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O.P. « 2020-Dec-03, 10:52 PM »
Hey all! Christmas is coming with all its blessing. People start trotting about presents and decorations. I decided to surprise my friends with a Christmas Horse Book. It includes funny games for kids and handy tips for adults. That's a true golden nugget for horse lovers. Here's the link where you can get a free copy of the Christmas Horse Book: I love the Christmas cards with horses that would definitely spruce up your Christmas gift.
And what are you preparing for the holidays? Any equestrian-related gift ideas?

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« 2020-Dec-04, 08:24 PM Reply #1 »
Dear Santa
I have been a very good boy this year. 
If it is not too much trouble could you please give me the following books for Christmas:   
Famous horses of the British turf 1919-1933 - 11 volumes by Coaten, Arthur W.
A History of the English Turf  (1901) by Cook, Sir Theodore Andrea  (6 Volumes)
‘Cracks’  Le texte est de Pierre Bruneteau. 1946
Annuaire de la Chronique du Turf  published by Chronique du Turf, Paris   (66 volumes)
Thanks Santa and Merry Christmas