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« 2011-Jun-17, 07:11 AM Reply #25 »

Better Loosen Up is not a problem.  Ozeform has his complete career starts,

Not sure if you can access that URL without registering first (but is free and easy).

They don't have Strawberry Road though.  

I think I have complete records for all the 37 inductees with the exception of The Barb, Malua, Shannon and Strawberry Road.  Malua should not be an issue as there has been a recent book and memorial to the horse in Deloraine.  I am sure I will be able to piece together Strawberry's  race record.  The Barb is tricky, but he only had 23 starts and won 13 principal races leaving only 10 starts to account for.  I'll probably never nail his juvenile defeats when he was rather wayward so I think i'll be content with a list of his principal wins.

The amazing thing is that mainly thanks to you  I have been able to collect all the information for the project without opening a book or leaving this chair.  It has been entirely derived from the web.      emthup   

Edit :   Racing Victoria's database provides a complete record of Strawberry Road's Australian career.  I only need to detail his international runs to complete.
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« 2011-Jun-17, 12:16 PM Reply #26 »
I know this is just in the building process but is there a link to the Blogg ?

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« 2011-Jun-17, 12:29 PM Reply #27 »
I have put the feelers out on twitter for Strawberry Roads full international racing career.

Online Brian Mc

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« 2011-Jun-17, 03:19 PM Reply #28 »
Sorry about my contribution to the confusion over the number of Australian Starts in Shannon's career.  It is 25, NOT 24; in a Table I had drawn up I had omitted his second place to Flight in the 1945 Craven Plate.
The short details of his Australian Career are
   2nd   Breeders Plate      5 furlongs   8.5
   2nd   Canonbury Stakes   5 furlongs   8.5   
   1st    AJC 2YO Stakes           5 furlongs   8.5
   1st   Kirkham Stakes           5 furlongs   8.5
   x   Services H'cp      6 furlongs   9.5
   2nd   Fairfield H'cp      6 furlongs   8.13
   1st    Sires' Produce Stakes   7 furlongs   8.10
   x   Randwick Flying           6 furlongs   7.6   
   1st    Hobartville              7 furlongs   8.10
   x   Rosehill Guineas           9 furlongs   8.5
   x   AJC Derby              12 furlongs 8.10
   1st   Campbelltown H'cp    6 furlongs   9.1
   1st   Tramway H'cp      7 furlongs   9.1
   1st   Hill Stakes       8.5 furlongs 9.10
   1st   Epsom         1 mile   8.10
   2nd    Craven Plate      10f      9.0
   1st   Campbelltown H'cp   6 furlongs   9.11
   1st    Theo Marks       7 furlongs   9.5
   2nd    Epsom         1 mile   9.9   
   1st    George Main      1 mile   9.3
        1st   King's Cup              10 furlongs 9.5
       2nd    Warwick Stakes            7 furlongs   9.3
       1st    Canterbury Stakes    6 furlongs   9.2
       1st    George Main Stakes    1 mile   9.3
      2nd   Craven Plate       10 furlongs9.4

(I'm sorry the format does not carry across well.)

In the USA Shannon raced 18 times for 5 wins, 1 second and 4 thirds.

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« 2011-Jun-19, 10:10 PM Reply #29 »
 :thumbsup:  Brian

That tidies things up quite a bit. 

It's really only an electronic filing cabinet at present but I have an index and one profile that is more or less complete at -

Australian Horstory

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« 2011-Jun-19, 10:18 PM Reply #30 »
I know this is just in the building process but is there a link to the Blogg ?


Thanks for fishing for Strawberry's  overseas record .  I hope they are biting. 

The URL to the Under Construction blog can be got by clicking the following link.

Australian Horstory

I didn't want to release the URL until I at least had something presentable in place.  At present the blog is comprised of a list of the Hall of Famers which doubles as an index.  Click on any horse's name to be taken to their profile page.  Click the Index tag on the each profile page to be takem back to the list.   I am dropping materials into each profile page and will return to format them and add a narrative and sundry bits and pieces later on - so it is rather like an online filing cabinet at the moment.

Like Brian's post above.  I just cut and paste it straight in the blog on the Shannon page and I'll reformat it later.  Very handy.

I have more or less completed the page on The Barb.  It is probably much too long, the narrative needs rewriting and it hasn't been proofed but it is more or less complete and will serve as a model for the other profiles.  I am not concerned that The Barb profile is 'over the top' as it is easy to edit it down than up. 

Online Brian Mc

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« 2011-Jul-04, 03:32 PM Reply #31 »
 I think that you have written before that you were interested in the sidelights I pick up in my racehorse research as to the way life was in the days of World War 2.  At present I'm tracking down the deeds of a horse named Industry, a slightly-better-than-average sprinter of the period.  It's a more than difficult job to follow his career with the search for "industry" turning up thousands of non-racing references in my search of newspapers records at the National Library Trove site.
This horse turns out to be more interesting for the things that happened to him and around him (like being walked by Harry Plant from Melbourne to Sydney and on to Newcastle).  The "nice" story I stumbled across last week is as follows and refers to the race-train from Sydney to Newcastle for the running of the Cameron Handicap on May 27, 1943; the report comes from the Sydney Morning Herald the next Monday.


Man-power Check

Man-power officers raided the Newcastle express train soon after it left Hornsby on its journey to Newcastle on Saturday, and questioned 217 men in order to check up on absenteeism.
The Deputy Director-General of Manpower, Mr. Bellemore, said last night that any case of absenteeism discovered would be recommended for prosecution.
Thirty-seven passengers who were Without identity cards were directed to report at National Service offices in Sydney or Newcastle to-morrow night.
The raid took place after the train had left Hornsby and was not to stop for quite a period of time, so there was plently of time for the Manpower inspectors to check indentity cards.
"Investigations into the cases of men who were without identity cards, and of other cases, will begin tomorrow," Mr. Bellemore said. "On the result of these will depend the future activities of the men concerned.  Officers who took part in the raid reported to me that everybody inter- viewed co-operated and took the raid in good part."
Mr. Bellemore said the fact this the raid was to take place was known, apart from himself, "only to the Railway Department, two newspaper reporters, and one man-power officiai. The consent of the railway authorities to make the raid had to be obtained, and they promised to keep it secret. The police did not know the raid was to be made."
Many Sydney racegoers were on the train to attend the Newcastle meeting, because the Rosehill meeting had been abandoned. These included trainers, jockeys, bookmakers, and bookmakers' clerks.

I guess this was the reverse side of the coin from the free admittance to service in uniform on all racetracks.  Note that there were no racehorses on board the train; in those war years any Sydney horse set for a Newcastle race was walked there or travelled by streamer.