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O.P. « 2020-Mar-18, 09:51 PM »

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« 2020-Mar-21, 06:58 PM Reply #1 »
I reckon it is only a matter of time.

There are a bunch of public servants advising the government who have been empowered by the COVID virus and love exercising that power.

Racing, football, pubs, clubs...they'll shut down everything.

The debate over whether COVID is any more serious than recent pandemics in our history has been censored i.e. you become a "denier" if you want to argue that (say) the 1968 Hong Kong flu was as bad or that the closely related SARs virus had a mortality rate of over 9%.

Look at Boris Johnstone when he dared suggest that the herd be allowed to catch the disease.

They have set a precedent now.

Every time there is a new strain of flu, the media will sensationalize it, and the empowered ones will exercise their power.

Get used to this being a regular occurrence every 7 years or so.