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« 2019-Dec-26, 04:28 PM Reply #50 »
Stewards swoop on owner who backed and laid a horse in which he has an ownership interest...tut tut very norty.

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During evidence stewards revealed the owner won $30 laying the horse at Hawkesbury and lost $20 when winning at Mudgee.

I thought it would have been in the thousands of dollars?

Why would you even bother making these bets when the return from any prizemoney far exceeds these amounts? When the owner "won" $30 on Nov 7th at Hawkesbury the horse ran a close 2nd earning $6,000 in prizemoney.

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« 2019-Dec-26, 06:04 PM Reply #51 »
Reminds me of James McDonald getting 18 mths for having$1000 on Astern when it won.

Punishment not Fitting Crime 101

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« 2020-Feb-08, 11:24 PM Reply #52 »
Changes to Race Programmes - Warwick Farm Postponement

Please note that as a result of the meeting at Warwick Farm today not proceeding the following amendments to programmes will be implemented.

Wednesday 12 February 2020 – WARWICK FARM

Inglis Millennium 1100m, Inglis 3yo Sprint 1200m and Gardenia Hcp 1600m added to this meeting

Saturday 15 February 2020 – ROYAL RANDWICK

Pierro Plate 1100m is replaced with Lonhro Plate (LR) 1000m with prizemoney of $150,000

Benchmark 88 Hcp 1000m of $125,000 added to the programme

Wednesday 19 February 2020 - KENSINGTON

2yo Maiden Plate 1100m added to the programme.

So a $2 million and a $1 million race on the program at Warwick Farm on Wednesday.

Haven't been out to the grand old track for years  :chin:

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« 2020-Feb-17, 07:38 AM Reply #53 »
Judgment Summary
Supreme Court
New South Wales
Court of Appeal
Racing New South Wales v Fletcher [2020] NSWCA 9
Bell P, Meagher JA, Payne JA
The Court of Appeal has allowed an appeal from orders made in the Equity Division of the Supreme Court restraining Racing NSW (the appellant) from using information obtained from a mobile telephone belonging to Mr Stephen Fletcher (the respondent).

On 5 March 2019, Racing NSW Stewards had directed Mr Fletcher in writing to produce his mobile telephone for examination for the purpose of an inquiry they were conducting into the betting activities of a Mr and Mrs Snow. In compliance with that direction, Mr Fletcher gave the Stewards his phone and electronic images of the information it contained were generated and remain in the possession of Racing NSW.

On Mr Fletcher’s application, the primary judge made orders to the effect that Racing NSW could not use information obtained from Mr Fletcher’s phone for any purpose other than the specified investigation into the Snows without leave of the Court or Mr Fletcher’s consent.

There were two issues in the appeal. First, whether Mr Fletcher was bound to comply with the Stewards’ direction and second, whether the use to which Racing NSW could put the information acquired from Mr Fletcher’s phone was limited by the purpose specified in their written direction to him.

The Court of Appeal unanimously held that the Stewards’ power to investigate includes the power to initiate or commence an investigation. Information obtained in the exercise of that power, as Mr Fletcher’s phone was here, could be used for the purpose of any investigation or inquiry into a matter connected with racing, including use by informing a decision to initiate an investigation or inquiry.

Whilst the first question was not necessary to decide, two members of the Court expressed a tentative view that Mr Fletcher was bound to comply with the Stewards’ direction because s 13(1) of the Thoroughbred Racing Act 1996 (NSW) gives the investigative powers in the Rules of Racing of Racing NSW statutory force.

 In any event, Mr Fletcher was bound to comply with the direction because as a professional gambler who employed others to place bets for him he was party to a contract incorporating the Rules of Racing of Racing NSW.

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This is re-posted to link up with the original story on the Fletcher -Snow case which is coming up to almost 12 months ....stewards now have the green light to proceed with their investigation.