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O.P. « 2017-Jan-28, 01:51 PM »
Seems like a lovely young lady. Riding in the prime of her career and has had an aweful fall on Sebring Express today.

Hoping she makes a full and quick recovery.

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« 2017-Jan-28, 01:54 PM Reply #1 »
Early reports say she was knocked out and has suffered a fractured clavicle and possibly a throat injury.

Taken to Westmead Hospital.

Races 3-7 been put back one race.

Looking at the replay she was trying to get off the rails and to my eye has lost her irons - doesn't seem attributable to any other jockey.

Hope she is OK. Was lying motionless after it first happened.

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« 2017-Jan-28, 06:04 PM Reply #2 »
Yes it did look bad but initial reports seem better than what i was expecting to hear.

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« 2017-Jan-28, 06:56 PM Reply #3 »
Broken collar bone and severe lacerations to her chin.

They were concerned of damage to the larynx but that has been cleared.

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« 2017-Jan-28, 07:56 PM Reply #4 »
I hope she has a quick and successful recovery. But gee a lot of them seem to fall off. Another one later in the day. Still can't work out what she was doing riding in the race in the first place. When I did the form I gave the horse a hope but saw she was on it in a non-claiming race. Some connections make it even harder for themselves. It is not as if she is D Gauci, L Dittman ,M Johnston etc.

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« 2017-Jan-28, 09:42 PM Reply #5 »
I was only speaking to a retired jockey this morning who rode just over 700 winners but weight issue caused his retirement in the mid 1990's about 2 young apprentices that I'm impressed with in Melbourne.

Both Ben Allen and Ben Thompson have great futures if they keep heads together.

Michael (my jockey mate) said he had been doing some work with some apprentices starting off in country Victoria and he sees the biggest problem with the "kids" is their 100% desire to ride with their big toe nail in the stirrups.

He said very few master the new trend of the toe in the iron approach and too many are coming off after very minor interference or when a horse just moves sideways or dips.

Then I witness D. Panya fall off for no apparent reason other than she lost her right iron.

Can't be certain if D. Panya rides with the toe in the stirrup style or not but the "kids" only have to watch the Bowmans, McEvoys and others that ride over a 100 winners a season that you don't need to ride with the toe in the stirrup style to be successful.

I just prayer that both girls are okay and can resume their careers asap.

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« 2017-Jan-29, 08:29 AM Reply #6 »
Can't be certain if D. Panya rides with the toe in the stirrup style or not

The photo in the OP seems to suggest that she does

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« 2017-Feb-09, 07:59 AM Reply #7 »
Stewards Inquiries – Apprentice Deanne Panya

1. Racing NSW Stewards have scheduled an inquiry into the reason for apprentice jockey Deanne Panya being dislodged from the mount Sebring Express in the Widden Stakes conducted at Rosehill Gardens on Saturday, 28 January 2017. The inquiry will be conducted at the offices of Racing NSW, Sydney at 2pm on Thursday, 9 February 2017.

2. Racing NSW Stewards are in receipt of certification from the Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory, that a sample provided by apprentice jockey Deanne Panya at Randwick on 2 January 2017, has been found to contain a substance banned by AR81B. An inquiry in respect to this finding has been scheduled to be conducted at the Offices of Racing NSW, Sydney at 2:30pm on Thursday, 9 February 2017.


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« 2017-Feb-10, 12:18 AM Reply #8 »
Apprentice Deanne Panya Suspended For One Month

Racing NSW Stewards today inquired into the analyst’s findings in respect to a urine sample provided by Apprentice Jockey Deanne Panya after riding at Royal Randwick on 2 January 2017.

Evidence today was taken from Ms Panya, who was assisted by Racing NSW Industry Mentor, Mr M Logue, trainer Mr S Englebrecht and ARFL General Manager Mr J Keledjian.

Ms Panya pleaded guilty to a charge under AR81A(1)(a) in that a sample taken from her was found to contain the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide, a substance banned under AR81B. Stewards were not able to determine the cause of the findings.

Ms Panya’s permit to ride in races was suspended for a period of 1 month, to commence, in accordance with LR109(a), at the conclusion of receiving workers compensation benefits, following an injury sustained at Rosehill Gardens on 28 January 2017.

In accordance with AR81AA(1)(4) Ms Panya provided a sample of her urine at Randwick on 21 January 2017, that has been analysed to be free from any substance banned by AR81B.

Ms Panya was advised of her rights of appeal.

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« 2017-Feb-10, 12:20 AM Reply #9 »
Stewards Conclude Inquiry Into Rosehill Race Fall (Deanne Panya)

Racing NSW Stewards today concluded their inquiry into the circumstances relating to Apprentice Ms Deanne Panya being dislodged from SEABRING EXPRESS during Race 2 run at the Rosehill Gardens race meeting on 28 January 2017.

Evidence was today taken from App D Panya. Mr M Logue, General Manager for Welfare & Jockey Safety RNSW, assisted the inquiry.

App Panya stated that shortly after straightening she formed the view that ONE MORE HONEY, a runner, which she had been following, was going to shift out. She added that due to LET’S GET NAUGHTY being positioned to her outside near the 350m, she commenced to position her mount to the inside of ONE MORE HONEY, and determine the likelihood of establishing an opportunity to improve.

App Panya stated further that during the relevant period when it became apparent that ONE MORE HONEY was maintaining its line, she shifted her mount out across the heels ONE MORE HONEY approaching the 300m. She added during the course of this manoeuvre, SEABRING EXPRESS dipped slightly, she lost her balance and became dislodged.

The Stewards having considered the evidence made the following findings:

1)   That early in the straight SEABRING EXPRESS was racing behind ONE MORE HONEY and slightly to the outside of that runner.
2)   That approaching the 350m, ONE MORE HONEY, which was racing in advance of SEABRING EXPRESS, held the position on the running rail.
3)   Passing the 350m, SEABRING EXPRESS was racing directly behind ONE MORE HONEY
4)   Approaching the 300m, App Panya endeavoured to position her mount to the inside of ONE MORE HONEY to ascertain if there was clear running.
5)   That after realising that there was insufficient room in which to proceed to the inside of ONE MORE HONEY, App Panya then angled her mount out across the heels of that runner passing the 300m.
6)   SEABRING EXPRESS dipped slightly whilst being extricated from this position, during which time App Panya became unbalanced and was ultimately dislodged from the off side of SEABRING EXPRESS near the 250m.

In all the circumstances the occurrence was deemed accidental and the Stewards were further of the opinion that no rider exhibited carelessness. App D Panya was advised, however, that she should be more cautious in similar circumstances and to ensure that at all times she provides herself with sufficient clearance from the heels of other runners wherever possible.

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« 2017-Apr-17, 03:40 PM Reply #10 »
Finally resumed riding this week and looking at her brilliant ride to get Kiseki Dane home at Canterbury there will be more winners in store for the followers of Deanne.


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« 2017-Apr-17, 03:44 PM Reply #11 »
Better ride that the loon on the second horse  :lol:

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« 2017-May-05, 03:31 PM Reply #12 »

Panya's incredible off-track talent

1 day ago Horse Racing

Deanne Panya with her latest drawing. (Pic: Supplied)

Deanne Panya is a very promising apprentice, one that’s enjoying the best season of her short career.

She also happens to be a damn good artist (so too is twin sister Beany).

Panya loves to draw, and on her days off - not that there’s many of them - you will most likely find her with pencil in hand.

The 24-year-old is self-taught, which is remarkable, considering how good her work is.

“I find it very therapeutic,” Panya told

“It’s something good to do in my spare time, I’ve done it since I was young.

“I look forward to getting it done and seeing the result. It’s pretty satisfying.

“The more I draw, the more I improve and the better they get.”

- Deanne's completed drawing of G1 winner Referral. (Pic: Supplied)

As a youngster, Panya, who was born in Sydney, but has Laotian heritage, would often watch her father draw, and regularly ask him to sketch her a horse.

She decided to give it a go, and would draw pictures of things she would see in magazines and on the internet.

Panya has recently completed a drawing of the ill-fated gelding Skip Course winning under Ryan Wiggins at Doomben in September, 2015, for trainer Donna Grisedale.

Skip Course died following a race at Rosehill last May.

“I was apprenticed to Donna for a while. She knew that I loved drawing, so she asked me to do it,” Panya said.

“It took me roughly 20 hours; I started it in January.

“I’m very happy with how it’s turned out.”

Grisedale is also rapt with the finished product.

“I love it. He was like family to me, that horse. He was the best,” said Grisedale.

Also in Panya’s folio are drawings of Tommy Berry looking up to the heavens aboard Vancouver after winning the 2015 Golden Slipper, as well as Group 1 winning-mare Single Gaze with her strapper.

Panya is booked out for the rest of the year, with one of her current projects a large drawing of Winx and Hugh Bowman, which will be homed at Racing New South Wales’ head office.

The Panyas have a Facebook page - Panya Portraits (Panyaportraits) - and commissions are available.

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« 2017-May-05, 06:46 PM Reply #13 »
Good stuff girl  :clap2: