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O.P. « 2018-May-28, 06:08 PM »
Not all harness racing participants are aware that the racing format used in the vast majority of Australian harness events, can be defined as "MOBILE--CONDITIONED RACING".. To a degree, this definition is self explanatory, in that the starting method is the mobile barrier, and, while the race may for example, be for pacers assessed at C2 to C3, other CONDITIONS are written, which, in fact, truly define the ability of the nominees.

This system was introduced in the USA in the mid 1960s and its operation is based on the premise that LARGER stables can PLACE horses on a seven to ten day period between runs  under conditions which maximise their earning potential. (THE YEAR ROUND STABLE by Robert G Farrington, a chapter in THE CARE AND TRAINING OF THE PACER AND TROTTER USA..1967).
  Since the adoption of that format in Australia and the almost universal use of the mobile barrier as a starting method, harness has been in a steady decline, with a continual erosion of hobbyist participants, who once formed the base of a very robust pyramid. We now have the situation where trainers of the moderate horse can not get continual racing for their horse in the same class from week to week. THIS LACK OF REALISTIC RACING OPPORTUNITY FOR THE HOBBYIST HAS GOT TO THE CRITICAL POINT IN QUEENSLAND.
The above is only one segment of the total problem, which is the sum of a number of inter-related factors, and is posted in the hope of attracting constructive comment. Should this attract an interested response, I would venture to outline several other key factors which militate against the forward progress and rebuilding of harness racing.

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« 2018-May-30, 06:25 PM Reply #1 »
I agree with you 100% but we cant just load programs up with standing start races again as most horses haven't seen one and have never been trained for them. Most are trained to run now and the American breeding has them all hyped up and wouldnt handle stands.

That said i believe we can re introduce some to every race meeting selectively and get them going again, i also believe these races are very good betting races, we have been trying for some time to get the graduation and claimer stands going on saturday night, when these races used to be run they were great for betting and participants.

But the biggest problem in Queensland is there is only 1 voice here, that of a powerful owner and nobody else matters.

NSW has now adopted the American condition racing system on prize money won last 5 starts, which has boosted betting, HRA is looking into changing the handicapping system but are looking at a rating system like throughbreds which i believe will be another msaaive HRA failure.


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« 2018-May-30, 09:03 PM Reply #2 »
The reason is simple.. punters have voted with there wallets.

I canít remember the exact number but I have seen data that shows turnover is substantially higher in mobile than stand start races.