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Offline Gintara

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« 2019-Mar-15, 09:18 PM Reply #2025 »
There's a reason Matt Paget rides in the bush  :shutup:

Check out the ride in r5 Port Macquarie on the short priced Quick Nick. Gave it zero hope that with ride, gassing it before the bend. Amazed it held on so long to finish where it did  :dry:

Quick Nick ľAn inquiry into the tactics adopted by the rider M Paget was opened and adjournedto a date to be fixed.

 :chin: Haven't seen anything so far?  :shrug:

Offline gunbower

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« 2019-Mar-15, 10:14 PM Reply #2026 »
M Paget , proven culprit need another 50% on any of his mounts to make them a remote betting proposition. Found another one at Bowen Today . H English . Trainer must have told her when he legged her on ; that she was about to sit on Manikato. That was the way she rode one in the fourth. The problem is that with all these extra race meetings they are licensing people who are really work riders at best.

Offline Arsenal

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« 2019-Mar-16, 08:44 PM Reply #2027 »
Jon Allen on Jumbo Ozaki inR2 at Flemington today absolute slaughter...... looking at the stewards vision there was a clear run about the 200m but instead of taking it he reefed the horse out wide caused interference and got 11 meetings..... this horse would have remained unbeaten with a better ride.

Giddy down :thumbsd:

Online Jeunes

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« 2019-Apr-28, 07:22 PM Reply #2028 »
Watch Zac Parton in the 9th at ShaTin on no 6 Uncle Steve.

If it was a G1 race, he might have pushed out or eased a bit to race on the outside.

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2019-Apr-29, 07:25 AM Reply #2029 »
Sadly I saw it live :sad: good thing beaten

Online Jeunes

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« 2019-May-01, 07:11 PM Reply #2030 »
Watch the ride on Press the Petal in race 7 Ascot.

Drifting favourite and sits 3 deep entire journey without moving at any stage to sit outside the leader. Then swings even wider around home turn.

Bad error of judgement.

Offline ianb

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« 2019-May-08, 07:04 PM Reply #2031 »
I doubt whether this rates as the worst ride ever.

However, Liam Riordan's ride on Reef Master in the first at the Sandown Hillside Track today surely must go down as the worst ride today.

I reckon he tried for the same run in the early part of the straight 3 times. Why he did this is beyond belief. There were no horses on his outside yet he kept trying to take a run between 2 horses where clearly there wasn't one. Eventually he decided to give up on the run and went around the 2 horses.

Too late- Reef Master ran on very well for a very nice 4th.  I notice that Riordan has ridden over a hundred winners - god knows how if this ride is an indication of his skills.

I repeat 3 times he went for this same run which wasn't there. Once could perhaps be excused as he still claims 3Kgs in town -the other times have to be classified as being incompetent.

I don't know whether the ride made the steward's report but it sure should have.

Online sobig

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« 2019-May-08, 07:09 PM Reply #2032 »
The only mention in the stewards report was Reef Master - slow to begin.

Offline wily ole dog

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« 2019-May-09, 07:04 AM Reply #2033 »
It as a bit odd but I suspect the nag had something to do with it. He certainly was getting his head up high
Once he flattened out he ran on well.