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O.P. « 2016-Jul-12, 06:23 PM »

Oakbank chairman fined for television outburst
    Brad Waters - 12 Jul 2016 
Sledging South Austalia・s racing minister on television in March cost Oakbank Racing Club chairman John Glatz $5000 after a stewards・ hearing on Monday.

Glatz labelled politician Leon Bignell a " :censored: ; during an interview that appeared on Channel 7 News at the Oakbank Easter carnival in March.

Glatz also blasted Bignell・s approach promoting the two-day festival, which suffered a drop in crowds this year.

"He won・t be here today; he never comes, the Racing Minister never goes to the races,; Glatz said at the time.

Thoroughbred Racing South Australia stewards charged Glatz, who also holds a trainer・s licence, with engaging in conduct prejudicial to the interests of racing.

Glatz pleaded not guilty to the charges, calling a witness to support his own evidence before stewards fined the 70-year-old.

Stewards considered Glatz・s lengthy involvement and previously clean record but also took into account the importance of "maintaining the highest standard of conduct in the industry; as the seriousness of the offence.

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Crikey now the stewards are going after critics of politicians........nobody will be safe ....... lots of comments made about Bob Bentley were bordering on defamation and/or possibly breaching the criminal code :o

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« 2016-Jul-14, 12:49 PM Reply #1 »
Free speech is being outlawed in Aus. Been going that way for awhile now.
Sad but true.     

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« 2016-Jul-15, 07:22 AM Reply #2 »
Politicians such as the SA Racing Minister should be used to public criticism...... pollies are fair game but this penalty of $5K is excessive.... the guy is a 70 year old  pensioner calling the minister a  :censored:  was unwise but in the light of other fines on racing officials this fine is well out of order.....   to my knowledge this is the first time stewards have extended their reach beyond industry officials leaping to the defence of a politician.........here in QLD there's hardly been a good word said about our Racing Ministers from either side of politics from as far back as I can remember but nobody has had to front the stewards and  the ministers just carried on as though nothing had happened until they were dumped by the electors or their own colleagues.

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« 2016-Jul-15, 10:18 AM Reply #3 »

This self-serving power play is not credible

Racing officials concerned about standards should consider the tripe they serve up at this time of the year -- and SA is so bad bar a couple of days each year the industry there should be closed.

Being rude to a munster is not wise -- often a simple inquiry about 'have you been told today?', coupled with a hope for a 'never' to be appended, is enough to make a point.

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« 2017-Apr-17, 12:20 PM Reply #4 »

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« 2017-Apr-17, 12:23 PM Reply #5 »
Was that a jpeg?

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« 2017-Apr-17, 03:34 PM Reply #6 »
How were comments defamatory ? Didn't a Commission of Enquiry refer certain aspects of his behaviour as a Company Director to ASIC to ascertain whether there was sufficient evidence to proceed with charges under the Companies Act ? Did these matters not also involve another "Stalwart" of the Union Movement for his part in some extraordinary matters as well ?

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« 2017-Apr-17, 06:07 PM Reply #7 »
Wonder if the stewards will look at this one

 ABC News Adelaide‏Verified account @abcnewsAdelaide 1h1 hour ago

SA racing industry criticises Minister for 'insulting' comments in wake of horse death. @SowaibahH reports: http://ab.co/2oldOoW