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"TROT TACTICS" 09/06/2018..

  Racing Queensland's new CEO, Brendan Parnell, has sent his first message to harness racing's participants, via the dedicated monthly magazine, "PACE". Mr Parnell has, in his own words, "been out meeting the many stakeholders and industry participants who make this sport great, and that's exactly what I should be doing at this stage.Listening during coming weeks and months will assist me to guide the organisation and provide a platform for further improvements and growth" 
  "I understand the harness code has it's own set of challenges and opportunities at the moment. There are some positive signs with some increase in wagering support, but we could certainly do with increased participation, and venues play their part."
  The matter of increased participation is a vexing question. While the harness sport is driven with a formula based on the premise of "get big or get out" there is unlikely to  be any great incentive for independent folk (non harness family members) to enter the sport.  However, the need for additional participants is a crying one, and RQ must address it in a practical and affordable manner.

  The second prime factor is a combination which benefits both  turnover, and enhances integrity. Simply put, our racing product is far from punter friendly, and in no way provides a reliable form line, as conditions (class, barrier draw, eligibility etc) are written and  re-written ,supposedly to provide earning capacity for each and every horse. We have forgotten, or have decided to disregard the fact, that it is the punter who provides the prize money through tote turnover in the main. In order to engage, and hold the attention of the recreational punter, harness needs a racing format which is easily understood, allowing punters to make informed choices , based on a reliable form line. Integrity is enhanced through the same reliable form line, which allows stewards to read a race more accurately, and thus police wrong doing,backed up by a series of performances by horse and or driver which provide a template for accurate comparison.

  Yes, harness needs new people. Yes, harness needs more money. We won't cure either ill by going down the road we are currently on. Racing Queensland has the power to reverse the trend. Best they do it. Quickly!

 By all means, the funds gathered from the proposed point of consumption tax on punters should be directed to Racing. But, only on the proviso that it does not pander to the "begging bowl mentality", which has pervaded clubs and administrations for the last two decades at least. "capital works" and local community benefit only!

 Early warning. Marburg races Saturday June 23rd. Country Trots at its best..

  Not a good result on the leader board at all with the loss of Thursday's Albion Park meeting due to rain damage. Nathan Dawson retained his driving crown with four winners leading Matt Elkins and Pete McMullen on two victories apiece. No local trainer led in more than one winner, so Mellissa Gillies, Chantal Turpin, Trevor Lambourn and Gary Whitaker posted a quadruple dead heat. Ipswich factor 12/35..

  Resultsville . Redcliffe  01/06.. Slice Of Heaven (Nathan Dawson for Donny Smith).. Courageous Leo (Nathan Dawson for Donny Smith).. Lisa Lincoln (Kelli Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Albion Park 02/06.. Somepartysomewhere (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Bohdi Tree (Taleah McMullen for Peter Greig).. Nui Toc Tien (Chris Petroff for Trevor Lambourn).. Bettabe Perfect (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Evelyn Jay (Pete McMullen for Mark Dux).. Albion Park 05/06.. Special Reserve (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. None Bettor (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Redcliffe 06/06.. Scott Tom (Nathan Dawson for Mick Benham).. No Transactions (Gary Whitaker)..

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« 2018-Jun-17, 03:13 PM Reply #226 »
      "TROT TACTICS"  16/06/2018..

   Don't forget.. Marburg next Saturday Country racing at its best. Pick six is $1750 and gate prize $100 betting voucher. Adults $5, Pensioners and Members $3. Best priced food and beverage anywhere!!
 Here in the southern hemisphere, where harness racing has perhaps a written history dating back 140 years, we have created a breed of pacers and trotters based on stallions imported from America, and, initially these horses covered colonial bred mares as the slow process of improving a breed took place. Time passed, commercial interests took advantage of the Australian "cultural cringe", using imported stallions to the almost total exclusion of local horses which had shown great ability  on the race track, and certainly considerably more versatility than most American imports. It was attitudes such as this which saw the willful destruction of the peerless Globe Derby male line in the 1940s and 50s..
  Queensland breeders of the traditional Square trotter are now offered a unique opportunity to breed to bloodlines which have only on rare occasions been diluted by American blood. These are the French Trotters, whose great abilities in the areas of gait, speed and staying ability are renowned in Europe. Broadly speaking, they are superior to, and a total out-cross, to American blood. This difference is jealously preserved by the following statement.
  "Created on October 21, 1864, the Société d’Encouragement à l’élevage du Cheval Français (SECF) (Association for the encouragement of French horse breeding) is the Parent Association for Trotting Racing. Abiding by the Law of 1901 as a non-profit association, its mission is to work towards the recognition and development of trotting racing in France as well as to protect the characteristics of the French Trotter breed."
  It seems that an opportunity has arisen on the horizon of the square trotter in the Sunshine State. Here is the first part of a press release which could herald a giant leap forward for the diagonal gait.
  "Racing Queensland and breeders Haras des Trotteurs have combined to provide an exciting opportunity to harness participants aimed at stimulating the breeding of trotters in Queensland.
 The partnership will give participants the chance to own and breed with one of 14 well-bred broodmares FREE of charge. Interested parties are encouraged to register at the Racing Queensland website, with the 14 lucky winners to be announced at Albion Park on Saturday 7 July.The offer, open to breeders, trainers, owners and trotting enthusiasts, includes the opportunity to win ownership of a mare, with a free service to one of Haras des Trotteurs’ stallions for the first year.
The stallions include;-          Used To Me-          Dream Catcher and;-          En Solitaire
Each mare offered must remain in Queensland for at least the initial breeding season to ensure offspring are QBRED eligible, with a minimum expectation that the foal’s first race start be in Queensland. The new owner must also fund transport costs to Queensland for both the mare and semen.This exciting new opportunity was the brainchild of prominent trotting owner Jeroen Nieuwenburg and owner of Haras des Trotteurs and Yabby Dam Farms, Pat Driscoll."<> More next week.

  The smart money was on this appointment some weeks back, and for once it was right. An international recruitment drive has identified the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission’s (QRIC) new Chief Stipendiary Thoroughbred Steward. Peter Chadwick, has been called back to Australia from the Singapore Turf Club to take up the role after it was thrown open to the world of racing earlier this year. After 18 years working as a Steward at the Singapore Turf Club, more than 13 of those as Chief Steward, Mr Chadwick has a mix of International and Australian thoroughbred adjudicating experience. His 28-year career highlights include commencing as a Cadet Steward in Western Australia, later moving into stewarding roles in New South Wales, Tasmania, the ACT and back to WA as Senior Stipendiary Steward before venturing overseas to hone his skills. Commissioner Ross Barnett said Mr Chadwick was a welcome appointment to the Commission. Given that QRIC does not exclude cross-code players from its stewards team, it's just possible that Mr Chadwick might make an appearance or two at the trots, once he has settled into his new role.

 Just when we thought it was becoming more democratic on the leaderboard, normality has reasserted itself. Nathan Dawson, top driver with nine scalps for the week while Darrell Graham drove six winners and trained seven. Most pleasing was Neveah for Lacey Hinze, with Matt Elkins in the sulky. Ipswich factor 28/51..

Resultsville.. Redcliffe 08/06.. Slice Of Heaven (Nathan Dawson for Donny Smith).. Constantlysideways (Gary Whitaker for Bill Crosby).. Jeter (Darrell Graham for Brett Cargill).. Albion Park 09/06.. Living Again (Trent Dawson for Craig Cross).. Somepartysomewhere (Nathan Dawson for Greg Franklin).. Oyster Stride (Gary Whitaker for Kay Crone).. Rocking (Darrell Graham).. Scorched (Adam Sanderson for Doug Lee).. Albion Park 11/06.. Torque Writer (Matt Elkins for Ricky Hart).. Downtown Lucca (Adam Richardson for Doug Lee).. Machitelli (Darrell Graham).. Zalta (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Neveah (Matt Elkins for Lacey Hinze).. Pittsworth Man (Nathan Dawson for Daren Garrard).. Celtic Cruza (Leonard Cain for Ron Sallis).. Albion Park 12/06.. Needle (Gary Whitaker for Brad Connelly).. Our Millwood Maisie (Nathan Dawson for Daren Garrard).. Shadow Pass (Darrell Graham).. Village Cruiser (Adam Richardson for Errol O'Shea).. Bumper (Nathan Dawson for Daren Garrard).. Kotare York (Hayden Barnes for Al Barnes).. Redcliffe 13/06.. The Frame (Darrell Graham).. Vande Velde (Nathan Dawson for Jason Mackrill).. High On Montana (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 14/06.. Sheza galvinator (Nathan Dawson for Mark McNee).. Deadly Rocker (Adam Richardson for Tala Gillespie).. Comigal (Gary Whitaker for Brett Cargill).. Tell The Linesman (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham)..

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« 2018-Jun-24, 07:02 PM Reply #227 »
"TROT TACTICS"  23/06/2018..

  It may be cold this morning, but, the chill may herald a fine and sunny day. The plan is to grab an extra jacket and head for Marburg, where where a card of eight races and three qualifying trials awaits the avid fans. Trial action kicks off at 10.20am, the first race is scheduled for 11.30am, and the last goes at 3.00pm. All neatly packaged in the warmest part of the day. All the features of Marburg country trotting, with a lucky gate prize of a $100 betting voucher,  buy a $3 race book to pick the last six winners, now at a hefty $1750 on a share basis if multiple winners, big raffle and the ever popular "funny money" bookmaker where we give you $500 "monopoly money" to start you off. Best burgers and beverage, all at rock bottom prices. Adults $5, Members and Pensioners $3. Get up close to the noise and action of Marburg Harness. It's great racing!!!

  As promised last week, the rest of what might called  "THE BREED YOURSELF A TOP CLASS TROTTER ON A BUDGET"   story..  A story which is about as good as it gets in  Queensland harness.!! Each mare offered must remain in Queensland for at least the initial breeding season to ensure offspring are QBRED eligible, with a minimum expectation that the foal’s first race start be in Queensland. The new owner must also fund transport costs to Queensland for both the mare and semen. This exciting new opportunity was the brainchild of prominent trotting owner Jeroen Nieuwenburg and owner of Haras des Trotteurs and Yabby Dam Farms, Pat Driscoll. Racing Queensland Harness Development Strategy Manager David Brick said the generous offer would be a major stimulant to the local ranks. “Many thanks must go to Pat for this generous offer to help stimulate breeding in Queensland, and to Jeroen Nieuwenburg, who has been pivotal in helping to get it off the ground,” Mr Brick said. Mr Driscoll said he was a passionate supporter of the trotting gait. “Hopefully this initiative will kick start the breeding of trotters in Queensland and lead to the introduction of two-year-old trotting races in the state,” Mr Driscoll said. Mr Brick said the trotting gait had experienced a resurgence in recent years, driven largely by international wagering returns, and Australian breeders being able to access the best international breeding lines.

  A number of initiatives will be introduced in the coming season to grow racing opportunities for trotters, including enhancements to this year’s Winter Carnival program through the $20k Haras des Trotteurs Marathon and $15k Haras des Trotteurs Mobile joining the $30k Seelite Windows and Doors Queensland Trotters Cup..“There will also be the new QBRED Trotters Features in 2018/19, and the introduction of a juvenile trotters series similar to the Foundation series established in New South Wales,” Mr Brick said. Interested parties are encouraged to visit the Racing Queensland website to find out mo Complete the online application form by July 2 to go in to the ballot, which will be drawn publicly at Albion Park on Saturday 7 July.  Given the far reaching, low cost benefits of this of this scheme, it should be well over-subscribed. Ring Alex Nolan at Racing Queensland <0412 156 517> and make sure that you are in the ballot box!!

  It's been a cold and miserable week for most of us, but the juggernauts of Ipswich harness rolled steadily on their devastating path to the top. Top driver, Nathan Dawson, ringing up seven victories in the sulky, and the ever consistent Darrell Graham leading four winners back to the home barn. Ipswich factor 29/50..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 15/06.. Special Reserve (Adam Sanderson for Shannon Price).. Thunder Mac (Darrell Graham).. Darkershadeofpale (Trent Dawson for Craig Cross).. Franco Tariq (Dean Cernovskis for Darrell Graham).. Ole Sun (Hayden Barnes for Mal Charlton).. Subtle Delight (N Dawson for donny Hancock).. None Bettor (matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Kilcoy 16/06.. Mach torque (Pete Mcmullen for Chantal Turpin).. Shadow Pass (Darrell graham).. My Ultimate Fella (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham)..  Albion Park A Good Chance (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Miss Kenny (Adam Richardson)..  Tamworth 17/06.. Heez Perfect (Gary Litzow).. Albion Park 19//06.. My Ultimate major (Nathan Dawson for Jarrod Alchin).. Ivanov (Gary Whitaker for Brad connelly).. Master Dip (Chris Petroff for Ron Sallis).. Slice Of heaven (Nathan Dawson for Donny Smith).. Mo Jarney (Nathan Dawson for Peter Greig).. Redcliffe 21/06.. My Mastercraftsman ( A Sanderson).. Courageous Leo (Nathan Dawson).. Feeling For A Miracle (Trent Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Janies Got A Gun (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Glenferrie Baby (Kelli Dawson for Geoff Dawson)..