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O.P. « 2010-Nov-13, 09:00 PM »
One BLOG per member.  The BLOG is your personal thread.  Give it an appropriate title including your forum nick.

All visitors to the site can read your BLOG.  Thus, Forum Rules regarding offensive and/or defamatory posts apply to your BLOG.  Posts that don't comply will be deleted by moderators.

Other members can post on your BLOG.  It will be your decision whether you respond to their posts.

BLOGS do not duplicate the role of existing threads where we expect to see open discussion and debate.

The BLOG should be your personal view on the world - it doesn't have to be confined to racing.  If an issue is raised that's worthy of debate, we suggest that this be carried out in a specific thread.

Be frank, or circumspect.  Be serious or flippant.   Be exciting or boring.  But most of us all, tell us your OWN feelings.  Are you fed up with the hot weather?  Is your cat pregnant?  Did your budgie die?  Has your partner finally given up smoking?  Are you considering buying a second-hand caravan?  Who's your favourite horse?  And so on....

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« 2010-Nov-13, 09:37 PM Reply #1 »
Pity the original thread was deleted what happened to the HIDE BUTTON ?.