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Bruce Clark reported that Danny will know his fate on Wednesday.......he is presently excluded from racecourses in Victoria.....  he failed to have the ban lifted,,...he has little options Bruce opined if he gets the green light from VCAT he'll try for as license in Qld where there's no exclusion order....and QRIC will be the decision maker...how would the exclusion ban in Victoria instigated by the Police Commissioner be considered by QRIC when it's headed by a former police officer......would the connection be sufficient for Commissioner Barnett to disqualify hisself so as to avoid any perception of apprehended bias or a possible conflict of interest.......first hurdle is to overcome the fit and proper person test or the rest is irrelevant.

Review and Regulation List

55 King Street, Melbourne – Ground Floor (for collection)

Deputy President H. Lambrick

9:30 AM       Z810/2015        Daniel Mario Nikolic v Racing Victoria Limited

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Critical ruling for Nikolic Wednesday

BY Bruce Clark - @snowyclark

2 hours ago Horse Racing

Dan Nikolic gets VCAT ruling Wednesday (Pic:Getty)

It is either game over or game on for banned jockey Dan Nikolic when a Victorian court rules whether he is a "fit and proper person" to hold a jockey’s licence on Wednesday morning.

Nikolic has been he advised he need not appear in person at the Victorian Civil And Administrative Tribunal when Judge Heather Lambrick releases her findings electronically at 9.30am.

But that is the least of Nikolic’s concerns. Even a “win" for Nikolic in regaining his right to a licence would not allow him to race ride in Victoria as he has a Victoria Police ban enforced restricting him access to racetracks (and casinos).

He would only be allowed to ride trials and track work as the exclusion order rules him out from one hour before to one hour after a race meeting.

A ruling in favour of Racing Victoria, would effectively end Nikolic’s career immediately.

His CV of 32 Group 1 wins amongst 949 victories, has been littered amongst controversy off the track, much of the dirty laundry aired at this VCAT hearing that took submissions before Judge Lambrick until October 19 leading to Wednesday's outcome.

It is coming up five years since he rode, the infamous race at Seymour in September 2012 and the clash with RV chief steward Terry Bailey which drew the initial ban.

The scenarios are only concrete if Nikolic fails – it is game over.

But if Nikolic is successful, it is game on. RV could extend its legal options to the Court of Appeal, while Nikolic would seek to move interstate and restart his career with a licence, and where he is not banned from racetracks.

If that be the case (and there was no RV appeal) it would be interesting positioning for a Queensland (preferred option) authority that they have a jockey licensed to ride in Victoria but unable to do so because of a police ban. But what recourse could they or would they seek to not accept him in that state.

Nikolic recently failed in just seeking leave to appeal to the High Court to have his Victoria Police ban overturned.

Not wanting to put a mock on it ( the decision has already been made and will be released tomorrow) but I don't like his chances.

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« 2017-Mar-21, 06:20 PM Reply #127 »
Gee I hope you are right. Certainly don't need the likes of him back in the Industry.

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« 2017-Mar-22, 10:13 AM Reply #128 »
D Day turned out to be another drawback for Danny  license refused reasons to be published


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« 2017-Mar-22, 06:17 PM Reply #129 »
Nikolic's VCAT application rejected
Andrew Eddy@fastisheddy

Danny Nikolic's hopes of returning to his profession as a jockey may be forever dashed following a damning critique of the former rider's actions by VCAT deputy president Heather Lambrick.

In announcing her decision to affirm Racing Victoria's refusal to grant Nikolic a licence on Wednesday, Lambrick concluded that Nikolic 'is not a person of good reputation and character and a fit and proper person to hold a licence to ride'.

Nikolic's legal team hinted after the decision that consideration would be made for a further appeal.

Lambrick issued a 39-page reason for her decision to affirm the original decision by Racing Victoria to not re-licence the 42-year-old Nikolic.
Her conclusion began: "Ultimately, I am satisfied that the correct and preferable decision in this case is that I should affirm the decision of Racing Victoria to refuse to grant Mr Nikolic a jockey's licence.

"In doing so, I acknowledge that it is an enormous decision to refuse to grant a licence to so accomplished a jockey. The industry arguably loses much in my doing so.

"Mr Nikolic is unable to participate in the career of his choice. However, there are too many factors which weight against Mr Nikolic's application, the combination of which lead me to conclude that he is not a person of good reputation and character and a fit and proper person to hold a licence to ride."

Racing Victoria issued a short press release following the decision: "Racing Victoria acknowledges today's decision of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to affirm the decision of the RV Board that Mr Daniel Nikolic not be granted a Victorian jockey's licence on the grounds that he is not a person of good reputation and character and a fit and proper person to hold a licence to ride."

Included in the 39-page decision are a summary of some of the issues arising from the statement of facts where Lambrick said:
•   "I am satisfied that Mr Nikolic has regularly abused and sworn at many individuals directly involved in racing;
•   "I am satisfied that Mc Nikolic has threatened and intimidated (chief steward) Mr Bailey;
•   "I am also satisfied that Mc Nikolic has engaged in violent behavior away from the racing industry on a number of occasions. The relevance of this to the matters before me lies in the consistency of his conduct;
•   "I am concerned that Mr Nikolic now has an unenviable criminal record in addition to his disciplinary record;
•   "I have not been persuaded that Mr Nikolic has changed; and
•   "Mr Nikolic has demonstrated over a lengthy period of time an inability to control his impulses.

Lambrick found it was not appropriate for Racing Victoria to grant a licence to ride to an individual who, among other things, has an extensive disciplinary record, has threatened stewards, has lied before the RAD Board and before VCAT, is excluded from Crown Casino and from race meetings and has stated that he believes the chief steward is corrupt.

Nikolic rode his first winner in 1990 but has not ridden since being stood down after clashing with chief steward Terry Bailey at the Seymour races on September 4, 2012.

In all, he has ridden more than 1400 winners, including 38 at Group 1 level, highlighted by Mummify's 2003 Caulfield Cup victory.

The decision appears hereunder.


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« 2017-May-03, 06:17 PM Reply #130 »
Dan Nikolic - ready to go in Malaysia. is he? (Pic: Supplied)

Dan Nikolic expects to be back in the saddle as a jockey in Kuala Lumpur next weekend though local stewards say they haven’t licensed him.

While Nikolic, without an avenue to ride in Australia, told G1X.com.au he believed he had been granted a Malaysian licence until December, that wasn’t the view shared by Selangor Turf Club chief steward Michael Castillo.

Nikolic had taken six rides over this weekend at Kuala Lumpur, three for ex-pat Frank Maynard, but was unable to gain a work permit at acceptance time on Wednesday morning.

Nikolic understands it is only bureaucratic red tape that has delayed his work permit that prevented a return this weekend at the May 6-7 KL meeting.

But the STC said it was more than the permit that is Nikolic’s immediate concern according to the club.

“Contrary to a report in Australia, Mr Nikolic is yet to satisfy criteria that would grant him a jockey’s licence in Malaysia,” Castillo said.

“This would require a clearance from the last venue at which he rode and that he could provide his disciplinary record showing no major breaches of the rules. At this stage he has not fulfilled that criteria,” Castillo – who is leaving the Selangor Turf Club this weekend after five years as chief steward -  told G1X.com.au.

But Nikolic told G1X.com.au he had already verbally been given and approved a licence to ride, and rekindle his jockey's career frustrated since 2012.

But Castillo, in denying any rift between the Malaysian Racing Authority and Racing Victoria (as was reported by Fairfax Media), said there were local rules that could be applied to positively support Nikolic’s application.

“The Club has local rules that could allow him to ride, though he would still be required to meet a standard of criteria,” he said.

“He could be approved at club management level, under the rules here, the jockeys are licensed to a club not the association so every club licenses its own jockeys, so he could still be issued with a licence as it stands now,” Castillo said.

The chief steward said he had personally spoken to Nikolic re his intentions and noted at 55kg and level of physical fitness he was ready to resume racing.

“Before that happens the club and ourselves would need to it down with him and work out some criteria. He is keen to ride track work and races obviously and it may be the club’s decision that they want him, and can approve him” Castillo said.

“My view without broader discussion that it may be Mr Nikolic be granted approval to ride trackwork and trial and show he is a fit and proper person to hold a licence here, that is something to consider,” he said.

Nikolic already has the ‘sponsorship’ – as required - of a local trainer under local rules, former Singapore based trainer Malcolm Thwaites, who has had two Melbourne Cup runners, the ill-fated Three Crowns, as well as Peak of Perfection. Nikolic would be “employed” by Thwaites company.

Nikolic told G1X.com.au that fitness was the least of his concerns as he prepared to resume his career.

“I’ve been ready to go for two years, it’s a shame I have had to leave Australia to do the only job I have ever known, but it’s a good opportunity,” he said.

Nikolic’s Malaysian licence would only allow him to ride in Kuala Lumpur, he would need to make other applications to fellow MRA jurisdictions racing in Penang and Ipoh. Singapore also falls within the MRA umbrella though would seem far removed from Nikolic’s immediate options.

Nikolic effectively has had his opportunity to ride in Australia snuffed out by two recent court decisions, failing in seeking leave to appeal to the High Court his exclusion order from racetracks and casinos, and at VCAT following that he failed to prove he was a “fit and proper person” to hold a licence.

He has not ridden in Australia since his infamous run-in with RV chief steward Terry Bailey at Seymour in September 2012, despite serving imposed bans and penalties.

Ex-pat Australia trainer Frank Maynard, who has been based in Malaysia for 10 years, was keen to use Nikolic on Saturday for three rides. Nikolic had other rides booked for leading trainer Richard Lines, Sheree Hamilton and his sponsor Thwaites.

“I’ve got no issues with what he has done or not done there, he isn’t suspended or disqualified so why wouldn’t I use him,” Maynard told G1X.com.au

“I’ve used them all, Joao Moriera, Craig Newitt, James Winks and of course Noel Callow. He came here half a ratbag but was a top rider. Nikolic is a top rider, why wouldn’t I use him?” he said.

Maynard said he would have rides for Nikolic on Saturday week with the work permit paperwork cleared up and a chance to ride trackwork prior would be of benefit to the controversial jockey.

“He was riding for proper owners for me this week, the likes of Raffles Racing, the Lucky stable, so I was keen for him to ride their horses, no problems.” Maynard said.

“I’m sure he retains his ability and judgement of pace and obviously the challenge will be his racing fitness levels, but that will come up.”

Maynard expects Nikolic to fit in well to the Malaysian circuit and enjoy the lifestyle in KL.

“The facilities at Selangor are better than anything they can offer in Hong Kong, Macau, Mauritius or Singapore and I’ve been there.  I don’t know Danny that well, his brother John trained here for some time, but I think Danny will appreciate the way of racing here.

Maynard is currently running second on the trainer’s premiership with 25% at a 15.9% strike rate.

G1X.com.au had sought a comment from Racing Victoria as to news of the Nikolic possibly riding in Malaysia.

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« 2019-Jan-26, 09:48 AM Reply #131 »
Not exactly Danny Nikolic, but his brother John, faces a few issues.....

ACCUSED Aussie drug smuggler John Nikolic is receiving counselling in his Fiji prison while his wife, Yvette, spends her days lying on her bed in her jail cell, reading books.
Details of the lonely prison life of the Nikolics have been revealed exclusively to the Herald Sun by prison sources, in the lead-up to their High Court trial next week.
In an unexpected twist, a pre-trial conference yesterday heard drug importation charges were back on the table for Yvette, after being removed without explanation late last year. Extra charges have also been brought against both Yvette and John by the Fiji Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.
Attending the pre-trial conference in Suva yesterday, former Melbourne horse trainer John Nikolic was handcuffed and looked drawn and worried.
In contrast, an uncuffed and smiling Yvette looked relaxed.
Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Lee Burney said there had been new developments in the case and the prosecution would be drawing heavily on the Nikolics’ “caution interview” during the trial.
Lawyers for the Nikolics have made it clear they want to cross-examine the officer who conducted the interview.
If convicted of drug smuggling, both Yvette and John face possible life sentences. Prison sources this week told the Herald Sun the Nikolics spent most of their time inside their respective Suva remand centres and rarely had an opportunity to go outdoors for fresh air or sunshine.
The once social pair has not had a single visitor since being moved to their Suva prisons more than a fortnight ago, ahead of a High Court trial, which begins on Monday. The trial is expected to run for at least seven days.
Before being moved to Suva they had been remanded in Lautoka prisons since mid-last year. And while John Nikolic’s physical health miraculously seemed OK after he reportedly downed a toxic cocktail of liquid cocaine when his yacht, Shenanigans, was raided by Fiji authorities at Denarau Marina on June 22, his mental health was poor and he was receiving psychological counselling because he had “overdosed himself”, prison sources said.
The Nikolics face charges of drug importation and possession. They are also charged with weapons offences, after allegedly failing to declare guns and ammunition on their yacht.

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Wonder if Fiji would like the rest of the family ?