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O.P. « 2022-Mar-10, 04:32 PM »
The CM today in another story of Shane Warne's last day included the following statement which IMO couldn't possibly be accurate there's no way in the world any tailor could fill an order for that much clothing for $1500 ..while there appear to be a reasonable number of tailors on the island and competition for business would be strong they wouldn't buy the material for $1500 let alone the cost of manufacture.

Meanwhile, it has been ¬revealed that Warne ordered $1500 worth of clothing from Brioni tailors in Koh Samui just hours before he died. The Aussie star was due to have a fitting and pay for the items on March 8, the date on the receipt.

The receipt shows Warne ordered five blazers, 10 long pants, six shorts pants and five T-shirts

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« 2022-Mar-12, 11:57 AM Reply #1 »
I could buy all that from Target and have $700 left over.