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O.P. « 2016-Jul-08, 08:55 AM »
There is a bigger issue behind the NSW Governments decision to ban Greyhound Racing in NSW from the 1st July 2017. There are a quite few prominent members of our major racing code that have been pushing for the Greyhound Industry's closure for some time. Firstly I doubt that the decision by the NSW Premier is in fact legal and wait 3 weeks to hear more on this front. But again the Greyhound Industry has not helped itself. Why would the NSW Greyhound Board suspend all NSW Greyhound meetings for the next 7 days. All this has done is send a message to all other State Racing Ministers that the NSW Government must be right in making their decision. So let's look at the root cause of all the noise surrounding the Greyhound Racing. I'm not going to use the 20% figure being stated everywhere about who has done wrong in the Greyhound Industry because I don't believe that figure for one minute. Let's not hide behind a rock either as we know a small percentage of Greyhound Industry participants did the wrong thing that saw the you know what hit the fan last year. Some of the figures quoted by the NSW Premier have more holes in them than a block of Swiss cheese. 68,000 dogs put down in 1 year. Do some math Mike Baird and you will realize that number is grossly overstated. Yes there are dogs put down due to a number of reasons each year but I ask what about other non-racing industries. Should we all turn vegetarian and stop slaughtering animals for food consumption. Do we continue to turn a blind eye to religious beliefs that lead to slow agonizing deaths of animals to please certain religions. So whatís next, letís ban all cars from NSW roads as people get killed every year in accidents. Letís ban the Olympics due to all the drug cheats. No Mr Baird you ban the offenders and then plan for a better Greyhound Industry. I encourage everyone to have a look at the South Australian Greyhound website. They have done everything possible to improve the Greyhound Industry in South Australia. What Mr Baird doesn't want to hear is just how serious the Greyhound Industry has responded to fixing issues that have been a long term problem within the Greyhound Industry. I hope I don't see posts on this forum that just want to dig the boot into the Greyhound Industry as one must remember, "those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones". No doubt the next 2 months will be very interesting for all 3 codes. The next push by the NSW Government is to ban whips in both horse codes. I must close on an issue that I just don't get. Why on hell would the new Racing Queensland Board stop our new Racing Ambassador Billy Slater attending tonight's Albion Park Greyhound meeting. "Due to today's controversy in the NSW Greyhound Industry Billy Slater will not be attending tonight's Albion Park Greyhound meeting". This is after the Albion Park Greyhound Club promoted Billy Slater's attendance and I can assure you that the additional parents that attended tonight so their children could meet Billy Slater were not impressed. If ever a Racing Board needed to show unity for all 3 codes it was today. I just hope we are not in for another reign of "amateur hour" from Racing Queensland.

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Good post mate