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O.P. « 2017-Apr-30, 11:40 PM »
I'm not sure where to post this, if its the right forum.

I'm looking for footage of Darby's funeral. I believe it was broadcast, but have been unable to locate it.
Also, does anyone know if he actually appeared in Racing Luck? I got a copy from the archives but he's not it in. Whereas the articles all state he had a bit part.
Thanks and sorry if wrong forum.

Online specialweek2

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« 2017-May-01, 10:51 AM Reply #1 »
It says he had a cameo role and is in the credits as appearing in the film.
I love this about the maker of the film.

Who is Rupert Kathner?
Rupert Kathner was an Australian film director best known for newsreels and low-budget films. He worked with Alma Brooks, an ex-barmaid, who co-produced, operated the camera, edited, co-scripted and acted in their films. Kathner and Brooks were also "shady con artists and fugitives from the law", sometimes described as the "Bonnie and Clyde" of the Australian film industry.
born in 1904 (111 years ago) in Adelaide
nationality: Australia
profession: Film director, screenwriter, film producer, cinematographer, actor
died in 1954 (61 years ago)