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O.P. « 2019-Apr-17, 08:48 PM »
New Zealand Racing Des k@nzracingnews

Racing Minister Winston Peters says the New Zealand Government will introduce two new pieces of legislation this year to revitalise the domestic racing industry.

Cabinet this week considered its response to the 'Messara Review of the Racing Industry', as well as advice from the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Racing.

"The New Zealand racing industry is in a state of serious decline," Peters said.

"The Coalition Government supports the overall intent of the Messara Report and is committed to reforms. We know we have the grass, the race animals and the people to help the industry achieve its potential.

"As a result, Cabinet has agreed to a stepped approach with the introduction of two Bills to amend the Racing Act 2003."

The first Bill, due to be enacted by July 1, will put into immediate effect a transitional governance arrangement. This Bill proposes the New Zealand Racing Board be reconstituted as the Racing Industry Transitional Authority to drive the transition of the industry.

This Bill will also bring some financial relief for the industry, which contributes $1.6 billion to the New Zealand economy, by making offshore betting operators contribute to domestic racing and sports codes from the bets they take from New Zealanders.

"It is essential to have this transitional governance in place. RITA will have a legislative mandate that encompasses change management as well as the current business-as-usual functions and powers of the NZRB," Peters added.

"As a result of RITA's work the Government anticipates a second racing amendment Bill to proceed later in 2019. It will implement the remaining reforms, including post-transition governance."

The Cabinet papers are being proactively released as well as the MAC interim report. They can be found here.


I think there is an earlier thread on the Messara report but despite a diligent search I have been unable to find it.

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---- the racing industry in NZ does not understand it is a waste of space relief for the industry, which contributes $1.6 billion to the New Zealand economy............

These useless 'contribution' assessments have no regard for the alternative contribution those employed in the racing industry could make actually doing something 'useful'.

Racing in NZ is on a par with the struggling states in Australia.

Only RNSW remains really relevant in Australia -- and it wastes punters taxes with gay abandon to prop up rural racing rorts.

Even RVL is, somehow, locked into a death wish -- it temporary saviour being the inability of Melbourne punters to realize when they are being take for a ride (as absolute mugs). They will wake up and they will be unforgiving!

The relevant role of NZ racing is to provide agistment facilities for breeding stock and slow-maturing racehorses.