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O.P. « 2007-Sep-12, 09:39 AM »
Danny Nikolic calls it quits in Hong Kong
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« 2007-Dec-05, 08:32 AM Reply #1 »
Danny is moving to Sydney to ride due to limited opportunities in Melbourne.  Will probably ride for Peter Snowden and John O'Shea amongsy others.  Good luck to him.

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« 2009-Jan-11, 02:56 PM Reply #2 »
Has anyone else picked up how poor Nikolic is performing on good mounts recently.
His judgement is out of sorts.
He was to blame for Causeyacan's loss in the Villiers recently where he missed the boat.
And I thought he made 2 bad errors yesterday...his ride on Albert The Fat cost both Mr Slick and Voice Commander victory...Masai Pride and Black Piranha wouldn't have figured if he doesn't take off at the 600.
Then he looked indecisive in taking runs on Mr Unforgettable, gets checked, gets held up...the horse runs a clear 2nd to Zero Rock if he rides it well.
Of course I'm talking through my kick...but I won't be on any of his until he is back to somewhere near his best.
Starting to think if he is overrated.


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« 2009-Jan-11, 02:59 PM Reply #3 »
I would not judge any jockey on that race track.


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« 2009-Jan-11, 09:07 PM Reply #4 »
I backed Mr Unforgettable the place.  It certainly found plenty of trouble.  Not sure if was Nikolic's fault, but he wouldn't score highly from me for his efforts from the home turn onwards.  He looked at the film, before correct weight, presumably to see whether Morning Colours had done any damage.  It looked to me that Hammersley was too smart for him.

Re Albert the Fat....I think we're talking about a horse with a mind of his own.  He's undoubtedly very very smart, but he's never gonna win a big race with his current antics.  As I saw it yesterday, the horse refused to settle and took charge of Nikolic from the 600.  The run was very good, but that won't help pay this week's grog bill.

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« 2009-Jul-03, 07:40 PM Reply #5 »
Danny Nikolic returns to Australia at the weekend and will decide the next direction of his career after a dramatic departure from Mauritius.
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« 2009-Jul-03, 11:13 PM Reply #6 »
Rather dramatic indeed  :huh:

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« 2009-Jul-09, 09:47 AM Reply #7 »
DANNY Nikolic is coming home. After his gypsy-like travels of recent years, Nikolic said yesterday he would base himself back in Melbourne.

After his dramatic departure from Mauritius following a volatile exchange with a part-time steward, Nikolic mulled over his future for a week before deciding it lay in his home state.

Nikolic will resume riding at the Sir John Monash Stakes meeting at Caulfield on Saturday week, but he does not plan to tie himself to one stable or track.

"I'm going to do some trackwork for Peter Snowden (at Flemington) and whoever else wants me and that's the case anywhere else," Nikolic said.

"Trainers and owners need to know that I'm here to stay. I plan to ride plenty of trackwork and go to most of the country meetings.

"I've never shirked hard work and that's what I plan to do now that I'm back home."

Nikolic was the stable rider for the powerful Lloyd Williams stable, took up a contract in Hong Kong and then moved to Sydney, where he was the No. 1 rider for Snowden.

But when Darley bought the Snowden horses from Bob Ingham, it brought in Kerrin McEvoy as stable jockey.

He took up a contract in Mauritius in late May, but that ended late last month.

"I could have gone back to Sydney, but unless you're riding for either Pete (Snowden) or Gai (Waterhouse), it's pretty tough going," Nikolic said.

"I've already had a number of the leading stables here contact me and that gives me the confidence that I can make an impact."

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« 2009-Jul-13, 12:14 PM Reply #8 »
Nikolic and Hayes to combine at Sale
Brad Waters
Monday, 13 July 2009

Hall Of Fame trainer David Hayes has called on the services of high-profile jockey Danny Nikolic in a bid to reel in trainers’ premiership rival Lee Freedman at Wednesday’s Sale meeting.

Freedman still leads the Melbourne trainer’s premiership by two wins despite not having produced a winner in the metropolitan area since June 6.

Despite having plenty of runners in Melbourne in recent times, Hayes has not been able to make an impression on Freedman in the battle for the trainers’ title.

Hayes will have a free hit at making up ground on Freedman on Wednesday as Freedman has elected not to send any runners to the Sale meeting which is being run by the Melbourne Racing Club and carries metropolitan status.

Nikolic will ride the well-bred three-year-old Drama Club, a last start winner at Ballarat for Hayes in the Danzero at Arrowfield Handicap (1210m).

NIkolic’s first ride back from a short-lived stint in Mauritius will be for the Cranbourne training partnership of Colin and Cindy Alderson aboard Metung Belle in the Fire Band Handicap (1610m).


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« 2009-Nov-21, 10:46 PM Reply #9 »

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« 2009-Dec-07, 09:35 AM Reply #10 »
Nikolic was found guilty of careless riding when his mount Cabeza shifted in, inconveniencing Morossa, Our Inheritance, Excuse My French and Dorsoduro.

Nikolic was suspended from midnight on December 6 until midnight on December 17, a total of 12 meetings, but Nikolic indicated he would appeal the ban.


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« 2011-Jan-26, 01:29 PM Reply #11 »
Went through the running rail in his first ride back today after that long break...

Any news?

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« 2011-Jan-26, 01:35 PM Reply #12 »
He pulled up OK they said.

Matt Pumpa off to hospital, suspected broken jaw.

Online jfc

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« 2012-Oct-24, 05:09 PM Reply #14 »
Maybe Danny has been mixing with suspect company recently?

I don't believe Danny would do anything other than to allow a horse ... even if he is not riding it ... to run on its merits   :lol:   :lol:


It's hard to make an honest dollar these days - even if you are in the know!

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« 2012-Oct-24, 05:34 PM Reply #15 »
That article is over 2 months old Janice  :chin: good sleep was it  :sleep:

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« 2012-Oct-24, 05:56 PM Reply #16 »
yeah mate.

I was following a link from ABC.net and somehow posted the incorrect link.

... and now I can not see it on the abc site at all!

Too sleepy I guess ... dreamin'  :lol:

Anyway ... good to see you click on something from one of my posts mate!
Here's an opinion piece ... but I wouldn't bother reading it either - it's a week old!




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« 2012-Oct-24, 07:36 PM Reply #17 »
Coffee wakes me up  :shutup:

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« 2012-Nov-17, 08:06 AM Reply #18 »
WE understand that a prominent jockey being flown from interstate to give evidence against Dan Nikolic in an assault matter was told not to come.
Police apparently advised the jockey that they did not expect the matter to proceed at this stage, if at all.
Perhaps they are waiting until his appeal against disqualification over the threat to Chief Steward Terry Bailey and his family has been finalized.
Or maybe the rumor mill is correct in suggesting it has something to do with the yet to be reported suicide of a member of the Nikolic family last weekend which could have a bearing on another major police investigation."

 From Lets Go Horse Racing

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« 2012-Nov-17, 12:43 PM Reply #19 »
How could this suicide not be reported

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« 2012-Nov-17, 01:08 PM Reply #20 »
Wiley do you mean because it is maybe to some newsworthy or that All are reported.

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« 2012-Nov-17, 04:34 PM Reply #21 »
I would have thought it newsworthy given the focus on nikolic

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« 2012-Nov-17, 06:31 PM Reply #22 »
He's in a world of trouble.

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« 2012-Nov-28, 07:11 PM Reply #23 »
Danny has been what it seems more honest than Bailey where he admitted to telling Bailey what he thinks of him but no mention of a threat,go Danny.

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« 2012-Nov-28, 07:22 PM Reply #24 »
No matter what you think of your boss to call him a "c***" just shows what a nitwit he is....

Sorry Danny...ya a mug...