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O.P. « 2007-Jun-29, 06:02 PM »
Mark Zahra
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« 2007-Jun-29, 06:04 PM Reply #1 »
Apparently off to India for a couple of months and back for the Spring Carnival.

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« 2021-Aug-29, 02:24 PM Reply #2 »
Zahra handed party breach ban
Paul Tatnell@PaulTatnell
28 August, 2021

Top jockey Mark Zahra has been banned from the Spring Carnival after it was revealed he too attended the illegal Mornington party on Wednesday night.

Stewards say they became aware of Zahras’ attendance at the notorious gathering, alongside Jamie Kah, Ben Melham, Ethan Brown and Celine Gaudray.

Speculation was rife in racing circles today that another jockey was present and steward’s acted swiftly on Saturday.

According to the steward’s report, “Racing Victoria (RV) Stewards today interviewed licensed jockey Mark Zahra after having received information that he may have also been in attendance at the Airbnb in Mornington on Wednesday, 25 August 2021 which resulted in four other licensed jockeys pleading guilty to a breach of the Rules”.

Stewards interviewed him on Saturday and he pleaded guilty. He too was banned from competing for three months.

It throws the prime ride on Cox Plate contender Verry Elleegant up in the air, with Zahra the jockey who was picked to ride her in Victoria this spring.

The leading jockey has not ridden since suffering an injury at Flemington earlier this month, but had been eyeing a return next Saturday.

According to steward’s, there is also now a possibility the four jockey’s who originally interviewed by steward’s my face further investigations for not revealing Zahra’s presence.
“Given that the Stewards were unaware until late today that Mark Zahra was also in attendance at the Airbnb in Mornington on 25 August 2021, the Stewards will give consideration to the evidence tendered by all five jockeys in relation to the inquiry,” the steward’s report says. revealed the news of the COVID-19 breach on Thursday night. Police attended the party on Wednesday night after receiving a noise complaint.

Kah, Melham, Brown and Guadray were all fined $5,452 by Victoria Police for attending the party, in violation of Victoria’s strict lockdown laws.

They were also handed a 14 day stand down order which bans them from licensed premises for that time. They will, however, be able to return to track riding and trials come September 9.

Their actions not only drew the ire of Racing Victoria, but also the State Government with Health Minister Martin Foley saying he was “bitterly disappointed in their actions”.


An expensive night out for all of them .......interesting that Zahra wasn't caught with the four who were.......and he mightn't have been there when the police arrived he's been fingered by a person or persons unknown ...he can expect a fine the same as the other partygoers.

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« 2021-Aug-29, 07:50 PM Reply #3 »

Innocent of what?

Beyond belief?

For reasons still 'unknown' a veil of secrecy has been thrown over the party at Mornington.

Did the participants knowingly fly in the face of agreed restrictions?

Has any of those penalized offered an explanation?

After prominent trainers 'flew the coop' one can only wonder what is going on in Melbourne racing.

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« 2021-Aug-30, 09:56 AM Reply #4 »
Newscorp reports that Zahra left the party before police arrived to investigate a noise info as to the blood on the it got there or from whom it came.

Also stewards considering another charge relating to the evidence the four gave ...just a guess but likely to be giving false or misleading information if that is the case .

All have right of appeal to the VRT against the severity of the penalty ..................three months suspension is that about right.....I have my doubts.

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« 2021-Aug-31, 03:56 PM Reply #5 »
Three of the jockeys handed three month suspensions for breaking COVID-19 rules have lodged appeals.
The Victorian Racing Tribunal confirmed on Tuesday morning that star jockeys Mark Zahra and Ben Melham, as well as Ethan Brown would all appeal their bans.
Jamie Kah and Celine Gaudray have not appealed.

It comes after the five jockeys are all set to face extra charges for the evidence that they gave stewards.

Kah, Melham, Brown and Gaudray were all charged by stewards on Thursday after it was revealed they were at an illegal party at a Mornington Airbnb on Wednesday night.
They were all suspended for three months by stewards on Friday. It was then revealed on Saturday that Zahra was also at the party.
He was also suspended for three months following a stewards investigation.
The extra charges announced on Monday relate to the presence of Zahra at the gathering. understands the directions hearings for those new charges will be heard by the VRT later this week.
A date has yet to be set for the appeals on the original bans.

Surprising that Kah hasn't filed an appeal it'll be interesting to see how they go based on the RNSW precedent which isn't binding but somewhat relevant in terms of penalty $1K fine no suspension for Hughie & JMac  my guess is if Judge Bowman is the principal he has shown compassion previously where appropriate they'll get a reduction.... already They've been fined $5452 for breaching COVID Health rules

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« 2021-Sep-13, 04:38 PM Reply #6 »
Judge John Bowman on Monday said a decision in the Zahra case would be delivered on Tuesday.
Zahra loses appeal, cops extra ban for lying

By Gilbert Gardiner
03:26pm • 14 September 2021
Star jockey Mark Zahra has been hit with an extra month suspension for giving false and/or misleading evidence to stewards during the Mornington Airbnb gathering probe.

The sanction will be served after his three-month suspension for attending the house party on August 25.

In a double blow Zahra the Victorian Racing Tribunal on Tuesday unanimously dismissed his appeal on the severity of the initial spring carnival-ending ban.

Zahra will not be able to ride in races until late December as a result of the bans.

Judge John Bowman said Zahra’s “noncompliance” of Racing Victoria Covid regulations had the potential to “bring undone all the good work and sacrifices gone before”.

“Additionally, much damage has been done to the good name of racing generally, the sacrifices and efforts of all in the industry have been tarnished by behaviour such as yours,” Judge Bowman said.

“We also appreciate the spring carnival has just commenced and a leading jockey such as yourself would expect to have a big role in it.

“We note that you have been doubly vaccinated, however, while that’s to be commended that does not excuse your breach of the rule.

“As we understand it, double vaccination is no absolute guarantee against contracting or passing on the virus.

“We also take into account the period you spent at the Airbnb was considerably shorter compared to others that have been charged.

“However, bearing in mind the nature of Covid-19 and speed at which it can be transmitted it is a fact of limited importance.

“We are of the opinion a penalty of three months suspension is fair, reasonable and appropriate, indeed some people might consider it quite merciful. The appeal is dismissed.”

Mark Zahra copped an extra month penalty for giving false evidence to stewards.

On the separate charge of giving false or misleading evidence to stewards, Judge Bowman imposed a two-month ban — to be served cumulatively to the Covid-19 breach penalty.

Four weeks of the additional ban has been suspended for a period of two years.

“Giving false evidence to the stewards is understandably a serious offence at the best of times,” Judge Bowman said.

“Their work is hard enough without having to put up with false or misleading evidence and waste of time it results.

“It is even more serious in the context of Covid-19 and restrictions on movement and assembly.”

Zahra is one of five jockeys implicated in the Mornington Airbnb saga, along with Jamie Kah, Ben Melham, Ethan Brown and Celine Gaudray.

Apprentice jockey Gaudray last Friday copped an eight-week ban for lying to stewards, but only two weeks must be served at the conclusion of her three-month penalty, with the remainder suspended for two years.

Kah, who pleaded not guilty to giving false or misleading evidence to stewards, will learn her fate on Wednesday.

Melham and Brown will front the VRT later in the week.


Zahra's guilty plea to giving false and misleading evidence  may have benefitted him getting only one month extra ...the stewards submission called for two months but only one to be cumulative..... the VRT virtually rubber stamped the stewards submission ...which is no surprise reading the excuses put forward why he didn't answer thruthfully when given the chance .....if he only stopped for a couple of beers and told the stewards that at the time he would have been in the clear.

Interesting in the light of this decision to see how the VRT treats Jamie Kah's submission ...we'll know tomorrow.

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