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O.P. « 2017-May-09, 08:54 PM »

ATC Mounted Security Division charges
May 09, 2017   

The Australian Turf Club says it will continue to co-operate with Racing NSW stewards as two staff members from the Mounted Security Unit face charges relating to conduct and horse welfare.

Michelle Steele, the Mounted Security co-ordinator and Dennis Mitchell, general manager security, risk and investigations, were charged on Tuesday after stewards conducted in-camera hearings into complaints received.

ATC chief executive Darren Pearce said the horses in question were in the spelling paddock and in good health.

"When we first became aware of the complaints, as a precaution we immediately had the horses spelled and independently vetted, and they were found then and continue to be, in good health," Pearce said.

"Unfortunately it is alleged that on occasions over the past two years two staff members engaged in the ATC Mounted Security program breached the Australian Rules of Racing.

"Whilst those two members of staff are very disappointed with the charges, they are reviewing them and considering their options.

"The ATC will continually work with Racing NSW and other authorities in maintaining the highest standards of care and management of our horses.''

A third staff member of the unit has been cleared during the investigation.

Pearce said the two staff members who had been charged would remain on restricted duties away from direct contact with horses until the inquiry was completed.

Stewards say when the inquiry is held, they will provide further information and include any recommendations regarding the operation of the Mounted Security Division.

Horses from the unit attend race days and outside events and also visit aged care and special needs facilities.


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Tuesday, 15 August 2017
Racing NSW Appeals Update
Before the Racing NSW Appeal Panel
Dennis Mitchell
Mr Dennis Mitchell lodged an appeal against conviction and penalty after being found guilty by the stewards under AR 175(o) and AR175A on 6 June 2017 when employed as Australian Turf Club (ATC) General Manager, Security, Risks and Investigations. On the 16th June 2017 Mr Mitchell lodged the appeal outside the specified 2 days after decision by Stewards. On application of the appellant due to exceptional circumstances, that was not opposed by Stewards, the Appeal Panel has exercised its discretion under LR 106(2)(c) to allow the appeal out of time due to exceptional circumstances. This appeal was heard on Friday, 11 August 2017 at 9.30am at the office of Racing NSW.
This appeal was part heard on Friday, 11 August 2017 at the office of Racing NSW. The Panel have adjourned the appeal to consider submissions made today by both parties on jurisdiction.
The panel gave the following summary:
1. In the appeal of Dennis Mitchell, the appellant was represented today by Mr Andrew Byrne of Counsel, instructed by Ms Conner of Laxon Lex Lawyers. The Stewards were represented by Mr Marc Van Gestel, the Chairman of Stewards.
2. The Panel heard submissions from both parties as to whether the Stewards had jurisdiction to inquire into certain conduct of Mr D Mitchell which forms the basis of the three charges laid against him, and to find him guilty of those charges and subsequently penalize him.
3.At the conclusion of those submissions, the parties agree the Panel, rather than today hearing the merits of the charges, should first deliver reasons on jurisdiction. Pending this outcome, the extent of the hearing of the charges may be more confined than they currently are.
4.The Panel agrees with this course, and has reserved its decision on jurisdiction.

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