the balance of the program driving Red Luck in race two, Mafuta Vautin in race three and Five Card Draw in race four. It's a far cry from the Australian Derby, but "little fish are sweet".
    The return of Narissa McMullen from a six weeks holiday in Canada and the US  knocked her brother Pete off the top of the driver's board with a score of 6 to 5. Meanwhile Chantal McMullen retained top spot on the trainer's list, shading her father-in-law, John McMullen , 5 wins to 4.
  Resultsville  Gold Coast at Albion Park 30/10.. Saratoga (Ricky Thurlow for Adam Sanderson).. Three Dee Delight (Pete for cantal McMullen).. Dreamtime Sara (Nathan Dawson For Ryan Veivers).. Diamond Fantasy ( Gary Whitaker for Shane Sanderson   ).. Franco Nepia (Barty Cockburn).. Tally Ho Bromac (Isobel Ross for BartyAlbion Park 31/10.. Donegal Under Fire (Pete for Mick Grant).. Broadway Playboy (Brittany Graham for Darrell graham).. Liston (Barty Cockburn for Matt Purcell).. Don Boston (Barty Cockburn for Mick Grant).. Gympie 03/11.. Man With attitude (Kevin annetts).. Red Luck (Darrell Graham).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Five Card Draw (Darrell Graham)..  Redcliffe 03/11.. Its All Torque (Pete for Ricky Hart).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Expressionist (Shane Sanderson).. Redcliffe 04/11..Blessed Is The Boy (Narissa for John McMullen).. Navarda Ace (Narissa for John McMullen).. Highview Sign (Ryan Veivers for James Lewin).. My Crazy Ex (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Tammalise (Justin Pascoe).. Alwaysintouch (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 05/11.. Whosemefather (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Shivarnee (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Beatleman (Narissa for John McMullen).. Golden Times (Steven Doherty for Francis Weston).. Paris To Berlin (Matt Elkins For Greg Elkins).. Only One Slim (Narissa for John McMullen).. Boom Boom hall (Hayden Barnes for Chantal McMullen)..
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                            "TROT TACTICS"..14/11/2015..
We start the day with the same message as the two previous Saturdays. This is "Harriott Memorial " day. It's all there at Marburg Show grounds for the country trot fan, it just needs you to bring yourself and the family along for a great day. Trials begin at 11.00am and the first race goes at 12.30pm. Adults are $5, pensioners and members $3 with kids under 16 free. $3 gets you that all important race Book with its entry coupon for the $100 "pick the last four" competition and $500 "funny money" to bet with the "fm' bookie. Todays real money bookmaker will be Stephen Anthony catering to the serious punters on the local trots and major gallops meetings. Sky Channel screens will keep the gallops fans up to the mark.
 Marburg is about to be given the green light to conduct Official Trials with a criteria based on the highly effective "club trial" format, currently in use in Victoria. Trainers using these trials will be able to have bars lifted from horses which have been stood down for intractable or unsatisfactory performances. Horses will be able to qualify to commence or resume racing, and, all important, aspiring "C" drivers will be able to gain approved drives towards their "B" ticket in a convenient weekend time slot. The following are young drivers from this area who have recently completed  the Racing Queensland licence  course, and the Marburg Pacing Association is keen to assist these young people on their way to the "B" licence . It is very difficult at this time for any young person who does not have a direct connection to a large stable, either through family or employment, to gain a licence in a reasonable time frame. Hopefully the "battlers" of Marburg will be able to look after their own!
Lachlan Manzelmann – just obtained his C grade trials licence and has had a couple of trials. Lachlan broke the ice a week or so back with two drives for Pete McMullen at Albion Park. With a win and a second already on the board, LM  thinks that trials at Marburg will help a lot more people than just himself. Originally from Mackay, Lachie has trotting blood on both sides of his family. Exposure to mini-trotters helped the lad to handle the big shift and now the harness bug has bitten well and truly.
Justin Elkins – has his C grade trials licence but not yet trialing. Justin Elkins was not available for interview, but his father, Calvert based trainer/driver, Greg Elkins  said that the trials would be a big plus for all the small trainers. "Justin is still at school, and to attend trials at Albion Park in the Tuesday daytime slot  or Redcliffe Wednesday before the first race involved loss of school time. To have trialling facilities with in 20 kilometres of home on the weekend is the best option by far".

Kelsey Schulz – has her C grade trials licence but not yet trialing. Kelsey thinks that convenience of locality and time slot are the big winners, but feels that the people at Marburg really look after the newcomers. "there is excellent feed back from fellow trainers and drivers".
Tayla Gillespie – has just recently obtained her B Grade trainers licence. " I have two horses in work, and trials at Marburg means big savings in time and fuel for me.. Also no time loss at work. I think that trialling  is a big part of a horses regime-- you find out where their fitness level is at".
Jessie Capewell – has recently obtained her B Grade trainers and also her C grade trials licence. JC is very pleased with the idea of the weekend time slot.  Currently the 20 year old juggles work, a university course and a couple of horses in work, and says that official trials at Marburg would just make her life so much easier and speed up her progress towards the "B" driver's licence.
  While gathering the above, it became apparent that there is much to be gained by introducing kids to horses on a regular contact basis. Horses bring routine and responsibility, factors which are likely to give kids a good start in life!
  Australian pacer, Arden Rooney has won the New Zealand Cup. Trainer/driver Kerryn Manning became the first woman to drive a new Zealand Cup winner matching Michelle Payne's feat a week earlier in the Melbourne Cup. Owned by stable stalwarts, Merv and Meg Butterworth, Arden Rooney  has also taken out Australia's premier stand start event the A. G. Hunter Cup since being transferred from the Purdon/Rasmussen team in Christchurch NZ.
  Another nice story from NZ Cup day was the win of Spirit Eclipse. High profile Vet, Bill Bishop, had saved Spirit Eclipse from certain death after the giant gelding had broken a foreleg. So impressed was Bishop with the horse' recovery, that he formed a syndicate and the horse now races with his prize money going to the "Ronald McDonald House" charity for sick children. There is a parallel from the USA perhaps in the 80's. Top trainer/driver Robert G Farrington was severely injured in a race fall and was never expected to be seen in the sulky again. Farrington was a religious man  and credited his recovery to faith and divine help. At the time he owned a promising pacer called Rambling Willie, and, in gratitude he donated "Willie's' earnings to his local church. Rambling Willie, often referred to as "the horse that God loved" retired at 14yo  having provided the local church with $2 million. Makes you think.
  `The leader board still a fixture in the lower Brisbane Valley. Pete is still top driver on five wins shading Narissa McMullen on three. A much wider spread in the training department with Darrell Graham in front with three winners from John McMullen, Chantal McMullen, Adam Sanderson and Tess Neaves all with two apiece.
  Resultsville. Gold Coast at Albion Park 06/11..Toasted (Narissa McMullen).. Katesaroyal (Pete for Mick Grant).. Tallyho Bromac (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Albion Park 07/11.. Buy Chevron Direct (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Red Magic (Pete for Graham Gavin).. Supaliner (Darrell Graham).. Armazem (Danielle McMullen).. Forty Seven Flash (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Albion Park 10/11.. Saratoga (Ricky Thurlow for Adam Sanderson).. Machbino (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves) .. Admiral Bronski (Hayden Barnes for Mick Grant).. Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Shegoeswooshka  (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves)... Redcliffe 11/11.. Feelgood Factor (Trent Moffat for Ron Sallis).... Lynchman (Narissa for John McMullen) .. Darlyn Sea (Gary Litzow for Wendy Smart).. Our Last Banner (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Gargarra (Gary Whitaker for Gary Thomas).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 12/11.. Prince Luna (Hayden Barnes for Dan Russell).. Rummiking (Darrell Graham) .. Soldier Of Fortune (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Only One Slim (Narissa for John McMullen).. Elliott Bromac (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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          "TROT TACTICS"  21/11/2015..
  Well, let's hope that the weather Gods are smiling on us today, as we had to postpone the meeting last week due to a rain affected track. Fortunately, we have the original program transferred to today with only two scratchings. Look Now Bill comes out of Race 4 and Shards Of Ice from Race 6. At this point (Thursday), all other races are clear. We start the day with the same message as the three previous Saturdays. This is "Harriott Memorial " day. It's all there at Marburg Show grounds for the country trot fan, it just needs you to bring yourself and the family along for a great day. Trials begin at 11.00am and the first race goes at 12.30pm. Adults are $5, pensioners and members $3 with kids under 16 free. $3 gets you that all important race Book with its entry coupon for the $100 "pick the last four" competition and $500 "funny money" to bet with the "fm' bookie. Todays real money bookmaker will be Stephen Anthony catering to the serious punters on the local trots and major gallops meetings. Sky Channel screens will keep the gallops fans up to the mark.
     Since quite high temperatures are forecast in the Ipswich area today, the following two rules cover the basics of  Racing Queensland's hot weather policy. Should you decide to go to Marburg trots and find a larger than usual number of scratchings then high temperatures and the possibility of horses experiencing heat stress will probably be the story. As has been said many times before, we are no longer in "the age of the horse". Our four legged friends are not beasts of burden, but equine athletes, and, as such, deserve every consideration of their welfare.
 (1) On a race day where the forecast maximum temperature for the race meeting venue is determined by the Bureau of Meteorology of the meeting is to exceed thirty eight degrees Celsius (38°C), the trainer of a horse engaged at that meeting may scratch the horse free of penalty prior to 8.30am on the day of the meeting.  Scratching effected after 8.30am on race day may attract the normal scratching penalty.  Such applications may only be made on the day of the race.

  (2) In the event that the forecast temperature, determined by the Bureau of Meteorology, for a race day is to exceed thirty eight degrees Celsius (38°C), Stewards in consultation with a Veterinarian will consider whether to proceed, or modify the program for that race meeting.
  There has been a "Cabinet re-shuffle" out on the Peninsula with long serving and hard-working committeeman  Bernie Ring now in the Presidents Chair. He replaces Kerry Ebert, who could best be described as a dedicated trotting man, who took Redcliffe from a financial nightmare to a club with a sound future based on a healthy bank balance. For the decade that KE had the helm he battled serious health issues on a continuous basis. Never losing sight of his humble beginnings ,he was, like your writer, a regular competitor at the old Ipswich show ground track in the late 70's and never lost his respect for the part that the battlers play in racing. His input to the team that produced what is the Redcliffe Yearling Sales Race Series and saw it through to Group 1 status in the 2yo division, can never be down played. Kerry Ebert, (as was the late Ron Pointer,) is a Redcliffe man through and through.
  Bernie Ring will bring his own style to the Redcliffe Chair, a position he has well and truly earned. He is another believer in the virtues of hard voluntary work and will continue to take the club forward. His team is vice president Brian Hewitt, Treasurer Julie Mason and Committee Bronwyn Ebert, Reg Vidler and Jane Orbell-Smith. Redcliffe is a one directional Club--UP!
  We cant always watch Sky Channel, so the welcome alternative is UBET Radio TAB.  Sadly, Radio TAB lost General Manager, Steve Cairns early this week. Cairns died suddenly at his Brisbane home this week in his 54th year. SC had returned to Radio TAB in May this year after a 19 year stint at 3RSN in Melbourne. He was highly skilled at identifying and coaching "on air" talent. UBET Chief Operating Officer, Barry Fletton said, "Steve brought with him a fantastic enthusiasm, and, in a very short time, made a significant and enduring positive impact at Radio TAB."
  All familiar names on the leader board this week, just spread a bit better. The trainer's division went to a triple dead -heat with Billy Crosby, Barty Cockburn and Darrell Graham all on two winners apiece. on the driver's side, Gary Whitaker on four wins ahead of Pete, Narissa and Hayden Barnes  all level on two. Best performance of the week was Its You Not Me trained and reined by Noel Parrish and owned by Emmilee Annetts winning at big odds at Albion Park Tuesday in a rate of 1-55.0
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park. 13/11.. Franco Nepia (Brendan Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Lychman (Narissa for John McMullen).. Albion Park 14/11.. Shareapassion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Empty Envelope (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Floyd Mayweather (Barty Cockburn).. Armazem (Danielle McMullen).. Lady White Water (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby)..  Albion Park 17/11.. It's You Not Me (Noel Parrish).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Kenny rattray).. Five Card Draw (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 18/11.. Sista To Mafuta (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Slipaslygrin (Gary Whitaker for Billy Crosby).. Tulhurst Jail Break (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Crackerofarainbow (Hayden Barnes for Gary Gerrard)..  Gold Coast at Redcliffe 19/11.. Ima Jaymar (Adam Richardson for Graham White).. Easy Catch (Gary Whitaker for Neville Doyle).. Arma Legend (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Annika Magic (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith)..
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  "TROT TACTICS".. 28/11/2015..
   The "Harriott Memorial Trot" has been run and won for 2015, with victory going to the stable of Frank Bennett from Jimboomba. Bennett started three runners in the event with Flying Buck (Grant Archer) getting the prize from locally trained and driven Chipmont Lad (Gavin Crone), Hue Keas (Frank Bennett) was third. The 2200 metre handicap for square gaiters has become a bit of a "Bennett" feature, with wins in 2013 by Its Three By Two (Lauren Jones) beating stable mate, Count Galleon (Frank Bennett). Last year saw Sun Lad (Grant Archer) again on top for "team Bennett". it is one of the intriguing features of the racing game, how a horse or a trainer or driver will have an impact on the history of a particular race.  The 'team McCarthy' veteran, Wakashi, claimed the "Treuer Memorial" as his own, starting at Bankstown on only five occasions for five wins in the Treuer.  Fernvale based driver, Darrell Graham, has a similar association with the Australian Derby. The Graham Harriot Memorial is, of course, not a big money race, but, on its home turf carries considerable kudos for the devotees of the square trotter. As is the case with the "Redwood Classic" in Victoria, the dollars run a poor second to the prestige!
   Last night saw the commencement of the 2015 Inter-Dominion Championship, with the first round of three heats run at Gloucester Park Paceway in Perth. Only one Queensland trainer was confident enough to head for the Golden West, and that was Chambers Flat based Ian Gurney ,who prepares a talented trio in Avonnova, Our Hi Jinx and Mach Alert. The following item is an interview with Ian Gurney,thanks to Brisbane race caller, Chris Barsby.
  "All three pacers are Group One winners and all three are ready to chase the richest prizemoney on offer on Australian soil but their campaigns may have been blunted when the fields were released yesterday (Tuesday).
“It wasn’t ideal when the numbers were drawn but at the end of the day, it’s only a starting point and now we’ve just got to gather as many points as possible to guarantee our spots in the final. I was a little disappointed for Nova when he landed ten because he hasn’t drawn a decent gate for some time but given the configuration, it’s not a bad draw.” Gurney said.
Recent Grand Circuit winner, Our Hi Jinx starts in the first heat and will score-up in gate 8 while local star Waylade has drawn ideally in gate 2.
In the second heat, Mach Alert faces a second-line draw and follows out local pacer Our Blackbird while series favourite Lennytheshark starts from gate 7.
Avonnova starts in the third heat and draws the same gate as Mach Alert, the inside of the second-line and follows out another local product in Lovers Delight while Bettors Fire (2), Mach Beauty (4) and Philadelphia Man (6) drew to advantage.
“When you start breaking down the draws for the opening round, not many interstate horses drew well so we’re all in the same boat and we all need that little bit of luck going our way. It will be fascinating to see how the drivers take on the heats because it’s a great mixture of local drivers against the visiting drivers and the styles are vastly different.
“I haven’t spoken with Shane (Graham – driver) just yet but I’m sure he won’t mind the second-line draws, the fact that only horse has the second-line gives you a bit of extra room. I suppose we need a solid speed in all of the heats to allow my horses a chance to run into it.
“I’m happy with how my guys have settled in over here; Nova went great in Melbourne and has trained on well since while the other two guys have bounced back following their disappointing efforts on the same night. I know what went wrong and hopefully I’ve turned them around for this series, this has been the main aim for some time.”
The first round of heats will be staged over 2130m and the track record belongs to recently retired star David Hercules at 1:53.6.
The 1609m second round heats will be held next Tuesday at Bunbury before returning to Gloucester Park next Friday for the final round of heats over the Grand Final distance of 2536m.
The $1.3 million Grand Final is scheduled for Sunday, December 13".
   The Inter-Dominion had its inception in Perth in 1936. In its original format it comprised three rounds of heats and a Grand Final over varying distances on a point score basis with the Grand Final winner not necessarily the Grand Champion.  In 1936 ,Logan Derby (J. Agnew), won the Grand final, but the Grand Champion was Evicus.  1940 saw the event back in Perth, where Grand Mogul (K. Anderson) won the Grand Final while Logan Derby scored most points to be declared Grand Champion. This somewhat confusing arrangement was scrapped in 1947. In its absolute hey day, the "Inter" consisted of three rounds of heats run in the first week over short, middle and long distances with the Grand Final run a week later, over the middle distance (as close to 13 furlongs (2600m) as was  regularly run at the host track). Grand Final runners were the highest point scorers from the heats, and the winner was Grand Champion. There was no mobile barrier influence, as the series was a standing start event with discretionary handicapping. Nobody got in "light" with 24, 36 and 48 yard handicaps commonly allotted.  To win this the horse needed to be well mannered, extremely fast, extremely tough and robust enough to cop four runs at top level in fourteen days. It was the ultimate test of the pacer and any of the ersatz versions of the race which have surfaced since fall far short of what is required. Perth has moved part of the way back with three rounds of heats and a Grand Final, but has destroyed the event's credibility by using the mobile barrier. It is as if the Melbourne Cup was run under the conditions of the Cox Plate. Suddenly, the magic is gone!.
  This week's leader board is pretty much as expected. Pete the top driver with seven wins for the week, and his good wife Chantal leads the trainers, again on seven wins. The rest of us just have to try harder.
  Resultsville Gold coast at Albion Park 20/11.. Gold Digger Girl (Gary Whitaker for Darren Hooper).. Mister Performance (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Lord Baltimore (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Tallyho Bromac (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Riverboat Prince (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Albion Park 21/11.. Expressionist (Pete for Shane Sanderson).. Broadwya Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Corey Odonohue (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Tyrone Lochie (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Marburg 20/11.. Uncle Paul (Glenn Dawson for David Rodger).. Benny MaGuire (Dean Weller).. Mister Seelster (Adam Richardson for Mal Charlton).. Rafferty Delights (Dean Weller).. Little Lizzie Jove (Glenn Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. . Albion Park 24/11.. Toasted (Narissa McMullen).. Duke Of The Moment (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Another Broadway (Darrell Graham).. Mafuta Vautin (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Three Dee Delight (Hayden Barnes for Chantal McMullen).. Redcliffe 25/11.. Blessed Is The Boy (Narissa for John McMullen).. All Over Hanover (Brittany Graham for Ken Rattray).. Life Rolls On (Ray Law for Rachel Scott).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 26/11.. Alta Antonio (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Blue Eyed Suzie (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Mac Bromac (Pete for Chantal McMullen).. Forest Fury (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn)..
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"TROT TACTICS" 12/12/2015..
  The first inklings of the immediate future of the animal racing codes of Queensland has been revealed in the proposed "Tracking to Sustainability" plan released by the Office of Racing. Before we go into orbit at the prospect of prize money cuts ,the following schedule will provide for a level of stakes some 3.4% above that paid out in the 2013/14 racing season. Effectively, what this provides, is breathing space and opportunity for Harness Racing Clubs to  put a great deal more effort into ensuring that they are providing both fans and punters with the product they want. We all, from Racing Queensland down the line, have to try a damn sight harder to increase turnover to a point where we can hold our heads up. Whingeing, screaming for assistance and interviewing ex-pat trainer/drivers who only return here to plunder our feature races, or quoting locals who are planning to shift camp to the south to chase the larger stakes on offer there, does no good at all. Bob Bentley's famous statement to Derek Payne (former Financial Director of Clive Palmer's horse interests) that harness would receive "corporate reality" is now with us. Sadly, so are a raft of Corporate Bookmakers competing with our major source of operating revenue, UBET, a company to which we are contractually tied for the next 29 years. We must work with what we have and we must make it succeed!! We will only do it with a much simplified racing format for the punters to do their own reliable form and iron tight integrity. Nothing less will provide a reliable starting point!! The following is the short version of the proposed prize money structure from January 1st 2016..
Reduction of $2.9 million in prizemoney levels overall.
Feature prizemoney to be reduced by $515,000.
QBred scheme set to receive a $990,000 reduction.
Albion Park Friday
Prizemoney levels to be reduced to eight races at $4000 and one race at $3501.
Albion Park Saturday
Prizemoney levels to be reduced to one race at $13,000, five races at $11,000 and four races at $7500.
Albion Park Tuesday
Prizemoney levels to be reduced to seven races at $5000 and two races at $3501.
Redcliffe Wednesday to remain at $3,501 for eight races.
Marburg  Saturday (non TAB) to remain at $1,501 for five races..
Grass TAB meetings on various Sundays $2,500 for three to eight races..
  If your interests are ecumenical then the following illustrates quite clearly that Harness has by no means been singled out or ill treated.
  BRAD DAVIDSON, Queensland's leading turf writer, reports for NEWS LIMITED that thoroughbred racing will cop most of the reduction with $8.5 million to be cut from non-country racing prizemoney and $4.6 million cut from country racing prizemoney.
However, the $4.6 million cut to country racing is expected to be fully compensated in a $21 million package set to be released from the State Government later today which will see funding to the country sector remain similar over the next four years.
Prizemoney for harness racing will be reduced by $2.9 million next financial year, which will leave the code 1.3 per cent worse off than the levels before increases were announced late last year.
Greyhound racing will face a $2.64 million reduction in prizemoney next financial year with the average prizemoney a race set to decrease by 2 per cent to $1863 next financial year.
The local breeding schemes for thoroughbred (QTIS) and harness (QBred) racing will also be reduced by $1.56 million and $990,000 respectively next financial year.
There used to be an old saying when I was a boy (it's a good bit older now) which surfaced every year at the festive season. Anyone who enjoyed a bit of luck or success in the matter of money at this time was greeted by friends with the salutation. "Christmas Ducks". The ducks went in the bag for the extended family of Beryl (Nanna) Dawson on Tuesday at Albion Park. First up on the winner board was grandson Nathan who piloted Betonthebay to victory in race one for Redcliffe trainer Donny Smith. Then, perhaps the most pleasing result, was the win of Danny Cool  for John McMullen. In a sport noted for the longevity of many active participants, John noticeably concentrated on training some years to make way for offspring Pete and Narissa who benefited greatly from the additional time in the sulky on race day. The win on Danny Cool was JMcM's first for five years, and he was suitably chuffed. All he has to do now is hang in there and remember that the one with the four legs does the running and he will keep on driving winners. Race 3 then went to Lively Hero, trained and driven by grand daughter, Melissa Gillies for herself and husband Keith. There was nothing new in the fourth leg of this "family quadrella" with star driver and grandson Pete chasing home Feel The Courage ,trained by his better half Chantal in race six. There you have it. The ducks are in the freezer or the bank waiting for the oven or conversion to other less traditional delicacies on Christmas Day.
   Back to the leader board. Same old, same old. Pete right up there driving six winners for the week and his better half Chantal equally outstanding training five winners in the same time frame
     Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 04/12.. My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Withalotofluck (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini) .. Attacovita (Brittany Graham for Debbie Rodney).. Lady Royal Sue (Narissa for John McMullen).. Cee Uin LA (Rob Gorman).. Albion Park 05/12.. Buy Chevron Direct (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Five Card Draw (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Morethanmeetstheye (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Duke of The Moment (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Albion Park 08/12.. Betonthebay (Nathan Dawson for Donny Smith).. Danny Cool (John McMullen).. Lively hero (Melissa Gillies) .. Feel The Courage (pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Redcliffe 09/12.. Bee Jays Abundance (Steven Burke).. Sookie Go Goes (Nathan Dawson for Steve Benham).. Maybe Cruising (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Oozing Confidence (Pete for Darren Hooper).. Gold Affair (Gary Litzow for Wendy Smart).. Gold coast at Redcliffe 10/12.. King Of Spin Lombo (Trent moffat for Matt Wright).. Sweet as Candy (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Blue Eyed Suzie (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Annika Magic (Gary Whitaker for Kerry Smith..
Denis Smith is a realist......makes a lot of sense. :thumbsup:

Giddy Up :beer:
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"TROT TACTICS"..19/12/2015..
   With Christmas less than a week away you can grab an opportunity to get the festive train rolling today with a visit to Marburg trots.  It's all go from 11.00am with trials and education as a prelude to the five race Non-TAB  program which kicks off at approximately 12.40pm.The "pick the last four winners"  competition jackpots to $150 this week as all players were out after Benny Maguire  took out the first leg by a lizards lip.. The "funny money" bookmaker will be in operation with some nice goods to be auctioned after the last race. "Funny money and entry for the " last four" are in the race book. Best bar prices ,top burgers and Stephen Anthony putting up the prices for the real money punters, plus Santa with lollies for the kids and a meat tray raffle. Adults $5, pensioners $3 and kids under 16 go free. Race books, which add extra benefits to the experience are $3. Come along and have a great afternoon.
  Sadly, there are no races for reindeer, and there bye hangs a tale. It is 1971, and  your writer is in the employ of multi millionaire trainer Vern Norrgard. Pivotal to the stable operation was Vern Norrgard Snr, then in his 80's and known as "Ernie". Ernie was a Finn who jumped off a sailing ship in Melbourne in 1917 and stayed here. By some twist of fate he became  involved in trotting, and, due to the somewhat informal licensing procedures of the time, had his first race drive  in the major feature of the calendar, The Melbourne Thousand of 1918, running third with General Ribbonwood. Where am I headed? Ernie Norrgarrd had the best "hands" I have ever seen on a horse.  The Norrgarrd stable mainly developed young stock and there were plenty of "problem" horses among them. None were a worry to Ernie, and he would have the crankiest ,hard pulling horse, running straight and on a soft rein in a very short time. One day, wanting to emulate the old bloke, and failing dismally, I asked where he had learnt his craft. "On reindeer", was the reply. "You only get one piece of rope with them, which makes it a damn sight harder than two reins on a horse. Like a lot of other skills it is hard to explain. You either pick it up from the reindeer blokes or you miss out, not everyone can do it" After that, I was only sure of one thing. I couldn't do it either.
  While talented Glamorganvale owner/trainer/driver Narissa McMullen is aiming up and coming prospect Murano for the lucrative and  popular Golden Guitar series run in Tamworth NSW,  Chamber's Flat  based Ian Gurney has decided thatdual Queensland Horse of the Year Avonnova will remain in Perth.
The West Australian campaign has been extended for an extra month allowing the mighty free-legged pacer to contest the summer carnival features at Gloucester Park next month.
Fresh from his outstanding effort in Sunday’s $1.3 million Inter Dominion Grand Final when 4th behind Lennytheshark, Avonnova will now tackle both the Fremantle and WA Pacing Cups.
Co-owner and trainer Ian Gurney believes the opportunity is too good to ignore.
“He’s come through the Inter Dominion in great shape; his run in the final was sensational and his heart rate was super so I can’t be any happier or more proud of the horse. The turnaround is not long and the prizemoney is great so I would be foolish to pass up on this opportunity, it’s not as though I need to be home for any racing there right now.” Gurney said.
The Gr.1 $300,000 Fremantle Cup is scheduled for January 8 while the Gr.1 $450,000 WA Pacing Cup will be held the following week. What a great way to kick off 2016  if  "nova could get the big end of those two events.
 Given the current instability which surrounds racing in the Sunshine State, it might be beneficial if our decision makers took a leaf from the Victorian approach to the matter of integrity and copied the following model. Harness racing authorities have vowed to look deeper than ever to root out corruption in their code.
The sport was rocked last year by a race-fixing scandal that engulfed one its biggest names, decorated trainer-driver Shayne Cramp.
But Harness Racing Victoria said it would not let up in ¬attempts to eliminate rogue operators.

>> See this article and other racing related content at the Herald Sun website

Experienced former Victoria Police detective Brent Fisher is now heading up HRV’s investigations section.
The organisation has bought technology capable of extracting call logs and message records from phones taken from suspects after a request from officials, removing reliance on telecommunications providers.
HRV will appoint a new analyst and investigator next year, and general manager of integrity Andy Rogers said its capacity to detect banned sub¬stances was greater than ever.
Mr Rogers said the majority of people involved in harness-racing were good people who deserved a level playing field.
He said the Cramp case, in which Shayne and his father Greg were rubbed out for 12 years on race-fixing charges, showed the sport was willing to uncover and scrutinise corruption within its own ranks.
“The Cramp situation is a good example of what can be achieved through sporting authorities working closely together with Victoria Police,” Mr Rogers said.
“The message is we have never been better placed to ¬detect people doing the wrong thing,” he said. “It’s critically important. Anyone who does not share this objective is not welcome. If people don’t have confidence in the product, they won’t bet on it.”
Mr Rogers expected HRV investigators would be working closer than ever with Victoria Police, via its sports integrity intelligence unit.
Mr Fisher spent many years as a detective in the Victoria Police crime squads where he was regarded as a tenacious ¬investigator.
(Article printed in Sunday Herald Sun, December 6, 2015)
  The leader board, a repeat of last week with happy husband and wife team Pete and Chantal Turpin McMullen  up there again. Five wins in the sulky for Pete  and Chantal led in four winners from the home barn..
Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 11/12.. Murano (Trista Dixon for Narissa McMullen).. Isaac (Barty Cockburn for Mathew Purcell).. Blue Colla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Torque Lively (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen)..  My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin -McMullen).. Albion Park 12/12.. Hez Declan (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Expressionist (Narissa for Shane Sanderson).. One Eyed terror (Pete for Peter Greig).. Artzone Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Drunken Maniac (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Albion Park 15/12.. Smidj Boy (Gary Whitaker for Wayne Keys).. Supaliner (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..Zac Mac (Hayden Barnes for Darren Hooper).. Redcliffe 16/12.. Its You Not Me (Trent Hodges for Noel Parrish).. Our Swift Action (Gary Whitaker for Jess Manzelmann).. Gotham City Sin (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe.. 17/12.. Baileys Fernco (Narissa for John McMullen).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Coralie Joy  (Pete for Mark Rees)...
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                              "TROT TACTICS".. 26/12/2015..
  As we come to the end of the calendar year, with this the last "trot tactics" for 2015, we must ponder what has transpired in the last few months, and, from that process, divine what is ahead in the form of a future for harness racing / trotting in Queensland. Harness, we are told, is a business, and must run on business lines, with a firm hand on the reins and a clear eye on the bottom line. What we appear to have at the moment is total confusion on the subject of debt. There is one school of thought ,thoroughly convinced that there is NO debt, believing that all figures currently used in day to day decision making processes are flawed, in that they do not  take into account such factors as numbers of meetings and races run for each code. At the same time the "NO debt" team believe that there are higher capital costs involved in equipping a harness horse than a galloper or a greyhound. This would be quite true if we dealt only with owner/trainers but the argument would be equally irrelevant as expecting a house holder to provide the plumber with his tools of trade when he comes to do a repair job. The tradesman factors the costs of purchase and upkeep of his equipment into his invoice, and the professional horse trainer into his fee. The owner/trainer or hobbyist knows what the outlay is and pays it or finds another outlet for his energies. None of that scenario is the concern of the control body in the distribution of prize money.
  What all parties should do should do over this short festive season is take a step back, understand that there is a shortfall problem, and consider what we should do to address the problem. For many years now we have heard all three codes of racing, collectively referred to as "the racing industry". It would have been more correctly designated "the racing charity" as the various control bodies were allocated a sum of money on an annual basis and charged with spending it wisely. It now seems that they were unable to do this. There appeared to be no requirement on clubs to operate efficiently on a commercial basis. There is no requirement on clubs in harness or control bodies to present a good and marketable product in which participants could take pride. Every time we admit patrons to the course free, we scream to the world that we are worth nothing.  We appear to have no earthly idea how to promote our harness product, which is sad, as it can provide a visual experience far superior to the other animal codes and, properly structured and policed, a betting medium of the first quality. Currently, here in Queensland we are as far from those ideals as the Moon is from the Earth.  If we stopped to consider the commercial aspects of harness as you would a shop, dependent on satisfied customers, return business and steady growth, then there are two products you must sell all day every day... An easily understood betting medium with a reliable form line, backed up by savage integrity... Do this and it won't be long before we regain a big slice of market share.
For Marburg fans , unofficial trials resume Saturday 02/01/2016 accompanied by MPA members meeting.. Racing the next week 09/01/2016.. And for a new reader, Jennifer from Currumbin, thanks for your good wishes. It just makes it easier!
  Flashing lights on the leader board with Adam Sanderson driving a tidy eight winners for the week and his boss, the First Citizen of Fernvale, Darrell Graham trained  a very respectable five for the same period.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 18/12.. Another Broadway (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham) .. Chattanoogachoochoo (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Highview Aria (Narissa for John McMullen) .. Mafuta Vautin (Adam sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Albion Park 19/12.. Drawing Away (Narissa for Ron Sallis).. Cheval Zeppenology (Adam Sanderson for Jason Carkeet).. Exclusive Matt (Adam Sanderson for Wayne Graham).. Marburg 19/12.. Gottalua Sunday (Barty Cockburn for Meagan Armour).. Hot Tamale (Barty Cockburn for Megan Armour).. Red Luck (adam Sanderson for Darrell graham).. Dreamtime Sara (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Latin for Lovable (Hayden Barnes for Gary Gerrard).. Albion Park 22/12.. Look Now Bill (Gary Whitaker for Joedy Whitaker).. Tyron Lochie Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Newmerella Fella (Brett for Max Towns).. Major command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Chattanoogachoochoo (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Say It Isnt So (Adam sanderson for Barb Barry).. Redcliffe 23/12.. Left In Command (Nathan Dawson for Steve Benham).. Quintequa (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves)..  Regards, Denis.
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                   "TROT TACTICS"..02/01/2016..
  If you woke up with a headache yesterday from celebrating the onset of a New Year, we can only hope that it is not a precursor  of more "downers"to come in the racing department. "Things, can only get better" as the song goes, and that may well be the case as long as 2016 sees the as yet "faceless and un-appointed" three people who will join Mr. Justice Muir at the helm of Racing Queensland, quickly become recognizable and anointed with the oil of authority. It is this writer's opinion that April 1st is far too long for the punters and participants to wait for a decision making group to be put in place. Both groups are in want of protection at this point in time since it is said that recruitment agency, "Eden Ritchie" could not find one suitable nominee from a list rumored to be 200 strong to join Mr. Justice Muir at the Board table. It reminds one of the old classic tale of the man with a lantern in the market place at midday "searching for an honest person".
  One thing is certain. It is very unlikely that any formula which does not include a return to three separately funded codes is going to succeed.  "We run as one" was a well intentioned concept, but doomed to failure. The three codes are not all oranges and, further to this, with separation, each code can be monitored individually as to success or lack of it. I have suggested before that each code have its funds disbursed from Treasury, perhaps on a quarterly basis and be subject to audits in the same time frame. There is no room for commercial failure in any code from here on. It is "shape up or ship out." It is conditions such as that which are required to concentrate the thinking of the people appointed to run individual codes.
  There are two Queensland based websites  which tend to provide a sharper view of proceedings than that available in mainstream print media. Both are opinion driven  as their proprietors are racing fanatics, and, not surprisingly, the views often differ markedly. <lets go horse racing> presented by former Brisbane racing / harness  journalist, John Lingard has a segment entitled "The Wednesday Whinge". This week, Lingard has used the "Whinge" for a second editorial piece in which he commends a group of people, certainly with considerable racing experience, as an advisory group. Overall, it is a good piece and you should study it in its entirety. You may, or may not, be overly impressed with the content of the "advisory/rescue group" but, as Lingard says, he does NOT KNOW some of the people he has recommended. Very dangerous!!  The other site is Ipswich based <just racing.com.au> owned and operated for nearly 20 years by Phil Purser. Purser is a fearless commentator with an eye to protection of the punter and the longevity of all three codes of animal racing. Currently he is examining animal welfare issues which unless corrected are progressively ruining racing as a saleable product. Read both and form your own opinion.  Email this writer at austrot_1943@hotmail.com  or phone 0408 352 478, as I would be pleased to hear YOUR slant on the whole Racing Queensland scenario.
  On the local scene, Glamorganvale based trainer/driver, Narissa McMullen is looking at taking stables in the new on-track complex at Menangle Park NSW. N.M., whose rise to prominence in just a few seasons saw her in the top six prize money earners last season, has a career CV of the following... First season 10/11.. Lifetime figures.. Driver..3669.. Wins 434.. places 786... $2,095,258... Trainer.. First season 12/13.. Lifetime figures.. 248 starters.. Wins 44..places 49 for $270,775...and is well credentialed to make the move. She is looking to current stable star, Murano, to be the flagship of the enterprise. As an entrée the gelded son of Bettors Delight will take on the stiff opposition to be encountered in the  Tamworth "Golden Guitar" Series.
  After last week's bubble the leader board has settled back to the status quo with Pete top drive, scoring on six occasions and better half, Chantal leading in five winners. Most pleasing effort of the week went to Tony Jenkins with Eulo Flyer getting up at Redcliffe for owner Col Wieden. Amy Rees had the drive.
  Resultsville.. Gold coast at Redcliffe 24/12.. Mafuta Vautin (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Mister Performance (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Subtle Advice (Nathan Dawson for Don Hancock).. Albion Park 26/12.. Floyd Mayweather (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Ona Happy Note (Narissa McMullen).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Five Card Draw (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Drawing Away (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Torque Lively (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Albion Park 29/12.. Feel The courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Machvicar (Nathan Dawson for Chris Petroff).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Redcliffe 30/12.. Jaylets Fury (Nathan Dawson for Glenn Dawson).. Ireby Betty (Danielle McMullen).. Plain Dream (Adam Richardson for Jay Edmunds)..  Our Last Banner (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Eulo Flyer (Amy Rees for Tony Jenkins).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe .. Aussie Vista (Pete for Martine Dwyer).. Eyes On The Road (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Gloveman Gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Mister Performance (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. El Chango (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Special Art (Matt Elkins for Max Towns)..
Giddy Up :beer:
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                                                           "TROT TACTICS"..09/01/2016..
Things are on the up and up today with the Marburg trot meeting focused on support for the Rosewood Equestrian Group.. The REG has been in existence for several years working behind the scenes to create a world class equine facility  in the Rosewood area. The Marburg Pacing Association invites all QT readers who have any interest in the horse as a sporting and recreational animal (even if you just like looking at them), to come along to the Marburg Show grounds today. Gates open at 10am official trials go at 11.00am, and the first race starts about 12.30pm, with a $200.00 "pick the card" competition entry form in the race book. Entry is $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for pensioners and YOU GET TO BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE, with 5 races named in honour of REG. Canteen with top burgers etc, best bar prices and a strong bookie if you would like to have a bet. SAQ will be doing ridden displays in between races. Marburg Pacing Association will kindly donate all takings from the gate to REG. REG will also be running raffles throughout the day. Please come along and enjoy a great afternoon of country racing and support this fundraiser. More details can be found on the Facebook Group Event we have created https://www.facebook.com/events/488131798024527/. Make sure you bring along your family, AND THOSE FREE FRIENDS!
  With the passing of time, and the evolution of motorized transport, the horse has enjoyed a social shift from beast of burden to elite entertainer or athlete. In the transition, he has become a significant factor in the local economy through the expenses incurred in his maintenance. Economic benefit is therefore the prime justification for the construction of the equine facility. The vision is not, I believe, for a "Taj Mahal", but a complex capable of hosting not only Class A or International events, while providing practical seven day a week training and competition facilities for a great number of equine disciplines. In other words, a practical multi-use set-up which will be busy enough to be self supporting. Think on those lines while letting your mind run on what horse related businesses might spring up around the complex. You might want to support the REG as well. At slightly less than a Lotto "quick pick", and greatly improved odds (3,000 tickets),$5.00. will buy you a ticket in a KARA KAR two horse float. Tickets go on sale at the trots today with all proceeds to REG. If you win it, you will have one very cheap horse float. Miss out, and when you are using the Rosewood equine facility, you can say to yourself, "I helped this to happen". Good feeling, Hey!
On Tuesday 19th January, 2016, starting at 7.30pm the REG will be having their AGM at the Rosewood RSL Hall. Chairman has been confirmed as Cr David Pahlke. Mayor Paul Pisasale, and Gary Duffy Team Ipswich are also confirmed to attend the AGM. All interested people are invited to attend. Come along and give us your support and input on how you would like to see things run and what you would like to see available in the Centre. We really need backsides in seats to show support and not just the committee positions. The election is on in March and it is now a great opportunity for REG to show the community, including local government, that we are serious about this project. Nomination forms for positions on the Management and Sub Committee and AGM Agenda are attached to this email. The REG will only win the day on numbers--- people numbers equals people power!
  Changes on the leader board this week with the Ron sallies stable heading the list with three winners and the driving honors going four ways, all on two winners apiece, Hayden Barnes, Barty Cockburn, Gary Whitaker and Pete McMullen. Most pleasing event, Our Shards Of Ice, winner at Redcliffe last Wednesday night, trained and reined by Tim Gillespie..
 Apologies to all, tickets in the float did not go on sale due to a delay in the printing. Tickets will be available late this week coming. Regards, Denis.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 02/01.. Cee Uin LA (Rob Gorman)..  Corey ODonohue (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Three Dee Delight (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Albion Park.. 05/01.. Lifeontopofdeworld (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis).. Teniamo (Amy Rees for tess Neaves).. Redcliffe 06/01.. My Mate Billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Irebetty (Danielle McMullen).. I'm Jack Black (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn).. Our Shards Of Ice (Tim Gillespie).. Bet the Limit (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Freeze Play (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 07/01.. Slipin To Town (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Chaldea (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Candylicious (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. The Endeavour (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..16/01/2016...
  Last Saturday's Marburg  fund raiser trot meeting in support of the Rosewood Equestrian Group project produced a good result. Gate was up, food and bar sales were up, the REG raffle was a howling success, and from a quick glance at the crowd it seemed there were about 100 faces that I did not recognize. The racing was, as usual, on the smaller circuit very much in the exciting spectacle mode. The lucky gate draw was a bonus on the day with bookmaker, Gordon Turner offering the winner the odds to $150 if they could back a winner in races 2 through to 5. Our lucky punter with ticket 60 was Wendy, who assured Gordon Turner that she got her moneys worth in excitement even though her horse did not get the bikkies. Marburg races again on February 16th and Fast Work Horse Supplies "tip the card" competition has jackpotted to $250 for that meeting. Circle it on the calendar. And, while you are at it, don't forget this. ... Rosewood Equestrian group  Annual General Meeting. Rosewood RSL Hall, this Tuesday 19th of January.. 7.30pm ALL HORSE PEOPLE WELCOME.. Get behind the REG for a world class equine facility in Rosewood.  Regards, Denis. 
  If you sit back and look at the future of the horse codes of racing in Queensland, there is little room for optimism in the near future. With less than 80 days to go to April 1st, the deadline for the seven person (four quasi independents with the final say, and three supplicants, one representing each code), Control Board, disseminating and the policy and procedures which will hopefully drain the swamp, we still have only one member, Mr. Justice Muir. Seriously, if the other six were firmly in place by this Monday, it would not be a day too soon. Meanwhile, without any realistic control, we remain up to our rear ends in alligators. Surely, in the Racing Minister's staff of advisors, there must be a number of senior bureaucrats with long track records of familiarity with the Racing and Betting Act of 2002, and a grasp of recent events in Queensland racing. If they can't give reliable advice to their Minister, who can?. What ever action the Minister takes, she must be aware that time is of the essence!
  UBET's fixed odds service may be a two edged sword, if a worrying rumor, which we will run past UBET executive, Brad Tamer, when he returns from holiday  on Monday, proves to be correct. UBET now operates both as a tote (pari-mutuel), and as a bookmaker (fixed odds), with the revenue, or the lack of it, from both combined to produce the end sum which finds its way into the coffers of Racing Queensland on a meeting to meeting basis.
  It is said that last Saturday's Magic millions meeting produced a mammoth sum in turnover on the two betting options, which would have produced  revenue for RQ in the order of $450,000. Sadly the UBET "fixed odds" bookies had a bad day, and the combined revenue shrank to $150,000. That, of course, is part of the great attraction of betting with bookmakers. There is an element of contest between bookmaker and punter. The bookmaker is backing his judgement just the same as the the punter is backing his horse. Both are taking a calculated risk. The 'tote" takes no risks, with the operating percentage removed before the remaining pool is divided by the number of live units. All the above tells us that if we are to continue with our 30 year agreement with UBET, we need to attract a whole heap more NEW punters who are "tote" oriented. The light harness sport could do with the lions share of any new blood so attracted. But, since no submissions focusing on turnover alone have ever been requested, that seems an unlikely scenario. One can but ask however!
 Family orientation as usual on the leaderboard this week with father and daughter combo Darrell and Brittany Graham at the top. Darrell four winners in the training department and Brittany scoring three in the sulky. Most pleasing events of the week. The Marburg win by Wheres The Limit trained and reined by Glenn Walsh. A real tonic for a battling trainer. Nobody turns a horse out to race in better condition than Nikki chalk, and she was rewarded when Glenburn Red scored at Albion Park last Tuesday. Shane Graham had the steer and the rate was a very tidy 1-54.8.. Mitchell Dawson right up there training two winners , Marburg and Albion Park Tuesday..
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park..08/01.. El Chango (Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Chattanoogachoochoo (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Subtle Advice (Nathan Dawson for Don Hancock).. Special Thoughts (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Saratoga (Adam Sanderson).. Albion Park ..09/01..Corey ODonohue (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Tyron Lochie (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott)..  Marburg 09/01.. Nedra Gold (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Washingtons Flier (Trevor Lambourn for Ron Sallis).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott)..Pegasus Rocks (Kelli Dawson for Shane Fraser).. Wheres The Limit (Glenn Walsh)..  Albion Park.. 12/01.. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn)..  Glenburn Red (Shane Graham for Nikki Chalk).. Mafuta Vautin (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Chicken On A Chain (Hayden Barnes for Mitchell Dawson).. Redcliffe 13/01..Penny A packet (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Russian revolution (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Ceear Rail (Matt Elkins for Debbie Belford).. My Crazy Ex (Pete for Chantal Turpin McMullen).. Im Jack Black (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS".. 23/01/2016..
  There are writers, and there are historians.  Thursday the 14th of January saw the passing of one of a rare breed, a man who was a beautifully balanced blend of the two crafts. I write of Raymond Lowndes, carried off in his 71st year after a lengthy and debilitating illness. RL spent all his spare time for many years, seeking out older trotting folk in the main. He would sit down, note pad and pen at the ready, ask the gentle but pertinent questions, and accurately record the responses from owners, trainers and drivers, who had been there and done that. No doubt he edited the mountain of information that he took away  but kept the bits that counted. Because his characters were real life they leapt off the page at the reader and dragged him or her back into the narrative  to live the experience with the teller. Raymond's true passion was show and small track racing from the standing start, and until his health failed  he was a regular at Rocklea.
  His first book, "Kedron to Albion Park" in two volumes  1880 --1949 and 1950 --1968 is indeed the history of light harness horses and people in Queensland from the "high wheeler" sulky to the dawn of the modern era with the switching on of the lights at "the Creek". Quotes from the back covers of the two volumes show that Raymond Lowndes had a touch of the Nostradamus about him. "some say that the real horsemen are all gone, and maybe they are right. Many were part timers, still are, "the one horse at a time" folk, who stuck it out until the old days of their sport vanished before their very eyes, to become the business that it is today"..... "Harness racing in Queensland has come a long way from the old days. It used to have that magical quality that thoroughbred racing never had, and never will, that of getting the crowd in close proximity to the action on a small tight circuit. It was always the sport's greatest attraction"!
  Three "greats" best describe Raymond Lowndes.. "GREAT IN SPIRIT, GREAT IN MIND AND GREAT IN STATURE". A LARGER THAN LIFE CHARACTER TO WHOM WE ALL OWE A DEBT FOR KEEPING US IN TOUCH WITH THOSE WHO MADE OUR SPORT! The keeper of books is a keeper of many things good. Raymond gave us the books, and our duty is to keep his memory alive in return.
   It is a pleasure to report that the Rosewood Equestrian Group  Annual General Meeting last Tuesday  night was a first class confidence builder for members, with Maxine Ellison returned unopposed as President.. Seventy people took the time to turn up to provide the new committee with valuable feed back and, in turn, were sent away with a message to all the sporting horse associations that they represented, to the effect that REG needs the support of every sporting or performance horse body to make this project a reality. Mayor Paul Pisale , Ipswich West State Member Jim Madden and our own tireless Division 10 rep, David Pahlke, all threw their weight behind  the Rosewood Equestrian Centre concept. From here, it is upward and on!!
  There is no doubt, that while we are a long way past the accepted "Golden Age" of trotting, we are certainly well stuck into the age of "Change".  The latest block buster is the decision of Harness Racing Victoria to ban standing start races for pacers from September 1st 2016.. From that date, all races for the lateral gait will be started from the mobile barrier. The rationale behind this splendid move is said to be poor betting turnover from the stands. Having observed standing starts in this country for some years now, one understands why, down the ages, some skills have disappeared from daily use and are now as extinct as the Dodo!  This latest effort is the result of successful co-operation between trainers and drivers who were apparently loath to put in the time required to teach horses to stand and go away in an orderly fashion, and administrators, who through lack of years missed the "golden age", or were determined, as many are, to leave their own brand on the game whether it be for better or worse. There must have been at least 50 retired trainers or drivers in Victoria who could have tutored HRV starters in how to control drivers and dispatch a field of horses in an efficient manner. But, why would you take the benefit of their advice, just throw stands for pacers in the too hard basket. One benefit could be a bit more punter focus on the trotters. But, they would also be well served by the recruitment  of a couple of the afore-mentioned retirees!
  The leader board clearly shows Barty Cockburn as leading driver with five wins for the week and, in a week where many trainers had a winner, B.C. made it a clean sweep with just two for the home team. Most pleasing efforts for the week. Arts Peregrine for Trent Knack, Brittany Graham with the reins, and,French Lesson, Tayla Gillespie's first winner at only her seventh runner again with Brittany Graham in the sulky.
  Resultsville..Gold Coast at Albion Park 15/01.. Zac Mac (Hayden Barnes for Darren Hooper).. Gold Play (Barty Cockburn).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Baileys Fernco (Kelli Dawson for John McMullen).. Albion Park 16/01.. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. . Albion Park 19/01.. American Legend (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Bettor Promise (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price)..  Redcliffe 20/01.. Toolijooa Dawn (Barty Cockburn).. French Lesson (Brittany Graham for Tayla Gillespie)..  Mighty Cold Mary (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 21/01.. Aussie Vista (Pete for Martine Dwyer).. Arts Peregrine (Brittany Graham for Trent Knack).. One Four Seven ( Amy Rees for Dave Millard).. Sir Pickles Yum Yum (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Margins (Mark Dux for Phil Mitchell)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                                     "TROT TACTICS"..30/01/2016..
  This week we start with an apology. As happens on occasion, we attribute a winning performance to the wrong individual, be it horse, trainer, or driver. "French Lesson" got the bikkies at Redcliffe last week, and the trainer was given as T.Gillespie and driver as Brittany Graham. Wrong "T" Gillespie. . the trainer in this instance was T. E. (Tayla) Gillespie and it was her first success in the training department and French Lesson only her seventh runner. Only licenced in early December last year, T.G. had gone very close to the money with Ride On A Rainbow running second the previous Wednesday night at runner number six for "team T. G.". The total of starters stands at  nine as of last Thursday, with Ride On A Rainbow adding another Wednesday night  second to the tally, giving stats of 9-1-2-0-1..
  Tayla, who does a bit of part time at the Minden Café/Fuel Stop to keep the cash reserves up, has nine horses in work, jogging at Prenzlau and fast work at Marburg. Among these is the well performed mare Any Left and the ex-Sydney trotter, Cyclone Jake, a gelding who will make his presence felt in the Brisbane square-gaiter's events. There is also an unnamed 2yo ,showing enough promise to be aimed at the Redcliffe Sale Race.
  The 20 year old's ambition is to develop an elite team of horses with a view to being a force in Saturday night racing. With this in mind, the opening gambit is to start French lesson in a 'band' race next Saturday night.
  The never ending message which comes out of any harness administration, is, "we must get young people into the game". Easier said than done, but one lass from the Minden/Prenzlau area has become involved in a significant and successful fashion. Tayla Gillespie looks set to Ride On A Rainbow of her own making.
  It is said that, "the devil makes work for idle hands". If that is the case, then former Oprations Manager Harness, David Aldred, is in line for Sainthood. From his former position, D>A. has been handed the poisoned chalice of Liason Officer between RQ and the States 109 country race clubs. It conjures up visions of someone in a central position in the pen, trying to feed several litters of weaner pigs which weren't fed the day before. "Pandemonium" doesn't do it justice. whatever RQ is paying, it couldn't be enough. However, D. Aldred is a first class administrator and will no doubt come out a winner. At what personal cost, we will not know.
  For fans of the trotter, there will be some calendar, format and prize money changes to the two major features, the Darrell Alexander Memorial and the Jim McNeil Memorial. These changes will soon be known.
  Marburg races next on February 13th.. Watch this space.
  The leader board still showing that lower Brisbane Valley bias with Bill Crosby and Darrell graham tying the trainers section on three winners apiece, whileGary Whitaker on four wins narrowly nosed out Nathan Dawson on three. Most pleasing efforts were Rafferty Delights (Dean Weller) and Lisas Lawyer with young kiwi , Jacob Wallace having a look at the winner's circle.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 22/01.. Zac Mac (Hayden Barnes for Darren hooper0.. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Subtle Advice (Nathan Dawson for Don Hancock).. Weedons Express (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Albion Park  23/01.. Five Card Draw (Darrell Graham).. galactic Eagle (Danielle McMullen for Shane Graham).. Wandary Splash (Nathan Dawson for Kerry Smith).. Withalotofluck (Barty Cockburn for Steven Cini).. Glengowan (Trevor lambourn for Rachel scott).. Feel the courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin- McMullen).. Lady White Water (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Albion Park 26/01.. Daenerys Targaryen (Adam Sanderson).. Elzboy (Shane graham for Steve Towns).. Lord Jones (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 27/01.. Feelgood Factor (Stacey Weidemann for Ron Sallis).. Lifeontpofdeworld (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis).. Stout (Dannielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Holly Furlong (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 28/01.. Stayintown Tonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Lisas Lawyer (Jacob Wallace for Darrell Graham).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Rafferty Delights (Dean Weller).. King Grin Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Annika Magic (Nathan Dawson for Kerry Smith)..
  Sorry about the delay. waiting for Telstra tech from last Wed. Regards, Denis.
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..06/02/2016..
As years roll by, the more it becomes apparent that the people who love the light harness sport are still the bonds that hold the game together. Late last month we lost a long and devoted supporter in Tom Henry Maher. Born in Charlton Victoria in 1932, Tom trained and drove his own team in the early 70’s all around the Victorian country circuit including horses such as Hillsend Lass, Satin Adios, Eastern Nymph & Golden Kay to name a few. He became  another name on the list of southern transplants when moving to St George in south west Queenslandat the end of the 70’s,  where he and his family would take on the task of  farming 13,000 acres of virgin bush.
They would farm wheat and sheep for the next few years before moving to
Toowoomba where they could access better high school facilities for their 3 youngest children. Whilst in Toowoomba Tom re-ignited his love of Harness Racing.

An avid breeder of his own horses this is where Tom would have his greatest success in harness racing. Taking Hillsend Kate through to free for all status with multiple victories at Clifford Park and Albion Park in Brisbane. Hillsend Kate, a daughter of Kentucky and Hillsend Lass by Kid Scott, won 18 races with 14 seconds and 10 thirds including a 1984 win rating 1-58.0.He always said to his wife he would get a special horse and gave it to her for her birthday. Tom and his son Neal trained a small team from rented stables on the outskirts of Toowoomba. They enjoyed good success racing horses including Hillsend Kate, Timtrix & Tarport Tiki. A move to Redcliffe in the late eighties would see the family continue his love of harness racing. After purchasing a house and stables in Knight St Redcliffe the family raced handy performers such as Ottaba Able, Epping Karamea, First Half, Sandra Golden, Princess Blaze and Tasanka Blossum.
  In what esteem was Tom Maher held by his peers. Let me quote "Bunger Johnson" who first encountered TM when chasing pigs on the St George block and commenced an enduring friendship at that point. " A good family man, a country bloke, honest as the sun, who I held in the highest regard". We have lost another brick in the wall.
  Local trainers Narissa McMullen (Glamorganvale) and Shane Sanderson (Gatton) have decided to make a combined assault on the NSW harness dollar.Following the news that talented young horseperson Narissa McMullen had made the move south of the border, astute trainer Shane Sanderson left Brisbane on Tuesday bound for Menangle.
Sanderson and McMullen will train and operate exclusively from the new state of the art training complex based on course at Menangle, in Sydney’s south-west.
The move has been on the cards for some time now for Sanderson who left his position in the Queensland mines to become a full-time trainer and on the principle that "there is strength in numbers", the two will join forces at the state’s premier track.
“The barns officially opened across the weekend and I’m looking forward to getting down there and setting up with my team of horses. I have taken a barn that accommodates twenty horses and I have about a dozen to work with while Narissa will have her small team of three or four and just like in Brisbane, she will be my stable driver.” Sanderson said.
The duo have combined in recent times at Albion Park with good strike rate and will look to consolidate that partnership once in Sydney together.
Sanderson is no stranger to success at the big spacious track after landing the Gr.1 $100,000 Australian Pacing 3yo Colts and Geldings Final at Menangle with Maywyn Jasper back in 2010. Narissa, as recently stated, has a small but talented team headed by recent Tamworth Gold Cup winner Murano.
  Marburg races next Saturday. Come along and enjoy the country trots. All the up close action on the 700 metre circuit. $250 "pick the card" competition (coupon in the race book), bookmaker betting on local trot and major gallops with Sky screen services. Top burgers, fish and chips, deserts, hot and cold drinks with top bar service all at rock bottom prices. Adults $5, Pensioners, $3 and children under 16, $0.. Racebooks $3..Trials commence at 11am with first race approx. 12.30pm.
  Only one name on the leader board this week with Barty Cockburn making a clean sweep, trained three, drove six. The scenic rim strikes back! Pleasing efforts were, Ominous Flyer for Dale Chalk and sign of Perfecshon for James Lewin with Michael Johnson in the sulky.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.29/01..Saratoga (Adam Sanderson).. Zeda Guy (Pete for Chantal Turpin- McMullen).. Blessed Is The Boy (Pete for John McMullen).. Albion Park .. 30/01.. Supaliner (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Maywyns Best (Barty Cockburn for Graham Dwyer).. Chevals Clivesdale (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Kenny Rattray)..Toolija Dawn (Barty Cockburn)..  Albion Park 02/02..Drunken Maniac (Barty Cockburn).. Glasscutter Spirit (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham)..  Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Kenny Rattray).. Cougar Oreily (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Bettor Promise (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Montcalm (Chantal Turpin McMullen).. Redcliffe 03/02.. Ominous Flyer (Dale Chalk).. Sign Of Perfecshon (Michael Johnson for James Lewin).. Many Delights (Barty Cockburn).. Gold coast at Redcliffe..04/02.. Hugh (Nathan Dawson for Chris Petroff).. Kyms Boy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                         "TROT TACTICS".13/02/2016..
  What to do today. It's race day at Marburg. Trials start at 11.00am, the race meeting at approximately 12.30pm. Top burgers, hot and cold drinks, fine deserts, best bar prices in town, multi meat tray raffle and a bookie on the local trots and selected gallops meetings with Sky coverage. Adults $5, pensioners $3 kids under 16 $0.. Racebooks are $3 and  contain an entry coupon for 'pick the card' which has jack potted to $250 this week. Come and join us for the excitement of country trotting on the up close and exciting 700metre circuit.
  There seems little doubt that that current plans proposed by Racing Queensland indicate very little concern for the harness code.  The draft schedule focuses on a time slot shift for the gallopers to 12 race format day/night fixtures on Wednesday and Friday at the Sunshine Coast. Further proposed is a return to Tuesday TAB gallops racing, which was dumped by the previous RQ board some two years ago. Albion Park Saturday night aside, the next highest profile trot meetings are Tuesday (Albion Park day) and Albion Park Friday, (night and/ or day).  Each of these meetings now has to compete for the punter's dollar against the major and certainly more popular code. Given, that on one hand, the codes are to receive distribution based on percentage of the overall turnover figure, the future of trotting in Queensland appears to rest on our harness gurus producing a strategy which will push Saturday night turnover at Albion Park to somewhere past the $5million mark. At this point such a figure, no matter how necessary to combat the downturn which will occur on Tuesday Wednesday and Friday, does not seem achievable.
  Six licencees drove and or trained the winners of $6.5 million last season. One of these, Narissa McMullen, has already headed south to what are seen to be more salubrious conditions and a brighter future at Menangle Park. One can only wonder what contingency plans the other five have in place should the need for migration arise. There has never been a better argument for the return to three separate administrations. At least, in that format we would be able to identify our strengths (if any) and our weaknesses, and do something to rebuild the sport.  The only possible result  from the current "happy families" scenario, is that the two younger brothers will be eaten by their big brother, and harness will be first.
  Incidentally, Narissa McMullen has already drawn first blood with a winner at Menangle last Saturday night. Bettor Draw, an 8 year old gelded son of super stallion Bettors Delight showed plenty of the main Menangle factor, speed, to charge to the front and, in the old phraseology "win it all the way'.  In a further old and traditional twist, N.McMullen was Owner/Trainer/Driver. I think she would be happy with that.
  Queenslanders are renowned for their presence on the world sporting stage ,and the latest potential star is hobby trainer/driver Barb Barry. This week has seen BB  invited by the Federation of European Gentlemen Amateur Trot Drivers (FEGAT) to represent Queensland at the World Amateur Driving Championships , to be run in Hungary in early September this year. Barry, who has driven 92 winners and trained considerably more than that, has already had some international experience as a member of the four person "Anzac Challenge" team which took part in the North-South Island Amateur Challenge of 2009. This annual event is run in NZ Trotting Cup Week and includes a race on the grass at Riccarton on the Wednesday of the carnival.
  The leader board takes on a different shape in the training department this week. No less than four trainers finished in equal first on two winners apiece. Greg Elkins, Ron Sallis, Chantal Turpin-McMullen and Darrell Graham. Nathan Dawson stood alone on three winning drives. Most pleasing effort, Fiscal Cliff  for David Rodger with Isobel Ross in the sulky.
  Resultsville Gold Coast at Albion Par. 05/02.. Temporary Use (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 06/02.. Arma Legend (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Lifesofine (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Forty Seven Flash (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Bells Beach House (Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Teniamo (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Duke Of The Moment (Chantal Turpin -McMullen).. Albion Park 09/02.. Lancelot Bromac (Hayden Barnes for Stewie Dickson).. Fiscal Cliff (Isobel Ross for David Rodger).. Chattanoogachoochoo (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 10/02.. Riverleigh Jeff (Adam Richardson  for Tess Neaves).. Cracker Of A Rainbow (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Ominous Flyer (Dale Chalk).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe..11/02.. Washingtons Flyer (Ron Sallis).. King Grin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Lord Jones (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham)..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS".. 20/02/2016..
  Not everyone whose passing is chronicled in 'Trot Tactics' is necessarily a 110% trotting fan. In this instance we pay our respects to Merv Kingston, who was a partner in Kingston and Wallace Furniture with Des Wallace, and uncle to Des's sons, Jeff and Wayne. It is fairly obvious that no one can be as close to so much passion for the harness horses and their race track exploits without some involvement. There were two pacers that raced in the Merv Kingston team in the mid 70's. Petites Pride, the multiple winning daughter of  high class pacer, Red Adios, and  the gelding,Brass Buttons. Petites Pride later went to the breeding barn at the Wallace family's 'Malonga", where she produced twin foals which survived, a rarity in itself. both of these got to the training track, but lacked the last notch of ability which would have taken them to the races. It is the mark of Merv Kingston that he and Des Wallace were in business partnership from 1952 to 2000 with never a cross word. Jeff Wallace said " In the Company structure, everyone had an area of responsibility and they worked towards a common goal".  The "K" is still there in "K and W"  and we remember Merv Kingston's contribution to furniture manufacture in Ipswich.
  They say that the grass is greener at Kilcoy, a lovely country town on the  D'Aguilar highway. The town has long been home to the Kilcoy Race Club, a compact circuit, fondly known as the "Moonee Valley of the north'. Club President, Con Searle, a highly successful plant food and garden products manufacturer and well known bookmaker, is pointing his green finger at another project. Searle and his committee have plans to bring harness racing to the grass track in a big way.  Having already hosted several dual-code meetings, and with another in the pipeline for December, the Club has applied for a "stand alone" trot meeting for 2nd of October. This meeting represents the thin edge of a wedge and if successful as predicted, may be a springboard to a program of 26 "grass harness" meetings per season. Con Searle has done his homework, citing the small track as a plus for harness as the field passes the grandstand twice which caters for the basic visual spectacle of harness. Further, CS is a supporter of standing starts and, with a long chute providing a 650 metre run to the winning post, the venue is ideally suited for the stand start format and 14/15 horse fields, providing more racing opportunity. Further the Club is guaranteed the support of the Queensland Mini-trotting Sporting Association Inc, which has proven a big hit with the family component of  Kilcoy's solid fan base. Meetings on a fortnightly basis and a one mode starting procedure allows punters to establish a reliable form line. Under these conditions, "Kilcoy On The Grass" has a better than average chance of success, and deserves very careful consideration by RQ.
  At least once and possibly twice a week trainers are receiving texts which tell them that the deadline for nominations scheduled for that day have been extended by "x" number of hours due to a lack of horses in all or particular races programmed for that meeting.. Two meetings, Redcliffe on Wednesday night, and Albion Park Saturday night appear to be immune from this particular embarrassment. Perhaps the reasons are, Redcliffe , aimed, to in some measure to benefit the hobbyists, (lower prizemoney and night time slot, allowing trainers that work a day job to get to a meeting where they may be competitive,  and not lose wages to be there),. Top prizemoney at Albion Park Saturday  ensures a majority of full fields. Three trainers have moved south, Stuart Hunter, Shane Sanderson and Narissa McMullen, taking approximately 40 horses from the racing pool. The shortfall of horses existed before that particular migration took place, and, in fact, the traditional September shortage, blamed on 2-3 and 4yos going for an end of season spell has continued on, worsening week by week. Short fields only attract less turnover than the far from buoyant figures attributed to harness in Queensland. One cant imagine any of the preceding matters to inspire any confidence in potential owners, it certainly has not inspired the punters.   The current administration does not actually exist, consisting as it does of Mr Justice Muir and RQ's interim CEO, Mr John Hall. Far short of the seven decision makers we were promised and operating with no transparency what so ever. There is a potential entry point for owners, trainers, drivers and above all horses and it is the Marburg trials. To date, we have received very little real consideration from the powers that be on the matter of official trials. THE MPA WANTS TO DO SOMETHING WHICH WILL ADDRESS THE SHORTFALL OF HORSES AND PARTICPANTS IN A PRACTICAL FASHION.. I CALL ON THE RACING MINISTER TO ASSIST IN THESE MATTERS!
  The leader board remains firmly fixed in the lower Brisbane valley. John McMullen heads up the trainers with three winners while Hayden Barnes and Pete McMullen tied the drivers on four wins apiece. Most pleasing efforts for the week were Wayne Davis's double at Marburg of lots More Grins and Domestic Art both with Hayden Barnes in the sulky, and, Melissa Gillies teaming with Lively Hero, raced by herself and husband Keith, landing the bikkies at Albion Park on Saturday night..
  Resultsville Gold Coast at Albion Park 12/02.. nil.. Albion Park 13/02.. Lively Hero (Melissa Gillies)..  Marburg 13/02.. RocknRambo (Hayden Barnes for Drew Turton).. Lots More Grins (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Total Energy (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Domestic Art (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Wanteddeadoralive (Adam Richardson for Steve Woodward).. Albion Park 16/02.. Daytona beach (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Cheval Zeppenology (Pete for Jason Carkeet)..  Back page News (Gary whitaker for vic Frost).. Lady Royal Sue (Pete for John McMullen).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Recliffe 17/02.. Judah Ben Hur (Ken Belford).. Call Me Yours (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Icefire (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Boltenin (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. gold coast at Redcliffe..18/02.. Cee Uin L A (Rob Gorman).. In The Frame lombo (Pete for John McMullen)..
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     "TROT TACTICS"..27/02/2016..
  Don't go too far from the Sky Channel screen tomorrow, as Menangle turns out yet another "Super Sunday' of harness. Centre piece is the $750,000 Miracle Mile. This year, the tipster's top choices have all drawn to be in the firing line early, suggesting that there maybe more speed than tactics on the 1400metre circuit. There are no less than five Group One races with the NSW Derby at $200,000, The NSW Oaks ,$200,000 the Ladyship Mile,$200,000 and the Bohemia Crystal Free For All at $100,000.. With another $206,000 in support races, the NSW Harness Racing Club is serving up a total of $1,656,000 in prize money.
  Up here, we have just seen the nomination deadline for next Tuesday's Albion Park (our top money career penalty meeting at  $7,000 per race), extended twice, from 10.00am Thursday to 1.00pm Thursday to 10.00am Friday. Nobody above the level of a hobbyist owner,trainer or driver (who are all guilty of the crime of loving the sport), appears to be in the least concerned, administrators and professional or "elite" participants alike. Once again I call on the Minister to start talking to people who are willing  to shoulder the burden of working their way through any debt situation back to viability and growth. Start chopping the top line of prize money and spreading it out at a lower level on races so programmed that everyone has a chance of earning something and in a format that is attractive to punters, and there will be a reason for hobbyists to return to the game.
   If you are wondering just where The Rosewod Equestrian Group is at in its quest to create a multi-discipline horse complex in the Rosewood footprint, read on... Over the previous 2 years the REG Committee has been quietly working with the Ipswich City Council, Regional Development Australia Ipswich & West Morton, local landholders and equestrian clubs in SEQ to assess the viability of creating a multi-discipline equestrian complex in the Rosewood area.
The initial Feasibility Study and Strategic Planning Documents have been completed and indicate that this complex is desperately needed to cater for the expanding horse and people population in this area. The horse community is one of the big drivers of the semi-rural sector of the economy in our area.
Meetings have been held with state and federal government representatives as well as Equestrian Queensland, and local landholders.  They have all given verbal support, but cannot give additional financial support until the Business Case has been completed. Only then can we apply for grants and funding help from them.
The local landholders will assess the Business Case when completed and their Board of Directors can then confirm that the project meets their criteria for support for allocation of land. Factors include the centre being not for profit, community based, and self sustaining.
The Mad Hatters Ball and a major raffle for a Kara Kar Float (valued at over $10,000), are being held as the main fundraising activities in the first half of 2016 to raise the remainder of the funds to finish the Business Case (by 30th June). 
We believe this Equestrian Centre will bring many benefits to our local area by building a strong equine community that fosters co-operation and economic stability in Rosewood and West Moreton. This writer goes further than belief on this one. Given the massive sport, pleasure and performance horse population in this and surrounding areas, any concentration of facilities and unity of participants guarantees the future of the horse as an entertainer on an ever-expanding rock solid base. Build this facility and all roads will lead to Rosewood!!

Get Your Tickets to the Mad Hatters Ball, to be held at the Rosewood Show Ground hall on Saturday March 5, 2016. Come dressed for the races with your best fascinator, or for a day at the polo in top hat and tails, or even spruce up for a fancy dress ball. Prizes will be available for the best hat, ugliest hat, biggest hat and plenty more.
From 6.30pm enjoy a 3 course full service dinner with a duo playing in the background, then dance on through the night to a 5 piece live band. 
During the evening there will be plenty of entertainment with auctions being held as well as raffle prizes to win. For more information see www.reg.org.au
Tickets $50 each or book a table of 10 for $450.  Numbers are limited so book early to make sure you don’t miss out.  Ticket sales close on March 1 and are now on sale at  https://www.iwannaticket.com.au/event/mad-hatters-ball-MTAzNzI   
 Easter Sunday Fun Day is almost upon us. March 27th is the day. The rare treat of a fully sponsored seven race card with a monster six prize raffleThere will be two bookmakers in attendance, a 'pick the card" competition, a $150 "free bet" draw (get your number at the gate) with each of the bookies,and  a "funny money" bookmaker with numerous items for auction to the lucky punters after the last race. There will be infield displays by re-homing groups craft stalls, food stalls, ice cream van, and, above all, exciting racing on the close up Marburg circuit. Hoping for your support. More detail next week.
  "Same old same old" on the leaderboard this week. Pete McMullen leading driver on seven wins and John McMullen leading trainer with four successes. Most pleasing efforts were Jacob  Wallace on Girl With Fire for Peter Greig, and, Ironbark Lady for Francis Weston with Graeme Harris in the sulky.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 19/02.. No Bones About It (Pete for Lisa Bahr).. Cougar Oreily (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Girl With fire (Jacob Wallace for Peter Greig).. Albion Park 20/02.. Zac Mac (Hayden Barnes for Darren hooper).. Chattanoogachoochoo (Darrell Graham).. Funny Boy (Hayden Barnes for Ken Rattray).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Albion Park 23/02.. Ironbark Lady (Graeme Harris for Francis Weston).. Oliver Winkle (Rob Gorman for Errol Cain).. Needa Margarita (Pete for John McMullen).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 24/02.. Lady Royal Sue (Trent Dawson for John McMullen).. Only One Slim (Pete for John McMullen).. My Shadow Strike (Pete for John McMullen).. My Mojo (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Dylan Dantz (Gary Whitaker for Rod Hinze).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe..25/02.. Total Energy (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Lucky Grin (Gary Whitaker for Tess Neaves).. Zedaguy (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen)..
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                                                                                              "TROT TACTICS"  05/03/2016..
  Autumn is upon us, and with it come the yearling sales. The Brisbane segment of  The Australian Pacing Gold sale will be conducted tomorrow at Albion Park. The following is an excerpt from the Harness Racing Australia website in regard to the sale.
Lot 415 Art Major x Courageous Annie colt.
APG’s Brisbane Sale offers Unbeatable Value to Buyers
Sunday’s APG Brisbane Sale offers buyers more earning opportunities than any Standardbred sale ever conducted in Australia.
Not only will yearlings be eligible for APG’s million dollar race series and lucrative gold bonus scheme, but they will also be eligible to compete in a $100,000 Brisbane Sales race that is exclusively restricted to the 50 yearlings catalogued for this Sunday’s Brisbane Sale.
Brisbane Sale Yearlings Historically the Best Value for Money
While most people know about the unbelievably generous $100,000 Sales Race being conducted by Albion Park HRC, many buyers are unaware that Brisbane yearlings are historically APG’s best performed yearlings (on a price: earnings basis).
“Dollar for dollar, APG’s Brisbane Sale yearlings offer the best return for buyers out of any of the major sales” explained APG’s General Manager, David Boydell.
“At the top end, buyers that spend more than $20,000 in Brisbane historically have a two-thirds chance of landing a winner, with the average winner earning in excess of $100,000 (excluding bonuses) which is more than four times their average purchase price”.
“While there is no doubting the earning potential of horses at the top end, even the more modestly priced Brisbane Sale graduates have forged an outstanding record, with horses that cost less than $10,000 going on to record average earnings of close to $50,000 per winner, headed by the likes of Miss Galvinator ($1.1M), Our Galvinator ($634,161), I Am Sam ($531,702), Atomic Ark ($435,113) and Elzar ($335,229).”
Sunday’s Brisbane Sale catalogue looks to be one of the best
Sunday’s Brisbane catalogue looks particularly strong, with over half of the yearlings coming from sub two minute mares.
The sale includes progeny of outstanding race mares like Courageous Annie NZ ($201,551), Pole Dancer ($186,352), English Elegance NZ ($174,922) and Catwalk Beauty ($156,566), as well as progeny from some exceptional maternal families.
Plenty of Opportunities for Interstate Buyers
New South Wales and Victorian buyers will be delighted to note that over three-quarters of the yearlings are eligible for one or more NSW and/or Victorian futurities, including Bathurst, NSW Challenge, Vicbred and the Breeders Crown.
This means that interstate buyers can take the yearlings home to run in their home state’s major futurities, then pop back over the border for Albion Park’s $100,000 race towards the end of the season.
  Well, there you have it. It is interesting to note, that, in this writers 54 years experience (52 hands on), there appears to be an overall improvement in some aspects of the breed. We seem to be on the edge of predictable outcomes, with the Classic winning juveniles coming, in the main, from Classic winning fillies. It is however, difficult to look back across the years and compare today's super stars, both juvenile and mature, with those of half a century ago. Tracks are better, synthetic harness is far better than leather on the basis of weight alone, and trainers today have realized that alloy shoes are the key to the horse being able to carry his or her top speed far longer than when shod in steel at twice or three times the weight.
  Tomorrow's horses will not be cheap, there will be inflated "buy backs", which blight any sale. For the duration of tomorrow's auction, Albion Park will be, for many potential buyers, the land of dreams. Before you nod or raise your program, consider the words of international working class activist, Egon Kisch, who visited this country in the 1920's and was summarily deported. "the once noble sport of horse racing has become a lottery in which the tickets have four legs"..
  An interesting "stat" from the above  is the ratio of purchase price to lifetime earnings. No one knows the earning capacity of a horse until it retires. The best indicator is average earning earnings per start over career so far. To this end, consider the current position of DESTREOS. Sally Stingel's wonder horse has gone to the races on 398 occasions, has won 89, run 65 seconds and 58 thirds and comes home every time with $1829.96.. It is the gander that lays the golden eggs now, make no mistake. He is going round again tonight--cheer him on!!
  Marburg races next week. A normal five race card  with monster meat tray raffle, $150 free bet courtesy of Terry Picone, "pick the card" jackpotted to $350 courtesy of Fast Work Horse Supplies (Peter Steele) and all the usual budget priced high quality country cooking and unbeatable bar prices. Trials start 11.00am. and first race approx. 12.30pm. The best of country pacing.
  It's getting a bit repetitive on the leader board. Pete again the top driver with six wins for the week and wife Chantal top trainer leading in four for the same period. Most pleasing efforts for the week were Solar Fling for Francis Weston and Greg Elkins training double Surface To Air and Kyms Boy..
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 26/02.. Solar Fling (Steve Doherty for Francis Weston).. Surface To Air (Greg Elkins).. Kyms Boy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Vader (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers)..  Albion Park .. 27/02.. Chattanoogachoochoo Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Karlo Kix (Barty Cockburn).. Lachie Maguire (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. My Crazy Ex (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Drunken Maniac (Barty Cockburn).. Albion Park 01/03.. Drunken Maniac (Barty Cocburn).. No Bones About It (Pete for Lisa Bahr).. Bettabe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Goodtime Stride (Rob Gorman).. Zaras Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Nolonga Your Choice (Rob Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Redcliffe 02/03.. Call Me Yours (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Blytheburn (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Our Shards Of Ice (Tim Gillespie).. Bella Rippin (Pete for Jamie Donovan)..  Gold Coast at Redcliffe.. 03/03.. Cee Ar Rail (Matt Elkins for Debbie Belford).. Martinson (Shane Graham for Mark Rees).. Tiani Alice (Gary Whitaker for D. Shaw).. Adriatic Coast (Rob Gorman)..
  Regards, Denis.
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 "TROT TACTICS"..12/03/2016..
  Milestones are the "bullet points" which chart the progress of a life, or a career. Generally they are used to emphasise positive rather than negative occurrences as is the case today.  Trot drivers are often questioned as to their ambitions in the light harness sport, and reply in broad terms along the lines of "take it as it comes and just keep on driving winners." It got to be a bit bigger deal for Lockyer based freelance reinsman Gary Whitaker on the 23rd of February  when he steered the Bill Crosby owned and trained Constantly Sideways to victory at Albion Park. That was a milestone, as the lanky Whitaker rang up 1,000 winners lifetime in that fraction of a second at the finishing post..
  His efforts in the sulky over the 19 years from the 97/98 season until now have been mainly hard slog. Coming from a Brisbane family with a modest trotting connection, his father having been a penciller for bookmakers as a young man and, in later life owning the handy pacer Warman. While still at school he spent his spare time with Philip Dean, a successful trainer/driver,who fell out of love with trotting some years back. GW then worked for the late John Kann, a superstar in his own right, and at one time trainer of the best all round team in Brisbane. Next port of call was Egmont Park/ Goldrush Lodge  where "Gaz" spent some three years under Mark Lichtwark, refining the skills picked up from his previous mentors.
   Why was it hard slog. Usually to get to lifetime figures such as these, there will appear a fair number of star horses in the CV. More of this directly.  Current stats for 19 seasons are.. Drives 9337.. Wins 1003.. 2nds 992.. 3rds 1048.. 4ths 1004... for total prize money of $4,621,837.. So at an average of 491 drives per season GW managed 52.7 winners per term, with "Century " seasons in 2003/4 and 2014/15. Today's happy man has driven the winners of only 18 races with prize money of $20,000 and above. The majority  of the $4.6 million plus has come from 'bread and butter" races. The Marburg Pacing Association has recognized this top achievement and has named four races in GW's honour  today and will mark the occasion with a momento. Happily, Gary Whitaker has many more successful years in the sulky. he may double or treble his current figures, and we will get pleasure from watching him on the track...
  There you have it. Come out to Marburg today, help Gary Whitaker celebrate and enjoy the country trotting. best burgers, luscious deserts, big raffle, best bar prices  at any sporting event, and 'pick the card" which has jack potted to $300. By just coming through the gate you get a chance at a free $150 bet on the horse of your choice with bookmaker, Terry Picone.  Trials commence at 11.00 am, first race 12.30 pm. Sky channel screens and Terry Picone will field on selected gallops meetings. Adults $5, Pensioners $3, Race books $3 and children under 16 go free.
  The above is only the early warning for our Easter Sunday Fun Day on March 27th. Seven race card, two bookies, two free $150 bets, "funny money " bookie, cake and craft stalls, ice cream van, "pick the card' up by another $50 if it does not go off today. On track, off track attractions and infield demos by the re-homed pacers and trotters. Just a great family day out.
  "Same old same old" on the leaderboard. Pete McMullen once again leading driver with five wins and better half, Chantal Turpin-McMullen top trainer with four victories. Most pleasing happening, Glenn Dawson surviving a nasty race fall with residual pain from soft tissue damage to a nerve in his back. No broken bones. Forecast is for rapid improvement after a fortnight.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park..04/03.. Sweet As Candy (Pete for Vic Frost).. Weedons Express (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Goodtime Stride (Rob Gorman).. Riverboat Prince (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Albion Park.. 05/03.. Chattanoogachoochoo (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Compton Street (Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Mind The Wire (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Jessie Magee (Adam Sanderson for Wayne Graham).. Albion Park ..08/03.. Pale Bear Boo (Pete for Peter Greig).. Lisas Lawyer (Jacob Wallace for Darrell Graham).. Im The Golden Child (Barty Cockburn).. Bettabe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Redcliffe 09/03.. Goodtime Stride (Rob Gorman).. Tuscanallah (Pete for Norm Copeland).. Diabolo Star (Gary Whitaker for Richard Hutchinson).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 10/03.. Sams A Champ (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Jack Frost (Matt Elkins for Vic Frost).. Paris to Berlin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Zedaguy (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Sneaky Catch (Trent Dawson)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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      "TROT TACTICS"..19/03/2016..
  Easter Sunday is almost upon us. Just eight days away. It's the Marburg Pacing Association's biggest race day of the season, and we hope you will join us there. It's a seven race program, including a trot handicap over the 2200metre trip. Bookmakers, Terry Picone and  Stephen Anthony, are providing two $100 free bets on any of the local trots from Race 2 onwards. The two lucky punters will have received a ticket as they came through the gate. So don't come in without yours!. The burgers will be at their absolute best on Easter Sunday, there will be luscious desserts, coffee and ice cream vans, brilliant bar prices and a "funny money " bookmaker to give the non-punters a shot of the action. 'Funny money" comes in blocks of $500 and the players back their fancies in each race, trying to build a bank for an auction of goods after the last race. Race books are $3 and have the coupon for the Fast Work Horse Supplies "tip the card" competition which has jackpotted to $350 for the Easter meeting.
  Gates open at 10.00am, Adults are $5, Pensioners $3 and kids under 16 go free. Trials start at 11.00am and the race meeting proper commences at 12.15pm. Standardbred re-homers, SAQ, will be giving infield exhibitions throughout the day and there will be a number of craft stalls  in operation. Add seven action packed races on the "see and feel the excitement"' 700 metre Marburg circuit and there you have it.  A fun filled family day for everyone and bunnies for the kids as well.
  An update on the '"tracking towards sustainability" strategy on the subject of possible cuts in prize money. The current issue of "Pace" magazine, which contains two months advance programs for trainers to plan for their horses engagements,  indicates that purse levels will drop significantly from April 1st.  The published figures for Tuesday at Albion Park fall from $7,000 to $5,000 on most races. Wednesday night at Redcliffe, static at $3501, Gold Coast at Redcliffe, Thursday, a mix of $4 and $5,000 dollar events , and Gold Coast at Albion Park of a Friday night, $4,000 and $3,501. At this point ,"the powers that be" are considering a proposition which found favour at a BOTRA meeting last Monday week. It seems that the eventual figure will fall somewhere between . Owners and trainers who were making projections on future earnings must exercise patience until the re-jigging process is completed
  If you wondered what happened to the Irish pacer, Meadowbranch DJ, new trainer John McCarthy, confirms that the Inter Dominion competitor is ready to resume after two solid trials at Tabcorp Park Menangle.  McCarthy has been pleased with both efforts and will now sit down and look for a suitable race.
Meadowbranch DJ last raced on December 4 at Gloucester Park when he finished behind Devendra, however on resumption the son of Real Artist will be racing much weaker opposition.  Although he has won 23 races in the United Kingdom, Meadowbranch DJ is assessed as a C1 pacer in Australia.
“I think he is going to do a good job in Sydney, he is lowly assessed and I think he will be best suited to Menangle because he really likes racing over the mile,” McCarthy said. One thing in DJ's favour is that the green fields of Menangle/Cobbitty  where he is now trained are more like Ireland than the arid sands of Perth.
Just the addition of another family member to the leaderboard this week . The trainer's division was a dead heat with Chantal Turpin-McMullen and father-in-law John McMullen  finding the line at three winners apiece. Not surprisingly, Pete McMullen was top driver, bagging five wins, Amy Rees close up on four. Most pleasing effort was the Saturday night win of Uncle Paul, trained by David Rodger of Tarampa.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. Tenacious One (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Three Dee Delight (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen)..  Marburg 12/03.. One Last Roll (Amy Rees).. Soldier Of Fortune (Karen Schulz).. Leorae (Kelli Dawson for Shane Fraser) .. Latin for Lovable Richie Williams for Barry Williams).. Lots More Grins (Amy Rees for Wayne Davis)..  Albion Park 12/03.. Buy Chevron Direct (Pete for Chantal Turpin McMullen).. Forever Texas (Barty Cockburn for Mick butler).. Major Comment (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Jester Oh Jester (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price)..  Baileys Fernco (Kelli Dawson for John McMullen).. Uncle Paul (Pete for David Rodger).. Albion Park 15/03.. Bangkok Bravado (Kelli dawson for Shane Fraser).. Saratoga (Adam Sanderson).. Royal Taz (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Washingtons Flier (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Nolonga Your Choice (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott...Redcliffe  16/03.. highview Aria (Pete for John McMullen).. Newmerella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Melton Bonover (Nathan Dawson for Al Halliday).. Crazy In Love (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 17/03..Dreamtime Sara (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Tiani Alice (Amy Rees for D.A. Shaw)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..26/03/2016..
  Again the bell tolls. This time for longtime race day farrier, Jeff Langdon. JL, who was a talented "aussie rules" player known as "Mad Dog" with the Kedron Club in the early70's was always in demand for race day work having commenced in that role at the Ipswich turf Club some 30 years back. He had long links with the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast Turf Clubs and Albion Park, Gold Coast and Redcliffe  harness racing clubs.  Langdon was no slouch as a harness trainer, having a long and successful association with the pacer, Chico Mandez.  and, in the twilight of  his on-track pursuits, was frequently seen on the trotter, Love Of Mary.. Among his other passions  was equine  entertainment and Rodeo, where he performed as a trick rider, rodeo clown and bull rider, later owning and operating an independent clown show. Off track, he was a talented professional player of the harmonica or mouth organ, and was performing  as recently as a month ago  What can we say about Jeff Langdon. A skillful farrier, a friendly and cheerful man who loved a yarn. Two things set J. L. apart. He was an organized man who had a number of farriers he could rely on to fill in at the end of a race meeting should Jeff be required to start elsewhere. He was not into letting Race Secretaries down. What endeared him to many people was his knack of encouraging young or green drivers to be positive and enjoy their first experiences in the cart. He was a carer in a pressure cooker world where care is in short supply. Jeff's smile and his helpful manner will be sorely missed.
  Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for, the Easter Sunday  Fun Day. It will all be happening at Marburg Showground with a seven race program set to kick off at..... Gates open at 10.am with two bookmakers in attendance. Your gate entry ticket goes in a draw for two free $100 bets courtesy of Terry Picone and Steven Anthony and there is a "pick the card" entry form in the race book which has jackpotted to $350 for Sunday's meeting. The "funny money" bookie will be there. There will be $500 scrip in the race book or the same can be  had from the bookie to get you up and punting. the object is to win enough on the day to bid at the auction of goods after the last. Fruit trays are the raffle prize and the country theme carries on through the craft stalls , the best of burgers and other tasty items from Barry's barbecue and the brilliant bar prices combine with exciting close up racing on the 700 metre circuit to give you and your family a great day out. With the ice cream van, mobile coffee bar, jumping castle and face painter we hope we've got you covered. Adults are $5, pensioners $3, kids under 16 $0 and race books are $3 apiece.
  The following Sunday, April third is the Redcliffe yearling sale. Traditionally the sale to provide bargains, Redcliffe will offer 98 yearlings to go under the hammer of Darren Ebert and Co, 12 of which are by Mr Feelgood . There are a number of quality stallions represented, including Ultimate Falcon, Rock And Roll Heaven and Rock And Roll Hanover. Add to these ,Bettors Delight, Art Major, Cammibest, American Ideal, Lanercost and new kids on the block, Betterthancheddar, Auckland Reactor and Lonestar Legend, and you have a great cross section of  available stallion blood. There will of course be "buy backs' due to the $100,000 pot of gold at the 2017 end of the Redcliffe Sales Race rainbow. There you have it. As always the top end of the lots will make their money easily enough, but, there will be something for everyone in the draft. A "four-legged lottery " in which the tickets have varied price tags. Given that we may be approaching the era of predictable outcomes, we are not yet there. Look at the animal and consider its athletic potential based on conformation. It might be cheap, it might also be good!
  The leader board this week sees tied results in both stable and sulky divisions. Three mentors shared training honours on two apiece, Rachel Scott, Bill Crosby and Darrell Graham. Head to head in the driving were young bloods, Amy Rees and Adam Sanderson,  with three wins each.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park 18/03.. Makin A Move (Amy Rees).. Better Tulhurst (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Albion Park.. 19/03.. Marty Bee (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Western Blaze (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Jackaroo Bromac (Hayden Barnes for Vicki Rasmussen).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Sir Pickles Yum Yum (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Ella Michelle ( Adam Sanderson for Darren Weeks)..  Albion Park 22/03.. Saratoga (Adam Sanderson).. Statement Made (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Tenacious One (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Glengowan (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Redcliffe 23/03.. Lisas Lawyer (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. My Mate Billy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Glasscutterspirit (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Yes Brother Yes (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                              "TROT TACTICS".. 02/04/2016..
  Today the Marburg Pacing Association has two tasks. First is to provide the regular unofficial trials , so that trainers can educate and fit their horses to compete at TAB meetings during the coming weeks. This, the MPA has done for over 30 years, and it is the intention of the current members and committee that this service be continued  into the distant future. Secondly, the members must elect an interim President to continue the good work of Steve Towns, who has resigned this week, citing health and personal issues which will prevent him carrying out the duties of President to his satisfaction. Steve was more a doer than a talker, and it is possible that a few members were critical of his style. However, we at the MPA are very short of volunteer labour, and have been for several years now. "the big fella" was always in the lead, maintaining the track if the regular folks were not available and very frequently carting a float full of garbage bins to the dump and back. His contribution over the last few years will be sorely missed. He was to the forefront in our current efforts to regain the official trials based on the Victorian "CLUB" format, a campaign, which if successful, would make Marburg  a very desirable trialing venue , and would place the MPA in a strong position to do what it was formed for in the first place.
  Initially, the MPA had only three aims. (1).. Raise the standard of racing stock  and drivers from the greater Ipswich footprint, to the point where they were competitive anywhere in south east Queensland.. (2).. Feed fit and educated horses into the Queensland harness racing pool.. (3).. Run Show racing in partnership with the Marburg Show Society to a standard second only the "EKKA".. All three objectives were achieved and maintained with a significant track and facilities upgrade coming from one control body which saw fit to recognize the MPA's contribution.
  In the last five or so years, the administrative climate changed, and the MPA is forced to operate under constraints which prevent it from providing a proper service. As you might see there appears to be a serious shortfall in racing pool numbers leading to short fields. Hence this morning's extraordinary meeting. The MPA has no intention of becoming a rudderless ship for any length of time. We have a direction and an objective and it is our intention to achieve that objective!
  Don't forget the Redcliffe Yearling Sale tomorrow. Head out to Redcliffe Paceway  about 10 am to give the stock a serious once over. If you don't know what to look for in the conformation of a potential racehorse, then maybe you should use tomorrow as a learning curve and come back next year. What ever, it never hurts to ask someone. However, if it has large flaring nostrils, a wide forehead, medium to long ears and a kind eye, that will probably do for a head. Moving to the neck, medium length is good running into a sloping shoulder. Straight front legs from front and side views with medium to short cannon bones, pastern not too much slope nor too upright, healthy hooves with medium heels. Going back, big girth, barrel short on top and long underneath connecting to strong rounded hindquarters with strong muscle down through stifle area. Hocks straight, hind cannon bones straight, pasterns and hooves as in front. Watch how it walks. If it can't walk there is a big chance it can't run either. The difference between buying a horse and a car is that you can't see the ability and toughness inside the horse. If it's a car you can usually replace something or bolt something on to it to improve performance. Have a great day and I hope you buy a champion.
  Jeff Langdon's Memorial Service will be held at Albion Park on this Monday 04/04 at 10.00am. Give Jeff the send off he deserves!!
  So much for variety on the leaderboard. All back to normal with Pete McMullen at the top of the drivers pole on five winners and better half, Chantal Turpin-McMullen the leading trainer with a score of four for the week. Most pleasing result, Dr Hook for Minden based Tim Gillespie.  A nice find, a 10yo gelding trotter still in NZ with over $400,000 lifetime on his ticket. Well done.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 26/03.. Storm For The Boys (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Special Art (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Gold Play (Trent Dawson ).. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Dr Hook (Tim Gillespie)..  Albion Park 29/03.. Morning Fawlty (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Illdoitwhenimready (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Vinland (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Another Broadway (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 30/03.. Only One Slim (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Lynchman (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Artmbros Lass (Nathan Dawson for Steve Coombs).. The Endeavour (Pete for John McMullen).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe..31/03.. Riverleigh Jeff (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Sir Pickles Yum Yum (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Star Black (Brittany Graham for Mick Butler)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..09/04/2016..
  As said last week, the MPA could not afford to be minus a Captain for any length of time. I am pleased to report that senior Vice President, Peter Steele, of "Fast Work Horse Supplies" has stepped up as Interim President. Peter will steer the ship up to the Annual General Meeting, which will be held as near as possible to June 30th, bearing in mind the Racing Queensland  runs it administration based on the tax year, and that financial returns must be lodged at that point.  Steele has already indicated his intention to run the Marburg operation on as economical lines as is practical, and will be looking to recruit more volounteers for maintenance, trial and race day  tasks.. Anyone at the steering wheel of a community based organization tends to leave their mark on the operation. It will be interesting to see in what direction Peter Steele takes us.
   Equally important news from last week is a rundown of the Redcliffe Yearling Sales. With just 5 withdrawals, 93 lots went under Darren Ebert's hammer at the peninsula paceway last Sunday. In the higher priced bracket  ($10,000 and above) there appeared to be a high percentage of "buy backs", with the $30,000 sale topper, lot66, a colt by Mach Three from Making Magic, heading straight back home to Solid Earth (Kevin and Kay Seymour). Nothing comes without price, and the more attractive the 2y0 race attached to the sale becomes, in this case $100,000, the more prolific the "buy backs" will become. What ever, a further 21 lots realised  between $5,001 and $9,999 with the remainder (57) making between $100.. and $4,999. As said, something for every budget, but, from a realistic point of view, only the top 36 lots could be imagined to contain a margin of profit. The rest amount to the annual breeder's nightmare. How does a breeder support mare and offspring for more than two years to be offered a pittance in the sale ring. Breeding of harness stock in Queensland as a viable exercise, still has a long way to go..
  It seems that this is the season for "interim" appointments. The following ukase from Wednesday,6 April 2016, indicates that the top table of the Breeders, Owners, Trainers and Reinspersons Association has undergone a swift and extensive rebuild. It is to be hoped that the "interim" office bearers have TAB turnover on their immediate agenda, otherwise it will be a waste of a reshuffle.
This is to advise that there has been a number of changes to the Office Bearers of BOTRA (Qld) that become effective immediately:
Mr. Warwick Stansfield is standing down as President for business reasons and has been replaced in an interim capacity by Mr. Scott Miller.
However, Mr. Stansfield will remain on the executive as a joint Vice President, a position he will share with Mr. Bernie Ring.   
Mrs. Margaret Reynolds has resigned as Secretary/Treasurer due to her recent appointment to the interim Board of Racing Queensland as the harness racing nominee and will be replaced in this position by Mr. Anthony Collins.
This interim BOTRA executive will remain in office until the Annual General Meeting in July 2016 to manage the restructure of the association whilst working closely with the harness industry advisory group consulting with Racing Queensland for the betterment of the Queensland harness racing industry.
* President: Scott Miller
* Joint Vice President: Warwick Stansfield
* Joint Vice President: Bernie Ring
* HIDG & Breeders Delegate: Greg Mitchell
* Secretary/Treasurer : Anthony Collins
  The great molasses issue entered another chapter on Thursday when Botra indicated that it would cease the regulated distribution of molasses as of April 9th. In an exchange mindful of Winston Churchill's directive, "Action this day", RQ has forbidden the presence of molasses within the stabling area on race day. Trainers may keep molasses in their vehicles and flavor drinking water for their runners only in the car park and only after the animal in question has raced. The animal welfare issues versus the potential for breaches of integrity, are to be debated again. Perhaps Botra and RQ could also include "hopple chafe" and "swelldown" as further permissible on course treatment, again on animal welfare grounds!!
  Welcome changes on the leader board this week with Barty Cockburn dominating the driving ranks on five wins. A triple dead heat for the trainers with Tess Neaves, Chantal Turpin-McMullen and John McMullen all leading in two apiece. Most pleasing result, Tess Neaves' first appearance on the board.
  Resultsville.. Gold coast at Albion Park 01/04.. Millwood Chloe (Dannielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Leos Best (Barty Cockburn for Grant Dixon).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Bettor Promise (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price)..  Jazzy Artist (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Redcliffe 02/04.. Red Vee Hanover (Hayden Barnes for Vicki Rasmussen).. Markey Oh Markey (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. I'm Jack Black (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Wandary Splash (Nathan Dawson for Kerry Smith).. Albion Park 05/04.. Morning Fawlty (Barty Cockburn for Mick butler).. Sans Frontieres (Grant Archer for Francis Weston).. Three Of The Best (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Another Broadway (Darrell Graham).. Overlap (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Redcliffe 06/04.. Lynchman (Dannielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Better Tulhurst (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Rockstar Rikki (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith).. Its All Torque (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe.. Riverleigh Jeff (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Harbour Town (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Atouchagray (Barty Cockburn).. Ina Great Place (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Sky Falcon (Amy Rees for Mick Butler)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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      "TROT TACTICS"..16/04/2016..
  Once again the bell tolls. This time for Trevor Buckingham, who was born at Lake Cargellicoe on Christmas Day, 1943, and departed this life a week back at Glencoe in the new England region of NSW. People in the light harness game often say that everyone deserves at least one good horse. It doesn't always happen that way, but older folk would remember Trevor's best, Home Of Jack, long time holder of the Albion Park track record at 1-53.3. Home Of Jack could stay as well as sprint, and his better wins included the Newcastle Cup in 2005, the Redcliffe Cup in 2006, and the J.D.Watts Memorial in 2007. Among others trained and or driven by TB, include Red Korakau, winner of the Maitland Inter-City Pace  and 22 other races, Limousine Langus $15,000 Sires Stakes Final, and Rays Gamble winner of the Charlie Boyd Memorial at Clifford Park Toowoomba. other double figure achievers were , Monewise, Electrifying and Chasing Freedom. Trevor Buckingham's stats as a driver 1118 starts for 149 wins and 264 places, banking $268,167,with a win strike rate of 1-7. Training efforts were 1222 starters, 174 winners and 303 placings for an impressive $478,278 and again a win strike rate of 1-7. The win rate to starters at both disciplines, demonstrate that Trevor Buckingham was a talented horseman indeed, deserving of the success that he had. He will be remembered for some time to come.
  We go from the sad to the happy with yet another kiwi from the stable workforce of  Darrell Graham finding the winning post at Albion Park yesterday week. Auckland born and raised, Jacob Wallace has been part of the DWG team for 10 months, having spent a bit over four years working for North Island star  Tony Herlihy from age 17. JW's parents had always been close to the light harness game in NZ with Mum holding down the International Manager's job for TABNZ and Dad a recreational punter but there was no 'hands on' involvement. From 10 months in the sulky here, Jacob has been round on 69 occasions for 9 wins, 3 seconds, 4 thirds and 10 fourths.  This record is proof positive that Australia is the land of opportunity for young drivers.  Four years in a leading stable had resulted in just one win, that behind Red Sky Delight at Alexandra Park. Jacob Wallace's ambition is to become a full time professional trainer/driver. The best horse he has driven to date is the Ipswich owned Girl With Fire trained by Peter Greig for Jeff and Leeanne Wallace, ( was it an omen bet ?), and the best horse he has seen is the  Tony Herlihy trained and driven Ohoka Punter, which is headed for our Winter Carnival.  JW's favourite relaxation is the TV set and, in the food department, everything gets a tick. The 'happy factor" , mentioned at the start of this item was provided by Mt Walker based trainer, Ken Belford, who utilised Jacob's concession claim  on Judah Ben Hur. JW  put the gelding into the race at the right moment and the result was never in doubt. Jacob Wallace has not yet decided whether Australia will be his long term home, taking the "let's wait and see" option. One thing is certain however, the lad will not be freezing "across the ditch" this winter at least.
  The second happy moment of the week came in Race 3 at Albion Park last Saturday night, when Reddy Fire and Purga based owner/trainer/driver, Paul Matis, teamed up to take out the  Lunchbox Spelling Farm Qualifying Stakes. It was PM's first winner in at least ten years and the drive was 'vintage Matis", bringing the gelded son of Courage Under Fire four and five deep on the home turn. Such was the gelding's momentum on straightening, that it was evident that this was the night! The rest is history, with the win margin 1.6 metres and the rate a very respectable 1-56.1 for the 2138 metre journey. The dividend was something else again, a staggering $93 plus.  Who is Paul Matis you might say apart from a high profile Ipswich Accountant ?  Prior to shifting to Queensland in 1975, Matis had excelled academically at the University of New England while having a strong interest in harness being secretary of the Armidale Trotting Club at its inception and training a pacer or two for relaxation. When the move north took place, part of the Matis family was Tactair, a 3yo that PM thought might win the Derby here. That was the year of the NZ superstar Noodlum whose win after losing a minimum of 200 metres at the start is often claimed to be the harness effort of all time. PM did not get to test Noodlum as Tactair went down with a virus a week before the series. The son of Tactus and Phoenix Air did however destroy the Derby third place getter Mullion Cove when they met soon after. Matis has been active and inactive in trotting over the last two decades but has managed to win, among numerous other races the Gold Coast Premiers Cup with Pocket Battleship and trained and drove such handy horses as Mavraakie, Bring Me Flowers, Phoenix Lad and White Star Sam. Paul Matis, who seems happiest when training in his own interests described himself as "tickled pink" after Saturday night's win. How Reddy Fire returned such a massive dividend off quite sound form is a mystery. However, the Matis "fire" has been rekindled and will soon grow to a blaze!
Back to the bottom of the Brisbane Valley for this week's Leader Board. The two top results came from the Darrell Graham yard, with Darrell top trainer on three winners for the week and his stable foreman, Adam Sanderson, top driver with five winners for the same period. Most pleasing efforts, Jacob Wallace teaming with Judah Ben Hur and the return of Paul Matis to the winners circle after a lengthy absence.
  Reultsville... Gold Coast at Albion Park..08/04..Champagne Dreams (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler) .. Red Luck (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Storm For The Boys (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen),, Three Dee Delight (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Olive Winkle (Rob Gorman for Errol Cain).. Judah Ben Hur (Jacob Wallace for Ken Belford).. Margins (Mark Dux for Phil Mitchell).. 09/04.. Albion Park .. Reddy Fire (Paul Matis).. Markey Oh Markey (Barty Cockburn for Mick butler).. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Saratoga (Adam Sanderson).. Albion Park 12/04.. My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Redcliffe 13/04.. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Midnight Montana (Hayden Barnes for Barry Williams).. Master Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..
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TROT TACTICS".. 23/04/2016..
 Put a ring round next Saturday, 30/04, on the calendar. This will be your only opportunity to catch the country racing at Marburg until June 11th. If you were put off a first visit to the 700 metre circuit by inclement weather on Easter Sunday, catch up with us next weekend. All the usual features, Barry's best burgers, lowest of bar prices, with beverage served from our latest addition to the rustic ambience, "The Battler's Bar"., Hot and cold drinks, strong bookmaker in attendance, monster raffle and "funny money" bookmaker where we give you $500 "scrip" and you do your best to build a bank for the goods auction after the last race. the "pick the card" competition with entry coupon in the race book, has jackpotted to $400 for this meeting and our bookie puts up the lucky gate prize of a $100 betting voucher on the local trots. There you have it ,with almost "touchy feely" excitement of the pacers on the small circuit where the action is fast and crystal clear all the way round. Gates open 10.00am, trials start at approximately 11.00am and the mobile rolls for the "First" at 12.30pm.. Come and join us, you won't regret it.
  They say if you persist at something, the rewards will come. Glamorganvale based Nathan Dawson proved that last Saturday night when he landed his first driving treble at the Albion Park meeting. Dawson, with 49 winners for the season thus far, leads the Concession Drivers Premiership by 5 winners over Trent Moffat. Currently, he is in the top 10 of the State's star reinsmen. Last season, ND racked up 64 winners, and, with 4 full months of this term to come, and, using the principles of projection and extrapolation, a final figure of 75 plus is not out of the question. Performances of the calibre of last Saturday enhance the number and quality of drives offered on the principle that "nothing succeeds like success". Dawson is loyal to his regular suppliers of drives, so it was satisfying to see Greg Franklin land a double with Remember Them and Beef City Safari, while Kerry Smith provided the third leg with the fast finishing mare, Wandary Splash. Nathan Dawson is fast gaining the reputation of a driver who can get the job done while keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground. His manners and attitude are a credit to himself and the game in general. There is only one direction for this bloke, and that is "UP"! As we went to deadline on Thursday night, ND had teamed with his mate, Ryan Veivers  to land Village Tango a winner at the Gold Coast at Redcliffe meeting.
  Marburg Pacing Association President, Peter Steele, is breaking new ground this morning, calling a meeting to pre-plan for the following Saturday's race day (30/04). All MPA members are invited and the committee will be pleased to hear any suggestions that might make a day at the Marburg trots  a more pleasurable  experience.  Steele is in the business of improving our product, and making our association more viable. He can't do it on his own, he needs our full support. Potential trot goers should attend. It might help us a bit if we knew in advance what it was that the general public expected from an afternoon of country trotting. The meeting starts after the last work out. Approximately 9.30-10.00am.Give it your best shot.
  The leader board is firmly focused on the lower Brisbane Valley yet again. Driving honours were tied with Nathan Dawson and Adam Sanderson going head to head on four wins apiece. Darrell Graham, is leading trainer for the umpteenth time ,also with four winners for the week. Most pleasing effort  just has to be Nathan Dawson.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 15/04.. Rock Till Ya Drop.. (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Bee Tees (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Red Luck (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Gold Play (Trent Dawson).. Rubys Bad Boy (Brittany Graham for Darell Graham).. Cullens Jewel (Mark Dux for Phil Mitchell).. Albion Park 16/04.. Bio Marinus (Barty Cockburn for Grant Dixon).. Broadway Playboy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Angus Bromac.. (Adam Sanderson for Trish McVeigh).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Beef City Safari (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Wandary Splash (Nathan Dawson for Kerry Smith).. Epirus Boy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Dr Hook (Tim Gillespie).. Albion Park 19/04.. Marchesa (Gary Whitaker for Don Hancock).. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price)..  Redcliffe 20/04.. King Grin (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Jack Frost (Matt Elkins for Vic Frost).. Coralie Joy (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Major Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe.. Village Tango (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Arbit Major (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly)..
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"TROT TACTICS" 30/04/2016...
 All things being equal, if you are reading this bright and early in the morning, you should be formulating plans to head out to Marburg to join the MPA in an afternoon of country trotting. It's all there, a trial segment beginning at 11.00am and a five race card which kicks off at 12.30pm. For those who like a punt, we have Stephen Anthony as your bookie on the day.  Part of Stephen's deal is a free $100 bet on races 2 to 5, so don't forget your lucky draw ticket at the gate as you come in, and the winner will be announced after race 1. The Fast Work Horse Supplies "pick the card' competition is on a coupon in the race book. This operates on all five races so your coupon must be in the box in the betting area before race 1. This has now jackpotted to a healthy $400, and is desperately looking for a winner. If you don't like losing your hard earned cash, the "funny money' bookie is for you.. Start with $500 "funny money" from the race book  and build a bank for the auction of goods after the last race. The rest is traditional Marburg with quality food and beverage at rock bottom prices. gates open at 10.00am, and $5 gets adults in, while pensioners, students, MPA members and race books are $3. Children under 16 go free. It's a great day out!!
  Traditionally, Australian race callers are considered to be the world's best. Each of the three animal codes has its stars of the binoculars and microphone in each State. As an adjunct to their calling skills, the complete commentator must be a reliable tipster, and this is where our story begins. Chris Barsby is the top of the trots calling tree in Brisbane and has held the spot at Albion Park for some time. His call is crisp and accurate and delivered with the ease of long practice. Any recreational punter who has struggled with the infinite and complicated variables inherent in the "mobile conditioned" race format, and given it away in disgust, must be amazed at CB's ability to find a fair proportion of winners at most meetings. Callers and professional tipsters require a photographic and computer-like memory to pull out facts and impressions from races seen live and on video, sadly we don't all have this. It is the ambition of all pro tipsters to "pick the card", and it has happened, but, it is a rare thing indeed. Chris Barsby went very close last Tuesday at Albion Park landing seven of the eight winners with a 4.5 metre third the only blot. The winners were, (1) Justabitnoisy.. (2)Slippery Jade.. (3) Zaras Delight.. (4) 3rd... (5) Sparkling Cullect.. (6) Major Cam..(7) Rubys Bad Boy.. (8) Ideal Scott.. Barsby said that late scratchings were a big  factor in upsetting calculations as often a horse which was expected to figure in the early speed battle will be the non-runner thus changing the pattern of the race to a great degree. Big results are not new to CB. About a decade back when tipping for the website <austrotforum.com> with three selections per meeting and five meetings for the week, the tally was eleven winners, three placings and one possible winner badly checked when closing in the sprint lane. Chris Barsby  is looking for that perfect score, no one can pick the day, but it is sure to happen!
  Back to the family connection on the leader board with Pete McMullen the top driver landing four wins for the week, and better half, Chantal Turpin-McMullen training a trio of winners for the same period. Most pleasing efforts, Long Dirt Road for Emu Creek based Russell Kajewski, with Matt Elkins in the sulky, and Rafferty Delights for Dean Weller.
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 22/04.. Beatle Man (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Blazing terror (Pete for Melissa gillies).. Vinland (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Millwood Chloe (Pete for John McMullen).. Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Albion Park 23/04.. Overlap (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Forever Texas (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Heres Rommel (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Queen of Hats (Gary Whitaker for Kevin Moffat).. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Albion Park 26/04.. Slippery Jade (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Zaras Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Rubys Bad Boy (Darrell Graham).. Ideal Scott (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Redcliffe 27/04.. Better Tulhurst (Jacob Wallace for Al Barnes).. White Eyed Girl (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Montcalm (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Nolonga Your Choice (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Mini Cam (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott)..  Gold coast at Redcliffe. 28/04.. Cagney (Ken Belford).. Lisas Lawyer (Darrell Graham)..  Long dirt Road (Matt Elkins for Russell Kajewski).. Rafferty Delights (Dean Weller)..
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"TROT TACTICS"..07/05/2016..
  Last Saturday night was the night of a lifetime for horse breakers and trainers, Wayne and Lyn Graham. Within the space of 25 minutes, the popular Queensland couple snared their biggest double during their long and decorated careers in harness racing after claiming the Gr.1 $322,000 Australian Pacing Gold Fillies Final at TABCORP Park, Menangle plus the $80,000 Albion Park Gold Final.
Park Life, handled by their son Shane,(currently Australia's Champion Driver), claimed the Sydney classic while seriously  in-form reinsman Adam Sanderson handled Jossie James in the home state feature.
The respected couple have been a regular fixture in Brisbane harness racing circles for decades and have enjoyed tremendous success with such stars like Sparkling Melody, Mach Alert, Yahoo Buckaroo, Lively Highlander, Bossys Henry, Power In Disguise, Innocent Nero, Rapt In Red, French Heiress and Albert Aralar among others at Moomba Lodge, their property at Beaudesert. Their current team is headed by exciting four-year-old Major Coup, a last start winner of the QBRED Breeders Classic Final at Albion Park plus this pair of precocious fillies.
  Wayne, who broke in his first horse at the tender age of 14 said that, at full capacity he and Lyn would put through 60/70 yearlings a year and, in the course of the first stage of education, would form an opinion of each and every one of them. They most certainly do not all develop into top liners, and, as the old saying goes, "you have to go through a 100 to find that "good one". The downside of what can be a reasonably sound 'living" is ,that when you unearth the four legged "city of pure gold", it usually won't be staying around for the breaker to get his name in lights. Off the little graduates go to a racing stable, where the fortunate trainer and or driver gets the glory and the prizemoney percentages. Astrology is an interesting science and we would like to know exactly what planet was aligned with what and who was in what house the day that Park Life and Jossie James rocked up to Moomba Lodge. The signs were all auspicious with the owners electing to leave the fillies in training where they first learnt their trade. The net result was a "double whammy" of awesome proportions.  It made 40 plus years of hard slog seem very worthwhile indeed.
  If you are wondering what progress is being made on the "official trial" front at Marburg, well the answer is very little. This particular exercise has proved frustrating to say the least. On the surface, there appears to be a great deal of benefit in having "official trials' every week at the show grounds as an adjunct to the regular "workouts". Several current deficiencies in Queensland harness racing include, regular short fields, (means loss of turnover) due to stood down horses having to wait for a trialing opportunity at a midweek race meeting, and trials themselves having a negative impact on the smooth running of a TAB meeting . Also, lack of a venue suitable to the hobbyist (weekend) adds to costs, as the horse sits idle until the trainer can have time off work to attend TAB race day trials.
  Marburg Pacing Association Inc  intends to perform in the role for which it was first formed some 35 years ago. (1) Give opportunity for trainers, drivers and horses in the greater Ipswich footprint to be competitive anywhere in Australia. (2) Ensure a steady flow of fit and tractable racing stock into the Queensland pool. (3) Ensure a similar flow of competent drivers (with or without family connections) with skills sharpened by regular competition at well run trials. Finally, a fourth and more recent aim. (4). Gain income from growth in trial numbers to the extent that extra races can be run at our monthly Non-TAB meetings. We are about to prepare our second set of costings for the trials based on attracting a realistic figure of 25 "official" triallers and a similar number of "workout" horses with a 4 month projection of growth. This may or may not be the last set of costings prepared for this enterprise.  However, it is not Marburg's intention to be bogged down in the process to the detriment of the outcome.
  The leader board is no doubt fascinating for the two people who sit at its top this week. Pete McMullen had one of his stellar weeks driving 9 winners while better half Chantal Turpin-McMullen blitzed her training rivals leading in six of the best. The rest of us just wonder is there any room at the top. Most pleasing result was in the lucky last at Marburg.. Oldtime Rocka Lombo (Gary Whitaker for David Rodger jnr.)..   
   Resultsville..Gold Coast at Albion Park. 29/04.. Rock Till Ya Drop (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Secret Smile (Danielle McMullen for Ryan veivers).. Bettor Promise (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Albion Park ..3-/04.. Overlap (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen)..  Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. We Tell The Truth (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Lancelot Bromac (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Jossie Jones (Adam Sanderson for Wayne Graham).. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Motu Young Jacob (Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Marburg 30/04.. Dead Heat.. Sir Camelot (Nathan Dawson for Mitch Dawson) and Mister Maverick (Steven Doherty for Francis Weston).. Stayintown Tonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Purple Royale (Greg Elkins).. Dixie Styx (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers)..  Oldtime Rockin Lombo (Gary Whitaker for David Rodger jnr).. Albion Park 03/05.. Marchesa (Gary Whitaker for Don Hancock).. My Precioius fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. drawing Away (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Glengowan (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Redcliffe 04/05.. Stylish boulevard (Pete for john McMullen).. Nolonga Your Choice (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Montcalm (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Total Energy (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Martinson (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 05/05.. Cagney (Ken Belford).. Sugar Mama (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Stayintown Tonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Lightning McCool (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Merrylands Miss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Hancock)..
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                                                                     "TROT TACTICS"..11/05/2016..
  The following is taken from the Harness Racing Australia website and is reproduced by the permission of the author,talented Brisbane based race caller, Chris Barsby. This writer would like to add that Master Crafstman will be prepared from the epicentre of harness Ipswich success, the lower Brisbane Valley at Fernvale. His new trainer, Adam Sanderson is a young ex-pat kiwi who is seriously on the way up. Failure does not seem likely.
Talent; Adam Sanderson has taken over the preparation of exciting three-year-old My Mastercraftsman.
  Talented three-year-old pacer My Mastercraftsman has arrived in the sunshine state.
The New Zealand gelding arrived in Brisbane today (Wednesday) after being transferred from the leading Christchurch stables of Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen to gifted young horseman Adam Sanderson.
My Mastercraftsman is raced by successful owner/breeder Trevor Casey.With the 2016 Racing Queensland/UBET winter carnival fast approaching, My Mastercraftsman will be set for a number of features highlighted by the Gr.1 Queensland Derby on July 16 at Albion Park.“He’s a great addition to the stable and I can’t thank Trevor enough for the opportunity, obviously we’re aiming at the Derby but there are a number of features that he is eligible for so we have good options available to us.” Sanderson said.
Sanderson, a native of New Zealand, has been based in Queensland for a number of years and is based with leading trainer Darrel Graham while working a small team of his own which is spearheaded by consistent trotter Saratoga.Like My Mastercraftsman, Saratoga was a one time member of the All Stars stables before venturing to Australia.
My Mastercraftsman scored an impressive victory at Newcastle last Saturday night where he registered a new ‘PB’ time of 1:53.3.
Handled by John McCarthy, the son of Bettors Delight recorded sectionals of 27.9, 29.4, 28.5 and 27.5 seconds.
“It was an impressive performance last week and he looks like he’s still on the way up, he did it very easily and should prove very competitive here in Brisbane in the coming months.
“They’ve been patient with him, he was unraced as a two-year-old and he’s putting it all together nicely now, he certainly gives the impression he will continue to improve as he gets a bit older.
“He’s fit and in-form so we’ll start looking at our immediate options and keep building to the Derby in July. The Redcliffe and Gold Coast Derby’s are other targets while I have a few other options with him.”
My Mastercraftsman has 3 wins and 5 minor placings from 12 career starts to date.
The 2016 Queensland Winter Carnival spans from 3 June - 30 July with races held at Albion Park Raceway and Redcliffe Harness Racing Clubs.
  There is nothing like a bit of new blood to liven things up.  New on the scene in Purga south west of Ipswich  is  long ago kiwi, Steve Bunz. A descendant of two generations of harness trainers/dairy farmers, and a father who was a well known North Canterbury farrier who prepared Grizzly bear to become the first trotter to break 2.00 minutes in NZ. The landmark event took place with Morrie Holmes in the sulky on the day that the "maestro" retired. As a boy, SB milked cows and helped with the horses. In the course of knocking about with his father, who was shoeing Inter-dominion hope, Commissioner, the lad got close to such stars as the un-hoppled pacer Robalan, Young Quinn, and the super trotters, Maoris Idol and Nigel Craig.
  Life for young Bunz took a different path at that time , as he pursued his talents as a country and western singer. In 1981 he took out a contest in NZ ,the prize for which was a trip to Tamworth NSW Golden Guitar Festival.. He was just 17 yo. Something must have clicked as SB was back in Tamworth two years later to try his luck, and became a full time entertainer, touring with Lee Kernagen and Troy Cassar-Daly. In that period he recorded nine albums and seven singles. A variety of jobs followed including a fifteen year stint rescusitating ailing Clubs and Pubs. Stress told and SB returned to NZ determined to  find himself, buying seven horses which he raced with a degree of success. The training venture came of necessity to defray costs. Steven Bunz has held a licence in Queensland for the last 14 months after a seven month stint under Peter Greig. Currently SB has five in work, some mares in foal, purchased from Alabar Stud, four yearlings beig educated by John Cockburn and four in NZ in work with Andrew Stewart. Steven Bunz and his business partner have a five year plan in place  for the Purga property combining training with agistment. There has quite a bit of inquiry for training services including Asian sources. With current career stats of 72 starters for 6 wins and 12 placings things are looking good for the Purga  enterprise.
  A bit of a swing on the leader board this week, with Nathan Dawson surging to the top with four driving wins. A very level playing field in the training department with Rachel Scott, Greg Elkins, Darrell Graham and Chantal Turpin-McMullen all equal on two winners apiece. Most pleasing effort, Nathan Dawson. A  good week in the bike!
  Resultsville..Gold coast at Albion Park  06/05.. Gloveman Gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Rocky Floyd (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Red rocker (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. The Falcon Ute (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Newmerella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Secret Smile (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Albion Park .. 07/05.. Overlap (Pete for Chantal Turpin McMullen).. Glengowan (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Subtle Advice (Nathan Dawson for Don Hancock).. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Gold Play (Trent Dawson).. Albion Park 10/05.. Morning Fawlty (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Mind The Wire (Dannielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmuusen).. Redcliffe 11/05.. Goodtime Stride (Gary Whitaker for Rob Gorman).. White Eyed Girl (Greg Elkins).. Its Torque Power (Pete for Chantal Turpin McMullen).. Village Tango (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Mister Hart (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe.. 12/05.. Miss Uganda (Nathan Dawson).. Jeremes Rapture (Gary Whitaker for David Millard).. Dixey Styx.. (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers)..
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     "TROT TACTICS"..21/05/2016..
  While we all get a thrill out of the harness spectacle, what is perceived as a low to medium risk  activity for driver and horse, can, in a flash become very dangerous indeed. Such a flash occurred on last Wednesday night in the last race at Redcliffe. Just as the mobile barrier, with its field of green 2yo pacers reached the 1780 metre release point in the home straight, one of their number, Flippa Penny, driven by Barty Cockburn, broke stride, altered direction and checked Mister Hart, partially dislodging driver Darrell Graham from his sulky. As the horror unfolded, Graham was dragged for a short distance by one leg, his foot being wedged against the sulky stirrup. Upon freeing his foot, and skidding along the track, DG kept the reins for a further 20 metres before being forced to let his horse go. Worse was to come, with Flippa Penny then shifting ground and running straight over the fallen Graham, causing serious injury to one leg. Darrell Graham went to surgery on Thursday morning with his future mobility resting on the modern surgeon's skills and armoury of pins, plates and screws. One thing is certain, DG will be missing from the racetrack for some time. All we can do is hope for a full recovery for the "Lord Mayor of Fernvale".
  Darrell Graham's "stats", which have come to a temporary halt, are as a trainer (life time)  a starters 15,557 for 2230 winners and 3354 placings, earning $9.829 million. This season, 463 runners for 69 winners and 107 placings  with prize money of $405,039.. His efforts in the sulky amount to (lifetime) drives 13397 for 1975 wins and 3020 placings and prize money of $8.328 million.. This season, drives 216, wins 23, placings 49 and, in the bank, $160,821.
The rumour mill this week gone caused a minor stir, when it was put about that Queensland Harness was about to follow Harness Racing Victoria's decision to ban standing starts for pacers in that state. Happily, at this point, no such decision has been taken, with current figures indicating that standing start events hold quite favourably against the average mobile event on a meeting to meeting basis. The shift in Victoria is scheduled for the start of the new season on September 1st, but it is likely that the controversial policy will be up for a re-think sometime before that. It stands to reason that, with the renaissance of "Show" racing in Queensland, standing starts would find a new lease of life!
  In the extra good department is the news that the Marburg Pacing Association has won a Gaming Fund Grant which will be spent on a a new, child proof fence on the outside of the   Marburg Showground harness track. The MPA recognizes the great contribution made by  grant application writer, Kellie Reinke. Put simply, "No Kellie, No grant"!!
  The 2016 Racing Queensland UBET winter carnival is fast approaching and in the coming weeks, Queensland harness broadcaster Chris Barsby will introduce a number of the brightest stars chasing the warm weather prize money.With 18 Black Type races on the program for the 2016 Winter Carnival, which opens with the Triad Finals for Q-Bred 2-3 and 4yo's on May 28, and concludes on July 30th, the carnival’s pinnacle in 2016 is the G1 Blacks A Fake, which now boasts an impressive $200,000 in stakes.
  First in the  lineup is Ultimate Art, owned by Kirsty Formosa  in Newcastle NSW and trained here by the Shannon Price/Scott Miller partnership, and is driven by Peak Crossing local, Barty Cockburn.. A 6yo gelding with a resume of 65 starts for 27 wins and 14 placings for a bank roll of $405,263, the all round equine package has dominated the Albion Park fast class events since coming north.Barsby says: "Right now, Ultimate Art is the form horse of Queensland harness racing and looks a legitimate threat to any interstate or New Zealand raider bound for the carnival. It doesn’t matter if the race is a sprint affair or a staying contest; he’s equally effective at both distances. Importantly, his gate speed has improved markedly since racing consistently at Albion Park which is a dangerous sign for his rivals". UA's targets are the $50,000 Sunshine Sprint on July 9th and the $200,000 Blacks A Fake  on July 16th. A big week for a big horse!

  Resultsville... Gold Coast at Albion Park 13/05.. Exceptional Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Drifting Away (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Blue Colla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Albion Park 14/05.. Secret Smile (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Bells Beachouse (Pete for Chantal Turpin McMullen).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Albion Park 17/05.. Galaxy Hunter Steven Doherty for Mal Charlton).. My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin McMullen).. McKay (Gary Whitaker for Graham Gavin).. Redcliffe 18/05.. White Eyed Girl (Greg Elkins).. A Good Chance (Amy Rees for Donny Smith).. Major Montana (Matt Elkins for Darrell Graham).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 19/05.. Little Lizzie Jove (Nathan Dawson for Michell Dawson).. Katniss (Gary whitaker for Meredith Hanrahan).. Change The Nation (Nathan Dawson for Stephen Bunz).. The Last Gindi (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Better Tulhurst (Brendan Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Plain Dream (Rob Gorman for Jay Edmunds)..
  The leader board retreats to safe ground this week with double act, Pete McMullen, leading driver on four wins, and better half Chantal Turpin- McMullen scoring identical figures in the training department. Least pleasing event, Darrell Graham's horrendous fall.
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   "TROT TACTICS"..29/08/2009..
  It never rains but it pours, or so it seems. Hot on the heels of last week's fall at Redcliffe, which resulted in Darrell Graham requiring surgery for a badly broken leg , three drivers were dislodged and injured in the score up to race 7 at Albion Park on Tuesday. First to go was Magnussen, who threw in a buck as the Mobile reached about 40kph, this pulled the front legs from under him and sent the gelding crashing to the track and driver Dayl March with it, rendering DM  unconscious. Highstead, Mark Dux was immediately behind Magnussen, and , as a result, Dux was  catapulted out  as Highstead was severely checked and MD was in turn knocked out. As the pacers lurched sideways, Tally Ho Bromac became involved and Isobel Ross joined the queue for medical attention. All three drivers were taken to hospital for assessment with Mark Dux being held over night.  The injuries were Dayl March, stunned, no recollection of events and extensive bruising, Mark Dux ,stunned, no recollection of events and bruising, and Isobel Ross, suspected broken wrist and tissue damage to be confirmed by MRI scan on Wednesday afternoon.
  There is no good side to a fall only a "less bad than expected" result. In understanding of this, Racing Queensland employs Lisa Maher as Harness Driver Welfare Officer. LM is contacted by the Stewards Panel as quickly as is possible after any fall resulting in injury to horse and or driver with a resume of events up to that point. Lisa then contacts the driver's next of kin and hands on the situation as it is known at that point, and continues to liase with all parties until all matters relating to physical fitness, insurance, and a clearance to resume race driving are satisfactorily resolved. As a follow on procedure Racing Queensland is required to  report to the Racing Ministry  and to Queensland Ocuppational Health and Safety, details of any injury which requires the removal of any driver to hospital . Such reports are filed as a reference to any health problems which may surface down the track. Lisa Maher keeps similar but wider information for RQ and also supplies advice on the filling out of insurance documents, medical questionnaires and emergency funding where loss of income is an issue. Previously four separate departments  at RQ were involved in the process. These have been merged, and incidents are handled smoothly and reliably.
  An up date on Darrell Graham's progress tells us that  he is still experiencing  a lot of pain. The leg has been repaired with a "tibial nail" which runs from the knee joint to sound bone well below the fracture site. DWG, like all people who make a living in the active excitement business, would think a week on the sidelines too long . He is, however, looking at somewhere between 3 and six months rehabilitation, and far from happy about it.
  On the sick list this week are  former trainer drivers, Bernie Wilson (in hospital with on-going heart problems) and Glenn Wilkins recovering from a stroke. Add  Trevor Perrin (heart) to the total and it has been one bad week.
 Now that the Gaming Grant money for the outside  safety fence project on the race track at Marburg Show Ground is in the MPA  coffers, the trotting folk who race and train on the facility can also thank Jim madden , Member for Ipswich West who threw his wholehearted support behind the application. Well done!!
  Many sporting disciplines may be described as "religions" given the devotion exhibited to them by fans and participants alike. Harness/Trotting falls into that category with its principal Deity the "Lord of the Mile Rates". The old chap was beside himself when C0 assessed pacer, Montana Terminator, (Trent Dawson) sizzled over the 1660 metres of an Albion Park TRIAL last Friday to record a rate of 1-53.6. Second was Riverleigh Jeff (Adam Richardson) and Charlize (Mathew Neilson). The margins were 25.75m x 2.5m. MT is currently showing race day stats of 10 starts for 3 wins and one third placing, banking $10,704 and a winning rate of 1-58.5.
  The following is an excerpt from the website, <austrotforum.com> and was posted in 2009. "Well, the local juvenile star, Lanercost, failed by only a half neck to write his name on the Breeders Crown Honour Board last Sunday at Victoria's Tabcorp Park.Fernvale based trainer/driver, Darrel Graham was far from disappointed with the colt's effort, pointing out that it took the New Zealand 2yo of the year, Smiling Shard, and a brilliant 1-57.8 mile rate to bring about the narrow defeat. Importantly, Lanercost fought back strongly when headed in the run home.$46,650 jumped into the bank account for second placing, and, while the colt is enjoying a well earned spell, Darrel Graham will be making long range plans for a spectacular 3yo campaign, based on his last three runs at the highest level".
   See how far we have come in just 7 years. From a narrow defeat in "a brilliant mile rate of 1-57.8"  from a horse destined to go on and win $509,121 to 1-53.6  from a trialing C0 at a venue where 1-54/55.0 is commonplace. No wonder the old goat is excited!!
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 20/05.. Rock With sam (Barty Cockburn for mick butler).. Rock till Ya drop (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Red rocker (Paul Diebert for Rachel Scott).. Sir Semper Fidelis (Matt Elkins for Paul Matis).. Secret Smile (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Teo Enteo (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Havetogetawaymore (Hayden Barnes for Al Barnes).. Albion Park 21/05.. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Royal Jacquard (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins)..Exceptional Mach (Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Polished Rocks (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Motu Young Jacob (Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Purple Royale (Greg Elkins)..  Albion Park 24/ 05..  Galaxy Hunter (Steve Doherty for Mal Charlton).. Raka Rebel (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Redcliffe 25/05.. nil..
  Many tied on lighter scores this week, with doubles the order of the day. Trainers, Chantal Turpin-McMullen on two winners equaled by Rachel Scott and Greg Elkins.. For driving honours, a quadruple dead heat on two apiece.. Chantal Turpin-McMullen , Nathan Dawson, Chantal Turpin-McMullen and Barty Cockburn. Most pleasing effort CT-M on top  in both disciplines.
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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      "TROT TACTICS"..04/06/2016..
   As we roll into the winter carnival, ace trots caller, Chris Barsby, is profiling Free For All class pacers which are likely shine in the Group One lineup. Under the spotlight this week is Bling It On. The 5yo entire is owned by Harvey Kaplan, Peter and Zilla O'Shea, Tracey Lamb and Allan Fairley . Trained by Belinda McCarthy and driven by husband Luke, the son of American ideal and the Caprock mare Alldatglittersisgold, has a healthy bank balance of $1,077,731 from a 62 start career which has produced 38 wins. Among these are the Gr.1 Queensland Derby, Gr.1 Gold Coast Cup and the Gr .1 Australasian Breeders Crown 2yo Final. Bling It On is aimed at the "big two", The  $50,000 Sunshine Sprint on July 9th and the $200,000 "Blacks A Fake" a week later.
Barsby says: “A rare type that has achieved at the highest level each and every year he has raced and his love affair for Queensland is well documented. Given the hard and relentless style of racing in Brisbane, he’s always going to be a major threat because of his brilliant acceleration and point to point speed. Expect him to be a serious player again this winter.”
  It is often said that a particular race is "so and so's race" in the same fashion as the Melbourne Cup, which is always associated with the late Bart Cummings (12 wins) and the Inter-Dominion which always calls to mind the record of Brian Hancock who drove, trained and drove, and trained but drove another stable entry to win no less than 7 Grand Finals. An interesting stat emerged after Kevin and Kay Seymour took out the two 3yo Triad Finals last Saturday night. K and K , racing and breeding as Solid Earth Pty Ltd, have won no less than 23 Triad Finals across the three age groups. Even more satisfying is that all bar one of the winners are homebreds, the sole exception being the 2015 2yo colts and geldings winner, Leos Best, purchased by Kevin Seymour at the Redcliffe Yearling sale with bonus breeding certificates. Whatever way you look at it, it is a phenomenal performance!
  At the other end of the spectrum,but pleasing none the less, is the return to the sulky after serious illness, of veteran trainer driver, Kenny Parker. K.P, who is in his 84th year, has been at the last two Saturday workout sessions, trialling his bonny mare, Colada Rose. The duo are pacing their return to the serious business of racing, but like the water on the rocks, they will get there. Man and horse have something to aim for, as 80 year old Alan Smith drove a metro trot winner at Globe Derby Park in South Australia last week. Critics of veteran drivers should re-jig their thinking a bit.. It is the horse that does the running in the racing game, no matter which code.
  Put next Saturday June 11th in the "Black Book". Marburg races with all the usual attractions. Free $100 bet with our bookie on the day, Stephen Anthony,(get your ticket when you pay at the gate) and Fastwork Horse Supplies "pick the card" has jackpotted to $500. The "funny money" bookie will be in action again, win yourself a bank for the fancy goods auction after the last race. we have a three prize raffle, best burgers and other assorted hot food plus desserts, with "The Battlers Bar" a cut price dream. Gates open at 10.0am, trials start at 11.00am and the  meeting proper kicks off at approximately 12.30pm.. Adults $5, Pensioners and students $3, Racebooks  (with pick the card coupon) $3.. Don't miss it.
  Here’s another profile featuring a likely New Zealand filly that looks certain to be a major player in the Queensland Oaks. Her name is Nek Time, owned by Robert and Sharon Symon, trained by the partnership of Terry and Glenys Chmiel. In the sulky, will be the nearest thing to a re-incarnation of Maurice Holmes, Dexter Dunn. The 3yo filly has a bankroll of $93,989,  with victory in the Gr. 3 Southland Oaks  her high point to date. Nek Time is aimed squarely at the Gr.1 Queensland Oaks on July 9th.
Barsby says: “A high quality filly that looks certain to be a major threat in the filly’s features during the carnival. The Southland Oaks triumph was stunning and the time underlines the effort, her sectionals always seem to be very impressive. Remember, this filly has beaten some very highly regarded types this season and should add plenty in the Oaks puzzle.”
  Crowded on the leader board this week with triple dead heats in both disciplines. Trainers, locked together at two winners each, were Darrell Graham, John McMullen and Rob Gorman. The drivers, tied at three wins apiece were Adam Sanderson, Gary Whitaker and Trevor Lambourn. Most pleasing effort, Rachel Belier's win on One Last Roll.. "Vive la France"!!
  Resultsville.. Gold Coast at Redcliffe 26/05.. Monkseaton (Trevor Lambourn for Jay Edmunds).. Pacquin (Gary Whitaker for David Millard).. New York Teddy (Adam Sanderson for Craig Smith). Gold Coast at Albion Park.. 27/05 My Mastercraftsman (Adam Sanderson).. Red Luck (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Couldn't Resist (Adam Sanderson for Daren Garrard).. Rummiking (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Royal Jacquard (Greg Elkins)..  Albion Park 28/05.. Bennys Ace (Nathan Dawson for Ashleigh Cusack).. Albion Park 31/05.. Duke Of The Moment (Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Statement Made (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Blazing Terror (Kelli Dawson for Mellissa Gillies).. Bronze Ecstasy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Good Time Stride (Trevor Lambourn for Rob Gorman).. Redcliffe 01/06.. Mirth Maker (Pete for John McMullen).. Diemos (Trevor Lambourn for Rob Gorman).. Betting Baron (Pete for Joshua Moore).. Sugar Sugar (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe. 02/06.. One Last Roll (Rachel Belier for Mark Rees).. Annas Best (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Come Kiss Me Quick (Gary Whitaker for Kevin Joiner).. Kytherian Flyer (Amy Rees for Mick Butler)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS ".. 11/06/2016..
  While we are ever reassured that betting turnover at the trots is on the increase, due to "seeding" of the exotics pools (Qunella, Trifecta, First Four and Quadrella etc), it  seems odd  that the "win" pool never reflects this trend. This is of course explained in part by the natural inclination of the punter to prefer a ticket with a known monetary result, should it be a winner. This bleeds a large portion of "win investment" dollars  into the fixed odds market. Sadly for racing revenue, "fixed odds" has a similar risk element to that `of the on-course bookmakers of yesteryear, and a losing day for the price setters and risk assessors of UBET reflects badly on Queensland Racing's bottom line. One of the troubling features of today's trend for "big" stables is the number of 'stablemates"  the punter has to consider when making a selection. Three and four entrants from the one stable is commonplace in many races, and often the least fancied runner is the one that gets the bikkies. Given that the new banner under which we propose to take harness racing/ trotting forward is "INTEGRITY" it might now be timely to discuss "bracketing" of multiple stable entries. In simple terms, this means if a stable has more than one runner in a race and you wish to back the most favoured of the stable entries, you will still receive a dividend if the roughie runs it down in the last stride. This does, of course, lead to small dividends, but Queenslanders have a solid track record of accepting $1.30 as not a bad result.  This will, of course, cause a storm of protest, but it does remove one of the negative perceptions which plague harness racing today. Naturally, it must apply equally to the fixed odds sector of  UBET's operation.
  We have some more Chris Barsby profiles as the Winter Carnival gathers pace. This is an established star, Christen Me, aimed at the big two, The Sunshine Sprint and The Blacks A Fake , with the best end of $250,000 up for grabs. Owned by Charles Roberts and Vicki Purdon, the 7yo gelded son of Christian Cullen and Splendid Dreams, is trained by Cran Dalgety and will have the services of Dexter Dunn in the sulky. Pacing's version of "Mr Versatile" CC has four Gr1 trophies to his credit, The Miracle Mile (2014 rating 1-49.1) The Hunter Cup (3200m stand start), The Victoria Cup and The Chariots Of Fire. With stats of 46  runs for 28 wins and 11 placings and a bankroll of $2,356,392 Christen Me is here to boogie and make no mistake!!
  Barsby says: “The star attraction of the 2016 Brisbane winter carnival, what a thrill to have a horse of this magnitude racing in our backyard and vying for the lucrative prizes on offer. It’s a formidable trio of outstanding horse, trainer and driver so expect plenty of support to head his way when his graces the track at Albion Park. His form since resuming has been very good and the Australian style of racing suits him ideally – get your backside trackside to witness this modern day great.”
  A cat was thrown amongst the high profile pigeons  of the Winter Carnival on Tuesday when Brisbane's most consistent pacer, Ultimate Art, won his eighth race in succession in a blistering 1-51.6 rate. The son of Modern Art and Salix, owned by Kirsty Formosa, trained by Shannon Price and driven by Barty Cockburn picked up a modest $4,422 for his effort, but no doubt caught the attention of his rivals as well as the "Lord Of The Mile Rates" as he added to his already impressive bank of $405,000. Runs like that make you think that perhaps it's not just a benefit for the gold plated visitors.. Who knows!!
  A profile aimed at the Colts and Geldings Classics this time, with Chris Barsby focusing his binoculars on My Mastercraftsman NZ, a 3yo gelding , owned by Trevor Casey and trained at Fernvale by rising kiwi import, Adam Sanderson. A.S. will be handling the reins on race night as well. With stats of 14 appearances for 4 wins and 7 placings, the son of  Bettors Delight, from the Falcon Seelster mare, Belle Joie, has only $33,505 in his wallet, backed up by an impressive win at Newcastle in 1-53.3. M.M. is aimed at the $75,000 Queensland Pacers Derby, to be run on July 16th.
Adam Sanderson says,“He’s done some travelling in his short career to date but he looks like he’s still improving. He arrived in good order when he arrived at my stable and I’ve been extremely happy with the way he’s settled in and found his new routine, his attitude is fantastic. The main target comes up in mid-July and we’ll just ticking over and hopefully be spot-on for the Queensland Derby.”
  Barsby says,“Very typical being a son of super sire Bettors Delight who keep improving all the time and he clearly fits that bill of his sire. He went unraced as a two-year-old but his development this season has been excellent highlighted by a scorching 1:53.3 Newcastle recently while he was in total cruise control in his Albion Park debut. Deserves serious consideration in all of the classics he chases this winter campaign."
  There should be a tinge of green in the lawn today  which makes it all the better to head to Marburg for a day with the country trotters. Gates open at 10am, the trials program starts at 11am and the real deal commences at approximately 12.30pm. All the usual features, "pick the card" coupon in the race book now worth $450, get your lucky number at the gate for the $100 free bet with bookie Steven Anthony on the local trots, and the "funny money " bookmaker will be in operation with the auction after the last race. Best burgers and other hot specialities, cheapest prices ever at "The Battler's Bar" and a monster three prize meat tray raffle will make your afternoon a memorable one. Adults $5, Pensioners and Students $3 and Race Books $3. don't miss it!!
  Barty Cockburn reigned supreme on the drivers side of the leader board this week with five winners.  Others to feature were Gary Whitaker, Adam Sanderson and Pete McMullen all on three wins apiece. On the local trainers front only Chantal Turpin-McMullen and Darrell Graham got out of the "sole" department to each record a pair.
  Resultsville.. Redcliffe 03/06.. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Living Again (Barty Cockburn for Belinda McCarthy)..Leos Best (Barty Cocburn for Grant Dixon).. Major Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Three Dee Delight (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Albion Park 04/06.. Exceptional Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Mach Cullen (Barty Cockburn for Ashleigh Cusack).. Candyliscious (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Lavros Segil (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Albion Park .. 07/06.. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Highview Sadler (Narissa McMullen).. Judyfree (Barty Cockburn for Mick butler)..Jester Oh Jester (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Redcliffe 08/06.. Diabolo Star (Pete for Richard Hutchinson).. Arbit Major (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Jazzy Artist (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Gold Coast at Redcliffe..  09/06.. Grande Uomo (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS". 18/06/2016.. 

  Many years ago, (mid 90's) this column conducted a small exercise to determine the influence, or lack of it, wielded by the print media on wagering turnover on the three codes of animal racing in Queensland. Run over a four week period, the methodology employed was the simplistic approach of measuring the areas ( in square centimetres--- scm)devoted to stories and photos of the relevant codes. These areas were then expressed as a percentage of the total area. Where am I headed? Interestingly the percentages of published area very closely matched the existing percentages of total wagering turnover enjoyed by the individual codes. At the time the three codes were running approximately at the agreed distribution of 76% gallops, 15% harness and 9% dogs.

  We wind the clock forward to  October 2011 and the performance of harness has come under the spotlight, and not favourably. Racing Queensland has prepared a discussion paper on sustainability of prizemoney and bonuses to rectify the situation. The following points are to be considered in arriving at a solution. (1) Wagering on harness has been declining for a number of years. (2) Year to date March 2011 wagering turnover on harness is down 13.8% or $5.9M with 8 more TAB meetings having been held in the previous financial year. (3)  Fixed odds activity made up 19.7% of overall wagering on Qld product through UNITAB as compared  to Year to date March 2009 of 5.07%. (4) Revenue from ALL wagering turnover is 2.2% down on the prior year as returns on "fixed odds" betting are lower than "tote' but it all goes into the one pool for distribution purposes. Actual wagering market share for the period was gallops 75.14%, harness 9.97% and dogs14.69%.

  It is now 2016 and both the horse racing codes are well into the highpoint of their respective racing calendars, "The Winter Carnivals". Last weekend this writer ran the rule over the Friday edition of the Courier Mail and found 195 square centimetres of story/photos devoted to harness in a sponsored feature, while gallops merited 702 scm. The Sunday Mail provided  no less than 3637scm for the gallopers ,feature stories and graphic photos, while devoting a mammoth 49scm to harness. No photos, no story, just a 12.5 cm column of Albion Park results from Saturday night. The score in Monday's Courier was equally impressive, gallops 1642scm, harness zero! If you think that the huge disparity is just the Winter Carnival "hype", be advised that the Sunday Mail of April 24th ran to 3960 scm. Yes, Harness has its problems, but, our handicaps should be restricted to 10 metre increments in standing start races, not the additional impost of near zero coverage in Queensland's major newspaper!!
  "It seems to happen to the good ones" Connections of rising star 3yo Mattgregor were  forced to scratch their talented pacer  for the second week in succession yesterday (Tuesday) owing to an unfortunate setback which occurred on Monday night.The New Zealand bred gelding become cast in his box and ended up with a superficial wound on his hind leg which left connections with no option but to withdraw him from yesterday’s race.
“Luckily, he didn’t do any major damage but we weren’t prepared to start him although we need to get some racing under his belt quickly because the Derby classics are just around the corner. All going well, hopefully he’ll be right to go next week.” Trainer Chantal Turpin said. Mattgregor , a son of ill-fated stallion, Rob Roy Mattgregor and the McArdle mare, Miss Sunshine has had only four starts in Brisbane  for three wins  and a second placing going under 1.54.0 in all his wins. His bank is a modest $11,906 at this point but the gelding, who was just a bit too much of a handful to leave entire, looks to have endless potential.  I'd like to be as sure of the sun rising as I am of Mattgregor going all the way to the top. Speed wins races today and Mattgregor has it to burn!

  In the run up to the "big two' of the winter Carnival we look at Avonnova. The 9yo gelded son of Art Major and and Mini Slick, was purchased from a $20,000 Claiming race at Goulburn NSW by Ian Gurney and Paul Montgomery, and is now prepared by Gurney at Chambers Flat. "Nova" boasts stats of 141 starts for 45 wins, 27 seconds and 16 thirds with a nest egg of $804,128. His top performances include a 4th in the last Inter-Dominion Grand Final in Perth, the G1: Sunshine Sprint, G2:Gold Coast Cup and the G2: Newcastle mile.. Avonnova who will be driven by Shane Graham, is more than a bit special, in that he races un-hoppled in the highest grade. That puts him right up there with rare specimens from other eras such as Lawn Derby (Jack O'Shea) , the first horse to run two minutes in the southern hemisphere, and the kiwi star Robalan (Denis Nyhan). Both repeatedly met and beat the best of their time. Avonnova will give a great account of himself. 

Resultsville. Albion Park 10/06.. Torque Lively (Pete for Chantal Tupin-McMullen).. Glasscutter Spirit (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Only In (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Change The Nation (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Hachem (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Real Social (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Albion Park 11/06.. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Feel The Courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin -McMullen).. Simply Gorgeous (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Duke Of The Moment (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen)..  Marburg 11/06.. Certainly Will be (Pete Mckay for Geoff Stanfield).. Storm On Bye (Justin Pascoe for Trent Knack).. Makin Memories (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis).. Tiki Topaz (Nathan Dawson for Mitch Dawson)..  Albion Park 14/06.. Young American (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Sir Semper Fidelis (Paul Matis).. Real Social (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Redcliffe15/06.. Grande Uomo (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Feelgood Factor (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Captain Turbulence (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Redcliffe 16/06.. Leo The Lion (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. New Hope (Amy Rees for Aileen Smith).. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Harrys Day Out (Brittany Graham for Adam Sanderson)..

  Back to the predictable on the leader board. Pete the top driver, five times on the podium and better half, Chantal Turpin-McMullen right up there with having trained five winners for the week. Most pleasing ,Nathan Dawson's four wins in the sulky three of which were for newcomer to Purga, Steve Bunz.

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS".. 25/06/2016..

  As always, death takes precedence, even over the potentially good tidings which follow this notice. Last week we lost  Jimmy Retchless,  cut down in the twilight of his life by serious illness. JR, whose smallish stature, olive skin and Viva Zapata moustache earned him the nickname of "The Mexican" was active when this writer moved to Queensland in the late 70's.  He was a catch driver of rare ability, having the priceless knack of being able to  sum up and get on the right side of a horse at first meeting, mares included. His stats, gathered in a time when there was much less opportunity for professional drivers than there is today, were, as a trainer, 974 starters for 136 wins, 125 seconds and 94 thirds. In the sulky, he went round on 3849 occasions for 450 wins, 464 seconds and 399 thirds bringing in $1,174,097. He was a good horseman, a kind and friendly man and sadly, his stats do him no justice at all. He is sorely missed by all who competed against him and the punters who backed his drives. 

 Every so often you get a chain of events, which, on the surface, appear not to be connected. However, if you take the time to join up the dots, a picture emerges of imminent success or impending tragedy. This week, in three separate segments of harness racing/trotting as we know it, an action has occurred of considerable significance.  Firstly, on the local front, Racing Queensland (Harness) have acceded to  the Marburg Pacing Association,s requests, and have proposed 12 dates on which the MPA can conduct "Official trials' in conjunction with the regular Saturday morning "jump outs". Suggested commencement is 30/07/2016 and dates are allocated on a monthly basis until 24/06/2017. Currently, the MPA has race dates which include an official trial component also allocated on a monthly schedule. In practical terms, this gives the MPA the potential to conduct two programs of official trials per month. It also gives the MPA the potential to do what it was originally intended to do. To provide a service to harness participants in the South East generally, and the greater Ipswich footprint in particular!

  Secondly, the Albion Park Club Club has announced that they will charge a $10 admission fee for adults for the three main nights of the Winter Carnival.. These are July 2nd, 9th and 16th. Members will be admitted free on production of their current badge. This writer remembers very clearly the Breeders-Owners-Trainers-Reinspersons Association meeting, where a proposal to abolish  admission fees received strong support. Several people at the meeting opposed the move, one of which, stating, " if you give something of value away, by the time you have done so three times, the intended recipient (the on track harness fan) will refuse the item on the grounds that the giver has no pride in his product, and puts its value at nothing, so he or she (the fan) should consider it in the same light." Never a truer word spoken! The crowd we had left, which was dwindling in protest at the racing product of the period, went out like the tide, and have never come back. Incidently, the MPA charges $5 basic admission with Pensioners and Members $3 to its monthly race meetings. We not only need that gate money to remain viable, we are proud of our product!. Whatever, the APHRC decision is a positive.

  Lastly, but most certainly the major issue, is a submission which is being generated to address one the great negative policies in Australian Harness today, "the drop-back rule". This rule automatically drops a horse one class in assessment after not winning in ten consecutive starts.
This submission addresses the problems created by the drop-back handicapping system and provides a solution that improves the financial return for many horse-owners and industry participants.
This proposal provides recommendations aimed at providing improved opportunities for all participants at all locations throughout Australia.
Horse owners must be convinced that their horse/s has a reasonable opportunity to progress through the grades, and their overall satisfaction experience hinges on it, however, as they became dissatisfied with the results provided by the drop-back handicapping system they simply leave.
They leave because of their disappointment with a handicapping system that does not fairly give all horses opportunities to win through its grades and they are leaving at an alarming rate with dire consequences for the industry.
The facts prove themselves; participants declined a further 12% between 2013/14 and 2015/16 (total  45).. Trainers by 7% (37), "A" Grade drivers 17% (32), Junior drivers 9% (5)..
The drop-back handicapping rule has once again failed the industry very badly, as it has on previous occasions, and it should be replaced by an upgraded system that provides opportunity for all horses tor reach their fullest potential at all locations.

  If all three of the above reach their intended goal then we would be making a serious attempt to reverse the decline in the greatest racing spectacle of all ,"Harness Racing/Trotting"!!

  With the assistance of Chris Barsby, we now put the rule over a genuine Derby aspirant in Brallos Pass. The entire son of Major in Art from the well performed Bettors Delight mare Miss Athens ($64,000+), owned by Neil and Mal Lennie and trained by Mark Watson, will be driven  by top class Victorian reinsman, Nathan Jack. With stats of 22 starts for 9 wins, including the South Australian Derby,  6seconds and 4 thirds, picking up an impressive $120,432 along the way, his goal is add the Queensland Pacers Derby to his resume.
Barsby says: “An impressive performer with an impressive record, dominated in the SA Derby while performing at a very high level in both the Victoria and New South Wales Derby series, barrier draws haven’t been all that kind either. His stylish looks are matched by his brilliant turn of foot, can really rip a good quarter. Performing well in the Vicbred series and he’ll carry plenty of support in the Queensland Derby.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 17/06.. Secret Smile (Danielle McMullen for Ryan veivers).. The Space Invader (Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Only In Rome (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Sweet As Candy (Pete for Vic Frost).. Calcavado (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 18/06.. Storm For The Boys (Narissa McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Uncle Lile (Pete for Chris Frisby).. Sparkling Cullect (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Bonnie Jujon (barty Cockburn for Grant Dixon).. Duke Of The Moment (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin -McMullen).. 18/06 Kilcoy.. Aviators Dream (Glenn Walsh for Jessie Capewell).. Cee Uin LA (Rob Gorman)..  Albion Park 21/06.. Riverboat Prince (Pete for Chantal Tupin-McMullen).. Living Again (Barty Cockburn for Belinda McCarthy).. Mandy Kriden (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Betabeeasy (Pete for Chantal Turpin-McMullen).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Redcliffe 22/06.. Dreamtime Sara (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Mach Bino (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Sir Jaybe Hall (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Miss Uganda (Nathan Dawson).. Redcliffe 23/06..Ezy El (Pete for Chris Frisby).. Moonshine Studleigh (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen)..
  Again "team Turpin-McMullen" dominates the leader board with Pete in the sulky for the win on seven occasions, while Chantal led in four of the best in the training department. Most pleasing effort, Aviators Dream for Jessie Capewell and Glenn Walsh, home for all money at Kilcoy on the grass!

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
Post by: Arsenal on 2016-Jul-03, 08:00 PM
" TROT TACTICS ".. 02/07/2016..


Gotcha; Glenferrie Hood arrives in time to beat Ideal Scott and Christen Me in the Gr.3 $30k Wondais Mate at Albion Park. Photo by Dan Costello.

  Leading local driver, Pete McMullen appears to have snagged the drive on a realistic chance in the Winter Carnival major feature, the Gr1 $200,000 "Blacks A Fake" Durable pacer Glenferrie Hood sprung a major upset by claiming the Gr.3 $30,000 Wondais Mate at Albion Park last Saturday. With stats of 62 starts for 21 wins, 7 seconds and 5 thirds for earnings of $ 223,270. On paper GF is not as shiny as some of his more highly touted opposition but last Saturday's effort was a tidy one, and mugs don't run 1-52.4 round Albion Park.Sectionals were posted in 27.5, 29.2, 27.6 and 28.2 seconds.
Recently transferred to the leading stables of Vicki Rasmussen, the gelded son of Christian Cullen and the Badlands Hanover mare, Niftey Franco,  had not won since taking out the Terang Cup back in February this year.
But Glenferrie Hood  turned his fortunes around with a barnstorming finish to defeat Ideal Scott  and kiwi sensation Christen Me in the 1660m feature event.

“He was absolutely super tonight and thrived on a genuine speed and finished really well, I still gave myself a good chance working off the back straight and got good cover flow from Christen Me before unwinding with a big late burst.” Winning driver Pete McMullen said.
Connections of Glenferrie Hood have the option of starting again next week in the Listed $25,000 Mr Feelgood Open Pace or waiting for the Gr.2 $50,000 Sunshine Sprint on July 9.
Tonight’s victory guarantees him a start in the Gr.1 $200,000 Blacks A Fake on July 16.

  New bio-security regulations commencing on July 1st, will require trainers of harness horses to not only sign the horse/s in when arriving on track, but to repeat the process upon leaving.  Further perusal of the relevant link (  https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/biosecurity/about-biosecurity/biosecurity-act-2014/horse-registration-and-movement-records ) appears to involve applying for a PIC number from Primary Industries and keeping of a log book at the home stable. A log book will be kept to record time of departure and arrival at the destination. The reverse  will cover the journey home. the process is not dissimilar to the old permit and waybill system which applied to all racehorse movements in Queensland. It just requires participant to keep his or her own records.

  All roads lead to Marburg next Saturday 09/07/ for another day of close up action at the country trots. "Pick the card" has jackpotted to a cool $500, the $100 bookies free bet is in operation with meat tray raffles, the best burgers and bar prices at "the Battler's Bar", and for those who want to back a winner and not damage the house keeping budget at the same time, "Con Mann" the funny money bookie will be there  calling the odds while you build a bank for the goods auction after the last race. Trials commence at 11.00am with the races at 12.30pm. Entry is $5 for adults, $3 Pensioners, Members and Students, and Kids under 16 go free. The Race book  has the "pick the card" coupon plus $500 funny money, and is a steal at $3. come and join us. The forecast is for sunny conditions, but bring a jacket!!

  Again we take Chris Barsby's summing up of  a rising star headed our way to contest the Garrard's Sprint and the "Blacks A Fake'. In the spotlight is Hectorjayjay, a 5yo gelded son of Dream Away and the Torado Hanover mare, Sheer Finesse. Owned by a group of seven, and trained by David Aiken, Hector has already annexed the 4 and 5yo Championship, Mildura Cup, 4yo Breeders Crown, the Warragul Cup, and his most recent triumph, The Len Smith Mile at Menangle in 1-50.5. Add Gavin Lang to the equation and you may well have a winning combo. Stats of 58 starts for 28 wins, 10 seconds and 7 thirds, banking 4415,832 in the process do nothing to tarnish Hector's image.
Barsby says: “A pacer with unbelievable ability and speed that can torch his rivals in an instant. He’s destined for the very top and it’s just a matter of when, not if, so the Queensland carnival will see him pitted against some proven Grand Circuit like opposition and he will thrive on the hard style racing that Brisbane is renowned for in the coming weeks. Over the years, the Queensland winter carnival has nurtured some great pacers and Hector is about to join that famous list.
Horse registration and movement records
Find out more about the registration process and horse movement record requirements.

  Resultsville .. Albion Park 24/06..Only In Rome (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Drifting Away (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Outinequa (Adaam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Cracka Stride (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. Real Social (Nathan Dawson for Steven Bunz)).. The Falcon Legend (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 25/06.. Feel The Courage (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Buy Chevron Direct (Justin Storie for Chantal Turpin).. Western Blaze (Amy Rees for Mick butler).. Three Dee Delight (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Candyliscious (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Glenferrie Hood (Pete foe Vicki Rasmussen).. Change The Nation (Nathan dawson for Steven bunz).. Allnight Kiss (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 28/06.. SilknSun (Clint Sneddon for frank Bennett).. Slippery Jade (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Cheers Kathy (Rob Gorman).. Waltzing Queen (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Blazing Terror (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers)..

  Leader board lit up with flashing lights as Nathan Dawson top scored in the sulky with six wins for the week. Thousand Club members "Pete" and Gary Whitaker tied for second on five apiece. Ever consistent Chantal Turpin was top trainer with four, 75% of which was an Albion Park Saturday night treble.

  A new feature, leading into the official trials at Marburg. Results of the Saturday 'jumpouts". Spot the upcoming winners!   25/06.. 2yo+  (1) Reggies Mate (Justin Storie).. Diabolo Danny.. Soi Lowboy.. 1mx7m .. m/r 2.10.7.. 400m = 30.9.. (2) I'm Joe Mighty (Kelsey Schulz).. Doolittle Dandy.. Tascot Lady.. 5mx1m..m/r 2.6.2.. 400m= 30.9.. (3) No Confession (Dan Russell).. u/n Somebeach Somewhere.. Beejays Abundance.. 15mx2m.. 400= 29.6.. (4) Aviators Dream (Jess Capewell).. Its All Torque .. Itsa History Maker;; 6mxhd..m/r 2.03.3.. 400m= 30.6..

  Selections for Albion Park tonight.. R 1:  Quinella 1-8: Polshed Rocks (M. Neilson) and Secret Smile (Danielle McMullen).. R 2: Box trifecta 1-2-3: Western Blaze (P. Diebert)-- Reddy Fire (P. Matis)-- Sammys A Kriden (A. Rees).. R 3: Box trifecta in four 1-2-3-8: Feel The Courage (  )-- Munroe ( )-- Goulburn Guy (S. Graham)-- All Eyes On Us (L. McCarthy).. R 4: E/w 11: Nureyev (P. McMullen).. R 5: Quinella 1-8: Annatto (L. McCarthy) and Vinland (B. Cockburn).. R 6: Quinella 103: Major Cam (M. neilson) and Sir Semper Fidelis (P. Matis).. R 7: Box trifecta 1-4-12: Timmo Time (A. Sanderson)-- Son Of Mara (M. Neilson)-- Bettabeperfect (P. McMullen).. R 8: Box trifecta 1-6-8: Ultimate Art (B. Cockburn)-- Bettor Draw (N. McMullen)-- Avonnova (S. Graham).. R 9: Box trifecta 1-7-9: Queen Of Hats (T. Moffat)-- Charming Allie (G. Dixon)-- Three Dee Delight (P. McMullen).. R 10: Box trifecta 4-5-11: justabitnoisy (G. Whitaker)-- My Precious Fling (P. McMullen)-- Our Overanova (G. Dixon).. ...

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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  "TROT TACTICS".. 09/07/2016..

  Let's hope that when you are reading this over the porridge or the tea and toast, you are not feeling the cod snap too much. Just think, if you decided to go to Marburg trots this afternoon the time frame is perfect for Winter. The trials kick off at 11.00 am, the first race goes at 12.30pm  and you can be on your way home at about 3.15. See, you get the warmest part of the day.  As for the day itself, Marburg offers the best of country harness. Easy to see, close up exciting, harness here it isin search of the end of another rainbow. These events often form the links in the potential harness owner's fantasy of getting a Christen Me and getting the big money. They are out there, you just have to find them.

  One of the sign posts to the top points us to Brisbane. Holding the post is entrepreneur Kevin Seymour. Albion Park is hosting four major Winter Carnival races tonight. the Gold Coast derby, the Queensland Oaks, The Ladyship Stakes and the Garrards Sunshine Sprint. In these four events, "Solid Earth Pty Ltd" ,Kevin and Kay Seymour's racing and breeding enterprise has no less than seven runners with collective earnings of $1,229,354, at an average of $175,622 per horse. What ever way you look at it, there appears to be one sure way to succeed in harness in Queensland. Discover the Seymour "Modus Operandi", and do it yourself!!

  With the blockbuster announcement by NSW Premier, Mike Baird, that greyhound racing would cease in that State from July 1st 2017, it has been noticeable that there has been no  mention of  research into the provision of a realistic artificial blooding lure. In this day and age of  sophisticated remote control, robotics and virtually indestructible fabrics, it is surprising that no one in the halls of dog racing power has suggested that such a device be produced. While a functional synthetic lure would not stop the killing/ euthanasia of dogs which lacked speed, it would remove the cruelty aspect of the 'blooding" process. On the principle of one obstacle removed  and one remaining, it is worth a try. I know nothing of the wagering turnover on dogs in NSW, but, if it is anything like the figures produced on Queensland greys , it would be economic nonsense to ban the sport before trying every avenue to produce a workable outcome. Whatever, such action as we see in NSW should cause considerable angst in the ranks of trotting/harness participants here in Queensland. The northern participants are in two divisions, those who wish to restore the sport to prominence, and those who wish to get as much of the available prize money in the shortest possible time prior to the inevitable collapse of the sport in the face of chronic decline  in wagering!

  Resultsville Albion Park 01/07.. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. The Duke Downunder (Steve Doherty for Mal Charlton).. Its Torque Power (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Horace Foxley (Lachie Manzelmann).. Midnight Prowler (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Markey Oh Markey (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler)..  Albion Park 02/07.. Ultimate Art (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price).. Morning Fawlty (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Albion Park 05/07.. DH Armazem (Danielle McMullen) and Mr XJ (Trent Dawson).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Barrietos Bliss (Adam Richardson).. Redcliffe 06/07.. The Falcon Ute (Brittany Graham).. Captain turbulence (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Mini Cam (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Havetogetawaymore (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Clintal Do (Barty Cockburn for Dale March).. Jaycee Style (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Sugarmama (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Redcliffe 07/07.. The Gun Rockstar (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Fiery Blue Chip (Narissa McMullen for Danielle McMullen).. Major Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost)..

  No great changes on the leaderboard with Barty Cockburn top driver on five wins for the week, while ever consistent Chantal Turpin bought home three winners for the same period.


  Marburg workouts.. 02/07.. (1)Under The Kilt (Warren Hinze).. My Blue Heeler.. Diabolo Danny.. 2-26.7. M/r 2-07.3.  400==31.9 margins 2mx3m.. (2) El Cartel (Lachie Manzelmann) .. Camivista .. Doolittle Dandy .. 2-19.6 .. M/r 2-01.4.. 400= 28.9 margins 10x25m.. 
(3) Wecanonlyhope (Warren Hinze).. Dutch Cream .. Bundys Best .. 2-21.2. M/r 2-02.8.. 400=30.5 margins 9x1m .. (4) Makin Memories (Ron Sallis) .. Feelgood Factor  .. Hall Or Nothing .. 2-19.8 .. M/R 2-01.6.. 400= 29.6 .. margins 3x2m..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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If ever the 3 Racing Codes needed to unite it is now.

We can't sit back and think for one minute that the Thoroughbred and Harness Racing Industries are not being heavily targeted by all factions of the Animal Welfare Lobby, The Greens along with the media support of the ABC.

We need to form a Racing Codes Action Group and organise to meet with Senior Ministers managing Sports and Racing portfolios.

If we don't we will be up to our neck in controversy and the outcomes will not be pleasant.

This is in part what appeared on the ABC 7.30 Report last night

Dr Greg Bryant a former greyhound racing insider is lifting the lid on horrific animal cruelty and corruption in the sport, saying what he has witnessed shows the sport is incapable of cleaning itself up.

•   Former Greyhound Racing NSW vet says he supports the ban on greyhound racing
•   Says dog deaths and injuries were covered up
•   Says one greyhound's tail was ripped off

Former Greyhound Racing NSW on-track vet Dr Greg Bryant has spoken out on the ABC's 7.30 program in support of the shock decision to ban the sport in the state, despite threats to his family from greyhound trainers.

"I was disgusted by what I witnessed. I saw some horrific injuries and I saw some of the worst aspects of human behaviour too," said Dr Bryant, who was an on-track vet in 2014 and 2015.

Calls for inquiry into horse racing following dog sport ban
Updated Mon at 10:26am

An animal welfare group has called for an inquiry into the horse racing industry, saying like greyhound racing, thousands of animals are killed because they are deemed uncompetitive.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR) says about 10,000 racehorses are retired each year but there is no way to track what happens to them.

Each year, about 4,000 foals bred for racing never compete and more than 3,000 mares are retired from breeding.

"Take away the live-baiting and horseracing has exactly the same animal welfare issues greyhound racing has," CPR campaign director Elio Celotto said in a statement.

"It's time for governments in each state to take affirmative action because, like greyhound racing, they've shown themselves incapable of self-regulation."

On Friday NSW Premier Mike Baird announced greyhound racing would be banned in the state from July 1 next year. The ACT quickly followed suit.

NSW opposition leader Luke Foley has also drawn parallels between the two industries while calling for greyhound racing to be allowed to remain in the state.

Mr Foley said former High Court judge Michael McHugh, who oversaw the special commission into the greyhound racing industry, has given recommendations including monitoring the entire life of a greyhound as an alternative to closing down the sport.

"I think the brutal truth ... when it comes to so-called wastage is if that is the catalyst to close down greyhound racing, we would also have to close down thoroughbred horse racing and close down the beef industry," Mr Foley told ABC Radio today.

"Wastage does occur. Is it repulsive? Yes it is. Should we do something about it? Yes we should and I think (Commissioner) McHugh provides as an alternative to declaring the industry illegal a road map that would involve far more monitoring and reportage on the life cycle of greyhounds."

Last week Tony Gannon from Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association said the cruelty of horse racing had been ignored in the NSW decision.

The group plans to fight the decision to ban the sport.

"Where do these racehorses all go? [In to] our dog's tummy, we feed off horses," Mr Gannon said.

You can see from Tony Gannon's comments above that some in the Greyhound code are already starting to use other codes issues in a divide and conquer fashion and that tactic will only play right into the Animal Welfare Group's hands.

We must unite asap.

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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I'm at a loss to explain why there's no story this week from Denis Smith.....there were some unusual emails circulating which suggests his account might have been hacked ......we shall have to wait and see.

As opined the hackers were at work so it's two editions for the price of one today .


  There is one event in the life of any harness trainer/driver that is branded indelibly in his or her memory, available for a full colour re-run fifty or sixty years later, and that is that first winner. The great day came for 16 year old high school student, Lachie Manzelmann on the first day of July 2016. But first, a bit of background on LM leading up to this milestone. Lachie is a year 12 lad at Lowood High, reading a general course of English, Science, Maths and two additional sports related subjects. Before heading off to school on three days, and on the weekends, the third generation horseman, a son of John Manzelmann  (leading North Queensland gallops trainer)who has been around our four legged friends since he was old enough to walk, assists his mother, Stacey and Ron Sallis  in working the Sallis team of pacers. On Thursday and Friday, focus shifts to the highly successful stables of Turpin-McMullen Racing at Patrick Estate. Here LM shifts into "Advanced Stablehand Certificate 3" mode as he completes a school based traineeship packaged by TAFE and Racing Queensland's Lisa Maher.

  An excellent background for a career on the harness track. With patience one of the LM virtues, young Lachie went round on twenty occasions before seeing the inside of the winner's circle with the veteran pacer and former Premiers Cup winner, Horace Foxley. Seven days later, HF was back at Albion Park earning prize money with a solid third. It was the start of a good week with Washington's Flier landing the bikkies next day at Marburg, and Eulo Flyer scoring at Redcliffe on Thursday. From here on it looks all systems go for Lachlan Manzelmann. The best horse he has driven in trackwork is Corey ODonohue, and the best he has seen is I'm The Mighty Quinn. Currently, Lachie's plans are to finish school, and seek a full time position at McMullen-Turpin Racing, and, "see where that takes me". His principle is to keep on going forward. He credits his skills , both people and equine, simply as, "I have good teachers"! .Good teachers need good pupils. Lachie Manzelmann is the end product of that formula!

  There is no doubt that every owner's  dream is to race a "good horse". Thrills, money and elevated standing in light harness society are the usual result. With the breeding season not so far away, intending breeders will be evaluating stallions and looking hard at any viable mares they may have.The following thanks to Chris Barsby,is the breeding barn record of the now deceased "Lefty" owned by Christina Monte and Charlie Cini.
  "The Fake Left mare scored on 17 occasions from 67 career starts while amassing more than $117,000 in stakes but her true value at stud is immeasurable.
From 11 foals, Lefty produced 11 winners.
Her winners to date include Chucka Lefty (9 wins - $51k), Shes A Lefty (10 wins - $102k), Lotsa Lefty (4 wins - $17k), Another Lefty (7 wins - $24k), Major Lefty (17 wins - $88k), Just A Lefty (9 wins - $29k), Royal Lefty (2 wins - $6k), Feelin Good Lefty ( 2 wins - $11k), Bring On Lefty (4 wins - $25k) and Catcha Lefty (12 wins - $123k).
Nine different stallions have covered Lefty including Perfect Art (twice), Lotsa Clout, Safely Kept, Art Major, Jet Laag, Blissfull Hall, Mr Feelgood (twice), P B Bullville and Village Jasper.
The last foal for Lefty before being retired is Lucky Lefty, a Mr Feelgood colt who scored at start number seven". At this time, you should recall the words of the man who said, "A good horse is a valuable thing to have, but a good producing broodmare is a pearl beyond price"!!

  As we move towards the end of the Winter Carnival so the stakes for the fast class pacer grow higher. With the $200,000 "Blacks A Fake"  feature to be decided this evening,  there is no doubt that  Hectorjayjay's response when Gavin Lang hit the afterburner button at the 400m last week added a new factor to tonight's equation.  There is a school of thought which holds that a horse with extreme speed can always stay a journey as he or she goes a considerable part of the race at cruising speed, and is thus able to find plenty at the business end. Time will tell if Hectorjayjay  is superior to Christen Me and his CV of performances at and beyond 2600 metres!

   Only familiar names on the leaderboard this week. Gary Whitaker and Pete McMullen dead-heating for driving honours on four apiece and Darrell Graham top trainer with three winners. Most pleasing by far, Jodie and Peter Jones in the winner's circle at Redcliffe on Thursday  with Fui Fui.

   Resultsville.. Albion Park 08/07.. Slippery Jade (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Jazzy Artist (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Five Card Draw (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Sir Jaybe Hall (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 09/07.. Barynya (Pete for Mick Butler).. Rummiking (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Marburg 09/07.. Risky Buziness (Ricky Gordon)..  Lexy lexus (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Washington Flier (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Epirus Boy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Chicken On A Chain (Clint Sneddon for Mitchell Dawson).. Albion Park 12/07.. Only In Rome (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Le Bron (Pete for Brian McCall).. Redcliffe 13/07.. Montcalm (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Machbino (Lola Weidemann for Tess Neaves).. My Shadow Strike (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Cowgirlchick (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Redcliffe 14/07.. Eulo Flyer (Lachie Manzelmann for Tony Jenkins).. Mishani Jewel (Gary Whitaker for Martine Dwyer).. Fui Fui (Gary Whitaker for Peter Jones)..

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Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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   "TROT TACTICS"..23/07/2016..

  No matter how much you want something, you don't always get it. Veteran reinsman Kenny Parker's comeback to the harness track has been shelved on a permanent basis by a minor bleed on the brain last weekend. Sadly, his mare Colada Rose has been transferred to a Redcliffe based mate, Max Olive, for the duration of her racing career. Colada Rose trialed in a 2-04 mile rate last Saturday, indicating that she was not far off the races. The 83 year old Parker will now devote his attention to carriage horses at Maxine Hobbs' Mount Walker property and will keep his trotting interest alive by regular attendance at Marburg trials and race meetings.

  KP has several mottoes which would benefit us all.. "You have to think positive and be positive." and "Have an interest in life and be "INTERESTED IN LIFE"."  Kenny Parker will never lose his interest in horses!

  Given that the banning of Greyhound Racing (or Mechanical Hare Coursing to give the sport its legislative title) in NSW has caused considerable "angst" among the remaining harness participants in the Sunshine State, it is encouraging to see that Harness Racing South Australia have provided security of tenure at Globe Derby Park for the South Australian Harness Racing Club.
 "HRSA are delighted to announce that new agreements have been formally signed between HRSA and the SAHRC regarding the securing of longer term arrangements for racing and additional significant financial support for the SAHRC and Globe Derby Park.
The new agreements include:
•   Licence and Racing Dates Agreement;
•   Memorandum of Lease (‘Head Lease’); and
•   Memorandum of Underlease (‘Sub Lease’).
HRSA will also be taking over responsibility for all race day staff from 1 September 2016.
The new agreements will result in an additional $250,000 in annual financial support for the SAHRC.
The Licence and Racing Dates Agreement formalises HRSA authority to conduct race meetings at Globe Derby Park for a six year period from 1 July 2016. Previously there was no formal authority granted to HRSA to conduct racing at Globe Derby Park."

  Last week we featured the broodmare gem, Lefty.  Last Saturday night, her best performed son, Catcha Lefty added a prestigious Classic to his resume, capturing the Queensland Pacer's Derby, run over 2680 metres at Albion Park. Apart from the kudos attached to a Derby win, $45,000 jumped into the 3yo's bank account taking his earnings so far to $168, 523. The now deceased golden goose improved the family record on the same program when Bring On Lefty took out the Rising Stars Final, picking up $9,782 along the way. There are some significant sires in Lefty's dam line way back. Modernists tend to denigrate anything but the 'latest and greatest' in sires, but for some of the readers in this writers demographic, horses like Raider, Light Brigade, U Scott and Thor Hanover still ring a loud bell.

  Next Saturday, the Marburg Pacing Association will host Official Trials at the Showground. They will be accompanied by the usual "jumpouts". Drivers will require full race kit including white trousers and trainers will use only race standard gigs. Nominate as per the Pace Magazine, and a text indicating start times will be sent to participants. Horses can qualify, have bars lifted and trials drivers can post approved performances.. Help the MPA to make these trials a success. The more trainers who use these trials the greater benefit to participants, and the stronger the area becomes.

  Predictable leaderboard this week, Pete McMullen drove four winners and better half, Chantal Turpin, trained three of the best. Most pleasing effort was an easy one. Neville Doyle's patience rewarded to win the mobile trot on Tuesday with My Delightful Lady, Nathan Dawson in the sulky was no handicap either.

  Marburg jumpouts 16/07.. Trial (1) 1850m  1: Only Sometimes (Justin Pascoe)..  2: Tascott Lady.. 3: Diabolo Danny.. Time 2-22.9.. m/r 2-4.3.. 400m= 31.7.. margins 4 x 10m.. Trial (2) 1850  1: Certainly Cando (Cindy Rippon).. 2: Ultimate Tycoon.. 3: Wanteddeadoralive..  Time 2-22.0.. m/r 2-3.5.. 400m= 31.1.. Margins 6 x 8m.. Trial (3) 2200m .. 1: Beejays Abundance (Steve Burke).. 2: Tulhurst Jailbreak.. 3: Midnight Montana.. Time 2.56.0 .. m/r 2-8.7.. 400m = 30.1.. Margins HD x 2m.. Trial (4).. 1: Torque Factor (Dan Russell).. 2: Sista To Mafuta.. 3: Dutch Cream.. Time 2-23.3.. m/r 3-4.6.. 400m = 29.7.. Margins 1 x 3m..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 15/07.. Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Jazzy Artist (Narissa McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Myboy Nikola (Narissa McMullen).. A Good Chance (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Albion Park 16/07.. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Minion Girl (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 19/07.. My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Blazing Terror (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Redciffe 20/07.. Miss Catalina (Mathew Neilson for Ricky Gordon).. Montcalm (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Makin Memories (Pete for Ron Sallis).. One Last Roll (C M Owen for Mark Rees).. Movinoutatown (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Make A Point (Nathan Dawson for Merv Heironymus)... Redcliffe 21/07.. Yes Brother Yes (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Red Castle Rebel (Nathan Dawson for Ryan Veivers).. Ezy El (Pete for Chris Frisby).. The Gun Rockstar (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..

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Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS".. 30/07/2016..

  The great day finally came, and the Rosewood Equestrian Group's horse float raffle was drawn at Division 10 Councilor David Pahlke's John Street office. With tickets sold as far away as Western Australia, it was a pleasant surprise to see the winning ticket held by locals, Marina and Lindsay Kuhrt. The Kuhrts are firmly entrenched in the Rosewood Pony Club having seen their own children go through the horse skills and character building exercises of that particular institution. Lindsay was for Club President for a number of years and Marina is still an active instructor. Over the years, Lindsay used his gooseneck trailer to cart horses to club musters for kids who did not have access to floats of their own. At this point in time, L and M were planning to purchase an angle load float so that their ex-pony club children could pursue their future equine activities in style. Builders of the "prize" float, Kara Kar, were happy to accept it back as a trade in and, with a cash adjustment, a four horse angle load trailer is on the way. Lindsay Kuhrt's "pony club taxi" will go on providing its valuable and much appreciated service to the kids for years to come. Nothing to do with the trots, but a happy story that needs to be told.

  Given that animal welfare has become a focal point where ever animal racing is discussed, it is fair that we consider the activities of the local harness horse rehoming group, Standardbred Association Qld. SAQ, in conjunction with Racing Queensland, will conduct the 2016 State Hacking and Harness Championships. This is the racetrack career taken to its next phase, active retirement ,and will be held at Gatton Equestrian Centre on 20th and 21st of August. The competition is open to all Standardbred Owners, Riders and Breeders and with 80 classes to contest there will be bulk horses. For info, contact Melissa Bell  0412 973 102. Spectators are guaranteed a great show!

  An update on the banning of Greyhound racing in NSW indicates that, similar to Queensland, there is anxiety in NSW harness ranks. An online poll taken by News Local on the dog decision, from a sample of 41,000 opinions, came up 54% t0 46% in favour of the ban. This result has raised questions about the long term future of gallops and harness. Mr John Dumesny, CEO of Harness Racing NSW was quick to adopt a defensive position saying that the use of whips in harness "continued to be an issue" for the community in spite of tighter rules introduced in May this year. Mr Dumesny said he was confident that harness racing would not be banned, but he could see the whip being taken away in the future. HRNSW Chief Steward, Graham Loch, said that he would support the removal of whips from a personal point of view but he could not see that happening on a one State basis. He indicated that It would be an all or nothing decision. Judy Fasher, Chair of Equestrian Australia, which oversees the high profile sport of Eventing had the last word. "Any sport that ignores a problem which exists, has a responsibility to clean up that that problem or be cleaned up".

  Nothin succeeds like success and the dynamic duo of Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen are on top of the leader board yet again with Chantal training three winners and Pete saluting the judge on four occasions. Again most pleasing is the combo of Neville Doyle My Delightful Lady and Nathan Dawson starting to build a picket fence in the trotters mobiles of a Tuesday.

  Marburg jumpout results from Saturday 23/07.. Trial(1).. 1: Katniss (Gary Gerrard).. 2: Suretobesure (Glenn Walsh).. 3: Diabolo Dynamite.. Time 2-24.3.1..M/r 2-5.5.. 400m= 29.8 .. Margins 25x8m Trial (2).. 1: Certainlycando (C.Rippon).. 2: Tascott Lady.. 3: Crackerofarainbow.. Time 2-20.1..M/r 2-1.9.. 400m= 31.5.. Margins..  Trial (3).. 1: Aviators Dream (Jessie Capewell).. 2: Gotham City Sin.. 3: Darlyn Sea.. Time 2-20.7.. M/r 2-2.4.. 400m= 31.6..Margins 6x10m..  Trial (4).. 1: Mister Performance (Dan Russell).. 2: Fake Romeo.. 3: Teniamo.. Time 2-20.5..M/r 2-2.2.. 400m=29.9 Margins 15 x 6m..

  Resultsville   Redcliffe.. 22/07.. Red Rocker (Jacob Wallace for Rachel Scott).. Blythburn (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Drifting Away (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Barynya (Pete for Mick Butler).. Vinland (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Bee Tees (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 23/07.. Boom Boom Hall (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn).. Royal Jacquard (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. He Gets It (Hayden Barnes for Rod Hinze).. Candyliscious (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. The Space Invader (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Albion Park 26/07.. My Delightful Lady (Nathan Dawson for Neville Doyle).. Cougar Oreily (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Bettabe Perfect (Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 27/07.. Jaycee Style (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. The Endeavour (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Lady Royal Sue (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. El Cartel (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Eleniark (Barty Cockburn for Grant Dixon)... Redcliffe 28/07.. Icefire (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Havetogetawaymore (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Elliott Bromac (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith)..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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Subject: here it is.. 06/08/2016..
    "TROT TACTICS"..06/08/2016..

 Members and intending members should note that the Marburg Pacing Association's AGM will be held at the Marburg Hotel on Monday night August 15th at 7.30pm.. All executive and committee positions will be up for election. Inquiries to Denis Smith 0408 352 478.

  The roll call of former stars of the light harness game is ever diminishing. Gone now is Keith Addison, his long battle with illness at an end. This writer first met "Addo" as he was known, as he came off the track after running fourth with Jan's Chance in the Winter Cup of 1979. "Same as usual" he said,"none of the money stayed in Queensland".. It was typical Addo. When he came north from South Australia via Victoria with the late Gordon Francis and the talented pacer Rainbow Jack which took him to early prominence, KA came to stay. His stats, remembering that computer records used today date only from 1982/3, are not so impressive as our current heroes. The winners were spread amongst a much larger group than is the case at present and the prize money a mere fraction of today. As a trainer, Addo started 965 horses for 106 winners and198 placings, earning $161,478. In the sulky he went round on 1199 occasions for 123 wins and 252 placings with a bank of $183,640.. The high point of his career came in 1975 when he represented Australia in the World Driving Championship conducted here and in New Zealand. Addo triumphed in this series  narrowly beating Peter Wolfenden NZ, with Joe O'Brien USA third. Behind the podium finishers were Shelley Goudreau, Canada, Ulf Thoresen, Norway, Joe Marsh Jnr USA, Horst Bandemer, Germany and Jan Wagenaar, Netherlands. Any student of harness history would recognise  that Keith Addison had beaten a field of genuine superstars. Life is not always a straight line from youth to age in a chosen profession. Keith Addison was in his early 40's and a builder by trade when he made his debut in the sulky at Mt Gambier SA. He was blessed with the "Peter Pan" gene and always appeared much younger than was actually the case. Given that he had the looks to go with it, the mind boggles at what he might have achieved had he found the sport as a teenager. Whatever, his love of the light harness game shone through, and he made many friends who will be missing him today.

  Well, the place to be today is out at Marburg Showground for the trots. In the words of one new patron, 'It's as cheap as chips and a ton of fun, you won't get a better afternoon anywhere". Action starts with the trial program at 11.00am, and the first of the five race card commences at 12.30pm. Best country burgers, assorted hot food, lowest prices at The Battler's Bar and ice cream van in attendance. $5 for adults, pensioners $3 and children under 16 go free. $3 buys a race book with the "pick the card coupon" carrying a jackpot this week of $550, and a tear out voucher for $500 'funny money" .Present your voucher to Con Mann the funny money bookie to get your $500 scrip and punt your way to a fortune at no risk. Spend your bank at the auction after the last race. Patrons 18 and over get a lucky draw ticket for a $100 free bet with bookmaker Stephen Anthony, drawn after race one. Monster three prize meat tray raffle drawn during the afternoon. It's all go at Marburg today. We'd like to see you there!

  Members and intending members should note that the Marburg Pacing Association's AGM will be held at the Marburg Hotel on Monday night August 15th at 7.30pm.. All executive and committee positions will be up for election. Inquiries to Denis Smith 0408 352 478.

  Tomorrow is another day, a day for lovers of the traditional trotter. Spend the afternoon in front of a Sky Channel screen and see the trotters at their best at Maryborough in Victoria. It's Redwood Day, where the best of Australasian 2yo trotters do battle in the signature classic. Prize money on offer, a modest $50,000 for the Group 1 event. Kudos to the winner--immeasurable!! Couple the Redwood Classic to the Victoria Trotters Derby and a top class Free For All (with presentation rug courtesy of the Queensland Square Trotters Association) to a high quality support card and you have the stuff of dreams.

  Deadheats on both sides of the leader board this week, with Chantal Turpin and Darrell graham training a modest two winners each ,while Barty Cockburn and and Pete McMullen shared driving honours on four apiece. Most pleasing effort was Midnight Montana for Barry Williams at Redcliffe on Thursday,Amy Rees in the sulky.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 29/07.. Best Beau (Barty Cockburn).. The Gun Rockstar (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Lucia Bromac (Narissa McMullen).. Platinum Art (Matt Elkins for Kay Crone)Mach Cullen (Barty Cockburn for Ashleigh Cusack).. Simply Gorgeous (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Redcliffe 30/07.. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Five Card Draw (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Waltzing Queen (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 02/08.. Shareapassion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 03/08.. French Globe (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Our Major Day (Pete for Dayl March).. Shadow Star (Barty for Grant Dixon).. Redcliffe 04/08.. Risky Buziness (Ricky Gordon).. Midnight Montana (Amy Rees for Barry Williams).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Red Luck (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Tuxedo Max (Matt Elkins for Ken Rattray)..

 Marburg official trial winners30/07.. (1) Tascott Lady (Glenn Walsh) M/r 2-07.0   400m= 30.5..
                                                                   (2) Commanche (Dan Russell). M/r 2-01.9    400m = 31.2.
                                                                   (3) Countourluckystars (Gary Litzow) M/r 2-07.9  400m = 32.9.
                                                                   (4) Matt Belford NZ (Murray Thomas) M/r 2-01.7  400m= 29.1.
                                                                   (5) Goldplay (Trent Dawson) M/r 2-01.6  400m = 28.7.

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS"..13/08/2016..

All members and intending members are reminded that the Marburg Pacing Association's AGM will be held this Monday night, August 15th, at the Marburg hotel. Time 7.30pm. for info, Denis Smith 0408 352 478..

  It may just be possible that current pressure from Sky Channel for shorter race distances is beginning to exert a negative influence on our 3yo feature classics. With the pre-race interviewer busy on Sunday as the field circled prior to the start of the major 3yo Classic, the Victoria Trotters Derby, he paused for comment from Greg Sugars (considered one of the best handlers of a trotter in Australia), the driver of Cruisin Around, a runner given a reasonable chance by punters on his recent form. Sugars was cautious in his estimate of Cruisin Around's hopes, saying that a lack of suitable distance racing impacted on all local runners. His words were  on the mark with two New Zealand fillies, Wilmas Mate (David Butt) and High Gait (Chris Alford) fighting out the finish by half a length in the 2600m event with the margin back to the third horse another 22m. The rate was a track record of 2-00.4, and, as can be seen, the foundation of distance as part of the test of ability showed to advantage on the day. Unless we include a high proportion of distance races in our programs, we will simply be an easy target for the marauders from "across the ditch". Two races from the recent Winter Carnival, the Blacks A Fake and the Redcliffe Cup had a fair number of runners that had no form at the 2600 plus metres  of both events. Several points emerge from this. (1) What do the punters make of unknown quantities. (2) How do drivers who rarely drive in races beyond 2200m plan a strategy when partnered by an animal which may or may not get the distance. (3) How is the horse expected to cope with an extra 500m under stress with no previous experience of distance racing.

  We should pause to remember here that the purpose of "Classic" races is to identify superior animals for a productive future at the stud. Given that our stallions are, in the main, imported from the USA and Canada, where they race only at one mile (1609m), and staying ability is sacrificed on the altar of the "Lord Of The Mile Rate", perhaps in this country we should follow suit. Look at the people who would be pleased at such a decision. Sky Channel would be delighted, time saved by running shorter races would allow them to cram even more events onto their overcrowded and joyless program. Stallion promoters would be overjoyed as there would be even less means of identifying a non-competitive stallion if his stock were no longer tested at a distance. Harness Racing Australia would be ecstatic as there might be more opportunity to persuade State administrators of the benefits (as yet to be identified) of programming another series of 1100m dashes. As you see, the possibilities are endless.

Sadly, none of the above will take us anywhere! Until our "men of influence" realise that the only hope for trotting in this country is based on giving the punter an easily understood racing format which allows him to base his selections on a reliable form line  policed by rigid integrity, and provides a racing spectacle which, if at first, does not bring him or her back to the race track, will at least keep them glued to the screen! Once that base is established we can work on the detail of "on course attendance". It can be done, the first requirement is the belief that it can be done!. The harness sport is too good to be despatched to the recycle bin.

  "Same old same old" on the leader board this week. Pete McMullen leading the drivers on six wins and better half, Chantal Turpin top trainer, leading in three of the best. District achievement time with local drivers winning eight from eight at Redcliffe Wednesday night and local trainers snagging six of those. Patience rewarded again with Wecanonlyhope getting the bikies at Marburg and Redcliffe Thursday. Well done Warren and Nathan.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 05/08.. Cougar Oreily (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Sweet As Candy (Pete for Vic Frost).. Albion Park 06/08.. Midnight Prowler (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Torque Lively (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Comply Or Die (Narissa Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Jusabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee)..  Marburg 06/08.. Certainly Can Do (Cindy rippon for Peter Rippon).. Rebelicious (Gary Whitaker for Brian McCall).. Bubbaloobah (Dan Russell for Peter Steele).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Beatle Man (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Albion Park 09/08.. Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal).. Harrys Day Out (Adam Sanderson).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Redcliffe 10/08.. Makin Memories (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Icefire (Gary Whitaker for Tess Neaves).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Sookie Go Goes (Nathan Dawson for Steve Benham).. Montana Rockstar (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. On The Neck (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Official Reign (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Our Major Day (Pete for Dayl March).. Redcliffe 11/08.. Our Private Jet (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze0.. Fiery Blue Chip (Nathan Dawson for Danielle McMullen)..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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Subject: trot tactics..20/08/2016..
It's 2016, and where do you go in Queensland to find a trotting track with a gathering of people, big enough to be accurately described as a crowd. The answer of course is the EKKA, and Haigslea based owner/trainer/driver, Ricky Gordon was there last Sunday night, experiencing what other drivers  have felt down the years, "THE BIGGEST ADRENALIN RUSH YOU CAN GET" In May this year,  RG re-purchased Mister Attitude, a 10 yo gelded son of Camcracker from the top producing mare Glamalot, which he had sold some years back. The plan was to capitalise  on Mister Attitude's standing start capabilities, and aim at the "big one" the Garrards/Big Dog Pet Foods Final on the last night of the show. For once the dream came true, and Ricky Gordon and MA were swept up in the sea of noise which accompanies the major trot race of the EKKA. There is a lot of history in that show final, a race considered so important in past years that, when it was run on a Saturday night, it was broadcast  by landline hook up to the patrons ,(usually 4-5,000 fans) at Albion Park.

  Ricky, who is a mere lad of 44, has been training for 25 years. Firstly in Knight Street at Redcliffe and, in later years at Linnings Road Haigslea. Probably the best to go through his stables have been Dreams On Speed which had 86 runs for 15 wins and 23 placings for a bank of $71,844, and Gwenda Baker, a daughter of Village Jasper and the top race mare, Penny The Pussycat. Gwenda retired with stats of 69 for 14 wins and 20 placings, underpinned by a mile rate of 1-56.6, and earning $78,240 along the way. Ricky Gordons ambitions are simple. To keep training pacers and trotters with his partner Lacey Hinze, and hopefully guide the new baby boy, Rjaye , into the sport in due course. There you have it. RG has heard the roar and felt the electricity of the big crowd EKKA experience. It will bring pain when he stands in virtual silence on a Carnival night at Albion Park watching a dozen "superstars" carve up $200,000 in front of a handful of people. This is the result of the "elite sport' policy our leaders thrust upon us some 15 years back. It is 2000 years since the Romans reined supreme. Their policy of "bread and circuses" and the resultant "bums on seats" produced elite performers as well as the crowds to cheer them on. Our decision makers need to do the same, and provide an attractive product for the harness marketplace.

  A couple of "kites" flown in last Sunday's "Mail" concerning a possible shift of greyhounds and harness to Alberton, and the subsequent sale of Albion Park, will certainly make at least one person in Brisbane extremely happy. What it does for the rest of us is as irrelevant in the halls of power as it has been for the last twenty years!!

  A larger than usual turn-up at Monday night's Marburg Pacing Association AGM indicates that the Race/trialing Club is heading in the right direction. Some 19 members met at the Marburg Hotel, and Club Patron, the Member for Ipswich West, Jim Madden, took the chair to oversee the election of officers. There have been a few changes with Geoff Stanfield now President, Karen Schulz and Denis Smith, Vice-Presidents, Robin Stanfield, Treasurer and Danielle Fitzgerald is Secretary. Most encouraging is the number of Committee folk. No less than eleven people put their hands up  for a never ending list of tasks. Gradan McCoombes, Chris McGuire, Shane Fitzgerald, Kelsey Schulz, Terry Smyth, Peter Steele, Wayne Chalk, Peter McKay, Nikki Chalk, Ann Maree Harriott and James Harriott. All the MPA needs now is the support of  trainers at the jump outs, official trials and races and for the residents of the Greater Ipswich footprint to turn out on race day ( which will be September 17th) and we are going forward!

  Attention owners/trainers. Official trials first, followed by jump outs next Saturday  27/08/2016.  8.30am start Check "Pace" magazine. OT noms close Thursday 25/08..

  A bit of a change on the leaderboard this week with Danielle McMullen clocking in as top driver with five victories. On the training side, regulars Darrell Graham and Chantal Turpin tied on three wins apiece. Most pleasing results was Colada Rose winning at Redcliffe Thursday to put a grin on Ken Parker's face. Home in a fast 1-59.6..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 12/08.. Taurisi (Trent Dawson).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Nurse Feelgood (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Albion Park 13/08.. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Goulburn Guy (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Major Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Duke Of The Moment (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 16/08.. Back Page News (Danielle McMullen for Vic Frost).. Bettabe Perfect (Chantal Turpin).. I'm The Golden Child (Mathew Neilson for Barty Cockburn).. Double Event (Danielle McMullen for Harry Martin.. Redcliffe 17/08.. Dixie Trix (Gary Whitaker for Meredith Hanrahan).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Wecanonlyhope (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Real social (Nathan Dawson for Steven Bunz).. Redcliffe 18/08.. Emargee (Ricky Gordon).. Colada Rose (Amy Rees for Max Olive).. Grande Uomo (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Long Dirt Road (Russell Kajewski).. Fiery Blue Chip (Danielle McMullen).. Supaliner (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..

  Marburg jump outs 12/08..  Trial 1: Aviators Dream (Jessie Capewell).. time 2-23.3.. M/r 2-4.6.. 400m = 30.7.. margin 10m..
                                                     Trial 2: Suretobesure (Glenn Walsh) time 2-27.5..  M/r 2-8.3.. 400m = 30.1.. margin 2m..

                                                     Trial 3:  The Falcon Legend (Ron Sallis).. time 2-21.9.. M/r 2-3.4.. 400m = 29.0.. margin 9m.. 
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                                                            "TROT TACTICS" 27/08/2016..

  A comment by Courier Mail writer, Nathan Exelby  last Monday provides food for thought. Exelby reveals that both TABCORP and the local provider, UBET/Tatts have suffered considerable  reductions in tote wagering turnover in the 2015/16 term. TABCORP being down by 4.4% and UBET a savage 11.7%. These downturns are attributed to the average punter's understandable preference for fixed odds. Sadly, because of the inherent risk to the corporate entity offering fixed odds, the revenue from the "FO" operation is somewhat less than that accruing from the tote or "pari-mutuel" method, where the winning dividends are derived from a pool which is the amount remaining after all relevant percentages are removed. By this time, you will have realized that the tote is obviously the best end of the stick for both it's shareholders, and for racing, as the betting tax, the revenue for racing, and the tote's profit are all removed before the "divvy up" for the punter takes place. In other words, the owners of a "pari-mutuel" operation are taking no risk. Mr Exelby suggests that "totes' should lessen their take-out, diverting the resultant cash back into the dividend pool, thus producing larger dividends.

  At this point in time, we are between a rock and a hard place. Having invited all nature of corporate bookmakers to our feast, and over a number of years pressured out our own solo bookies by the application of high fielding fees, higher turnover tax and the "minimum loss" rule, which I believe at some venues require bookies to lose a minimum $1,000 per bet should the punter require it, the totes are finding that customers are thin on the ground. Where are we headed? Sad but true, many of our key administrators still believe that punters have something missing in the top story, and, in fact will bet happily on anything, the old "flies crawling up the window" scenario if you like, with little interest in the result. Hard facts and recent history would indicate that this is not the case with the horse racing codes in Queensland traveling poorly indeed. No racing participant, be he or she an owner, trainer, driver or jockey, would deny the importance of the "pari-mutuel", in the day to day risk free generation of revenue for racing. Should this be curtailed by lessening the "take-out'  as suggested by Nathan Exelby, then racing is headed for the recycle bin. The only practicable solution is to put the racing product under the microscope and examine it as to its attractiveness to the average or recreational punter, or potential punter. At this point in time it would be difficult to find a more "punter unfriendly" racing format than that provided by the "mobile conditioned" method of programming for harness. It is far too complicated, being designed to provide prize money  income for large stables which are able to place horses where they are most likely to earn whether they are on the improve or on the wane. The bottom line is that the only answer to the problem posed by Nathan Exelby, is a large increase in punter numbers. We won't get them without the provision of a betting product which is simple, easily understood and provides a very reliable form line. The punter provides the money, and must always be the prime consideration in racing's financial formula!!

  For the early birds. Official trials and jump outs at Marburg this morning. Commence 8.30am . Head on out and "black book' a winner for next week.

  Marburg jump outs last Saturday..  Trial (1).. Diabolo Dynamite (Cindy Rippon). Time2-26.1.. M/r 2.07.. 400m = 32.3 ..margins25x7m

                                                                  Trial (2).. Cottonwood Dawn (John basllin).. Time 2-25.3.. M/r 2-6.3.. 400m= 31.3.. marginsHDx5m..

                                                                  Trial (3).. Elzboy (Kelsey Schulz).. Time 2-20.2  M/r 2-02.0.. 400m= 30.2.. margins 4x14m..


   Incidently, there is nothing wrong with the recent EKKA form. Ricky Gordon produced the big Show Final winner , Mister Attitude, at Redcliffe on Wednesday night, and rang up number one. The odds, a juicy $29.30.

   Possibly the first appearance on the top of the leaderboard for Fernvale's Adam Sanderson. No less than eight wins for the week helped by a clean sweep of the three race Kilcoy grass track program. No surprises that AS's boss,  Darrell Graham was top trainer with four winners for the term. Most pleasing ,Elzboy, first up for Steve Towns.

  Resultsville Albion Park 19/08.. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Mandy Kriden (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Kyms Boy (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Cracka Stride (Trent Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. Major Lexus (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Albion Park 20/08.. Sammys A Kriden (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Blazing Terror (Danielle McMullen forRyan Veivers).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Montcalm (Chantal Turpin).. Mach Alert (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Imnoracinggal (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Kilcoy 20/08.. Master Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Montana Roadstar (Adam Snderson for Darrell Graham).. Major Montana (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 23/08.. Day Tourer (Adam Sanderson for Alex Cain).. Ivanov (Narissa McMullen for Brad Connelly).. Mafuta Vautin (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..Tallyho Bromac (Lachie Manzelmann for Chantal Turpin)..Redcliffe 24/08.. Grande Uomo (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. On The Neck (Kay Crone).. Mister Attitude (Ricky Gordon).. Vader (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Recliffe 25/08.. Elzboy (Shane Graham for Steve Towns).. Reign Of Fear (Adam Sanderson for Ricky Thurlow).. Pandoras Dream (Nathan Dawson for Mitch Dawson).. Hotshot Anvil (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin)..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                                                                       "TROT TACTICS"..

  Events unfolding in Victoria last week, concerning the alleged involvement of high profile trainer drivers, Amanda Turnbull and Nathan Jack in a race fixing scam at Cobram Vic on June 22 last year may well not be what Harness wants in the way of publicity. However, an omelette can't be made without breaking eggs, and for harness racing to shake off its current image of "cheats on seats", and "crims on rims",  justice must be done and seen to be done. You may well ask why did it take over 12 months for integrity staff and police to bring last Sundays action to a head. As always, under Australian law there is the burden of proof. To act in the manner in  which Harness Racing Victoria has in this instance, indicates that their integrity unit and the Victorian police sporting integrity division are very sure of their case. For many years now, we have been unable to attract serious patronage to a code of racing which, at its core, has so many positive factors that it should be flourishing . Should the current allegations be proven and those found guilty be suitably punished, it paves the way for a rebuilding of public confidence in light harness. If the sport can be scrubbed clean and kept that way, it  can reverse the current trend.  Another benefit is the deterrent effect. Any participants considering crossing the line may now find the possible consequences not worth the risk.  Any way you look at the above, it is a plus for HRV!

  Hot on the heels of the above, the head of the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, Commissioner Ross Barnett, released a draft schedule of minimum penalties for drug offences in racing. Three categories of drugs are covered  in the animal itself and the fourth and fifth parts concern failure to supply a sample from a registered animal, or refusal to supply a sample by a participant. Part (1) covers banned prohibited substances, those which have no place in horse racing, examples such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis and derivatives, LSD and growth hormones. Where no previous conviction is recorded the minimum is 6 years disqualification. With a previous conviction, Australia wide or in New Zealand in the last 8 years, a life penalty applies. Part (2) includes 12 classes of prohibited substances including  recent compounds of interest such as cobalt, arsenic and alkalizing agents. Presentation of an animal to race with any of the listed substances brings a first offender a minimum 12 months disqualification. 2 years if one conviction in the previous 5 years. With two convictions in that 5 year period the guilty party is sidelined for 5 years and three convictions in an 8 year span brings the life penalty. Part (3) provides for "other prohibited substances", anti-inflammatory agents and other drugs of therapeutic benefit to the animal outside of racing, (pre-race cut off periods). A somewhat "softer" approach is taken here with Stewards given the option of applying fines of $4,000 or 4 months suspension and $8,00 or 6 months suspension for a second offence across a 5 year period. Disqualifications of 2 and 5 years apply for infractions of 2 and 3 offences in a 2 and 5 year time frame. Part (4) failure to present an animal for sampling is 6 years out for the first offence, followed by life for the second in the 8 year span. Part (5) relates to participants refusing to supply a personal sample and commences with a disqualification of 12 months. A further refusal within a 5 year period brings life outside of harness racing.

  There you have it. It looks pretty savage on the surface, but, if you look a bit deeper, and consider what it is designed to achieve, and that is a major tenet of the "level playing field' theory, it provides a great incentive for an honest approach to racing. From the animal welfare issue it is a very welcome initiative. The four-legged participant deserves protection from trainers who think that turning a mouse into a tiger on race day is a good thing. A verifiable image of plain feed, good work and natural ability will get us more many more recreational punters  who will enjoy their racing in the sound knowledge that it is properly policed!

  Smaller numbers on the leader board this week with regular Chantal Turpin heading up the trainer's list with three winners and Barty Cockburn and Narissa McMullen dead-heating for driver's honours on three apiece. Most pleasing effort was that of Nathan Dawson who took out the "Claim" drivers title, scoring on 92 occasions over the 2015/16 racing season. His fitting reward is to represent Queensland at the Australasian Young Drivers Championship which will be a ten race series to be run in West Australia during the Inter-dominion Carnival. The last heat will be run at Gloucester Park on Grand Final night. GO NATHAN!!!

  Resultsville albion Park 26/08.. Simply Gorgeous (Barty Cockburn for Steve Cini).. Justatic (Nathan Dawson for Bruce Jenkins).. Highview Sadler (Narissa McMullen).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Albion Park 27/08.. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Markey Oh Markey (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Montcalm (Chantal Turpin).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Duke Of The Moment (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 30/08.. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 31/08.. Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard).. Best Beau (Barty Cockburn).. Recliffe 01/09/.. Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Swift Approval (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Annas Best (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Arma Legend (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis)..
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"TROT TACTICS".. 10/09/2016..

  It's that time of the year again when we review some of the more outstanding performances of trainer's and drivers from the greater Ipswich footprint in the season just gone. This week's selection includes, in the ranks of trainers, Chantal Turpin,producing no less than 148 winners, 115 seconds and119 thirds, earning for connections some $921,859. Darrell Graham, 90 winners,79 seconds,57 thirds for $515,145. John McMullen, 59 winners,75 seconds, 71 thirds ,banking$263,158. Rachel Scott, 34 winners,46 seconds, 51 thirds  resulting in $219023. Greg Elkins, 35 winners, 38 seconds,40 thirds for $183,729.  A nice total of $2,102,914.

  Among the drivers the dominant figure of Pete McMullen with just twice the score of his closest rival, fetched in $ 1,149,434 from 198 wins and 304 placings. Adam Sanderson, $835,323 for 99 wins and 169 minors. Matt Elkins, $489,921 from 74 and 138. Nathan Dawson, $424,640 with 92 wins and 192 placings. Narissa McMullen $246,271 from 39 and 89. Danielle McMullen $220,411 with 43 and 109. Trevor Lambourn, 19 and 54 for $107,980. there you have it. A staggering $ 3,473,980 jumped in. A great effort for the locals, and a great focal point for those who didn't get quite so high on the totem pole. More trainers and drivers will feature next week.

  As Australia's World Amateur Drivers rep, Barb Barry is continuing her travels through Europe it will be a short while before we can get Barb's impressions  of the biggest of Amateur contests.  To keep us up to the mark we reproduce an interview  with New Zealand harness racing amateur driver, Gavin Cook, who has finished seventh at in Hungary.

The Championship was won by Italy’s Mirko Mariniis, who won the two day series in Hungary’s capital city, Budapest over the weekend.

The Montegiorgio reinsman nailed three wins in six races for 61 points - one more than American

The bronze medal went to Denmark’s Bitten Jensen (one win) with 45 points.

Cook was a further 13 points back in the European Trotting Amateur Drivers Federation (FEGAT) run event.

“I had a horror day on day one with some tough driving horses to handle. Day two saw me get behind nicer horses to drive but tough draws to overcome. I finished the second day with a third, a strong finishing eighth and then got disqualified in the final race for galloping for more than 20 metres,” said Cook, the 2008 World Amateur Driving Champion.

He said he ended up a “mixed bag” of drives and barrier draws, with two second line draws and apart from Cook’s first drive he said there wasn’t too much form among the rest.

Cook said Kincsem Park was a unique 1200m track.

“On the Friday night we race three races right-handed and then on Saturday afternoon we race three times left-handed. Yes, you read that right, we race in both directions at the same track,” Cook said.

Cook also said the whip rules were a challenge to adapt to initially but then seemed to work well once he familiarised himself with them.

“When the day arrives when New Zealand is forced to consider a softer perceived option then this European model is worthy of consideration.

“A driver is required to keep their hands on the reins at all times and may only use the whip a maximum of three times only in the final 200m with the whip being raised no higher than shoulder height. Prior to the 200m mark the whip can only be used to tap and niggle at the horse to correct them.

“Resisting the urge to whip one handed took some conscious thought on my part to avoid the severe penalties or potential disqualification,” he said.

Cook also thought the Hungarians multiple use of their race track facilities on the same day was interesting.

“On day one we had dogs, gallops, sprints and harness racing plus the Food Truck Show. Whilst day two only had trotting and the Food Truck Show it definitely bought in a lot of people for a pleasant and relaxing day in the sun.”

The Canterbury horseman said New Zealand’s place in the international community of harness racing nations had been nurtured once again.

“The welcome return to the international arena of Australia is fortuitous for New Zealand. Their representative Barbara Barry is enthused to get Amateur racing up and running in Australia which she is confident she can achieve in her home state of Queensland.

“It will be nice to have a nation in our own hemisphere that we can introduce a wider range of drivers to international competition.”

The next stage in FEGAT championships will be the Gentlemen's European Championship in Holland from September 16-19.

Resultsville..Albion Park 02/09.. Fiery Blue Chip (Danielle McMullen).. Merrylands Miss (Barty Cockburn).. Gotta Mama (Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Cracka Stride (Nathan Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. Armbro Teehee (Gary Whitaker for Christina Monte).. The Big Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin)..  Albion Park 03/09.. Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Forever Texas (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Purple royale (Greg Elkins).. Justabitnoisy (Gary Whitaker for Doug Lee).. Warwick 04/09.. Shoot For The Starzzz (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie).. Storm On Bye (Brittany Graham for Trent Knack).. Montana Rockstar (Brittany Graham for Darrel Graham).. Comply Or Die (Gary Litzow for Ron Sallis).. Machbino (Adam Richardson for Tess Neaves).. Any Left (Brittany Graham for Tayla Gillespie).. Albion Park 06/09.. Donegal Annie Mac (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Chiara Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Mister XJ (Trent Dawson).. Newmerella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Buy Chevron Direct (Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 07/09.. Bluecolla Moon (Chantal Turpin).. Miss Catalina (Mathew Neilson for Ricky Gordon).. Soldier Of Fortune (Karen Schulz).. Beatle Man (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 08/09.. Famous Shoes (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford).. Hez To Blame (Steve Burke for Kevin Annetts).. Forty Seven Flash (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Eulo Flyer (Lachie Manzelmann for Tony Jenkins).. Royal Taz (Narissa for John McMullen0.. Arts Peregrine (Isobel Ross for Trent Knack)..

  The leader board shaping up fpr another season of familiar names at its head week. Leading driver was Gary Whitaker with a total of four and Chantal Turpin lodged the same number in the training sector. Most pleasing effort was that of Soldier Of Fortune and Karen Schulz combining for an impressive win at Redcliffe last Wednesday.
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"TROT TACTICS"..17/09/2016..

  First things first. Marburg trots this afternoon. Just the place for a family outing. Absolutely the best "value for money" racing venue in South East Queensland. For patrons over 18 your lucky gate ticket puts you in a draw for a $100 free bet on the local trots with Bookie Stephen Anthony. Buy a race book for $3 and get an entry coupon for the "pick the card" competition worth $600 and a $500 "funny money" voucher  for the folks who would like to have a bet but can't afford to lose. Best bar prices, best burgers, and a three prize meat tray raffle make it a great afternoon. Adults $5, pensioners and Students $3, accompanied kids under 16 go free. Gates open 10.00am, trials 11.00am and the first race 12.30pm. Don't miss it!!

  It's time to disclose the top performers at Marburg in the 2015/16 season The leading driver was Nathan Dawson who went round the 700 metre  circuit on 49 occasions for 14 wins, 12 seconds and 6 thirds and a bank of $18,411.Runner up was Hayden Barnes with 5 wins from 15 starts and $5,075. As you can see, HB's strike rate was a staggering 1win in3drives with Nathan Dawson close up on 1 in3.5 . Both were top performances.We only had to look across the breakfast table to find Marburg's number one trainer, Mitchell Dawson with stats of 29 runners returning 7 wins, 6 seconds and 4 thirds, banking $9,224 in the process. Second home was Wayne Davis with stats of 15 for 6-2-0 and $8,771.. Note the win strike rate here, an incredible 1 in 2.5.. First thee home in the horse of the year standings were dead heaters,Domestic Art (Wayne Davis) and Tiki Topaz (Michell Dawson) on 13 points apiece with Wecanonlyhope (Warren Hinze) at their girth on 11 points. Tiki Topaz was also Mare of the Year. Leading Owner went to Stacey Manzelmann of Wanora, whose runners earned $4,714 for the season. The dollar figures appear paltry, and indeed they are. But, to people who race light harness because they love the sport, some of the Marburg wins gave immense satisfaction. Winning races with our horses ,is, after all, the prime objective, and, for some reason appears to provide greater satisfaction than the cheque. It is, however, incumbent on our administrators to provide realistic prize money and opportunity for the hobbyist.

  Interestingly there is a move afoot in the halls of power to remove all non-TAB racing on the grounds that it produces no income for the sport.  Taken in isolation, that statement is fairly accurate. However, what country racing such as Marburg provides is the glue that holds the base of the pyramid together. In Queensland at this juncture, with turnover far from healthy, it's time a cut was taken at the top. The great experiment of "creating an elite sport" has turned out not to be the city of pure gold for all but a handful of participants. It can be fixed, but if we continue to ignore the basic needs of the punters and potential participants, the "exciting future'" that we have heard about so many times in the last 20 odd years will be the moth-eaten past!!!

  It has been said many times that there are "lies, damned lies and statistics". Run your mind round this one. Race four at Marburg this afternoon is the standard 8 horse field. Between the 8, they  have raced on 1018 occasions, resulting in 140 wins and 246 placings, and amassed $781,042. in prize money. The calculator, like the camera does not lie. Taken as a single entity, these pacers have earned $767,23  every time they went round. Who said there was no money in trotting. If this exercise does nothing else, it proves the correlation between "damned lies" and "statistics". See, you can do anything with a set of figures and a bit of imagination!

  More on the local stars and their performance last season. Barty Cockburn ,based at Peak Crossing sent out 328 horses to do battle for the purse and led in 39 winners and 90 place getters which earned $269,000 for the racing year. much busier in the sulky, Barty returned figures from 688 drives of 104 wins and 166 placings for a result of $883,000. This has been BC's best "dollar" season to date and his third highest number of winning drives.  Gary Whitaker topped the thousand drives for the third year in succession saluting on 98 occasions and placing 230 times. The bank roll was $560,862, his third best season to date behind the 14/15 and 11/12 terms.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 09/09.. Donny Jones (Barty Cockburn for R A Wells).. I'm Johnny Jet (Brittany Graham).. Mandy Kriden (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Shareapassion (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 10/09.. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Western Blaze (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Gallymont Sport (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Monumental (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Newmerrella Fella (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Albion Park 13/09.. Unici Crown (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Bettabe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 14/09.. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Washingtons Flier (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Beatle Man (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. The Falcon Legend (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 15/09.. Benny Maguire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Cheers Kathy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Sir Rory (Nathan Dawson for Graeme Gavin)..

  This week's leaderboard heads back to the lower Brisbane Valley with Chantal Turpin leading in five winners to be top trainer while husband Pete McMullen again the star driver on four winners. Most pleasing effort was Trent Dawson racking up a Saturday night treble in the sulky at Albion Park.

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"TROT TACTICS".. 24/09/2016..

  Life is a series of milestones of varying importance. 21 year old Jess Capewell, currently studying at Gatton for a Vet Nurse qualification, passed two such markers recently. Raised around Quarter horses from an early age on her parents breeding farm, JC commenced her association with harness in a two year stint as a stablehand for Phil Mitchell. The last three years she has  been associated with Glenn Walsh, and it was here that she began to drive track work  on Bonjour Belle. Twelve months back, a trials licence came into play, and Jess went round on the likes of Wheres The Limit and Aviators Dream. Thanks to the Weidemann girls, Julie and Lola, additional experience was gained with Mr Armageddon, Irish Town Babe and The Prestige, gaining her country licence in the first week of August. The first milestone had already been passed when JC turned out Aviators Dream  to win on the grass at Kilcoy with mentor Glenn Walsh in the sulky. Up there with the big frogs at last, two runs on the grass at Kilcoy and Warwick paved the way for a tidy "never to be forgotten" first win with stable rep Aviators Dream at Marburg last Saturday. Currently, the trainer/driver strike rate sits at 30%.

  Ambitions are to have a lot of fun training and driving winners. The best horse Jess Capewell has seen is Destreos. "It would have been Le Bron, but the wretch kicked me during my time with Phil Mitchell ". She is proud to be the product of input from four people, ,Phil Mitchell, Glenn Walsh, and Lola and Julie Weidemann. Jess's parting quote, " I would not have had that winner If I had not had Marburg". Jessie Capewell has a very modest estimate of her abilities. She may surprise herself and go a good bit further in harness than she thinks.

  Taking a leaf from the book of trainer, Kenny Rattray, Fernvale area trainers, Melissa Gillies and her father Geoff Dawson are making the trip to TABCORP Park Menangle tonight accompanied by their in-form pacers, Beaver and Gallymont Sport. Due to a lack of Metropolitan (national threshold $15,000) prize money in Brisbane, both horses are going round in M0 class races. Both trainers are hopeful of success and  among their opposition are familiar Albion Park performers, Franco Nepia, Magic Oats, Bennys Ace, Deano Robyn, Chal Fire, Blazing Terror and Applause. It is a real family affair with the duo stabled at Melissa's uncle, Noel Morris's property just outside the track. Brother, Trent Dawson, who is on fire here at the moment will be down to do the driving. Fingers crossed.

  One for the "must attend if possible' basket is the "industry meeting which will be held at Albion Park this coming Monday . The meeting is scheduled with a 12.15pm arrival for a 12.30pm start with Albion Park Chairman , David Fowler as moderator..
Guest speakers, in order, will be, Ross Barnett Racing Integrity Commissioner,  Greg Mitchell, Chairman of the embryo Yatala Harness Racing Club, Andrew Kelly, CEO Harness Racing Australia and Dr. Eliot Forbes, CEO of Racing Queensland. Questions will be taken from the floor at the end of the meeting. Greg Mitchell was interviewed by Ace commentator, Chris Barsby  on Radio TAB last Thursday morning, subject matter being the state of play at Yatala. Mitchell ,although skirting an oblique reference to proprietary racing,  is never one to mince matters, describing himself as having the choice of picking up the shovel or walking away. He chose the shovel, and said his address on Monday will bring people involved in the sport up to speed on the project. "The policy of the Yatala Club is to be open and transparent all the way",GM said, and the mission was "to build a facility to drive the sport into the future". He further claimed that people who did not support the 'mission" did not have the sport at heart. As I said, it is the place to be. If the time had been Sunday afternoon, it might have trebled the attendance.

  The leaderboard lights up.Star billing this week in the driving ranks, Nathan Dawson, home in 1st place on five occasions, meanwhile ever consistent Chantal Turpin turned out a solid four winners from the home barn. Most pleasing effort, Jessie Capewell's first winner-- trained and driven!!

 Resultsville.. Albion Park 16/09.. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Rakarebel (Nathan Dawson).. Compton Street (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. No Confession (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie).. Albion Park 17/09.. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Horace Foxley (Pete for Tahn Camilleri).. Run Fatboy Run (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Fascinator (Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Epirus Boy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Royal Jacquard (Nathan Dawson for Greg Elkins).. Washingtons Flier (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Marburg 17/09.. Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Amys Whisper (Adam Richardson for Amy Rees).. Domestic Art (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Raesawinner (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Aviators Dream (Jess Capewell).. Albion Park 20/09.. I'm The Golden Child (Barty Cockburn).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Quaint Glen (Mathew Neilson for Barty Cockburn).. Highview Sadler (Nathan Dawson for Narissa McMullen).. Redcliffe 21/09.. Major Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Blucolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Sneaky Catch (Trent Dawson).. Rib And Roll (Dan Russell).. Redcliffe 22/09.. Cheers Kathy (Darrell Graham).. Ideal romance (Nathan Dawson for Steven Bunz).. Bukthesystem (Clint Sneddon for  Dudley Warburton) .. Fui Fui (Nathan Dawson for Peter Jones).. Blissful Infidelity (Matt Elkins for Mal Charlton)..

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TROT TACTICS 01/10/2016..

  A number of interesting items surfaced at last Monday's "industry/sport" meeting held at Albion Park. Given the time frame it was well attended but neither the young,(those with a long term future, nor more than a handful those with slightly less but still a good many viable years ahead of them), were visible. As one lady remarked, she was "looking at a sea of silver in front of me". From the area of Integrity, Commissioner Ross Barnett  indicated that licencing terms will be increased, hopefully to a five year period similar to the road licence. Draft Penalties for drug infringements have caused considerable angst and a further round of consultation and submissions was scheduled to end yesterday. A second draft will be prepared and resubmitted to licncees and owner's organisations for consideration. There will be provision for Stewards to suspend penalties should they see fit. Somewhat disturbing is the end result of a successful appeal to QCAT. If a six year disqualification for drug offences etc is overturned  by QCAT, and replaced with a $5,000 fine, then that fine becomes the benchmark or standard for that particular offence. As has been said before, we do not race under "RULES" , we race under "LAWS" which are subject to "precedent" and common practice. One can only appeal to the Minister to provide legislation specific to racing "RULES", otherwise QRIC  will be very limited in its endeavours to provide "squeaky clean" racing.

  Now that Government has become involved in animal welfare issues across the nation, racing animals, which are purpose bred and were under the supervision of State and National control bodies while in the racing and breeding phases of their lives are now to be under regulation from birth to death. Harness Racing Australia's CEO, Andrew Kelly,  while bemoaning the decline in foal numbers on an annual basis across the country, was able to provide some stats from the racing activities of harness. Of the 10,000 pacers and trotters which race each year, just 51% percent of them win at least one race from an average of 11.5 starts., (the same percentage applies to the foal crop as well, bearing in mind that that figure has been compiled across the total racing lives of the foals from 2yo to 14yo).  The foal figure highlights the need to get more foals from each crop to the races.  The surest way to do this is cater for the less talented horse by providing suitable racing opportunity. HRA's message on this, is that programming must be addressed to provide this opportunity. It is refreshing to see that the National body has realized that the great dream of the "Elite sport, with Champion horses and Champion drivers" is seriously flawed and is proposing change to rectify the situation.

  Next up was the Yatala proposal. Chairman elect of the Yatala Harness Racing Club, Greg Mitchell, was adamant that the complex, which is bordered by 40 hectares of development land on a separate title with a very attractive zoning, would most definitely be built. Sadly the racing circuit plan does not include lighting. Given that in our battle for increased turnover and a growing realisation that we must rely heavily on the recreational punter, we might also recognize two facts. (1), Harness racing/trotting is historically at its best in a night time slot as it is the only slot where there is any hope of getting on course attendance. Further as a spectacle it is much enhanced under lights. (2) It is of no use to pitch our product at people with little or no disposable income. At this point, we must rely on the lounge room or the "pubs and clubs"of an evening as our punters are at their jobs in the daylight hours earning the cash to wager on our product.

  The final address was by the newly appointed Dr Eliot Forbes who comes to RQ as CEO from a successful six year stint with TasRacing. Dr. Forbes has an extensive resume in both equine veterinary practice and racing management. He is a plausible speaker and appears likely  to do quite a bit of re-organizing at RQ. Unlike  some modern day administrators, EF is ready to confront and deal with issues rather than wait for them to wither away.Further, he is of an age group where the desire to succeed is probably still strong. This writer got the impression, that, if Dr. Forbes succeeds, we will reap the benefits of that success.

  It's just seven days to the next Marburg race meeting, Saturday October 8th. if you want to relax and enjoy an afternoon of country trotting in a family atmosphere at family prices come and join us. Beaut burgers, best bar prices, a keen bookmaker and a "funny money" satchel swinger for our novel no cost betting service.  Three prize raffle, Lucky gate ticket draw for a free $100 bet with our bookie for patrons over the age of 18 and a pick the card entry form in your race book now jackpotted to $650. A special harness related contest is scheduled for mid program. Gates open at 10.00am trials segment commences at 11.00am and the racing at 12.30pm.$5 for adults, $3 for pensioners and members, and the race book is a steal at $3.. Don't miss it.

  Reultsville.. Albion Park 23/09.. Surface To Air (Narissa McMullen for Greg Elkins).. Beaudiene Bill (Nathan Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. I'm A Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Rakarebel (Nathan Dawson).. Albion Park 24/09.. Betterbe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Buy Chevron Direct (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Murano (Narissa McMullen).. Forever Texas (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn).. Lucia Bromac (Nartissa McMullen).. Albion Park 27/09.. Chiara Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. No Confession (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie).. Redcliffe 28/09.. Bluecolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Pandoras Diamond (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Sneaky Catch (Trent Dawson).. Redcliffe 29/09.. Bob Gage (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Benny Maguire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Only One Slim (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Blue Eyed Creation (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Kytherian Flyer (Amy Rees for Mick Butler)..

  Any change on the leader board seems likely to be on the driver's side at the moment. The  DNA profile remains the same  with Narissa McMullen besting her brother Pete  in the sulky by five wins to four.  Meanwhile Chantal Turpin ground out a solid four winners to remain on top in the training division. Most pleasing effort was No Confession. Tayla Gillespie continues to build a strong strike rate with her charges. Adam Richardson had the suky sitting duties.

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS".. 08/10/2016..

  Don't forget that Marburg races to day. The weather should be excellent and a six race program is set down for decision. The pick the first five winners competition is at a healthy $650, the lucky gate prize for patrons 18 and over is the $100 free bet with bookmaker Terry Picone, "Con Mann" the funny money bookie will be operating and a three prize meat tray raffle will be the go. between race entertainment is a "gearing up' race where four teams of three show their speed and skill to harness a horse, dress a driver and complete a lap of the track. First home gets $100. Racing Queensland will have ten Korean students on site to get a taste of something different from the world of light harness. Adults 45, pensioners and Students $3 and the race book with it's info and coupons is a steal at $3. Come and join us for a great day of country trotting, and remember next time there will be a new perimeter fence, thanks to a Gaming Fund grant.

  The erosion at the base of the harness pyramid is beginning is becoming more visible. Last Saturday night at the premier meeting, Albion Park, some 99 horses went round. All in all some 27 trainers were represented. Sadly, 6 trainers provided 60 of the runners, while 21 trainers presented the other 39 starters. No doubt there are statisticians employed at Racing Queensland. These people should be reporting this dangerous imbalance at the top of the pyramid and our leaders should be taking immediate steps to broaden the base, by offering realistic racing and earning opportunity to the hobbyist faction of harness. We are often exhorted to pull together to promote the sport, but, since we have been told on more than one occasion that "there is no more for hobbyists", it is unrealistic (to put it very mildly indeed) to expect much pull from a section of participants who are not being fed!!

It's always handy, when waiting on a mare to foal, with all your hopes and dreams wrapped up in a parcel with four legs, to not indulge in too many flights of fantasy. Other folk are in the same boat and have similar aspirations to yourself. Thanks to Ace broadcaster and tipster, Chris Barsby, you can read why all the breeders in Queensland would like to be Murray Cole this week. Thirty years ago, the following exerpt  would have portrayed a slightly different scenario, nice, but not strikingly significant, let's not get carried away. Fast forward to the present to find that we are entering the era of predictable outcomes, the Classic winners and the big race Feature winners come from mares with high grade track performance in their resume. No longer do top horses come regularly from "left field' as they did in the past. If this filly is as good as it is bred to be, it will be no accident.
"Former star racemare Forever Gold is now a proud mum after safely delivering her first foal this week, a filly by star sire and Alabar based Rock N Roll Heaven.
The foaling took place at the famed Egmont Park Stud on the Darling Downs of Toowoomba.
“It’s very exciting and according to early reports, both mare and foal are doing very well. Studmaster Peter Bell said the filly is a lovely type with plenty of size about her which sounds positive, I’m looking forward to seeing both mare and foal.” Co-owner and breeder Murray Cole said.
Forever Gold was retired on the eve of the Queensland Pacing Championship last year owing to an injury to her nearside fetlock.
The mare affectionately known as ‘Tammy’ was prepared throughout her glittering career by Kylie Rasmussen and Darren Weeks.
Forever Gold retires with 42 victories from 92 starts while amassing more than $700,000 in stakes.
Some of her biggest victories include the Queensland Oaks, Inter Dominion heat, Governors Cup, Robin Dundee Stakes, Make Mine Cullen, 4/5yo Championship, Qld Ladyship Stakes (x 4) and the 2yo & 3yo QBRED Breeders Classic and Triads Finals.
Feature race placings include Nursery Pace Final, Gold Coast Oaks, Ladyship Mile, Teeny Teeny, Ranji Bill, Angelique Club Cup, Northern Breeders Stakes, Queen of Hearts, Redcliffe Gold Cup, Lord Mayors Cup, Christmas Cup, Sunshine Sprint and Blacks A Fake.
Connections are now looking at Captaintreacherous 2, 1:49.2; 3, 1:47.1 ($3,148,657), both the richest and fastest son of champion sire Somebeachsomewhere, as the next consort for their Gr.1 winning mare.
Captaintreacherous may have been a $250,000 yearling purchase, but the price turned out to be a bargain as he earned $3.14 million winning 23 races during his sensational race career."

Resultsville.. Albion Park 30/09.. Threo (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Judah Ben Hur (Nathan Dawson for Ken Belford).. Ima Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Mister XJ (Trent Dawson).. A Good Chance (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Albion Park 01/10.. Broadway Playboy (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Goodtime Stride (Rob Gorman).. Albion Park 04/10.. Illdoitwhenimready (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Django Mach (Narissa McMullen).. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Lancelot Bromac (Hayden Barnes for Stewie Dickson).. Redcliffe 05/10.. Beatle Man (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Lynchman (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Sir Rory (Danielle McMullen for Graeme Gavin).. Lisas Lawyer (Adam Richardson for Chantal Turpin).. Cagney (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Redcliffe 06/10.. Flashing Good Time (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen0.. Supaliner (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Its All Go (Matt Elkins).. Blissful Infidelity (Matt Elkins for Mal Charlton).. Bob Gage (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis)..

  Again a change on the drivers side of the leaderboard with Danielle McMullen and MattElkins responsible for four winning drives apiece. Meanwhile, ever-reliable Chantal Turpin churned out another four winners to hold the lead in the trainer's section. Most pleasing efforts were Danielle McMullen's treble at Albion Park on Friday 30/09, and Matt Elkins, well and truly up there with the larger frogs posting four big ones for the week.

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                                                                                                                   "TROT TACTICS"..15/10/2016..

  In what appears to be highly controversial move, the NSW government has rescinded the decision to ban greyhound racing from 2017. Never mind what factors actually prompted the reversal the point is that the "dogs" are secure for the time being. This writer is still amazed by the missing link in all this turmoil. If the dogs are back, then so is the practice of "blooding". We are still waiting to read one word from any racing control  or integrity body on the matter of, for want of a better name, the "Techno Lure". I can not believe that such a device as previously described, ( resembles the live baits of choice, moves, screams, emits heat, is clothed in indestructible material and drenched in blood sourced from a licenced abattoir)  can not be readily constructed based on existing technology. It should then be available to be purchased by registered trial track operators, and a suitable fee charged for its use. Any person using the outlawed "live baiting" method to be given a jail sentence. We must face the fact that there are people who like to race dogs ,and many more others who like to bet on them. A little positive thought can see a sickening practice eliminated and the sport be the better for it!!

  Yes, its that time of the year again, when the Inter-dominion Championship begins to loom large in the average trot fan's imagination. Like the Melbourne Cup, there are many aspirants entered when nominations are called for. Traditionally, those with a serious chance based on perfomances in last year's series and the swag of "up and comers", whose connections are looking for that bit of improvement  in the time left before the big fortnight in Perth. The following extract is from the West Australian Troting association's press release and gives the staus Quo last Wednesday. There are two days until the first acceptance payment is due for the 2016 TABtouch Perth Inter Dominion with connections of only  fifteen horses already confirming their place in the series.  The Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen trained superstar Have Faith in Me was the first to make the payment, closely followed by John McCarthy’s All Eyes On Us and Bling It On. Local trainer Gary Hall Snr has a strong stable of stars including last start track record breaking star Beaudiene Boaz, dual WA Pacing Cup winner My Hard Copy, Run Oneover, Cyamach and Waylade all being paid-up for.Last year’s finalist and in form mare Libertybelle Midfrew is poised to take on the boys during the Inter Dominion series and the Kyle Harper trained Bettors Fire continues the journey towards his Inter Dominion campaign, drawing Barrier 2 in Friday night’s Group 3 JP Stratton Cup.
Major withdrawals so far include James Rattray’s dual Inter Dominion winner Beautide and Shane and Lauren Tritton’s runners Arms of an Angel, Burning Cash, Lombo Kotakinabalu, Macha and Ya Yas Hotspot.First Acceptances are due by 4.00pm (WST) Friday 7th October 2016 with the third rankings to be released on Monday 17th October.
 A good team of volunteers turned up last Sunday to do battle with the perimeter fence on the Marburg show grounds track. What had looked likely to be a close run thing turned out to be one of those projects that was harder in the thinking than the doing. In two hours less than the allotted time, the obsolete structure was vanquished and the scoreboard showed Volunteers 1----- Fence nil. The MPA takes this opportunity to thank all those who participated, many hands made light work. Fencing contractor, Graeme Jenkins, is now erecting the replacement , a "child safe" asset in galvanized pipe and diamond mesh wire. It should do sterling service for years to come.
  Those who came to Marburg for last Saturday's races had a bit of extra value in a "gearing up" contest, run between races 2 and three. Teams of three, two strappers and a driver have to gear up a pacer. The driver must watch and not assist while the strappers harness the horse. When the sulky is secure, the driver must then don vest, colours, skull cap and glasses, mount the sulky and complete one lap of the track. First team home was Ron Sallis, and John McMullen (strappers), with Lachie Manzelmann  doing the driving. A bit like "Monopoly", for being first to pass "GO", Team Sallis collected $100, the other crews were awarded six packs. This could develop into a regular happening.  Also on track were 10 Korean students , under the banner of Racing Queensland. Five had a trip in the Mobile Barrier and their mates went round in the dual seater sulky. At Albion Park on Tuesday the roles were reversed. The Korean lads are here to gain a certificate in horse studies, with emphasis on training and riding thoroughbreds. However, they will all go home to Korea in a couple of months, with a little bit of trotting to remember us by!!
Two dead heats for the leaderboard this week, with Chantal Turpin and Barty Cockburn on the one line training three winners apiece, while the driver's laurels go to Pete McMullen and Dan Russell, also posting three victories each. Most pleasing effort, Ken Belford leading in a pair for this term. A boost when it's needed!   

Resultsville Albion Park 07/10.. Major Score (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. The Big Mach (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Yankee Strutter (Trevor Lambourn).. Sir Semper Fidelis (Paul Matis).. Albion Park 08/10.. Karloo Kix (Brendan Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Iam Boogie (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Mach cruiser (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Munroe (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Swarovski (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Lucia Bromac (Narissa McMullen).. Marburg 08/10.. Doolittle Dandy (Dan Russell for Ricky Hart).. Cold Stone (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Darlyn Sea (Gary Litzow).. Hawthornden (Dan Russell for Darrell Graham).. Coralie Joy (Adam Richardson for Mark Rees).. Albion Park 11/10.. Lansbury (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett).. Wattlebank Flier (Brendan Barnes for Barty Cockburn).. Just Leave (Rob Gorman for Trevor Lambourn).. Buddy Stoked (Adam Richardson ).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott)..Redcliffe 12/10.. Raesawinner (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis).. Cagney (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Lisas Lawyer (Lachie Manzemann for Chantal Turpin).. Elz Boy (Shane Graham for Steve Towns).. Best Beau (Barty Cockburn).. Sir Rory (Danielle McMullen for Graeme Gavin).. Redcliffe 13/10.. QueensAccent (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Ideal Romance (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. He Can Talk (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Mister Performance (Dan Russell).. Usane Flash (Amy Rees for Mick Butler)..

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                                                                                                                     "TROT TACTICS".. 22/10/2016..

  We are in week two of the fence project with top rail in place and the bottom rail to be completed yesterday. Mid next week should see the diamond mesh all in place and that will be that. The Marburg track will possess a fully Child and Workplace Health and Safety compliant perimeter, that will last a very long time. It will be interesting to compare the new asset with the memory of the white painted post and rail structure which it has replaced. It is difficult to imagine two more dissimilar items performing the same task. There will be no "jump outs" today, as the Harness Stewards have decreed that as the fence does not yet meet the criteria for official trials or race meetings, then, by extrapolation, it cannot be fit for "jump outs".. However, with the mesh in place the whole deal will be kosher, and Official trials are set down for next Saturday 29th October. One of our coming projects will be the fitting of lightning rods to the judges box and Steward's towers. Trust me, the road to "compliance" is long and hard, and at times, stony.

  One for the black book, or the calendar on the fridge, is our next race meeting, Graham Harriott Memorial day. This will be Saturday 12th November and the feature will be the "GRAHAM HARRIOTT MEMORIAL TROTTERS HANDICAP" FOR T R/0 and better with a maximum back mark of 40metres. GH was a great fan of the square gaiters and had consistent success with those that he trained, and they were many. He was also a popular and effective President of the Marburg Pacing Association for a number of terms. He would be very much in favour of the new fence, having been at the wheel of the mobile vehicle one Sunday morning when the accelerator jammed after the start. The resulting impact with the outside rail put a baulk of timber through the windscreen, taking a small piece of the Harriott cheek on its way to the tray at the rear of the cab. An inch the wrong way and his head would have been gone.

  On the Queensland Racing integrity Commission front, the ever present matter of penalties for infringements, either race track for drivers and horses, and off track drug offences plus animal welfare issues for trainers continues to cause headaches. As has been said before, many bonafide charges collapse at appeal to QCAT. Just like the current racing format which militates against the recreational punter  and the stewards alike, the current system of racing regulation operates as law and leaves every Steward's decision open to debate or appeal. This system must change on the principle that "LAWS" are to observed.... "RULES" are to be obeyed..

  Everyone in harness is looking for the goose that lays the golden eggs. It does exist, it is trained at Patrick Estate by Chantal Turpin and driven (in the main) by better half Pete. This 7yo mare is called Blucolla Moon and in seven starts this season has won five and been placed second on two occasions. My God how the money rolls in! No less than $16,962. Some effort. Also, I have misled you. That was not John McMullen assisting Ron Sallis and Lachie Manzelmann to victory in the "gear up" race at the October race meeting, but Pete McMullen himself. See, super skilled in all facets of harness!!

  It will be a belt tightening exercise for harness participants in the current season and perhaps longer, as Racing Queensland follows Government instruction to reduce current debt levels and put racing "back in the black". The RQ  team are looking at the many possible ways of slicing the smaller pie to make the pain more bearable, while examining strategies to increase turnover. In all, a correct and positive approach.

  It's "old home week" on the leader board this week with Patrick Estate based couple Pete McMullen and Chantal Turpin turning out big figures yet again. Chantal was responsible for five successes in the training department while Pete was seen to advantage in the sulky on no less than nine occasions. Most pleasing effort was the win of the home-bred Ominous Flyer for the Chalk family. Dale trained and Trent Dawson drove in a good all round result.

  Resultsville, Albion Park, 14/10.. Waste Of Time (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Mini Cam Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Bettabe Perfect (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 15/10.. Donegal Under Fire (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Nureyev (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Ardle McArdle (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Ima Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Epirus Boy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler.. Blucolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 18/10.. Ominous Flyer (Trent Dawson for Dale Chalk).. Django Mach (Narissa McMullen).. Lancelot Bromac (Pete for Stewie Dickson).. Recliffe 19/10.. Bluecolla Moon (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 20/10.. Commanche (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Cotton Cold Candy (Pete for Jason Carkeet).. Gotta Luv A Sunday (Pete for Mick Butler).. Camivista (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Lady Royal Sue (Pete for John McMullen)..

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"TROT TACTICS"..29/10/2016..

With the Australian Drivers Championship series taking place in Adelaide, with Queensland represented by Pete McMullen and Shane Graham, defending champion Grant Dixon had a night out at his home track in Brisbane. Once again, the following piece is thanks to Chris Barsby.

The leading horseman prepared five winners on Saturday night at Albion Park, half the programHis winners included Fioki, The Black Assassin, Major Strike, Our Carisma and Our Overanova.The winning drives split between himself (3) and his wife Trista (2).“The night definitely turned out better than what I was expecting, all horses raced really well and most importantly, we had some luck on our side.”, a typically reserved Dixon said.It is the second time that Dixon has achieved the feat at Albion Park while it’s the fifth time overall with five or more winners at a single meeting.
Dixon prepared six winners at the now defunct Gold Coast Club on June 14, 2013.His first five win haul as a trainer at Albion Park came on June 27 last year after Only The Brave, Alleluia, Modern Max, Majestic Major and Joys A Babe proved successful.He is one shy of his legendary father Bill who prepared five or more winners on six occasions.
Since 2008, the Dixon stable has been the leading stable in the country per wins.Bill claimed four straight National premierships while Grant has won the past five titles, preparing well over 200 winners each season. Stats for the last two seasons showcase Dixon's abilities. As a trainer, the 2014/15 season saw him provide 1769 runners, and lead in 282 winners with stable earnings of  $2.373 million. 2015/16 , similar starters at 1708 resulting in 246 victories and a bank of  $1.796 million. Driving efforts were, 14/15 appeared on 1118 occasions for 215 winners and 15/16, GD went round 1045 times posting 167 successes. Dixon is closing in another major milestone; he is currently sitting on 3980 wins.He will join an elite club with only Gavin Lang, Chris Alford, Daryl Douglas and Chris Lewis to have driven in excess of 4000 career winners in Australia.Dixon has won more premierships in the sunshine state than any other driver. Currently, with 11 titles against his name, he is two clear of his nearest rival Kevin Thomas , who was  a dominant force during the late 1970’s and 1980’s.He has also represented his country when selected to compete in the 2003 World Drivers Championship when staged in Canada.
  Don't forget, Saturday 12th of November is the Graham Harriott Memorial meeting at Marburg.  The new fence is complete, ready for the big day, and will get a showing this morning at the official trials. There will be jump outs next week, another opportunity to slip out and see the "new look" Marburg.

  In a very encouraging move, the standing start barrier  mechanisms from Rocklea have been refurbished and duplicated, and will be installed at  Redcliffe  and Albion Park. Proof positive that standing starts (the only practical method of handicapping the light harness horse) will be retained by RQ. Once again, trainers ,drivers and starters, will be able to demonstrate the skills that are going down the gurgler in other states while assisting punters to make informed choices based on reliable form lines.
  I guess it's no good appealing to trainers and drivers for even greater efforts than they already produce, but when are we going to see new names on this leader board. The trainer's segment went two ways with Chantal Turpin and Darrell Graham  leading in four winners apiece, and Pete McMullen ,again the superior driver with five wins for the week. Most pleasing effort  was way south at Menangle Park NSW on Saturday night, where  Fernvale trained Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies) lifted $12,600  in what is proving to be a very lucrative raid on the 'blues" treasure chest.

Resultsville.. Albion Park 21/10.. Montana Rockstar (Darrell Graham).. Monumental (Al Barnes for Darrell Graham)-- All Over Hanover (Matt Elkins for Max Towns).. Armazem (Danielle McMullen).. I'm A Morven Lad (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Albion Park 22/10.. Buy Chevron Direct (Adam Richardson for Chantal turpin).. Rummiking (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Beaudienne Bill (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. Bettabe Perfect (Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 25/10.. Illdoitwhenimready (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Rubys Bad Boy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Bob Gage (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Tally Ho Bromac (Nathan Dawson for Ian Gurney).. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 26/10.. The Falcon Ute (Brittany Graham).. Village Cruiser (Dan Russell for Errol O'Shea).. Havetogetawaymore (Al Barnes).. Doolittle Dandy (Adam Richardson for Ricky Hart).. Estavao (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. He Can Talk (Shane Graham for Ken Belford).. Redcliffe 27/10.. The Jewel Thief (Pete for John McMullen).. Amys Whisper (Pete for Mark Rees).. Colada Rainbow (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Cee Uin LA (Rob Gorman)..

  Thanks folks. Regards, Denis.
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                                                                                                                   "TROT TACTICS" 05/11/2016..

  Now is the time to "ramp it up" for next Saturday's  Graham Harriott Memorial" race meeting.  You get the chance to see the traditional trotters in action in the "Harriott", and enjoy a lovely day of country harness racing on the "close up and action packed" 700metre Marburg circuit. Many extra features with infield entertainment and a monster, three prize, meat tray raffle. Other specials include the $100 "bookies" free bet gate prize for patrons over 18 years of age, and the race book specials which include the Fastwork Horse Supplies "pick the card" now jackpotted to $700, plus the voucher for $500 "funny money " to bet with "Con Mann" a feature for people who like to have a bet without risking hard cash but can build a bank for the auction after the last race. Best burgers and other hot specials and deserts, plus the best bar prices at any sporting event add to the day. Gates open at 10.00am, and Adults are $5, Pensioners, members and Students are $3 and the all important race book is $3. Children under 16 years are freebies. There you have it. A great family day out at budget prices, you can't beat it.

  "A.S. Turnbull" is now right up there with the big frogs of harness history! Leading NSW trainer/driver, Bathurst based  Steve Turnbull, has been honoured as a "Living Legend".  Turnbull was recognised for his many achievements in his career including taking out 11 NSW Trainers Premierships. “To be classed up there with Dad and those other great names, it’s a really great honour,” Turnbull said.
The 60-year-old has trained and driven winners in most of the state’s feature races and has also tasted success in the two major features, the Inter Dominion and Miracle Mile, with Smooth Satin.This Award is strictly merit based and is not necessarily given each year, in fact the Living Legend Award has not been awarded since 2011.
Previous Living Legend Inductees include:1998.. A D (Tony) Turnbull.. 2000.. K B (Kevin) Newman.. and 2002.. B P (Brian) Hancock.

  After that bit of good news, further joy from the land of integrity Australia wide. A 50% reduction in the allowable level of cobalt in harness horses will assist us on our way to that achievable goal, the much discussed "level playing field".
Trainers are advised of the following amendment to AHRR 188A(2)(k), effective 1 November 2016, revising the cobalt threshold in urine and introducing a cobalt threshold in plasma.
188A   (2)        The following substances when present at or below the levels set out are                          excepted from the provisions of sub rule 1 and Rule 190AA:
            (k)        Cobalt at a concentration at or below 100 micrograms per litre in urine or 25                      micrograms per litre in plasma.
•   The lowered urine threshold and new plasma threshold provide for significantly tighter regulation of the administration of cobalt-containing products in racing animals.
  In what appeared to be the triumph of "expediency"  over "regulation", non-qualified horses were accepted for Tuesday's "standing start" meeting at Gympie. For once, the Gods smiled on the move, and, of the 18 horses competing no less than 13 were passed as competent at stands. If ,as does this writer, you believe that the more stand starts we have, the more chance we have of re-building the light harness game, adding 13 horses to the "stand" pool in one go can only be a good thing. A case of "the end justifying the means".
Ban would attract more to track!
  The last news item, but most definitely not the least, a motion proposed by committee veteran, Mick Heatley, at a meeting of the Tasmanian Pacing Club "that the club ban the use of whips at its race meetings".
Mr Heatley said he wanted whips prohibited because he believed the public would no longer tolerate the practice.
He said a ban would encourage more people to take part, bet, or watch harness racing.
Mr Heatley said whipping was cruel and unnecessary and put the public off horse racing sports. After a half hour of debate, the meeting decided that the motion "should not be put". Mick Heatley should be commended for having the guts and good sense to put forward the only viable option available to the horse racing codes at this point in history. Those administrators opposed to this view should pull their heads out of the sand and deal with an issue which has been costing the horse codes patronage for at least two decades!

  On the surface, the leaderboard changes little this week, with Brittany Graham and Pete McMullen splitting the driving honours on three wins apiece and Darrell Graham top trainer leading in three of the best. There were, however no less than four other drivers who posted two wins for the period. Dan Russell, Danielle McMullen, Adam Richardson, and Nathan Dawson. Most pleasing efforts, Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe), Justa Little Marn (Peter McKay) and Red Castle Warrior (Kevin Annetts)..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 28/10.. Kalinda (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. On The Neck (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Fiscal cliff (Adam Richardson for David rodger).. Clock On Doc Lombo (Pete for Mick Butler).. Albion Park 29/10.. Glengowan (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Gloveman gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Recliffe 01/11.. Master Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Gympie 01/11.. Red Castle Warrior (Kevin Annetts).. Redcliffe 02/11.. Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Red Castle Rebel (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Vader (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Ideal Romance (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Moonshine Studleigh (Pete for John McMullen).. Sir Pickles Yum Yum (Lachie Manzelmann for Chantal Turpin).. Agent Three (Dan Russell).. Redcliffe 03/11.. Justa Little Marn (Peter McKay).. Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Many delights (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Master Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Arma legend (Gary Whitaker for Ron Sallis)..

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"TROT TACTICS" 12/11/2016..

  It's here at last, Harriott Memorial Day. With a six race program centred round a very competitive Feature Trot Handicap the stage is set for a great afternoon of Country trotting.  The "pick the first 5 winners" competition has gone to a cool $700 and the lucky gate ticket carries a free $100 bet with Bookie, Stephen Anthony for patrons 18 years of age or older. The notorious "funny money bookmaker" Con Mann will field again for those who like a flutter with out actually damaging the budget. Use the $500 voucher in your $3 race book to build a bank for the auction after the last race. As for the rest, where else can you enjoy  the best burgers ,deserts and other canteen specials in tandem with the best bar prices at any sporting venue. It's the best value in a family day out that you are likely to encounter. Adults $5, Pensioners and Students $3, kids under 16 free. See you out there!

  A run down of the recent Harness Awards night saw the Ipswich footprint well represented. Young achievers included  Brittany Graham, Dannielle McMullen, Amy Rees and Nathan Dawson who was Concession Driver of the Year. Botra's Rising Stars were Matt Elkins and Dannielle McMullen, while the prestigious Redcliffe Pegasus Award went to the McMullen family group. A far cry from Saturday afternoon at the Ipswich Show Grounds, when possession of a  competitive Rocklea horse was considered about as good as it got!
In the section labelled "where did they get to and how are they going", we have an update on Lauren Jones., who left Queensland for the golden west several years ago. The following is taken from "Faces of the Industry" a recent story on the Australian Harness website.
Having studied Graphic Design and Art, graduating from Gatton State School in 2012 and despite having a qualification in Hospitality, Jones decided that being in the gig was too good an opportunity and decided to take up driving horses as a career instead.Jones is no stranger to the industry, having completed all of her years in the pony trots and being the daughter of well-known trainer and her biggest role model, Peter Jones.   From a young age Jones would help out her father and admittedly has him to thank for pushing her in the right direction and leading her to the success she has today.
Jones enjoyed her first winner on the Sanderson trained Old Gold And Black at Gold Coast in 2013 and it was in the same year that she won the Ipswich West Young Drivers Championship. 
In late December 2013, Jones came across an advert on Trading Ring for employment at a leading training stable in Western Australia.   After applying for the job, Jones received a call from Clinton Hall offering her the position.   Jones made the move to WA from her hometown Lockyer Waters in February 2014 to join the famous ‘Hall Camp’ and made her WA debut on Vapour who was also her first winner in the West.   She hasn’t looked back since.
It’s no surprise that Jones has the amount of knowledge in the industry that she does. Having worked for three of the best trainers in Queensland with Shane Sanderson, Shane Graham, Peter & Chantal McMullen she is now proving herself in Western Australian with Gary Hall Snr. 
Among the thirteen doubles Jones has driven lies one very memorable outing.   On the same day as the race that stops the nation, not only did she drive a double, she also drove her 100th winner.    The milestone came on the David Thompson trained It’s a Monet in 2015.
With 139 driving winners to her name thus far, 120 of them being since her arrival in the west, Jones is very grateful for the opportunities that trainers have given her, including her first Group One drive with Classic American in the Golden Nugget, finishing fourth.  Since the Golden Nugget, Jones has competed in 46 other Group and Listed races.
Although a regular driver for the Hall Camp, Jones also picks up smart drives with the likes of Bettor Offer, Ima Tragedy, Phoenix Warrior and Delightful Offer for Team Bond and is very thankful for the support she receives from both Greg and Skye.   
Admitting how challenging it is to mix it with the boys, Jones still receives support and guidance from her long-term partner, trainer/driver Kyle Harper and together they have enjoyed Metropolitan success with horses such as Springsteen.
In her four years of driving so far, Jones has competed in several driving championships and series, and although very dominant as a female driver, Jones wants to explore the training aspect of harness racing as well.   Having already had a taste of training success with her first love Josscotay, she has a new project in her Advance Attack gelding Combat Crusade who is set to engage the race track in around twelve weeks’ time. For Lauren Jones it HAS turned out to be "The Golden West"!

  No change in sight on the leader board with Pete McMullen chasing home six winners for the week and better half Chantal Turpin cranking out the solid four successful representatives from the home barn. Most pleasing for the week were Cotton Cold Candy for Jason Carkeet, and Beaver ,bringing his Menangle form home for Melissa Gillies.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 04/11.. Cotton Cold Candy (Adam Sanderson for Jason Carkeet).. Lancelot Bromac (Danielle McMullen for Stewie Dickson).. Grande Uomo (Pete for John McMullen).. The Endeavour (Pete for John McMullen).. Albion Park 05/11.. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Bells Beach House (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Reddy Fire (Isobel Ross for Paul Matis).. East Emperor (Barty Cockburn).. Dr Hook (Tim Gillespie).. Albion Park 08/11.. My Precious Fling (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Mad Gambler (Gary Whitaker for Debbie Rodney).. Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 09/11.. Riverboat Prince (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Blue Eyed Creation (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Famous Shoes (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford)..  Redcliffe 10/11.. Illawong Dream Time (Danielle McMullen for Doug Lee)..

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TROT TACTICS".. 19/11/2016..

  The Graham Harriott  Memorial Trot has been run and won for another year. This time, local trainer Trevor Lambourn was successful, bringing Our King Of Cool with a well timed run from the 30 metre mark to score narrowly but well. The gelded son of Monarchy and the Sundon mare, Cool Kahli, was having only it's third run for Lambourn and its prior resume, put together at Menangle NSW and the North Island of New Zealand is an impressive 83 starts for 8 wins, 7 seconds and 12 thirds while banking $63,611 for connections. With a best winning rate of 2.00.1 in the stats it looks like T. Lambourn has snagged one with an Albion Park future. Second was Katmandonny (Tim Gillespie) and third, Someones Singing (Trent Dawson for Ray Cross.). It was a mixed day weather wise, running the gamut of extremely hot for the early part of the card to a torrential downpour which saw stewards cancel the last race. It's all part of racing, and the merry folk of Marburg will be hosting another day of "country trotting" on Saturday December 17th. Put it on the calendar.

  Over the last two seasons, there has been considerable dissatisfaction among rank and file harness participants over the manner in which offences relating to the use of "prohibited substances" have been handled. Today, it is the norm for the person charged with an offence under the rules relating to prohibited substances to apply for a "stay of proceedings" immediately, and proceed happily on, conducting their business, (be it training or driving or both), for periods running into 12/18 months and more. Much of this contentious time delay is down simply to " due process". In attempt to get some order into what might have been construed as chaos by some, QRIC boss Ross Barnett has proposed the following procedure. (1) A trainer whose animal returns a positive reading when a sample is tested at the Racing Science Centre, is notified of the result. (2) the "B" sample is then sent to an independent accredited laboratory for confirmation. (3)  should the matter go forward, QRIC will supply a hard copy of "the brief of evidence" to the trainer, detailing all information relevant to the positive finding. (4) the trainer now has 14 days to seek legal advice or other support to prepare their written response and lodge same with QRIC. (5) a plea of guilty will result in a brief meeting with Stewards to discuss and assign penalty. (6)  a plea of not guilty will see the documentation proceed to "internal review" for decision. (7) if the matter remains in dispute, the next option is to have the matter heard at QCAT.
Ross Barnett's summary of the draft process is.... "This is a trial of methodology which we hope will be fairer to participants and reduce the time spent in, and the convening, of hearings".

  Much has been said and written over the years on the subject of "bleeding" in racing horses of both codes. There are many sweeping statements on the subject, such as, "60/70 percent of horses bleed in races due to stresses placed on the respiratory system by extreme exertion". What is true, is that a number of horses will be stood down for bleeding in the course of a racing season. Often, bleeding will be suspected in an on track veterinary examination after an "out of character" poor performance, and be confirmed when the animal is "scoped" soon after. Harness Racing Australia has now moved to bring the pacers in line with the thoroughbreds by altering the relevant rules. (a) First episode will see the affected animal barred from racing for a period of 3 months.(b) Any subsequent episode brings a mandatory "life" bar. Any horse resuming from (a) must trial to the satisfaction of the stewards and carry a veterinary certificate to the effect that, at this point, it exhibits no symptoms of bleeding.

  Once again the Leader Board focusses on the lower Brisbane valley where Darrell Graham was top trainer, scoring three wins for the week. Danielle McMullen was responsible for a stellar performance in the sulky, hoisting the flag on no less than five occasions. Most pleasing effort was Calvert Hot Shot at Redcliffe Thursday, taking Ray Cross back to the winners circle where he was a regular feature for so many years. Adam Richardson was the wining driver. Runner up in the pleasing department was Zorro Bromac, breaking through for Shane Fitzgerald at the Marburg fixture.

  Resultsville albion Park 11/11.. Saint Bee (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Regal Eagle (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. The space Invader (Danielle McMullen for Steve Cini).. Albion Park 12/11.. Sicilian Slumber (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Caesars Folly (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Birdy Mach (Adam sanderson for Wayne Graham).. Mr Mayfly (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Marburg 12/11..Ima Top Tycoon (Simon Burrows).. Our King Of Cool (Trevor Lambourn).. Zorro Bromac (clint sneddon for Shane Fitzgerald).. Albion Park 15/11.. El Cartel (Pete for Ron Sallis).. Karloo Kix (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Phantom Rockstar (Matt Elkins for Kevin Joiner).. Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 16/11.. Rory Mach (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. The Sweetest Angel (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Pandoras Diamond (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Andiamo El Ferrari (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. All Over Hanover (Matt Elkins for Max Towns).. Master Montana (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Ima Top Tycoon (Simon Burrows).. Redcliffe 17/11.. Heavens Hint (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson).. Calvert Hot Shot (Adam Richardson for Ray Cross).. Ann Mattgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Torque Factor (Amy Rees for Ricky Hart).. Good Time Stride (Rob Gorman for Trevor Lambourn)..   

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                                                                                                                               "TROT TACTICS 26/11/2016..

 In the course of our  fascination  with the high success rate of trainers  situated in the lower Brisbane Valley we have often come across the performance of the McMullen -Turpin operation which is based in the Patrick Estate  near Lowood and is actually tucked into the scrub just downstream of the Wivenhoe dam spillway. The couple are both in their early twenties and have been purpose reared for their future in trotting/harness racing. The training is the responsibility of Chantal Turpin whose father Tony  has counted "King of the Creek" Kevin Thomas  and super horseman Don Ross among his mentors. Mother Karen is blessed with business and organizational skills in a large way. Pete McMullen, a third generation Albion Park high profile driver, his antecedents beingHollywood John McMullen and John McMullen jnr,  and the fastest young driver to post 1,000 winners lifetime, is the major man in the sulky. Pete's Mother is Jeanette McMullen, whose mother Beryl has no less than eight direct descendants making a name for themselves on the harness track.  Chantal is no slouch in the sulky either having been leading driver of trotters for the first three years that she held a licence .
There you have the basis of a stellar career, the bloodlines to achieve in harness. However, a career in any discipline must be a continuous progression up the rainbow. The success rate must continue to grow, and to do that requires  judgement and an element of risk, because racing is, by any standards, a risky business. We now pick up Ace race caller Chris Barsby's story from the harness website.

 "A Brisbane syndicate has been formed to purchase exciting New Zealand pacer Pulp Fiction for a hefty six-figure sum.
The syndicate, constructed by leading trainer Chantal Turpin features several of her best clients and now they’ve joined forces to race the Art Major – Joys Underworld stallion.Turpin prepares a strong team at Patrick Estate, west of Brisbane with her husband Pete McMullen, one of the state’s best drivers.Amongst the ownership group is Ross Patrick, Dave Murray, Denis Golinski, John Manzelmann and Jake and Karen Turpin.The deal was negotiated through respected south island bloodstock agent Geoff Gibson-Smith.Pulp Fiction will arrive at the end of the week and be set for the upcoming Queensland summer carnival open class features including the Gr.2 $50,000 Gold Coast Cup at Albion Park on December 17.“It’s very exciting to have a horse of this quality join our stables and we’re really looking forward to the challenge, the summer open features are the obvious early target although we haven’t confirmed what races we will hit or miss with him.” Turpin said.Previously prepared by Riversdale horseman Tony Stratford, the five-year-old raced during Cup week at Addington where he finished 6th behind brilliant mare Dream About Me before finishing 7th behind Chase The Dream in record time.Pulp Fiction has put together a very tidy ‘CV’ which includes 12 wins and 8 minor placings from 33 starts to date while amassing more than $100,000 in stakes.His biggest win to date came via the 2014 Riverton Cup.
“He profiles really well and he’s proven he can compete with some very good horses, I think his speed will be his biggest asset when racing here in Australia. The opportunity to buy this horse came about quickly and we didn’t hesitate to grab him, he arrives on a very good mark for a horse of this quality.

“It’s great that we got the support from the owners, that’s the most important part of setting up a stable and we’re always looking to expand. Having a horse like this in the stable and performing, well hopefully that will build our profile a little more.
“Obviously we’ll be keen to have him competing in some of the better races both here and south of the border, in fact, we plan on having a good quality team of horses in Sydney at Menangle early in the New Year.”The young couple also prepare exciting four-year-old Mattgregor, a winner of 7 from 11 to date.

  Just to add to the Pulp Fiction picture, the pacer's last 10 starts in NZ have produced three wins. Any student of NZ form will tell you that it is far harder to win a race in NZ than Australia, particularly in the South Island. PF is a handy stand start horse capable of handling a decent handicap and a bit of distance.. We go back to Gore on the 27/12/15  where the entire came from 30 metres over a 2700m journey to win in a rate of 1-59.7..  His most recent victory was Riverton on 29/10/2016 from 40 metres behind, again over 2700m in a rate of 2.00.5.  Sandwiched between these efforts was a win over 1609m from the mobile at Winton rating 1-55.2. No "one trick pony" is our Pulp Fiction. He looks likely to do a great job for his syndicate of owners and the Turpin-McMullen stable.

 Writer's comment..Last Saturday's jump outs at Marburg attracted only 8 horses in total. Issues with the hardness of the track have hopefully been sorted, and the MPA Committee can only impress on trainers the need to support these jump outs. It is hard enough for the average hobbyist to produce a competitive horse in these difficult times without foregoing the service that Marburg provides. Support us, and let us support you. Regards, Denis.

  A mild earthquake on the leader board this week, with Danielle McMullen emerging as top driver with four wins. Add to this a triple dead heat in the training department with honours shared between Rachel Scott, Darrell Graham and John McMullen. Most pleasing effort was Real Knuckey  at Redcliffe for Peter Jones who is steadily returning to the form that saw him premier trainer at Rockhampton.

  Resultsville, Albion Park 18/11.. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Vader (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Albion Park 19/11.. Major command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Glenferrie Boss (Trevor Lambourn).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Bettorthanspecial (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Bettor Promise (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Albion Park 22/11.. Arlecchino (Ray Law).. Another Broadway (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. R Eleven Heavan (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Major Command (Trevor Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Son Of Mara (Danielle McMullen for Steve Cini).. Croft Bay (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 23/11.. Only One Slim (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Real Knuckey (Gary Whitaker for Peter Jones).. The Sweetest Angel (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Little Lizzie Jove (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Redcliffe 24/11.. I Am Andy (Gary Whitaker for Brian McCall).. Tulhurst Jailbreak (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Washingtons Flier (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Isabela Maree (Nathan Dawson)..

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"TROT TACTICS"..03/12/2016..

  Queensland's long standing top trainer/driver, Grant Dixon, passed another significant milestone last Tuesday at Albion Park. When Leos Best broke the "finish lynx" beam in the Burwood Stud Pace, it marked GD's 4000th race win as a driver. First licenced in the 1988/89 season, he appeared in the main for for his father Bill, who had established a successful stable in Brisbane after building a champion reputation in far north Queensland while based in Townsville. From a total of 59 drives Grant was able to land 10 winners and 12 placings for $7,095. 89/90 saw the roller coaster begin to gather speed with 349 outings for 29 wins and 80 placings with a bank of $35,115.

  With the coming of the new millennium, and Bill taking a lower profile in the Dixon operation the annual drive totalpassed 1,00 with only two of the last 16 seasons attracting a lesser figure. (12/13 990 and 13/14 999). As in all successful businesses, the win graph reflected the increased numbers. Dixon has topped the 200 mark on no less than 8 occasions, his high point coming in the 09/10 year when 1251 drives yielded 242 wins and 349 placings for total stakes of $1,202,448. Well, there you have it. Because we are talking success in the sulky here, just over 28 years brings 4002 victories at the time of writing and a win dollar bank of a mammoth $13,113,308. Grant Dixon joins a tiny group of elite reinsmen, Gavin Lang Vic, Chris Alford Vic, Daryl Douglas Vic and Chris Lewis WA.

  It's official! We do live in strange and wondrous times. The following is proof perfect. " UBET NOW COVERING RACE 1 AT KILCOY HARNESS".Please note while still NOT to be broadcast by Sky, UBET have indicated they will offer markets on the first race at Kilcoy Harness this Saturday afternoon, 03/12/2016." No further comment is required!

  Jump outs for this weekend have been shifted to tomorrow (Sunday) to avoid a clash with the Kilcoy 'dual code ' meeting. Kick off is 8.15am. The Christmas BBQ starts at 12.00 noon outside the canteen where pork and lamb spit roasts and other goodies are the go. Ring Robin on 0437 695 032..

 Nathan Dawson had his first trip round Gloucester Park last night in heat 1 of the Australasian Young Driver's Championship. In all these Championships, there is, in reality, little difference in the ability of the driver's who are competing. Not the same can be said about the horses. The main, and decisive factor is "luck", as steeds and barriers are assigned by lot. With 7 sets of fields available on Thursday night, I can tell you that ND is up against it a trifle. The first four of his draws are 7-8-9-10, then things look a lot better as CC Chevron comes into Race 5 at Pinjarra with a last start win on the page, complemented by No1 barrier. The luck holds for the early part of the York meeting at Northam  with Sarah Goody drawing No 2 alley in Race 6. Three runs back from a spell for two wins and a second. Race 7 at York teams ND with Comeuppance from gate 3 with only very ordinary form. See, a mixed bag, so fingers crossed is the go!.

  It looks like a change on the Leader Board, but in the lower Brisbane Valley, if they are not related by blood, they are so by marriage. Narissa McMullen is top driver with four wins for the week while Chantal Turpin heads the trainers with identical figures. Most pleasing efforts were High Cloud Lass,(Denis Smith) no longer a maiden at start No 40 in the trot at Albion Park, and Soldier Of Fortune, too much power in the sprint lane at Redcliffe for Karen Schulz. Rare treats!

  Resultsville  Albion Park 25/11.. My Trial By Jury (Danielle McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Northern Line (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Wattlebank Flyer (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Slipaslygrin (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Albion Park 26/11.. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Mafuta Vautin (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Simply Gorgeous (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Lisas Lawyer (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Shareapassion (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 29/11.. High Cloud Lass (Denis Smith).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 30/11. Soldier Of Fortune (Karen Schulz).. Riverleigh William (Amy Rees for Darren Hooper).. Alisons Jet (Brittany Graham).. Redcliffe 01/12.. Marchesa Gary Whitaker for Terry Hancock).. Its All Torque (Amy Rees for Ricky Hart).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Lady Royal Sue (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen)..

Well Done to Denis Smith driving High Cloud Lass to victory at AP last week and breaking her duck at start number 40.....hopefully it won't be the last for her.


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                                                                                             “TROT TACTICS” 10/12/2016..

  There will have been several events of great significance decided over night at Perth’s Gloucester Park Paceway .Of major importance will be the running of the Inter-dominion Championship Grand final for 2017. Victorian trainer, David Aiken has a big hand in the feature with last year’s winner, Lenny The Shark, likely to overcome a health scare due to a hoof abcess earlier this week and stablemate, Hector Jay Jay, in top form, but saddled with an ordinary barrier draw. HJJ  will have to rely on his amazing speed to compensate for the less than favourable alley. However, speed is a big factor on Gloucester Park, as any one who witnessed Imthemightyquinn in action on the premier track would appreciate.

   The second major happening will be the final heat of the Australasian Young Driver’s Championship in which Ipswich is well represented by Glamorganvale lad, Nathan Dawson. ND has risen to prominence as a driver in the last 18 months by the dint of sheer hard work and determination and to be the Queensland rep at a prestigious Carnival in competition with the best young drivers Australasia has to offer, is a fitting reward. With 7 races decided ND is sitting fifth on 55 points with NSW reinsman Todd MCarthy up front on 65 points. As I said last week it is all about horse ability and barriers. ND was able to make the best of the two better packages in his line up winning with Sarah Goody at Northam and gaining second with CC Chevron at Pinjarra. Keep your fingers crossed, ND is far from out of it.

  We always talk about the “light at the end of the tunnel” but it is often hard to discern. It seems that the Queensland Government has seen the current plight of racing, and has announced funding to the tune of $53 million to be spent on infrastructure across the three codes. The new Racing Queensland Board has been charged with the important task of developing an infrastructure plan for a 20 year plus future. Industry consultation is an important part of this work.

  Funding is to be considered for (1) commercial projects to enhance self sufficiency.. (2) Major projects worth more than $1 million that provide enduring benefits for the sport/industry, and/or the ability to enhance wagering or on-track attendances. (3) Minor projects, less than $1 million covering work health and safety or animal welfare. Governments never cease to amaze. Find a problem, apply money and all will be well. Just for a change, how about charging the Racing Queensland Board with doing something for themselves about our plight. Increasing tote turnover (that obscene expression again) by providing a “punter friendly” race format to attract new customers and repeat business would be a good place to start. To change the race format costs nothing!

  Don’t forget, Marburg races next Saturday December 17th. An afternoon at Marburg with low cost factors, a couple of “big money ‘giveaways” in the $750 Pick the Card competition and the $100 free bet, coupled with Funny Money for those who like the fun without the risk and our usual strong “real life” bookie!! Its all there, speed and spectacle on the 700m circuit. Adults $5 ,Pensioners and students $3 and race books $3.. Children under 16 go free. Gates open 10.00am, trials begin 11.00am and the first race approximately 12.30.pm..

  A somewhat different leader board coming into the Festive Season with Amy Rees playing Santa for herself courtesy of three winners for the week, while a triple dead heat at two apiece in the training department supplied “Christmas Ducks” for Darrell Graham, Tess Neaves, and Greg Elkins. Most pleasing effort. Tess Neaves and Gary Litzow making it a real day out on the grass at Kilcoy.

     Resultsville.. Albion Park 02/12.. My Ultimate Hell (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Tellus Rodney (Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis).. Major Kiwi (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Albion Park 03/12.. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Major Lexus (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Beaudienne Bill (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. Kilcoy 03/12.. Curtis Maguire (Gary Litzow for Tess Neaves).. Machbino (Gary Litzow for Tess Neaves).. Albion Park 06/12.. Crowning Glory (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Armazem (Danielle McMullen).. Risky Buziness (Ricky Gordon).. Im The Golden Child (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Redcliffe 07/12.. Rory Mach (Brittany Graham for Darell Graham).. Mister Performance (Dan Russell).. R Eleven Heaven (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Zed Code (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. Looksmachnificent (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 08/12.. Senitas Success (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Gloveman Gilly (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Wee Jimmy (Amy Rees for Mick Butler) 

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                                                                                        “TROT TACTICS” 17/12/2016..

  The following are excerpts from a landmark decision taken by delegates to  Harness Racing Australia’s annual conference, held during  the Inter-dominion Championship carnival. HRA has bitten the bullet and banned the use of the whip in both racing and training, effective from September 1st 2017..At long last, administrators with the power to effect significant change have acted, and harness racing/trotting and its four legged participants will be the big winner. Suddenly, we are forced to admit to ourselves that men and women do not win horse races, and the equine provider of the speed, strength and determination required to do the winning is entitled to a better deal than a float ride with a flogging at the end of it. Elimination of what can be fairly described as “gratuitous cruelty” lets trainers and drivers hold their heads up in a society which will no longer tolerate such behaviour!

  CEO of the RSPCA Australia, Ms Heather Neil, commended the HRA’s leadership, and said: “This is a powerful sign that the harness racing industry is both listening to its stakeholders, and acknowledging the concerns of the wider community “As Harness Racing Australia has recognised, racing should celebrate quality horsemanship, breeding and training - whips shouldn’t come into it.

HRA Chairman, Mr Geoff Want, had this to say. “We are strongly of the belief that the improved image of our sport will add to the appeal of our racing product and be broadly welcomed by fans”. “We are confident that wagering turnover will not be impacted and indeed a number of professional punters have indicated support for the ban”.
“There is ample evidence the whip is not needed in our industry and that its use to enhance racing performance is questionable,” he said. “If no driver uses a whip then no driver has a perceived advantage – each race will be conducted on a level playing field, have a fair winner and horse welfare will be enhanced”.
Australia’s leading driver – and 11-times winner of the national drivers’ championship – Chris Alford said he supported the ban.“Drivers are very sensitive to their horses and appreciate and support moves to ensure high standards of animal welfare that are aligned with community expectations,” he said.
   An important link for readers<http://theconversation.com/australias-harness-racing-leads-the-world-in-banning-the-whip-on-horses-69472>
   BOTRA will hold an industry meeting on the above, this Monday night 19/12, in the old admin building at Albion Park. 7.00pm.. All welcome.

  Don’t forget Marburg Trots today. Just the best value in country racing about. Best bar prices to beat the heat, ‘Barry Burgers” and a wide variety of quality foods, “pick the card” competition now jackpotted to $750, “bookies free bet”, where else do you get a $150 bet as a lucky gate prize, and $500 “scrip” to punt with Con Mann the funny money bookie, to build a bank for the auction after the last race. Monster Christmas Hamper Raffle, and Santa with lollies for the kids. FOR THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, “WALLOON BAKERY’S FASHIONS ON THE FIELD”, , judged by Rhyan Noble, between races 3 and 4, and open to ladies and gentlemen Gates open 10.00am, trials commence at 11.00am and the real action on the 6 race card kicks off at 12.30pm. Adults $5 Members, Pensioners and Students $3, children under 16 are fee and that all important mine of information, the race book, a steal at $3.

  The leader board reflects the changing state of the light harness game this week with three trainers all up there on two winners apiece, Bill Crosby, Steve Bunz and Darrell Graham, while Gary Whitaker dominated the driving scene, posting four victories. Most pleasing results were, Neveah (Nathan Dawson for Lacy Hinze) and Just A Little Marn (Gary Litzow for Peter McKay)..

  Resultsville.. Redcliffe 09/12.. Real Social (Gary Whitaker for Steve Bunz).. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Ideal Romance (Trent Moffat for Steve Bunz).. Stayintown Tonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Betting Baron (Pete for Josh Moore).. Albion Park 10/12.. Cracka Stride (Trent Dawson for Graeme Gavin).. Starzzz Of Icon (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Never Die (Barty Cockburn).. Albion Park . 13/12.. Neveah (Nathan Dawson for Lacey Hinze).. Sweet As Candy (Pete for Vic Frost).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 14/12.. Releven Heaven (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Hotshot Anvil (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. just A little Marn (Gary Litzow for Peter McKay).. Redcliffe 15/12.. Our King Of Cool (Rob Gorman for Trevor Lambourn).. Missy Dollar (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Mister Hart (Darrell Graham).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Make A Point (Nathan Dawson for Merv Hieronymus).. Montana Falcon (Darrell Graham)..

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“TROT TACTICS”  24/12/2016..

    Not the Christmas Message we of the older Queensland trotting demographic were looking for last week was the news that “The Man in Black” , Ron Edgerton, passed on some eight days back in Gold Coast Hospital. “Edjo”, was very much the son of his father, Sir Jack Edgerton, the Labour Party stalwart who went beyond the ALP pale by accepting a Knighthood for his contribution to a better Queensland. When this writer came to the Sunshine State in the late 70’s, his first memories of RE were a stocky figure calling the races at Rocklea, and then descending between events to operate his mainstay business, the Queensland Standardbred Agencies truck. In this converted float was pretty much every item of harness, shoes, supplements etc, that the discerning participant could desire, especially those who had forgotten to pack the gear bag correctly. A feature of the Edgerton race call were those very brief pauses when the Lord of the Public address would  have a drag  on a cigarette mid sentence. How he did it, was and is, a mystery to this day. The racing commitments satisfied, “Edjo” would depart on his weekly stable run  where he dispensed all the current news and scandal (mostly the latter) along with the sale of consumables. He was a totally committed  trotting man who at various times, was, Secretary Manager  of the Gold Coast Club when it operated at Stevens Trotway under the Presidency of Russ Hinze, and later President himself, with the brilliant Peter Crawford as Secretary. No wonder it was a successful Club. RE called the trots at the Exhibition for more than 3 decades, which probably means that he called to bigger “on course” crowds than 90% of today’s commentators could begin to imagine! Those who knew Ron Edgerton well, will remember a happy and friendly man with an eye for the ladies, a sharp wit, and a keen sense of humour. They will be the poorer for his passing!

  A meeting of 30 plus Botra members and interested persons was held last Monday night at Albion Park to establish a position for Queensland harness participants  in response to harness Racing Australia’s decision to ban the whip as we know it from the sport of harness racing. Suffice to say it was a lively meeting, and the following response from Racing Queensland should be seen as timely and positive in every sense. This is a “mega issue”, and requires participants to consider, among other things, the viability of harness in Queensland now ,and in the future!!

Racing Queensland and BOTRA invite all interested persons to attend a meeting at Albion Park on January 16/2017 at 6.30pm to discuss the Harness Racing Australia (HRA) announcement in December 2016 of a whip ban in all races and training, effective 1 September 2017.
Topics for discussion in relation to the whip rules include, but will not be limited to:
•   Facts related to the ban in racing and training
•   Ensuring harness racing aligns with community expectation and building a 21st century fan base
•   Feedback and consultation regarding the announcement
•   Discussion items from the BOTRA Industry meeting held in December
•   Addressing safety and the development and use of a “Safety Crop” (for use in racing and training)
HRA Chief Executive Andrew Kelly and Racing Queensland CEO Dr Eliot Forbes will be in attendance with other RQ staff and available to discuss matters pertaining to this important matter.
Formal submissions are encouraged in advance of the meeting as topics for further discussion.  These can be furnished by email to Racing Queensland prior to January 10 at harnesshandicapping@racingqueensland.com.au
Attendees are asked to advise Racing Queensland in advance of their intention to attend the meeting thus enabling us to suitably cater, in terms of seating, for the number of attendees.  To advise of your attendance please use the email address above.


  Gary Whitaker has forged himself a regular position on the driver’s side of the leader board  with five wins for the week, hotly pursued by Nathan Dawson on four. Leading trainer was Darrell Graham, ensuring a supply of “Christmas Ducks” by  leading in three winners for the period. Most pleasing effort has to be the win of Red Castle Warrior at Redcliffe Thursday for Kevin Annetts.. Good to see..


   Resultsville  Albion Park 16/12.. Wattlebank Flyer (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Armbro Teehee Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin0.. Bella rippin (Pete for Jamie Donovan).. Albion Park 17/12.. Epaulette (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Lamorak (Pete for Chantal Turpin).. Neveah (Nathan Dawson for Lacey Hinze)..   Marburg 17/12.. Monkseaton (Gary whitaker for Jay Edmunds).. Emargee (Ricky Gordon).. Domestic Art (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis)..Coralie Joy (Nathan Dawson for Mark Rees).. Watuseeiswatuget (Justin Pascoe)..  Albion Park 20/12.. Major Command (Shane Graham for Rachel Scott)..Stonebridge Royal (Danielle McMullen for Christina Cini).. Another Broadway( Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 21/12.. My Ajaye (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Hotshot Anvil (Gary Whitaker for Graeme Gavin).. Red Luck (Brittany Graham).. Captainturbulence (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Teo Enteo (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Rib And Roll (Dan Russell).. Mister Hart (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..  Redcliffe 22/12.. High Cloud Lass (Denis Smith).. Countourluckystars (Clint Sneddon for Ricky Gordon).. Heavens Hint (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson)..  Moveinoutatown (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Red Castle Warrior  (Kevin Annetts).. CountDown (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin)..

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                                                                            “TROT TACTICS” 31/12/2016..

  So that was the year that was. Tomorrow, 2016 will be the past and 2017 will be what trotting folk, both readers and participants, hope to be the highway to a bright new future. There were a number of new comets which appeared in the trotting heavens in the past year, and as is with all comets, were said to be the omens of good or bad depending on who was doing the interpretation. Brightest of all at this point is “ QRIC’s or Barnett’s Comet”, which, while still low on the horizon, is gathering momentum, fuelled by an ever hardening attitude to licencees that display a cavalier regard to the rules of racing. “Comet Forbes”, to be viewed somwhat north of “Barnett’s” is travelling at a slightly slower pace, occupied as it is with providing a viable foundation for the rebuild of trotting /harness racing. We should check the night sky at the Winter solstice, when, we should hope,  both heavenly bodies will be high in the firmament and going head to head.

Get the black book out for next Saturday and pencil in Marburg trots. It’s all happening with the Fast work Horse Supplies “Pick the Card’ competition jackpotting to a massive $800. Another financial inducement to head to the show grounds is the  lucky gate prize $100  free bet with the bookie, plus Con Mann the “funny money” bag swinger, helping you to build a bank for the auction after the last race. Best burgers, desserts and other assorted food , hot and cold drinks, meat tray raffles and the best bar prices in town make Marburg trots the best value day out you can get. Adults $5,  Members, Pensioners and Students $3 and Race books $3.

  In the happy land to which a number of our previous administrations consigned the hobbyist, that of “get big or get out”, on rare occasions we get to see one of our battlers shake off the shackles and produce a magic effort. This week’s crowd pleaser was the win of Glenburn Red  for owner/ trainer/driver Nikki Chalk at Albion Park on Tuesday. The gelded son of Live Or Die and the Fake Left mare Mama Jules  has been a high maintenance animal since coming into NC’s stable in January 2015, having continual tendon and hoof  issues which require constant attention and frequent short spells away from the race track. Tuesday’s win was number seven for N. Chalk with a further four third placings. Earnings now stand at $22,455. No fortune, but a modest tribute to a trainer driver who is willing to do the very hard yards associated with this pacer. Added to this, Glenburn Red, his gear, sulky and driver are turned out to race in a fashion which does the harness sport proud!!!

  A strong focal point on the leader board this week with the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold firmly fixed in the Fernvale stable yard of Darrell Graham.  DWG was top trainer with three winners for the week while daughter Brittany and stable foreman Adam Sanderson shared driving honours at four apiece. Good to see was Ray Cross producing place getters in the first three events at Redcliffe on Thursday. The “old master” is on his way back.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 23/12 Bella Rippin (Kelli Dawson for Jamie Donovan).. East Emperor (Isobel Ross for Barty Cockburn).. Western Jewels (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Albion Park 24/12.. Epaulette (Adam Sanderson For Ian Gurney).. Vader (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Clarkey (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Major command (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. The Endeavour (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Teo Enteo (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Tenacious One (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Albion Park 27/12.. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Thats How We Roll (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Swift Approval (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. My Master Craftsman (Brittany Graham for Adam Sanderson).. Glenburn Red (Nikki Chalk).. Redcliffe 28/12.. Rory Mach (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Hot Shot Anvil (Matt Elkins for Graeme Gavin).. Red Luck (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Living Grand (Gary Whitaker for Steven Furey).. Redcliffe 29/12.. Sir Lefty (Gary Litzow).. Watyouseeiswatuget (Justin Pascoe).. One Last Roll (Amy Rees for Mark Rees).. Levi Jade (Dnielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Mister attitude (Ricky Gordon).. Im Johnny Jet (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Julia Mac (Narissa McMullen)..
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                                                                                   “TROT TACTICS”  07/01/2017..

  Don’t miss Marburg trots today. The Fastwork Horse Supplies “pick the card” jackpot stands at $800. Win this, and you can go Christmas shopping all over again. The lucky gate prize is a $100 free bet with bookie, Stephen Anthony, and there are meat tray raffles, and the “funny money” bookie, Con Mann, betting ridiculous odds so you can build a bank for the fancy goods auction after the last race. The best burgers, other hot foods, desserts, hot and cold drinks’ and a wide range of beverage, all at rock bottom prices. A top family day out that won’t break the bank, capped by close up exciting country trotting on the 700metre Marburg circuit. Adults $5, Members, pensioners and students $3, and the all important Race book $3. Don’t miss it, it’s the best value this side of the range!!

It’s a bit different to the call of “go west young woman which took Lauren Jones to Perth and considerable success several years ago, but “head south for the next rung on the ladder” has caught the fancy of  the Patrick Estate based  “Turpin McMullen” training and driving team who have headed to the ultimate training facility at Menangle Park, south west of Sydney where they will campaign a handy team of pacers and trotters for the next few months.
  Pete and Chantal have prepared some 52 winners so far this season, which puts them squarely in second spot on the Queensland trainers list behind the black and white army of Grant Dixon. The couple are not going down just on hopes, their team is headed up by a pair of ex-kiwis including Watch Pulp Fiction, which pulverised a moderate field when having his second start at Albion Park last Saturday night, Just a few weeks off the plane, the 5yo son of Art Major  is headed for support races at the upcoming Miracle Mile Carnival  with longer term plans to take on the best  in the Victoria and Hunter Cups. Pretender to the “Turpin McMullen” throne is the 4yo Mattgregor. Big on just about everything that makes a top class horse, the gelded son of Rob Roy Mattgregor has won seven of his eleven starts to date. The home stable will be under the eye of Hayden Barnes for the duration of the southern campaign.

        Another local to be in the news is up and coming driver, Matt Elkins, who drove his hundredth career winner last week. M.E. who is used to centuries achieved with the leather and willow when occupied with his other love, cricket, is No 1 driver for the family stable, based at Calvert. The “ton” came up when he piloted Tenacious One  for Donny Smith at Albion Park. Elkins has career stats of 1287 drives for 102 wins,290 placings, and a bankroll of $501,942, with current season performance right on track at 210 drives for 19 wins, 54 places and earnings of $104,747. The Elkins stable is ticking along strongly with ‘dad” Greg’s figures standing at 2357 trips round for 167 wins, 455 places and $456,739. Younger brother Justin, who is more occupied with the cricket at this point, has had just 18 appearances for 3 places and $2,373. However, with solid family backing,his turn will come as surely as day follows night. At this point, Matt Elikns is well up the Qld concession driver’s pole, occupying 7th position in the Premiership stakes, Two other young folk cracked the ton this past week with Isobel Ross, currently rated No 6 concession driver, and Ryan Veivers, currently rated No 7 trainer (open).

  Again the leader board focuses on the lower Brisbane Valley with Narissa McMullen (Glamorganvale) top driver with three wins for the week and Darrell Graham (Fernvale) leading trainer, posting identical figures. Most pleasing effort, Calvert based trainer,Warren Hinze , producing two winners for the week, including Lexy Lexus which backs up at Marburg today.

      Resultsville  Albion Park 30/12/2016.. Tenacious One (Chris Petroff for Donny Smith.. Albion Park 31/ 12/2016.. Liberalitus (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Watch Pulp Fiction (Chantal Turpin)..  Albion Park 03/01/ Chevals Racer (Barty Cockburn for Mal Charlton).. Doolittle Doofy (Shane Graham for Ricky Hart.. Exceptional Mach (Kelli Dawson for Chantal Turpin).. Bella Rippin (Kelli Dawson for Jamie Donovan).. The Haarlem Hammer (Narissa Mcmullen).. Im The Golden Child (Mathew Neilson for Barty Cockburn).. Redcliffe 04/01.. Red Luck (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Fiery Blue Chip (Danielle McMullen).. Reservation Road (Narissa McMullen).. Under The Kilt (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Redcliffe 05/01.. Cruisin Along (Narissa Mcmullen for Darren Hooper).. Lexy Lexus (Nathan Dawson for Warren Hinze).. Its All torque (Amy Rees for Ricky Hart).. Im Johnny Jet (Darrell Graham)..

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                                                                          “TROT TACTICS”  14/01/2017..

  Don’t miss this morning’s Extraordinary General Meeting, which will be held after the jump outs at Marburg. Time will be approx. 9.00—9.30am. Hopefully, a lengthy period of stability will follow the installation of a new executive, which, we hope will be able to provide the core services which made the Marburg Pacing Association a valuable contributor to the light harness sport in Queensland. Jump outs today will commence no later than 7.30am with nominations taken from 7.00am. Phone noms to 0408 352 478..

  The Marburg Pacing Association’s race meeting last Saturday was lost to inclement weather. A decision to abandon the meeting was taken early, due to the waterlogged condition of the inside of the track and a less than encouraging  short term forecast of further showers. As is usual with the weather Gods, they are somewhat erratic and no further rain fell. Patches of sun and a strong wind changed the situation somewhat by mid-day, but the decision had been taken. All is not lost, as the meeting has been shifted to Saturday January 28th which will present a different program than that set down for last Saturday. As an added incentive, ALL TRAINERS THAT NOMINATE for the 28th and subsequent meetings will be in the draw for a $100 feed voucher from BJ’s Special Grain Blends. Put it in your black book, Saturday 28th of January 2017..
 Star New Zealand pacer Hughie Green is set to become a Queenslander. In a blast from the past, former ex-pat Kiwi John Green, who has had several extended stays, training in his own right, in the Sunshine State over the years, has decided to send the monster sized star to the stables of John Cremin. The Art Major - Alta Serena five-year-old will arrive in Melbourne next Wednesday and link with Cremin who has headed south to campaign his feature race winning trotter Melpark Royal Son during the Victorian summer carnival. In his most recent start, Hughie Green finished at the rear of the field behind wonder mare Dream About Me in the Gr.1 $245,000 Auckland Cup at Alexandra Park on New Year's Eve.Hughie Green has won 11 from 27 career starts to date while banking more than $189,000 in stakes. He has raced and beat some of the best pacers in New Zealand with his biggest triumph coming via the Summer Cup at Alexandra Park in December, 2015.On that occasion, he beat the likes of Have Faith In Me, Ohoka Punter, Besotted, Tiger Tara and No Doctor Needed among others.
 The Queensland open class ranks appear thin currently given the recent retirement of free legged star Avonnova therefore paving the way for Hughie Green to recapture form and confidence. Hughie Green is raced by John Green and his family and was previously prepared by Brian 'Bunty' Hughes. John Green is no stranger to top class racing, having owned and trained “ Beefy T”, a serious New Zealand Cup contender. Talent comes in all sizes in the harness ranks, “Beefy T” was a nuggety pony, as compact as Hughie Green is massive. As the sage once said, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog”.
    Apparently, “trot tactics” has come of age, and has attracted negative comment on face book. The matter in contention was the use of the phrase “pretender to the throne” at the stable of Turpin McMullen. In answer to the critique, we refer to the Collins English Dictionary, definition (2), of the noun “pretender”.. “a person who mounts a claim to a throne or title”.. or.. “ a pretender to the throne is someone who claims the right to that position, and whose claim is disputed by others”.. Mattgregor”, the pretender in question, strengthened his claims with a 3.2 metre victory  at Menangle last Tuesday in an impressive 1-51.6..
    A new name on the drivers side of the leader board this week with Matt Elkins sharing the spotlight alongside Danielle McMullen on four wins apiece. Darrell Graham top trainer leading in a trio of the best for the same period. Most pleasing was the effort of trainer Kevin Annetts, owner Emmilee Annetts, and driver Justin Pascoe with Justcallme Kay Jay. at Redcliffe Thursday.. Three battlers combining for a great day out !!
  Resultsville  Albion Park.. 06/01..  Rubys Bad Boy (Darrell Graham).. Secret Smile (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Mister Hart (Darrell Graham).. Phantom Rockstar (Matt Elkins for Kevin joiner).. Crowning Glory (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins)..  Albion Park 07/01.. Lamorak (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Starzzz Of Icon (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Ideal Scott (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. My Mach Scooter (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Albion Park 10/01.. Santorini Sunset (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Mad Gambler (Brittany Graham for Debbie Rodney).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn for Megan Cockburn).. The Harlem Hammer (Narissa McMullen).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Phantom Rockstar (Matt Elkins for Kevin Joiner).. Menangle 10/01. Matgregor (Pete for Chantal Turpin)... Redcliffe 11/01.. Moonshine Studleigh (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Living Grand (Danielle McMullen for Steve Furey).. Fiery Bluechip (D. McMullen).. Lynchman (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 12/01.. Katmandonny (Barty Cockburn for Tayla Gillespie).. Justcallme Kay Jay..( Justin Pascoe for Kevin Annetts)....  Baltic Blue Eyes (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Holly Furlong (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Bankok Bravado (Gary Whitaker for Shane Fraser).. Angus Bromac (Darell Graham for Brett Cargill)..
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                                                                                TROT TACTICS 21/01/2017..

  It appears that Harness Racing Australia’s decision to  ban the use of whips in racing and training from September 2017 has certainly  stirred up a hornets nest here in Queensland. Interviews with the Presidents of State trainer/driver’s bodies revealed several common denominators – frustration over a lack of consultation, the need to maintain whip usage, participant safety, and a demand for the rule to be retracted. “We have had no consultation over this at all, which is very disappointing, “ Queenslands Dan Costello Said. “I thought some of our members may have been contacted, instead, nothing.” “We are happy with the current whip rules, and certainly never thought of doing away with the whip all together. “ All the states need to be united on this to overturn the decision”.
 There you have it, the troops are angry. Perhaps the best part of the current furore, is that it might trigger some constructive thought and debate at participant level. There is a solution to be had out of all this, since the actual object of the decision is to minimise the use of the whip in whatever form it is retained to a limited number of “taps” late in the race and the whip to double as an aid to driver safety in situations where a quick whack will refocus  the intentions of a horse back to its intended task, the same to be verifiable via the patrol film for benefit of the Stewards panel. Should that happy position be achieved, then we have made a lot of potential punters look at the harness sport in a  more favourable light. Realising that we have a desperate need to expand our punter base by a factor of twenty as a minimum requirement, should send both sides back to the negotiating table in search of a viable and peaceful result. If we want our sport to have a future, we certainly won’t provide for it by chasing our customers away through obnoxious practices!

The following is taken from the Australian Harness Racing website and is yet another article from the the voice of Brisbane trotting, Chris Barsby. “A deadheat in racing is not uncommon, but when it’s a father/son combination that can’t be split, that’s a little out of the ordinary. At Albion Park yesterday (Friday), Greg and Matt Elkins hit the line together when Crowning Glory and Surface To Air fought out the finish in the Mercedes Benz Toowong Pace Judge Jason Suli couldn’t separate the pair and a dead heat result was posted. It’s the first time a deadheat has been called between father and son at Albion Park And given the huge family involvement within the industry, it comes as a major surprise to most. There have been plenty of quinella results and even trifecta results between family members, for instance, the McCarthy family have provided plenty of one-two-three results and that’s the same for the McMullen family too but never before have they deadheated for first at Albion Park, the state’s premier track. In the run, Crowning Glory (Matt) led initially before handing over to the hard running Surface To Air (Greg) who maintained a solid tempo throughout. In the straight, Surface To Air kicked strongly while Crowning Glory went to the sprint lane
Both pacers are former South Australians, both bred by Peter and Lesley Medhurst. The Medhursts have been prolific breeders and enjoyed great success over many decades including the likes of Purple Royale, King Grin, Forty Seven Flash, Mister Seelster, Paris To Berlin, Devil Fish, Indigo Rose, Catch A Bouquet, Thorninmyside, Petes Elect, Flaming Hero and Floral Edge among many others. The association between both families’ spans over 20 years after Elkins purchased Merodach. And only last season, the enjoyed great success through the richly talented mare Purple Royale who was crowned the Albion Park Mare of the Year. Purple Royale has won 24 of her 60 career starts to date while 7 of those victories have come via Albion Park. The Royal Mattjesty mare was a runner-up in the 2016 Fleur De Lil Ladyship Stakes behind Barynya, now based in North America. The next target for the Elkins family is to land a triple deadheat result with Justin, Matt’s younger brother.”   

The “dead heat “ syndrome has already spread to the leader board, where trainer, Greg Elkins, fresh from the family feat at Albion Park on 13/01, can now claim a tie with Darrell Graham in the training sector. Adam Sanderson was stand out in the driving ranks with three wins for the week. Most pleasing were the wins of Sir Lefty (Gary Litzow) and Cotton Cold Candy (Jason Carkeet with Leonard Cain as pilot).

Marburg can now claim a new executive committee after the Extraordinary General meeting conducted last Saturday with Warren Cummins in the Chair for election of officers.. President is Scott Neaves, Treasurer, Joedy Whitaker, Secretary Benny Crosby  and Vice Presidents Karen Schulz and Denis Smith. Stability at the Show Gound should be the watch word.
  First task is to make a success of the re scheduled race meeting set down for Saturday 28th of this month. With a “pick the card” jackpot of $800, a $100 bet with the bookie as a lucky gate prize, $500 funny money to build a bank for the auction after the last plus triple meat tray raffle you can go home a big winner. Add all that to top burgers and desserts coupled with the best bar prices in town and six exciting races, you’ve got the great day out and won’t bust the bank doing it. Admission Adults $5, Pensioners, Members and Students $3 and race books $3. Trials from 11.00am and races commence 12.30pm.
Resultsville  Albion Park  13/01.. DH Crowning Glory (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins) and Surface To Air (Greg Elkins).. He can Talk (Leonard Cain for Ken Belford).. Smiling Armada (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Horace foxley (Adam Sanderson for Tahn Camillieri).. Glenferrie Boss (Gary Whitaker for Trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park 14/01..Sparkling Cullect (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. The Space Invader Narissa McMullen for Steven Cini).. Albion Park 17/01.. El Swavo (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennet).. Private Bronski (Barty Cockburn for Tahn Camillieri).. Lancelot Bromac (Hayden Barnes for Stewie Dickson)..Redcliffe 18/01.. Anikka Magic (Matt Elkins forKerry Smith).. Living grand (Hayden Barnes for Steven furey).. Sir Lefty (Gary Litzow).. Redcliffe 19/01.. Wavedancer (Clint Sneddon for Josh Moore).. Supaliner (Darrell Graham).. Montana Falcon (Darrell Graham).. Cotton Cold Candy (Leonard Cain for Jason Carkeet)..

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“TROT TACTICS”.. 28/01/2017..

  What to do today. Simple answer, head for Marburg and check out the trials and races. A nice six race card is programmed to commence at 12.30pm. “Pick the card” competition is worth $800 today and if there is more than one winner will be divided. $100 bet with bookie Stephen Anthony  is the lucky gate prize and Con Mann the ‘funny money” bookie is there to cater for those who like to have a bet but not risk the cash. Monster meat tray raffle, top burgers, very low bar prices and heaps more make it a great day out. Adults $5, Members and Pensioners $3 ,Race Books $3. Gates open 10.00am, trials start at 11.00am. Come and enjoy the day with us..

  “Where have all the horses gone”. So the words echo the sad folk song of the 60’s. I cannot think of any period  since the lights were switched on at Albion Park in 1968, when nomination deadlines were so irrelevant as they are today. It was always considered something of an accepted practice for 2 and 3yo horses to go for a short spell at the end of the racing season and for the first month of the new term, the absence of the youngsters ( if they had been racing in significant numbers) did cause some shortfall in the available “racing pool”. A lot of water has flowed under the Queensland bridge since then, with the closure of eleven (11)  of  fourteen (14) tracks and the concentration of the sport  into the Brisbane/Ipswich area. Just two TAB tracks, Albion Park and Redcliffe remain, hosting five meetings a week between them, while our own non-TAB venue, Marburg , is allotted just 12 meetings per year. Since the advent of the Millenium, when the movers and shakers of the sport advocated a “created” shift from a hobbyist based sport to an “elite sport/industry”, we have seen almost every aspect of harness racing suffer dramatic change, culminating in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 racing seasons where, in practical terms, 10% of the participants got 90% of the prize money, and 90% of participants got to fight over the remaining 10%.

  We are now beginning to reap the whirlwind! It would be difficult to identify a particular reason for the shortfall in the horse pool, as “extension and re-extension of deadlines” is the norm. There is, however, a change of attitude in the 90% who get so little of the money. They are now loath to turn up just to be cannon fodder for the major operators.  Administrators, for whatever reason, appear to disregard the basic fact that owners and trainers race horses to win races. Racing horses is a risky and costly business, and to expect the 90% to keep turning up to place their moderate horses in events which are designed around the needs of the ever-hungrier 10%, is optimism at its highest! THE PROGRAMMING MUST CHANGE TO INCLUDE THE NEEDS OF THE AVERAGE HORSE AND HIS CONNECTIONS. THE PROGRAM MUST ALSO CHANGE TO CATER FOR THE NEEDS OF THE AVERAGE AND POTENTIAL PUNTER .We don’t have a lot of time to do this folks. The man who said, some years back, “If you’re growing the sport, you don’t close tracks, you open tracks”, was, as usual, right on the button!

  The Elkins family team certainly started something with this dead heat caper. This weeks leader board has tied results on both sides with Darrell Graham and Al Barnes training two winners apiece and drivers Nathan Dawson and Barty Cockburn each hoisting the flag on four occasions. Most pleasing result was Thursday’s Redcliffe meeting where all six races had Ipswich input, either trained, driven or both.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 20/01.. Back Page News (Matt Elkins for Vic Frost).. Monkseaton (Rob Gorman for Jay Edmunds).. Calcavado(Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 21/01.. Major Kiwi (Barty Cockburn for Mick butler).. Monumental (Al Barnes).. Northern Line (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Albion Park .. 24/01.. Sams A Champ (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Calcavado (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Zaras Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham)..Redcliffe 25/01.. Win Or Die (Nathan Dawson for Gary Vernon).. Ima Sea Storm (Nathan Dawson for Graeme White).. Make A Point (Nathan Dawson for Merv Hieronymus).. Slippery Jade (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Redcliffe 26/01.. How We roll (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Rockstar Rikki (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith)Supaliner (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Havetogetawaymore (Darrell Graham for Al Barnes).. Martinson (Barty Cockburn for Mark rees).. Shadow Son (Hayden Barnes for James Lewin)..
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                                                                                 “TROT TACTICS”04/02/2017..

  Black book next Saturday February 11th for yet another exciting day at the Marburg trots. Last Saturday was close to “very exciting” for trot fan Gail Mahoney who picked the first five winners, and was the last punter standing coming to the final event. With a well fancied runner as her choice, Gail saw $800 slip away due to interference just after the start. That’s racing I guess, and next Saturday it will be $850. It’s a great day out. Gates open 10am, trials run at approximately 11am and the race meeting proper commences at 12.30pm. Raffle, “funny money” bookie, Terry Picone catering for the cash punters plus $100 bet for lucky gate entry (local trots and main gallops meetings with Sky Channel screens). Super cheap food and beverage. Adults $5, members, pensioners and students $3, all important race books $3.

  Meanwhile Marburg’s enthusiastic new committee have put together a comprehensive submission for consideration by Racing Queensland’s Infrastructure Grants team. Focussed on crowd comfort, a better deal for trainers and drivers plus integrity staff, health and safety issues, a children’s playground for the families and a track upgrade, the submission aims Marburg fairly and squarely into the future.
There is no doubt we live in exciting times, with a mass exodus of high profile trainers and drivers escaping the somewhat stagnant local scene for the bright lights of Menangle this Saturday night. Trainers have always travelled horses in pursuit of rich purses and the kudos which comes with a victory in a traditional feature event, but the numbers involved on this occasion are impressive to say the least. We pick up on what the voice of Brisbane harness, Chris Barsby, had to say about it all on the Harness Racing Australia website.
“Heading south today (Wednesday) are trainers Grant Dixon, Ian Gurney, Shawn Grimsey plus Shannon Price and Scott Miller.Already based in Sydney are Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen, Cristina Monte and Charlie Cini while Shane Sanderson and Darren McCall both call Sydney home nowadays. Leading reinsman Shane Graham heads to Sydney on Saturday for a full book of drives. With the Miracle Mile carnival in full-swing, a number of Queenslanders are eyeing off the riches on offer and aiming their trusted performers at upcoming features. Last week, quality four-year-old Mattgregor qualified for the Gr.1 $200,000 Chariots of Fire on February 11 after coming from last to be beaten narrowly behind Dashofluck in a time of 1:50 in the Paleface Adios Stakes. In the opening race at Menangle on Saturday night, half the field is made-up of Queensland trained performers including Epaulette, Max Richter, Leos Best, Watch Pulp Fiction, Bells Beach House and Sparkling Cullect.”
“Trainer Ian Gurney has four runners starting this weekend including Epaulette, Sparkling Cullect, Smooth Showgirl and Clarkey. Gurney is hoping to qualify Smooth Showgirl for the Gr.1 $200,000 Ladyship Mile on February 25.Shannon Price and Scott Miller are also aiming their pair of quality mares Bettor Promise and Bettorthanspecial for the mares feature later this month while Three Of The Best is being prepared for the NSW Derby.Both mares start in the same event this weekend, the Orangeville Meat Co Ladyship Pace.The state’s leading trainer Grant Dixon has a trio of representatives this weekend including Max Richter, Leos Best and talented trotter Our Overanova. Progressive three-year-old filly Eleniark is being set for the NSW Oaks. Trainer Shawn Grimsey is also aiming for the NSW Oaks with his filly Western Jewels who starts in the Harness Breeders NSW Pink Diamond. The Turpin/McMullen partnership has seven horses competing while the Monte/Cini duo has four horses starting. Meanwhile, trainer Ryan Veivers has decided to tough it out at home instead, sending his handy performer Vader to Sydney.”
You might be excused for thinking these expeditions are a duel-edged sword. Get some of the cash and bouquets, while sussing out the advantages and pitfalls of re-location. Money is a most powerful  magnet, and continuity of supply more powerful still.

A big flash on the leader board this week with Nathan Dawson’s efforts both here and in Tamworth  resulting in eight winning drives, trainers were tied again with ever-present Darrell Graham and Steve Bunz leading in three apiece. Most pleasing, Soldier Of fortune for Karen Schulz at Marburg.


Resultsville .. Albion Park 27/01. Maretti (Rob Gorman for Phil Mitchell).. El Cartel (Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis).. FieryBlue Chip (Hayden Barnes for Danielle McMullen).. Kash (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Our Mega Dream (Trent Dawson).. Albion Park 28/01.. Broadway Playboy (Darrell Graham).. Sicilian Slumber (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Marburg 28/01.. Elzboy (Gary Whitaker for Steve Towns).. Soldier Of Fortune (Karne Schulz).. Its all go (Matt Elkins).. Im Jack Black (Gary Whitaker for Tess Neaves).. Rocky Floyd (Nathan Dawson for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 31/01.. Bankok Bravado (Gary Whitaker for S.I. Fraser).. Floyd Mayweather (Hayden Barnes for Megan Cockburn).. Cheers Kathy (Darrell Graham).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Redcliffe 01/02.. All Over Hanover (Hayden Barnes for Max Towns).. Levi Jade (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Reservation Road (Narissa McMullen).. Colada Rainbow (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Rockstar Rikki (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith).. Redcliffe 02/02.. All Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Martinson (Nathan Dawson for Mark Rees).. My Mojo (Adam Sanderson for Jason Carkeet).. He Can Talk (Leonard Cain for Ken Belford).. Supaliner (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Change The Nation (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz)..Tamworth Golden Guitar week.. Real social (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Remember them Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Ideal Romance (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Many Delights (Dan Russell).. Certainly Will Be (Anthony Varga for Peter McKay).

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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“TROT TACTICS”.. 11/02/2017..

  I read once that “death, a necessary end, must come”. True I suppose but it is no more welcome for that. A week today we lost a well liked participant in Merv Knack, succumbing to a five year struggle with the blood disorder MDS. MK was one of three brothers, all bought up at Grandchester in the school of long hours and hard work by their father Dave, a farmer who also ran a harvesting and baling business catering for the numerous smaller holdings in the Lockyer Valley. Merv left agriculture for the mines and assisted his younger brother Allan in the training of pacers, the best of which at this time might have been Grandchester Boy. Years down the track, with son Trent keen to give the light harness game a go, the father and son duo raced a small team with a high point being a “book ends’ double at Albion Park with Pound For Pound and Night Director. For once the long wait between the first race and the last was worth it. Pound For Pound also won the Dulux Cup at Rocklea, and held a track record there for a number of years. Mervs enduring favourite among the home team was the lightly raced mare, Hellava Part, a winner of 8 from 24 starts. At the time of his passing he had a soft spot for Arts Peregrine, a son of Ultimate Falcon currently showing stats of 44 runs for 3 wins and 12 placings with the bank steadily climbing towards $20,000. MK’s nephew, high profile driver Nathan Dawson, will wear the Merv and Trent Knack colours of green and white quarters with black sleeves on any drive he takes at Marburg today. Merv Knack was a spare, tall and very erect figure, with a dry wit to suit. Deep down, I always felt he was a likeable “leg puller”. It won’t be just his family that misses him!

The following is taken from an opinion piece written by Terry Browne, the Chairman of  Tamworth Harness Racing Club, a venue about to have mega-bucks spent on it in an attempt to re- grow the sport in the New England area of NSW, once a hot spot in harness, and a breeding ground of champions from the late 1920’s to the 70’s. This short paragraph leaps off the page, challenging administrators to prove it wrong!

We must come to the public. they will not come to us. People ,myself included, have repeatedly spoken about the need to educate the public about harness racing. But in the modern world, you can’t educate people in something they regard as old-fashioned and irrelevant. It is us that must change because the market will not.!!

  Just as you thought it was going to be a normal Saturday, your world has gone into tilt mode. Due to the Racing Integrity Commission’s  animal welfare code, a forecast of high temperatures (39C) in the Marburg area has caused Harness stewards to move today’s trials and races to an earlier time slot. Starting times are now first trial 9.45am, and first race to commence at 10.45am. Other than that, all the usual amenities of a Marburg race day will be in place. Best burgers, best bar prices around, ‘pick the card’ worth $850 this week,(Gail Mahoney went very close last meeting with 5 winners) gate entry prize is $100 free bet with our real money bookie while Con Mann will call the odds on the funny money stand. Monster meat tray raffle with the funny money auction after the last race which goes at 1.15pm. Gates open 9.00am.. Adults $5, Pensioners, Members and Students $3 and the all important race book $3. It might be a bit of a rush, but come and join us for exciting country trotting.

  Again the leader board stands in the lower Brisbane Valley. With training results wide spread, you guessed it, Darrell Graham led in two winners for the week, and that was enough to bag the local segment, meanwhile, his stable foreman, Adam
Sanderson was trop driver saluting on five occasions. Most pleasing, and yet another dead-heat was  Living lucky (Matt Elkins combining with Ashleigh Neilson) splitting the major money with Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Also, right up there Long Dirt Road, big confidence booster for Russell Kajewski, Matt Elkins in the cart.

  Resultsville Albion Park 03/02.. Yankee Strutter (Trevor Lambourn).. Reign Of Fear (Matt Elkins for Ricky Thurlow).. Albion Park 04/02.. Withalotofluck (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Northern Line (Hayden Barnes for Ryan Veivers).. Calcavado (Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis).. Slipaslygrin (Trent Dawson for Max Towns).. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Ohoka Colorada (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Broadway Playboy (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 07/02.. Mini Cam (Trevour Lambourn for Rachel Scott).. Withalotofluck (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Georgia Grace (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Redcliffe 08/02.. Annika Magic (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith).. Long Road to Fame (Adam Sanderson).. Armazem (Danielle McMullen).. D/H  Living Lucky (Nathan Dawson for Ashleigh Neilson) and Pure Madness (Justin Pascoe).. Redcliffe 09/02.. Supaliner (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham).. My Mojo (Hayden Barnes for Jason Carkeet).. Doolittle Dandy (Leonard Cain for Ricky Hart).. Long Dirt Road (Matt Elkins for Russell Kajewski) ..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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“TROT TACTICS” 18/02/2017..

  When the going gets tough, the tough get going. How true of last Saturday’s trot meeting at Marburg when temperatures reached the forecast 39c late in the afternoon. Happily, when Chief Steward (Harness) Norm Torpey, made an early call after acceptance time on Wednesday to bring the starting time for the trials  and races forward by an hour and three quarters to beat the heat, the Marburg committee were able get the information out there to intending patrons and participants with horses engaged at the meeting. While far from a huge financial success, the meeting most certainly did not run at a loss, and the Marburg Committee takes this opportunity to thank all those who turned up in a confusing time frame and were baked alive for their troubles. Most importantly $9,000.00 found its way out into the local harness community to keep the wolf from some of the doors. This writer sometimes wonders whether the powers that be fully appreciate the value of the Marburg meeting. Most certainly, it brings no direct income back to Racing Queensland as it has no TAB involvement. What Marburg does do, however, is keep people in the sport, and provides an economical, and perhaps more encouraging entry point, for new owners and trainers into harness racing. It is hard to win a race at any of the three Queensland venues, but thankfully, the perception is that the 705m show ground circuit is the soft option. The standout bet of the week is that every dollar of the $9,000.00 will be spent on feed and  essential equine services so the owners and trainers can defray SOME of the costs.

  Seriously, the two best investments Racing Queensland could make, would be to raise the number of Marburg meetings to 26 per year with 8 races per card, and program strictly for moderate horses based on class only (with no conditions) both at Marburg Saturday and at Redcliffe on Wednesday night (hobbyist time slot). Just think, Marburg could be distributing $312,208.00 annually at the base of the harness pyramid. Given that our Harness pie is sized at $14.2 million this racing year, the distribution at “the Burg” would be less than 2.0% of the total budget, and at that figure is a totally justifiable investment in preserving, and perhaps growing, participant numbers.

They used to say that horses on the eastern seaboard of Australia could go up but not down, implying that horses could win their way from Melbourne to Cairns, but could not reverse the procedure. Such was not the case last Saturday night as regular Albion Park horses provided the first four in race 3 at Menangle, the premier NSW venue. Broadway Playboy (Adam Sanderson) led throughout and at the post had 3.4m to spare from Bettor Promise(Jack Trainor for Shannon Price), with Torque Lively (Pete for Chantal Turpin) third  and Sparkling Cullect (Shane Graham for Ian Gurney) fourth. The world turns and things change with it.

  This leader board pops up another dead heat. A triple this time in the driving department with Brittany Graham, Gary Whitaker and Nathan Dawson all up there on three winners apiece. Meanwhile, Mr Ever Consistent Darrell Graham trained two winners while the rest of the successful locals bagged one each.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park  10/02..Satayintown Tonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. My Mastercraftsman (Brittany Graham for Adam Sanderson).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Bet Im Special (Barty Cockburn for Shannon Price)..  Jazzy Artist (Danielle Mcmullen for Ryan Veivers).. Albion Park 11/02.. Montana Falcon (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Liberalitus (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Countdown (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. The Endeavour (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Marburg 11/02.. Major Branleur (Gary Whitaker for B. Hanrahan).. Red Rocker (Trevor Lambourn).. My Ultimate Hell (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Xtraordinary Lombo (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Riverleigh Jeff (Gary Whitaker for Tess Neaves).. Albion Park ..14/02..  I Found The Beach (Gary Whitaker for Chris Petroff).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Kenny Rattray).. Rock With Sam (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Karloo Mac (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Redcliffe 15/02.. Win Or Die (Nathan Dawson for Gary Vernon).. Projectile (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith).. Caesar Court (Brittany Graham for Ben Aldons).. Redcliffe 16/02.. Ideal Holmboy (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson).. The Next Star (Darrell Graham for Brittany Graham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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                                                                                “TROT TACTICS”.. 25/02/2017.

  I suppose, that, if you are given the opportunity to disburse a sum of $53 million in varying amounts to Queensland Race Clubs, for the purpose of capital investment in long term infrastructure, you must either be very confident of your abilities in this area, or you seek advice. The decision makers at Racing Queensland, mindful of the need to “get it right”,  have played the “advice card” and engaged the services of DELOITTE BRISBANE in a consultative and advisory capacity. The following Impressive statement is taken from the Deloitte Brisbane website and indicates a reassuring level of self confidence in the company’s ability to meet RQ’s requirements.

“With a well-connected and professional team of more than 480 people and over 50 partners, we are leading providers of assurance, advisory, taxation and consulting services. Ours is a high performance culture that thrives on the strength and success of its people. It's a culture that sets us apart from the rest. Represented by the Deloitte Seven Signals, we take pride in the 'way we do business,' and it shows.”

Feedback from a “tele-conference” last Monday between members of the Marburg Pacing Association Executive and the Deloitte team appears to support a belief that the “wizards” want ALL the facts,  before formulating any opinions or offering any advice. We seem to be in good hands.

  Local interest is transferred to Menangle tonight, when the up and coming Mattgregor from the McMullen-Turpin team goes round against older horses in the $100,000 Bohemia Crystal Free For All. Among the field are last years Miracle Mile winner, Have Faith In Me, Tiger Tara, Major Crocker and Tac Tate. With 8 wins from 14 outings and a very loose assessment of C5-M0, Mattgregor has shown exceptional ability from the start of his career, and connections feel that he will acquit himself well in top company. After tonight, the gelded son of Rob Roy Mattgregor will head home to Patrick Estate for a break before being set for the Winter Carnival at Albion Park.

  After a career in harness racing covering 64 of his 79 years, Bernie Wilson has put Runnymede Lodge on the market.  Wilson, who in his younger days in Sydney put the polish on NSW Oaks winner and later  good producing broodmare, Negro Dancer, cites the depressed state of harness racing in Queensland at the present time. The veteran further believes that there is little light evident at the end of the current tunnel. Runnymede Lodge is on 50 acres with an irrigation licence on Warrill Creek and has accommodation for a minimum of 40 horses plus a huge list of harness and associated horse equipment. Ring Bernie on 5464 3349 for a yarn about better days.

  I know times are tough, but not for all of us. Having spent considerable time in the belief that Thursday at Redcliffe, with its current prize money set at just short of $3,000, was a meeting set aside for the moderate horse and the hobbyist trainer (if he or she could get time off work to get there), I was amazed to see an Albion Park Saturday night field  go round this Thursday in a lowly R4 and better event, with the winner, Forever Texas stopping the clock at 1-57.4. All up, the seven runners have career earnings of $942,697.00 at an average of $134,671.00. Only one runner had earnings less than $100,000.00. It is debacles such as this which lead to the exodus of the battlers. When will enough be enough for the top 10%?

A new face on the trainer’s side of the leader board this week with Purga based Steve Bunz taking the honours with three winners which included a Sunday outing to Tamworth NSW. King of the drivers was Nathan Dawson who landed four for the term, three of which were for S.Bunz.. Most pleasing was five drivers on two winners apiece. It’s called spreading the wealth.

  Resultsville.  Albion Park 17/02.. Real Social (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Sicilian Slumber (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 18/02.. Zac Mac (Danielle McMullen for Darren Hooper).. Reservation Road (Narissa McMullen).. Sweet As Candy (Matt Elkins for Vic Frost).. Tamworth NSW 19/02.. Change the Nation (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Emargee (Ricky Gordon).. Albion Park 21/02.. Rock With Sam (Barty Cockburn for Mick  Butler).. Abitgoingonhere (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Real Social (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Redcliffe22/02.. Projectile (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith).. Ima Sea Storm (Nathan Dawson for Graham White).. Royal Taz (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Trentleigh (Hayden Barnes for D.R. Pollock).. Recliffe 23/02.. Our Champion (Gary Whitaker for Mal Charlton)..  Soi Cowboy (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford)..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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“TROT TACTICS”..04/03/2017..

  The question of the week. “Who thanks Dean Jones”? Every one, participants and fans, who attend Saturday morning jump outs, official trials and race meetings at Marburg knows the voice of Dean jones. Crisp and accurate commentary plus an extensive knowledge of horses, trainers and drivers, particularly the local flock, are his trademarks. This year sees the lightweight 37 year old reach the quarter century of calling at the show ground. Are you doing your maths on this one. Yes, you are right, DJ commenced calling at the tender age of twelve. Raised in a family with strong racing ties, having a grandfather who raced gallopers with success, a father who loved the Rocklea scene and brother Brad who was a bookie at the same venue, Dean showed an interest in the calling business as early as eight or nine, pushing coloured cards of motor cars along the lounge room floor and describing their progress to the family.

Pre-teens the lad would accompany Dad and Brad to the “Rock” where he would stand under the broadcast box of the talented Rod Hill and call the race as well. It was not long before Hill took DJ under his wing and tutored him in the calling of trials etc. Just six months had passed when Jones was “head hunted” by Trevor Perrin and the late Ernie Anforth for duties at Marburg, and he is there to this day. Off track, Jones has had a permanent position on the studio team at Radio TAB spanning the last decade. On the strength of impressions left when he did a two week stint of work experience at the station while at school, DJ was an easy choice. In addition to Marburg, Dean Jones is a regular race caller at the dogs including Ipswich. His short term ambitions include a larger slice of the trots calling duties. In his own words, “Dogs are great, but trots are the core passion”! Some ownership of pacers has occurred along the way, with Magico, Wrong Way Go Back and the injury plagued Costa all doing their bit, while Dean currently races Victory in partnership with his sister, and has a promising 2yo bred by Artistic Fella from the honest mare Still To Come. Why wouldn’t we be thankful to have Dean Jones, he is not only the voice of Marburg, but the spirit as well!!

  Now and then a locally trained horse catches the eye with improving performances. One of these is the Steve Bunz trained Real Social NZ. Oddly enough the gelded son of D M Dillinger and Socialiser is based at Purga rather than the ever fruitful lower Brisbane Valley. Breeding a horse like Real Social is a task best left to kiwis, as Socialiser is the first 100% producer in the family, and, as these were produced in 2009 and 2011 respectively, and both were gelded it looks like the end of the road for that limb of the family tree. Real Social’s female line however, boasts four super stallions beginning in 1978 with the Flying Song mare Enna Gee, dam of the best earner in the family, Panyan (1978)who collected $176,731 in his 89 start career. (This would equate to “mega bucks” today). Successive mums have been by Bachelor Hanover, Lordship and Holmes Hanover, with Socialiser herself being by DM Dillinger, all of whom have added very positive genes to the pool. So there we have him. Real Social, 47 starts for 10 wins (last three on end) and 12 placings with a best mile rate of 1-59.3 and a bank of $47,986. Usually driven By Nathan Dawson, RS is on the rainbow with every chance of climbing fairly high.

    I have another link for you. This is a short explanation why new owner (2011), Jeff Gural was able to turn the “white elephant” of “The Meadowlands” USA, from a guaranteed loss to a solid profit in a fairly short space of time. <Bill Finley: It’s the product, stupid>. Check it out.

  The leader board is blessed with dead heats again. Triples this time and on both sides with Nathan Dawson, Brittany Graham and Narissa McMullen sharing the driving honours on three wins apiece.. Individual  trainers could not manage more than two winners for the week, with Ron Sallis , John McMullen and Darrell Graham level pegging in the top spot. Most pleasing is the fact that the leader board tells us that the money was well spread.

  Resultsville..Albion Park 24/02.. Cheers Kathy (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. The Next Star (Brittany Graham).. Jazzy Artist (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Princess Jessica (Nathan Dawson for Doug Lee).. Mad Gambler (Brittany Graham for Debbie Rodney).. Comply Or Die (Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 25/02.. Starzzz Of Icon (Tent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Teo Enteo (Gary Whitaker for Trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park 28/02.. nil.. Redcliffe 01/03.. Win Or Die (Nathan Dawson for Gary Vernon).. Washingtons Flier (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Judah Ben Hur (Leonard Cain for Ken Belford).. Redcliffe 02/03.. Miraclesdoappen (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Rowdys Ace ( Narissa McMullen).. Flashing Good Time (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Colada Rainbow (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Im Johnny Jet (Darrell Graham)..
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                                                                                “TROT TACTICS” 11/03/2017..

  It’s on again folks. If you like exciting action, and the chance to have a bet with a real live bookmaker, Marburg Show Ground for today’s trot meeting is the place to be. Gates open at 10.00am, the trial program commences at 11.00am and the mobile rolls for the first race  at 12.30pm. Be early, buy a $3 race book, and fill out the “pick the card” coupon for a chance at today’s jackpot, standing at an impressive $900. All the usual amenities of best bar prices, top burgers and other tasty gear plus the “funny money” bookie where you bet up your 500 at crazy odds to build a bank for the auction after the last. Adults $5, Members and Students $3, and the lucky gate prize is a $100 free bet with bookie Stephen Anthony. A three prize raffle of meat or fruit trays livens up the afternoon and local harness horse re-homing group SAQ will stage a barrel race between races 4 and 5.. Don’t miss it.

If you ever consider racing a pacer or trotter, you must first acquire the animal. There are several methods of doing this, and, the most popular, and safest method is to buy or lease a tried horse which is currently racing. If you are still hooked on the sport ,thanks to some encouraging results from the first horse, the next venture should be to purchase a yearling. A fair bit more risk (it may turn out no good for a variety of reasons) but also far greater potential to be a top performer. The Australian Pacing Gold sale will offer 70 lots at Albion Park tomorrow from 11.00am, and the following lot, 549, has the family connections to be in the silk department. 

By Bettors Delight from the outstanding mare, Rani Major, the gelding comes from a family studded with feature winners. Successful at 13 of her 50 starts, with 25 placings also to her credit, Rani Major was triumphant at Group One level as a two-year-old and Group Two at three.By Art Major from Rhapsody In Red, Rani Major is a sibling to six winners from seven starters.The clan also includes Cherry Cheer, Goldrush Girl, Good Lookin Girl, Colorado Code, Girl From Ipanema, Forever After and Guitarzan.

It seems that, “across the ditch” in New Zealand, harness racing is in decline, and has been for a number of years. This has been blamed on the present “Class System”, which is said, among other ills, to be responsible for the bottle neck in the C0/C1 grades. Does this sound familiar? On March 13 the Kiwis will introduce a new “Points System”, designed by a balance sub- committee of owners, trainers and racing administrators (no punters). The key objectives which have spawned the “new” look are, extend the racing life of horses particularly in the C0/C1 grades. Trim concessions to a more balanced and appropriate level. Encourage increased participation in the wake of declining horse numbers. Create fuller and more balanced fields leading to better turnover with less hot favourites. Provide greater fluidity within the system, with more movement up and down to maintain horses’ competitiveness.( drop back rule?) Create additional tiers of racing, better catering to the whole horse population. Help keep horses racing in New Zealand. Create increased “like with like” racing.

  The only conclusion that can be drawn from this, is that the ever-competitive Kiwis, not happy with domination in Rugby, are hell bent on introducing a racing format even more hopeless than that which has almost destroyed harness racing in this country. Talk about lemmings. The only racing formats which work are those designed on the “KISS” principle. KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!!

  Nothing too dramatic on the leader board this week but up and comers, Brittany Graham and Matt Elkins were top drivers with three wins apiece while multiples in the training ranks were as scarce as hens teeth, leaving Darrell Graham out there on just two victories. Most pleasing was the assistance rendered to Karen Schulz by the Gorman brothers, Rob and Anthony, when KS suffered a vehicle failure in heavy traffic on the inner city by-pass last Tuesday. Much appreciated fellas!

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 03/03.. Our Pepperjack (Nathan Dawson for Graeme White).. Riverleigh William (Matt Elkins for Darren hooper).. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Albion Park 04/03.. Supaliner (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. The Black Assassin (Brittany Graham for Grant Dixon).. Jazzy Artist (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Albion Park 07/03.. Mighty Montana (Darrell Graham).. My Mastercraftsman (Brittany Graham for Adam Sanderson).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Redcliffe 08/03.. The Hairy Huntsman (Nathan Dawson for Dayl March).. Rowdys Ace (Narissa McMullen).. Zed Code (Gary Whitaker for Vic Frost).. He Can Talk (Leonard Cain for Ken Belford).. Good Gracious Me (Trent Dawson).. Redciffe 09/03.. Montana Brave (Darrell Graham for Craig Smith).. Sugar Sugar (Matt Elkins for Vic frost).. Little Lizzie Jove (Clint Sneddon for Mitchell Dawson).. Raesawinner (Pete McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Its Torque Power (Pete McMullen for Ricky Hart).. Gotta Go Artelect (Barty Cockburn for Megan Cockburn)..

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"TROT TACTICS" 18/03/2017..

  No matter what the nature of any sport or enterprise, there are always a number of "barometers" by which by which the health, financial or otherwise, of the subject can be measured. In the area of horse racing, in our case harness, where changing policies over the decades have seen emphasis shift somewhat from the mature horse to the 2yo and 3yo, there is now great interest in yearling sales. Of these, none generates more interest than those of Australian Pacing Gold, presented at Capitol Cities around Australia. Times have changed, and owning a juvenile pacer from an owners perspective is now a costly business, and like most investors of significant sums, owners are looking for a quick return. Breeders are in the same boat. Service fees, mare maintenance costs, foal rearing and yearling preparation all add up, and the breeder hopes his product will return a healthy profit.

  Last Sunday the Brisbane edition of APG was indeed a mixed bag with 32 0f the 70 listed lots being passed in. A quick check of the APG website on Thursday indicates that all these are still listed under the banner of "make an offer" . In the actual sales (includes "buy backs" if any), 8 lots made good money ranging from $30-65,000, there were 7 in the $20-29,500 bracket and 6 went from $10-19,500. It is fair to say that this group of 21 yearlings showed varying levels of profit. The next 7 lots made from $5-9,500 and line ball would be the optimistic view here. The remaining 8 lots made from $2-4,500 and would by any standards, be a crashing disappointment to their breeders. On the bright side, the top lot, by Art Major from Toute Le Monde, was sold on behalf of Burwood Stud and Greg Mitchell to sales regulars, Marc Hanover and Gordon Banks,making a tasty $65,000 in the process.. Lot 549, by Bettors Delight from Rani Major, which featured in last week's column, lived up to its wraps and pulled in a cool $50,000, going to Transport Consortium Pty Ltd.

  Last Sunday's "barometer" indicates that harness in Queensland is still in line for rough weather in the seasons to come.  It is just another of the warning signs which have appeared on the Queensland Harness Highway in the last two decades. A highway which will soon be a back road to nowhere if  ALL OF US  don't try harder to turn the sport around in a meaningful fashion!!

  It's just four weeks from this Sunday, to the Easter Sunday Fun Day trot meeting. Marburg's biggest meeting of the year will be a doozy, with on and off track entertainment to compliment the seven race card all afternoon. All the traditional sponsors are on board, Ipswich City Council,  Bendigo Rosewood Community Bank, The Wallace Family, The Mitchell family, Chrissie and John Turner, who will be there, but in light hearted disguise this year, and The Sundowner Hotel Haigslea. Also, Marburg's  longest serving sponsors, our dedicated regular volunteers, without whom there would be no Marburg Pacing Association. This year, the Sunday Fun Day race card will feature the first two rounds of the Ipswich Marburg Young Driver's Championship. Rounds  three and four will be held thirteen days later on Saturday, April 29th when the overall winner will be decided by points earned in the four races. Division 10 councillor, David Pahlke, will be the man decorating the young drivers with polo shirts, caps and medallions. Put Easter Sunday on your calendar now. Come and join the MPA for the best afternoon of family harness racing you could imagine, and all at very modest prices. Naturally, the Easter Bunny will be there with a very large basket of eggs for the kids. Week by week, we will keep you up to the mark on what to expect on Easter Sunday Fun Day!   

  We will need a bit more room on the leader board if Nathan Dawson keeps his current form .Five winning drives for the week, with recognised star, Pete McMullen, holding down second spot on four. Meanwhile, Darrell Graham sits on the trainer's throne, having led in a solid four winners over the seven day period. Most pleasing sight, eighty metres of Zanow's best track topping, sitting at Marburg show ground, ready to be spread. No more rained out meetings!!

  Resultsville Albion Park 10/03.. Ashleys Angel (Gary Whitaker forDarren Hooper).. Gangster Boy (Narissa McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Albion Park 11/03.. Remember Them (Danielle McMullen for Greg Franklin).. Another Broadway (Darrell Graham).. Another Swinger (Pete McMullen for Vicki Rasmussen).. Ima Little Tycoon (Simon Burrows).. Karloo Kix (Barty Cockburn for Megan Cockburn).. .Marburg 11/03.. Don't Be jealous (Ricky Gordon for Lacey Hinze).. Riverleigh Jeff (Gary Whitaker for tess Neaves).. Rory Mach (Gary Whitaker for Darrell Graham).. Red Luck (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham).. Inciter (Greg Elkins).. High cloud Lass (Denis Smith).. Inverell 12/03.. Zaras Delight (Nathan Dawson for Mick butler).. Albion Park 14/03.. I'll Do It When I'm Ready (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Abitgoingonhere ( Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Purple Royale (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Cougar Oreily (Matt Elkins for Trevor Lambourn).. Threo (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin)..  Redcliffe 15/03.. Raesawinner (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Annas Best (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Swift Approval (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin)..Millenium Star (Nathan Dawson for Phil Mitchell).. Redcliffe 17/03/2017.. I'm Angus Mattgregor (Nathan Dawson for Steve Bunz).. Montana Brave (Darrell Graham for Craig Smith).. How We Roll (Trent Moffat for Bill Crosby).. I'm Johnny Jet (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Make A Point (Nathan Dawson for Merv Hieronymus).. My Change Of Heart (Ricky Gordon)..
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Clarendon trainer Tess Neaves lined up her stable to complete her very first trifecta in Race 2 at Albion Park Harness Racing Club last Friday, all three horses also being owned by Neaves. The impressive feat was achieved in Race 2, The UBET Pace (C1/C2 - 1660m) when Curtis Maguire set the precedent, crossing the line victorious with driver Gary Whitaker aboard.
Call Me Yours with Darrel Graham finished second and Machbino, driven by Matt Elkins completed the trifecta closing out the impressive feat. Appreciating a recent drop back in class Curtis Maguire was able to find the lead however was headed 450 metres from home and had to fight hard to regain the lead round the home bend and the seven-year old gelding broke clear in the final stages for a gutsy win. After the brilliant victory, trainer Tess Neaves announced Curtis Maguire’s retirement from the harness racing scene. “I’ve won three races with Curtis now, he’s been so much fun. “He’s a real sweetheart and he’s not much for the work, he doesn’t like to over-exert himself. “They actually passed him on the final bend in the race, then I saw him take a moment and gather himself and think ‘No, I can do this’”, said a laughing Neaves. The Neaves-trained Curtis Maguire last tasted victory in December’s Kilcoy’s Tattersalls Club Christmas Cup.
 Neaves, who usually has no more than a dozen horses in work not only celebrated the trifecta result but her first win at Albion Park since June last year and her seventh winner of the season. “I’m sitting here with a glass of wine now,” said Neaves after the meeting. “I’ve had a couple of quinellas on smaller tracks, so this one is definitely exciting.” “I didn’t have any expectations going into the race, I though Curtis would go well, so I was really happy for the result.” When asked about Curtis’ future, Neaves was clear in her plan for the seven-year-old bay gelding. “We’ll ride him and re-educate him, and then we’ll find somebody to love him. “But they’ll have to be the right person.”!!
  Where did Tess neaves come from? Her first interest in harness was kindled as a child at home where her father, Terry Smyth always trained a pacer or two. Tess was educated at Windaroo High School in the Beenleigh area and worked afternoons in the Bill and Grant Dixon stables at nearby Eagleby. A gap year before reading journalism at the University of Southern Queensland (Toowoomba) was spent in the Fernvale stables of Darrell Graham.. More traditional employment was had in Swifty Car Rentals plus a stint with Angie Burke on the Gold Coast. TN married trainer driver Scott Neaves in 2005 and they tried several ventures including the “on-course” harness van “Queensland Standardbred Agencies” which became a casualty of the Equine Influenza epidemic. Meanwhile, Scott was studying law under the tutelage of the late Mr Justice Ian Wiley, and is now a practising barrister. .2012 saw Tess take out a trainer’s licence for the first time with the less than sound, but very determined Prince Benji featuring as the stables first winner.
  Five years on, Tess Neaves has taken 455 horses to the races, returning 33 winners, 36 seconds and 49 thirds banking $130,727 along the way with an impressive strike rate in the winners to cheques department. Her future plans are to build the team a bit by the addition of several horses that possess Saturday night potential, and maintain or improve the strike rate. Her favourite horse. Prince Benji, For his dogged determination to overcome his problems in his own way.
  Ipswich City Council will have a two pronged interest in the April racing at Marburg. The Mayor and all Divisional Councillors have thrown their support behind both the Easter Sunday Fun Day on April 16th, and the second round of of the Ipswich Young Drivers Championship, to be conducted on April 29th. Both meetings will benefit greatly from the ICC sponsorship and it will help the Marburg Pacing Association to host two great family days of harness racing. Another local horse body will also benefit on the Sunday. Come along and help the MPA to make it two events to remember. Other regular sponsors, Rosewood / Bendigo Community Bank, The Mitchell Family, the Wallace Family, Chrissie and John Turner and The Sundowner Saloon Haigslea, have also been very strong in their support. The MPA thanks them all.
  A somewhat different leader board this week with Chantal Turpin and John McMullen sharing training honours on two winners apiece, while Gary Whitaker shone out in the driving department on four wins. Most pleasing efforts, Ray Cross for training a winner and a second at Redcliffe’s Thursday meeting courtesy of Calvert Hot Shot and Over Committed. Even more pleasing, Guy From The West for Glen Bridges on the same program. Glen beavers away quietly in the background and to see him win a race is just great!! Both trainers had the services of Scott Rains in the sulky.
  Resultsville Albion Park 17/03..Reine Des Gitans (Chantal Turpin).. Curtis Maguire (Gary Whitaker for Tess Neaves).. My Mastercraftsman (Adam Sanderson).. Albion Park 18/03.. Zac Man (Danielle McMullen for Darren Hooper).. Rory Mach (Darrell Graham).. Mr Mayfly (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Albion Park 21/03.. El Swavo (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett).. Neverhaviever (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Levi Jade (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Zaras Delight (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby)..  Redcliffe 22/03.. Elliot Bromac (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith).. Lisas Lawyer (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Wavedancer (Clint Sneddon for Josh Moore).. Justatic (Pete McMullen for Jason Mackrill).. Julia Mac (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 23/03.. Safari Rose (Gary Whitaker for Ken Belford).. Calvert Hot Shot (scott Rains for Ray Cross).. Guy From The West (Scott Rains for Glen Bridges).. Im Rolling Stoned (Narissa McMullen for Richard Hutchinson).. Bubbaloobah (Dan Russell for Dave Russell)..
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                                                                                                                       “TROT TACTICS” 01/04/2017..

  This week, and in subsequent weeks, we shall delve into the past for a few short history lessons. When comparing horses from one era to another, (said to be impossible but perhaps not) if we use earning capacity as a yardstick we might have a bit of an idea as to the relative merits of pacers and trotters from the past. Drawing from a race book for the program at Northall Park, Hobart Tasmania, set down for Saturday October 15th 1921 we find total stakes per race, ranging from 70 pounds (50—15—5) to 130 pounds (100—20—10). As you see, they paid back to 3rd place only. Wages at that time for workers in industry in that year, averaged 3 pounds 7 shillings per week and a broad median for houses of 5 to 7 rooms of brick or weatherboard construction was 6-800 pounds. That tells you that a pacer of slightly above average ability, racing over four seasons, feeding himself, and managing to win 12 of the high end races, (28 weeks of the average industrial wage per race ) would buy most of a brick house, and all of a neat weatherboard cottage. The industry worker would get the same money over that period, but would likely be feeding a wife and family and paying rent as well, so, looking at that, buying or leasing a pacer looked like a pretty good deal in 1921. On the downside, 6 races were run on the Saturday in question, the smallest field had 14 runners, the largest 35. Winning was not easy!

  We are still in Tasmania, still at Northall Park,  but it is now March 24th 1938 and the light harness stars are under lights for the first time in the Apple Isle. The program has everything but money. With wages now for domestic hospital staff running at 4 pounds 14 shillings for a 40 hour week the opening race is for a mere 20 pounds and, in a portent of today, is for Tasmanian bred Maidens. Eleven pacers are scheduled to go round at 7.40pm. Race two is of 35pounds and horse 6 is Van Derby, a future star and soon to be highly successful at stud. Race 3 was the Night Trotting Cup of 70 pounds,(top money for the night) on 36 yards behind is Armagh, later to be the dam of another top racehorse and stallion in Raiarmagh. On 60 yards is the mighty Logan Derby unbeaten in the initial Inter-dominion series run two years before in Perth WA. In race 4, best of these from 36 yards was Gentle, a bay mare whose 10 offspring all proved to be winners. Race 5 saw Van Derby have his second start for the evening, a not uncommon practice in those times.  The night was rounded out  by the Shoe Mart Handicap with 12 runners fighting over a purse of 45 pounds.. The burning question is, where did the stake money go? Established stars raced for peanuts, but importantly, the lights were on!! Harness is a spectacular sport, and best presented under lights. Modern day administrators often chose to ignore that important, yet undeniable fact, to the detriment of “the spinning wheels and the flying heels.”

  As we swim back to the present ,we have to look for positives in the wake of Cyclone Debbie. If the unseasonal spell of warm weather continues,(with no more rain) Marburg Show ground will present for Easter Sunday as the ideal backdrop for horse racing and the associated equine entertainment scheduled for between races. It may be an old fashioned view, but this writer is never comfortable with a race track in a quasi-industrial setting. Perceptions from childhood fix the horse or pony firmly in a grassy paddock. Against a sea of green we can show our four-legged athletes at their best. Just 15 days to the Marburg Pacing Association’s  big meeting. Black book it, stick it on the fridge, just be there on the day for the best in country harness!!

  The MPA takes this chance to thank the Marburg Primary School for donating a surplus “smart board” to the association. This is a great educational tool, and we will get good use from it. Also many thanks to Brenda Berry for pointing the MPA in the right direction on this one.

  Closer competition in the leader board driver’s division this week with Pete McMullen home on five winners, nosing out Barty Cockburn with four and closeup Gary Whitaker and Narissa McMullen on three apiece. Chantal Turpin was out on her own with three wins for the term Most pleasing ,Gary Whitaker combining with Peter Jones to land Fui Fui home at Redcliffe on Wednesday night.

  Resultsville Albion Park 24/03.. Riene Des Gitans (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Gangster Boy (Narissa McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Stayin Town Tonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Im Norma Jean (Pete McMullen for Peter Greig).. Albion Park 25/03.. Overlap (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Major Score (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Abitgoingonhere (Barty Cockburn for Mick Butler).. Comigal (Pete McMullen for Brett Cargill).. Mr Mayfly (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Albion Park (28/03).. Gotta Go Artelect (Barty Cockburn for Megan Cockburn).. Ina Great Place (Barty Cockburn for Megan Cockburn).. Redcliffe 29/03.. Our Pepperjack (Matt Elkins for Graeme White) .. Rowdys Ace (Narissa McMullen).. Fui Fui (Gary Whitaker for Peter Jones).. Bubbaloobah (Dan Russell for Dave Russell).. Camivista (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Swift Approval (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. No Redcliffe on 30/03. Cyclone Debbie strikes again.

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                                                                                                                      "TROT TACTICS"  08/04/2017..
  Would you believe it! Tomorrow, 120 yearlings are scheduled to go under the hammer at Redcliffe Paceway, in what is the 10th presentation of the Garrards Redcliffe Yearling Sale. The Redcliffe Sale, with its associated 2yo race to be run in June the following year, commenced with high hopes, and found instant support amongst the battlers and hobbyists. Known in the game as the sale with something for everyone, Redcliffe throws up a number of better than average horses in every offering and has built and maintains a reputation of value for money. Next year’s Sale Race will be worth $100,000 with $64,600 going to the winner. This writer has always supported the theory that the numbering of taproot mares, for example, "Pride Of Lincoln—NZ family No1", gets you a long way when picking potential winning juveniles. There is another school of thought, which holds that one should only go back two mares  in a yearling’s pedigree. If there are no winner’s  on those first two lines then it is headed for extinction, and you will do yourself a favour in avoiding the animal in question. The rest is conformation plus optimism. Whatever, it will be a good sale, and when Ebert and Co, Auctioneers, call for bids on Lot 1 at 11.00am , they will be in the business of selling WINNERS!!!
  Just 8 days to the Easter Sunday Fun Day race meeting at Marburg. Gates open at 10.30am with a top seven race program set down for decision, including the Ipswich City Council Gold Cup and the first two rounds of the Ipswich City Division 10 Young Drivers Championship. Best burgers, cheapest bar prices, two bookies, $950 dollar pick the card comp and the lucky gate prize is a $100 bet with either of the bookies. On-track and infield happenings with barrel racing, tug-o-war and a gearing-up race for teams of three (two strappers and one driver per horse ) to show you just how quick this can be done. For the raffle conscious we have a monster in every sense of the word with 20 prizes. Add Fashions On The Field to this and you have a top day. Come and join us for spectacular racing and family fun. Kids, the Easter Bunny will be there!! Adults $5, Pensioners, Members and Students $3, with the all important Race Book for just $3..
  The rumour mill creaked into life mid-week, to roll out an interesting scenario, based on hints from the Liberal National Party to the effect that Albion Park would soon be sold. Given that Racing Queensland has a war chest of $53 million to spend on selected infrastructure projects over the next three years, the sale of The Creek  might go quite away in underpinning the provision of funds for capital investment. We are told in the course of our lives that not only GOD, but also GOVERNMENT, moves in mysterious ways. This last mystery, however, just about takes the cake. At the re-birth of the new ALP responsive  All Codes control body, participants of all codes were told that animal racing in Queensland under the previous LNP had produced a shortfall of $20million, by the simple process of living beyond our means. Consequently, the new Government announced a scheme to recover the debt by the simple expedient of reducing distribution to each code over a three year period. Harness, which had been assigned $7million, had its funding cut from $16.5 million to $14.2 million for that term, which equates to $6.9million. Close enough, and a sound procedure. With horse racing of both codes in Queensland in struggle street,(Nathan Exelby--Courier Mail-- March 31st)to continue on with a policy of " hang the expense, give the cat another canary", is the last thing we need as it will bring  more debt. What we DO need is top level administrators who are seriously prepared to address the matter of basic turnover, which must be increased by a factor of 5 in harness in the next two to three years to provide a viable income. This can only happen through SIMPLE programming and an Integrity arm that sees that all is CORRECT on the race track and stays that way. Yes, it is slightly more complicated than the foregoing simplification, but the formula for rehabilitation would not cover more than half a page of A4 paper. The most important ingredient is the NECESSARY WILL to make this happen, on the part of those who are in a position TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
  Question of the week. If the LNP rumour is correct, to whom would Albion Park be sold, and for how much? Is there a modern day John Wren in our midst wishing to emulate JW in the ownership of race courses in the Great South East. Wren at one stage owned Albion Park, Doomben, Kedron, Deagon and Bundamba. (source "The Real John Wren" --author Hugh Buggy) Never mind, we will find out, should the sale take place. Most importantly, the "the Creek" should make its price in an open market!!
  A mixed leader board this week with a dead heat for trainers, Chantal Turpin and Ron Sallis  at two wins apiece, while Gary Whitaker  dominated driving ranks, scoring on four occasions. Most pleasing efforts were Redcliffe winners, No Confession ( Dale Chalk for Tayla Gillespie), Someones Singing ( Scott rains forRay Cross) and Eulo Flyer (Lachie Manzelmann for Tony Jenkins).
  Resultsville Redcliffe 31/03.. Annika Magic (Matt Elkins for Kerry Smith).. Corey Odonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Miss Art Ranger (Gary Whitaker for Brian McCall).. Ole Sun (Gary Whitaker for Mal Charlton)..  Albion Park 01/04.. Lamorak (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Withalotofluck (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Lysenko (Adam Sanderson for Brad Connelly).. Albion Park 04/04.. Opononis Bliss (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. I'm Born to Rule (Gary Whitaker for Ken rattray).. Redcliffe 05/04.. Raesawinner (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Fiery Blue Chip (Danielle McMullen).. No confession (Dale Chalk for Tayla Gillespie).. Buk The System (Gary Whitaker for Dudley Warburton).. Village Treasure (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Redcliffe 06/04.. Someones Singing (Scott Rains for Ray Cross).. Eulo Flyer (Lachie Manzelmann for Tony Jenkins)..

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TROT TACTICS  15/04/2017..

WITH an influx of new horses into his stable Queensland horseman Shane Sanderson is happy to call Sydney home for a little longer.
Formerly based in Gatton in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, Sanderson has centred his training operation at the Menangle Park Training Centre for the past 14 months and has returned good results.The 38-year-old mentor this season has already surpassed the amount of winners he had trained in the previous three seasons, respectively.

And the horse that has most recently added to Sanderson’s wins this season was Queensland trotter Our Overanova that won at Tabcorp Park Menangle on Saturday night. Currently, the former Gatton based trainer has passed the 400 winners mark life time. Given that SS is travelling well in a hard school, and Queensland harness is facing a rocky road ahead with QRIC determined to remove team driving / race fixing from the local scene, we probably won't see Shane Sanderson any time soon.

   Under the direction of QRIC boss, high profile policeman Ross Barnett, integrity staff have considerably more investigations under way than those which resulted in a number of arrests last week. Watch this space is the motto as the long overdue clean up of Queensland harness continues. When the dust settles, the way for a re-build of punter confidence will be open, and both punters and participants will return to growth mode.

  There were many positives to be gained from the Redcliffe Yearling Sale last Sunday. A full report will be available next week, but, disregarding the top priced lots, (64) making $24k, (72) $36k, (80) $28k, (100) $24k, and (117) $50k, several of which were buy-backs, there was solid interest in the middle money bracket. As has been said, "the sale with something for every body" and not many yearlings were passed in. 

  The leader board showed a narrow distribution of the dollars this week with Chantal Turpin and Darrell Graham equal in the training department on just two winners apiece while drivers Narissa and Pete McMullen were first home on three occasions. Geographically it was hopeless with all the better success inside an 8 kilometre radius of Fernvale!!
  Resultsville.. Albion Park  07/04..  Lots More Grins (Pete McMullen for Wayne Davis).. Weedons Express (Pete McMullen for John McMullen).. Sams A Champ (Amy Rees for Mick Butler).. Comply Or Die (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 08/04.. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Another Broadway (Darrell Graham).. Supaliner (Darrell Graham).. I'm Norma Jean (Pete McMullen for Peter Greig).. Riverleigh William (Narissa McMullen for Darren Hooper).. Shareapassion (Kelli Dawson for Chantal Turpin).. Illdoitwhenimready (Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 12/04.. Royal Taz (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Pandoras Diamond (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Handy Bonus (Nathan Dawson for Terry Hancock).. AP 11/04.. Miraclesdoappen (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Tuesdays Fella (Rob Gorman for Trevor Lambourn)..

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“TROT TACTICS”  22/04/2017..
  Hot on the heels of last Sunday’s Easter race day, the Marburg Pacing Association is now focussing on the second and final round of the Ipswich City Council Young Drivers Series, plus the return of harness racing to the Marburg Show. Its’s just seven days to the  Young Drivers finale ( Saturday April 29th) and major sponsors, ICC, will be back to see who takes the crown. Will it be the tyro, Kelsey Schulz, who turned up last Sunday to race for the first time and went home highly delighted with the win of  Redcliffe trained pacer, Cruisin Along in heat two, or Lachie Manzelmann,  chasing The Endeavour to the post for trainer John McMullen. Who knows, as the draw for suitable horses is a lottery indeed. However, the two go into the second round brim full of confidence.
After a break of many years, Harness will return to the Marburg Show program on Saturday, May 13th, in an actioned packed two hour timeslot from 2.00pm and 4.00pm. Hopefully there will be six events, so the on-track spectacle will be non-stop. It is a long time since former Rosewood girl, Kylie Rasmussen drove the entire eleven winners on the Marburg program, going on to a successful career as a trainer/driver. All three Rasmussen girls have posted stellar performances as trainers, with Vicki, a fixture in the Brisbane top five for some years, and Natalie who shot to prominence through the performances of four time Inter-Dominion winner, Blacks A Fake , and maintains that stature as a training and driving partner in the New Zealand based Purdon/Rasmussen “All Stars” stable. Maybe, there is a local driver who can scoop the pool on May 13th. Whatever, it is yet another opportunity for participants to prove that “show trotting” should never have been pushed aside!!
  In the wake of the sensational race fixing allegations of the last two weeks there has been something of a lull in proceedings. High sources, however claim that this is the tip of the iceberg. More is to come! If so  then harness racing in Queensland will most certainly be the eventual winner. No doubt there may be a further drop in turnover while the broom is sweeping clean, but, in due course, when punters can bet in the certain knowledge that all runners are trying to win, and the same punters are calculating the chances from a reliable and consistent form line, confidence and turnover will rise, and continue to rise. It’s called growth, and is one of the key factors that  first class integrity provides!!
  A bit short on win numbers on the leader board this week due to no meeting on Good Friday. Top driver was consistent Gary Whitaker, first past the post on three occasions while two winners was enough to secure a third of the top slot with trainers Chantal Turpin, John McMullen and Trevor Lambourn all up there together. Most pleasing for Saturday readers, Kelsey Schulz at Marburg. Perhaps the start of big career!!
  Resultsville  Albion Park 15/04.. Overlap (David Morris for Chantal Turpin).. Lancelot Bromac (Danielle McMullen for Stewie Dickson).. Teo Enteo (Gary Whitaker for Trevor Lambourn).. Our Dainty Lady (Darrell Graham).. Marburg 16/04.. High Cloud Lass (Rob Gorman for Denis Smith).. Don't Be Jealous (Ricky Gordon for Lacey Hinze).. The Endeavour (Lachie Manzelmann for John McMullen).. Nolonga Your Choice (Gary Whitaker for Rachel Scott).. Cruisin Along (Kelsey Schulz for Darren Hooper).. The Shady One Matt Elkins for Trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park 18/04.. Dabeers Zargon (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Redcliffe 19/04.. Extraordinary Lombo (Rob Gorman for Mitchell Dawson).. Blessed Is The Boy (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen)... Redcliffe 20/04.. One Last Roll (Narissa McMullen for Mark Rees ).. Montcalm (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Bob Gage (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis)..
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“TROT TACTICS” 29/04/2017…
  It’s the day that the “YOUNG DRIVERS”  at Marburg have been waiting for. When the sun sets on today’s race meeting one talented and lucky driver will be carrying home the trophy that proclaims their skill in the sulky. Currently, three reins persons are sitting equal on 13 points. These are Kelsey Schulz, Trent Moffat and Lachie Manzelmann. As always, numerous factors will influence the final result. Firstly, the quality of the horse drawn by each of the contestants, secondly, the barrier position, (again decided by lot) and thirdly, most important of all, the relative skills of the drivers themselves. Just think, a horse of modest ability , unfavourably drawn, will require a gem of a drive to win or perhaps earn good points. That is why these challenges regularly throw up good drivers with a serious “future” ahead of them. Let’s hope it happens today. Added to today’s superstars in the making, are Taleah McMullen, who made her debut at Albion Park last Tuesday night, and the experienced and skilful Isobel Ross. They replace suspended drivers, Danielle McMullen and Matt Elkins.
It will be yet another good value family day at the Show ground best burgers, best bar prices  $100 free bet is the gate prize, and the pick the card jackpot has hit the $1000. Could you be the lucky one today. Entry coupon is in the $3 race book along with a  $500 FUNNY MONEY  voucher to build a bank for the auction after the last. Adults $5, pensioners, members and students 16 and over $3. A multi prize raffle rounds out a great day. Come and join us. Gates open at 10am, trials commence at 11.00am and the first race goes at 12noon.

   Meanwhile, a couple of extracts  concerning two matters which will not go away. Infrastructure, or the lack of it, and the ever contentious subject of whips.  The following is from Dean Baring’s “fact conscious” website www.harnessbred.com “It is now just over three and a half years since the Parklands complex at Southport was destroyed to make way for a high rise housing estate to be used for just three weeks of the Commonwealth Games in April 2018, believed to be the most expensive Athletes Village in the Games history.” “At the time many promises were made by politicians to both Greyhound Racing and Harness Racing, none of which has materialised. These promises included as recently as August 2016, the Hon Grace Grace advising the Gold Coast Harness Racing Club that $10.2 million had been allocated to replace the Parklands track along with a similar amount for Greyhounds. At the time of closure, Racing Queensland posted a great tribute to the Club titled “Thanks for the memories”. The short article outlined 25 years of history from the early races to the most successful Inter Dominion in 2009, the first time in the events history that it was staged outside a metropolitan venue.
 The following is a comment posted on Twitter by a NSW based participant, in reply to the preceding extract.   “Yes it’s the same Australia wide. Losing tracks all the time and with the loss of tracks comes loss of participants.It was told to me by a very reliable source that with the the closure of Fairfield looming very soon that the people in charge of the sport in NSW have openly said that, "oh well the slower horses will have to travel to Newcastle or Tamworth. This is a joke, as firstly the so called slow horses are the majority in our sport. So to expect owners to cop the travel costs of a trainer to these meetings is ludicrous. So what will happen is the little owners will just say ok no more horses for me as it is not viable.
You only have to see how many times nominations are extended to see the sport is dwindling. I have been in this game for over 30yrs and have seen the decline and it scares me. When nominating a few years ago you would have a concern that you might get balloted out, now your concern is will the race stand up.
I have never seen a successful business thrive by only wanting to pander to minority. Surely your aim would be to have your industry reaching out to a majority? The state of harness racing in Australia needs addressing very urgently before there is no industry left!! Allan Cassar, 25/04/2017.
Whip article deleted due to space restrictions.. See next week...

I don’t know what it is, but the lower Brisbane Valley influence just gets stronger.  Again three trainers, Chantal Turpin, Ron Sallis and Darrell Graham shared the hoours with two winners apiece. In the sulky, Pete McMullen nosed out his sister Narissa, four wins to three. All five participants live within spitting distance of Fernvale. You tell me!
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 21/04.. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Maretti (Danielle Mcmullen for Phil Mitchell).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa Mcmullen for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 22/04.. Illawong Dreamtime (Brittany Graham for Doug Lee).. Croft Bay (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Barrietas Bliss (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Kilcoy 22/04.. Storm On Bye (Brittany Graham for Trent Knack).. Drunk Artist (Chantal Turpin for Jason Carkeet).. Im Jack Black (Gary Litzow for Tess Neaves).. Albion Park 25/04.. Miss Irish Rose (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Queen Zenobia (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 26/04.. Vande Velde (Pete McMullen for Jason Mackrill).. Annas Best (Narissa Mcmullen for John McMullen).. Walter Mattgregor (Leonard Cain for Steve Bunz).. Groovy Miss Annie (Pete McMullen for Peter Greig).. Redcliffe 27/04.. Calvert Hot Shot (Scott Rains for Ray Cross).. Tarin Kowt (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Cheers Kathy (Darrell Graham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS..06/05/2017..

  Last week's general observation that a Young Driver's Series such as that concluded under the banner of Ipswich City Council at Marburg last Saturday often throws up a driver with more than average talent, appears to be holding true. The overall winner, Lachie Manzelmann, has only been licenced since April 2016, and in that 12 months has been round on 159 occasions for 16 wins and 31 placings, banking $57,000 in the process. Just 17 years of age and now a full time member of Team Turpin-McMullen at Patrick Estate, Lachie Manzelmann has his feet firmly planted on the road to harness success.  He will make his first Saturday night appearance tonight when he pilots Magnussen for the home stable in race two.  With one trophy in the cabinet, and many more to come, the sky is the limit for Lachie!!!
  For those readers who appreciate the difference in gait, and the special qualities that a talented traditional trotter brings to the race track, we lift this excerpt from the Harness Racing Australia website and the pen of Brisbane’s ace trot caller, Chris Barsby .. Remember Habibti, the chestnut speed machine of some seasons back, possessed of a big finish. Habibti Ivy is the full sister. This is the New Zealand saga of the Paul Nairn trained Habibti Ivy being crowned the 2016/17 Australian Pacing Gold Trotting Master following her stunning return to racing. The former Oaks winner has returned from the racing wilderness - nearly 22 months side lined by injury - to win five of her six races this campaign including the Gr.1 Anzac Cup before finishing a narrow second in the Gr.1 Rowe Cup behind Temporale last Friday night at Alexandra Park, Auckland. Her two efforts in Auckland were enough to snatch victory and complete a remarkable comeback. Heading into the two final legs of the series, Australian trotter On Thunder Road held the smallest of margins but connections decided to bypass the Auckland features. So, the title was up for grabs. The title to be crowned the Trotting Master was going right down to the wire. And the chestnut five year old daughter of  French super-stallion, Love You  pounced on the point score through her Auckland heroics. In her six starts to date this season, Habibti Ivy has amassed more than $113,000 while taking her overall earnings past $160,000.

  What is billed as Australia's  greatest broodmare sale is about to take place. Kevin and Kay Seymour are putting 41 broodmares  on the market through an Australian Pacing Gold on line sale. All horses will be subject to extremely reasonable reserves as Kevin & Kay Seymour are serious about dispersing their entire stock to make room for the 30 or so fillies and mares that are due to come off the track and enter the breeding barn in the near future.31 of the 41 mares are in foal to a range of stallions, including Art Major (1), Captaintreacherous (3), Hurrikane Kingcole (7), Mach Three (3), Mr Feelgood (11), Rock N Roll Heaven (5) and Somebeachsomewhere (1). Prospective buyers must register with APG from Monday May 15th. There you go, a chance to buy a mare from the silk department. Doesn't happen every day.

  In the ongoing matter of whips, rather than relying on imperfect knowledge and what some of us would like to be the case, we have the Norwegian policy which has been successfully applied for more than forty years.... In Norway, the ban on using whip has been in force since the mid 70’s. Our drivers are not allowed to carry with them any form of device during the race or when warming up the horses. According to our rules and regulations all goading of the horse shall be administered gently with the lines/reins.
Also when correcting a horse which misbehaves in a manner that can pose a risk to the driver or other attendants, the drivers are dependent on using the lines/reins, in addition to their loud voice maybe.  In such cases, off course, our stewards will allow a somewhat more excessive urging with the lines towards the horse.
 In our opinion, there is no basis for claiming that more or more dangerous situations occur due to unruly horses as a result of the ban on using the whip.   
 I hope my answer was helpful to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you need more information.
 Med vennlig hilsen.
Hanne Sæbø
Sportsmedarbeider|Det Norske Travselskap
Refstadveien 27 | Postboks 194 Økern | N-0510 Oslo.

  Again the pot of gold at the end of the leader board's rainbow can be found in the lower Brisbane Valley. Team Turpin/McMullen got it all with Pete and Chantal finishing on five wins apiece. There were, however, three results in the extremely pleasing department.. Falcon Vista, putting a big smile on  owner,Chris McGuire's face, and two mighty blows for the battlers, with Red Castle Warrior taking the final division of the Young Driver's series for Kevin Annetts, and Steven Burke getting the bikkies with Smithnwestern at Redcliffe Thursday.

 Resultsville Albion Park 28/04.. Ryabby (Ricky Gordon).. Riverboat Prince (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Exceptional Mach (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Our Leonardo (Trent Dawson for Ray Law).. Albion Park 29/04.. Flaming Hero (Greg Elkins).. Starzzz Of Icon (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Our Dainty Lady (Darrell Graham).. Marburg 29/04.. Inciter (Greg Elkins).. Soldier Of Fortune (Isobel Ross for Karen Schulz).. Fiery Blue Chip (Narissa McMullen for Danielle McMullen).. Red Castle Warrior (Lachie Manzelmann for Kevin Annetts).. Nicky Mattgregor Rob Gorman for trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park at Redcliffe 02/05.. Kalinda (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Real social (Chris Petroff for Steve Bunz).. Phantom Rockstar (Gary Whitaker for Kevin Joiner).. Redcliffe 03/05.. Swift Approval (Pete McMullen for Chantal McMullen).. Official Reign (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 04/05.. Smithnwestern (Steve Burke).. Ice Crusher (Darrell Graham).. Just Say Go (Gary Whitaker for Jay Edmunds).. Falcon Vista Narissa McMullen for John McMullen)..

Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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TROT TACTICS..13/05/2017..
  What’s today’s best deal? How about a day at Marburg Show, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of  the modern day  district agricultural show. There was a time when every major country centre in Australia was surrounded by satellite towns, each and every one of which hosted an annual show where produce, animals and sporting horses were showcased, the pride of local farmers and horse owners, each striving to have their contribution judged to be “best in show”. On these results rested “bragging rights” for the next 12 months ,and, in a lot of cases, the under-pinning of commercially valuable reputations which, in turn,  ensured robust and enduring prosperity for the exhibitors involved. It’s a bit different today, when we live in the age of “get big or get out” with its elements of mass production, gaudy packaging, and mega-buck advertising campaigns. The once humorous story of the kid who thought that milk had its genesis in super market cartons, is now possibly accepted as fact, as we have found it convenient to leave the contented cow and the farmer out of the equation.
 While Marburg has tried to maintain a balance of entertainment in order to cater to a changing audience, you can still get a reality check among the animals which provide our meat, milk and eggs, and a natural history lesson in local grain, vegetables and animal fodder products. A great experience for the kids. Today, Marburg has turned back the clock a bit, and taking centre place between 2.00pm and 3.40pm will be six  races, run under standing start conditions. “Show Trotting” returns to Marburg in a joint venture between the Show Society and the Marburg Pacing association. Come along, enjoy the day, and get a shot of excitement to take you through to the evening segment. Next year will be bigger again!!
  Exciting four-year-old Mattgregor will have his connections thinking across the weekend. The speedy pacer will start favourite in Sunday’s $15,540 Kevin & Kay Seymour Rising Stars Championship Final after drawing gate three but there’s plenty more at stake than just the prizemoney. Prepared by husband and wife team of Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen, Mattgregor will again be handled by concession reinsman Hayden Barnes this weekend. But connections are toying with the idea of heading to Melbourne next weekend to contest the Gr.2 $75,000 4 & 5yo Championship at TABCORP Park, Melton. A positive result on Sunday could see the son of ill-fated stallion, Rob Roy Mattgregor, on the plane to Melbourne early in the coming week, headed for a crack at the big time. Mattgregor could be described as “the real deal” in in the up and coming pacers department.
 More news for the fans of the straight out trotter, with NZ star, Monbet, looking to become a millionaire. Currently sitting on earnings of $770,714, the son of top line French sire, Love You, will have only limited racing aimed in the main at feature events as he works towards the magic goal. It seems very likely that France will provide the bloodlines that will boost the profile of the Australian trotter in the near and long term. The French horses are big, strong, good gaited and, in the main provide an outcross gene pool. They look like the way to go!!
  Sad news of the week was the death of Bathurst (NSW) based trainer driver Ian Mutton. Mutton, who was 77 at the time of his passing, had battled cancer for a number of years, but finally succumbed to pneumonia. He was an expert horseman and a very good driver, and as such had at least one absolute top liner in his stable, that being King Frost. KF would arguably been the star of  New South Wales pacing in his era, but for two factors, Hondo Grattan and Paleface Adios, both of which he defeated on occasion. King Frost and Ian Mutton were forced to live in the shadow of the established megastars. Harness racing is a great sport, but is often tinged by fate, with a little sadness. Man and horse should not be forgotten.
  No change on the trainer’s side of the leader board this week with Chantal Turpin churning out a solid four winners for the term. Things were different in the driver’s department , Hayden Barnes with four wins taking the flag from Narissa McMullen and Adam Sanderson on three apiece. Definitely most pleasing, was the Redcliffe win of Enriques Me Dad for owner Colin Knox, and trainer Clint Wilson. Nathan Dawson did the honours in the cart.
Resultsville.. Albion Park 05/05..Riene Des Gitans (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Constantly Sideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Karloo Mac (Hayden Barnes for Josh Moore).. Wattlebank Flyer (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 06/05.. Starzzz Of Icon (Trent Dawson for Mellissa Gillies).. My Mastercraftsman (Adam Sanderson).. Corey ODonohue (Hayden Barnes for Ron Sallis).. Tijuana Bromac (Narissa McMullen ).. Ideal Scott (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Miss Irish Rose (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Albion Park 09/05.. Matt Gregor (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. The Next Star (Brittany Graham).. Lysenko (Darrell Graham).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Corey ODonohue (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 10/05.. Camivista (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Ruhtrebo (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Our Mattgregor (Hayden Barnes for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 11/05.. Enriques Me Dad (Nathan Dawson for Clint Wilson).. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Brittany Graham)..
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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.                                                                                                                          “TROT TACTICS” 20/05/2017..
  What was once one of Marburg’s brightest flames has been extinguished. Trevor Perrin succumbed to the combined effect of a number of ailments including heart disease at the Nowlanville care facility last Monday afternoon.. TP was only in his mid sixties, but had battled illness and failing sight for over two decades. Along with wife Anne, the “big fella” had been an active and successful harness trainer from the late 70’s at Ipswich, and, in the period covered by computer records, (82/83 to 2000/01), had presented 949 starters which provided 54 winners, 58 seconds and 71 thirds, banking a total of $99,654. His best season was 85/86 with 17 wins, ten seconds and 7 thirds for earnings of $21,555. The stable’s top performer at this time was Super Rooster, a multiple winner, which retired with earnings of $48,000. With failing health and job requirements limiting his  outdoor activities, Trevor turned his full attention to raising sponsorship funds for the Marburg Pacing association, while working as advertising manager for National Trotguide and Harness Racing Weekly. His gift of persuasive argument combined with bull dog tenacity saw him get great results in both positions. While he was a successful hobby trainer, very few people realised that he had been a top athlete in his youth, playing Rugby League for Booval Swifts, Norths Devils in Brisbane and had a brief stint in the southern big time with Manly Warringah in Sydney. However, TP missed Rosewood too much and returned home where he played some cricket, and won a State Championship, sprinting on the grass at Lang Park. Trevor Perrin, a deserving Life Member of the MPA is gone. I doubt we shall see his like again. He had special qualities, which not everybody possesses. Like the man who could sell ice to Eskimos, TP could sell the harness dream to anyone who would stand still long enough. He will be sorely missed.

 Two interesting issues affecting the harness code at present, were anointed by the process of appearing in last Sunday’s Courier Mail. Firstly, Peter Cameron’s column Traps, quoted a senior Racing Queensland official as saying that harness racing was a “poor cousin” of the other codes, “which keeps shooting itself in the foot”! It was further said that harness turnover “was barely 10% of the tri-code total”. These comments were not well received at the top end of the harness participant tree, but, in the real world, if the same people who took umbrage at these aspersions are the same people who are equally upset at RQ’s plan to cease racing at Albion Park, (second issue), and develop a residential and commercial complex on the resulting vacant site, it is time that those people commenced to “think outside the square” as well. There are very well founded and historically proven arguments for the retention of Albion Park based on the geographical inability of Globe Derby, Melton and Menangle to draw viable crowds. One would think that the policy put forward by a handful of influential people in the year 2000, and I quote from a well attended industry meeting held at Albion Park, “We must create an elite industry, by creating conditions where we can have elite trainers, elite drivers, and horses which can be promoted as superstars. We must attract wealthy owners”, might have been a “goer”. At the time, there were considerably more trainers, drivers and horses, but no trainers here were winning in excess of a million dollars for their owners year and year out. However, there were a reasonable number of trainers and drivers earning a good living. It would be fair to say, that after a 17 year trial, the “elitist” policy has failed to deliver. If we abandon that policy tomorrow, and re-introduce a simple racing format that the average recreational punter can understand and use with satisfaction and pleasure, it will be a long road back. If we don’t abandon it, there will be NO road back!! Next week some frightening figures..
  The training section of the leader board saw a triple dead heat between Greg Elkins, Chantal Turpin and Ron Sallis with two winners apiece. Adam Sanderson took charge of the driving division with five wins. Nathan Dawson and Lachie Manzelmann not far away on three each. Most pleasing effort has to be Justin Elkins with a double at Albion Park last Tuesday.
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 12/05.. Three Of The Best (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Exceptional Mach (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Alta Surreal (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Kash (Pete McMullen for Mick butler).. Nolonga Your Choice (Anthony Gorman for Rachel Scott).. Our Leonardo (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Albion Park 13/05.. Phantom Rockstar (Gary Whitaker for Kevin Joiner).. Bettor Promise (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Statement Please (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Albion Park 14/05.. Queens Accent (Justin Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Out Of Art (Justin Elkins for Kenny Rattray).. Black Belt (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 16/05.. Statement Please (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Redcliffe 17/05.. Long Road To Fame (Adam Sanderson).. Comigal (Lachie Manzelmann for Brett Cargill).. Tarin Kowt (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Official Reign (Lachie Manzelmann for Chantal Turpin).. Sammari (Nathan Dawson for Kylie Rasmussen).. Redcliffe 18/05.. Inciter (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Lucky Lefty (Narissa McMullen for Christina Monte).. Heavens Hint (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson).. Hot Rod Heaven (Dan Russell for Tayla Gillespie).. Rockstar Rikki (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith).. Call Me Yours (Steven Doherty for Tess Neaves)..
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TROT TACTICS 27/05/2017..
  It has been said that there is no Nana like a proud Nana. If this is the case, then Beryl Dawson is certainly this weeks proudest.  When three of your grandchildren drive seven of the ten winners on a Saturday night Albion Park program it is time to feel a bit puffed up. Even better when the two sisters, Narissa  and Danielle McMullen each owned and trained one leg of their respective doubles. Cousin Nathan Dawson ripped off a treble to let us know that this was just part of a very good week for him. I think at last count eleven of Beryl’s direct descendants held Harness licences. Some effort Nana. I hope they take you to dinner on the strength of it.

 Last week I promised you some frightening statistics. Here is just a segment of the problems which face harness in this country today and are as relevant to Queensland as to any other state. It is what happens to any business when the managers are not minding the shop.

“FUTURE OF HARNESS RACING – STRATEGIC PLANNING RESEARCH 30/4/201Harness racing’s viable future in Australia is at present almost totally dependant upon wagering revenue. Currently HRA and industry participant attention is focussed upon alternative handicapping/programming initiatives that will create larger and more evenly balanced fields in order to maximize wagering turnover and revenue.
 No modelling exists that establishes the levels of increased wagering turnover and resultant revenue gains that will be needed to maintain and grow the sport into the future. However basic strategic planning research (non existent in HRA) clearly provides the basis to model the gap that exists between the product (racing stock) needed compared with the projected product availability over the next decade and resultant wagering increases that will be necessary.

Using the official HRA statistics comparing the ten year period between seasons 2005/2006 and 2015/16 demonstrates the enormity of the task ahead!!”
  “Total mares served 05/06 was 8,942, dropping to 5,443 in 15/16. Shortfall -3,499.. percentage drop -39.1… Horses named in 05/06 plus overseas imports 6,118, dropping to 3,401 in 15/16. Shortfall -2717.. percentage drop -44.4.. Number of individual starters in 05/06, 12,949, dropping to 10,724 in 15/16.. Shortfall -2,225.. percentage drop -17.2.. Number of races run in 05/06, 15,666, dropping to 14,225 in 15/16.. Shortfall -1,441.. percentage drop -9.2..” All four of the 15/16 figures are categorised as ‘the lowest ever”!!

Give you that warm fuzzy feeling does it? The above has been collated by Marketing and pedigree matching expert, Ray Chaplin. We will publish such statistics and Ray Chaplin’s analysis of the information as it comes to hand.

  This past week, we have heard of a new and exciting future for harness in Queensland.  This latest kite is flying on the back of the reported ‘gifting’ of the harness portion of the controversial Yatala site to the Yatala Harness racing Club. Benefactor, Mr Kevin Seymour also mentioned the great benefits which would flow to harness from the merger of the major Tote operators with Ubet.

 The subject of turnover also got a mention with Mr Seymour adamant that harness was putting a steady 12% into the tri-code turnover, rather than the 10% claimed by Racing Queensland. Of more interest to the people who can’t up stakes and re-locate to Sydney  or Melbourne should harness in Queensland go belly up in the near future, would be some comparison figures on the subject  of distribution versus revenue!

Consider the following hypothesis. If harness distributes $100 in prize money, and RQ receives only $61 in revenue from the combined turnover income streams, then, surely, harness is a basket case. These are the figures which should concern us, accompanied by practical strategies to correct the situation!!

One thing is certain, the new concept of a ratings system will not help us should it be adopted. The punters have not been able to handle “mobile conditioned” from the day of its appearance. What will they do with a system which will be adjusted on a daily or weekly basis by supposed experts?

  The leader board said it was a one set affair this week for the drivers with Nathan Dawson taking Adam Sanderson off the pinnacle at six wins to four.
Who gets two trebles in one week. Darrell Graham re-asserted himself as top trainer with a solid four winners for the term. As usual ,most of the serious winning was concentrated  in the lower Brisbane Valley at Fernvale and Glamorganvale. Omen bet we all missed. Nathan Dawson’s treble at Albion Park all trained by “Gregs”.. Greg Elkins and Greg Franklin.
Measurement   2015/16   2005/06   Change   % Change
Total mares served   5,443         (Lowest ever)   8,942   - 3,499   - 39.1
Named horses + nett overseas imports⃰   3,401
(Lowest ever)   6,118   - 2,717   - 44.4
Number of  individual starters   10,724
(Lowest ever)   12,949   - 2,225   - 17.2
Number of races run   14,225
(Lowest ever)   15,666   - 1,441   - 9.2
  Resultsville.. Albion Park 19/05.. Ice Crusher (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Rory Mach (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Crowning glory (Isobel Ross for Greg Elkins).. Top Trio (Lachie Manzelmann forGrant Dixon).. Mini Cam (Stacey Weidemann for Rachel Scott).. Bubbaloobah (Lola Weidemann for Dave Russell).. Albion Park 20/05..Tijuana Bromac (Narissa McMullen).. Countdown (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. The Space Invader (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Motu Real Style (Danielle McMullen).. Flaming Hero (Nathan Dawson for Greg Elkins).. Remember Them (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Constantly Sideways (Danielle McMullen for bill Crosby).. Sweet As Candy (Matt Elkins for Vic frost).. Albion Park 23/05.. Sicilian slumber (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Bettor Promise (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Queen Zenobia (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Exceptional Mach (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 24/05.. Red Luck (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Datsgood (Gary Whitaker for Donny Smith).. Redcliffe 25/05..Acer Animus (ricky Gordon for Bob Hanrahan).. Live In Style (Trent Moffat for Gregg Minns).. Jimmy Nga (Gary Whitaker for Lacey Hinze).. Ballator Thor (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. Heavens Hint (Nathan Dawson for Stewie Dickson).. Precious Cullen (Nathan Dawson for Graeme White)..
  Thanks Folks. Regards, Denis.   
Title: Trot Tactics Denis Smith
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"TROT TACTICS" 03/06/2017..
Just a "heads up" for Marburg Country trotting next Saturday, June 10th. It will be all systems GO  on the up close and action packed Show Ground circuit. Come along, Gates open at 10am with the trial program commencing at approximately 11am and the first race at 12.30pm. Barry's Best Burgers, the cheapest Bar prices at any sporting event, and all sorts of hot and cold food to accompany the burgers. For the punters who do their form, we have the Fast Work  Horse Supplies "Pick The Card" competition now worth $1,050, lucky gate draw for a $100 betting voucher with the bookmaker on the local trots, and a monster  multi-prize raffle. There you have it. Circle next Saturday on the Calendar, and join us for a great afternoon of harness and a family day out.
  When you’re hot, you’re hot. Chapter two of the Beryl Dawson story, saw the leader board about to buckle under the strain this week. It’s one thing to have eleven of your direct descendants holding  harness licences in Queensland, but it is even more impressive if five of those grandkids post a total of 16 wins for the week. It went like this. Narissa McMullen six wins, (including four at Redcliffe on Wednesday night) Nathan Dawson four wins, Pete McMullen 3 wins, Danielle McMullen two wins, and Kelli Dawson just a single, but significant victory, as it was  milestone number 94 in the marathon 428 start career  of the Kenny Rattray trained Destreos, that has earned $772,804 for owner, Sally Stingel. Meanwhile, in the trainer’s department, John McMullen, who only married his way into the Dawson clan thanks to Jeanette, led in a massive six winners for the week. The overall performance is the stuff of dreams, but no less impressive for that!
  Those participants who are contemplating a reduction of their harness involvement, would be interested to know that the MPA has been approached by Auctioneers, Darren Ebert and Co, with a view to holding a “gear” sale at the Show ground on Sunday 25th of June. Such sales are informative, as they provide an accurate barometer as to the viability and future of the sport, particularly at the hobbyist level, which is the base of the harness/trotting pyramid. Given that the Queensland pyramid is looking more like a reed in the wind than the sturdy monuments of Egypt, it might benefit the decision making arm of Queensland Racing if they were to send an observation and fact finding team  to such a sale. They might come away with a clearer picture of the ills which beset the sport, rather than the somewhat distorted opinions they get from the top end of town. One day, someone who is in a position to actually do something about it will remove all reference to the “racing industry”.  Racing, like Football, NRL, AFL, Rugby, Cricket etc is a sport, whether it is professionalised or not. Who, for Heaven’s sake, wants to pay money to watch someone work!! That is the primary perception stemming from the word “industry”. INDUSTRY TRANSLATES TO WORK..SPORT TRANSLATES TO PLEASURE!!!! 
  Resultsville Albion Park 26/05.. Comply Or die (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Kaanapali (Pete McMullen for John McMullen).. Takealookatmenow (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Waste Of Time (Danelle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Subtle Delights (Nathan Dawson for Don Hancock).. Drive The Dream (Darrell Graham)... Albion Park 27/05.. Flaming Hero (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Threo (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Clarkey (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Ken Rattray).. Lucia Bromac (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Albion Park 30/05.. Only One Promise (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Three Of The Best (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Neveah (Nathan Dawson for Lacey Hinze).. Miss Irish rose (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Redcliffe 31/05.. Andiamo El Ferrari (Danielle McMullen for John McMullen).. Rowdys Ace (Narissa McMullen).. Falcon Vista (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Colada Rainbow (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Soi Cowboy (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Tellella (Nathan Dawson for Kylie Rasmussen).. Redcliffe 01/06.. Yes Brother Yes (Scott Rains for Ricky Gordon).. Slippery Jade (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Riverleigh Jeff (Steven Doherty for Tess Neaves).. Heavens Hint (Darrell Graham for Stewie Dickson).. Mickey McRooney (Nathan Dawson for Graeme Gavin)..
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“TROT TACTICS”..10/06/2017..
  What’s on the list for today. Why not make a snap decision to head for the Marburg Trots  with an estimated time of arrival 11.00am to catch the trials segment, grab a burger and coffee or a beer and kick back for a great afternoon of country harness racing on the up-close and visual 700 metre Marburg Showground circuit.. Racing will kick off at 12.00 noon with seven races set down for decision. Add top value hot and cold food from the canteen, and the best bar prices around, a lucky gate prize of a $100 bet on the local trots, multiple prize raffle and a Fast Work Horse Supplies "pick the card' competition with $1050 for someone clever enough, or lucky enough to pick the card. Multiple winners will carve up the cash. $5 gets you a great afternoon's racing, with Pensioners and students in for $3 and the magic race book with the pick the card entry is $3. A lot of bang for your Saturday afternoon buck! Come and join us.

  Great news for the Ipswich Turf Club with a $13 million grant to enable vital reconstruction to the racing surface and provide upgrades to the infrastructure. Completion of the proposed projects, should put the ITC on the highway to self sufficiency for the foreseeable future. The Gold Coast Turf Club is also said to be in the pipeline for major funding, with a view to a similar happy conclusion.

  Meanwhile, in the world of Harness, a battle rages between rival interests as to the future of Albion Park. On one side, we have self made property and share tycoon Mr Kevin Seymour, considered a "demi-god" by some harness participants, and something rather different by others, taking up the cudgels on the part of Albion Park Harness Racing Club, a body of which he is treasurer. In the other corner is Racing Queensland, currently holding a healthy $63 million of infrastructure funding to be applied to the immediate needs of harness and greyhounds. Both contestants , we are told, are seeking the same end result as the two gallops clubs mentioned above. Unfortunately, the battle can not be decided in one encounter, as it is somewhat complex in nature.  At this point in time, we must not consider the greyhounds. They have considerable and genuine claims to a large slab of the $63 million as they are the only racing code in profit and expanding steadily. Their presence in the Albion Park debate, would only muddy the waters!

  It seems that there will be some form of development on the site. Mr Seymour proposes that the development consist of a world class racing facility supported by a housing development and a "Racino" (gaming machines, bars and a return of Silks restaurant, which vanished when WATPAC demolished the main grandstand at the venue, some seven years ago). Racing Queensland  favours a commercial, residential and retail development aimed at maximising non-racing revenue.The first matter to be decided however,is, WHO OWNS ALBION PARK? Kevin Seymour claims that "harness racing has the moral high ground because it owned the venue until the merger of the three codes in 2010". It is time that the Minister and the Premier became involved in this. They should call for all the documents relating to transfers of the title of Albion Park over the last 30 years, and make a determination of ownership based solely on that documentation. A time frame of one week should be sufficient for that process. Starting from any other point guarantees failure of the enterprise, and waste of valuable dollars.

  A simple leader board this week with Narissa McMullen scoring on four occasions in the sulky, and Chantal Turpin leading in a trio of winners for the barn at Patrick Estate.

  Resultsville Redcliffe 02/06.. The Shady One (Trevor Lambourn).. Hokonui Ben (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Sicilian Slumber Narissa McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 03/06.. Lancelot Bromac (Danielle McMullen for Stewie Dickson).. Timmo Time (Adam Sanderson for Shawn Grimsey).. Our Leonardo (Kelli Dawson for Ray Law).. Supaliner (Darrell Graham).. Village Switch (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Our Dainty Lady (Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 06/06.. El Swavo (Clint Sneddon for Frank Bennett).. Well Disguised (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Bull Market (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Redcliffe 07/06.. Stayintowntonight (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Havetogetawaymore (Al Barnes).. Precious M (Lachie Manzelmann for Ron Sallis).. Redcliffe 08/06.. Riene Des Gitans (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Flashing Good Time (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Phantom Rockstar (Gary Whitaker for Kevin joiner)..

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“TROT TACTICS” 17/06/2017..
  The Queensland Winter Carnival of Harness racing is up and running, with the four major Redcliffe features, conducted on June 2nd and June 9th. On the first night, the  Garrards, $100,000 Yearling Sale Final, which went to Gold Reactor,was prepared by juvenile specialist, Kylie Rasmussen, with Chris Petroff in the sulky. The support event was The Redcliffe Derby, which fell to Paternity Suit, trained and driven by Grant Dixon. The second night saw the running of the Redcliffe Gold Cup, won by Kept under Wraps (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen) supported by The Redcliffe Oaks which went the way of Eleniark, giving Grant Dixon a clean sweep of the peninsula 3yo Classics. The Albion Park segment of the Carnival kicks off on July 1, with four "black type events including the Premiers Cup at $30,000, ramping up to the $50,000 Garrards Sunshine Sprint and the $75,000 Queensland Oaks on july 8th. The carnival comes to a climax the following Saturday, July 15th with two divisions of the 2yo triad Finals at $100,000 apiece, and The Blacks A Fake set at $200,000. all up there will have been $746,929 up for grabs.

  Meanwhile, on today's home front, we have Kilcoy on the grass. Proving ever more popular with the upper Brisbane Valley crowd, the dual code (three trots and seven gallops) meeting looks set to provide a great day's racing. The only "downer" in the deal is the policy of trots on first, followed by the thoroughbreds. Obviously, an alternating mix is the "beau ideal", but somewhere some in the fog of logistical reasoning is the answer which escapes most of us.

  In an exercise which will please harness history buffs,the Harness Racing South Australia Board are delighted to announce that the Trots are returning to the Wayville Showgrounds on Friday 27 Otober 2017. This will be the first race meeting at Wayville meeting since 1973.Home to the South Australian harness racing from 1925 to 1973, the Wayville Track was described as racing in a coliseum. Especially during the 1950s and 60s, crowds flocked to the track in the halcyon days of the sport with names such as Webster, Holberton, Messenger and Shinn being household names.
Wayville was also the scene of some of harness racing greatest ever moments including the 1963 Inter Dominion won by New Zealand champion Cardigan Bay before a record crowd of 45,000 people. Cardigan Bay was the first  harness horse in the world to win $1 million in prize money. With Wayville’s proximity to the city and excellent public transport options, the HRSA Board is expecting a massive crowd in attendance with a great night of racing and entertainment with a back to the 70s retro theme.

  On the controversial matter of the future of whips, Harness Racing Australia chairman Geoff Want said progress had been made but safety issues meant the move away from whips would not be complete by September 1st. Instead there will be changes to strengthen whip rules to help with the transition."This is likely to mean that only an extremely limited wrist action will be allowed in racing. That would make the use of the whip in Australian harness racing among the most controlled in the world, and we will impose some of the heaviest penalties for misuse." If such teeth were written into the rule, and were indeed applied across the board, it would go a long way towards building public confidence in the harness approach to animal cruelty issues.

  Last week, the topic of external revenue streams for harness via the development of the Albion Park, and just who would have the say as to what shape that project should take, was "big news". If external income IS the way to go then surely the battle for ownership must still be raging, as the need for income from some direction has not, and will not go away. However all the fire seems to have been extinguished. This is sad, as any discussion, whether based on "the moral high ground", or any other foundation is more helpful than silence to the hobbyists who will be left behind with the ruins of harness, while the high rollers relocate.

  Don't forget Ebert's Horse and Gear Sale at Marburg Showground next Sunday June 25th at 9.00am.. Race horses and broodmares are wanted, so don't miss the chance. Details from Darren Ebert .. 0410 668 176..

  The leader board is doing it tough this week with Trevor Lambourn  top trainer landing two winners while Kelli Dawson stood front and centre with three winning efforts in the sulky. Most pleasing, was Calvert Hot Shot at Redcliffe Thursday, showing that Ray Cross is clawing his way back to prominence after setbacks. Scott Rains was in the bike.

  Resultsville.. Redcliffe 09/06.. Bella Rippin (Kelli Dawson for Jamie Donovan).. Kept Under Wraps (Adam Sanderson for Vicki Rasmussen).. Seven Rippin Aces (Kelli Dawson for Jamie Donovan).. Albion Park 10/06.. Feel The Courage (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. I'm Born To Rule (Gary Whitaker for Kenny Rattray).. Marburg 10/06.. Action Girl (Trent Dawson).. Jack Hammer (Trevor Lambourn).. The Endeavour (Nathan Dawson for John McMullen).. My Wingman (Nathan Dawson for Ricky Gordon).. Albion Park 13/06.. With Authority (Narissa McMullen for John McMullen).. Smiling Armada (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Destreos (Kelli Dawson for Kenny Rattray)..Redcliffe 14/06.. Its All Go (Matt Elkins).. Calvert Hot Shot (Scott Rains for Ray Cross)..

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     "TROT TACTICS" 24/06/2017..

  The first round of infrastructure grants for country race clubs has been decided with Racing Queensland distributing just short of $700,000. Marburg was the happy recipient of a sum designated for maintenance of the track surface, which, barring bizarre weather episodes, should keep us up and running fast for some time to come.  Given that people like to plan their leisure activities well ahead, we need to remind you that our next race meeting will be  held on Saturday July 8th. Come and join us, we promise exciting racing and a value packed day out. The Fast Work Horse Supplies "pick the card" jackpot has hit the $1,100 mark, and surely someone must get skilful and lucky soon. Don't forget, there is only one jackpot and it must be split if there are multiple winners. However, where do you get the chance at a free $100 bet with the bookie for a lucky gate draw. The "Funny Money" bookie will be back in action due to patron pressure and we give you the betting ammunition for free. Win a heap and turn it into fancy goods at the auction after the last race..

  For those participants looking to update their harness, tomorrow, Sunday 25/06 is the day, Marburg show grounds is the place, and start time is 9.00am. Darren Ebert will auction a large quantity of pre-owned harness. Canteen and Bar will be in full swing. Bring your money with you!!

  New face, Amajorjo, could be a winter carnival "smokey". The lightly raced but richly talented pacer has joined the stables of Chantal Turpin and Pete McMullen recently and is ready to race following some quiet trials.His latest public workout came on Tuesday at Albion Park when he finished 7th behind the likes of Frankie Rocks, Hughie Green and Smooth Showgirl among others in a time of 1:56.0, with McMullen not asking too much. Amorjojo has been absent from the racetrack since appearing at Globe Derby in April last year. The son of Art Major and Jolaura (Echelon)has won 16 races,7 seconds and 5 thirds from 52 starts while banking more than $116,000 in stakes. Watch this space!

In an effort to broaden the base of the driver's pyramid in Victoria,the Association of Victorian Country Harness Racing Clubs, Harness Racing Training Centre Bendigo and Harness Racing Victoria have run 23 concession drivers’ series races this season.The series, restricted to drivers who are yet to win 25 races, culminates at Bendigo on Tuesday night with a 10-horse C1 class event, and appears to  have done a good job in providing opportunity for those not attached to large successful stables.There have been 195 horses contest the series and Tuesday night will see one lucky trainer who has been involved in the races drawn randomly for a $2000 cash prize. From a turnover point of view th