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« 2011-Dec-18, 07:55 PM Reply #25 »
here ya go, he rode at Te Rapa 8 days ago

10 Dec 2011  RATING 85 BENCHMARK   
7   EIGHT SCHILLINGS  6.00 1.50   
2   CHARMA   2.10   
1   JETSET LAD   3.40   
 SCR 5
QN 2* 7 12.10   
EX 7* 2 21.60   
TF 7* 2* 1 303.10   
A2 2* 7 5.40   
 1* 7 18.30   
 1* 2 9.20   
No.   Name 9:52 Win Plc   Rider   Bar Wght   Form L3S Rtng
1   JETSET LAD 12.8 15.7 3.4   M CAMERON 2 59.0   DW 340 92
2   CHARMA 7.8 5.9 2.1   M SWEENEY 3 58.0   DTC 5X1 98
3   TOMA VALEA 8.9 11.5 2.5   R JONES 10 58.0   DWTC 111 97
4   MERCURY MISTRESS 16.4 21.9 5.2   V COLGAN 7 57.0   DW 360 90
5   FLASH HAPI      SCRATCHED 9       
6   BALDOVINO 3.0 3.0 1.6   J MCDONALD(A) 8 55.5   DWT 10X 97
7   EIGHT SCHILLINGS 7.7 6.0 1.5   S SPRATT 6 55.5   DTC 125 96
8   ROMAN TOIA 10.8 15.9 4.7   G COOKSLEY 4 55.5   DWTC 0X3 90
9   CHEEKY RED 15.1 15.6 4.4   D JOHNSON 1 54.0   D 70X 88
10   PAYETTE 5.5 5.2 2.0   A COLLETT(A) 5 54.0   D 1X1 100

UNiTAB Pool Totals WN $4413 QN $737 TF $2463

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« 2011-Dec-18, 08:00 PM Reply #26 »

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« 2011-Dec-18, 08:08 PM Reply #27 »

I thought he was older than that for some reason.

He has another 10 years or so in him then

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« 2011-Dec-18, 11:49 PM Reply #28 »
Cooksley's last 12 rides in Australia were between Oct 06 and Sep 08 and he failed to get one into the placings, no wonder he hasn't been back.


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« 2011-Dec-26, 09:44 AM Reply #29 »
Cooksley the Iceman has 4 rides at Ellerslie today, races 1 5 6 7

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« 2012-Jan-18, 09:44 AM Reply #30 »
The Iceman cometh, he just won the first at Ruakaka today on the favourite leading all the way


and he strikes again completing a double, and didn't someone know about this one, it had been going like a busted, money talks


10MANHATTAN MAMB F 3G COOKSLEY*55Richard Collett - Pukekohe Park (2)
Dark green & gold diagonal stripes, striped sleeves & quartered cap
3:0-0-0 $0  W 1:0-0-0    D 1:0-0-0  Dehere (USA) - New York (IRE)
7-11   ROTO   G   01Dec11   1230       MDN F&M       J Collett   (5)   56           Blooming Hell    7.3L   1-12.97
7-14   PUKE   D   14Dec11   1400       MDN F&M       T Collett   (6)   56          Gee Gee Girl    6.8L   1-24.93
6-11   TAUR   H    07Jan   1600       MDN       T Collett   (7)   55          Werio    13.4L   1-43.50
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« 2019-Jan-04, 10:27 PM Reply #31 »
Manuan was a fabulous horse. I followed his career as a young fellow. Apart from the comments Chris made above , he also won a Cameron handicap at Newcastle and also had many successful journeys to Queensland. I believe his most dominate win was the Ansett cup  and the Group one Galaxy , but his most heroic effort was his 2nd to Brenlaine in the Elders on a day that he was almost scratched. A real gutsy effort.

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« 2019-Jan-05, 06:17 AM Reply #32 »
Manuan, what a ripper he was. Did Tony Marney used to ride him? Dark coloured silks :chin:

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« 2019-Jan-05, 11:30 PM Reply #33 »
Yes Tony Marney did ride him

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« 2019-Sep-09, 07:35 PM Reply #34 »
Mel’s Cup runneth over with memories

At 21 he rode to victory in the race that stops our nation but the rest of his career hit a few unexpected hurdles

THE great jockey coughs, wheezes and splutters. It’s been a cold winter in Charleville for a man without much meat on his old bones.

Melbourne Cup winner Mel Schumacher last climbed on a horse 15 years ago and doubts he will ever do it again.

He has lived in Charleville for six years and since the passing of his beloved wife Pam in 2015, Mel’s children Clayton and Mandy have been a great comfort to him there.

“Charleville is very quiet,’’ Mel says, “it’s cold but I like it out here. There’s no hustle and bustle. I go to the Charleville races when I’m feeling up to it but I’ve given up driving so I don’t get around much anymore.

“Old age is catchin’ up with me, buddy. I’m 81 now, be 82 in September.’’

When Mel was just 21, he won the 1958 Melbourne Cup on Baystone just a month after taking the AJC Derby on Skyline.

He took the Cup lead from Monte Carlo 200 metres from the finish, leaving a stellar field behind including iconic rival jockeys Jack Thompson, George Moore and Neville Sellwood.

Mel was the toast of Australian racing but just three years later, in one of the greatest turf sensations ever, he received a life ban for pulling on the leg of another rider, Tommy Hill on Summer Fair in the 1961 AJC Derby at Randwick.

“It was the first time that the front-on camera was used by the stewards,’’ Mel says.

“Without that I would have won on Blue Era and there would have been no trouble. Nobody else saw a thing. I wanted to win the race but I put my hand out at the wrong time. Blue Era was a bit of a handful to ride. He used to run off the track. This particular day in the Derby, I carried the stick in my left hand to stop him going off.

“I had the race won everywhere bar the last 100 metres and Summer Fair came up on the outside of me. I actually never grabbed him. I locked him up with my wrist because I had the stick in that hand. “A couple of strides from the post, I took my arm away and gave Blue Era a couple of hits with the whip. He put his head out and we won the race. Then we lost it on protest.’’

Stewards banned Mel from riding for life. “I was pretty dumbfounded but after a couple of scotches I came right.

“About a fortnight later, the ban was reduced to 10 years on appeal. But 10 years out of a jockey’s career, well, it might as well have still been life. So we sold up in Sydney. I was only

24. I went to work in the Brisbane fruit markets. They were in town then, at Turbot Street. Then the markets were moved out to Rocklea and I went out there. Geez, my income took an enormous punch. After a couple of years out at Rocklea I was allowed back riding but by then I was nearly 30.’’

The last time Mel rode a horse was at Deagon 15 years ago when he tried training a few horses before deciding they weren’t quick enough.

Like the rest of Australia, he marvelled at Winx and Black Caviar over the last decade, their stirring runs reminding him of the time all of Australia cheered the little champion from Boonah.

The first race meeting Mel went to was at Albion Park when he was 10 and his first race ride was at Laidley at 15 on a chestnut horse called Concarjohn, “a pretty little fella with a silver mane and tail’’.

Mel coughs again but quickly brightens up. He rattles off some of the great horses he rode: Baystone, Aquanita, Regal Rhythm, Charlton Boy and Magic Knight, on which he won the Golden Slipper

“Geez mate,’’ he says, “I rode some good ones. So many. I’d have to sit down for a week to write out all their names.

“I really had a great life riding. A few ups and downs, of course, but I had a lot of fun.’’

Grantlee Kieza’s biography of Lachlan Macquarie, the Father of Australia, will be published by HarperCollins/ABC Books on October 21




Fancy that of all the places to retire to Charleville wouldn't be on most retirees bucket list.....Concarjohn was trained at Deagon by Reg Arndell one of my mates was taking his daughter out and I remember him giving us the tip that it was ready to win by the same token it was just a horse .

Giddy Up :beer: