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O.P. « 2018-May-06, 10:17 AM »
Nathan Exelby reports Robbie is off to Mauritius  after riding the last winner at Gold Coast yesty leaving on a Jet Plane. :bye:

 Launching Fradd for Mauritius

FAREWELL: Mauritius-bound Robbie Fradd after riding Anatola to victory in the Silk Stocking. Pictu AAP

Fradd announced yesterday he has taken up a contract to ride in Mauritius, effective immediately. He leaves tomorrow night and expects to ride next Saturday for his contracted trainer Gilbert Rousset.

Offers for Fradd to return to Mauritius started after he had success at the international meeting last December. Initially the offers didnít meet Fraddís requirements, but they upped the ante in a bid to secure the South African.

ďBefore the international meeting, it was 24 years ago that I was there. Thatís a bit scary isnít it?Ē he said.

Fradd won a premiership during his previous stint in Mauritius. The contract will see him in Mauritius almost to the end of this year.

Giddy Up. :beer: