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Author Topic: paying for tips from so called pros  (Read 2770 times)

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Offline percy punter

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O.P. « 2011-Jan-20, 07:27 PM »
Just wanted too have a chat and get any feed back from anyone who has paid for expert advice on horse racing eg: paid to join up and get tips for horses that are they say flying???????


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« 2011-Jan-21, 12:15 AM Reply #1 »

For a mere $200 a week I will send you the names of all the horses that I can track that are flying.

Syd - Melb

Melb - Perth

UK - Dubai

France - Ireland

HK - Singapore

You get the idea.

If this is not what you are after I suggest you look at some old threads on the forum, maybe "Testing the Commercial Tipsters" or "Just Racing" would be good places to start.

Search engine is on the centre of the page

welcome  :thumbsup:

Offline percy punter

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« 2011-Jan-21, 10:41 AM Reply #2 »
gosh raven you are going to charge me more than even the so called pros do!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :embarrassed: :o :thumbsd:

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« 2011-Jan-21, 11:44 AM Reply #3 »
Percy, this is your blog to give your personal opinion on anything and everything.

Members might wish to respond if they see something worthy of a response, but it's not a chat room.

Unless you say something, don't expect a reply.


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« 2012-Jan-16, 11:32 AM Reply #4 »
First time I have seen this,my ex used to pay for tips when we lived in Canberra in the 60s but didn't do too well,he was jealous of my luck with the unpaid info I used to get from a Sydney stable,I worked at the time at Canberra phone exchange and boy the calls I used to put through to that bookie from dozens of people proved he was making a good living from it.Doesn't Luskin sell tips??.

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« 2012-Jan-16, 02:37 PM Reply #5 »
Why is a person with a 'banned' status allowed to post a new thread? or is this the reason he got banned?  :what:

I've said it many times. I have no problem with people seeking tips in an open market economy. Just like in all walks of life, you have the shonks & this area is no different. My advice is to tread carefully & don't pay too much if you go down that road & stary away from people advertising in racing form guides.

This is a site where punters (anyone) have all their tips recorded & graphically displayed for others to look at their success (or lack of it). The most successful tipsters sell their days tips for around $5 or $10 or something like that.

This is the only site where I have seen records kept of peoples tips so has accountability.