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Author Topic: Bad news for anyone who follows international racing  (Read 1009 times)

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O.P. « 2016-Jul-26, 02:02 PM »
Or at least UK, Irish and French racing.

Sky has until recently had the always excellent and very knowledgeable Andrew Le Jeune in the studio hosting stand alone feature meetings in the UK, Ireland and France on channel 528. There was invariably plenty of social media interaction with viewers, and all in all, it made for a most enjoyable evening/early morning's viewing.

That's all come to an end apparently, with top races and festivals now to be mixed in with all sorts of other dross on 526, maybe with ALJ hosting, maybe not.

Last Saturday's King George, oft referred to as the mid Summer Arc, was sandwiched onto Sky 1. The same fate has befallen Glorious Goodwood, which kicks off tonight.

528 was originally called Sky Racing International. It started off a few years ago, with great fanfare, as counterpoint to the quality racing put on by TVN, after Sky was left only with Brisbane and other bits and pieces.

Reasonably recently Sky Racing International was re-badged Sky Racing Central.  I guess that should have been the harbinger that it would shortly be Sky business as usual i.e. forget quality and f*ck the viewers/fans - just gear everything to the lowest common denominator.

At night, when they don't have low grade, one dimensional racing from Singapore on a Friday night, all Central now shows are replays from here, there and everywhere on an endless loop. I assume this about as cheap as it gets, without actually closing down the channel for the evening.

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« 2016-Jul-26, 02:41 PM Reply #1 »
I do have away around it if your interested to watch UK racing on the net, not on TV. One of those navigate thru sites that is free. PM if interested.

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« 2016-Jul-26, 02:54 PM Reply #2 »
Those pesky varmints at Citi give you home broadcaster coverage of every country/code they offer: Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, USA, Zimbabwe...