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Author Topic: Worst Ride Of The Day Or Ever  (Read 390829 times)

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Offline wily ole dog

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« 2017-Jul-29, 12:34 PM Reply #1850 »
Oh dear. Williams on Charlievoix. No fault of his own if you see the stewards footage

Wind playing havoc down there so expect some disasters
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Offline gunbower

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« 2017-Aug-04, 06:45 PM Reply #1851 »
Watch J Orman on the third horse at Ipswich in the last Today. For some unaccountable reason he ducks in behind a slow horse at the 250 metre mark when his horse is about to get into the action. The dopes who masquerade as Stewards didn't even ask the question. What are they getting paid for ?

Offline dean

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« 2017-Aug-04, 08:30 PM Reply #1852 »
Yes , I  just saw that. And not a mention in the Steward' s Report. I read the Report and it didn't say Stevie Wonder was running the meeting.