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O.P. « 2022-Jul-27, 10:52 PM »
Watching the Internationals in June this year convinced me the that the next 10 years  will be dominated by the O'Briens and to a lesser degree,THE SHEIKH.

All this talk of KYPRIOS right now has to be rubbish. After THE GOODWOOD VICTORY last night,"K" is now weighted out of our Cup. If not,then surely this is not a handicap race any longer.

Kyprios is regally bred(check his siblings).  The ARC or USA is his target. The fact that the O'Briens let him dominate their esteemed races means they have so many others capable of winning this year's CUP race.

I could name 3 real good chances for this year's MC. None of them is currently in the Melbourne Cup Market.

I will play my cards tight.

First noms will be called Aug 25. Hopefully all noms will get a price soon after 25/8 and I will reveal those I really like.

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« 2022-Jul-27, 11:06 PM Reply #1 »

Good luck with them.

Just make sure Dettori is not on any of them as his record in the MC is terrible.

If he is not 3 wide the trip is endangering horses and riders and getting long sits on the side lines.