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O.P. « 2012-Jun-05, 08:04 PM »
Hi guys,

I have a new website at http://www.puntingform.com.au.  I'll try not to spam about it too much, rather I'd prefer to share some of the blog articles and industry info we will be posting with the community here.  One of our early blogs was on the deductions, commissions and limits that are in play at the major totes and bookies:

Every punter should be aware of the deductions and commissions that the major totalisers  take out of our punting pools.  I was very surprised at the level of deductions the TABs claim on some of their exotics.  If a Big 6 isnít hard enough to get in the first place, punters only get 75% of the pool returned.  This is criminal!  Check out the comparisons below and make up your own mind on where the value lies:

Quinella   14.50%14.50%14.75%
First 422.50%22.50%22.50%
Daily Double17.00%17.00%17.00%
Running Double17.00%17.00%17.00%
Big 625.00%25.00%25.00%

It was pretty surprising how hard it was to find this information.  It's not something any phone operator was able to tell me and it's not like the information was easy to find and access on the tote websites.  Luckily they all have to present terms and conditions so I found the information buried in PDF files that weren't searchable on the sites or indexed by Google.

Check out the full article here http://www.puntingform.com.au/racing/updates/deductions-and-payout-limits/ where we delve into some of the limitations that the major bookmakers place on their "best tote" products.


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« 2012-Jun-17, 11:44 AM Reply #1 »
It's been a bit of a bugbear for expert and professional punters that individual horse sectional times are not available as part of RISA's form data.  The best we have for the official governing body is a spattering of 600m race sectionals.  That is the sectional time of the race winner only.  Also, this data is generally only available for metro and some provincial meetings.  It's value to the form analyst is really pretty low.

The holy grail of form data is the individual horse sectional with breakdowns covering each 200m section of a race.  International providers such as TurfTrax have proprietary hardware that has been used with reasonable success overseas.  This technology requires receivers to be set up at each section of a race course and a horse to be carrying a radio frequency tracking tag.  There is also a substantial amount of computer equipment required on course to capture  and process the data.  Systems such as this have been trialed by TVN in Australia with fairly limited success.  The cost of installation is prohibitive to all but the large metropolitan clubs and accuracy has been questioned due to a lack of data quality assurance.

Abettoredge (http://www.abettoredge.com) a relatively new Australian entity have developed bespoke technology that captures full individual horse 200m sectional times for all televised Australian race meetings.  This opens up a whole new area of competitive advantage for the punter who has access to this data.  Blog entries at (http://www.abettoredge.com) describe the technology and process for capture of the data.