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« 2009-May-11, 02:23 PM Reply #25 »
he didn't look right to me behind the gates magic,did you notice him there,and if so what did you think?

It's quite suprising Bundy didn't post on here that Swiss Ace looked terrific behind the gate before backing Duporth   :lol:   :lol:   :lol:

Offline Da Judge

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« 2009-May-11, 02:27 PM Reply #26 »
Maybe they need the Vet's Cert to prove he's been gelded since Saturday    :lol:     :lol:  

he raced like he carried 2 stones more,not less   :lol:

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« 2009-May-11, 02:32 PM Reply #27 »

he raced like he carried 2 stones more,not less   :lol:

Obviously hadn't had an empty for a while, he didn't look too happy in the 'mounting yard' with a lack of chicks in the field either.   :lol:   :lol:   :lol:

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« 2009-Jun-01, 02:19 PM Reply #28 »
Shinn links with Bart's Stradbroke roughie
Brad Waters
Monday, 1 June 2009

Last year’s Melbourne Cup-winning combination of Blake Shinn and Bart Cummings will reunite with Empires Choice in Saturday’s Group I Stradbroke Handicap.

Shinn was originally booked to ride Belong To Many in the $1 million feature but after the mare’s disappointing effort in the BTC Cup, trainer Gai Waterhouse elected to send her to the spelling paddock.

The 2008 Queensland Derby winner will go into the Stradbroke Handicap with just one run under his belt when 14th in the Doomben Dash on May 9.

As of Monday morning, Shinn’s only other confirmed ride at the big Eagle Farm meeting will be Marveen in the Queensland Guineas for Caulfield trainer Robert Smerdon.

Punters can back Empires Choice at $81 with Luxbet.

Steve M

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« 2010-Mar-09, 10:14 PM Reply #29 »
Going freelance. Will still ride for Waterhouse stable but not exclusively.

Hard to believe he's still only 22. Seems like he's been riding successfully for years. Sort of has I guess !

Offline InTheKnow

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« 2010-Apr-29, 11:08 AM Reply #30 »
Jockey BLAKE SHINN – Appeal against a four meeting suspension under AR137(a) after his ride on Mossamine at Canterbury on 14th April 2010 will now  be heard at 9:30am on Tuesday, 11th May 2010 at Racing NSW, Sydney, following his request for an adjournment.

Online JWesleyHarding

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« 2012-Jan-29, 11:20 AM Reply #31 »
That kid in Queensland copped a month for weighing in light.

Shinn's gunna cop three that interference to Bielski and Mangaroa Flyer.

That's what I thought during the race.

How wrong I was.

Offline Lert

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« 2012-Jan-31, 10:26 AM Reply #32 »
Yes, when you look at the Railway Stakes and the Magic Millions on the one hand and the diabolical and obvious interference by Blake on Saturday you have to wonder. How can he not have been disqualified for foul riding?

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« 2012-Jan-31, 11:09 AM Reply #33 »
How about watching the replay properly.

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« 2012-Jan-31, 11:59 AM Reply #34 »
Is Shinn the biggest/smallest grub in racing in Australia??

I would say YES!!!

Waterhouse sacked him for a reason!
Eventually he was caught betting against his own rides.

He wants to run his own race, well run it in your own home you little grub

Should be gone forever!!!!

Will only be a matter of time, though

Online JWesleyHarding

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« 2012-Jan-31, 12:01 PM Reply #35 »
I should explain myself better. :embarrassed:

I was wrong with my first impressions of the interference.

Offline D-G

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« 2012-Jan-31, 12:05 PM Reply #36 »
Shinn was not to blame for the interference you refer to, JWH.

He is still a grub though  :yes:

Offline whispering

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« 2012-Jan-31, 03:09 PM Reply #37 »
He was found to have only bet against his ride in one race, and it didnt win.

Can the trots drivers bet?

Online sobig

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« 2012-May-16, 06:13 PM Reply #38 »
Suspended today for improper riding.

Out for 6 weeks.

Offline Antitab#

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« 2012-May-16, 07:26 PM Reply #39 »
Its an interesting one, my initial thought was that Avdulla might have been in the wrong and Shinn was just holding his ground.


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« 2012-May-16, 08:42 PM Reply #40 »
Pretty graphic head on vision on the Racing Network replay.

Offline Mullerbeck

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« 2012-May-17, 10:49 AM Reply #41 »
Sounds everything got pretty heated. This from SMH

Shinn cops ban after dangerous race ride
Craig Young
May 17, 2012

TROUBLED jockey Blake Shinn was deemed by Racing NSW stewards to have placed rival Brenton Avdulla ''in severe danger on two occasions'' in a rough-house race at Canterbury yesterday.

''I thought it was absolutely disgusting,'' Avdulla told Racing NSW stewards during a lengthy inquiry, which resulted in Shinn being banned for six weeks on the rare ''improper riding'' charge.

An irate Avdulla had to be dragged away from Shinn on returning to the jockeys' room and the pair exchanged heated words on the way out for the final event.

Acting chief steward Marc Van Gestel said ''at the end of the day we encourage competitive riding'' but Shinn's navigation just about ''tipped over the line''.

''I'd say it is an act of God he [Avdulla's mount Glenstal Abbey] doesn't clip heels,'' Van Gestel said.

A Melbourne Cup and Sydney premiership winner, Shinn returned late last year after being outed for 13 months when stewards found he had placed more than $500,000 in wagers.

Shinn also missed the winning ride on Sebring in the 2008 Golden Slipper because of a careless-riding ban. A month later, he was suspended after testing positive to banned stimulant ephedrine.

Yesterday's inquiry arose after the Thai Chay Handicap in which Shinn rode Halfwaytolondon into sixth, while Avdulla was on runner-up Glenstal Abbey. Stewards grilled Shinn about his riding from the turn into the back straight where he positioned his mount outside of Glenstal Abbey, which was outside of the leader Signoret. Video footage over about 700 metres showed Halfwaytolondon and Glenstal Abbey rebounding off each other on eight occasions.

Tom Berry and apprentice Josh Adams, who rode in the race, were interviewed about shifting off the track at about the 600m. ''I think Josh had the same idea as me, he didn't want to be behind those two up front,'' Berry said.

Other riders were left fuming knowing Glenstal Abbey was lucky to stay on his feet but Shinn vigorously defended his riding style. ''I elected to slide up outside the leader,'' Shinn said.

''In doing so the horse Brenton Avdulla was on came out and made contact with my mount. He buffeted my horse a couple of times, I just tried to hold my line.''

''Did you turn your horse's head in?'' Van Gestel asked.

''I was riding competitively to hold my line,'' Shinn replied.

Avdulla said the video ''is pretty self explanatory'' and added he ''rolled off'' the fence to position his mount to the outside of the leader. ''Blake made first contact,'' Avdulla said. ''He tried to angle me in. He persisted in trying to push me back across [Signoret's] heels. I don't know what you call it, bumping.''

''It is fair to say heavy contact,'' Van Gestel said.

In regard to Avdulla moving outside the leader, Van Gestel asked Shinn: ''Isn't that an acceptable racing manoeuvre''.

''I felt I caught Brenton Avdulla napping,'' Shinn said. ''I'm just holding my line, he is half asleep on his horse. I'm in a position to dictate … ''

''Do you turn your horse's head in?'' Van Gestel said, to which Shinn replied ''yes''.

''My intention wasn't to jam it back to the fence,'' Shinn said.

''Don't we again see you turn your horse's head in?'' Van Gestel said. ''[And] Make substantial contact with Glenstal Abbey.''

''I've rolled back in to assume my position,'' Shinn said.

Read mo


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« 2012-May-17, 11:05 AM Reply #42 »
''I felt I caught Brenton Avdulla napping,'' Shinn said. ''I'm just holding my line, he is half asleep on his horse. I'm in a position to dictate … ''

not close mates i assume, competitive riding is fair enough but when you can clearly see the horse doesnt have much room in front he really took Avdullas life in his hands.
How would he have felt if the horse clipped heels and the bloke ended up in a wheelchair.   emthdown

Offline Big Wheel

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« 2012-May-18, 08:26 AM Reply #43 »
The interfernce was Bad, However its pay back from the stewards for Remember a month
or so Ago When Ray Murrihy was Livid at Shinn for whilst in an Inquiry  and being addressed
by Stewards totally ignored them by Reading A race-guide, Murrihy slammed him & his
attitude, PAY BACK is a BITCH :chin:

Offline jimmy777

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« 2012-May-18, 10:53 AM Reply #44 »
Shinn was very lucky not to get more time for this offence. He had no regard to safety of the other jockeys in the race, nearly all who could have ended up falling and being seriously injured. If he appeals he may get more time!!!!!!

Online sobig

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« 2012-May-18, 02:43 PM Reply #45 »
Shinn was very lucky not to get more time for this offence. He had no regard to safety of the other jockeys in the race, nearly all who could have ended up falling and being seriously injured. If he appeals he may get more time!!!!!!

Is not appealing

Offline j.r.b.

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« 2015-Mar-18, 10:01 AM Reply #46 »
Sacked from First Seal.

No surprise there. Should be 3/3 this prep instead of 1/3.

J McDonald takes over.

Steve M

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« 2015-May-14, 07:54 PM Reply #47 »
Good food for thought...

Blake Shinn should be a shoo-in to ride in Hong Kong

Alan Aitken

Blake Shinn's rear end made global headlines recently.
Three weeks ago, Sydney jockey Blake Shinn's backside was seen around the world.
He could have ridden every Group One winner in Australia for the season without getting the kind of "publicity" he got when his breeches slipped down around his knees in the final stages of a race at Canterbury and he mooned the crowd and a much larger television audience.
That story - with video - appeared on every newspaper and aggregation website from London to Lagos, which won't be the case with his five wins including all the Group Ones in Brisbane last Saturday at Doomben.
By the time he was 21, Shinn had won a Melbourne Cup, a Sydney championship and a Scobie Breasley Medal, awarded each season to the rider judged Melbourne's "best and fairest" if you like.
He has been one of the standout Australian jockeys for the past few seasons and, unlike most of the jockeys there who are seriously A-grade, he actually does want to test himself on a full-time basis in Hong Kong.
With licensing for next season not far away, Shinn's five-timer was a fine reminder that he is a brilliant jockey who would be riding here already, but (no pun intended) for a stupid, immature indiscretion almost five years ago.
In late November 2010, Shinn and another jockey, his friend Peter Robl, were found guilty of placing hundreds of bets on races over two years. The vast majority of the bets were silly kid stuff, small wagers on random races, eight of the bets were on horses he rode and one bet was on a different horse in a race in which he rode.
All of the bets contravened different parts of the racing rules in Australia, but the last is surely the sticking point when it comes to licensing Shinn in Hong Kong. He spent 12 months out of racing over the offence, undertook counselling for a gambling problem - he was a large net loser on the bets - and grew up a great deal.

Shinn, now 27, has regained his place at the top of Australian racing and there has not been a hint of scandal since his return in December 2011. (Unless we count the recent "pants down" incident, which we don't.)
During a vacation a couple of years ago, Shinn visited a Happy Valley race meeting to see what he was missing, and a senior club official suggested he would need to wait "at least three years" from his return date after the betting offence before he might be considered eligible for Hong Kong.
Obviously, "at least three years" can include everything right up to "until hell freezes over" if the club's inclination is not to allow him to be licensed, but is three years - it would nearly be four by the time next season rolls around - a reasonable probationary period?
We have and have had other jockeys riding in Hong Kong with significant issues in their past histories. Granted, betting is a different animal to drugs or running and handling, but at what point is a past error consigned to dumb youth and a bad hair-do and not some inherently malignant nature?
A licence for Shinn in Hong Kong would, very likely, produce a brief torrent of excrement for the club for that one (losing) bet against himself. But, once he started riding, the club, racing fans and even some of the crustier commentators around town would soon embrace him for the world-class talent that he is and a worthy addition to a jurisdiction that so loves to boast of housing world-class talent.

Offline koolcat

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« 2015-Jul-31, 11:24 AM Reply #48 »
Blake Shinn rode the last trial winner of the season today and you can bet he will want to keep stuck to the saddle when the colt Redzel races this season.  emthup

Offline Arsenal

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« 2016-Mar-22, 10:48 AM Reply #49 »

Jockey Nathan Berry’s widow Whitney finds love again with Golden Slipper winner Blake Shinn
March 21, 2016 11:00pm
EXCLUSIVE Matthew BennsThe Daily Telegraph
THE young widow of jockey Nathan Berry has found love again with Golden Slipper winner Blake Shinn.

Whitney Berry, 24, decided to tell the world about their relationship at Rosehill on Saturday and was seen publicly kissing Shinn after he won the Golden Slipper on Capitalist.

“What a day! So proud of this incredible man,” she posted on Instagram with a photograph of the two of them together at the races.

Whitney Berry with Golden Slipper winning jockey Blake Shinn / Pictu Jenny Evans

Whitney Berry and jockey Blake Shinn have taken their relationship public / Pictu Jenny Evans

Making the new relationship public was not a step Whitney and Shinn took lightly / Pictu Jason McCawley

Capitalist wins the Slipper with Blake Shinn on board. Pictu Jenny Evans

Her post was greeted with congratulations and messages of support from close friends and family, although it has upset some in the racing industry who believe she has moved on too quickly.

The announcement came two years and one day after her 23-year-old husband collapsed during track work in Singapore. He died from a rare form of epilepsy a couple of weeks later. The couple had only been married for two months.

Making the new relationship public was not a step Whitney and Shinn took lightly. “Obviously it’s a big thing and, putting something out there is a big decision,” she said.

But the excitement of Shinn’s win had helped her decide the time was right. “It was a great day,” she said.

Whitney’s father, jockey Glyn Schofield, said: “For three-quarters of the past two years she has been in a very dark place. We are just so happy that she has found someone.”

But that sentiment was not shared by everyone in racing. “There are people within our industry who begrudge her moving on,” he said.

“It’s unfair to expect someone not be happy again. Two years is a very long time when you are still only 24.”

Shinn was ecstatic after the big win but didn’t have a lot of time to celebrate.

“It’s been a dream and it’s been a vision for myself. It’s basically what I’ve strived for (since) I was growing up,” he said.

“It’s very tough to get to this level and to win the Golden Slipper it’s a feeling you can’t describe.”

He thanked his horse Capitalist and trainer Peter Snowden and lamented that he couldn’t celebrate harder as he was about to hop onto a plane and head overseas.

“It’s a shame I can’t continue joining in the celebrations becasue I have to catch a flight to Hong Kong a bit later. I’d love to have had a few champagnes with everyone,” he said.

Shinn flew to Hong Kong just a few short hours after claiming the world’s richest two-year-old race for three rides at Sha Tin, including White Magic in the $18 million Group One BWM Hong Kong Derby.

The fairy tale weekend didn’t have the ending he’d have liked, finishing 6.5 lengths off New Zealand galloper Werther, ridden by fellow Australian jockey Hugh Bowman. Tommy Berry rode Helene Paragon, finishing a near four-length five.

Good Luck and a Long Happy Life to them. :heart:

Giddy Up :beer: