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Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: monologue on 2011-Feb-01, 10:00 PM
Has jimbo lost a leg or something?

See he only has 3 rides for Eagle Farm tomorrow.

Too good a jockey to be watching from the stand.
Title: Jim Bryne
Post by: Mark on 2011-Feb-01, 11:22 PM

Would have thought Pane In The Glass would have only promoted him if anything...

Jimmy: who gives a shit about Brissie mate, this filly can take you to the big stage :yes:
Title: Jim Bryne
Post by: Arsenal on 2011-Feb-02, 06:32 AM

Would have thought Pane In The Glass would have only promoted him if anything...

Jimmy: who gives a shit about Brissie mate, this filly can take you to the big stage :yes:

We do :bleh:
Title: Jim Bryne
Post by: triple7 on 2011-Feb-02, 05:08 PM

Jimmy: who gives a shit about Brissie mate, this filly can take you to the big stage :yes:

You're kidding right? She'll get lapped when she meets the real 2 yr olds this season.
Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: Arsenal on 2019-Feb-05, 07:13 PM
Bad news for Jim Byrne having surgery tomorrow to fix his injured shoulder expects to be off for some time hope he recovers more quickly than opined by ther medico.


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Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: Arsenal on 2019-May-02, 06:36 PM
Thursday 02 May, 2019
Mark Oberhardt
Leading Brisbane jockey Jim Byrne has ridden trackwork as he gets closer to a return from injury.

Leading Brisbane jockey Jim Byrne has taken the first step towards a timely return to the saddle.

Byrne rode three horses in work at Eagle Farm on Thursday morning and was happy with the results.

"If it was off-season I would be pushing it. But I am still a couple of weeks off coming back. You have to be 100 per cent in the carnivals and I am not that yet," Byrne said.

"For all that, this morning was about as good as I could expect. I still need to improve the strength but I am getting there."

Byrne has not ridden since winning on two-year-old Garibaldi at Eagle Farm on February 2.

He aggravated a shoulder injury which needed surgery and then rehabilitation.

Byrne has been keen to get back for the winter carnival but filled in his time painting his house.

"I wanted to give it a good sound-out on Thursday morning and take it from there," he said.

"Hopefully I will be back for some part of the winter carnival."


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Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: Arsenal on 2019-Jun-09, 07:06 PM
Sunday 09 June, 2019
Mark Oberhardt
Brisbane's Jim Byrne makes his return to riding at Doomben after an injury lay-off of four months.

Five-time champion Brisbane jockey Jim Byrne is looking to make a successful late appearance at the winter carnival on his favourite track, Ipswich.

He will make his return to race riding at Doomben on Wednesday and then hopes to have close to a full book at Ipswich on Saturday for the Cup meeting.

Byrne has not ridden in a race since winning on Garibaldi at Eagle Farm on February 2 when he aggravated a shoulder injury.

He has had surgery on the shoulder and has been easing himself back by riding in barrier trials for the past three weeks.

Byrne has won the Brisbane metropolitan premiership five times and is also regarded as the King of Ipswich where has won nine jockeys titles.

He has won the Ipswich Cup on three occasions and won every major race at the track.

Byrne's manager Cameron Partington said Byrne had not wanted to rush back for the sake of riding in the carnival.

"He has given his injury every opportunity to heal and he is ready to go," Partington said.


Be good to see Jim back in the winners circle an asset to the riding ranks. :thumbsup:

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Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: Arsenal on 2019-Jun-14, 10:57 AM
Story in the CM today on Jimbo's comeback tomorrow at Ipswich he  is "ready to fire" ....he has 7 rides unfortunately the story doesn't repoduce in concise form like most other stories but the guts of the matter is he's feeling fine thinks  his Cup mount Terra Sancta will give a good sight and is chasing his fourth win in the Eye Liner riding Petrology .....riding weight at 54 is on Sugar Boom .... Pizonie....and Splitter for Tony Gollan..other rides Victory Eight....It Ain't all Honey... and the two above.
Tony Gollan has multiple runners and should have a good day....even a couple of his roughies could figure in the money.

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Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: Arsenal on 2019-Dec-12, 09:21 AM
(https://i.postimg.cc/kDHJMjw2/jimbo.jpg) (https://postimg.cc/kDHJMjw2)

ELDER STATESMAN: Veteran jockey Jim Byrne after his win on Outback Barbie at Doomben last month; (below from left) a much younger rider after winning the 1995 Ipswich Cup and celebrating his victory on Adam in the 1999 Stradbroke.

Brisbane’s premier jockey has some boxes left to tick

FOUR-TIME Brisbane premiership winner Jim Byrne is still at the top of his game 29 years after he first burst on to the scene.

This weekend he hopes to raise a State of Origin flag for Queensland and be the first jockey to win the state’s newest race The Gateway.

Byrne teams with Matt McGillivray at Doomben tomorrow and Eagle Farm on Saturday as the pair try to give Queensland their first win in the Origin Jockey series.

He also has key feature rides this weekend, headed by Outback Barbie in the inaugural running of The Gateway.

Byrne, 48, has assumed the role of Jeff Lloyd as the elder statesman in the jockeys’ room setting the pace for the youngsters, but it’s not a matter of simply turning up each week.

“Trust me, I don’t come home and sit on the couch and think it’s all going to happen for me,” he said.

“I work pretty hard. I do as much training off the track as I do on the track.

“The older you get, you have to work twice as hard as the younger generation to try and keep up with them.

“You recall being young and things didn’t seem too difficult back then. You get a bit older, bones break a bit easier and you tighten up a lot more.

“I guess it comes from experience where you know to keep at the top of your game, you have to work that little bit harder.”

After finishing second in 1990-91, Byrne had to wait until the 1997-98 season to win his first Brisbane premiership and 22 years on, he is leading the way again as he shoots for a fifth title.

Byrne has always maintained premierships are not something he thinks about nor dwells upon, but he does concede being up top certainly helps attract better rides.

“I’m definitely pleased about (being on top), because it means I’m having a decent season,” he said.

“I’ve had support from a lot of good trainers this year and hopefully it continues.”

The Origin series is in many ways luck of the draw, with riders allocated mounts rather than chase or be booked for them, as happens in all other races. Byrne is hoping lady luck is a little kinder this week.

“Unfortunately it has happened to me a bit for Queensland. I think I’ve only won the one Origin race and that was in the first year,” he said.

“It’s a little bit frustrating and you’d like to do better, but I still think it’s a great concept.

“It definitely adds a lot more spice to our summer carnival, in particular a midweek meeting that would otherwise get lost.”

Byrne vividly remembers the wayward young kid he was when he walked into the stables of Pat Duff in the late 1980s and hasn’t forgotten what his master did for him.

“I still call him boss. I think of Pat like my second father,” he said.

“Him and (his late wife) Dina raised me through my teens. He conversed a lot with my father when I was young. I’m sure he was on the phone many a time.

“He’s very respectful and is widely respected throughout Queensland. He’s a very special person.”

Byrne has an adult family of his own. Oldest son Corey (23) is in the navy, his daughters Georgia (21) and Maddison (19) have excelled as athletes in their own right, and youngest son Lachie (18) is a year out of school.

“I’m just so proud of every one of them. And I’m proud of my wife too,” he said.

“I’m away from home two thirds of the time and Rhamie has just been amazing.”


Jim gives them every chance only when bad luck intervenes does he not run up to expectations.

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Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: Arsenal on 2019-Dec-19, 09:52 AM
Bad luck for Jim Byron in a freak accident he sustained a broken leg after being dislodged from Kavak which took fright when Luke Currier was dislodged from Ratline after the horse had won the race other jockeys dislodged weren't seriously injured ....Jim is likely to be out of action for some time.
Stewards Report extract
On pulling up, RATHLIN appeared to take fright and shied, dislodging rider L. Currie. As a consequence, KAVAK (J. Byrne) and WAR MEMORIAL (L. Cassidy) took fright at jockey Currie, also dislodging their respective riders. As the fallen riders were being attended to by paramedics and unable to weigh in, stewards exercised their powers under the provisions of AR208(3)(b) and declared correct weight on the Judge’s placings.
After examination by the Club doctor, jockey L. Currie was cleared to fulfil his remaining engagement and riders J. Byrne and L. Cassidy were stood down from their remaining engagements and riding replacements were made as per the Stewards Race Day Summary.

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Title: Jim Byrne
Post by: Arsenal on 2020-Mar-24, 03:45 PM
Another set back for Jim Byrne likely to be sidelined again and may require more surgery shocking luck for Jimbo who rode a winner at his comeback ride last week AAP story has the details .

Jim Byrne aggravates leg injury
Tuesday 24 March, 2020
Mark Oberhardt
jim byrne jim byrne
Brisbane jockey Jim Byrne has been forced out of the saddle after aggravating a leg injury.

Leading Brisbane jockey Jim Byrne has aggravated a leg injury and will not be able to ride for several weeks even if racing continues.

Australian racing had introduced strict biosecurity measures in an attempt to keep the sport running throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Byrne broke his left leg just below the knee in a fall after the finishing line at Doomben on December 18.

He had a pin inserted in the leg and after intensive rehabilitation was able to resume riding last week.

His leg swelled up badly on Sunday morning, the day after he rode at Eagle Farm.

Byrne visited his doctor on Monday and was told there were problems with the screw in the leg which might require more surgery.

"It is obviously a great pity. I have been swimming two kilometres a day and I rode trackwork for three weeks before resuming race riding," Byrne said.

"I was sure I was right to come back and while it was a bit sore after riding I thought I would be fine.

"But it really blew up on Sunday and it looks like it is something to do with the screw they inserted."

Byrne said at this stage it looked as though he would miss most of the winter carnival which is scheduled to start next month.

Byrne was leading the Brisbane premiership before his injury and added one in his comeback but is now lying fifth with apprentice Baylee Nothdurft i the lead.

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