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O.P. « 2015-Jul-06, 07:52 PM »

Trainer Bryce Stanaway says he expects to front a steward’s inquiry after sensationally scratching his last three runners for the day after the sandwiches ran out.
TRAINER Bryce Stanaway found himself a sandwich short at the Pakenham races yesterday, so he scratched his horses and went home.

The trainer says he expects to front a steward’s inquiry after sensationally scratching his last three runners for the day after the sandwiches ran out
Crummy day: Bryce Stanaway at his Torquay training base. Pictu Colleen Petch
Stanaway said he lost his temper when he’d stood in a queue for a sandwich after being up since 4am and “when I got to the lady she’d run out.’’

He said that in the jockeys’ room nearby “they had enough food for a royal feast”.

“I’ve never been so insulted in all my life,’’ he said.

“The jockeys get a feast and what about the poor old owners and trainers?

“I’d been up at Donald the day before with two slow ones as well. All I wanted was a sandwich.’’

Stanaway claims a club official suggested that if he wasn’t happy with the track food service “he should scratch his bloody horses”.

“So I did. The stewards weren’t happy about it but what a joke,’’ he said.

The horses were Entirely Perfect and Trindinian in race eight and Travelling Wilbury in race nine.

Stanaway’s actions has bought a mixed response on Twitter this morning.

Meanwhile, at Victoria’s other meeting on Sunday, at Casterton, versatile Irishman John Allen won the first two races, both hurdles, before winning the third race, a 1000m sprint.

He then looked a winning chance on Traded in the steeplechase before the horse took a harmless fall.

Jumps racing had its third fatality for the season when Try Pickle was euthanised after a fall in the first.

The gelding fractured his leg. Animal activists said they would rally in Melbourne on Monday to call for a jumps ban.

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« 2015-Jul-11, 08:00 AM Reply #1 »
Bryce Stanaway’s sandwiches bill reaches $2000 after Pakenham outburst
•   by: Michael Manley
•   From: Herald Sun
•   July 10, 2015 12:36PM
Bryce Stanaway takes a break from proceedings at Racing Victoria headquarters at Flemington Pictu Sarah Matray Source: News Corp Australia

SANDWICHGATE ended on Friday with both the sparring parties, trainer Bryce Stanaway and Pakenham chief Michael Hodge suffering at the hands of the Racing Victoria stewards.
Stanaway’s penalty was financially with a $2000 fine after being found guilty of conduct prejudicial to the image of racing by refusing to start his three runners when it was reasonable to do so.
Pakenham Racing Club chief executive Michael Hodge. Pictu Sarah Matray Source: News Corp Australia
Hodge’s admonishment was verbally from chief steward Taylor Wilson, who told him he could have handled the matter better and that his comments to Stanaway were inappropriate.

Both the protagonists in the controversy, which made the news all over the world including the Daily Mail and Irish Times, said they were glad it was over and wanted to put it behind them.

The controversy erupted at Pakenham last Sunday when Stanaway and two part-owners couldn’t find a tray of sandwiches in the owners and trainers room.

Stanaway then fronted Hodge who he said told him to stop bagging the club and to scratch his three horses left to run in the meeting.

Speaking on Friday to the stewards Hodge agreed he had a heated exchange with Stanaway and told him to stop bagging the club.

He said he told him not to come back and not to bother nominating his horses to run at Pakenham again.

Hodge denied he ever used the word scratch to Stanaway.

After Stanaway was found guilty by the stewards, Wilson addressed Hodge.

“Whether Mr Hodge did or did not say the word scratch is an important part of the evidence,” Wilson said.

“In reference to certain starters, don’t come here or don’t come back, could be misconstrued as being told to scratch. The matter could have been handled better on the day and bear this in mind for the future,” he said.

Both Hodge and Stanaway had versions of the event corroborating their own versions.

Stewards also took evidence from Pakenham gate attendant Les Stoneham while Stanaway had written testimony from four witnesses including jockey Brian Higgins.

Stanaway pleaded guilty to the charge as otherwise he would have had to face the Racing And Appeals Disciplinary Board.

Before the hearing, Stanaway said he was considering walking away from Australian racing and returning to New Zealand over the incident, but was happy he had received a fair hearing.

Hodge said the Pakenham Racing Club wasn’t going to take the case any further as it had damaged its brand and also tarnished the reputation of Victorian racing.
“We wish to end the matter and offer Mr Stanaway no ill will,” Hodge said.

During the week Stanaway resigned from the Australian Trainers’ Association.

ATA President Robbie Griffiths told Stanaway that the Trainers room was a separate one from the owners and trainers room and he couldn’t take owners in there.

He wrote to Stanaway saying it was unfortunate he had resigned and not worked through the issues with them.

Originally published as Bill for Stanaway’s sanger spray comes to $2000

Not quite a storm in a tea cup...but fair suck of the sav sangers caused this implosion....back when trots raced right handed at Albion Park the then  management under Alan K Frost decided as an economy measure not to provide refreshments for the Press at the time the one and only trotting writer for the now defunct Brisbane Telegraph Frank Mills threatened a boycott......the result Frank now longer had his job. :o

Giddy Up :beer:

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« 2015-Jul-11, 08:23 AM Reply #2 »
I just shakes me head (with apologies to Overdue).  ;)

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« 2015-Nov-23, 01:49 PM Reply #3 »
This bloke seems to have some of the oldest and slowest stayers of all time racing around.
Why does he persist with them?

traveling wilbury & trinidadian for example. bit have 1 win to their credit from about 50 starts :chin:

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« 2015-Nov-23, 04:50 PM Reply #4 »
He might be setting one of them for a coup, like Mark Read did all those years ago with Getting Closer, 330/1 into off the board.

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« 2015-Nov-23, 04:52 PM Reply #5 »
This bloke seems to have some of the oldest and slowest stayers of all time racing around.
Why does he persist with them?

I'm pretty sure he is just after all the perks of being a trainer, like being able to buy sandwiches  :chin:

Online wily ole dog

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« 2015-Nov-23, 05:24 PM Reply #6 »
I love a toastie myself
 :fry:  :lol:   :lol:   :lol:   :lol:

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« 2017-Apr-29, 07:28 PM Reply #7 »
There was 'sandwich-gate', where Bryce Stanaway almost threw away his trainer's licence when he was fined $2000 after an argument began about a lack of sandwiches for owners and trainers.

Now a 'pig and a poke' scandal threatens to hasten the end of the training career of the enigmatic New Zealander.

Stanaway is currently involved in a stewards' inquiry emanating from the Werribee meeting on April 8, where he agreed he called steward Chris Agnew 'a pig' but denies he gave him 'a poke'.

"I didn't poke him," Stanaway told stewards on Thursday. "I would have knocked his bloody head off."

Before a three-member stewards' panel chaired by Corie Waller, Stanaway claimed Agnew rushed towards him on his arrival at the course that day and demanded Stanaway reveal what he had in a bag.

"I was treated like a criminal, like I had something in my bag I shouldn't have," Stanaway said.

Those events then rolled into a heated clash between the pair before the opening race in the scales area, where the alleged poke occurred. Stanaway denied poking Agnew, explaining it was more of a point, but he agreed that he called the steward 'a pig'.

"He is a pig for the way he treated me," he told the panel.

Barry Hassett was on the horse gate that day and he confirmed that Agnew had been looking for Stanaway before the opening race. Hassett said that while he was certain about the intent of the words used by Agnew about Stanaway, he wasn't certain of the content.

He was unsure whether he heard Agnew ask 'Is that stupid Stanaway here yet'? or 'Is that silly Stanaway here yet'? or indeed 'Is that bloody idiot Stanaway here yet'?

Ross Brown was on another gate that day and he said he heard Agnew ask 'Is that stupid Stanaway here yet'?

Brown told the inquiry via phone that he thought at the time 'it sounds like he's got it in for Stanaway' and that his 'attitude towards Stanaway left a lot to be desired'.

Stanaway said he was told by one of his owners what Agnew had said about him before the confrontation in the scales area.

Agnew claimed the clash happened after he was directed by acting chief steward Waller to ask Stanaway if he was going to add any gear - in the form of a packing to go under the saddle - to any of his three runners in the second race of the day, the 2630-metre 0-58 Highweight.

Waller wanted the information of any extra weight being carried as stewards intended on relaying the information to the public.

Agnew claimed Stanaway did not immediately respond to his question about the packing but a few seconds later the trainer came up to him and then spurted out 'and showered me with saliva'.

"He flew off his lever and threatened me personally," the steward said before claiming he had never felt so harassed in his 37 years in the job.

Stanaway told the stewards' panel that his team at Torquay was down to about 12 horses and that he intended on 'throwing in' his trainer's licence once the winter campaign of his best stayer, the veteran Crafty Cruiser, is finished. He said he intends on returning to New Zealand following recent events.

In 2015, Stanaway was fined $2000 for scratching three horses from a Park meeting following an argument earlier in the day over a shortage of sandwiches for trainers and owners.

Stewards have adjourned the current inquiry.