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"TROT TACTICS" 25/05/2019..

After a moderately successful meeting at "the Burg" on Thursday, the MPA gears up again for Sunday June 2nd. The traditional "family day ' will be order with kid's activities, mini-trotters, "funny money", raffle, all combined with the high powered country racing, the best hot food, and the cheapest  beverage at any sporting event. It's all value oriented with Adults $5, Pensioners, Members and students $3. The all important  "pick the last seven winners"entry form and the $500 funny money voucher are in the all important race book, a steal at $3.Come and join us on the day. you won't be disappointed.

A letter from Townsville light harness devotee Troy Clive to a sitting member, as  the people determined to return the sport to North Queensland dig in for the long haul.  In a democratic society such as ours, political parties are permitted to conduct a form of auction of attractive policies,in order to woo voters in the run up to an election. The voters are faced with the task of of sorting the wheat from the chaff.. They have only one tool with which to exercise their right of choice. it is called "the ballot box", and it is a powerful weapon indeed, as illustrated by events of last weekend.
Aaron, Member for Thuringowa.
I tried to call you tonight to give you an opportunity of trying to fix this before I issue the enclosed Ministerial letter ( exclusive to QT last week) to the media in conjunction with the Federal Member and Member for Hinchinbrook.
  As demonstrated on the enclosed just weeks prior to the Federal Election your Minister turned his back once again on the North. Even when put forward a viable return for the North Racing for less but wait for it. In the words of the appointed RQ Government appointed staff it is not viable for the participants even if the participants agree on this.
The National result is not just about Adani it is about State Labour not listening. I have written 20 letters to the Premier with no response to date. Had discussions with Ben from the Ministers Department and again now it has got too hard. In the words of Brendan Parnell the Ministers appointed CEO Albion Park in Brisbane is loosing around $65K per meeting on a Saturday night  not to mention the other QLD clubs yet Townsville will not be given the go ahead by the number supplied in the last proposal to give a return to the industry of $2k per meeting based on Brendan’s numbers and the decreased prizemoney. This shows NQ wiling to work for the better of the industry not just their own interests.
If you are serious on repairing the damage to the area in all of your electorates start listening to all sides. We were there backing Phil because we cannot support a party that does not support us, We have over 500 members and remember most of them have relations we talk to so damage can be completed at a state level if you choose to ignore us.I am happy to meet again and discuss, or do you just see us as a non-political issue as stated by one of your members!!

Timing is a crucial element in most enterprises. In my inbox, in the very same 24 hour period,  comes the news that Racing Queensland has commissioned an Economic and Social Impact Study to measure the size and scope of the Queensland Racing Industry. They have engaged strategic planning consultants IER to undertake this project.
This study will provide Racing Queensland with an evidence based assessment of the importance of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing in Queensland.
In order to complete the most accurate study possible, we are asking Clubs to complete a survey focussing on their local racing industry and community. We ask that you please complete the survey by Friday, May 31, 2019.

The above could perhaps be construed as an attempt by a thoroughly alarmed Control Body/Government to prove or disprove the relevance of animal racing with wagering in the community/economy, given the present political climate!!

On the leader board this week four drivers, Adam Richardson, Narissa Mcmullen , Hayden Barnes and Pete McMullen, were tied on three wins apiece, when along came Adam Sanderson, and pipped his opposition right on the post with that important fourth win. Chantal Turpin was top trainer with a solid three starters getting the money. Several very pleasing efforts this week, with Justin Elkins  driving  a Saturday night double, and partnering long shot Under The Kilt for a delighted Warren Hinze. Marburg was good for Danny Gatt-Bouquet scoring with the Mitchell Dawson trained Zed Code. Ipswich factor 29/43..

  Resultsville. Redcliffe 17/05.. Lurah ( Jonah Hutchinson for Darrell Graham).. Shadow Hunter ( Adam Richardson for Steve Coombs).. Elzboy (Brendan Barnes for Steve Towns).. Raging Inferno (Narissa McMullen).. Our Delight (Taleah McMullen forChantal Turpin).. Albion Park 18/05.. Opononis Bliss (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Lincoln Road (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Corey William (Justin Elkins for Peter Greig).. Northview Hustler (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Tulhurst Ace (Taleah McMullen for Chris Monte).. Under The Kilt (Justin Elkins for Warren Hinze).. Maybe To The Max (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Jossie James (Adam Sanderson for Wayne Graham).. Albion Park 21/05.. Garland Greene (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Much bettor (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Sugarkane (Matt Elkins for Vic frost)Bangkok Bravado Kelli Dawson for Shane Fraser).. Monivae Pete McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Just Deal It (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Redcliffe 22/05.. Ima Top Tycoon (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Torque With Esteem (Chantal Turpin).. Village Cruiser (Adam Richardson For Errol O'Shea).. Marburg 23/05.. Cavalryman (Jacob Wallace for Clint Petroff).. Domestic Art (Hayden Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Major Slip Up (Pete McMullen for Bill Crosby).. Montana Chief (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Zed Express (Danny Gatt-Bouquet for Mitchell Dawson).. Caesars Astrum (Adam Richardson for Richard Hutchinson).. Alpha Styx (Jonah Hutchinson for Mal Charlton)..

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"TROT TACTICS" 01/06/2019..

The following comes from the pen of Duane Ranger - Racing Queensland Media, and shows that athletic ability and sharp reflexes, are, as the saying goes "all in the genes". Tough Brisbane Bronco's hooker ,Jake Turpin, needs to look no further than his sister,Chantal Turpin, for a role model.. Chantal Turpin's work ethic and drive to get to the top in Queensland harness, has inspired her sibling to emulate her feats in harness on the football field, a place not so far divorced from the race track as you might think..Having made the State Under 15 team while a student at St Edmunds College in 2011, the humble country boy, has escalated into one of the toughest hookers in the NRL. Jake, having grown up around the horses, is a big fan of harness racing and shares ownership in several high class Saturday night performers. Currently he is trying to sell the "own a piece of a pacer" concept to some of his Bronco's team mates. Given that Jake's gene pool contains business acumen as well as athletic ability, the enterprise is likely to bear fruit. "Nothing succeeds like success", and, "the harder I work, the luckier I get", could well be the family mottoes!!

“Some of them now look for the Turpin and McMullen name when the trots are on. I’d actually like a few of us to get a ‘Broncos horse’, perhaps a Kiwi import.
“I Know ‘Birdy’ (Jack Bird) could be keen and I’ll try and get some of the others along to the track when and if I can. I know quite a few of them seem interested anyway.”
Schedule and time allowing Turpin said he would more than likely be attending Queensland’s Winter Carnival at Albion Park in July.
“I’d like to be there, especially if my horses are running at the time – and I think they will be. I think Watch Pulp Fiction is being targeted for the Carnival and Mattgregor is just on the way back, perhaps trialling this week,” he said.

  The upgrade to the Marburg facility continues, with work to commence this week on a new child-proof fence around the race day stabling, or "birdcage ' as it used to be known. This is in line with  Racing Queensland and QRIC policies to provide a safe working environment for those involved in the race day product. The MPA is working towards an overall improvement to the onsite facilities. Sadly, we can't wave a magic wand. It all takes time and money, two precious commodities at this time.

  One thing is certain, the Ipswich harness leader board is is a land of ups and downs. On the trainers ladder, regulars all but disappeared as rising star, Alistair Barnes's trio for the week, was good enough get top billing. On the driving side Narissa McMullen's five wins nudged out Hayden Barnes who chased home a healthy four. Most pleasing was Chang for Matt Wright at Redcliffe Wednesday. Clint Sneddon had the steer.  Dave Russell and Adam Richardson combined to land a double on Thursday night.  Ipswich factor 20/53.   

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 24/05.. Lincolns Girl (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes)..Gina Mach (Trent Dawson).. Major Currency (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Varasi (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes)... Albion Park 25/05..Jossie jones (Adam Sanderson for Wayne Graham).. Big bruce (Matt Elkins for Greg Elkins).. Kariya Mully (Narissa McMullen for Mark Rees).. Redcliffe 26/05.. Famous Shoes (Narissa McMullen for Dale Belford).. La Belle Cheval (Narissa McMullen for Pat Croghan).. The Casual Goose (Hayden barnes for Michael Nutley).. Albion Park 28/05.. The Money Ball (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. The Shady One (Matt Elkins for Trevor Lambourn).. Captain Cosmonaut (Trent Dawson).. Cardles From Heaven (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Northview Hustler (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Redcliffe 29/05.. Torque With Esteem (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Chang (Clint Sneddon for Matt Wright).. Rdecliffe 30/05..Ritchie Bee (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Voodoo Fella (Adam Richardson for Dave Russell).. Feeling For A Rainbow (Adam Rchardson for Dave Russell)

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"TROT TACTICS"  08/06/2019..

  Things continue to go forward in positive fashion at Marburg Showground, where work commenced this week on replacing the fence surrounding the stabling area. The child proof enclosure (on race days) will not only add to  the all important factor of child safety, but will bring race day security into line with QRIC requirements. Further more, it is an attractive and valuable asset for the Show Ground. This is one of many short and long term projects on the MPA radar, designed to showcase quality harness racing in the best of "people friendly" locations. A place which grows our on-course attendance by offering good reasons for the fans to keep coming back.

  The outlook is very optimistic on the race day front as well with the OK given for a massive upgrade in the Public address system. Gone for good will be the squawks crackles and fluctuating volumes which have plagued the Marburg meetings in the past. On course broadcasting will be stepping into the 21st Century. On the track itself, look for new features for 3yo's, as feed giant, Barastoc, moves to expand it's sponsorship of country harness through the "BARASTOC-MARBURG OAKS" for the fillies and the "BARASTOC-MARBURG DERBY" for the colts and geldings. Nearly all owners and trainers dream about owning and or training a Classic winner. Barastoc and the MPA intend to turn those dreams into reality for lucky participants on an annual basis. We could be creating a new "Redwood" here. The money, modest by major classic standards, the feed always so welcome,the trophies in the typical classic tradition--- the prestige---MASSIVE!!! Sunday, August 4th is the target date.

 Haigslea based reinsman, Adam Richardson, stole the limelight at Albion Park on Saturday night.
The 30-year-old equalled a personal milestone, when nailing three winners at the meeting. The previous day he also won twice at ‘The Creek’.
“It was a good night. I’ve driven three winners a couple of times before, but never four. I’ve been driving for 10 years now and still love it immensely. You can never get enough winners,” Richardson said.
Richardson’s hat trick came via the Cristina Monte trained Tulhurst Ace in race one; the Graham White trained Oyster Stride in the third event; and the Denis Smith trained Northern Muscle in race eight.
On Friday he won behind the Denis Smith trained Norahs Fling and the Bianca Hopper trained Wattlebank Flyer in races three and nine.
“I especially enjoyed the win behind the trotter (Northern Muscle). Denis had him spot on and he felt a treat. He was travelling really well throughout,” Richardson said of the 15-race winner.
But it was the impressive Monte trained Tulhurst Ace, that set the tone for the evening.
Starting from the widest second row draw, Tulhurst Ace, patiently sat back before Richardson made his move at the 600m.
“He kept on giving right to the line. The race played into our hands and the quick 28 first quarter set us up for the win. He was still going quite strongly right to the end.
“The horse has found his grade now and hopefully will keep improving as he goes through the classes. He’s a very nice horse, Richardson said.
Richardson, who is a Wagga Wagga native, works a team of four. When he left school he worked for the late Ken Jerrick in his hometown before setting out on a driving career in 2009.
"I used to work a bigger team, but cut back to concentrate on my freelance driving. Nights like Saturday make it worth while.
"You can't beat that winning feeling," he stressed.
 "Adam R" has turned the corner in the last 12 months, that line in the sand where a driver goes from chasing drives, to having a choice, as trainers are now chasing you. Happy Days!
 The recent track surface upgrade has now settled down, and has resulted in the track record now being to the credit of Alpha Styx. The super quick effort  was just the tonic mentor Mal Charlton needed a couple of months after undergoing surgery on his back.The 55-year-old Pimpama horseman trained Alpha Styx to a 1:57.9 mile rate victory at Marburg on Thursday May 23. It was 0.3 of a second quicker than Playnserious's previous 1850m mobile record, which that gelding set on November 12, 2017.

  The latest update in the on-going Ben Currie saga waspublished by QRIC this week." Toowoomba thoroughbred Trainer Ben Currie has been found guilty of five prohibited substance charges.The analyst’s findings were confirmed by Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) stewards yesterday at a Brisbane inquiry.Mr Currie as the trainer is guilty of bringing five thoroughbred horses to race with prohibited substances in their systems."

  Gender equity was the call on the sulky-sitting side of the leader board this week, with Narissa McMullen and Adam Richardson going hard to the line on six wins apiece. Darrell Graham was out on his own as leading trainer, the stable producing four winners.Most pleasing Cavalryman for Clint Petroff, Reece Maguire in the bike.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 31/05.. Norahs Fling (Adam Richardson for Denis Smith).. Star of Montana (Darrell Graham).. Lincolns Girl (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Tearaway Diamond (Narissa McMullen for Greg Elkins).. Wattlebank Flyer (Adam Richardson for Bianca Hooper).. Albion Park 01/06.. Tulhurst Ace (Adam Richardson for Chris Monte).. Oyster Stride (Adam Richardson for Graham White).. Feelinforamiracle (Kelli Dawson for Geoff Dawson).. Innocent Crocker (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Northern Muscle (Adam Richardson for Denis Smith)..Marburg 02/06.. Cobalt Blues (Darrell Graham).. Maywyn No Regrets (Kelli Dawson).. Call Me Yours (Justin Elkins for Tess Neaves).. Just Tommy (Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 04/06.. Northview Hustler (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Mummys Boy (Chris Geary for Jay Edmunds).. Garland Greene (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Havana Moon (Narissa McMullen for Richard Hutchinson)..Sweet As (Paul Diebert for Darrell Graham).. Tom Me Gun (Narissa McMullen)..  Redcliffe 05/06.. Coast Warning (Narissa McMullen for Simon Jay).. Feelinforarainbow (Adam Richardson for Dave Russell).. Albion Park.. 06/06.. Ares (Narissa McMullen for Mark Rees).. Cavalryman (Reece Maguire for Clint Petroff).. Taxi Meter (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith)..

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         "TROT TACTICS"  15/06/2019..

    Harness folk have long memories and there are plenty around today who would remember the closing years of the track at Ipswich showgrounds. They would also remember a trainer/driver who learnt his craft under the strict eye of the "Queen of Rocklea", Molly Bryant. There could be no better school, and our man  was seen to advantage with Chipani,  Kinta Lad and the well travelled and consistently successful Phosphor Bronze towards the end of his career. The family duly moved to a property at Amberley flat with a big barn which still stands some forty years on. From this barn came the breadwinner, Battle Brigade and his half brother First Storm, the sisters Southern Splash and Splash Again' and,arguably, one of the biggest horses ever to negotiate the tight Ipswich track, the 18 hand monster, Moobie Zae. In this era, when show racing was a very significant part of the Queensland scene,  our man teamed with the Nita Zahnow trained Hammersley to take the "Top horse and Driver" at the EKKA. His career tapered down after a bad fall at Ipswich resulted in severe facial injuries, as our man put family first. His colours were purple with gold Maltese cross and gold striped sleeves, and his name was Lionel Atkinson. Lionel would have been 77 years of age next month, but, sadly, he passed recently after a short battle with lung cancer. A lot of us who saw Lionel in action in the sulky remember him as a decent bloke, one of those who held up the base of the pyramid in those times. .He raced for the love of the sport, pure and simple. He was one of an army, which is now only a platoon. Sorely missed.

  Who said there was nothing new under the sun.  History was made in our local world of harness when Minden based trainer/driver, Tim Gillespie, and his Q bred filly,"SHEGOTSASS" took out the first 2yo trotters handicap ever run in Queensland. While there have been a number of traditional trotters which raced against pacers in the Sunshine State since day dot, including the thirty year hiatus of the 1930's and 40's when "Show" racing was the only form of light harness contest available north of the NSW border, recognition of the diagonal gait as a distinct form of harness racing, occurred only as recently as 1998. A number of representations to previous RQ harness control bodies, to run low prize money non-betting races for 2yos at TAB meetings were rejected out of hand. There obviously has been a dramatic change in mind set at RQ, and the square trotting folk will no doubt be delighted. The current program, which culminates in a two heat, $30,000 Final series, is just the plan of attack,likely to trigger an influx of Victorian juveniles ,which, although trotting soundly, just lack that smidgin of extra speed to be consistent earners at home. If this writer is any judge this first 2yo series will ensure that we are programming 3yo races in their own right in the 2019/20 season to come.

  For the breeding buffs, or someone looking at a dabble in that direction, SHEGOTSASS  is by the Vicbred Downunder Muscles from a daughter of Majestic Son, and can be said to have "IT" on both sides of her pedigree. As a spectacle ,the three horse race did our image no harm. apart from a short gallop on the part of third place getter, First Offence, the runners trotted well, and will just go ahead on the back of this experience.

  The following is an excerpt from last Monday's Courier Mail. It is taken from a piece by top sports Journo, Peter Gleeson, and possibly mirrors  the prevailing mind set of many current and recently  departed participants. It is not what the administration is telling us, as we are continually told that turnover is way up and that good times are just around the corner, when the expected punting bonanza resulting from the switch to a "ratings" programming system, modeled on the gallops, kicks in. What is fact, is that harness is trying to peddle a product which has little or no appeal to the recreational punter. Get over that hurdle and we might make it to the next one!!

"The code that is wallowing in mediocrity is harness racing and it’s no coincidence that its poor performance came off the back of the closure of Parklands in 2013 to make way for the Commonwealth Games. Since the closure of Parklands, there has been a vacuum in harness racing leadership in the Sunshine State. This lack of vision has manifested itself into a tired, cumbersome industry that has consistently had to fight off integrity and welfare scrutiny. Too many rorts, as an industry insider says. The lack of foresight and planning has resulted in harness turnover plummeting, prizemoney declining and a breeding industry in free fall. The closure of Parklands is a scandal. Parklands was the brainchild of former Bjelke-Petersen Racing Minister Russ Hinze, a dual harness and greyhound facility that was regarded as the best of its type."

  As we batten down to face the Winter Carnival assault, it's well tried faces on the leader board this week. Top driver, Pete McMullen, with a solid six wins, and wife Chantal Turpin heading up the trainers, producing four of the best. Most pleasing, Mitchell Dawson and Banny Gatt- Bouquet combining to land Unassuming Champ on two occasions in the seven day period.. Ipswich factor 24/46.

  Resultsville  Redcliffe 07/06.. Unassuming Champ (Danny Gatt-Bouquet for Mitchell Dawson).. Escalera (Darrell Graham).. Albion Park 08/06.. Clarry (Danielle McMullen for Steve Cini).. Getoutnwalk (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Tom Me Gun (Narissa McMullen).. Karinya Mully (Narissa McMullen for Mark Rees).. Maybe To The Max (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Slippery Jade (Pete McMullen for Bill Crosby).. Albion Park 11/06.. Shegotsass (Tim Gillespie).. Northern Muscle (Adam Richardson for Denis Smith).. Greg The Great (Pete McMullen for Graham Dwyer).. Devouged (Nathan Dawson for Doug Lee).. Ima Birubi Boy (Adam Richardson for Chris Monte).. Cardles From Heaven).. Recliffe 12/06. Unassuming Champ (Danny Gatt-Bouquet for Mitchell Dawson).. My Secret Torque (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Signor Jujon (Adam Sanderson for Grant Dixon).. Mach Torque (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Just joshin (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith).. Trojan banner (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Redcliffe 13/06.. Impetuoso (Nathan Dawson for Ken Belford).. Torque With Esteem (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Heavens Hurricane (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Invite Only (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham)..

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"TROT TACTICS"  22/06/2019..

  "Invasion " is a common enough word in our language and appears in our history , regularly through the ages.  It is certainly common and regular in Queensland Harness, occurring as it does, at the same time each year.  I refer to the massive influx of interstate and New Zealand participants who descend like the Mongol Horde on Brisbane for the Winter Carnival, intent, not only on pillaging the rich purses which are on offer at the carnival, but every other stray bit of prize money that they can vacuum up on the way. For only a very few locals is there any hope of a place at the banquet table,or any chance of the major dollars being spent in the Sunshine State. For the rest it is a 'black hole" of some eight weeks duration, and may result in further erosion of our owner and trainer base. It defies all economic sense. In a fragile market place, begging for "protection", we are practising "free trade"!! The theories of Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations 1700 ), may have been suitable 300 years ago --- not now.

            Hark back to last weeks spot on comments  by Peter Gleeson, on the actual health of harness racing in Queensland. In tandem with PG's less than encouraging summary,it was mentioned that a new handicapping system, based on the thoroughbred model and guaranteed to shower the sport with a bonanza in turnover was about to be adopted. Participants in Qld  were aware that this was the case but had adopted a "wait and see" policy at the the travelling roadshow presentation by Harness Racing Australia. Some 60 participants present at the meeting ,sent HRA delegates, and our own administrators, away with clear instruction that we would adopt a hybrid system, until such time as the promised "city of pure gold", could be clearly identified. Apparently the carrier pigeons got lost and the monster is at our gates!!

   For the protection of the punters whose investments are the true providers of any cash which might under pin the sport, the following should be read closely, then followed by an in depth visit to the Australian Harness Racing  website to peruse the "industry news" segment.

      (italics) "From July 1 the Ratings Based Handicapping commences nationwide at which point each state begin programming races in accordance with the Ratings template and all references to the former class based Handicapping system will be removed!!! Each horses Rating will fluctuate based on horse performance and the value of the race it contests."

    The general rules of the Ratings Based Handicapping a • No points are allocated to a horse that fails to finish, declared a non-runner or is disqualified from a race after the all clear is signaled. • Minimum rating is 30 points • Maximum rating is 120 points • A 2YO commences racing with a Rating of 40 • A 2YO with a Rating under 50 upon turning 3 will reset to 50 for the start of the 3YO season. • A 2YO with a Rating over 50 upon turning 3 shall have half the number of points that its Rating exceeds 50 with half points rounded up to a whole number. Example horse with 2YO Rating of 59 would commence racing as a 3YO with a Rating of 55. 
• A 3YO or older commences racing with a rating of 50.  • A trotter entered for a pacing race receives a 20 point rating concession. (in QLD only) • Concessions : o Mares Concession (5 Ratings points) o Driver Concessions: ▪ 5 Rating Points (0-100 career wins) ▪ 3 Rating Points (101-250 career wins) ▪ Claim single Band class in selected races (QLD only) o Terms of Drivers Concession from July 1 include: ▪ All wins count as a win regardless of whether a concession was claimed ▪ Concession outdriven after 250 lifetime wins ▪ Concession terms – 6 years from date of attaining B-Grade Drivers License (QLD only) ▪ Metropolitan claim outdriven after 50 wins at a Metropolitan meeting. ▪ No yearly concession limits.
We are currently developing programs with races based on Rating, some with conditions to support the Rating and other races that will be programmed with no reference to Rating that just have a condition.
We are committed to providing a similar pathway to work through the grades as the class system previously provided and ensure opportunities outside of the Ratings exist for horses that may need to find a race that they can be more competitive in. (close italics)..

  No actual change on the leader board this week with Pete McMullen on top again with six big ones but very nearly dive bombed by Adam Sanderson scoring on five occasions. Chantal Turpin still leads the trainers, bringing home three winners for the week. Darrell Graham and Ron Sallis on two.Most pleasing. Fui Fui at Redcliffe for Pete and Jodie Jones, Nathan Dawson in the bike. A long wait, but worth it! Shegotsass  (Tim Gillespie ) Franked last weeks effort and improved her mile rate by a staggering 10 seconds. Yahoo!.. Ipswich factor 23/52..

  Resultsville Albion Park 14/06.. Will The wizard (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Caesars Astrum (Adam Richardson for Richard Hutchinson).. Casino Tommy (Pete McMullen for Jack Butler).. Greg The Great (Pete McMullen for Graham Dwyer).. Flying Wingard (Matt Elkins for Narissa McMullen).. Albion Park 15/06..  Clarkey ( Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney ).. Riverleigh William (Hayden Barnes for Charlie Chiang)..My Ultimate Hell (Brendan Barnes for Wayne Davis).. Redcliffe 16/06.. Fui Fui (Nathan Dawson for Peter Jones)..  Albion Park 18/06.. Shegotsass (Tim Gillespie).. Northern Muscle (Adam Richardson for Denis Smith).. Torque One Two Three (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Thats How We Roll (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Redcliffe 19/06.. Springfield Spirit (Taleah McMullen for Ron Sallis).. Bill Haley (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Our Delight (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. My Precious Yankee (Pete McMullen for Lisa Bahr).. Cobalt Blues (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 20/06.. High On Montana (Ricky Gordon for Lacey Hinze).. Lovelaine (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Cobbler Lane (Adam Richardson for Warren Hinze).. Elms Creek (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis)..

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"TROT TACTICS" 29/06/2019..

  Much has been written of recent years about the  beneficial effects of an animal presence in a human healing process. Such benefit is to be seen at the present time at Marburg. One of our long term Canteen volunteers, dessert specialist Sharlene Russell, has been battling various illnesses for a number of years now, and,although   showing signs of a full recovery, the process has been a slow one.All of a sudden, the magic catalyst has appeared in the shape of a pacing gelding, Feelingforarainbow, a son of Mr Feelgood from the Fake Left mare, Timid Lady. Timid Lady was bred by Solid Earth, and was purchased by high profile. Rockhampton based owner, trainer, breeder, Tony Burgoyne, for whom she won 35 races and amassed $90,000. Burgoyne bred three foals from the mare, including From The North $25,731 and Final Champion $178,620 (raced by Ipswich "juvenile" specialist, Bill Crosby). Crosby also purchased Timid lady in the deal and bred Nothings Final,($59,647) Unassuming Champ ($36,674)and Feelingforarainbow, $13,345. Now owned by Sharlene herself, Timid Lady has produced Voodoo Fella, a winner of one race from his six starts to date. But, it is the "rainbow" that has turned the trick. With stats of 23 runs for 4 wins and 4 placings and his bank of $13,345, "rainbow" has put a big grin on Sharlene Russell's face and a spring back in her step. The old mare traces back to Verity, one of the foundation mares of successful Australian harness breeding. Should Sharlene manage to breed a filly from her, with ordinary luck she could start a strong pacing family of her own. Now that would be something!!

  The Marburg Pacing Association will hold an open meeting on this coming Monday night. It will be held in the Show Society dining hall and will commence at 7.00pm. The MPA wishes to hear from not only it's members, but from any interested people who would like to suggest ways and means, wherebye the Club might be better able to package its product for the potential and actual trot fans in the Great Southeast. President Scott Neaves, rightly believes that his Committee are not mind readers, and that we might benefit by asking our client base what it is that they would like to buy from us, rather than than trying to sell them something that they may not want. All are welcome. Our next race meeting is on Monday July 22nd  and is closely followed by a family race day on Sunday ,August 4th, when the MPA will venture for the first time into the world of "Country Classic" races. We need your input!!

  The ongoing saga of embattled gallops trainer, Ben Currie, appears to be coming to a close. Currently disqualified from training for 7.5 years, Currie  has been found guilty of using electrical devices, treating runners on race day, using unregistered medications, and possessing unregistered products plus two runners testing positive to cocaine.

  Low figures both sides of the leader board this week. Danielle Mcmullen lead the drivers home on three wins, and Darrell Graham and Ron Sallis managed a pair each in the training department. Most pleasing Jacob Wallace with Royal Lincoln. Ipswich Factor 21/49..

  Resultsville.. Albion Park 21/06.. Chantrey (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Star Of Montana ( Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Royal Lincoln (Jacob Wallace).. Clarry (Danielle McMullen for Steve Cini).. Redcliffe 22/06.. Ima Top Tycoon (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Empire Boy (Pete McMullen for Wayne Graham).. Clarkey (Adam Sanderson for Ian Gurney).. Albion Park 25/06.. Shegotsass (Tim Gillespie).. Remember Me Now (Hayden Barnes for Wayne graham).. Recipe For Dreaming (Pete McMullen for Richard Hutchinson).. Major Currency (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis).. redcliffe 26/06.. No Confession (Reece Maguire for Tayla Gillespie).. Montana Chief (Darrell Graham).. Feelingforarainbow (Adam Richardson for Dave Russell).. Jiggle And Jive (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith).. Princess Katerina (Kay Crone).. Redcliffe 27/06.. Ranfurly Rulz (Matt Elkins for Ron Sallis).. Rancho Man (taleah McMullen for john McMullen).. Im toot (Nathan Dawson for Dale Belford).. Our Bondi Beach ( Justin Elkins for Greg Franklin).. Shadow Hunter ( Adam Richardson for Steve Coombs)..

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  "TROT TACTICS"  06/07/2019..

  In our harness racing game, the emphasis is focused on drivers, often to the detriment of the true hero, the horse, and generally little or no credit is afforded to the trainer and other folk who might appear in the four-legged star's resume throughout his or her career. Occasionally the mould is broken, as happened last Sunday when the gelding, Life's Black, owned by P Galvin and S Mauger, trained by Mark McNee, and driven by Hayden Barnes, stopped the clock at a blistering 1-55.9, to become the outright track record holder at Redcliffe. So much for the superficial factors involved and publicised. Mark McNee felt that more was needed to be said about the journey from paddock to training barn in this case. Immediately, a name appeared, one so familiar among the older demographic of  trainers in the south East, that it is difficult to imagine how the man has manged to maintain such a low profile. It is, of course, Doug Massam, acknowledged expert in the art of educating the young trotting horse.

  DM and wife Beverly, first encountered the pacers "hands on" at Cropper Creek norther NSW where Doug had gone to drive grain trucks for a living. Their first winner was a horse called Coffee Boy which won at Inverell at its second or third start, beating the Paul Matis trained and driven Future Design. The Massams were at Armidale for the opening of the track there and Doug was saddened to see his idol, Paleface Adios beaten in a match race by Roma Hanover, a mare that later  broke the Australian mile record at Redcliffe.(1-57.4). DM proved to be no slouch in the sulky himself, winning heat and final of the first Premier's Cup with Flintlock,  which, at that time was run on the old Stephens Trotway at Southport, having won the 4yo championship with the same horse at the same track several weeks prior. His best horse from the racing side was twenty five times winner Running Frost which won on both the right hand 800 metre  and the left hand 1.0000 metre (current) versions of Albion Park. Some 38 years ago, "team Massam" purchased a 200acre ex-dairy farm at Forest Hill near Gatton . New owners came from the local farming community, and, in due course, there was modest call for breaking and educating,which steadily became the mainstay of the business. At the peak the usual throughput of fully educated youngsters ran in excess of 50 a year. Clients included Kevin Thomas, Stan Fife, Bobby Gills,Darrell Graham, and the Graeme Bowyer side of the Kevin Seymour "juvenile" machine, which included Joy To Behold, Pleasing Package and Catwalk Beauty etc.

  Team Massam does not process 50 yearlings a year now, perhaps half that. On the principle that people should be gainfully employed, wearing out rather than rusting away, there is a massive steel fencing project in progress on the farm. More spelling paddocks and yards in a material that lasts, The young horses will come and go, and the Massams will see that they leave with a lot more knowledge and respect than when they came. Doug and Bev, are unsung heroes of harness, doing their bit so that the more marketable commodities can do theirs.

  In the world of the harness hobbyist,the lows usually exceed the highs,which may be the prime cause of shrinkage in this endangered species. When the scales tip the other way, there is cause for much rejoicing, not only by the recipients of the good fortune, but those around them, who think it might be their turn next. It seems that the end of the rainbow has parked at the stable of Warren Hinze. Warren, and his co-owner, Barry Whitaker, have purchased a lightly raced 4yo from Bathurst NSW based Bernie Hewitt. Cobbler Lane, which boasts stats of 20 starts for three wins, one second and three thirds, is by Lincoln Royal from Shoe Lane, a daughter of Armbro Operative. His four outings here have produced two wins, a second and  third. The outlook must be positive, young, fit, and obviously in an environment which suits the horse down to the ground. This could be gold plated!!

  Keep focused on the Barastoc Country Derby and Oaks meeting, set down for Sunday August the 4th. With a heavy focus on the kids, the MPA wants to provide a budget alternative to the EKKA in the "animal experience" for families. Petting Zoo/Animal Farm, Obstacle Course, Pat A Pony and Face Painting ,all free.Come along. You can afford this one.

  As the black hole of visiting money pluckers widens and deepens, the figures evaporate from the leader board. Matt Elkins out on his own as a driver with five wins, and Darrell Graham slogging away to score on three occasions. Most pleasing, Clint Sneddon driving Bourbon On The Rocks for Karen Bennett.

  Resultsville  Albion Park  28/06.. Another Statement. (Adam Sanderson for Grant Dixon).. Run Boy Run (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Albion Park 29/06.. Unassuming Champ (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson)..  Ketut (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Star Of Montana (Darrell Graham).. Redcliffe 30/06.. Lifes Black (Hayden Barnes for Mark McNee).. Kiss Cam (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Cobbler Lane (Adam Richardson for Warren Hinze).. Bill Haley (Darrell Graham).. Dont Call Me (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Nevasano (Narissa McMullen for Julie Mason)  .. Redcliffe 02/07.. Burning Ambition (Matt Elkins for Mitchell Dawson).. Vanto Hanover (Nathan Dawson for Aileen Smith)... Lets Dig It (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Oscars Glory (Pete McMullen for john McMullen).. The Casual Goose (ayden Barnes for Michael Nutley).. Bourbon On The Rocks (Clint Sneddon for Karen Bennet).. Redcliffe 04/07.. Nikalong Henry (Nathan Dawson for Doug Lee).. Taxi Meter (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Wee Jimmy (Narissa McMullen for Mark Rees)..

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   "TROT TACTICS"  13/07/2019..

  There is an air of optimism on the Queensland harness horizon if Racing Queensland CEO, Brendan Parnell is on the money with his editorial piece in the July issue of pace Magazine. Headed "Raft of initiatives to benefit harness racing" the article goes on to list a number of cash injections, totalling $1million directly as prize money and  incremental increases in drivers fees, rising in small steps ,and reaching $62 per drive in 2021. As the average age of our top ten drivers is 29 years, this is said to demonstrate the depth of opportunities within the code. The mission statement issued is as follows. "We want to ensure that these drivers (the top ten, we assume), and those that follow them, including the mini-trotting participants, can continue to forge a career in harness racing".

  If you wanted to know where the $1 million for the extra prize money came from,in 2018, the Government weighed in with at least half of a $2 million increase in funding for the code with RQ as its partner. We are told on a daily basis of the huge increases in harness turnover, and the greater goldmine said to exist in the new "panacea for all ills", the National Ratings System of handicapping and programming. Strange that the exta cash should have been required when the picture is so rosy. Mind you, even though the term "grass roots" got yet another run, there was not one dollar for a budget exercise to re-ignite the sport at Townsville, a venue which had a TAB meeting every Saturday night, when this writer shifted to Queensland 40 years ago. The world of harness is a funny place. 40 years ago the Sunshine State was hobbyist trainers paradise, where nearly every horse could be placed in a race with a realistic chance of defraying costs. We have progressed to the stage now of a shrunken horse pool liberally salted with old, but still quite able horses, which are racing many grades below their real ability, on the misguided premise that somehow they are entitled to pension benefits.

  There is one positive however, the Springboard Series for 2yo Trotters. It has not attracted a flood of moderate juveniles from Victoria as might have been expected, but with 12 months to digest the results of this first "toe in the water" exercise, the four which are dividing the spoils at the moment, will likely be 24 this time next year. But, already one dampener has reared its head. A new definition of a QBred trotting stallion includes "a horse registered in QLD to supply frozen semen in Australia". Those horses should figure prominently in the budgets of "grass roots" breeders.

  A  comment from a "grass roots" breeder /particpant. I can only support his comments totally... "Whoever invented this system has never raced a horse.  Our maiden now has to race winners of 16 races.  We have gone from our RO class to at least the equivalent of an R2-R3 without having run a place. On the Qld racing published list of ratings we are rated above a horse that has earned $75,000. Firstly they destroyed all incentive to breeding (having gone from 8 foals per season to nil for the past 5 years) they are now destroying any thoughts of racing.After a life time of interest in harness racing I am now very disillusioned.Can you see any positives in a system that discourages horses from commencing their racing life.  Any thoughts to help rekindle my interest." 
Regards, Greg.

    Another positive. Any chance to work with the SAQ re-homing group should be grabbed ,and held very tight... "Dear Ms Kunde, Thank you for allowing us to view Marburg showgrounds recently. After looking at the area available and after discussion with our management committee and members, we would like to propose the establishment of SAQ home grounds at Marburg Showgrounds. As SAQ Inc has not had home grounds since its formation in 1998 and have relied on the availability of established grounds in a number of different locations, we are excited at the prospect of finally having grounds we can use on a regular basis for our musters, clinics and other events. We understand other groups, including Marburg Pacing Association, utilise the showgrounds and will ensure our activities do not cause any discord with other organisations and we hope to work amicably with Marburg Show Society and Marburg Pacing Association in promoting the grounds".

  The black hole effect has taken its grip with a low Ipswich Factor of 18/48. Adam Richardson top driver with four wins, and ever there, Darrell Graham, leading in three of the best to be top trainer. Most pleasing were Cobbler Lane,  franking his form for Warren Hinze and Adam Richardson, and Malibu Dreams,at Redcliffe for Peter Donohoe and Darrell Graham combining.

  Resultsville.. Albion Park. 05/07,, Cobbler Lane (Adam Richardson for Warren Hinze).. Recipe For Dreaming (Pete McMullen for Richard Hutchinson).. Rory Mach (Adam Sanderson for Darrell Graham).. Proficient (Matt Elkins for Trevor Lambourn).. Albion Park 06/07.. Chantrey (Taleah McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Beaver (Trent Dawson for Melissa Gillies).. Trojan Banner (Hayden Barnes for Alistair Barnes).. Albion Park 09/07.. Shegotsass (Tim Gillespie).. Daveys Gift (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Redcliffe 10/07.. Living Grand (Hayden Barnes for Steve Furey).. Perfect Jesse (Narissa McMullen for Mark Rees).. Rory Mach (Brittany Graham for Darrell Graham).. Moonlight Jack (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Bundjalong Beauty (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone).. Redcliffe 11/07.. Malibu Dreams (Darrell Graham for Peter Donohoe).. Studleigh Stride (Taleah McMullen for John McMullen).. Sweet As (Paul Diebert for Darrell Graham).. Burning Ambition ( Adam Richardson for Mitchell Dawson)..

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"TROT TACTICS" 20/07/2019..

    The Barastoc-- Marburg 3year old country classic day is beginning to take shape. Feed giant "Barastoc", through its Queensland Rep, John Daley has decided to put some "classic" action into the Marburg program for Sunday August 4th by putting on a Derby for the colts and geldings and an Oaks for the fillies. These and other age related events, are steeped in horse racing tradition. Originating in the English thoroughbred scene in the late 1700s and named after Lord Derby who introduced the concept, the "Derby" was used as a yardstick of racing excellence, and to identify first class breeding stock for the next generation of race track stars. The test was a hard one,with the colts required to gallop a mile and a half (2413 metres)  under a weight of 9 stone (57.2 kg). The English course is Epsom and the track itself includes left and right handed running, a downhill section into the home straight, which is then uphill all the way to the post.  The theory  of breed improvement appears to be well based, with many English Derby winners retiring almost immediately, and going on to be leading sires. The fillies get only one concession, a weight reduction of 3.2kg.

  In this day and age, in harness there is a shift in importance to racing excellence and money, hence the regular inclusion of geldings in the classic fields..It is noticeable, however, that in the US of A, from where we import the bulk of our stallion stock, winners of 3yo features such as the"Little Brown Jug" are sent smartly to the breeding barn and the rule of "putting the best to the best and hoping for the best" appears to mirror the English experience. The "country classics" planned by Barastoc and Marburg are focussed on the aspect of prestige. They will carry no fortune, a healthy $7,500 per race is the budget, but, in all other aspects the two events are Derby and Oaks with appropriate trophies and a massive injection of Barastoc product on the day. Hopefully they will become an annual event, and, like their namesakes, become with the passage of time!!

  As to the day itself, it is aimed at the family. With the EKKA just days away, and young families struggling with the mortgage and whatever, Marburg stands out as a low cost alternative. For the kids we have the animal farm/petting zoo, and the 23 metre long Nuclear Obstacle Course, which is supervised from 11.00am to 5.00pm add a face painter, mini-trotter races and "pat a pony" and the parents have some breathing space. Six divisions of Fashions On The Field, Ladies and Gents, Colts and Fillies, and of course the very young group. Local fashion houses and hair salons provide the judges. More next week on this, as we run up to the big day.

  More shifting on the leader board this week with Hayden Barnes and Adam Richardson bobbing to the surface on four wins apiece while Mitchell Dawson posted a PB as top trainer, the only Ipswich multiple training result in a very skinny week. Most pleasing, The Last Dragon for Greg and Janet Cumberland. Mitchell Dawson trained, Adam Richardson drove. Ipswich factor 23/53..


  Resultsville..Albion Park 12/07.. Just Seduce Me (Narissa McMullen).. Slippery Jade (Pete McMullen for Bill Crosby).. Albion Park 13/07.. Annika Magic (Taleah McMullen for Kerry Smith).. Saloon Passage (Adam Richardson for Chris Monte).. Redcliffe 14/07.. Coast Warning (Hayden Barnes for Simon Jay).. Indys Approval (Matt Elkins for Donny Smith).. Give Me Fifty (Adam Richardson for Dave Russell).. Malibu Dream (Darrell Graham for Peter Donohoe).. Call Me Trish (Hayden Barnes for Michael Nutley).. Lifes Black (Hayden Barnes for Mark McNee).. Albion Park  17/07.. Brighton Prince (Adam Sanderson for Grant Dixon).. Mafuta Vautin (Darrell Graham).. Secret Agent Tycoon (Danielle McMullen for Ryan Veivers).. Withalotofluck (Narissa McMullen for Steve Cini).. Redcliffe 18/07.. Lets Dig It (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).. Moonlight Jack (Nathan Dawson for Mitchell Dawson).. Sheesfeelinprecious (Grant Dixon for Jason Carkeet).. The Last Dragon (Adam Richardson for Mitchell Dawson).. Specialandiknowit (Adam Sanderson for Grant Dixon).. Redcliffe 19/07.. Montana Express (hayden Barnes for Brett Cargill).. Famous Shoes (Taleah McMullen for Dale Belford).. Zac Mac (Adam Richardson for Kay Crone)..