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« 2011-Mar-04, 01:09 PM Reply #25 »
Good news thus far!  No apparent breaks.............more tests to come.  Very, very sore!  In a great deal of pain particularly back. 

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« 2011-Mar-15, 06:44 PM Reply #26 »
MELBOURNE Cup-winning jockey Corey Brown has been fined by police for what is obviously a hard-hitting offence down south - jaywalking.
Brown celebrated the Australian Cup win on Shocking - the same horse he rode to victory on the first Tuesday of November in 2009 - late Saturday when he walked towards Crown Casino to hail a cab.

But the boys in blue spotted Brown and said he was not only jay-walking, but also drunk in a public place.

"I had just been to a restaurant to celebrate Shocking's win and [fellow jockey] Luke Nolen's birthday when the police spotted me," Brown said.

"They said I was jaywalking and drunk in a public place. They fined me $470. I reckon the copper must have had his last [dollar] on Linton [a horse beaten by Shocking on Saturday]."

Brown was unimpressed with reports early yesterday he had caused havoc with authorities. Brown said he was taken back to the station, and had his phone confiscated and spent three hours in a holding cell without charge. He will even produce the fine and set the record straight on Sky Channel's Off The Rails program tonight.

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« 2011-Mar-17, 01:22 PM Reply #27 »
Crikey! $470 or $478 is a bit hot imo. :thumbsd:

Not pinged for drunk and disorderly or insulting or offensive language or resisting arrest. :whistle:

Couldn't quite catchit if he said he was breath tested or had to undergo a blood test which would be the case if in charge of a vehicle. :what:

He did say he was handcuffed and spent 4 or 5 hours in a cell before being released. :o

He then appeared on TV apparently maybe Racing retro and later rode at Canberra? :shutup:

Might have been in trouble if the stewards pre race tested him............possibly still under the influence. :chin:

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« 2021-Feb-19, 09:22 AM Reply #28 »

TWO-TIME Melbourne Cup winning jockey Corey Brown’s claim against WorkCover Queensland goes to the Queensland Industrial Magistrates Court today.

Brown is in dispute with WorkCover over an operation he requires in the wake of his fall from Lord Arthur in the 20019 Queensland Derby.

The matter is due for mention in the Industrial court this morning.

The jockey, who won the Melbourne Cup on Shocking (2009) and Rekindling (2017), has not ridden since the Derby and may never ride again.

Brown (pictured above) has said he needs an operation to fuse his spine in a bid to free him from living his life in constant pain.


This still has a way to go from being mentioned ......................not a good recommendation for the justice system that an issue like this has been waiting for determination since 2019

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« 2021-Mar-19, 09:14 AM Reply #29 »
Champion jockey hangs up saddle


Corey Brown

JOCKEY Corey Brown was expecting the bad news, but that made it no easier.

“Corey, you will never ride again,” was the blunt medical advice.

Brown met with renowned orthopedic surgeon Andrew Cree this week when the jockey’s future was determined.

Nearly two years after his shocking fall in the Queensland Derby at Eagle Farm – and after months of waiting for WorkCover approval – Brown is preparing for spinal surgery he hopes will finally relieve him of crippling pain.

But the operation comes at a price. Brown, one of the most gifted jockeys of the era, has confirmed his career is over.

“There have been plenty of tears,’’ Brown said. “But deep down I’ve had a sense for a few months it was over, I just didn’t want to admit it.’’

Brown, 44, felt he was in the prime of his career but the delicate operation next week to fuse his spine from T2 to T10 means he can never ride again.

He suffered multiple injuries when his mount Lord Arthur crashed during the 2019 Queensland Derby, breaking his sternum and puncturing a lung.

But Brown’s on-going issue was the damage to his spinal column. He shattered the T7 and severely damaged the T4 vertebrae.

A sad outcome for Corey just how dangerous a jockey's life is he was lucky he wasn't killed and so far hasn't sought to claim damages as a result of the's an old line but true never have a disaster on your own ......better to be able to blame someone else ...good luck to Corey hopefully he'll find a place which suits his talents.

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