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« 2021-Apr-28, 12:06 PM Reply #100 »
Very well articulated, Nemisis.

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« 2021-Apr-29, 07:27 AM Reply #101 »
RACE 1: Vale Neville Layt Highway 1200m:Rothenburg ľAn inquiry was opened intothe reasons forRothenburgfalling near the 200m.Jockey HBowman explained  that  after  being held  upin  the  early  part  of  the  straighthe  had  observed  J McDonald  (Ahead  Start)commence to shift out to secure clear running to theoutsideof Rediconapproaching the 200m. He added thathe had anticipatedAhead  Startsecuring  this run  and continuingits  forward momentum  and for  this reason  he  also commenced  to  shift out to  improve to  follow  that runner,  howeverwhen Ahead  Startthen  commenced  to crowd TheSnooperstarand did not continueto improveforward he then made contact with Ahead Startand hadto check from the heels of Redicon,which was commencing to tire at that point. He stated that when beingchecked fromthe heels ofRediconhis mount,which was travelling strongly, did not respondto his efforts to checkand avoid the heels ofRediconat  that  point  and  as  a  consequenceit struck  the  heels  of Rediconand  fell.  In findingthat H Bowman had not ridden in a careless manner Stewards acceptedhis anticipationof Ahead Startcontinuing forwardwas reasonable and that had the interferencenot occurredto The Snooperstarhe would have been able to follow Ahead Start. Further,the Stewardsfoundthat Rediconcommencing to tire after the interference being suffered by The  Snooperstarhad alsocontributed  to Rothenburgstrikingtheheels  of  the Redicon.A  post-race  veterinary examination  found Rothenburgto  have sustaineda catastrophicinjury  to  the off-hindlimb,necessitatingimmediate euthanasiaon humane grounds.

Strange there's no head on stewards vision for this race yet it's there for all the other races from the side on view it looked bad for Bowman who appeared to try and shoulder his mount out to get clear running he was surprisingly lucid after hitting the deck and able to advocate clearly with no memory loss in a convincing testimony at the subsequent stewards' inquiry.

Apologies for the scrambled words but I did make it more readable but pressed the wrong key and all my painstaking editing disappeared into cyber space.

Giddy Up :beer:

Efforts much appreciated, Arsey👍

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« 2021-Apr-29, 05:25 PM Reply #102 »
I'm not "assuming" anything Gintara.
Rothenburg and his connections just deserve some justice here.
Show the footage and ask anyone in the street what caused that horse to crash.
If these are the "consequences" when we go racing, then expect to have more people standing out the front broadcasting those facts.

If what happened to that horse, in front of the main grandstand on Saturday can be just passed off as "part of the game" and have no-one being held responsible....that's farcical.
I lost my faith in Stewards towards the end of Ray Murrihy's time....about the time he seemed to be coaching C Waller in the Junoob they just looked to be part of the big promotional wheel of spin.

The shift is already is just hard of has just  been riding on the back of the pandemic, a lot of job-keeper money and a lot of "funny" money.
Like I say, I'm not surprised but how has horse racing fallen into such poor hands?

Where has no one been held responsible? JMc received a suspension for the interference he caused. It's all there in the stewards report.  :bulb:

You're clouding your judgement with a preconceived bias against Bowman. 

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« 2021-Apr-29, 06:29 PM Reply #103 »
How do I have a preconceived bias against Bowman?
You don't find me contributing to the "slag off at jockeys" thread.....more defending them
It wasn't that long ago he killed a horse and nearly killed a jockey.

That was aggressive riding once again by any measure.....many people I respect see it that way....another horse dead.....there was no gap.
A few races later he nearly knocks Avdulla off his mount and causes more carnage.....surely the guys got a problem.
I hope the owners take civil action against him and I wonder if that might be an explanation for what is going on with the Stewards

I watched an old video of Manikato the other day......Gary Willetts got charged with foul riding and outed for 3 months for pushing Karraman out of the way......grainy old footage but Bowman's riding looks worse......but that's when we had proper racing stewards.

I'm sick of looking but have RNSW put up the head-on yet? :shrug:
Richie from racenet must have missed the cartwheel too......very strange.....not!
I'm moving on  :bye:.....hope I'll see some justice for Rothenburg sometime .... RIP boy!

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